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A-bl 1s? BLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA cove ven Moderately BARRY MANN F cr Ps T was at a when she caught my] eye, stand-in’ all a~ Now that lit- tle is my bride to | be ‘And we're gon-na Lookin’ sad and shy. a fam i | sway-in' to and | fro bout, how it came a - nev-er let her ] go. them witn-oot "a | do, } Blame ton the Boo, with it's mag-ic f Blame it on the Bos -sa | No- va that she did so | well. Bb —— %, ital be-ganwith|just one Ut-tle _dance,| But soon it end-ed | up a _bigro-manes Blame it on the Bossa No - va, Copyright ©1903 Screen Gems-Columla Music, Tne. New Yok, N.Y. ‘This amangement Copyright ©1869 by Sezeen Geme-Coluabla Music, tne. Used by Permission International Copyright Secured Made in U,3,A, AL Rights Reserved