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8:50 am, 4/29/2010 2nd, 12 Reed Mayan day

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In my last journal entry I spoke of following some false gods. No,

not really. But I did manage to hook up with some ET beings
through some channelers who, though their words were all the
right ones, they were not. They were dark.

It’s interesting how they do this; how they manage to so deceive

us. Part of it, my friends, is in the techno-grid, and the way it
divorces us from inner self. Another part, of course, is that many
are in the mind, and that’s the ET playground; they rule the
roost. Finally, the third part is that, until we begin to awaken, and
more of our chakras and senses come online, we can be misled.

So, there’s a 3-bagger for you, that’s in their favor. But, no big
deal, for you’re the winner, and so am I; it’s early innings, come
to that. In our awakening, it’s early on, yet, for oh, so many are
just arising, just looking up, and wondering “how on earth do I know
that,” “what’s that I see,” “where from this inner understanding”?

Overall, game’s in ninth inning, with bases loaded, our guys are
on, and we’re about to hit a grand slam like no other’s ever
been. Each one plays a part, each is important, though dark
ones’ tactic has been to minimize, to put you down, make little of
you. Well, don’t give in; don’t buy that rot!

Great Cosmic Being, that’s what you are, so enter heart space,
and find that throne. Take back your life; they’ve owned it long
enough, don’t you think? I know I do.

Here’s how I did it, how I found center, took up my throne.

First, I set my clear and stated intent to be the highest that I
could envision, then kept adjusting it ever higher as wisdom
arose, as things were revealed. I’ve learned, and had it confirmed
that our intent is one of the strongest, most powerful aspects
of our being, as far as controlling our life, steering our ship of state
is concerned.

Next, I found heart space, and set my intent to ever abide

there; period. Each one does these things on their own, in their
own way.

Then, from heart space I’d venture out into this avenue or that
one. I found I was led from there, could follow where I’m
drawn. Mostly this was clear, crisp direction; I just knew, but not
always. Not every question gets an answer, after all.

The biggest two things about heart space I found were this,
initially: First, you have to leave mind behind; you have to check it
at the door. Second, there’s no fear in there; none! These were
both amazements, and it took some time to test this, check it
out; get settled in.

Then, from that foundation, I found I could explore freely, and I’d
be guided. I learned to trust, in other words, in my own heart.
The way you do that, dear friends, is you make some mistakes.
Come on, does a child learn to walk just by walking? Or does it do
some falling down? Let’s be reasonable, here.

The picture that’s been painted for us keeps us corralled, in

fear of making mistakes, of being judged and found wanting.
That whole thing’s hell, the way I see it. Come out into the fresh air,
take deep breaths of heart space, environment there. You’ll find
no fear here; not a trace. The air is pure, health-giving here.

So, that was my way. It all overlapped somewhat, of course;

nothing is as linear is it may seem. The thing is that each one of
us must find our center, call it what you will. For once we find
it, we’re empowered beyond belief.

Beliefs are no more required, for we’ve got the direct

experience. There’s room for faith, just not the kind we’ve been
fed. We learn faith in heart space, in Source or Spirit, in God, or
Life. We learn what real trust is; it’s infinitely deep. Can’t be
imagined from the mind.

That’s perhaps the biggest distinction of all, is that mind cannot

comprehend these things. I don’t care if you gave it a billion
years and the highest IQ available, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a
mind thing. Heart is a different realm. That’s all i can say. I can’t
prove it to you.

That’s up to you, anyway; not up to me. Your life’s your own,

so make decisions. Act on them. You’ll get the answers... or
you won’t. A word to the wise: make friends with this phrase, “I
don’t know.” Get used to using it.

For if you don’t, you’re not going far. How do I know that?
Because it’s proof you’re still in mind; won’t give it up. And
mind’s not going there, no matter what, so beat your head
bloody against brick wall if that’s your way. That works, too,
eventually. It’s called the path of suffering, and it works in the
long run.

If you want the quicker route, though, take the no-mind and try it
on a while. Explore its teachers. I’ve given many a
recommendation along the way, the ones I followed. No, I’m no
Buddhist, no one of any religion or path or teaching; no, not one.
I find them all to have some light, not all, and all is all I’ll settle for.

Thus, I go my own way, and I caution each one to consider doing

the same. As long as we fall in with someone else’s teachings,
and take their word for things, then we can be misled. We don’t
have it on our own, authority, do you see? We’re not grounded in
the truth.

That’s how the ETs who practice deception can do their thing,
they can mislead. But once you’ve found your center, and
anchored in there, they can’t unseat you, can’t scare or mislead.
Once you are fearless, then they begin to fear you, in a way.
They know you’re out of their reach, at any rate. It’s a good place
to be in. Come on in. The water’s fine. ;-)


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