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June 30-July 6, 2017

VP Leni urges youth to be social media warriors by Raymund Antonio, Manila

Zuellig family, Medved-Po among Bulletin | MANILA, 6/29/2017

Forbes philanthropy heroes

-- Vice President Leni Robredo
encouraged the youth to become
Iris Gonzales, Philstar.com | who are making a mark with social media warriors and
MANILA, 6/30/2017 - Cousins their generosity. spread positivity to fight hate.
David and Daniel Zuellig of Forbes listed 40 philanthropists In a speech launching Istorya
the Zuellig Family Foundation from 14 countries this year. ng Pag-asa Social Media yes-
as well as Nanette Medved-Po, In the Philippines, it recognized terday, Robredo noted that social
founder of Generation Hope and the Zuellig Family Foundation media can be used as a weapon
Friends of Hope, have made it to because of its improved health of mass destruction. But through
the Forbes 2017 Heroes of Phi- care services in poor rural areas, positivity, like the stories of hope
lanthropy list in the Asia-Pacific. significantly reducing mortality that will be available online, that
Since 2008, Forbes has been rates for infants and mothers. can be prevented.
drawing up the list of philanthro- The familys Zuellig Group Social media is too powerful. It
pists who have made the news a low-profile but powerhouse is being said that social media is
with their donations and recog- pharmaceutical company in Asia now becoming a weapon of mass
nizing those with a long record has contributed an average of destruction, she said in Filipino
of supporting worthy causes. Its $2.3 million annually over the Wednesday late afternoon before
honorees include billionaires, last five years to the foundation, a roaring jam-packed crowd at
business people and celebrities Forbes said. ( Continued on page 5 ) Destiny the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay

Spreading fake news is a sin Change of Mind Would you allow social media
to become a weapon of mass de-

struction? Of course, you wont,
right? she said, urging the audi-
By Edu Punay, Philstar.com | Philippines Episcopal Commis- ence to spread positivity through
MANILA, 3/25/2017 - People sion on Migrants and Itinerant social media platforms instead of
who spread fake news are sin- People, said he often reminds Chapter 20 of Destiny: A Continuing Philippine Story by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. using it in hateful conversations.
ners, a Catholic prelate said overseas Filipino workers about All of us here can be become

yesterday. the importance of not spreading social media warriors, the Vice
Balanga Bataan Bishop Ruperto false information. ona went berserk when she found out the family of the man who had raped her President said.
Santos explained that spreading We are always reminding our and ruined her life was taking care of his son Freddie. Robredos Istorya ng Pagasa
fake news violated the Eighth OFWs that to follow the 8th What are you doing with him? she shouted at Mimi. started with a traveling photo
Commandment Dont give commandment is to practice He had nowhere to go. We were afraid for his own safety and welfare. gallery featuring inspirational
false testimony against your 3Ts magsabi ng totoo (tell the Have you not done enough harm to me and my family? life stories of ordinary Filipinos
neighbor. truth), gumawa ng tama (do what But Mona, we are not harming Freddie. We are giving him a safe home. We are taking care of him, around the country.
Fake news is falsehood. It is is right), and maging tapat (be buying him clothes so he can be ready for college. In fact we will take care of his expenses until he The Istorya ng Pag-Asa
to misinform and to spread lies. honest), he pointed out. graduates. project is part of her flagship
False news is sinfulness, the We are always advising them Mona still could not be appeased. The thought of Peter was enough to make her blood boil. anti-poverty program, Angat
prelate said in a statement. to also avoid false promises, re- Does he know about your evil brother? she asked. Buhay.
Santos, chair of the Catholic ject fake documents or substitut- ( Continued on page 6 )
At the event, Robredo, a former
Bishops Conference of the ( Continued on page 6 )
housing chief, called 12-year-old
Francis Hernandez to join her
on stage. She related his story of
Huk founder Taruc finally SD County Interim DA Summer Stephan feted at Villa Manila enterprise, selling banana turon

