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Laundry System@ Eliana Hotel

1. Introduction
Eliana Hotel
one of the three star hotel in Addis .
Cathedral School.
1. Laundry Service Procedures
Sorting Clothing's
Loading into Laundry Washer
Sorting Clothing
Sorting is the most difficult and time consuming
stage of laundry system.
If done incorrectly sorting ruins clothes and can
damage machines. When done properly sorting saves
invaluable time, energy, and money.
There were 6 main things to look for when sorting
laundry items @ Eliana Laundry department .
Actually placing the clothing in the proper pile is
only one of them.
Sorting Steps

1. Check clothing tags.

Read the tags thoroughly to determine how the
clothes should be washed dried and ironed.
Most items will have mainly normal washing
instructions. You might be surprised though that you
have items that are meant to be hand washed or not
dried in the drier.
Set these items aside in their own Special Care pile.
Sorting Steps

2. Turn clothing right side out.

Insure legs of pants, or arms of shirts are stuck in
the garment improperly.
If they washed overalls, need to take the time to
clasp the latches of the overalls to their proper
buttons, keeping them from getting broken, stretched
or ripped.
If there are any clothing tags that instructed need
to wash the clothing inside out, they need to make
sure of remembering to do so.
Sorting Steps

3. Check all pockets.

There are bowls in the nearby to hold the contents
of items found in the pockets.
Failing to check pockets can leave some nasty
surprises. For example, There was an experience one
time accidentally washing lipstick, clients cell phone
Therefor, Checking pockets in advance would be a
prerequisite in the laundry system.
Sorting Steps

4. Check for sewing repairs.

Ensuring there arent any loose threads, rips, button
repairs, or other sewing repairs.
If they found any, repair them before washing the
Washing them with problems will only make the
problems bigger.
Sorting Steps

5. Check for stains.

Pretreated or soaked before washing and drying.
If they dry a stain, most likely have a stain for life.
Sorting Steps

6. Sort the clothing.

Different methods to sorting. Usually sort by color
and sometimes sort by fabric type.
There are some adventurous souls who actually
never sort clothing.
sorting method would likely be determined by the
size of guest and contents of guest.
Sorting categories demand special attention.
Loading into Laundry Washer
WhitesWhitesgoseparatebecause they want them
to stay white. One red sock that isnt colorfast can turn
an entire white load pink. More often than not whites
need a warmer water temperature than other clothing
to ensure proper cleaning.
Reds and or Bright ColorsColorfast pinks, purples,
reds, and oranges can be mixed together to make a full
Loading into Laundry Washer (Cont..)
Warning, red clothing is notorious for losing its
color and bleeding onto other fabrics. When in doubt
wash reds separately. Other bright colors can fade or
lose their color onto other lighter clothing.
TowelsTowels are lint producers. The lint they give
off sticks to other types of clothing.
Not to wash towels with blankets, sheets, and robes
as long as everything is colorfast.
Specialty Itemsare things that have to be washed
separately, are not colorfast, cant be dried, or have
otherwise special instructions that keep them separate
Loading into Laundry Washer (Cont..)

They follow six steps at the beginning of a laundry

session in order to avoid most of the common
pitfalls that can ruin the hotel linen and guest
Using Bleach in the Laundry

Definition: Bleach is a laundry aid that helps

remover dirt and stains from clothing.
Bleach creates a chemical reaction with soil that
breaks it down and removes it from clothing. Bleach
also has a whitening and brightening effect on
They commonly use two types of bleach.
Using Bleach in the Laundry

Chlorine bleach usually comes in a liquid form, but

can occasionally be found in a powder form. Chlorine
bleach contains sodium hypochloride diluted with
water. This type of bleach is very powerful and can also
disinfect laundry, but isn't safe for some fabric types.
Oxygen bleach is safe for use on most fabrics and is
sometimes known as colorsafe bleach or allfabric
bleach. Even this type of bleach may not be safe for all
Using Bleach in the Laundry

1. Check the Tags.

Review the clothing care suggestions before
using any type of bleach. It's also a good idea to test
the clothing to make sure it is colorfast before using
any type of bleach.
Using Bleach in the Laundry

2. Dilute the Bleach.

Never pour bleach directly onto fabric.
By using bleach dispenser from the washing
machine, and also by allowing the water to feel up
partially in the washer tub before adding bleach and
then clothing. This will protect clothing's from damage.
Using Bleach in the Laundry

3. Don't Mix Bleach.

Never mix bleach with ammonia or any product
containing ammonia.
As a precaution! The fumes are toxic and can make
the worker very sick in a very short period of time. If
you're in doubt, don't mix.
Using Bleach in the Laundry

4. Know the type Fabric.

Some fabrics should not be bleached including
flame retardant clothing, silk, acetate, spandex,
rubber, and elastic.
Even bleach safe fabric can be weakened over time
with extensive bleach use.
Laundry Detergent
Definition: Laundry detergent helps break up and
remove dirt and stains in the laundry. Laundry
detergent has gradually replaced soap as the laundry
helper of choice because of its versatility.
Laundry detergent can be effective in many types
and temperatures of water. Laundry detergent
comesinbothliquidand powder forms. Most laundry
detergents also contain enzymes that help break down
complex food stains.
Laundry Detergent

Powdered laundry detergent is especially effective

on heavily soiled clothing. These granular laundry
detergents have come a long way in the last few years
and dissolve well, but may have trouble dissolving fully
in cold water.
Laundry Detergent
Liquid laundry detergent is especially good at
removing greasy and starchy food stains. Most liquid
laundry detergents work as effective pretreaters as

Definition: Boosters are laundry additives that

condition water to make detergent work more
effectively. Boosters are used in combination with a
laundry detergent to get clothes clean. Boosters are
particularly effective for use with hard water.

