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G/6 Crochet Hook (4.25mm)
Light Pink Yarn
Black, red, blue, white felt
Yarn Needle

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: increase (two single crochet per stitch)
dec: decrease (sc across two stitches)
hdc: half-double crochet
mr: magic ring (ex: mr 4, 4sc inside of a magic ring)
sl st: slip stitch
f/o: fasten of

Pattern Style
Examples: Explanations:
2sc: 2 single crochets
(sc, dec) around: sc followed by a dec is repeated. (sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec...)
(sc, inc)x3: sc and an inc is repeated 3 times. (sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc)
sc to beginning: You will finish of the round with single crochets.
(2sc, 2dec)x2: Will look like-- sc, sc, dec, dec, sc, sc, dec, dec

Finished Size
Fits in the palm of your hand!
Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3: (sc, inc) around (18)
Round 4: (2sc, inc) around (24)
Round 5: (3sc, inc) around (30)
Round 6: (4sc, inc) around (36)
Round 7: (5sc, inc) around (42)
Round 8-12: sc around (5 rounds) (42)
Round 13: (5sc, dec) around (36)
Round 14: (4sc, dec) around (30)
Round 15: (3sc, dec) around (24)
Round 16: (2sc, dec) around (18)
Round 17: (sc, dec) around (12)
Round 18: dec around (6)
f/o leave a tail to sew closed

Make 4
Row 1: chain 2
Row 2: inc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 1 turn (2)
Row 3: 2inc, ch 1 turn (4)
Row 3: inc, 2sc, inc, ch 1 turn (6)
Row 4-5: sc across (2 rows) (6)
f/o first of each pair.

After you finish your second ear take your first ear and match it up. Single crochet through
both ears evenly only around the top V and not the bottom where it will be attached. Do
this for both ears.

Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2-6: sc around (5 rounds) (6)
Round 7: (sc, inc) around (9)
Round 8: sc around (9)
Round 9: (2sc, inc) around (12)
Round 10: sc around (12)
Round 11: sc across 6 turn
Round 12: sc around (2 rounds) (12)
f/o leave a tail to sew onto head. Pin and sew the curl into place.

Make 2
Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2-4: sc around (3 rounds) (6)
f/o leave a tail for sewing onto body.
Make 2
Round 1: mr 6 (6)
Round 2: (sc, inc) around (9)
Round 3-7: sc around (5 rounds) (9)
f/o leave a tail for sewing onto body.

1. Attach curl to the top of the head (12 sc part at the top, mr 6 is the curl) and sew the
curl into the curl shape.
2. Attach ears to either side of the curl. Add felt to the inner part of the ear.
3. Sew on each arm towards the bottom of the body.
4. Sew on each foot so that that they stick out from under the body.
5. Cut out eyes and mouth and attach them to the face.

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