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Band profile

For guitarist/singer/songwriter Roshan G. Thomas, the conflux of drummer Paul Daniel and
bass player Sahil Mathew was the culmination in the unceasing quest for the only absolute
truth that exists in this space-time continuum as we know it the groove. Armed with a
repertoire of original songs that were spirited from sonder, lebensmude and the concomitant
melancholic musings that follow, the RGT Trio brings forth a sound that can only be described
as an anarchic amalgamation of the Blues, Soul Pop, and Easy Listening Jazz.

With 38 years of live playing experience between them, the bands motley influences range
from Snarky Puppy, Dave Matthews, Incubus, Justin Raines, Pino Palladino, Sharay Reed, John
Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan and B.B King to name a few. Their cover repertoire extends across
the music of John Mayer, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, Radiohead, Ray Charles, Eric
Clapton, and many more!
Roshan G Thomas

Chennai lad
14 years on stage and counting.
First album with band called E-Flat in 2009
(Signed by Agi Music)
Session Musician with Shakthishree Gopalan,
Benny Dayal, Sangeetha Santhosham, RJD and
Paul Daniel

Chennai lad
Been romancing the drums since the 90s.
A regular in Chennai Pubs and Music Theatres
Has played with Wreckage Avenue,
Stereotrip, Junkhead, Traffic Jam and
Buzz Theory
Sahil Mathew

Bangalore Guy
Bass Guitar Prodigy
Influenced by Justin Raines, Pino and Sharay
The RGT Originals Playlist
Hallelujah I Love you So Ray Charles Cover
Tech Rider
3 monitors.
1 DI box for acoustic guitar. and Marshal/ Fender twin reverb electric guitar amp
Harte or Ampeg bass amp with DI box
Mapex Vseries or drum kit with necessary mics
Digital Mixer with compressor and reverb settings.
Two Shure SM58 vocal mics.
Required connecting cables and backline equipment
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