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Full-Book Quiz ( Les Miserable ) Montparnasse

Top of Form Valjean

1. On the barricade, why does Eponine throw 7. Why does Fauchelevent let Valjean and
herself in front of the soldiers rifle? Cosette stay in the convent?

She decides that her beliefs are more important He is in love with Cosette
to her than her life
He is Mariuss grandfather
She is in love with Marius
Valjean once saved his life
She is suicidal
He is spying for Javert
She wants to make Cosette suffer
8. What does Javert do near the end of the
2. Who is not a blood member of the Thnardier novel?
He commits suicide
He marries Cosette
He becomes a beggar
He fights in the insurrection
9. Where does Marius first see Cosette?
3. Why does Myriel let Valjean spend the night in
his house? The Gorbeau House

He thinks that Valjean has money Montfermeil

Because Valjean once saved Myriels life Saint-Germain

He wants to treat his fellow man with kindness The Luxembourg Gardens
and respect 10. How does Valjean escape from the Orion?
He wants to convert Valjean to Christianity He bribes Javert
4. Which of the following solves Montreuil-sur- He pretends to drown
mers economic problems?
He scales a wall
Madeleines manufacturing innovations
He steals a pair of silver candlesticks
The insurrection led by the Friends of the ABC
11. Why was Valjean originally arrested?
Fantines prostitution ring
He stole a loaf of bread
Javerts pyramid schemes
He impersonated a manufacturer
5. Why does Thnardier save Georges
Pontmercys life? He kidnapped Cosette

Because the two men are lifelong friends He abandoned Fantine

He does so by accident 12. Why does Fantine lose her factory job?

He wants to find a suitable husband for Eponine She tries to organize a union

He admires the generals contributions to the She is a prostitute

She has an illegitimate daughter
6. Who is Cosettes biological father?
She spits in Madeleines face

13. Why do the Thnardiers throw Gavroche out Gillenormand thinks that Mabeuf would be a
of their house? better father

He steals from Montparnasse 19. Which of the following qualities does not
describe the Thnardiers?
He is a supporter of Napolon
He is just another mouth to feed
He is better dressed than Eponine and Azelma
14. How do Valjean and Marius escape from the
barricade? Conniving

Valjean carries Marius over a wall 20. Why does Eponine give Cosettes address to
Valjean carries Marius through the sewers
She wants money
They flag down a passing carriage
She is in love with Marius
They pose as soldiers
She is acting on a dare from Azelma
15. Who is the leader of the Friends of the ABC?
She wants Marius to deliver a letter to Cosette
21. Which of the following does not contribute to
Courfeyrac Valjeans decision to go to England?
Tholomys Paris is growing increasingly politically unstable
Fauchelevent Valjean is worried that he will lose Cosette
16. When are Marius and Gillenormand finally Valjean thinks that Thnardier is planning to rob
reconciled? him
After Marius marries Cosette Valjean believes that Marius will take part in the
After Marius agrees to change his political views insurrection

After Marius recovers from his injuries 22. When Enjolras orders Javerts execution,
what does Valjean do?
Just before Marius finishes law school
He lets Javert go free
17. Why does Marius feel indebted to
Thnardier? He shoots Javert

Thnardiers daughter Eponine saved Mariuss He throws Javert into the Seine
life He robs Javert
He thinks that Thnardier saved his fathers life 23. Where does Mariuss father die?
Thnardier gave him food when he was poor At the Battle of Waterloo
Thnardier let him out of the sewer On the barricade
18. Why does Gillenormand refuse to let Marius At his home
see his father?
In Madeleines factory
Gillenormand and Pontmercy have different
political views 24. When Javert tries to arrest Madeleine, what
does Fantine do?
Gillenormand does not want Marius to marry
Cosette She tries to fight Javert She marries Marius

Gillenormand knows that Pontmercy fathered She leaves Montreuil-sur-mer

Marius out of wedlock
She dies from shock