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The poem Barbie Doll was written by Marge Piercy and was published in 1971. Our society has
greatly idolized barbie doll and wants every girl to be moulded into this favourite cartoon character.
Barbie doll is an unrealistic symbolism of our society in defining someones beauty and this has affect
our generation a lot. This poem describes about a girl who was initially born like any other normal
child but her family wants her to be an exact duplication of barbie doll as she grow up. They bought
her dolls, miniature GE stoves and fake makeups to represent what she should look like and the
behaviour that she needs to pursue in order to be a perfect woman in the future. As she begins to
undergo her menstrual cycle, her body started to change and her classmates started to point out her
big nose and fat legs. This is when she begins to question her appearance. The girl has a lot of
positive attributes and yet, she is still viewed negatively by other because of her weaknesses. She
was advised by other on how to be a true woman. As she stried so hard to please the society, her
true nature eventually wore out. Shes no longer being herself but a puppet of the society. She has
had enough of the society and thus, decided to commit suicide. Its very melancholic that even in her
death, the society still wants her to be like the barbie doll. They put on makeup on her, put on fake
nose to conceal her flaw and give her beautiful nightie to wear. The last line of the poem is a
sarcastic response from the poet itself because society has poisoned our mind that in order to have a
happy ending, we have to mould ourselves into perfect shape like barbie doll. Its sarcastic. How
could we be happy when were not being ourselves?


1. The theme of the poem Barbie Doll is appearances. Appearance is pretty much the only
thing Barbie has. And since she's a doll, we know she can't think or do anything either. Of
course, the girlchild in "Barbie Doll" offers far more than an appearance, yet her appearance
is the only thing everyone cares about. Society, this poem tells us, often prefers dolls over
people. Society cares more on the physical atributes than who we really are. This leads to
insecurities and depression.

2. Besides, there is also theme about coming of age. Growing up is a tough experience. We're
trying to figure out who we are, what we want to do, and having to live up to everyone's
expectations isn't always easy. For the girlchild in "Barbie Doll," coming of age isn't about
learning about oneself, but rather learning to please everyone else, no matter how silly folks
may be. Coming of age in this poem inst so much about learing who you are, as it is learning
who youre supposed to be in the eyes of society.

1) Society

This poem was published in 1971 and yet the society that was potray in this poem never changed
until this generation. They tend to be judgemental where they only look of our flaws rather than
look us as a whole. But the society nowadays is getting worse as the present of media social. For
parents , they want their children to be as their expacted without giving any changes for the
children to be themself. This situation really afffect the children especially a girl where she has to
fulfill all of the society need in order to please them.No one sees beyond of her flaws that makes
her slightly different from other. Their judgement towards the girl can actually influence the girl
and cause her to stay away from her true self.

2) The girl

The girl in this poem is desperate to change herself in order to becoming of what society expect
her to be.The girl growing up at such situation where she lack of self confidence and change
herself just to please society. She never has any change to express her true self because she
grows up tantalized by the hurtful words of her community and ultimately alters her
appearance to live up to social standards. . Her happiness burries beneath the self-hatred that
arises from the negative, painful judgements that come out from societys mouth. Because of the
countinously pressure from the society, she eventually make a changes of herself to look prettier
and satisfied the society but its affect herself where she is not happy becoming her new self.


1. Repetition
Examples: In stanza 1, line 2,3 and 4, the word and is repeated.
2. Metaphor
Examples: In stanza 1, line 5, the phrases magic of puberty.
3. Paradox
Examples: In stanza 1, line 5, the phrases magic of puberty.
4. Alliteration
Examples: In stanza 1, line 4. the colour of cherry candy
5. Simile
Examples: In stanza 2, line 4 and 5. Her good nature wore out like a fan belt
6. Hyperbole
Examples: In stanza 3, line 6, So she cut off her nose and her legs
7. Imagery
Examples: 1. Sight imagery. Everyone saw a fat nose on thick legs
Sound imagery. You have a great big nose and fat legs

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