declared hero by govt body

and banana cue and hauling veg-
etables in the market to help feed
Tonette Orejas, rucs 104th birth his family.
Inquirer.net | SAN anniversary, the She also told the inspiring story
LUIS, PAMPAN- National Histori- of Nanay Lorna, a sari-sari store
GALuis Taruc cal Commission owner from Quezon City, a solo
was hunted like a of the Philippines parent who was able to send her
criminal as he led (NCHP) recog- four children to school. One is
a peasant army nized his role in now a teacher, another a nurse,
against the invad- the pursuit of free- while the third child is study-
ing Imperial Japa- dom and in the ing law and the other is in med
nese Army during agrarian reform school.
World War II, was struggle. The Vice President also told the
ousted as a legislator, jailed for The national government story of Alexander, the danc-
almost 20 years and maligned by recognizes Luis Taruc as a hero, ing traffic enforcer in Eastwood
younger communists and social- said Ludovico Badoy, NHCP
Edna Concepcion (see page 6), Phil-Am BID founder, and a bipartisan group of Filipino American advocates gathered to fete San Diego City. Once heartbroken, he
County interim District Attorney Summer Stephan (seated next to NC Mayor Ron Morrison on left) on her appointment by the County Board of
ists. ( Continued on page 13 ) Supervisors at Villa Manila in National City. An article in the New York Times likened Stephan to Law & Order heroine Olivia Benson. For more ( Continued on page 5 )
On Tuesday, however, on Ta- information about her law and order platform for 2018, visit www. SummerStephanforSanDiegoDA.com

Save the Date:

July 13, Thursday

Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm
with the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm

with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Way
of the Cross

Jesus I Trust In You!

Centennial Celebration
of 100th Year of Fatima (1917-2017)
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

Charlie Andaya and the Untold Story of a Philippine Consulate in San Diego
There are many other com- Not to many organizations. COPAO enjoyed so much Chiongbian inviting him to her man-
munity leaders s like Charlie support from the Filipino Community sion in Beverly Hills. She told him of
Not too many people know, however, that it was able to launch and maintain her interest in helping the Filipino-
Andaya who has contributed that for a few years, there was once several community-oriented projects, American community in San Diego,
their time and money to ad- a Philippine Consulate in San Diego. while at the same time maintaining a simply because she liked how the people
vance the cause and interests Consul Gloria Da Rodda, the sister healthy financial status. were pulling together to promote their
of former Philippine President Fidel Charlie must have been very successful common interest. After a few days, Mrs.
of the Filipino Americans. We Ramos, headed it. It held office in a nice in managing the affairs of COPAO that Chiongbian asked Charlie to accompany
see them all around us but we building in downtown area and had a the organization impressed a visiting her to Washington, D.C. to meet some
rarely show them our appreci- complete staff. But it was only a few wife of a powerful Congressman in the Filipino government officials.
ation. The least we could do, I days ago, when I had lunch with my Philippines, Mrs. James Chiongbian. They left the mansion on Mrs. Chi-
good friend Charlie Andaya, that I found The Chiongbian family, even at that ongbians Rolls Royce limousine and
believe, is to put in the history out the untold story behind the establish- time, was already a political dynasty in boarded a plane to Washington. At the
books their contributions for ment of that consulate. the south, not to mention its economic nations capital, Filipina Movie Actress
others to follow and emulate, It was way back in 1982 when Charlie clout due to its formidable shipping and Boots Anson Roa who was then working
for the young generations to was the chairman of the Council of Phil- logging enterprises. as a liaison officer for the Philippine
ippine American Organizations. COPAO Government met them. Her husband,
consider as an inspiration. was a thriving community organiza- A call Pete Roa, was then managing a first
tion then that truly served as a sort of a
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr., federation of other Filipino American One day, Charlie got a call from Mrs. ( Continued on page 4 )
Publisher & Editor, The San
Diego Asian Journal,

Seaside Buffet
The Original and First Asian
Journal In America
San Diego Asian, California,
April 22, 2006
8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
(In connection with the recent passing
of our beloved Filipino American com- Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
munity leader, Carlos Charlie An- 10%
daya, we are reprinting this article rst 10%OFF
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
published in the San Diego Asian Journal
in its April 22, 2006 issue) Banquet

