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Highly Motivated

Positive Motivation

It is a great pleasure to see how people Al Quran has mentioned many kinds of According to Hadits Riwayat (HR) Muslim,
doing something with a high enthusiasm believes. Two verses that completely the Prophet had added some kinds of
and motivation. mentioned the kinds of believes are 2:177 believes: “believe to meet Allah” and
and 4:136. “believe all of destinies (good and bad
People who has MOTIVATION has a Verse 2:177 put ‘believe in the day of ones)”
difference AURA from ones who hasn’t. judgment’ as the second issue, while
The aura will be different between verse 4:136 put it as the last issue. The Prophet had indicated many
someone with a POSITIVE MOTIVATION branches of believes.
and one with a negative motivation. 4:136. O ye who believe! Believe in Allah From Abu Hurairah ra, the Prophet said:
and His Messenger, and the scripture “There are more than sixty branches of
Motivation is a stimulus which is formed which He hath sent to His Messenger believes. Shame is one of its branch” (HR
as FAITH and HOPE, and gives and the scripture which He sent to those Bukhari)
ENTHUSIASM and ENERGY in doing before (him). Any who denieth Allah, His
something. Angels, His Books, His Messenger, and Let’s delve, show, and keep the MAIN
the Day of Judgment, hath gone far, far POSITIVE MOTIVATION which based on
“Worldly” motivation (women, children, astray. believe in:
richness, food, family and social status) is 1.Allah
RELATIVE and WEAK. Belief that mentioned above is a POSITIVE 2.The Angels
MOTIVATION. People who doesn’t have 3.The Books
The ABSOLUTE and STRONG motivation is that kind of believe will be counted as a 4.The Messengers
the one which uses in the whole life, and negative one (astray). 5.The Day of Judgment
in religion called BELIEVE.

Developing the Effective System
BELIEVE IN ALLAH means we believe in The strong motivation because of believing In company, we will develop an effective
KHALIK (THE CREATOR) of the universe. in Allah will lead us to an EFECTIVE SYSTEM ORGANIZATION SYSTEM with a non-
in life. bureaucratic STRUCTURE and BUSINESS
Allah created the universe with its PROCESS.
galaxy to micro things in a perfect We will CARE and FIGHT for the NATURE
arrangement. SYSTEM harmonization, such as Global A clear and effective Organization System
Warming, Biodiversity, National Park, river will motivated employees since it give
The universe is moving dynamically in a basin. And we will implement it in our them OPPORTUNITY and CHANCE to
regular SYSTEM and known as NATURE lives. We will use energy and water make an innovation and build their
LAW which is appropriate with effectively and keep the green area. career.
And we will care and fight for SOCIAL
Human is KHALIFAH FIL ARDL (the SYSTEM, especially for The Equivalent of
representative of Allah on earth), so Rights and Obligations, and Government
they able to watch, learn, understand, Transparency in national and neighborhood
and take the advantages of the scopes.
universe’s regular system.
We will care and fight for a healthy BODY
The nature’s regularity gives HUGE SYSTEM which is including the system of
OPPORTUNITY for human to ACTUALIZE nerves, hormone, blood stream, digest,
THEMSELVES and respiration.

Believing in Allah (The Creator) gives a

positive motivation and avoids negative
motivation such as believe in creatures.

Build a Productive Team

BELIEVE IN ANGELS means we believe in When we have a strong motivation since In the company, we also care and fight to
REVELATION sender or good inspiration we believe in Angels, we will love to stay build a CONDUCIVE CULTURE with a
or positive whisperer. in a GROUP which SUPPORT EACH OTHER CONSTRUCTIVE TEAMWORK and not a
for the interest of all of the members. GOSSIP culture.
duties to keep the harmony and We will be DISCIPLINE in each ROLE and will motivate employees because they are
orderliness of the universe. obligation as husband/wife, parents, not alone and will be help if needed.
son/daughter, neighbor, citizen, leader, in Employees have CHANCES to do self-
Angels are also love to HELP physically, social organization or business. introspection for a better result in the
giving advice and support, or just wishing future.
a good luck for others creatures. In each role, we will HELP all of our
colleagues because our successful are
As a SOCIAL CREATURE, human needs lots depend on their successful.
of supports from their environs. Usually,
we will have it when we do positive If we can’t do the intervention directly,
things and ignore our passions. we can do it by giving suggestions,
advices, supports, or just wishing for their
Believe in Angels gives positive successful.
FRIENDSHIP motivation and avoids us
from negative friendship motivation, On the other hand, we never doubt to
believe in DEVIL which loves to extend ASK for their helps, suggestions and
SATAN whispers. supports.