Definition: Bluing is a blue liquid laundry addin

that has to be diluted with water. Bluing is supposed
to prevent the natural yellowing that can happen to
white clothing during washing.
Laundry Service order @ Eliana Hotel

Mostly undertaken through phone call

communication directly with the guest or with the
house keeping staff.
when the guest call for the service, the person in
charge of the laundry service would request the guest
to put the laundry bag on his/her bed or hang it
outside the door.
Sometimes, the guest might prefers, someone to
collect his/her laundry from the room. In such cases,
will be collected within 5 minutes.
Laundry Service order @ Eliana Hotel

SOP for Laundry service collection and delivery at

Eliana Hotel.
1 Knock on the door using the index finger or ring the doorbell once. Identify
service. Say Laundry. Wait for 15 seconds before knocking or ringing again.
2 Greet the guest warmly with a smile Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening
Mr.xxx, May I pick up your laundry?.
3 Use the guest name.
4 Exchange pleasantries when in the guest room: Are you enjoying your
stay, Mr. xxx?.
5 Knock on the door using the index finger or ring the doorbell once. Identify
service. Say Laundry. Wait for 15 seconds before knocking or ringing again.
Laundry Service order @ Eliana Hotel
SOP for Laundry service collection and delivery at
Eliana Hotel (Cont...)
6. Offeradditional help, How would you like your laundry returned, on a
hanger or folded in a box, Mr. xxx?
7. Thank the guest and wish a pleasant day, dont wait for a tip: Thank you Mr.
xxx. Have a Pleasant stay with us.
8. Laundry pick up from the guest room should not be later than 15 minutes
after receiving the request.
9. The room number should be checked and laundry bag content should be
checked against the form.
10. Place the laundry in the wardrobe or on the bed depending upon the guests
11. If the guest is not in the room, place the laundry card in the room informing
the guest that the laundry is in the wardrobe.
12. The laundry bill will be included with the clean laundry.
Laundry Service order @ Eliana Hotel (Cont..)

After collection, Guest will be informed

immediately when any counting discrepancies or
damages, stains that the cleaning processes could

Job Description of Laundry Manager

Report To: Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Executive Housekeeper
Basic Functions :To organize, coordinate oversees
and directs all aspect of overall. Laundry operations
which shall include all House Laundry, Guest Laundry
and Dry Cleaning activities.
Primary Duties:
To report to the Executive Housekeeper
andAssistant Executive Housekeeper on the running of
the Laundry Department daily.
Job Description of Laundry Manager (Cont..)

To relieve the Linen Supervisor during his or her

To supervise and direct the Laundry personnel in any
job assignments.
To assign duties, work load according to demand and
work force.
Maintain the highest level of guest satisfaction
through carrying out quality control tests of working
processes, survey to improve efficiency, reduce costs and
produce better services.
Job Description of Laundry Manager (Cont..)

To perform administration duties and otherspecial

assignment given by the ExecutiveHousekeeper and
Assistant Executive Housekeeper.
To ensure the Laundry area is kept cleanand tidy at
all times.
To ensure that staff understand the safetymeasures
in the Laundry.
To work closely with Linen Supervisor forthe needs
of linen and uniform and to cooperate, coordinate with
other department as required.
Job Description of Laundry Manager

To be responsible of the cost effective controlmust

have knowledge of the exact cost ofthe supplies and use
of manpower efficiently.
Inspects Guest Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Press work
and working area on daily basis, toensure optimum
quality of work, prompt pickup delivery of garments, and
Monitors control on wash formulas, to ensure a high
linen standard, at lowest possiblecosts and minimum of
tensile strength loss.
Processes four laundry test pieces per yearand
depending on result makes correctiveaction on wash
Develop standard operating procedures as
Job Description of Laundry Manager

Schedule working times and optimizeslaundry/dry

cleaning and finishing processes, to ensure maximum
utilization of water/energy.
Proposes/implements in coordination with the Chief
Engineer, possible energy savings inthe laundry and dry
cleaning department.
Assists Purchasing and Housekeeping in analysis and
selection of new linen items.
Control and analyses, on an ongoing
basis,departmental costs, to ensure performanceagainst
Prepares the laundry and dry cleaningdepartment
budget and goals program.
Job Description of Laundry Manager

Established and maintains effective employeerelation.

Identifies training needs, develops formal training
plants and implements training sessions.
Reviews price structure for guest laundry anddry
cleaning (outside where applicable)constantly, to ensure
maximum profitability.
Keep aware of trends, new methods, chemicals,
textiles and equipment in the laundry and dry cleaning
industry, throughtrade magazines and by visiting other
To be familiar with Laundry Policies and Procedure
Job Description and Employee
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