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A sample essay of

Narrative writing
A holiday I would
never forget
Holidays, a time
everyone gets hyped
up over, parents
planning activities for
the family to spend
quality time with and
school children ( as
well as teachers)
jumping for joy. Hello,
waking up late,
celebrating, goin for
tuition and best of all,
vacations! In myy case,
a holiday I would
never forget is a
fruitful one I
expereinced five years
ago, where my family I
spent six days in the
land of K-Pop and '
kimchi '- Korea.

Finally, after ages

of waiting, our family
arrived in beautiful
Korea. Stepping out of
the plane, we could
feel the chilly weather
to our bones. Never
experiencing that kind
of weather, my siblings
and I were totally
excited. Passing
through immigration
and baggage claim, we
were talking
animatedly about our
new surroundings.
Since we went with
tour group, we knew
we were in good

Incident number
one. We were
supposed to take a bus
to check in at the hotel,
as instructed. I guessed
I was overeager and
without thinking. I ran
to a random bus and
knocked on the door.
The young bus driver
opened the door and
looked at me with a
puzzled expression. He
started asking me
something in Korean,
which of course I did
not understand. I tried
to reply in English, but
before I could make
the attempt, my father
quickly apologized to
the driver and walked
me back to the tour
group who was
watching from afar,
shaking with laughter.
It turned out that the
bus I was running to
was not the bus we
were supposed to take.
I dismissed my burning
cheeks. I was glad I
could be the butt of
everyone's jokes on my
first day in a foreign

It was a bit past

lunch time when we
were done checking in
our hotel. Not doubt,
everybody's stomachs
were grumbling. Thank
God after checking in,
we were going to have
our lunch and do a bit
of sightseeing. While
waiting for the others
outside the hotel, we
walked around nearby.
There was a row of
vending machines that
sold various snacks
and beverages,
including Haagen Dazs
ice-cream , and instant
noodles. My mother
had a craving for
Nescafe, so she spent
her first Korrean
money on that.

At the restaurant,
a delicious meal was
already spread out for
us. That was the first
time we all tried
kimchi, a spicy and
sour vegetable side
dish.I did not think it
was horrible, buut I
preferred the fish
kimchi much better.
We all ate using
chopsticks, so that was
kind or awkward for
me and my siblings,
as we were not skilled
at using them yet.
Being Malaysians, we
were used to rice, so it
was a good thing that
the Korean meal
included rice and a few
other side dish, eaten
from a Bento box. It
was weird though, the
rice was stickier
compared to the
rice we eat at home,
mainly to make it
easier to eat using
chopsticks. There was
also hot and
scumptious miso soup
together with the meal.
Since my sister and my
brother did not like it
much, I finshed up
theirs. I gulped the
warm soup down my
throat- a nice
connntrast from the
shivering weather

One of the
highlights of our
activities that we did in
Korea was skiling.
Everybody from the
tour group was looking
forward to that, even
the 52-year old couple
traveling with us. Since
it was'nt fully snownig
yet, the hill was
coverred with artificial
snow. After grobbing
our ski gear, we listen
to a briefing by the
instructor. He was very
help ful, especially
with us kids annd the
elderly couple.

Feeling jumpy
and hyperactive, me
and my sister made our
way to the cable car
and successfully skied
down a slope. I
thought, " We're
natural at this," and my
sister could not agree
more. When we came
to see how our parents
and brother were
doing, my brother
started to throw a
snowball towards me
and my sister. It hit
me, and we started
having a small
snowball fight of our
own, just like in the
movies! I guessed we
got a bit out of hand
and my sister
accidentally hit a
woman's back. when
she turned around, she
had this angry look on
her face and started to
walk towards us.I
hurried my siblings to
continue skiing with
our parents,and we ran
away before she cold
catch us. Breathless,
we giggled innaivety
as we recapped the

In a way, skiing is
like swimming. Why
do I say so? Well,
when swimming ,you
do not feel tired , but
you would see the
effect when you get
ravenous and eat more
after a session or when
you aintend to tke a
nap, but it is extended
to long hours. The
same goes to skiing.
When we arrived at the
hotel after skiing, we
were drained out and
starving. Instant
noodles saved the day!
We all ate curry-
flavoured Maggi
together, savouring the
memontary pleasure.
We also dozed off
quite early that night ,
right after going for a
walk to enjoy the
amazing night view of
th mountains, and
breathing the cool,
fresh winter air.
Shopping in
Korea was also
different compared to
Malaysia. Its malls
were packed with
small shops or stalla on
every floor. Big
boutiques were not
seen as much as the
quaint kiosks.
Nevertheless, I found
shopping at their
markets more
enjoyable, especially
because you could
haggle the price. Their
specialities were
crystals, fabrics and
outerwear. Apart form
that, I also liked their
wet markets , mainly
because they were very
clean and they did not
have that fishy smell. I
remembered a
shocking incident
when walking through
the stalls of the wet
market. A large fish
jumped out its
aquarium and onto the
floor. I stared at it and
suddenly, I saw a huge
cutting knife slicing
through the fish's neck!
It was the owner of the
stall's doing. Then, the
owner left the fish
flapping around
lifelessly without a

There was also a

treasure trove among
the stalls of the wet
market- a tiny shoop
which served grilled
seafood. My family
stepped into the shop
and ordered some
grilled fish and

After saying our

prayers, we devoured
our mouth-watering
find of the day.
Dripped in a type of
souce, the seafood was
the best I had ever
eaten, as you could
taste the freshness. Or
maybe I was just
hungry after a full day
of activities.
If it was up to me,
there were so many
things to write on my
memorabe trip to
Korean. Not onli we
got to spend quality
time together as a
family, but we also
learnt countless new
things and even
discovered hidden
talents. My father
always said we should
travel with an open
mind and an
open heart. This is
when you get to see
your capability to
adapt to changes. Just
enjoy the simple things
in life and be thankful
of what you have. So,
do just that. Who
knows you might
discover a part of
yourself you never
know existed?