ast weekend, a delega-
tion of officers of the
Philippine Consulate
in Los Angeles, led by no San Diego. The Asian Journal citizens is not only motivated by their
published an article written by love of their home country, the Philip-
less than Consul General Brazilian Beef
our managing editor, Genevieve
pines. Becoming one enables them to BrazilianBBQ
BBQ Beef
Willy Gaa and Deputy Con- enjoy the benefits of being a Filipino and
Teppanyaki Chicken
sul General Hellen Barber
Silverio, about the 160 Filipino American citizen at the same time. For Teppanyaki Chicken
Americans who were sworn in to one, they can own as many real estate Noodle
Soup Pork
arrived here in San Diego become dual citizens of both the properties in the Philippines, which
to meet with some Filipino helps them not only in their retirement Seafood
Seafood Soft
United States and the Philippines.
American community lead- After that article was published,
plans but also in availing of the lucrative
investment opportunities in the country. Sushi
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
Cream & Yogurt
ers and conduct consular we received a lot of calls from Now that the real estate properties here Chocolate
works. our readers inquiring how to in the United States are sky high, rang-
ing to a minimum of $500,000 for an Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
become dual citizens, which we
It was one of the few times that referred to proper authorities.
old, three bedroom, two bath house, one
can buy a property in the Philippines
Beer& &Wine
the Consul General has come to for as low as $30,000, about the price lf
The move by many to become dual a car.

A parents journey to sending their kids to college

Niagara Falls and the long drive

to Boston Dinner Buffet Items:
Hot and Cold Crab Legs,
The campus tour was part again upon the request of some readers artist crossing the Niagara as depicted Raw and Cooked Oysters,
educational, part recreational who share our belief that parents are in grainy film clips taken at the turn of
needed to be motivated and inspired the century; Marilyn Monroe in one of Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab,
for them. Not only were they to send their children to college even her classic movies Niagara,; and a
doing it to explore Margies though they might think they cannot painting of a tribe of Indians gloomily
Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish,
college options; they were also afford to do so. We believe that with passing through the area back to their Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef
the student loans and grants, students in hidden camp after suffering a defeat Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
visiting places that could add America have equal opportunities to go from the hands of United States Cavalry.
up to their knowledge as well to college even if their parents seem not Adam and his two daughters, Margie and much more.
as make them enjoy their time to be able to financially assist them. All and Lily, walked around the area, took
traveling. one needs is the desire to pursue a col- pictures, checked every nook and corner, $1.00 OFF LUNCH BUFFET $2.00 OFF DINNER BUFFET
lege education. We hope these articles and after two hours, retired to their
San Diego, California will motivate them.) hotel, but not after enjoying a sumptuous Dine In Buffet Only Dine In Buffet Only
The sun was still up by the time they dinner in a classy restaurant they saw Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other
July 27, 2007 offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
reached Niagara Falls. It was indeed a along the road. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
sight to behold, exactly the way they Dog-tired after half a day of travel, May not be used for split checks or tables. May not be used for split checks or tables.
Fourth in a series of articles Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
expected to see it. It was a wonderful they went straight to bed and woke up Sales Tax Not Included.
work of Nature. As Adam stood by the late the next morning. Over breakfast, Sales Tax Not Included.
(Editors note: Although these series Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 7/31/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 7/31/2017
of articles have been reprinted several ledge and peer down the Falls, several they discussed their plan for the day.
times before, we are reprinting them scenes flashed in his mind: the tightrope ( Continued on page 8 )
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 3


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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

