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5) Utilizando as informaes sobre os preos de uma bike e

1) Circule no texto abaixo, os adjetivos que esto no

um car, crie uma frase no comparativo de superioridade
comparativo de superioridade. utilizando o adjetivo expensive (caro)

Products such as TV and cell phones are used to be bike car

luxuries. Today people can buy these things more easily R$ 550,00 R$ 22,000,00
than before. The market for these goods is growing _______________________________________________
faster all the time. Societies encourage people to buy
bigger and better products. For example, smarter 6) De acordo com as regras estudas, quais dos adjetivos teve
phones come out every year. o comparativo de superioridade criado de maneira
2) Utilizando as letras C e L, indique quais adjetivos Lazy Lazier
so curtos e quais so longos. Hot Hotter
Rich Richer
Nice Niceer

7) Marque a frase correta no comparativo de superioridade.

a) Amanda is funnier Carlos
b) Sabrina is more tall than Luiz
c) Tonya is shorter than Pablo
d) Richard is more patienter than Rita

8) De acordo com as informaes sobre Daron e John,

marque a frase correta.

3) Observe as informaes sobre os seres abaixo em seguida

crie frases no comparativo de superioridade utilizando os
adjetivos indicados. a) John is more fatter than Daron
b) Daron is fatter than John
c) John is fater than Daron
d) John is fatter than Daron

9) Observe com ateno e complete a tabela com o

comparativo de superioridade dos adjetivos mostrados pelo


young (novo) ___________________________________.
tall (alto) _______________________________________.
old (velho) _____________________________________. D M
short (baixo)____________________________________.
4) Complete as frases com o comparativo de superioridade
dos adjetivos entre parnteses. F O

a) So Paulo is____________than Fortaleza (big) G P

b) Anne is______________ than Mary (tall)
c) English is_____________ than Math (easy)
d) China is______________ than Brazil (rich) I R
e) Corinthians is __________ than Flamengo (good)
5) Marque a alternativa que completa corretamente
1) As ordens a seguir esto forma afirmativa, passe- a frase no imperativo em sua forma negativa:
as para a negativa.
_________cheat the English test.
a) Go to the school right now.
a) not.
b) Give me some water, please.
b) do
c) Dont.
c) Let me rest, I am tired.
d) Lets.
d) Kick the ball hardly. 6) Reescreva as ordens abaixo adicionando a palavra
_________________________________________ please de modo a transform-las em pedidos.

2) Passe os verbos da tabela para a forma infinitiva. Give me some

Make your
Eat your lunch______________________________.

7) A ordem abaixo foi dada pelo professor de Ingls

aos seus alunos. Adicione a palavra Lets para incluir
o professor nessa mesma ordem.
3) Circule no texto apenas os verbos na forma
infinitiva. Open the book now! (Abram o livro agora!)

French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin 8) Complete as frases com os verbos adequados
said that American soldiers should leave Iraq de modo a criar frases ordens.
within one year. Speaking at Harvard University,
de Villepin said the US must to work with other Play _________ fruit and meat
countries in the region to fix the crisis in Iraq. He
Ride _________ milk everyday
added that the war in Iraq has caused the United
States to lose a lot of respect in many parts of the Drink _________ well
world. Sleep _________ a skate
Eat _________ football with friends
4) Marque a alternativa onde todos os verbos esto na
forma infinitiva.

a) work run play - start

b) to work run play to start
c) study to jump come - start
d) to work to run to speak to sleep
1) Complete as informaes que esto faltando na
tabela dos verbos irregulares. a) Mum was at home this morning.
b) Paul and Mary were in the mall.
c) I was late for the cinema.
d) We were watching a film on TV

7) Circule em cada frase a opo correta do verbo to

be no passado simples.
2) Marque as alternativas onde as formas verbais was e a) It (was/were) very hot at the school yesterday
were foram utilizados adequadamente. b) He (was/were) my favorite athlete
c) Susana and James (was/were) our best teacher
a) Jane was helping her mother when I arrived there.
d) Richard (was/were) a good worker
b) You was the most important person at that time.
c) I was speaking badly of you. e) I (was/were) late for my job
d) We were really worried about her. f) They (was/were) singing in the church
3) Complete as oraes a seguir utilizando o verbo to be 8) A frase a seguir apresenta um erro gramatical em
no passado simples adequadamente. relao ao verbo to be. Reescreva a frase corretamente.
a) She ________ my best friend
You was in bed when I phoned last night
b) Robert ________ my portuguese teacher _________________________________________________
c) Carlos and Betty _______ traveling to Paris 9) Complete as palavras cruzadas utilizando as
d) It ______ a black cat indicaes abaixo.
e) I ______ very sick last week
f) We _______ making castles on the beach yesterday
4) Marque a alternativa em que o passado do verbo to be
na forma negativa est abreviado corretamente.
a) I was not in Fortaleza last week
b) We werent happy
c) They werent football players
d) It wasnt raining yesterday

5) Marque a alternativa que completa corretamente a

frase a seguir:
Maria_______sick and could not going to the cine last
night, but I and Carlos ______ waiting for her.
a) was e was c) was e were
b) were e was d) were e were
6) Escreva as frases in the negative form.
1) Oua com ateno e complete com smbolo numrico o 6) Circule a alternativa correta para cada nmero
number falado pelo teacher. indicado abaixo.
33 thirty-three / thirty-tree

98 ninety-eit / ninety-eight

11 eleven / one one

41 sixty-one / forty-one

2) Ligue os numbers aos respectivos nomes em ingls.

63 six-three / sixty-three

7) Os dias da semana esto escondidos. Voc

consegue encontr-los?

3) Complete a sequncia utilizando os numbers que

esto faltando.
TEN ___________ TWELVE ______________
FOURTEEN __________ SIXTEEN ___________.

4) Escreva de 0 10 em ingls. 8) Complete seu class time dos dias indicados

___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________ MONDAY TUESDAY
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________
___________________ _____________________ BREAK BREAK


5) Faa a operaes matemticas escrevendo o 9) Observe o class time de Carolina e em seguida

resultado em ingls. marque True (verdadeiro) ou False (falso).



( ) Na tera-feira ela no tem aula de Matemtica

( ) As aulas de Cincias so segunda e tera-feira
( ) A aula de Ingls a primeira da tera-feira
( ) A aula de Arte a ltima da quinta-feira
( ) As aulas de Portugus so na segunda e quinta

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