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Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma leads the distribution of relief goods and other basic necessities to Marawi evacuees at the Vaminta village in Opol, Misamis Oriental, June 2, 2017.

When youre
Cardinal calls for interreligious Christian but
cant tolerate
dialogue to counter fundamentalism others
By Roy Lagarde With the tragic reality of Religious leaders, educational on the rise because of the crisis in
terrorism, IRD has become more institutions and churches have to Marawi City besieged by the Maute CONVINCED youre always
imperative and indispensable, effectively address the deep-seated terror group. right? This is a red flag,
A LEADING Church Quevedo said. biases, prejudices and erroneous Many especially those outside warned Manila Archbishop
leader has urged more He said that it is the task of religious beliefs beginning with the Marawi. And when they hear the Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle
interreligious dialogue religious leaders to address the young, Quevedo said. stories of evacuees, their prejudices during his annual Pentecost
(IRD) to help end all forms root causes of terrorism, including While it may not be possible to rise, said Quevedo. recollection, on June 4 at the
prejudices that often erupts in social dialogue with terrorist themselves, The first cardinal from Mindanao Smart Araneta Coliseum.
of fundamentalism and
disputes and violence. their religious scholars could also emphasized the need to educate When you can no
terrorism in the country. Such role of correcting erroneous convince them of their erroneous Christians to stop anti-Muslim hate. longer stand someone
Cardinal Orlando Quevedo of beliefs and eradicating or at least Quranic interpretation, he said. And I say, let them live and get who thinks differently,
Cotabato said that IRD is not reducing prejudices through exposure in two, three weeks with it means something,
something optional but what the informal and formal education even Anti-muslim hate Muslims in Cotabato for instance, said the prelate to some
country increasingly needs amidst in ordinary day-to-day dialogue of The cardinal earlier said that he said. 6,000 attendees from lay
the ongoing fighting in Marawi City. life. anti-Muslim prejudice seems to be Interreligious / A6 organizations, religious
communities, schools, and
3 bishops seek Supreme Court Muslim leaders condemn desecration According to Tagle, once
a person wants conformity
intervention on martial law of Marawi cathedral in all aspects, that person
wants nothing but a very
subtle dictatorishp because
MUSLIM leaders have a genuine community has
branded as un-Islamic the space for diversity and in the
desecration and burning of Church that diversity comes
St. Marys Catholic cathedral from the Holy Spirit.
by a Islamic State-linked
group in Marawi City. One body, many gifts
The National Ulama Expounding on the theme
Conference of the Philippines One Body in Christ, Tagle
said the destruction of said: Unity and diversity are
religious icons and items not opposed to each other.
used in Mass by the Maute Sometimes, we think that
terrorist group were acts to be united, things have to
that deserve the strongest be uniform. We should have
Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo and Mother Adelaida Ygrubay, OSB, lead in condemnation. the same style, the same
filing a petition before the Supreme Court asking it to require both houses of Congress Let it be known to all preferences.
to follow the Constitution and convene in a joint session and review the martial law that Islam commands all Muslims pray at the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila on the first day of Islams
declaration in Mindanao, June 7, 2017. ROY LAGARDE holy month of Ramadan, May 27, 2017. ROY LAGARDE He likened it to a family
Muslims even in war time to that thinks it will be united
AT least three Catholic SC to order Congress to hold protect places of worship, to the countrys only Islamic the regions highest Islamic if all its members like ube
bishops have joined a petition a joint session as provided the Ulama said. city. authority, also deplored the ice cream.
asking the Supreme Court to in the Constitution, Pabillo The Muslim clerics In a strong statement, incident and called it evil. On the contrary, explained
compel Congress to hold said. said that the incident was ARMM Governor Mujiv The Regional Darul Ifta Tagle, the Holy Spirit, the
a joint session and review He said that the joint a blatant disrespect and Hataman said the actions strongly condemns the Spirit of unity, makes the
President Rodrigo Dutertes session is necessary to find disregard of the teachings of the Maute group killing of Christians, the different members one Body
martial law in Mindanao. out, once and for all, if a of Islam. were inhumane and burning, destroying and but that unity comes through
The petition was filed on martial law is necessary in They do not represent unacceptable. desecrating of the church in diversity, the diverse gifts.
June 7 by Manila Auxiliary the entire Mindanao. Islam but enemy of Islam, These terrorists are Marawi City, it said. Here, he draws inspiration
Bishop Broderick Pabillo and The purpose of the joint they said. nothing but hypocrites who According to them, the from St. Paul who compared
Mother Adelaida Ygrubay, session is for the facts to come The Autonomous Region in undermine the true essence incident was perpetrated to the Church, the Body of
OSB, along with several out behind the declaration of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) of Islam, he said. They are arouse hatred between good Christ, to a physical body,
student council leaders. martial law, he said. also criticized the local terror the worst of the creation. Muslims and Christians in noting how each part
All we are asking is for the Intervention / A7 group that brought violence The Regional Darul Ifta, the region. (CBCPNews) uniquely plays a role for the
health of the entire being.
Overseas Pinoys launch Rosary brigade for Marawi crisis Our body cant be made
up of just eyes That would
WITH growing concern for the the Immaculate Heart of Mary to also for the Philippines and the Rosary daily for these intentions, be scary. When you ride a
ongoing crisis in Marawi and various whom God entrusted the peace in world in general, for the change of said Arjonillo, describing the bus, the person beside you
incidents of violence in the country, the world, will hear the prayers hearts of the sowers of violence, and initiative. is made up just of eyes, it
Filipinos overseas launched an of her children, said Fr. Rolando to relieve the suffering of innocent People from all over the world, also cant be that one is just
online Rosary brigade to ask Holy Arjonillo, a Filipino priest assigned people, so that persons of different not only Filipinos, have already all nose, explained Tagle in
Marys intercession for peace in the in Seville, Spain. creeds would live in peaceful co- responded our appeal, said the Filipino, with his signature
country. The priest, as the administrator of existence. priest, sharing some of their humor.
We, Pinoys, all over the world, the Catholics Striving for Holiness For this, we set up an international messages: The set-up is not just
as brethren in Christ, should unite website and Facebook page, together Holy Rosary brigade to encourage From Mauritius: Holy Mother ridiculous, said the prelate,
and multiply our prayers, to ask with other Filipinos in Spain, Filipinos abroad to follow closely Mary, please cover the Philippines but impossible. Actually,
the Most Holy Trinity, through launched a worldwide appeal for the situation in Marawi and in other with your protective mantle. [the body] will not survive if
the intercession of Our Lady of Filipinos to pray not only for the parts of the Philippines and to seek From a Filipino in Saudi Arabia: its just all nose or eyes. That
the Holy Rosary, convinced that resolution of the Marawi crisis but recourse to Our Lady by praying the Crisis / A7 Perspectives / A6
A2 WORLD NEWS June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 CBCP Monitor

