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G -geared to A -assist learners in W -wending ones way to A - act right

G -geared to A -assist learners in W -wending ones way to A - act right in order to Y - yield good values

Gaway is one of the products of Dolongan, a barangay in Basey. It gives the folks additional earnings aside from farming and this is one of the favorite dish being prepared during fiestas, birthdays, deaths anniversaries, beach parties and the like.

This product especially the Marundon makes Dolongan famous because of its delectable and ductile taste. All parts of the gaway plant, from its leaves down to its fruit, can be included in a meal. Just like gaway, its parts represent the sundry learners that enter our school.

To raise gaway is a tremendous task. One needs good soil, patience and a green hand to achieve a good harvest. Just like the Teachers of Dolongan which are so patient and very meticulous in looking for some ways and means to assist the learners in wending their way in order to act right and good values instill in them.


General Program






Project BANIG (Bridging Achievement & Native Industry for life Goals



BANIG for Performing Learners & Teachers,


BANIG for Quality Life








Three years

Management level of Program

PSDS, Basey Ii District Elementary & Secondary School heads

Delivery Mode

Training-workshop/writeshop, cultural mapping, community assessment, benchmarking, curriculum

contextualization, partnership/networking


School Heads, Teachers



Food, Accommodation, training materials,


advocacy, material reproduction

I. General Program


Project Objectives

Capacitate school heads & teachers in integrating Competency-based

Tikog Mat Production Curriculum


  • 1. Capability-Building


  • 2. Cultural Mapping and Community Heritage Assessment

  • 3. Curriculum Contextualization & localization

  • 4. Collaborative innovation

Project Targets

At the end of three years:

  • 1. 100 of the schools in Basey II District, elementary & secondary, utilized the Tikog Mat Production Curriculum.

  • 2. 100% of the learners appreciated the Tikog industry as a cultural icon of Basey.

  • 3. 100% of the learners take pride in Tikog industry as an avenue of

training life’s goals.