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Task Environment force/factors

Customers of Starbucks are both individuals and corporate ones. This includes families,
individuals, households and corporations/businesses.
Competition in the real estate industry is high in UAE, so is for Emaar. Some of key
competitors of Emaar are Majid Al Futaim Group, Nakheel Properties, and Saudi Bin
Laden Group.
Suppliers power is low for Emaar mainly due to wide range of suppliers availability and
also the raw material uses is easily available in the market.
Emaar maintains good relations with each and every stakeholder. Emaar gets good
support from private businesses as well as from government.
Previously Emaar was wholly owned by Government, at the moment government does
also have 32% share in the firm.
Emaar does not have any influence from pressure groups because it gets full support from
the UAE government, which also relieves pressure from other groups.

General environment factors

Emaar enjoys good economic conditions of UAE, additionally due to globalization real
estate sectors and its players got maximum benefit.
Politically UAE is stable, and consistent and firm policy implementation is an advantage
for Emaar along with pro-Western attitude of rule of UAE this enables Emaar to better
focus on the Western clients.
UAE has high living standard, which Emaar reflects in its projects.
Globalization impacts Emaars business, such as reduction of oil prices and its limited
impact of UAEs economy.
Technologically UAE is advances, so Emaar is getting advantage of it to enhance its IT
Task Environment force/factors
Starbucks customers mainly belong to 25 to 40 years of age and it utilized advertisement
on consistent basis to attract those age groups.
Prime competitors of Starbucks are Costa coffee, Dunkin Donuts, Coffee Bean and there
is intense competition in food sector of UAE and Starbucks differentiates itself by
focusing on youth.
Suppliers have less power on Starbucks because large availability of suppliers and also it
believes in diversifying its supply chain so it further weakens this force.
Starbucks uses CSR activities to portray a positive image on stakeholders and to mitigate
its old image of evading tax in Europe.
Starbucks hires PR agencies to maintain good relationship with government and to tackle
bureaucratic hurdles to operating in the region
Starbucks faced lot of pressure due to faulty accounting practices in Europe, but in UAE
is has minimal impact because country is tax-free.

General environment factors

Economic ups and downs affect Starbucks but generally it enjoys conducive
economic conditions of the region.
Like Emaar, Starbucks is also enjoying political stability of UAE.
Starbucks take good care of social and cultural values, for it mingles western
traditions with Arabic ones that are apparent in its cafes.
Third Wave of Coffee is inevitable in UAE, so Starbucks is bringing a catastrophic
change in the region with the help of globalization.
Starbucks is utilizing technology intensively, like using social media for marketing
and advertising purposes.