Vatican Briefing Polish bishops see continuity between


For Pope Francis, consolation require an

open heart
Amoris laetitia, Familiaris consortio
Consolation is never self-reliant, Pope Francis said KRAKOW, Poland The
during Mass on Monday, noting it is only possible pastoral care of families
to receive the Lords encouragement through was one of the key areas
another. No one can console himself, no one of discussion for Polands
and whoever tries to do it ends up looking into the bishops in their latest plenary
mirror staring into the mirror and trying to make assembly, which focused
oneself up, said the Pope during his June 12 Mass on continuity between the
at the chapel of the Vaticans Casa Santa Marta. teaching of St. John Paul II
The experience of consolation, which is a spiritual and Pope Francis.
experience, always needs someone else in order to The bishops understand
be full. (CNA) that the Church thinks in a
linear way; its not a change of
Laity, gender ideology shared concerns for teaching, but it is in one line,
Pope and Panamas bishops Fr. Pawel Rytel-Andrianik,
World Youth Day wasnt the only topic on the spokesman for the Polish
agenda for Panamas bishops during their meeting bishops conference, told
with Pope Francis this week: they also touched on the CNA June 9.
role of the laity and the dangers of gender ideology In Familiaris consortio
both key topics for the universal Church. Archbishop and Amoris laetitia you have
Jos Domingo Ulloa Mendieta of Panama, president one line in terms of teaching The Polish bishops hold their plenary assembly in Zakopane, June 6, 2017. ELIZA BARTKIEWICZ/BP KEP
of the Panama bishops conference, told journalists on the family, he said, noting
June 8 that gender ideology is really being pushed that a large chuck of the first Pope Francis 2016 laetitia is the same teaching in Amoris laetitia, particularly
in Panama, and was a major talking point in their day of their June 6-7 plenary apostolic exhortation as Familiaris consortio. on the need to welcome
meeting with Pope Francis. Lets say something focused on the progress of Amoris laetitia, on love in The bishops, he said, these couples and encourage
that in other media doesnt sell so well: gender guidelines for the application the family, was also a focus constantly call for a new their participation in parish
ideology is demonic, Archbishop Ulloa said. It of Amoris laetitia regarding of discussion at the bishops approach to these people to life, so that they dont feel
wants to break with the reality of the family and it the pastoral care of families assembly. The document has try to include them into the stigmatized or ostracized.
does so by getting in so softly that we dont realize in general, as well as couples been the subject of varied life of the Church, in the light Fr. Rytel-Andrianik said
it. (Elise Harris/CNA) in irregular unions. reception and interpretation, of Amoris laetitia and in the the bishops appreciate,
According to the official particularly regarding the light of Familiaris consortio very much, Amoris laetitia,
Suffering will come, but encounter it with communique issued after the pastoral care of divorced- 84. and see it as a treasure of
prayer, Francis advises plenary assembly, the main and-remarried persons. In paragraph 84 of the Church that builds on
During Mass on Friday, Pope Francis urged idea guiding discussion of The sticking point is whether Familiaris consortio, St. Familiaris consortio.
Christians to more prayer and hope, especially the issue was that Familiaris Amoris laetitias eighth John Paul II said that the Although the Polish bishops
during the difficult times, instead of finding consortio and Amoris laetitia chapter, on accompanying, increase in the number of have yet to publish official
pleasures in vanity. He reflected on the suffering are in the same line, with discerning and integrating divorced couples who have guidelines for the application
endured in the Book of Tobit--blindness, exile, this linear understanding of weakness, has opened the entered into new unions is of Amoris laetitia, as some
strained marriages which tempted Tobit and Sarah these documents in terms door for divorced persons a problem which must be other bishops conferences
to desire death; but rather than giving into despair of Church teaching. who have remarried, and faced with resolution and have, Fr. Rytel-Andrianik
they committed themselves to prayer and hope. The Polish bishops, who without taking on the duty to without delay. said the guidelines are in the
This is the attitude that saves us in bad times-- typically meet three times a live in complete continence, I earnestly call upon final phases of revision, and
prayer. Patience--because both of them are patient year in plenary assemblies, to receive reconciliation and pastors and the whole should come out sometime
with their pains. And hope--that God will listen to us held their latest gathering in Communion. community of the faithful to in autumn.
and help us tide over these bad moments, said the Zakopane, nearly 70 miles Some, like Robert help the divorced, and with In addition to the
Holy Father at the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta south of Krakow, to mark the Spaemann and the four solicitous care to make sure application of Amoris laetitia,
June 9. (CNA) 20th anniversary of St. John cardinals who submitted that they do not consider other key issues discussed
Paul IIs visit to the town. dubia to Pope Francis themselves as separated from during the plenary were the
Women play a key role in interfaith dialogue, Falling within the 100th regarding the exhortation, the Church, for as baptized new pastoral program for
Pope says anniversary of the Fatima have maintained Amoris persons they can, and indeed the Church in Poland for
Pope Francis said women have an essential role Marian apparitions, the laetitia is incompatible with must, share in her life, he the coming year, liturgical
to play in interreligious dialogue given their natural plenary was also meant to Church teaching; and others, said. questions, and cooperation
ability to build relationships and fraternity, making honor the centenary. like Cardinal Mller, prefect Going on, St. John Paul II with the state when it comes
their involvement necessary in all areas of society. On the first day of the of the Congregation for the said these couples should to protection of minors.
Today more than ever its necessary that women are plenary the bishops renewed Doctrine of the Faith, that it be encouraged to listen to Specifically, discussion on
present, the Pope said June 9. Woman, possessing the Act of Consecration of has not changed the Churchs the word of God, to attend abuse prevention focused
special characteristics, can offer an important the Church in Poland to the discipline or teaching. the Sacrifice of the Mass, on adjusting ecclesial law
contribution to dialogue with her ability to listen, to Immaculate Heart of Mary, Still others, like Norbert to persevere in prayer, to to match an amendment
welcome and to generously open herself to others. which was originally made Ldecke and the Maltese contribute to works of charity to the states penal code
Francis spoke to members of the Pontifical Council Sept. 8, 1946, by Cardinal episcopal conference, read and to community efforts in that will go into effect in
for Interreligious Dialogue, headed by Cardinal August Hlond of Warsaw and ambiguities in Amoris laetitia favor of justice, to bring up July, introducing a strict
Jean-Louis Tauran, who are gathered in Rome for Gniezno at the Jasna Gora as opening the way to a new their children in the Christian legal obligation to report
their annual plenary assembly. (Elise Harris/ shrine in Czestochowa. pastoral practice; or even faith, to cultivate the spirit immediately incidents of sex
CNA) The renewal of the (e.g., Rocco Buttiglione, and practice of penance and abuse or consensual sex with
consecration, especially in the Cardinal Christoph thus implore, day by day, a minor to the appropriate
Combat the worlds elitism with inclusion, centenary year of the Fatima Schnborn of Vienna) as a Gods grace. Let the Church authorities.
Pope encourages youth apparitions, Fr. Rytel-Andrianik progression in continuity pray for them, encourage In terms of the new pastoral
Pope Francis participated in a Google Hangout said, is very, very important for with the teaching of St. John them and show herself a program for 2017-2018, the
on Friday with youth from around the world, the life of the Church in Poland. Paul II. merciful mother, and thus year will be dedicated to the
emphasizing that everyone has meaning, even In fact, more than 70 percent As for the Polish bishops, sustain them in faith and Holy Spirit and the sacrament
though the world will try to exclude certain people. of all parishes in Poland have Fr. Rytel-Andrianik said hope. of Confirmation, according to
Combatting a world which promotes elitism and a special devotion to Our Lady they agreed that what Pope Pope Francis expressed the Polish bishops official
exclusion, the Pope said June 9, you have a of Fatima. Francis wrote in Amoris much of the same sentiments website. (CNA)
meaning, everyone has meaning, you have a
meaning, it is in your hands to discover the meaning
I have in life, what I am like, with the potentiality
Venezuelas bishops: President Maduro starves his people into submission
that you can and how to give this meaning to VATICAN CITY After a last-minute
others. The hangout, Pope Francis third time for meeting with Pope Francis Thursday
the meeting, was organized for the inauguration of to discuss the dire situation of their
a new Vatican office of the Scholas Occurentes, a country, Venezuelas bishops said they
world-wide initiative in schools to encourage social have his full support in facing the trials
integration and the culture of encounter through of a regime they say oppresses its people
technology, arts, and sports. (CNA) to maintain power.
The government has as a goal to
Pope dedicates June to praying for an end to maintain power at the cost of the life
the arms trade of any person at all costs, Archbishop
Pope Francis has been a consistent and vocal Diego Padrn Sanchez of Cumana told
personality in condemning the arms trade and journalists June 8.
urging world leaders to do the same, and he raised Not only this, but the government has
his voice on the issue again in his latest prayer video. the desire, the will, the scope, to have a
Published June 2, the video begins showing two submissive, silent people that doesnt
world leaders sitting at a table to sign a join-accord, protest, he said. And to ensure that this
exchanging copies of the agreement to sign while happens, society must be made up of a
Pope Francis says that its an absurd contradiction people who have no food, no medicine Pope Francis meets with members of the Venezuelan bishops conference at the Vatican, June 8, 2017. LOSSERVATORE
to speak of peace, to negotiate peace, and at the same (and) which spends every moment
time promote or permit the arms trade. Is this war trying to resolve daily problems. simple, fraternal and relaxed. The Pope and social and economic upheaval. Poor
or that war really a war to solve problems, or is it a A people that is oppressed, suffering asked questions, and the bishops were economic policies, including strict price
commercial war for selling weapons in illegal trade, and sick doesnt have the strength to able to answer freely. controls, coupled with high inflation
and so that the merchants of death get rich? he asks, raise itself in revolt against anyone, The Pope is very well informed rates, have resulted in a severe lack of
as images of explosions and gunfire interchange he said. on the situation, the archbishop said, basic necessities such as toilet paper,
with frames of the leaders shaking hands dripping Archbishop Padrn spoke to a group explaining that Francis himself said milk, flour, diapers and medicines.
with blood. (Elise Harris/CNA) of journalists after the leadership of the he receives a daily update on what is The socialist government is widely
Venezuelan bishops conference met going on. blamed for the crisis. Since 2003, price
Pope Francis warns against flattery and with Pope Francis and other Vatican Francis voiced his closeness to controls on some 160 products, including
deceit officials earlier that morning. the bishops and the people who are cooking oil, soap and flour, have meant
Pope Francis said that truthfulness is the weapon The meeting was not planned in suffering, the archbishop said, recalling that while they are affordable, they fly
against the temptation of hypocrisy, which destroys advance, and was not included in the that Francis was very moved by the off store shelves only to be resold on the
the community with lies and flattery. The hypocrite weekly schedule sent out by the Vaticans description of some of the cases theyve black market at much higher rates.
is capable of destroying a community. While Secretariat for Communications. witnessed in recent days. The Venezuelan government is known
speaking gently, he ruinously judges a person. He Announced just days before, the Venezuela is currently undergoing to be among the most corrupt in Latin
is a killer, said the Pope during his homily at Mass conversation was squeezed into the a humanitarian emergency in which America, and violent crime in the
June 6 at the chapel of the Vaticans Casa Santa Popes agenda before his meeting with fundamental necessities are inaccessible country has spiked since Maduro took
Marta. Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel passage the Panamanian bishops, who are in and many, including children, die due to office.
in which the Pharisees and Herodians, who tried Rome for their ad limina visit, and a the lack of basic foods and medicines. The regime is known to have
to ensnare Christ with his words, began by flattery. meeting with Nigerias bishops. The country has been ruled by a committed gross abuses, including
The hypocrite always uses language to flatter, said During the meeting, Archbishop socialist government since 1999. In the violence, against those who dont
the Pope, explaining that they will exaggerate the Padrn said they discussed the ongoing wake of Nicolas Maduro succeeding share their political ideologies, and
truth, feeding into ones vanity. (CNA) crisis in the country, and that the Hugo Chavez as president in 2013, are accused of taking many political
conversation was very cordial, very Venezuela has been marred by violence prisoners. (CNA)
CBCP Monitor June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 A3

