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Thanksgiving (25th November)

A Listen and point to the right picture.

Today, families in America celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November.

They travel home and eat good food.

B Make a Thanksgiving turkey.

You need:
Paint: red, orange, brown, yellow and green.
A paper plate.
A felt-tip pen.
Paint your hand! Use different colours for your fingers.
Press your hand on the plate.
Add legs to your turkey and draw the face.
Decorate the plate with autumn colours.
Write Happy Thanksgiving on the plate.

78 Holidays
World Water Day (22nd March)
A Chant and say.

Plants need water!
Animals need water!
We need water!
Save it, dont waste it,
And remember!


lake river

B Read aloud and complete the text.

We celebrate World Water day in March. Why do we celebrate ?

We need water to live. Our bodies are 70% water! We need to save water!

Drink water! But where does come from? It comes from a ! Yes, but before

that, it comes from and . Before that, it comes from the

that bring . and need water. They need to live

and to grow. People need water too!

Read and answer with Yes or No.

1 Water comes from rivers and lakes. 4 Animals drink water from a tap.

2 Rain comes from plants. 5 Plants need water to grow.

3 We need water.

Holidays 79
Fathers Day (21st June)
A Listen and chant.

Fathers Day is 100 years old! A long time ago, a small girl in Washington had a very
big family. She had five brothers and sisters, but no mum. Her dad was fantastic!

My dad is a super dad!

Give me a D!
Give me an A!
Give me a D!
Clap, stretch, jump!

Look, read and match.

My dad likes to watch TV.

He likes the dog, and he likes me!

He helps with the chores.

He goes to the shops.
He grows our vegetables,
And he never stops.

Sometimes dad takes me to school,

All my friends say that hes cooool!!!

B Read and say True or False.

Fathers Day around the world In Spain, people celebrate

March June September Fathers Day in September.

Spain, Portugal
In Australia, they celebrate

Fathers Day in June.
United States, In the United States, they

Canada, England dont celebrate Fathers Day
Australia, in March.

New Zealand

80 Holidays

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