Maintaining Good Governance

BELIEVE IN HOLY BOOKS means we When we have a strong motivation since In the company, we will care and fight to
believe in GUIDANCE and WARNING for we believe in the Holy Book, we will love build a GOOD CORPORATE GOVERNANCE
human in living their lives. to stay in a GOOD GOVERNANCE with the universal and positive VALUES
environment. and ETHICS. At the same time, we will
The Holy Book were extended AVOID the strong tiding and complicated
systematically and transparency. The We will RESPECT and OBEY to the POLICY policy and procedure.
content is suitable for human minds and and PROCEDURE which had been decided
dedicated for everybody who read it. and agreed together. GOOD GORVERNANCE will motivate
employees since they feel ‘BLESSED’ and
Since it comes from the Universe Creator Each social aspect has its Policy and COVERED for what they have done. All of
who also the human Creator, the Holy Procedure of PUBLIC INTEREST in employees, from management level to
Book is a COMPLETE GUIDANCE international, national, organization to operational level, will have a motivation
(comprehensive) and UNIVERSAL. neighborhood and nuclear family scopes. to work TRANSPARENTLY.

Human with skills to improve, innovate Besides, we will be SENSITIVE to the

and has ALTERNATIVES to expand will Policy and Procedure which are breakable
need GUIDANCE and MANUAL in and give negative effect, and will be
controlling their behaviors. PROACTIVE in improving those policy and
By believing in the Holy Book, we will
have a positive OBEYING motivation and
it will avoid us from a negative obeying
motivation to other books which have
been contaminated by human passion.

Creating Great Leaders

BELIEVE IN PROPHETS means we believe Believe in Prophets gives us a positive In the company, we will care and fight to
to those who provided MODELS, IDOL motivation and avoid us from a build a good LEADERSHIP and SUKSESI
INSPIRATIONS and LEADERSHIP for us. negative idol motivation of a destroyer KEPEMIMPINAN in all organization level.
leader, such as PHARAOH.
As models, the Prophets were A strong LEADERSHIP will motivate
CONSISTENT to Allah determinations When we have a strong motivation since employees since it DECREASES DOUBT
which had told through Angels and we believe in Prophets, we will love to be and make them FOCUS and INSPIRED in
documented in the Holy Books. in an environment with a LEADER who reaching goals. Employees will be a
has VISION and strong LEADERSHIP. LEADER for themselves in performing
In their leadership, the Prophets were their accountability.
oriented to TARGET as well to We will FOLLOW the leader and work in
PRAGMATIC and INDIVIDUAL approach harmony with others in his/her
by EMPATHY and EMPOWERMENT. leadership.

Allah forbid the Prophets to be sad when Besides, we will INFECTED, SHARPENED
there were REFUSALS from the and TRAINED as a strong leader.
unbelievers because human’s belief is in
Allah affairs. Allah told the Prophets to And then we will INFECT others with
kept CONTINUE their leadership to those leadership characters.
who WANT to be lead.
Because EVERYBODY is a LEADER in
Human who used to doubt, hasty, stingy, different accountability degree.
and complaint, need a STRONG and
FOCUS leadership in reaching their goals.

The Fair System of Reward

BELIEVE IN THE JUDGMENT DAY means When we have a strong motivation since In the company, we will care and fight to
we believe that there will be a FAIR we believe in the Judgment Day, we will build a REWARD SYSTEM which is based
CALCULATION of every achievement in love to be in an environment with a fair on PERFORMANCE (Pay for Performance).
the world to determine the level in the and positive REWARD and PENALTY
hereafter. SYSTEM. We will implement a PENALTY SYSTEM for
Living a GOOD live in the world will make We will focus to do the good things in
us deserve a good live in the hereafter each of our roles in family, office and A fair reward and penalty system will
which is HEAVEN. social life. motivate employees to PUSH themselves
And living a BAD live in the world will in creating a BETTER productive
make us deserve a bad live in the We will respect to all of the good performance for a better reward, ALL THE
hereafter which is HELL. behavior and support in giving a proper TIME.
reward for the contributions.
Heaven is describe as beyond of the JOY
that we dream of. And hell is describe as It also motivate us to hate all of activities
beyond of the PAIN that we can take. which give bad effects to the community
and support the law in punishing those
Believe in the Judgment Day gives us a bad activities.
positive motivation of a FAIR and positive
rewards, and avoid us from believe that
all of the good and bad behavior ended in

Be A Highly Motivated People

IT IS NOT MASLOW’S Hierarchy of Need : Our main motivation is UNIVERSAL and Motivation can be build in our daily
LAST, they are : activities by :
• Physiology
• Safety •The BLESS from ALLAH who Create the • EFECTIVE SYSTEM
• Love/Belonging universe and gives us Chances to
actualize ourselves
• Self Actualization • Good ARRANGEMENT
•ANGELS’ INSPIRATIONS which gives us
That Motivated us advices, supports, and helps to do the • Inspiring LEADER
good things • Fair REWARD
•AL QURAN GUIDANCES which guide and
IT IS NOT ONLY human basic passion to : warn us in living our lives

• Opposite Gender •PROPHETS’MODELS which is inspiring us

• Wealthy which hears and gives reward or penalty
• Food for our behavior in the world
• Relatives
• Social Status Based on these foundation, Insya Allah,
we will always AWAKE in the High
That become as our main Motivation Motivation