Empowering Bajaus and their culture

MALUSO, Basilan A congregation the community. They can become
and their partners are doing teachers or staff of companies or
something in this part of the country organizations like CSFI, said Ele.
to em-power the least of all their The Bajaus here are attending
brothers and sistersthe Bajaus. schools and dont beg for coins,
The Care for Nomads and Bajaus he said.
in the Philippines (CNBP) has been Rowena Nulaji, 28, a preschool
doing an annual gathering to know teacher in one of the Bajau schools
the plight of the Bajaus in Basilan, handled by CSFI said poverty has
Sulu and the Zamboanga Peninsula never been an obstacle for her to
for 10 years already. finish school and land a job as a
Headed by the CNBP president, teacher to her fellow Bajaus.
Bishop of Jolo Angelito Lampon, If you really want it and if you are
CNBP together with the Claret persistent to reach your dreams, you
Samal Foundation Inc. (CSFI) of the will surely find a way. I remember
Claretian Missionaries has helped the time when I was in Grade 6 until
many Bajaus fulfill their dreams of college that I have to sell snacks
finishing college and securing jobs just to support my studies and help
to help their families. my parents, shared Nulaji, adding
As the organization helps in the that she never felt ashamed of doing
preservation of the Bajau culture, so but said she did not want her
including their way of life, their younger siblings to have the same
dances, and their identity, the CNBP experience.
wants participants of their annual Sr. Teresita Ante, DC, who
Bajaus perform a traditional dance to showcase their fast-disappearing culture. CLARET SAMAL FOUNDATION, INC.
gathering to experience the life and handles a Bajau community and
culture of the Bajaus. community in Maluso, Basilan, been an opportunity to show-case Restoring Bajau dignity pre-school in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi
some of the participants said that the Bajau community in Teheman, The Claret Samal Foundation said the Bajaus have preserved their
10 years in the making they have seen the practices of Maluso, which has kept their Inc. has been helping the Bajaus culture despite their neighboring
For 10 years, CNBP has become Bajaus that have been gone for practices away from the influ-ences in Basilan for 20 years since its communities progress.
an avenue for partners to become decades already. They said that of other tribes and settlers. crea-tion. Its good that the Bajaus have
more aware of the plight of the they used to do the practices when The three-day gathering, which Fr. Martin Ele, CMF, director of attended school and some have
Bajaus and the threats to their they were not yet integrated to also includes some cultural CSFI, said the foundation has seen integrated themselves in the
culture and identity while building other communities, said Wendy presentations and talks from the progress of the Bajaus in Maluso society. I hope they will still be
camaraderie as they visit different Paro-jinog, the program in-charge different speakers reflected on in Basilan, saying that they do not proud of their identity as Bajaus
Bajau communities where they learn of CSFI which is also the secretariat the theme: Empowering Bajau see Bajaus begging there. even if they will become achievers
and relive some traditions that are of CNBP. Communities: Strengthening This is a concrete scenario that in the community, said Ante.
on the verge of fading from memory. She added that the gathering on of Bajau Identi-ty, Dignity and Bajaus have their dignity as humans (John Frances Fuentes/
When we visited the Teheman May 12 to 14 in Maluso, Basilan has Cultural Preservation. and they can become some-body in CBCPNews)

This cloistered nun Could priests be incardinated into ecclesial movements?

got her doctorate in VATICAN The last meeting
of the head of dicasteries of
the Roman Curia took place
possibility of in-cardinating
its own priests.
The incardination problem
aerospace engineering last May 29. Among other
issues, the meeting discussed
in fact leaves open several
questions: if a priest is
the possibility of priests being directly incardinated in the
incardinated directly into movement, will he refer to
ecclesial movements rather a bishop or to the leader of
than into a diocese. the movement? And what
Pope Francis made the happens if the leader is a lay
issue a central topic of his person?
regular meeting with the head Cardinal Gerhard Mller,
of dicasteries, though these prefect of the Congregation
kind of meetings usually for the Doctrine of the Faith,
deal with topics related to said at a book presentation
the government and the June 1 that the incardination
organiza-tion of the Roman issue is not about building
Curia. parallel Churches. It is rather
Via incardination, a matter of working together.
a member of the clergy is We are called to a further
Bishop of Marbel Dinualdo Gutierrez challenged three newly-ordained priests to help
placed under the jurisdiction those who are addicted to drugs, saying the Church has failed in helping them that reflection, being very careful
of a bishop or, in the case of is why the drug problem has become a big menace in the Philippines. BRENDA P. MILAN not to lose the Churchs
a religious, an ecclesiastical sacramental structure.
superior. had to find a balance between Pope Francis reiterated Cardinal Mller hinted

Aside from dioceses and the movements charism and the importance of dioceses a at the possibility of a
religious institutes, only the needs of the diocese. month later, during his May communion of movements.
personal prelatures and During the May 29 27 visit to Genoa. The need, however, is to
ordinariates can incardi-nate meeting, Pope Francis largely Speaking with the clergy make it evident that priests
MUMBAI, India A College in Mumbai and then priests. listened, and did not express and religious of the city, are of the Church and not of
cloistered nun in India earned a Masters degree Some ecclesial movements an opinion. Howev-er, his Pope Francis underscored the movements. Otherwise,
came out of her convent for in space science from Pune have been asking for some thought may be deduced the importance for charisms the same movements risk to
an extraordinary reason: University, located 90 miles time to have priests directly from his recent words in of staying attached to the remain closed to the universal
to attend a graduation from Mumbai. incardinated. other contexts. concrete realities of a diocese Church.
ceremony for her doctorate She earned her PhD from The request of the At a meeting on April 27 or project. Referring to the
in Aerospace Engineering. the Defense Institute of movements is based on the with Catholic Action a While a congregation might possibility of a community
I had joined the religious Advanced Technology in fact that there are priests movement founded in Italy be universal in the sense of movements, Cardinal
order after my final oral exam Pune. According to Matters whose vocation is born and 150 years ago the Pope that it has houses throughout Mller talked about charis-
last year, and this was the India, her doctoral work in the nurtured within a specific said the movements charism the world, the concreteness matic movements, which
first time I came out after field of aerospace engineering ecclesial movement. is profoundly incarnate in of involvement in the diocese can enrich the Church with
that. The rules of our order involved scramjet engines, According to their the here and now of every helps give the order roots, their spirituality, with the
forbid us from going out of which are used mainly for argument, these priests diocesan Church, and that allowing it to remain and also tradition of the ter-ritories
the convent, but I was given hyper-sonic vehicles and should not be bound to it takes on true vigour by to grow as they see different they live in, with choosing
special permission to attend space vehicles. a diocese, and should be responding to, and making its needs come up, he reflected. a certain spirituality. This
the convocation, Sister Sister Benedicta had always free to live their vocation own, the pastoral out-reach The incardination of spirituality must anyway
Benedicta of the Holy Face told felt a call to the consecrated within the movement, of each diocesan Church. priests to movements would favor the Church. It must not
Matters India last summer. life, but made the decision to moving from place to place Nor can you be like those have a significant impact on be stuck in the temptation to
The 32-year-old nun become a nun after attending according to the needs groups that are so universal such groups as the Focolare stay within a group, to build
lives in a cloistered convent a spiritual retreat in Pune. or the requests of their that they are not based Movement, Communion and a too much enclosed and
Carmelite Monastery in She finished her doctorate particular movement. anywhere, answer to no one, Liberation, Canao Nova, or selective identity. Masses
Pune, India. studies before telling her Under the current and are always on the lookout Shalom. are not private. They must
Born in Kuwait before the family that she wanted to situation, bishops and the for what they suits them Some have speculated that be open to all Catholics.
Gulf War, Sister Benedicta enter a cloistered convent. priests of movements who are wherever they go, he told the Neocatecumenal Way (Andrea Ga-gliarducci/
studied at St Xaviers (CNA) under their jurisdiction have them. might also benefit from the CNA)

Could US tax reform drive down charitable giving?

WASHINGTON D.C. As President Walsh referred to two Republican Charitable giving, if written off on Doubling the standard deduction to lower-middle income classes
Donald Trump and Congress get tax proposals for his claim ones taxes, is part of the itemized could bring economic relief to who dont itemize today, they
set to undertake tax reform, some Trumps proposal released in April, deductions. households, The Faith & Giving right now dont get any tax relief
are concerned that Republican and another blueprint by House If the standard deduction is Coalition concedes. So rather than for their charitable deductions,
tax proposals could lead to drastic Republicans last summer. doubled, therefore, even more simply scrapping the proposals, the he said. Expanding the charitable
reductions in charitable giv-ing. Both feature two policies, Americans would take advantage of President and Congress could instead deduction to everyone would help
I dont think that it was intended, doubling the standard deduction it and fewer taxpayers would choose extend charitable tax deductions to lower-income households get the
by any means, that they want to and decreasing the highest marginal to itemize their deductions. This everyone, and not just itemizers. same tax relief for their chari-table
harm charitable giving, Brian tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 could disincentivize charitable giving. That, the report added, erases deductions that people who are in
W. Walsh, executive director percent. Religious organizations could see that $13.1 billion deficit and could the higher income brackets get.
of the Faith & Giving Coalition, Taken together, these would the highest drop in charitable giving actually increase charitable giv-ing And this scenario is advantageous,
told CNA of research that claims decrease charitable giving, including under these proposals, the research by as much as $5 billion. he argued, because charities do the
GOP tax reform proposals could giving to religious institutions, by as claimed, as much as a 4.7 percent This could decrease tax revenue, best work of serving the poor and
give Americans less incentive to much as $13.1 billion (4.6 percent), decrease. Walsh admitted, but in his estimate taxpayers are further empowered to
make tax-deductible charitable research by the Independent Sector There remains on Capitol Hill the change would be small, less than reward those which do the best job.
donations. Religious charitable predicted. some fuzzy assumptions that one percent. The money remains in the hands
groups like Catholic Charities, USA One reason why this might be, religious givers dont pay any Such a policy would be fairer, of individuals who can determine
are coalition members. the report explained, is that most atten-tion to their tax bills, Walsh he said, than the proposed one, whos doing the best job providing
Yet, he added, unintended Americans use the standard deduc- explained, adding that if they have because it would enable more services to the impoverished, the
consequences can be just tion on their taxes because it usually the ability to give more, and the tax lower-income households to make homeless, and other needy people,
as damaging as those that are offers them a better rate of return code allows them to do so, theyre charitable donations. Walsh explained. (Matt Hadro/
intended. than itemizing their deduc-tions. likely to do so. Those who tend to be in the lower CNA)
A4 OPINION June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 CBCP Monitor


