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Collapse Tester: Innovation In-Line Case Study: Collapse Tester

Over the years, all collapse testing technology remained Objective:
the same vertical. You needed a deep testing pit to U.S. Steel was seeking a solution to the
accommodate the vertical design. Well, that all changed constantly evolving API requirements and wanted Bronx
with Bronx/Taylor-Wilsons innovative, newly designed to incorporate their horizontal collapse tester installation
collapse testing machine for API products. The collapse to accommodate 10(d) requirements if necessary.
tester is a horizontally-congured production-type
machine, allowing for pipe to be tested to API specications
without cutting a specic size test piece. The machine
design allows the pipe to be tested to the proper API
diameter-to-length ratio through an innovative clamping
mechanism. This technology allows customers to
signicantly improve yield and reduce scrap while collapse
testing in-line with other mill processes. Its another
example of the Bronx Advantage.

BTWs design solution solves U.S. Steels problem.
The solution is a BTW-patented design allowing Oil
Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) processors to collapse
test a length equal to 10 times the diameter of the product
in-line without cutting a sample and transporting the
The Bronx Advantages sample to a designated testing facility. A very costly and
Horizontal design, no deep testing pit that time-consuming process. The Bronx Collapse Testing
traditional testing requires
machine is operated as a production-type machine, allowing
In-line, in-process design greatly improves efciency
the pipe to be tested inline as required. If the pipe passes the
Test lengths equal to 10 times the diameter
of the product in-line collapse test, it can be brought back in-process. If it fails or
Eliminates cutting a sample and transporting is tested to collapse, the collapsed portion can be cut out
to a testing facility and kicked off to scrap immediately. The in-line, horizontal
Test failure, collapsed section is scrapped immediately; pipe design requires oor-space, but it does not require a deep
passes, then is brought back in-process
testing pit for a vertical vessel that traditional testing
Less scrap, reduction in materials handling
requires. For OCTG producers, the BTW horizontal
design will result in less scrap, a reduction in material
handling, and the elimination of a deep vertical pit and
vessel for collapse testing.

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