Health & Wellness

8 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea Video games
Kombucha is a fermented tea free radicals, reactive molecules that can
damage your cells (12, 13).
Type 2 diabetes affects over 300 mil-
lion people worldwide. It is character-
can change
your brain
that has been consumed for thou-
Antioxidants from foods and bever- ized by high blood sugar levels and
sands of years. ages are much better for your health than insulin resistance.
antioxidant supplements (14). A study in diabetic rats found that
Not only does it have the same Kombucha, especially when made kombucha slowed down the digestion Studies investigating how
health benefits as tea, but its also with green tea, appears to have powerful of carbs, which reduced blood sugar
antioxidant effects on the liver. levels. It also improved liver and kidney playing video games can affect
rich in beneficial probiotics. Rat studies consistently find that drink- function (23). the brain have shown that they
Kombucha also contains anti- ing kombucha regularly reduces liver Kombucha made from green tea is can cause changes in many
oxidants, can kill harmful bac- toxicity caused by toxic chemicals, in likely to be even more beneficial, as brain regions
teria and may help fight several some cases by at least 70% (15, 16, 17, green tea itself has been shown to reduce
18). blood sugar levels (31).
diseases. Unfortunately, there are no human In fact, a review study of almost
-- Science Daily
studies on this topic, but it does seem 300,000 individuals found that green
Here are the top 8 health benefits of
like a promising area of research for tea drinkers had an 18% lower risk of The studies show that playing
kombucha, based on scientific evidence. video games can change how our
people with liver disease. becoming diabetic (32).
1. Kombucha is a Rich Source of also produced during fermentation (3). ful antioxidants in the body (4). Bottom Line: Kombucha is rich in an- Bottom Line: Kombucha improved brains perform, and even their
Probiotics provide your gut with Kombucha made from green tea has tioxidants and has been shown to protect several markers of diabetes in rats, structure.
healthy bacteria. These bacteria can many of the same chemical properties the liver from toxicity, at least in rats. including blood sugar levels.
Scientists have collected and
Kombucha is thought to originate in improve many aspects of health, includ- and therefore many of the same benefits. summarized studies looking at
ing digestion, inflammation and even Studies show that drinking green tea 4. Kombucha Can Kill Bacteria 7. Kombucha May Help Protect
China or Japan.
Its made by adding specific strains weight loss. regularly can increase the amount of Against Cancer how video games can shape our
For this reason, adding probiotics calories you burn, reduce belly fat, im- One of the main substances produced brains and behavior. Research to
of bacteria, yeast and sugar to black or
during the fermentation of Kombucha Cancer is one of the worlds leading
green tea, and then allowing it to ferment foods like kombucha to your diet can prove cholesterol levels, help with blood
is acetic acid, which is also abundant in causes of death. It is characterized by
date suggests that playing video
for a week or more (1). improve your health in many ways. sugar control and more (5, 6, 7, 8). games can change the brain
Bottom Line: Kombucha is a type of vinegar. cell mutation and uncontrolled growth.
During this process, the bacteria and regions responsible for atten-
tea that has been fermented. This makes Studies also show that green tea drink- Like the polyphenols in tea, acetic acid In test-tube studies, kombucha helped
yeast form a mushroom-like blob on the
it a good source of probiotics, which ers have a reduced risks of prostate, is able to kill many potentially harmful prevent the growth and spread of cancer- tion and visuospatial skills and
surface, which is why kombucha is also
have many health benefits. breast and colon cancers (9, 10, 11). microorganisms (19). ous cells, due to its high concentration make them more efficient. The
known as mushroom tea.
Kombucha made from black or green of tea polyphenols and antioxidants (33,
This blob is actually a living symbi-
tea appears to have strong antibacterial 34). researchers also looked at studies
otic colony of bacteria and yeast, or a 2. Kombucha Contains the Benets Bottom Line: Kombucha made from