Public disposal of seized illegal drugs

IT is certainly not a secret that the government law enforcement
agencies have in fact seized, duly recorded and kept safe a
formidable amount of prohibited drugs from all over the country.
Upon confiscation, they were duly marked, identified and
supposedly left for the safe-keeping of the government agencies
How much dangerous drugs were seized specially since the
incumbency of the present administration? What is their total
worth as of this writing? Where are they placed for safekeeping
and who are in-charge of seeing to it that not a single sachet of
which is missing? Perhaps, it is about time for the general public
to know certain particulars thereof, specially as to their total
quantity as well as their total worth. More importantly, it is about
time as well that the particulars--kind and quality, the quantity
and cost and other pertinent particulars of all the deadly drugs
seized so far--are made known to the general public.
But in addition to the above proffered agenda, perhaps it is time


for the government to show the general public in a given date,
time and place, the honest-to-goodness utter destruction of all
the said illegal drugs so far seized before, without forgetting the
fact that their seizure continues day and night, 24/7. It might be
also for the good name of the public authorities concerned and
the rightful appreciation of the general public, if the following
were observed precisely on the occasion of the said drug disposal:
First, have a general account of the illegal drugs seized such as
in conjunction with its kind, total quantity and worth. Second,
have certain knowledgeable or expert private individuals certify Church relationship Views and Points
that the dangerous drugs about to be done away, are genuine
in nature, right in a quantity and correct in valuation. Third, with Muslims Abp. Oscar V. Cruz
accommodate all the people desirous of personally witnessing
the drug destruction on the previously predetermined date, time
and place.
Everybody is counting the fallen since the governments
The plan of salvation also includes of bombs, the loss of limbs and lives Terrorists. Yes, they bear different
sanctioned war on drugs started. But there is a seeming silence
regarding the count of prohibited drugs that have already been
those who acknowledge the Creator, have somehow become the rule in a names as well as various initials. But
seizedand where are they kept. In the past, there was a public in the first place amongst whom are place where Mus-lims and Christians they are one in subjugating others
impression that drugs were recycled and, after some bureaucratic the Muslims; they profess to hold the live together, it might be good to take through various cruel ways and deadly
magic, find their way back to mega drug traders inside and faith of Abraham, and together with cognizance of the above Church teaching means as well.
outside the country. Unless the backend of the war on drugs is us, they adore the one merciful God, that forwards the following more salient Three: Let it be likewise well noted
transparent the change that the present dispensation is aiming mankinds judge on the last day. (CCC and pro-found, more realistic and that downright criminals--murderers,
at will all be a sham. No. 841, LG 16) practical truths: kidnappers, thieves and other gross
Murdering drug users wont provoke change. Rooting out their One: The standing fact is that in violators of Criminal Law--are found
suppliers and destroying the illegal drugs to smithereens will. THE above-cited citation specifically in the region concerned where Martial among people of different beliefs and
conjunction with the Muslims cannot Law is made binding, the Muslim and sects, Muslims and Christians includ-ed.
Well always have the poor be more formal and official, considering
that it is an instructive pronounce-ment
Christians live as neighbors, practice
their re-spective faith and interact as
In other words, crimes are authored by
individuals considered to be affil-iated
made by no less than the Catechism Filipinos. So it is that as they enjoy with this or that belief. So it is that if
CHRIST himself said so. You always have the poor with you,
of the Catholic Church echoing a dec- sufficiency and peace together, together Muslims are not all good and up-right
but you will not always have me. (Mt 26,11) In other words,
we will always have the poor because in the end we all are the
laration from no less than Lumen as well they suffer the difficulties and people, neither are all the Christians.
poor. We are all in need of God. Thats what makes us all poor Gentium. The key and signal teaching needs brought about by dissent and war This is sad but true. Criminal acts are
and hopefully struggling to attend to that most important need. there-in affirmed and promoted is in their place. This is not saying that not exclusive either among Muslims or
That said, we cannot deny the obvious fact that according to concretely about the Muslims whom they are one in faith. But one they are Christians.
some human standards and criteria, we have some people who the Church categorically affirms as one in adoring the one and the same true So it is that strictly speaking, it would
are considered poor and others considered rich. This distinction with the Catholics in acknowledging and Divini-ty. be downright wrong to claim or believe
should not be lost in our mind and should trigger in us the desire adoring one and the same God from the Two: So it is that some Christians and that the difference of faiths in that
to do what is appropriate. first to the last days of the world. This Muslims alike get hurt, become muti- part of Mindanao--or in other places
Thus, we have to understand very well the true meaning of the is not saying that the Muslims are all lated and even lose their lives not really in the country for that matter--is the
slogan often mouthed by many people today that we should give saints--but neither are the Catholics all on account of their respective beliefs but fundamental and/or primary cause
preferential option to the poor. This policy or pastoral thrust living saintly lives. rather due to this and that particular of honest-to-goodness war. Rather,
which, doubtless, is very sublime, should not deteriorate into During these difficult days when group of individuals who--moved by it is basically anti-human ideologies
some unnecessary and dangerous social division and conflict the Rule of Law--the norm of reason intense anger and consuming hatred-- with their anti-human constitutive
among ourselves. and eth-ics--is suspended and when make a living by killing others. So it is elements that cause rebellions, wars
Despite our differences, we have to care for one another. We the firing of guns and the dropping that they are called and are known as included.
should be responsible for one another. We have to give what
everyone needs out of justice and charity, without getting lost
in the priorities proper to us. Thats because, in the end, we are Worship in an age
all brothers and sisters, all children of God! And Thats The Truth
Our differences should rather trigger the dynamics of greater
love and unity, not of division. They should invite and encourage Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS of distractions
us to be more understanding and compassionate with one Part 3
another the way Christ was understanding and compassionate
with everyone. Our common, universal and absolute need is
God, and we just have to learn how to give or show God to ARE we really losing more and techie who learned to play employed as a computer About a month later,
one another. All our other needsmaterial, economic, health, more young people to other com-puter games at age three, programmer he finally Ronnie started to hear Mass
etc.are secondary to this and should serve as occasions and faiths? How many mothers even before he was taught mustered enough courage in a mall chapel or else-where,
instruments to meet our need for God. have you heard bemoaning to read. During Mass at his to approach the parish and sometimes, he admits, he
We have to be very wary of certain ideologies that water down the fact that the older their parish church he would notice priest to call his attention would for convenience also
our need for God, or at least distort it, by getting entangled in teenaged children get the (and later be annoyed by) the to the flawed projection. He join his for-merly Catholic
their priorities, giving exaggerated attention to the material farther away they move from prayers and songs projected even volunteered to train cousins who kept on inviting
aspects of our life at the expense of our spiritual and supernatural Church? Wanting to know on the overhead screen parishioners assigned the him to their charismatic
goals. and understand more of besides being poorly laid task. The parish priest merely ser-vices. Ronnie would tell
The material and economic aspects are definitely important, the world around them, and out, he said, the texts were said, Is that so? Ill tell the me, I still hear Mass there
but it would be wrong to pursue them as the ultimate need for emboldened by peers of like often at least two lines late. one in charge and Ill let you occasionally as its the nearest
man. Detached from its objective relation to God, the Creator, mind, young people begin to Sometimes the operator in his know. Ronnie gave the church to our house. Things
these aspects have no other way but to get into trouble. Not question tradition, and when confusion would move the text priest his cell phone number; havent changedmaybe
that by making God the ultimate need, there will be less
the Holy Mass to them feels backward instead of forward, no call came after two its been the same operator
concern for the material, economic and other human needs
more like an obligation than groping for the correct slide weeks, a month, six weeks over the years, although the
we have. Quite the contrary. Our concern for them would in
fact be enhanced.
a sacrament that serves no without success until the song And so he called up and assigned priest is different
We have to be wary of certain currents of thought that, no deep pur-pose in their life, or prayer was over. What reminded the priest about his now. Its so sad. It wasnt
matter how subtly done, tend to put into conflict our material they start to lose interest. was causing the distracting observation and offer. The just a question of annoying
and natural needs with our spiritual and supernatural needs. This is a rather fragile state error? Was the operator priest replied, Huh? I told overhead projectionthe
We somehow should follow the example of Mary, that woman in their growth, when one sleepy, inattentive, texting, or them to do something about priests attitude struck me
who brought the precious ointment to Christ, in the sense of seemingly small hitch in the simply incompetent? it, havent they fixed it yet? as indifference, to me it
givingChrist the best that we have, whether material, moral or celebration of Mass is blown Ronnie endured this for Let me remind them again. was a lack of respect for
spiritual. out of proportion and serves over five yearshe was 19 No further discussion. the Eucharistic celebration
That would show how much we love him. And by loving him, to turn them off. Heres an when he first noticed it, Crestfallen, all Ronnie could and for the people attending
we would know how to love the others properly, a love that can example: Ronnie is a typical then at age 25 and already think was Seri-ously? Mass. (To be continued)
go all the way, without being afraid of any sacrifices involved.

The concern for

CBCP Candidly Speaking
accountability Fr. Roy Cimagala


YES, we should all have an abiding and then encouraging others to do the We need to smash the thought that
Pedro Quitorio concern for accounting everything that same, in the context of the families, what we are and what we have are
Editor-in-Chief we are and that we have. We just cannot schools, parishes, offices, etc. just our own. That is a thinking that
go on with our life as if we are not an- We always have to remember that is completely false, that stands on no
Nirvaana E. Delacruz Ronalyn Regino swerable to anybody, especially to God, what we are and what we have are not objec-tive foundation. It needs to be
Associate Editor Design Artist from whom we all come and to whom self-generated but are always given to corrected drastically and urgently.
we all belong. us one way or another, if not by some- Sad to say, it is a thinking that is quite
Roy Lagarde Mercedita Juanite This is an indispensable part of one or by some other institution and prevalent these days. And so we need
News Editor Circulation Manager
our life, an unrelinquishable duty to authority, then by God ultimately. to be constantly reminded of this truth,
perform. Our problem is that many Yes, we are always answerable to because we always tend to ignore if not
Kris Bayos Marcelita Dominguez
Features Editor Comptroller still are ignorant of this duty, and of some people in varying ways and openly deny it.
those who al-ready know about this, the degrees. These people can be our We have to be most aware of where
The CBCP Monitor is published fortnightly by the Areopagus tendency is to take it for granted or to parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, we come from, what dignity and
Communications, Inc. with editorial and business offices at
Ground Flr., Holy Face of Jesus Center & Convent, 1111 do it badly or to avoid it if always given public officials, etc. In the end, we are status we are given, what duties and
F. R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila. Editorial: (632) 404 - the chance. all answerable to God who has given us responsibilities are entrusted to us, etc.
2182. Email Address: cbcpmonitor@areopaguscommunications.
com, Business: (632) 404 - 1612. ISSN 1908-2940. We need to find a way of instilling this everything, starting with our life and all And lets remember that we need to
duty in everyone, starting with oneself the endowments that go with our life. Candidly Speaking / A6
CBCP Monitor June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 OPINION A5

A war not so far

By the Roadside Collection Box
Fr. Eutiquio Euly Belizar, Jr. SThD Fr. Jerome R. Secillano, MPA

