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Japan America Society of Iowas

Anime DeMoii 2017 Vendor Contract

October 7th, 2017 11am-7pm

Please read over the entire contract before signing.

Anime DeMoii is a Japanese cultural event that uses Anime as a gateway to introduce Japanese
culture to the community, which is organized by the Japan America Society of Iowa, partnering with the
Drake University Anime Club. The event will be held at the Drake Universitys Knapp Center, located at
2601 Forest Avenue, Des Moines, IA. 50311, on October 7th, 2017 from 11am to 7pm.

A vendor is defined as but not limited to a commercial merchant, artist, or representative from
an organization who will sell merchandise or artwork such as DVDs, books, manga, accessories, original
artwork, hats, masks, bottles, etc., or share information about their organization during the event.

Vending Hours
Vending hours will take place between 11am and 6:30pm. All vendors must check in with staff
at the registration table no later than 10am. Vendors may begin teardown at 6:30pm or earlier if
approved by staff. All merchandise and equipment must be out of the building no later than 8pm.

Hold Harmless
Vendors assume all responsibility and liability for their losses, damages, and claims arising out of
vendors activities on the premises. Vendors will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the campus, the
director of the building and its board of members, and Japan America Society of Iowa as well as their
respective agents, servants, and employees from any and all such losses, damages, and claims.

Once confirmed as a vendor for the event a fee of $50 per table may be made by:
Check or money order made to Japan America Society of Iowa - Anime"
PayPal invoice sent to contact email listed on this contract
Payment is due by September 15th. If payment is not received before the due date, your place at the
convention is not guaranteed and you will not be allowed entry.

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Table and Assigned Space
Each vendor will be supplied with two chairs and one table at least 2x6 in size for each slot
requested. Additional tables are available for a fee, and must be requested in advance. Electricity outlets
may be available but are not guaranteed and must be requested in advance. All boxes must be placed
under your tables and/or nicely stacked behind the assigned table and space. All walkways must stay
clear. Each vendor is responsible for supervising their own merchandise throughout the day. Neither
the Anime DeMoii staff nor JASI as a group may assist any vendor besides setup or tear down as
available. Tablecloths will not be provided, however, vendors are free to bring their own. Each vendor is
also welcome to bring their own banner or signs to display within the limits of their assigned area.

Applications must be turned in to JASI by mail or email by September 1st. Applications will be
accepted or denied within four weeks of receipt. Any questions the Anime DeMoii staff may have
concerning the application, will be directed to the contact person on the application through phone or

Internet Access
An unsecured wireless network is available for temporary use through Drake University, limited
to browsing only. Visitors can access the guest wireless network by connecting to the DUGuest network
while on campus. Instructions for obtaining these credentials are available on the guest network login
page. Each vendor will be responsible for reviewing these instructions to obtain internet access.
Connectivity or speed of internet can be variable on day of event and is not guaranteed.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
If you need to cancel, please inform JASI via email at vendors@animedemoii.org Fees will not
be refunded but on a case by case basis fee may be transferable to another approved vendor.

Vending Area
Merchandise may only be sold by a registered vendor at the event at their registered table. Any
person or persons found selling merchandise outside the registered table without authorization will be
removed from the building and the campus grounds.

Advertisement/Inclusion in Program
If you would like your logo/design included in the written program, you can make a donation to
our door prizes. A minimum overall value of product(s) donated must be at least $10. A photograph of
product(s) and logo must be received by September 15th, 2017. If any questions, dont hesitate to send
all questions to info@animedemoii.org

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Rev. 17.1
Merchandise Policies:
Weapons Policy
No weapons of any kind or size may not be shown, handled, or sold to people before, during, or
after the event. Violation of this policy is subject for immediate removal from the building and campus
by campus security. No refund of any kind will be issued.

Adult Merchandise Policy

Material depicting nudity or sexual content may not be viewed or sold at this event. Suggested
rating for this event is PG-13, but merchandise can asked to be put away at staff discretion. This
includes private viewing binders. Violation of this policy is grounds for immediate removal from the
campus and no refund of any kind will be issued.

Bootleg Policy
The sale of bootleg merchandise, which includes but is not limited to, fansubs, Son May CDs,
and unlicensed wall scrolls or plushies are not allowed at Anime DeMoii. We will be referring to the
Pirate Anime FAQ at: http://www.otakunews.com/downloads/Pirate_Anime_Guide.pdf for
identification of bootleg/pirated merchandise. If you are not sure if the item is allowed please ask. Staff
will utilize a 3 strikes policy when dealing with violations.
(1) Verbal Warning vendor will be asked to remove the merchandise from the event immediately.
(2) Inventory report A second verbal warning will be given. The vendor is subjected to the possibility of
being required to shut down their booth and complete a check on ALL MERCHANDISE at their table. No
sales will be allowed at this point. A list of removed goods must be submitted to the Anime DeMoii or
JASI staff before the booth can be reopened.
(3) Removal of the vendor from the event and campus ground. This will also result in a ban from future
Anime DeMoii conventions.

Violation Policy
Violation of any items in this contract and associated documents or any special instructions
(verbal or written) from Anime DeMoii Staff is grounds for removal from the vending area, the
convention, and the campus. No refund of any kind will be issued to vendors removed from the event.
Anime DeMoii has a responsibility to inform the campus security of any violations of local, state, and/or
federal laws.

Other Policies/Guidelines
Vendors may not sell items they have purchased from another vendor at and/or during the
convention. These items included but are not limited to new or used manga, DVDs, CDs. Violation of this
policy will utilize the same three strike policy used for bootlegs.
Anime DeMoii staff is not responsible for providing or acquiring food or beverages for vendors.
Trash cans will be placed in numerous areas in the building. Any extra will needed to be provided
by the vendors.
BOOTHDRAPES/BACK DROPS. Painters tape may be used in approved areas will staff approval.

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Rev. 17.1
Vendor Name: ______________________
Primary Contact Name: ______________________
Contact Phone #: ______________________
Contact Address: ______________________
Email: ______________________
Preferred method of contact (all correspondence will occur through this): Phone Email
Preferred method of payment: Check Paypal
Number of tables desired: ____
Do you need access to an outlet (first come, first serve basis): ____
Do you wish to make a donation for program space?: ____

Merchandise to be sold e.g. DVDs, manga, plushes, jewelry, etc.

I have read and acknowledge my understanding of the Vendors contract and will abide by the
terms rules, and policies stated in it.

Authorized Signature ______________________________________ Date __ / __ / ____

After completing form please

Email to: Or Mail to:

vendors@animedemoii.org Japan America Society of Iowa
P.O. Box 12093
Please keep a copy for your reference. Des Moines, IA 50312

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