of Green Tea green tea has many of the same health properties, particularly against infection- How the anti-cancer properties of tea exploring brain regions associ-
SCOBY, and can be used to ferment new
kombucha. benefits, and may help with weight loss, causing bacteria and Candida yeasts polyphenols work is not well-under- ated with the reward system, and
Green tea is one of the healthiest bev- blood sugar control and more. (20). stood. how these are related to video
The fermentation process produces vin-
erages on the planet. One study of chickens found that However, its thought that the polyphe-
egar and several other acidic compounds,
kombucha had antimicrobial effects nols block gene mutation and the growth game addiction.
trace levels of alcohol and gases that This is because green tea contains 3. Kombucha Contains Antioxidants
many bioactive compounds, such as and similar growth-promoting effects as of cancer cells, while also promoting
make it carbonated (2). Do you play video games? If so, you
polyphenols, which function as power- Antioxidants are substances that fight antibiotics (21). cancer cell death (35).
A large amount of probiotic bacteria is aren't alone. Video games are becom-
The researchers even suggested that For this reason, it is not surprising to
kombucha tea could be used as an alter- see that tea drinkers are much less likely ing more common and are increasingly
native to the antibiotic growth-promoters to develop various types of cancer (36, enjoyed by adults. The average age of
typically fed to these chickens. 37, 38). gamers has been increasing, and was
Botttm Line: Kombucha is rich in estimated to be 35 in 2016. Changing
tea polyphenols and acetic acid, which Bottom Line: Test-tube studies have technology also means that more people
have both been shown to kill harmful found that kombucha has significant are exposed to video games. Many
bacteria. anti-cancer properties, much like green committed gamers play on desktop
tea. computers or consoles, but a new breed
5. Kombucha May Reduce Heart of casual gamers has emerged, who
Disease Risk 8. Kombucha Is Healthy When Made play on smartphones and tablets at
Properly spare moments throughout the day, like
Heart disease is the worlds leading their morning commute. So, we know
cause of death (22). Kombucha is a probiotic-rich tea with that video games are an increasingly
Rat studies find that kombucha can many health benefits. common form of entertainment, but do
greatly improve two markers of these You can purchase it in the store or they have any effect on our brains and
diseases, LDL and HDL cholesterol, in make it yourself at home. However, be behavior?
as little as 30 days (23, 24). very careful to prepare it properly.
Even more importantly, tea (especially Contaminated or over-fermented Over the years, the media have made
green tea) protects LDL cholesterol par- kombucha can cause (and has caused) various sensationalist claims about video
ticles from oxidation, which is thought serious health problems and even death. games and their effect on our health and
to contribute to heart disease (25, 26, Homemade kombucha may also contain happiness. "Games have sometimes been
27). up to 3% alcohol (2, 39, 40, 41). praised or demonized, often without real
In fact, green tea drinkers have up to a The safer option is to buy kombucha at data backing up those claims. Moreover,
31% lower risk of developing heart dis- a store or online. Commercial products gaming is a popular activity, so everyone
ease, a benefit that should also be seen are good and considered alcohol-free, as seems to have strong opinions on the
from drinking kombucha (28, 29, 30). they must contain less than 0.5% alcohol topic," says Marc Palaus, first author on
Bottom Line: Kombucha has been (42). the review, recently published in Fron-
shown to improve LDL and HDL cho- However, check the ingredients and try tiers in Human Neuroscience.
lesterol levels in rats. It may also protect to avoid brands that are high in added Palaus and his colleagues wanted to
against heart disease. sugar. see if any trends had emerged from the
research to date concerning how video
VA 6. Kombucha May Help Manage -- Source: https://authoritynutrition. games affect the structure and activity
Vendo Type 2 Diabetes com/8-benets-of-kombucha-tea/ of our brains. They collected the results
r from 116 scientific studies, 22 of which
looked at structural changes in the brain
and 100 of which looked at changes in
brain functionality and/or behavior.