IT has been a cruel war by all attacks reveal the cowardly inhumanity We in Eastern Samar are not too far
accounts. And it is still raging, despite
governments assurances of finishing it
of the Maute groups and their foreign
allies. But we cannot miss the Muslim
from Mindanao. The presence of Muslim
communities who have fled Mindanao
Law enforcement and
in a matter of days. But who is to tell if
it wont last some days or weeks more?
individuals and families shielding,
hiding and saving Christian friends
among us is proof of that. Inevitably the
question is raised as to the possibility of
human rights under the
Who is to predict whether or not it
wont sprout again somewhere else in
and neighbors from exposure to the
terrorists and death, at times risking
a spillover of the Mindanao conflict into
our shores. That fear has to be addressed Duterte administration
Mindanao or the archipelago? We see their own lives to save others, Muslims by the government, the local Church and
and hear reports from both visual and and Christians jointly giving relief goods the concerned communities themselves. First of 2 parts
print media in details sometimes too and services to war victims, civilian The horrors in one place should not be
graphic to watch or imagine. Marawi rescue teams braving sniper bullets or transported to another. CRITICS of President Duterte are quick to compare the more
in some respects has become a heap of other life-threatening risks to locate and But whatever the future holds, one than 8,000 victims of extrajudicial killings (EJK) under
ruins, a phantom of Aleppo transported bring out helpless victims to safety--all thing is beyond denying: There is a his watch with the victims of martial law under the Marcos
from Syria. When anyone is tempted to these show that the forces of good are war not too far inside us. It is a war regime. They noticed how so much more swiftly bodies of dead
score the Marawi incident like a sports not allowing evil to have the last say. between good and evil. It is a war that people piled up in the eleven months of Duterte presidency
game by going to the casualty counts on Such goodness can only point to the involves all human beings regardless than in the almost ten-year period of martial rule which
each side, he suddenly realizes real lives good God at work in peoples hearts and of religion, race or culture. Just as history books said could only account for a total number of
have been either lost or suspended in a consciences. there are those who choose the side 3,257 killed, majority of which were tortured, mutilated, and
limbo of fear-filled uncertainty. It was especially both gut-wrenching of evil even in the name of God, let dumped in the streets for public display.
War is never a sport. It is a living and moving to hear stories of heroism us always be clear that the real God Dutertes war on drugs is the clear catalyst for todays
horror; a piece of hell. All it takes and even martyrdom. A soldier, trapped as taught by all religions cannot be sporadic killings that have victimized mostly the poor. The
is a little empathy to come to that and surrounded by terrorists, asking his but good and the source of all good. Presidents bevy of supporters has seen nothing wrong with
realization. I have often imagined myself commanding officer to bomb his location And we must extend our hands in the death of alleged drug users and peddlers, claiming it is a
in the shoes of the hostages, not least Fr so the terrorists (his tormentors) could solidarity to true believers who are strategy in the right direction, an effective means to cleanse
Chito and his companions, and other be stopped tugs at every patriots inner genuine agents of good, not evil. As our society of the evils of illegal drugs.
nameless, trapped civilians. And it isnt core. But a police officers last act struck Pope Francis urges those who face the Unfortunately, even the innocent became victims of this
too hard to guess the hope or horror me as perhaps a martyrdom as well. specter of terrorism, we must reject cleansing. They are referred to as collateral damages whose
deaths could only move the President to say sorry and
they have been going through just by Surrounded with hooded men who hatred and seek solidarity.
nothing more to protect their kind. Unsympathetic, he
waiting--for rescue or death. ordered him to kneel and recite their This, I believe, is uncanny wisdom.
declared stoically that for as long as there are illegal drug users,
This war has brought out the worst in approved prayers, he refused to do so, We must seek solidarity with victims of pushers, manufacturers, and protectors of drug syndicates,
people as well as their best. Terrorists not giving up his Catholic faith. He was terrorism; they need our compassion. killings will continue relentlessly and without let-up. Clearly,
shooting people indiscriminately, summarily shot but by then he was able We must also seek solidarity with all the President is not deterred from employing this approach
desecrating and destroying religious to give the signal for his family and other basically good members of the human even if threatened with cases of human rights violations and
images and articles at St Marys potential victims to flee to safety. To me family; all the good in the world is crimes against humanity and at the cost of many lives.
Cathedral, ordering non-Muslims to he should be recognized both as a hero enough to defeat, with Gods help, evil The Presidents rhetoric couldnt be nobler to those who look
recite Muslim prayers before shooting for helping to save others and a voiceless in some. at the whole thing from the point of view of the goal which
them to death, using civilians and martyr for holding on to his faith even And isnt solidarity the secular face of his strategy seeks to achieve. Duterte wants a country free
mosques as shields against military at the cost of death. Communion? of misfits, crooks, and criminals. Filipinos are not foolish to
not want a country like that. Problem is, he employs dubious

They could have means to achieve a societal goal. To his critics, these are means
that are not only illegal but also immoral.
Duc in Altum Brushing off such arguments for being simply ethical or
been saved Atty. Aurora A. Santiago
conceptual is to miss a key point in our discourse about law
enforcement and human rights. We are dealing here with
life, which unfortunately has been reduced to mere statistics
under the present administration. Life has now merely been
categorized as victims of extrajudicial killings (EJK); those
EVERYONE woke up to the check. It was later learned immediately know the Cathedral. Muslim leaders whose death are under investigation (DUI); and those killed
horror that was happening that the bag contained a floor/area where the heavy condemned such shameful during legitimate police operations.
at Resorts World Manila bottle of gasoline, which smoke was coming from. and disrespectful acts. They Life has a story of its own. It is sacred not only in the eyes
(RWM), a casino-hotel in he used to torch the casino Had the water sprinklers claim that it was a blatant of the Church; even the State with its laws recognize its value.
Pasay City, just across the tables and carpets. on the ceilings of the hotel disrespect and disregard of The Constitution and our civil laws have provisions that seek
NAIA Terminal 3. There was The incident in RWM could functioned, the fire could the teachings of Islam. They to protect it. Unfortunately, we understand life today simply
shooting incident around have been prevented and have been controlled. Had the said that the perpetrators from the point of view of drug use and criminality, such that
midnight inside the casino the number of casualties fire alarm activated, everyone do not represent Islam but drug dependents must die and criminals ought to be killed
area. By morning, police mitigated had the security and would have known that there they are enemy of Islam; that too. The necessity of redemption is not applicable to them for
authorities announced that it safety measures been strictly was fire. Had the EXIT signs Islam commands to protect they will no longer change or at the very least, be converted.
was not a terroristic act, nor enforced in the casino-hotel. been fully lighted, the people places of worship even during Criminals and drug dependents dont have humanity, hence,
was there any involvement of The CCTV footage showed in the casino would know war time. laws that uphold a human beings dignity, regardless of its
ISIS; that a lone gunman was that there is more than an where to go. How about the *** status and quality, do not apply to them.
involved; that he engaged hour from the time Carlos fire extinguishers, are they Saudi Arabia, the United So, the barbarity and impunity with which killings are carried
the police authorities in an out no longer affect our societys moral consciousness. We are
entered RWM up to the time accessible and are there Arab Emirates, Egypt,
slowly losing that sense of right and wrong simply because the
exchange of fire; that he went when he exchanged fires enough numbers so that the Bahrain, Libya, Yemen and
State insists that killing criminals will stave off our societys
to a room at the 5th floor, with the police authorities, authorities could use them Maldives cut their diplomatic collapse. In true Kantian fashion, Duterte insists that he is
burned himself and then more than enough time to when they entered the area? and economic ties with the duty-bound to save our country from utter destruction, hence,
shot himself. neutralize him. The public hearing being small but rich country of he is justified to use any means just to avert it. Therefore, swift
Police authorities earlier When Carlos entered conducted by the House of Qatar. News report said that elimination of alleged criminals is right regardless of civil law
reported no casualty. At that RWM ignoring the security Representatives must shed they ordered Qatari citizens provisions and moral norms that say the contrary.
time, there was fire inside check, the security guard light on the many questions in to leave their countries, While Duterte believers applaud each and every killing in
RWM and heavy black smoke could have radioed the other the mind of the people. RWM recalled their own nationals the streets, his critics, including the Church and adherents
were coming out of the hotel. security guards about it. had to explain the failure from Qatar and closed its air, of human rights, continue to insist on following at least the
Before noon that day, the The personnel in charge of of their security and safety land and sea borders to Qatar. letters of the law which visibly spell out the need for due
police made a shocking the CCTV monitor rooms measures or protocols. The They alleged that Qatar is process, equal protection, right to life, and the upholding of
report. They found piles of could have seen what was Pasay City Fire Department supporting terrorism. Qatar human dignity.
bodies inside a comfort room happening, enough to alert and Engineering Department denied the allegation and Dutertes penchant for eliminating the scum of society is
and in some parts of the the head of hotel security and must show that they strictly stated that it is a sovereign legendary. While he wont directly admit it, the hushed chatter
casino area. The bodies of the the police authorities. The enforce the Fire Code and nation that will not bow down from those in the know has constantly identified him as the
victims were black, proof that RWM security could have the Building Code of the to outside interest. Qatar is chapo behind this national catastrophe. These killings have
they died of suffocation due told the police authorities Philippines, respectively. The a member of the GCC (Gulf visibly weakened our democratic institutions and processes
to heavy smoke coming from where the CCTV monitor security agency contracted Cooperation Council), an such that very few have shown the audacity to cross him.
the fire at the casino area. The room was so that they can by RWM must explain organization of countries in Those who tried were either eliminated or incarcerated and
casualties did not die from trace the whereabouts of why were there lapses in the Gulf region. The Emir rendered terribly helpless.
the shooting incident. Body Carlos and see where the the implementations of its of Kuwait and the German Much like during Marcos martial law, fear has now creepily
reared its ugly head in our national consciousness because
count was 37, excluding that fire was. They could have security procedures. Foreign Minister seek to
of Dutertes policy on law enforcement and human rights.
of the lone gun man: 24 are shown the police authorities *** resolve the crisis in the region.
Many say we have nothing to fear, especially if were not into
hotel guests, 13 are RWM the floor plan of the hotel. We deplore and condemn There are at least 240,000 drugs. From the looks of it though, anybody can be a target.
employees. Worst, the EXIT What happened? All the to the highest level the Filipino overseas workers Once hit, law enforcers will make the audacious claim that
sign is just 5 meters away areas where the security desecration caused by the and professional in Qatar. you are into drugs even though youre not. This irrational
from where they died. guards and in-house security Maute Group to the Cathedral Should this crisis escalate, justification demonizes innocent victims who are now lifeless
Days later, RWM released personnel were supposed to of Our Lady Help of Christians the Philippine Government to defend themselves. Sadly, this has become the norm under
the CCTV footage, from the be posted were abandoned. in Marawi. The video footage has to repatriate them. It the Duterte administration.
time the lone gunman named There was no one inside the showed this group destroying would pose a problem of Martial Law has only been declared in Mindanao. Under the
Jessie Carlos alighted from a CCTV monitor room. the religious icons, sacred hundreds of thousands circumstances that we have right now, will it be worse than
taxi shortly after midnight. As to safety measures, had vessels and vestments used Filipinos unemployed. Marcos martial law if and when it is declared in the whole
He was able to enter the hotel the smoke detectors of the in the Holy Mass. Not yet *** country? Let us first examine in depth how this administration
carrying heavy weapon and hotel automatically activated, satisfied, they set fire on My Inay, Gloria Angeles treated human rights and law enforcement for the last eleven
a bag, ignoring the security the security personnel would the icons and burned the Duc in Altum / A6 months in the second part of this series.

