Have you Ever Wanted to Be a Part of Something That REALLY Matters?

There are few available jobs and the brightest young people are frustrated as they have no
place to use their skills. Young Christians in our region are also frustrated because they don't
have a place to study for ministry and Christian service.

Something has to change. We desire to raise up a new generation of Paraguayan leaders.
Many young people want to serve God here in Paraguay, but they don·t know where and how
to begin. They are lacking the tools and the structure to learn about their gifts and how to
apply them practically in the world. Enter Integral Christian Institute. This holistic training
will focus on character development, leadership skills and Biblical training. Young people who
are at least 18 years of age will be a part of enriching classes such as the New Testament,
personal finances, & time management.
Since so many Paraguayans are unemployed it is crucial for students to learn a vocational trade
such as carpentry, radio, agriculture and animal husbandry (raising livestock). Students will
spend 50% of their time in the classroom and 50% getting hands-on training in ´the shopµ.
Close your eyes and think about what could happen in the lives of students at ICI:
Imagine with us for a minute, thirty young people sitting around a campfire laughing and
drinking mate while sharing about their two week winter internship serving in a church.

Imagine with us a young man named Freddy who is the middle of five children. He never knew
his dad. He·s now learning to be a welder with Hugo, a godly man from the church. He·s
learning about being a real man too.

We believe it is the young people that will change Paraguay with the hope of Christ. God has
given us a passion and is preparing us for this season of training up leaders, but we need your
help. We are planning to launch ICI in March 2011. But before we can do that, there are
several items we need on site.

These are the items, in order of importance:

y 16 bunk beds with 32 mattresses - $120 bed $60 mattress
y 1 video projector - $600
y 5 computers - $500/each
y 15 computer monitors - $100/each
y 30 desks - $25/each
y 1 door/1 glass window for comp. lab - $120 door $40 window
y 1 Toshiba Photocopier - $550
y AV equipment for distance learners - $2000
y Pots, pans and cooking utensils - $220
y Dinnerware (silverware/mugs/glasses) - $440 for 30 sets
y 20 plastic chairs - $15/each
y 2 Refrigerators - $380/each
y 1 industrial oven - $900
y 4 computer tables - $60/each
y Reference books for library - $250
y 4 Book shelves - $55/each
y 4 metal stands for kitchen - $45/each
y 1 solar panel - $1100

Are we a little passionate and even slightly crazy? Yes. Do we serve a God that can move
mountains? Absolutely! Can you make a difference? You bet.

Join us on the exciting journey to shape the lives of Paraguay·s upcoming leaders.
You can give online to the leadership institute*: https://www.mvl.org/donutlons/onllne-donutlons

Serving Together,

Norberto, Julie & Timmy Kurrle

(*Please earmark your gift ´Paraguay Bible Schoolµ and the specific item(s) you wish to help purchase.)

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