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Lico Reyes

RESOLUTION: Arlington and Mansfield TX to not PROFILE or treat with discourtesy
Hispanics/Latinos in their jurisdiction

WHEREAS: Several years back the Mansfield Police stopped me t3 (three) times for alleged
speeding and no legal cause was determined; hence, the tickets were never issued by the
Police officers to me, Federico "Lico" Reyes.
The third time the police officer said that he had a "witness" in his vehicle. When I asked who
this witness was he refused to tell me, so I told him I would do an Open Records Request to
find out. At which time he said "Coping an attitude in Mansfield can get you a ticket." I told
him to give me a ticket for "Coping an attitude in Mansfield" at which time he let me go,
without a ticket.

WHEREAS: In Arlington in 2016 I was ticketed and labeled as "W" for White on my ticket
instead, as the law declares "H" for Hispanic, according to the "PROFILING" law. I asked for a
trial by Jury. In June 2017, the Judge was asked by the Prosecution lawyer not to allow me
using the "PROFILING" law or violation of my "CIVIL RIGHTS" as defense. Hence, since my
defense was the "PROFILING" law sponsored by Senator Royce West in the 77th Legislature
with me Lico Reyes, as the final witness, I was found guilty by the Jury. The Judge after the
trial, explained that there was a bar code on my driver license which labeled me as "W" and
that I could hire a lawyer to appeal . I have appealed the conviction and have hired the Morris
Law Firm for which I am a Legal Adviser.

WHEREAS: Last week (June 2017) I was tailgated, passed and the White Male sped up ahead
of me. It was still daylight and I flashed my head lights at the culprit to warn him of
impending Police in front of his path which I had observed on Matlock Road in Mansfield. The
White male stopped about 10 car lengths ahead of me and hurried back to my van. I supposed
it was to ask me why I had flashed him. I opened my window to speak to him but I felt him
hit me with something and I started bleeding profusely on my shirt, tie and pants. I dialed
911 to report the Assault and Battery. I then followed him and, since traffic got dense, He
could not avoid me approaching him; he motioned me to follow himas he made a U-Turn on
Walnut Street. I had not intention of following him. I merely wanted to reach his license
plates and convey it to 911 which I still had on my cell phone. 911 asked me to stop at the
McDonalds and wait for EMS and Police to arrive. I followed their request. The ambulance was
there very quickly. When the Police arrived the, apparent, senior officer started to chastise
me for flashing my lights at the other driver. Not allowing me to tell him that I was merely
being a Good Samaritan attempting to adise the White male of possible Polic in front of
him as he was speeding. Is this the wasy to treat a VICTIM?

WHEREAS: The Arlington Police have constantly and persistently been PROFILING Latina
by the name of Esther Gaona; who owns three Billares and merely sells Beer and rents
Billiard tables. Going so far as to attempt to withdraw her Beer license this month. Thus
depriving her of her constitutional right to Pursuit of Happiness and depriving Latinos/as
of their right to their Pursuit of Happiness as well. Once a Police officer told her that he
did not like her type of business and that, basically, he would put her out of business. Esther
has put three children through college, she is a graduate of both the Arlington and Grand
Prarie Citezens Academy and hires official Security for her bbillares.

THEREFORE: Let it be RESOLVED that this LULAC Body accept my RESOLTION to access
Arlington and Mansfield TX to not PROFILE or treat with discourtesy Hispanics/Latinos in
their jurisdiction Hispanics are human beings and children of God just as much as Whites,
African Americans, Asians and Indians. And deserve to be treated with Justice and Due

Lico Reyes ________________________________
LULAC TX Immigration Chair
Box 150001 ________________________________
Arlington, TX 76015
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