Whatever The upset of puberty

Fr. Francis Ongkingco

I GUESS its tougher for our in pretty much the same way! Then why are we getting puberty set up defenses rooted on clear This story unveils two problems
generation today, Father, the But, he scratched his head. sooner, Father? convictions and values. for parents today: first, how to
young fellow concluded. What? I was amused by the way he said Then what can our generation do cope with what they neglected
In what sense? I shifted on the Something still seems different, it. about it, Father? to form in their children earlier;
mono-block chair. right? The switches are simply turned *** and second, when parents and
The onset of puberty is earlier for Yes! It is the trigger to the onset on earlier. One main switch would I was reminded about a story of a guardians (with a genuine but
us, he explained. of puberty. be the Internet. We didnt have father who approached a priest for alarmed concern) tend to reduce
On what grounds? Trigger!!!? Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and help regarding his son. The father their childrens problem manifested
Maybe our generation is different Yes, like a switch. For our more back then. These easily expose asked, How do I form my son to in their sexual, emotional and
from yours? He said. generation, engaging issues like you to pornography, violence, social be a good Christian? The priest psychological symptoms.
I think, as regards entering identity crisis, sexual awareness, forums that relativize controversial replied, How old is the boy? The Undoubtedly, the reality of
puberty, generations arent very and family issues, etc., turned ON moral issues, etc. Your minds and father replied, Hes eleven. The their rebellion, disordered desire
different. Biological, psychological, around 11 to 12 years of age and emotions are bombarded by all priest said, You better hurry, you for independence, pornography,
and social changes occur in all of us lingered for the rest our teen years. these triggers even before you can are eleven years late! Whatever / A7
A6 LOCAL NEWS June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 CBCP Monitor

Archbishop urges govt to OFWs in Qatar told to be vigilant

rethink position on casinos A CATHOLIC bishop urged overseas denounce anything and anyone which the Middle East.
Filipino workers (OFW) in Qatar to propagates hate and destruction, he Santos also that he is praying that
THE government should said that the social impact of maintain vigilance amid ongoing said. diplomatic ties and cooperation will
rethink its position on gambling is no different from diplomatic crisis in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab return among the Gulf countries.
casinos after a supposed that of illegal drugs. Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos of the Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, We are hoping that tension will ease,
gambling addict wreaked Gambling is just like CBCPs migrants ministry said OFWs Yemen and the Maldives broke relations peace reigns conflict be solved, mutual
havoc at the Resorts World drugs. You need more and should remain calm, closely monitor with Qatar accusing it of supporting understanding again be realized, the
Manila recently. more drugs the moment you the situation, and coordinate with extremism. bishop added.
Anti-gambling crusader begin taking drugs. The same Philippine authorities. The Arab nations said they would also For Gulf countries know and
Archbishop Oscar Cruz said with gambling. The moment We are so worried about our OFWs suspend all air, sea and land transport accept that our OFWs come only
that gambling in any form you start, the more money but we are optimistic they will not be with Qatar, a home to more than for work as to help and improve the
should not be encouraged as you need for gaming. Its affected, Santos said. 130,000 Filipino workers. lives of their loved ones back home,
it goes against the ethos of addictive, Cruz said. We also urge and pray that our OFWs The Philippine Overseas Employment not for any political nor ideological
working for a living. He cited the case of Jessie will be always vigilant and always stay Administration (POEA) said that there motives, he said. (Roy Lagarde/
More than that, he said Carlos, a former government away from false and violent ideologies, are around 900,000 OFWs working in CBCPNews)
is its social costs including employee who was deep in
corruption, relationship
break-ups and family
debt due to casino gambling,
and was identified by the
authorities as the man behind
Duterte urged: Declare watersheds, agricultural
Little by little, get rid of
casinos because casinos are
the cause of a lot of crimes,
the Resorts World attack last
Gambling is a vice and I
lands no-go zones for mining operations
just like money laundering, have yet to hear of a gambler A FAITH-BASED network
Cruz said. who has developed his of peace and civil society is
But while detractors call for virtues, especially honesty. I calling on President Rodrigo
the cessation of casinos and still have to hear of a gambler Duterte to declare watershed
authorized gambling outlets, who did not waste his communities and agricultural
the government see them as earnings, who did not destroy lands as no-go zones for
a way to boost the economy his family, who became a mining.
and create new jobs. better employee, he added. The Philippine Misereor
It is quite improbable Gambling is a vice and a Partnership Inc. (PMPI)
that the casinos will close vice means it is a habitual said Duterte must take
themselves because that doing of what is evil, of what decisive action to protect
is where they get their is wrong, Cruz also said. the environment and local
money. I think it is only the Early this year, the communities.
government that can say Philippine Charity We call on the President to
what to do with gambling, Sweepstakes Office launched take strong directives to the
both legal and illegal, he the expansion of small town Department of Environment
said. lottery operations from only and Natural Resources to
The retired archbishop of 18 to to 56 areas nationwide. protect the mining affected
Lingayen-Dagupan further (CBCPNews) communities, said Yolly
Esguerra, PMPI national
Interreligious / A1
PMPI Executive Director
Poverty, injustices Ulama Conference to Beth Yang said Duterte
Quevedo also said help foster peace and should also rally his allies
that fighting poverty and understanding among in Congress to swiftly pass
injustices, rather than military various faiths in Mindanao. the Alternative Minerals
intervention alone, were also Composed of Catholic Management Bill and the PMPI network members, partners, and community members of mining-affected areas from Eastern Samar, Zambales, South
key to stopping terrorism. bishops, leaders of National Land Use Act. Cotabato and Batangas march to Mendiola in Manila to commemorate World Environment Day, June 5, 2017. CBCPNEWS
According to him, interdenominational We are calling to the
terrorism has its roots in churches and Muslim ulama, president to release an Monday to mark the World Rapu-Rapu Island in Albay, because that is the only way
injustices, discrimination, they meet regularly to discuss executive order that Environment Day. Zambales and Marinduque that he will understand
poverty, underdevelopment, social concerns and even will declare watershed Participants came from as and to penalize them if the situation, said Jen
government neglect, poor a dialogue of theological communities, ancestral far Manicani and Homonhon found guilty. Moling, PMPI Project
governance. exchange. domains, small-island Islands in Eastern Samar, They are also seeking Officer for Anti-Mining
Government has to Other dioceses have ecosystems, and prime Tampakan in South Cotabato, a dialogue with DENR Campaign.
address the economic and replicated BUC and now hold agricultural lands as Calatagan in Barangas and Secretary Roy Simatu and PMPI is a social
political roots of terrorism, IRD discussions involving no-go zones for mining Olongapo and Sta. Cruz, both for him to give a briefing of development network of
he stressed. faith leaders and lay people of corporations, she said. in Zambales. his platform or program as peoples organizations, faith-
different religious traditions. The PMPI network The PMPI also urged the the new environment chief. based groups, and Misereor,
Reconciliation Peace and reconciliation, members, their partners Duterte administration to I have high hopes that the overseas development
The first cardinal from therefore, are not impossible. in Metro Manila, and look into environmental he [Simatu] will listen to agency of the Catholic Church
Mindanao is often referred There is realistic hope community members of crimes allegedly committed the communities, come in Germany. (Niceforo
to as the man of peace in despite terrorism. Ordinary some mining-affected by mining companies in down to them and see Vince A. Balbedina/
southern Philippines. Christians and Muslims want areas gathered in Mendiola Manicani and Homonhon, the damage for himself CBCPNews)
In the 1990s, Quevedo to continue living in peace,
helped put up the Bishops- he said.

