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Why the Europeans crossed the Atlantic in The European Explorers

the first place Trying to grow the colony
The first attempts at colonization Making the colony stronger and more secure
The economy of New France The Society of New France
Justifications of Colonization (English Factors Behind Imperialism (Colonialism and
settlement in the USA) Slavery)
Imperialism and Conflict The Battle for North America


1. What is imperialism and what is its connection to colonization?

Imperialism is a policy that controls a countrys power and economic state. Its connected to
colonization because when Europeans enter a land without power or the land is unclaimed, they
thought it was right to take over the land and build a nation.

2. The Europeans discovered an inhabited continent, why did they believe they had the right to claim
that land? In your opinion, did they have that right? Explain your thinking.

They believed that they had the right to claim the land because the Europeans saw the things that First
Nations, who lived there before the Europeans came along and discovered the land, the things that they
didn`t have but the Europeans had. They also saw all the wonderful things that many of the Indian tribes
had, the furs, the large landscapes. Over in Europe, Europeans don`t have that stuff. In my opinion, I
thought it was wrong of them to take what wasn`t there, that land was claimed but not understanding
and thinking, they stripped the First Nations of their land and did whatever they pleased.
3. French influence in Canada ended at the conclusion of the Seven Years War. What lasting impact
has that war had on the development of Canada?

The lasting impact that French influence had on the war was that France, French people were
outnumbered by the British Colonists and were taken over by the Europeans colonists. The impact
was quite big , France become a part of Britain, giving up all possessions they had claimed in the
new lands in a big treaty.

4. If we were to put the Europeans on trial for their actions during the European Age of Imperialism,
what would the result of that trial be? Explain your thinking.

The result of the trial would be bad, ending in many lives taken. Europeans did many wrong things,
though I do not believe in the death penalty, when it comes to having a genocide to destroy First Nation
culture and take away French culture, I do believe that is the right thing. Unless it comes down to being
a peaceful arrangement in the trial, KI do believe that everyone should have a second chance, yes, they
may have ended lives and did horrible things that no one could ever forgive, if that is the way to go, I
shall go that way.
5. We have established that the past Canadian governments, in their official capacity, discriminated
against the First Nations in Canada. What do you think todays Government of Canada can do to
help rectify the past wrongs?

Canada`s government could try and start building up the relationship with the First Nations again,
the apology doesn`t usually do anything and won`t help solve the pain and rage between the two.
Canada`s government could also try to make sure that, our past will stay in the past, nothing like
what we were will happen again in our country. We are a peaceful country with a good economic
system, good education system, let`s try not to mess anything up, even if it gets tough along the