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General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

HF-525 PLUS (FPD) Dual Detector (CE Certified)

Clearly a Better Picture

HF-525 plus(FPD) use Flat panel type Digital X-ray detector with
revolutionary technology that captures radiographic images in
digital format within seconds, eliminating the need for an X-ray
film, phosphorescent screens and cassettes. HF-525plus(FPD)
differs from traditional X-ray systems in that , instead of
exposing a film and chemically processing to create a hard copy
image, a device called a detector panel is used to capture the
image in electronic form. The major diagnostic advantage with
this system is the dynamic range, which is much greater than
film/chemistry systems.

Dose Efficiency
X-ray quantum detection efficiency is a measure of the
percentage of X-rays that hit the detector that are absorbed.
Systems with higher quantum efficiency can produce higher
quality images, at lower dose

Direct Conversion Technology

HF-525plus FPD detector absorb the x-ray and directly generate
an electronic signal. No intensifying screens, intermediate
processes, or additional steps are required. Direct conversion
selenium detectors are better than indirect conversion methods
in terms of Detective Quantum Efficiency(DQE). With no signal
spreading, the DQE of our detector are governed mainly by the
inherent limits of the pixel size.

Detector Specification

Detector type : TFT-amorphous Selenium (Direct conversion)

Detecting area : 344mm x 429mm (14 x 17)
Resolution (pixels) : 2,560 x 2,048 (5.2 Mega Pixels)
Pixel pitch : 168m
Fill factor ; ~83%
Dynamic range : 16,000 : 1
A/D convert : 14 bits
Preview image access time : < 3sec after X-ray exposure
Total image processing :< 3sec + image processing time after X-ray exposure
Dimension/weight : (detector) 482 x 403 x 35mm, 5.5kg
(control box) 269 x 280 x 50mm, 2.5kg
Operation environment : < 10 to 35C. 20 to 75% RH (noncondensing)
Voltage : 100V, 120V, 230/240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption : 12V, 1.5A maximum
Certifications : FCC Class A, UL60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2. EN60601-1
PC Requirement : CPU : Pentium IV or higher / At least one PCI slot / O/S : Wiindow2000 or Windows XP
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

Key Feature of operating software

DICOM 3.0 Compliance

DICOM Worklist SCU
CD Archiving
Integrated any generator control interface, direct control of x-ray generator with software
With positive and negative image capturing
Realtime auto window width and window position adjustment
Realtime auto ROI resizing/ edge enhancement / mirroring / rotation
Overlay information display (patient info./examination info./ equipment info./image info.)
Black and white reversal / image zooming / translating / magnificated display
Interested area display / original size display / full screen display
Histogram display of interested areas, window width and window position adjustable
Noise reduction, image enhancement, various enhancement solution and enhancement
Degrees adjustable according to different parts
Image marking functions, including direct lines, rectangles, polygons, arrows and words

High Quality Diagnostic Images

With our advanced DR detector technology achieves clear and high resolution diagnostic images. The Amorphous Selenium(a-Se) Flat
Panel Detector, the core component , contains approximately 5.2million pixel each pixel only 168 microns. The detector also features an
expansive 16,000 dynamic range, enabling capture of images that would otherwise appear over or underexposed on conventional film.
Images are displayed in 14 bits grayscale (16,384 gradations) to ensure the visibility of subtle contrast.
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

System specifications
Bucky Table Collimator
Collimator type: Manual (Multi-layer, square field X-
Table top dimensions : 200cm X 73cm ray collimator, 6 pairs of lead-lined
Height from floor : 69cm Field lamp: 100W, 24VAC
Table top composition : Laminated structure Lighting timer : Less than 30 sec
Table top-to-film distance: 7.8cm Average luminosity: Over 100 lx
Table top Al. equivalence : <0.8mm Al at 100kVp Alignment light: Lamp
Inherent filteration: 1.5mm aluminum
Table top weight limit : 200kg
Retractable measuring tape
Table top movement : Manual. 4-way floating top
Longitudinal travel : +/- 29cm Wall Bucky Stand
Transverse table top travel +/- 14cm Standard type: Non-tilting Bucky
Table locks : Electromagnetic brakes Bucky: Super speed
Table lock controls: Full-length foot switch along table Vertical Bucky travel : 124cm (from 46 to 170cm)
Table bucky: Super speed Vertical movement : Manual, fully counterbalanced
Bucky travel 56cm Minimum distance: 40cm
Total center-to-center Cassette sizes: Up to 17 x 17 inch
Radiographic coverage : 161cm
Oscillating Grid: 80 lines/cm, 10:1 line ratio focused
Grid 80 lines/cm, 10:1 line ratio
at 129cm
Cassette size : 8 X 10 ~ 17 x 17 inch Bucky front Al. equivalence: <1mm at 100 kVp
Option (Elevating table: 6-way floating) Locks: Electromagnetic brakes
Table top to floor: Variable from 48 to 83cm Left or Right load weight: 145kg
Longitudinal travel: +/-33cm
Table top up/down Central foot switched along table
Optional items
movement : base
AEC controller in HFG
AEC ion chambers
Automatic Exposure Control
(upto 2 chambers)
single field or three field.
Floor-to-Mounted Tube stand High Speed Rotor Only available from 700mA
Ceiling suspension