Duc in Altum / A5 Prelate hopes Marawi conflict will end soon

Santiago, would have turned with us on family outing MARAWI Bishop Edwin dela Pea and live a normal life. Tirona called on the public to keep
100 on June 13, two years after and eat out. It really hurts, expressed hope that the ongoing However, thousands of displaced sending aid to the evacuees.
she joined our Creator. My especially when she had a fighting in the city will soon end. families wont be able to go back to the Let us all work together and put
siblings and I lost Inay after very cheerful disposition, and We hope the chaos, the war will city until the peace and order situation our minds, emotions, and assistance
almost 5 months of illness nice to be with; she was like soon be over and we can all return becomes stable with the hope that they together for our countrymen in need,
due to mild stroke. Although an older sister to us. Inay, to our normal and peaceful life, said can rebuild the city in the coming months. said Tirona.
we prepared ourselves for Happy Birthday in Heaven! dela Pea told Church-run Radio We hope we can already be The social action arm of the
the eventual passing of Inay, We know you are now with Veritas on June 12. free from this violence and fear of Catholic Church has earlier issued
it was still a very painful our Creator accompanied The prelate is hoping the terrorists, he said. a solidarity appeal for the families
experience losing her. At by all the angels and saints government can bring back peace For his part, Caritas Philippines adversely affected by the clashes.
her age, she was very strong in heaven. We love you, soon as people have longed to go back chairman Archbishop Rolando Tria (CBCPNews)
and could move around until we miss you, we will always
she suffered mild stroke, remember you.
which made her bedridden. ***
It was very frustrating for
her to be bedridden when
Happy Independence Day
to all. May we truly experience
Cardinal Tagle: Its not enough to serve family
she used to be very active in being a free country. God SOMETIMES, its a given for example, who are good feels so good to cook for rest of humanity, offering its
the house and was always bless the Philippines! that people love and serve cooks to share their gift with others. many gifts.
those closest to them through more people. Similarly, Tagle urged Today, we celebrate being
Candidly Speaking / A4 their gifts and talents, this is people who sing well to go one, one body with so many
handle them properly. conscience before going to why theres a need to go out Go out and share beyond their comfort zones. needs, one humanity with so
That is to say, that we are bed. This will allow us to and serve total strangers. Dont just cook for yourself Why dont you visit many wounds and needs, but
keenly aware of the purpose see how we fared during This is what Manila or for your family. Cook for orphanages, infants who we should be signs of hope,
or reason the giver or author the day, whether we were Archbishop Cardinal Tagle Hapag-asa. Why dont you need to hear lullabies or go he said.
has when giving us what we fruitful or not, and to make told some 6,000 people volunteer once a week or to the home for the aged, [for If we can only recognize
are and what we have. And the necessary plans for the at Jesuit Communication so? Why dont you go and those] who want to remember [that] the Church has not
we should try to make use of following day. (JesCom)s annual Pentecost share your gift? asked Tagle, some of those songs? Dont abandoned humanity The
them in the best way we can, Without cost you have recollection on Sunday, June stressing the need to share just sing in the shower! he Spirit gives us gifts, if only
making them as productive received. Without cost you 11, which carried the theme ones talents to the bigger added with a laugh. we recognize those gifts
as possible. are to give. (Mt 10,8) For One Body in Christ at the Church. and offer those gifts for the
Since mans creation, God sure, with these words of Smart Araneta Coliseum in The prelate shared how, Churchs birthday common good.
our creator has always told Christ, we are strongly Quezon City. as a young priest in the U.S., Celebrating what many JesCom also organizes
us to be fruitful. Be fruitful reminded to be generous, to Expounding on why gifted he was asked to cook for consider to be the birthday Tagles annual Easter and
and multiply, he said. Fill give ourselves completely to people should make sure 60 people during a feeding of the Catholic Church, Advent recollections, which
the earth and subdue it. Rule God and to others, sparing that [their] gifts will be used program. Despite it being his Pentecost, Tagle noted are open to the public.
over the fish in the sea and and keeping nothing for by the common good, the first time to cook for so many, that the Catholic Church (NirvaAna Ella Dela
the birds in the sky (Gen ourselves, because God prelate called on the faithful, he admitted in Filipino, It continues to stand by the Cruz/CBCPNews)
1,28) has been generous with us. Perspectives / A1
And this command has He gave nothing less than
been constantly reiterated himself to us. And he wants body has different members, but St. varied ingredients: beans, plantains, theres no creativity! he said.
all the way to Christ who in us to share what we have with Paul talks about not just members but fresh milk, ice cream, leche flan (a rich Tagle exhorted the crowd not to fear
many parables told us clearly everybody else. spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives custard), among others. division, saying: Unity coming from the
to be fruitful. The parable of This should be the attitude to the Body, one Body with many gifts Thats the kind of unity we crave: Spirit, diversity coming from the same
the three servants (cfr Mt we ought to develop when we from the Holy Spirit, he added. mouth-watering! How boring itd be spirit and you dont have fear because
25,14-30) is one example have an abiding concern for if unity only had one face, one way of the spirit of diversity is the same spirit
among many. accounting all that we have Unity in diversity thinking, he stressed. that guarantees unity.
We have to learn how to received from God. According to Tagle, it is the various To further his point, Tagle went so far The recollection ended with a
be accountable to God and We should never gifts given to the many members that as to urge his listeners to stop looking for Mass, presided over by Tagle and
to others. One concrete way marginalize, much less, build up the Church, describing how like-minded individuals when forming concelebrated by Cubao Bishop
of doing that is by making ignore, the Holy Spirit in our halo-halo, a beloved Filipino dessert, committees for church projects. Honesto Ongtioco. (Nirvaana Ella
a daily examination of education. becomes so delicious because of its Because you are of only one mind, Delacruz/CBCPNews)
CBCP Monitor June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 DIOCESAN NEWS A7

Faithful urged: Why survivors need post-

Fight secularism crisis formation
with basics TACLOBAN City Caritas
Internationalis president
and Manila Archbishop
Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle
disclosed on June 1 a new
phase that the humanitarian
arm of the Catholic Church
world-wide takes on, the
formation of the survivors
of calamities and why it
One of the advocacies
of Caritas Internationalis
these days is Sustainability,
Resilience, and For-mation of
the person, said the prelate
before representatives of
organizations of survivors
of super typhoon Yolanda
helped by Caritas, in Basey,
Borongan Bishop Crispin Varquez presides over Mass for the 29th Diocesan Pentecost Samar, one of the towns in
Vigil held at the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish in Brgy. Matarinao, Salcedo, Eastern Visayas hit hard by
Eastern Samar on Sunday, June 4, 2017. ALREN BERONIO/ESTE
the category 5 super typhoon
Children greet Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle in Basey, Samar, one of the towns devastated by super typhoon Yolanda in 2013. EILEEN
BORONGAN City A Catholic received. It is not necessary in 2013. BALLESTEROS
bishop has challenged his to become a Christian just According to the prelate,
flock to go back to the basics for one to become honest, the formation of the tavus Joven Tria Tirona and Social Action Center were It was followed by a
of our faith as a response to added the prelate. person is necessary, so that representatives from several likewise present, along with dialogue among Caritas
the growing secularism in the He also encouraged when another typhoon or diocesan social action centers representatives from Caritas representatives and Yolanda
world today. famililes to bring back the earthquake happens the in the coun-try. Internationalis member beneficiaries from Cal-bayog,
Gathered for the 29th altars at home as these are person will stand strong in Palo Archbishop John Du organizations. Palo, and Borongan, and
Diocesan Pentecost Vigil, effective ways of intro-ducing faith. and Fr. Alcris Badana, the Tagle headed a later, by project site visits
Borongan Bishop Crispin the faith to young people. He was accompanied social action center head in concelebrated thanksiving to the villages of Bacubac,
Varquez has urged the If you do not have an altar by Caritas Philippines the Archdiocese of Palo as Mass in the morning at the St. Guirang, and Sito Rawis,
faithful to appreciate and at your home right now, make chairman and Nueva Caceres well as the representatives Michael de Archangel Par-ish all in Basey town. (Eileen
recover the pillars of the sure that you will provide one Archbishop Rolando Oc- of the Calbayog Diocesan Church. Ballesteros/CBCPNews)
faith: doctrines, sacraments, once you arrive home, the
morality, and pray-er. bishop said.
Let us remember what
the early Church did. The
Now on its 29th year, the
celebration gathered more Nortehanons urged: Be dangerously passionate
pillars of our faith stood than a thousand clergy,
as the cornerstones of the religious, and lay faith- CATARMAN, N. Samar Some According to him, Passion is the Annunciation Cathedral of this town
community, Varquez said in ful coming from different 8,000 Catholic faithful from different expression of ones heart and soul. was hosted by Catarman, which
his homily. parishes of the diocese. parishes of the Diocese of Catarman The term originates from the ancient hosted the event from 1998 to 2005.
He also dissuaded the Hosted by the Our Lady were exhorted to live with passion, Greek word, paskho meaning to In Valenzuelas talk, he expressed
people from becoming of the Most Holy Rosary following the apostles example during suffer. admiration for the humility of Pope
Catholics by convenience Parish in Brgy. Matarinao, the 20th Di-ocesan Pentecost Vigil Valenzuela also connected his talk Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict
as he acknowledged that Salcedo, Eastern Sa-mar, this and Family Day celebration on June to the Church in the Philippines XVI.
some Catholics proclaim that years Pentecost carried the 3, Saturday. celebration theme this year, Year of He called the resignation of
they belong to the Church but theme: Parish, Communion Are you ready to be dangerously the Parish, sending a special message Benedict XVI a humble way of
when the Church makes a of Communities. passionate? asked Br. Anthony to the youth and to those working in giving way for a new pope to lead
stand on cer-tain issues, they Before the Mass ended, Rouben P. Valenzuela, a lay preacher the parishes and in communities. He the Church, which was founded on
choose to remain silent. Msgr. Lope Robredillo, of the Light of Jesus community, who said in whatever endeavor: [o]ne Pentecost, 50 days from the Lords
Speaking to more than vicar general of Borongan gave the main talk of the event, Ignite must be excellent. Resurrection (or Easter).
three thousand people, he diocese, thanked indi- and Unleash the Passion. Passion is also giving focus towards Humility is from humus (or soil),
also mentioned how the viduals and groups who He emphasized the example of the goals and mission, he said. Passion Valenzuela said, noting how someone
adults of today fail in one way made the event meaningful martyrdom of the apostles who were is commitment, has full of energy, and who serves the Church, who is filled
or another in transmitting and successful. intially so afraid and were in hiding more importantly, humility. by the Holy Spirit, should be kept
the tenets of the faith to the He also announced that before receiving the Holy Spirit. grounded.
young. next years vigil will be hosted Birthday of the Church The gathering culminated with
He called on politicians, by the Parish of St. Isidore To suffer Themed Holy Spirit: Source the midnight celebration of the Holy
especially those who studied Labrador in Maslog, Eastern Valenzuela, who already appeared of Communion of Christian Mass by Bishop Emmanuel C. Trance,
in Catholic schools, to uphold Samar. (Roel Joe Abonal/ in two TV commercials and an indie Communities, this years diocesan concelebrated by the parish priests of
the Catholic education they CBCPNews) film, stressed: Its not all about looks gath-ering held at the Sacred the diocese. (Carl Jaime Bordeos/
but the heart. Heart Plaza of the Our Lady of the CBCPNews)

