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Assignment 1.4 Inclusion: Formative Assessment

Ramona Torres-Martinez
Fresno Pacific University

Inclusion: Formative Assessment

Accommodations and modifications offer several positive and constructive benefits to

special education students in general education classes. Accommodations benefit the special

education student because they provide support to the learning process. Modifications also offer

benefits to special educations students because they alter the teaching practices in the classroom

to meet the learning needs. The accommodations and modifications adapted in the general

education classroom offer special educational students the opportunity to demonstrate their

knowledge, meet their academic goals, and create educational standards that are equal to those of

general education students.


Special education students benefit from accommodations in general education classes

because these changes allow them to demonstrate that they understand the concepts being taught

in the classroom, but just need additional support to demonstrate their knowledge.

Accommodations also provide special education students the opportunity to be part of the

general education classroom environment because they continue to learning the same academic

material as the other students. Another benefit of accommodations is that special education

students are able to have their educational needs met by the educators making changes to the way

that they present the academic assignments during class time because this allows everyone to be

included in the learning process (Center for Parents Information and Resources, 2016).
Special education students also benefit from having modification in their general

education classes because these changes allow them to learn the academic concepts, but at their

skill ability. Modifications make adjustments to the material and instructional method of

educators to allow special education students to achieve the educational goals based on their

learning ability. Another benefit of modifications in the classroom and teaching methods is that

they allow educators to create educational standards and goals for special education students that

are similar to those of general education students (Center for Parents Information and Resources,

Accommodations and modifications in a general educational classroom not only offer

academic benefit for special education students, but also social-emotional advantages. One

social-emotional benefit of accommodations and modifications is that it encourages general

education students to be respectful of special education students and accepting of their learning

differences. A benefit for special education students is that it promotes a feeling of belonging

and strengthens their self-esteem because they are being included in the same learning activities

as general education students (Intervention Central, n.d).


General educators have the moral responsibility to make the necessary accommodations

and modifications need to provide the best learning opportunity for special education students

regardless of their exceptionalities or skill ability. Special education students have the same

learning capability as general education students with the difference that they might need

additional instructional support or modifications to the lessons. General education educators also

have the moral responsibility to be respectful and tolerant of special education students to teach

students that learning diversity is positive because it teaches us that everyone learns in their own

In my personal moral compass I believe that as an educator I am responsible for setting a

positive ethical example for all the students in my classroom regardless of their learning ability.

I also believe that it is my responsibilities to take into consideration the learning needs and

interest of the special education students in my classroom and plan accordingly with the proper

accommodations or modifications that are needed. As an educator I also need to have honesty

and realize when I need the advice of other colleagues or experts to fully comprehend what are

the best accommodations or modifications that I can implement in the classroom for special

education students to offer them the same learning opportunity as the rest of the students. Lastly,

the most important responsibility that I believe that I have as an educator is to stay humble

because this allows me to be respectful and understand that every student in my classroom is

valuable. Being humble also allows me to teach other students to be kind and helpful to others

especially to students with a different learning ability.

The benefits from accommodations and modifications focus on providing special

education student with the opportunity to learn in a respectful and positive classroom

environment. The benefits promote students to achieve the learning goals set by the classroom

instructor based on their ability and skills without making them feel left out of the group because

of their exceptionalities. Accommodations and modifications are valuable resources the

instructors can adapt into their instructional teaching to ensure that every student in the class has

the same opportunity to participate in the learning activities and assignments.

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