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G/6 Crochet Hook (4.25mm)
Yellow Yarn (Red Heart Bright Yellow)
Red Yarn (Red Heart Cherry Red)
Blue Yarn (Red Heart Turquoise)
Skin Yarn (Vanna's Choice Beige)
White Yarn (Red Heart White)
Black Sock Weight
6mm Safety Eyes
Yarn Needle
Embroidery Needle

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: increase (two single crochet per stitch)
dec: decrease (sc across two stitches)
hdc: half-double crochet
blo: back-loop only
mr: magic ring (ex: mr 4, 4sc inside of a magic ring)
sl st: slip stitch
f/o: fasten of

Pattern Style
Examples: Explanations:
2sc: 2 single crochets
(sc, dec) around: sc followed by a dec is repeated. (sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec...)
(sc, inc)x3: sc and an inc is repeated 3 times. (sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc)
sc to beginning: You will finish of the round with single crochets.
(2sc, 2dec)x2: Will look like-- sc, sc, dec, dec, sc, sc, dec, dec

Finished Size
Approximately 8 inches tall.

Nichole's Nerdy Knots

Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3: (sc, inc) around (18)
Round 4: sc around (18)
Round 5: (2sc, inc) around (24)
Round 6: sc around (24)
Round 7: (3sc, inc) around (30)
Round 8: sc around (30)
Round 9: (4sc, inc) around (36)
Round 10: sc around (36)
Round 11: (5sc, inc) around (42)
Round 12-19: sc around (8 rounds) (42)
Round 20: (5sc, dec) around (36)
Round 21: sc around (36)
Round 22: (4sc, dec) around (30)
Round 23: sc around (30)
Round 24: (3sc, dec) around (24)
Round 25: sc around (24)
Round 26: (2sc, dec) around (18)
Round 27: sc around (18)
Round 28: (sc, dec) around (12)
Round 29: dec around (6)
f/o leave a tail to sew the end closed.

Eyes Make 2
Round 1: mr 5 (5)
Round 2: inc around (10)
Round 3: (sc, inc) around (15)
sl st f/o leave a tail for sewing.

Eyelids Make 2
Row 1: mr 3, do not join. ch 1, turn at the end of each row (3)
Row 2: inc across (6)
Row 3: (sc, inc) across (9)
f/o leave a tail for sewing.

Ears Make 2
mr 6 with hdc instead of sc, do not join.
f/o leave a tail for sewing

Nichole's Nerdy Knots

Feet/Legs Make 2
In blue.
Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3: (sc, inc) around (18)
Round 4: (2sc, inc) around (24)
Round 5: sc around (24)
Round 6: (sc, dec)x4, sc to beg (20)
Round 7: (sc, dec)x3, sc to beg (17)
Change to red.
Round 8: blo sc around (17)
Round 9-11: sc around (3 rounds) (17)
f/o first leg only.

Cont. with both legs to the body.

Attach first leg to second leg across 3 stitches. Each leg will have 14 stitches for round 12.
Round 12: sc around (28)
Round 13: (3sc, inc) around (35)
Round 14-17: sc around (4 rounds) (35)
Change to yellow.
Round 18: blo sc around (35)
Round 19-20: sc around (2 rounds) (35)
Round 21: dec, sc, dec,12sc, dec, sc, dec, 13sc (31)
Round 22: sc, 2dec, 9sc, 2dec, 13sc (27)
Round 23: dec, 11sc, dec, 12sc (25)
Round 24: (sc, dec) around ending on 2sc (17)
f/o do not sew closed.

Where red meets yellow attach red yarn. Sc around directly onto the body.
Sc around again to create the top of the overalls.

Arms Make 2
With yellow.
Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3-9: sc around (7 rounds) (12)
Change to skin.
Round 10: sc around (2 rounds) (12)

Nichole's Nerdy Knots

(Based on this technique by Amigurumi Freely:

Count back 4 from hook, sc into this stitch, sc into same stitch, 5sc around, dec, sl st across
(1st finger)

Attach in same hole from previous finger, ch 1, sc next 2, skip next 4 stitches, sc in next
stitch, turn, sc in same stitch, sc in final stitch, 5sc around, dec, sl st (2 nd finger)

Attach in same hole from previous finger, ch 1, sc next 3, inc in final stitch, 5sc around, dec,
sl st (3rd finger)

Thumbs Make 2
mr 4, sc around 4 (2 rounds) f/o leave a tail for sewing.

Overall Straps Make 2

Attach a slip knot to the back middle stitch and chain enough to cross the back and attach
to the front (approximately 20 ch), 2 nd ch from hook sc back 19, sl st in the stitch next to the
one you attached to. F/o

Buttons Make 2
mr 5, sl st, f/o

1. Sew arms onto the body even with the opening of the neck.
2. Sew on the thumbs.
3. Sew down the overall straps. Crisscrossing them in the back.
4. Sew the ears onto the ends of the head.
5. Attach safety eyes to the middle of each white eye piece.
6. Sew the eyelids onto the top half of each eye.
7. Attach the eyes to the face.
8. Embroider the face and hair onto the head.
9. Sew the head onto the body, attaching it to the tops of each arm as well.

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