Malolos dioceses 189 Crisis / A1

catechists graduate Mama Mary, please pray

for our country, especially
Marawi, that peace and love
loving, my intercessor, pray
for our brethren in Marawi!
From an American:
Marawi and also for the latest
incident at Resorts World.
We pray in Jesus mighty
Its main aim is to provide
spiritual support by way
of prayer, sacraments, and
Malolos City, Bulacan and par-ticipated in the may reign. Amen. Blessed Mother Mary, please name with Mama Mary. Catholic doctrinal formation
A new set of 189 laymen mission-sending, to From a French woman: cover Marawi, with your Amen. posts which aim to inspire
and catechists from the Msgr. Bartolome Santos, Please, Lord, bring peace heavenly mantle, and ask The Holy Rosary Brigade more love for Jesus.
Diocese of Malolos re- HP, vicar general of the to us. Mother Mary and St Jesus to help them, Amen. is open to all Catholics of To join, search for
cently received their Diocese of Malolos, for his Joseph, pray for us. Angels From another Filipina any nationality and to their English-Speaking Catholics
ecclesiastical certificate confirmation and blessing. of God, defend us in battle. abroad: Lord, grant our friends of any religion as well, in Facebook, enter and
after successfully passing In his message to Amen. country, peace and unity particularly those who can click on the Join widget.
a course on Catechetics at the graduates, Santos From Nairobi, Kenya: My and protect us, especially communicate in English for (Fr. Mickey Cardenas/
the Diocesan Lay Institute encouraged the graduates Holy Mother, most caring our brothers and sisters in use as a common language. CBCPNews)
of Catechetics. to continue to bear witness
With the theme to the Gospel. A good Intervention / A1
Catechist, channel example can teach better
of Gods mercy and than a good talk, he said. Catholic bishops in Mindanao have Constitution, he said. Rights chair Loretta Ann Rosales, along
compassion in the In an interview with earlier acknowledged the need for Other petitioners include Novaliches with more than 300 lawyers, also filed
community, the grad- CBCPNews, Capiral, who martial law in the strife-torn region Bishop Antonio Tobias and Kalookan a separate petition before the high
uation Mass and the 10th is also the superior of the but stressed that it must only be Bishop Emeritus Deogracias Iiguez tribunal to compel Congress to convene
Missio Canonica were RCM sisters, shared a short temporary. and former senator Wigberto Taada. a joint session.
held at the St. Elizabeth background on the institute. Pabillo clarified that they are not Opposition lawmakers on June 5 filed The petitioners asserted that the
of Hungary Parish in It was established in 1998 entirely against martial law but said that a petition before the SC to question framers of the Constitution intended
Sta. Isabel, Malolos City, during the time of Bishop legislators have the constitutional duty the legality of Dutertes martial law that a joint session of Congress be
Saturday, June 3. Rolando Tria Tirona to to check and balance Duterte. declaration. convened immediately after the
Catechists who are provide the catechists We are not discussing Martial On June 6, former Solicitor General declaration of martial law. (With
extending their time, and the lay people some Law per se. All we want is for a joint Florin Hilbay, former senator Rene reports from Max Rempillo/
talents, and treasures are formal training on teaching session to be called as required by the Saguisag, former Commission on Human CBCPNews)
blessings to the Church, and Cate-chetics, she
said Fr. Avel Sampana, explained. Whatever / A5
who presided over a Graduates from video `games over studies, what must be corrected not give up. There is always through material substitutes
concelebrated Mass before the institute received attention, and depressive or improved on in what time to retrace their steps (e.g. money, fame, rewards,
the graduation rites, with ecclesiastical certificates syndromes are enough for the children already (even though what they say and entitlement, etc.) The
Fr. Eric Bagay and Fr. in catechetics and may parents to be more than possess positively within or do may seem to fall on identity forging ingredients
Angelito Caliwag, spiritual decide to pursue their concerned. But as the adage themselves. If we are not stone-deaf ears) by giving of our childrens character
director of PASKA or masters degree at the states: prevention is better patient and prudent, we good example. will always be supplied
Pandiyosesis na Sentro Immaculate Concepcion than cure. A sudden desire could end up converting Virtue over Vice. Our spiritually. If we overindulge
ng Katekesis. Major Seminary. to make a misguided youth parenting into an arduous natural eye for what the them in worldly comforts and
In his homily, the priest To date, the institute has make a U-turn to virtue but road for ourselves and for negative can often dampen security, it will not be easy
stressed the important more than 1300 laymen and with unproportioned means our children. the spirit of the young. Focus for them to appreciate the
role of catechists in the catechists who finished the may not yield pleasant results. Better late than later. and foster virtue! Moreover, treasures the world cannot
Church and in society, Catechist Basic Formation So what can parents, like Parents whose children the greatest teacher of virtue give (e.g. loyalty, sacrifice,
say-ing: All Christians program curriculum, the father who was eleven are still young must never for them is not our words prayer, and friendship, etc.)
have the role to teach and which was created by the years late, do? Here are some take things for granted by but our example. Though Hopefully, with patience,
spread the Gospel. Episcopal Commission on possible, not exhaustive, saying, Ill tell them later imperfect, we are ready to optimism, and a cheerful
Mo. Cecilia Capiral, Catechesis and Catholic points: or Someone else will when take accountability for our faith in our children and
RCM, Dean of Studies Education. (Myraine The whole is greater the time comes. Every day errors and mistakes. Gods grace, their journey
presented the 189 Carluen Policarpio/ than the parts. Parents has a lesson to seize upon! Spiritual over Sensual. The along pubertys road will not
candidates, who graduated CBCPNews) must focus on the persons Parents, however, who may change we want our children be harsh, above all, never
total growth. They balance have missed the bus, must to experience will not be lonesome and dark.
A8 PEOPLE, FACTS, AND PLACES June 12 - 25, 2017 Vol 21, No. 12 CBCP Monitor

Sainthood cause for Mindanao martyr gains momentum

SAINTHOOD could be the could be the third from the
next honor for a 16th century Philippines after St. Lorenzo
Italian Jesuit missionary Ruiz of Manila and St. Pedro
whose memory still lingers Calungsod of Cebu.
in a southern Philippine Born into nobility, in the
province. town of Nola in Naples, Italy in
A drive to canonize Fr. May 1612, Palliola joined some
Francesco Palliola appears to 40 Jesuits on an expedition to
be gaining momentum. the Philippines.
Bishop Severo Caermare of After a trip of over two years,
Dipolog said that sainthood he finally landed in Iligan
is a tedious process but the in January 1644, beginning
whole proce-dure is driven a mission in Mindanao that
by cult or popular devotion. would take him to Dapitan,
There has been an ongoing Dipolog and the rest of
devotion about him that Zamboanga Peninsula,
made us study and gather spreading Catholic faith to the
evidence, Caermare said in locals, including the Lumads of
a press briefing in Manila on the area, the Subanen.
Friday. At age 35, Palliola was
Jesuit Fr. Tim Ofracio said martyred at Ponot, now Jose
that the strong devotion, Dalman town, on January 29,
among other reasons, 1648 by a con-verted native
was triggered by several leader who had left Catholicism,
miracles being attributed and who the priest was trying to
to Palliola. bring back to the faith.
When the Jesuit mission Martyrs, or people who
returned to the Philippines in were killed for their faith,
1859, after an absence of 90 can be beatified without a
years, he said that the Jesuits miracle, since the death itself is
were surprised that the the considered a miracle of grace.
cult of Fr. Palliola was very However, a miracle is needed
much alive. for canonization.
When we returned here, Bishop Severo Caermare of Dipolog and postulator Fr. Patrick Dalangin shows a photo of a painting of un-known date and origin, depicting Jesuit Fr. Francesco Palliola with With the help of the Jesuits
we were shocked that many dagger that slit his throat. The painting is presently at the archives of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in Manila. ROY LAGARDE in Rome, postulator Fr. Patrick
people believe that he is Dalangin said that whats good
holy and asking for his Palliola, which was started verify the documents of the his beatification, the last step Caermare said. about Palliolas case is that
intercession, Ofracio said. in January 2016, is expected diocesan process. for sainthood. He is not a native of we dont have the scarcity of
So the cult of Fr. Palliola to close before the year ends. The Roman phase for the We wanted to have another Mindanao but because of documents pertaining to his
is really very old a cult in a The cause will then move cause will be handled by the saint for the Philippines and his passion for mission martyrdom.
positive sense, he said. to its next phase wherein Society of Jesus. its coming from Mindanao. and love for Lumads, he We didnt have a hard time
Caermare said that the the Vaticans Sacred If the review is positive, Its very timely for us as we could be considered a true because everything was well
diocesan process for the Congregation for the Causes the Pope is likely to declare will be celebrating in 2021 the Mindanaoan, he said. documented, he said. (Roy
cause of martyrdom of of Saints in Rome will Palliola a martyr and approve 500 years of Christianity, If declared a saint, Palliola Lagarde/CBCPNews)

Liveloud Catholic worship concert draws record crowd

IT was drizzling night, but the spirits Liveloud is a worship band that He said that Pope Francis has though our Catholic faith, which Play, Deezer and Spotify.
were high at the Liveloud Catholic comes from the CFC-Youth for called for a new evangelization is founded in the love of the Holy The concert was preceded by a
Worship Concert on Saturday, June Christ. Their mission? To inspire in the Church and Liveloud is our Trinity, Quintero said. Mass presided over by Fr. Jeffrey
10. more young people to live loud new way of proclaiming the love And as you can see in our recently Quintin.
More than 14,000 people attended for God. of God. concluded Liveloud, we are able to In his homily, he said that its
the event at the MOA Arena in Pasay The kind of Liveloud music With various songs, Quintero said express our worship to God by hard to gather a crowd of young
City, which attracted mostly young and its worship experience is an they want the youth to encounter reflecting on the basic proclamation people that is as big as the Liveloud
audiences from different parts of avenue for us, especially the young Jesus Christ through music and a of our faith as Catholics through the concert especially on a Saturday
Metro Manila and nearby provinces. people, to express our gratitude and unique worship experience. Apostles Creed, he added. night.
Now on its 9th year, it was the worship to God, YFC International Hopefully we actually made the Last year, Liveloud released its Its a blessing that you are here.
largest Catholic concert ever held Coordinator Lawrence Quintero Liveloud worshippers deepen their new album titled In Gloria Dei. It You are chosen to be here, Quintin
in the country. said. personal relationship with Christ is also available on iTunes, Google said. (CBCPNews)
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