Manual movement, with fully

Elevation table
Design : counter balanced horizontal tube
Tomography option

Longitudinal tube travel: 175cm

Transverse tube travel: 26cm, with detent at table center
Vertical tube travel: 124cm Standard accessories
Focal spot-to-floor Hand Switch (with a holder)
Variable from 63 to 187cm OP manual
Service manual
X-ray tube rotation: +/- 180 (detents at +90 ~ -90)
HV cable gel
Tube stand column rotation: +/- 180 (detents at +90 ~ -90)
Locks: Electromagnetic brakes
Longitudinal, transverse, vertical, 12:1 grid into the bucky
X-ray protector cloths
Tube arm console controls: and rotational lock control
Optional accessories Compression band
buttons Hand grip
SID and tube angle around
Tube arm console displays:
horizontal axis

X-ray tube
Model Maker Heating Unit Focal spot Max current & voltage Target angle
E7239X Toshiba (Japan) 140kHU 1.0/2.0mm 500mA/125kV 16
E7252X Toshiba (Japan) 300kHU 0.6/1.2mm 1000mA/150kV 12
RAD 14 Varian (USA) 300kHU 0.6/1.2mm 1000mA/150kV 12
* More detailed information can be found in the product data sheet from each maker.
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

High Frequency X-ray Generators

Power Ratings of Constant Potential 30kW 40kW 50kW
Radiographic kV range in 1 kV steps 40 125kV (1kV step) 40 - 125kV (1kV step) 40 - 125kV/150kV(1kV step)
Accuracy 3% 3% 3%
mA Range and Stations 10,25,50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200,
300 250, 300, 400, 500 250, 300, 400, 500, 630
Accuracy ( 3%) ( 3%)
( 3%)
Power Output 300mA @ 100kV 500mA @ 80kV 630mA @ 75kV
200mA @ 125kV 300mA @ 125kV 500mA @ 100kV
300mA @ 150kV
Exposure Time Range 0.001 6 seconds (81 steps) 0.001 6 seconds (81 steps) 0.001 6 seconds (81 steps)
Accuracy 2% 2% 2%
mAs Range 0.1 500 mAs 0.1 500 mAs 0.1 600 mAs
High Voltage Ripple (TYP) <1 kV @100kV <1 kV @100kV <1 kV @100kV
Automatic Exposure Control
(upto 2 chambers)
Buckys (2 standard) Standard
Anatomical Program Standard (288)

3 Point Operation Console Standard

Line Voltage Range and Phase 220 230VAC 50/60Hz Single Phase(30, 40kW) / 380VAC 50/60Hz, three phase (50kW)
Automatic Line Compensation 15% 15% 15%
Dimensions (mm) 590 * 600 * 440mm 590 * 600 * 440mm 590 * 600 * 440mm
Weight (Kg) 110KG 120KG 130KG
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

Optional item Elevation table


Category Specification
Tabletop movement : Approx. 35cm (50~85cm) vertical travel (Up/Down)
29cm Longitudinal
Transverse front side 14cm, back side 12cm
Tabletop to Film distance : 5 cm
Max. Loading of tabletop : 230kg
Tabletop Material : 1cm Melamine
Inherent Filteration : Less than 0.9mm Al equivalent at 100kV
Bucky travel : 27cm
Bucky device movement : Solenoid type
Film format : Up to 17 x 17
Grid ratio and density : 10:1, 103 lines/inch
Lock mechanism : Electromagnetic lock
Power requirements : 220VAC 10A 50/60Hz
Dimension of Tabletop : 200 x 73cm
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

Overall dimensions
General Purpose of Radiographic System EcoRay CO.,LTD.

Room Dimension (recommended)