Charlie Andaya
came for a visit, I told him that I worked The studies show that playing video
with his daughter Berry, at the Sun- games can change how our brains per-
burst Magazine in Manila. He was very form, and even their structure. For
( Continued from page 2 ) example, playing video games affects
pleased. I told the sleepy-eyed Speaker
class Filipino restaurant in the area, Jose De Venecia that we lived across our attention, and some studies found
which was somehow connected with the the street where the family of his elder that gamers show improvements in sev-
government. brother was staying. When I mentioned eral types of attention, such as sustained
Mrs. Chiongbian and Charlie met the names of his nephews and nieces attention or selective attention. The brain
with then Philippine Ambassador to with whom I grew up, it was like we regions involved in attention are also
the United States, Benjamin Kokoy were long lost friends. Last July, when I more efficient in gamers and require
Romualdez to whom they proposed the had an audience with him at his office in less activation to sustain attention on
establishment of a Philippine Consulate the Congress Building in Quezon City, demanding tasks.
in San Diego. Romualdez assured Char- he remembered our first meeting. There is also evidence that video games
lie that the proposal had a good chance can increase the size and efficiency of
of being approved. A few years brain regions related to visuospatial
Malakas sa kapatid ko iyan (she skills. For example, the right hippo-
is well-connected to my sister), he Unfortunately, however, the Philippine campus was enlarged in both long-term
said, referring to the close relationship Consulate in San Diego lasted only a gamers and volunteers following a video
between Mrs. Chiongbian and then First few years. When Fidel Ramos became game training program.
Lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos. president, Consul Da Rodda was invited Video games can also be addictive, and
I believe Charlie told me that they took to work for him in Malacanang. Without this kind of addiction is called "Internet
gaming disorder." Researchers have
Emergency Visits Welcome
another trip to Washington to lobby for a driving force like her and perhaps also
the idea where they met other govern- due to the lack of funds, the Consulate found functional and structural changes
ment officials like Raul Rabe, who later closed its doors. Filipinos again had to in the neural reward system in gaming
succeeded Romualdez as ambassador travel to Los Angeles to conduct their addicts, in part by exposing them to
and Leocadio Caday, who later became a consular business. gaming cues that cause cravings and
consul general in Los Angeles. Charlie Andaya, a retired officer of the monitoring their neural responses. These
U.S. navy remained active in the com- neural changes are basically the same as
A reality munity and indulged in other businesses those seen in other addictive disorders.
and activities to keep him busy. He has So, what do all these brain changes
After a few years, the proposal became lost contact with Mrs. Chiongbian, the mean? "We focused on how the brain
a reality with Gloria Da Rodda as the benefactor of the Filipino community of reacts to video game exposure, but
head of the San Diego Consulate. It was San Diego. these effects do not always translate to
during the time of Cory Aquino, before There are many other community real-life changes," says Palaus. As video
Fidel Ramos was elected president. I leaders like Charlie Andaya who have games are still quite new, the research
know this because I remember assur- contributed their time and money to into their effects is still in its infancy.
ing Mrs. Da Rodda at that time that her advance the cause and interests of the For example, we are still working out
brother had a good chance of winning Filipino Americans. We see them all what aspects of games affect which
the presidential election that year. around us but we rarely show them our brain regions and how. "It's likely that
It was nice to have a Philippine appreciation. The least we could do, I video games have both positive (on
Consulate in San Diego. It was very believe, is to put in the history books attention, visual and motor skills) and
convenient for the San Diego Filipinos their contributions for others to follow negative aspects (risk of addiction), and
because they did not have to travel to and emulate, for the young generations it is essential we embrace this complex-
Los Angeles to process their passports to consider as an inspiration. - AJ ity," explains Palaus.
and their other legal documents. Consul (Carlos Charlie Andaya, a native of
Da Rodda did a good job in representing Balayan, Batangas, Philippines, passed Story Source:
the Philippine Government before other away last June 26, 2017 in San Diego,
government and private agencies and California. He was survived by his wife Materials provided by Frontiers. Note:
corporations in San Diego. The face of Betty, daughter Clarissa and son Jake. Content may be edited for style and
the Filipino-Americans at that time was He was a retired U.S. Navy officer and length.
indeed very visible. Occasionally, there was an active leader in the Filipino Journal Reference:
were Philippine government officials American community of San Diego, Marc Palaus, Elena M. Marron,
passing through San Diego, and Consul California.Viewing will be on July 12, Raquel Viejo-Sobera, Diego Redolar-
Da Rodda never failed to invite the Fili- 2017 at 5 p.m. at the El Cajon Mortuary. Ripoll. Neural Basis of Video Gaming: A
pino community leaders and the mem- Burial is scheduled on July 13, 2017 Systematic Review. Frontiers in Human
bers of the press to meet them. When at 2:30 p.m. at the Miramar National Neuroscience, 2017; 11 DOI: 10.3389/
former Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez Cemetery. ) fnhum.2017.00248
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
Chula Vista Embraces Age-Friendly Communities BREEZE, FLEX, LIFT, SDSU's College Ribbon cutting
by Stacy Kurz
Health Chula Vista Initiative
welcome new of Education planned for
Chula Vista is working to meet contract provider receives record completion of
the needs of an aging population
and ensure that there are oppor-
Kimy Wall | Oceanside, CA number of grants Wetlands Resto-
ration Project
MV Transportation (MV) is set
tunities to meaningfully include
to assume revenue operations for Faculty members in the College
everyone in its social fabric.
North County Transit District of Education received more ex-
This August, the first Intergen- DEL MAR, Ca. (June 29, 2017)
(NCTD) paratransit, fixed-route, ternally funded grants in 2016
erational Resident Leadership -- The completion of the con-
and specialized transportation than some of the traditional
Academy will start in Chula struction phase of the wetland
services at the end of this week powerhouse universities.
Vista. restoration project including the
from the current contractor, First
For 12 weeks, 20 older adult resi- Transit. MV was awarded the SAN DIEGO, Calif. (June 29, Coast to Crest Trail, adjacent to
dents of the area and Chula Vista High new contract to manage these 2017) San Diego State Uni- the Del Mar Fairgrounds, will be
School students will learn how to services in February and will versitys College of Education is celebrated with a ribbon cutting
become involved in city government ceremony at noon on Saturday,
and the school district, and to promote Cafes, and presented to various city come together to create a community officially take over operations on a leader among U.S. universities
health and wellness in their community. commissions, held community educa- where everyone is able to thrive. July 1. when it comes to external grants. July 15, at the site south of
Together, they will identify a community tion workshops, and screened films And weve only just begun. With $21 million in external Jimmy Durante Blvd. Represen-
need and take action to address it. that sparked community dialogue. We In the coming year, we will use every- NCTD has contracted with MV, the funding in 2016, SDSU is among tatives from the 22nd District
This project exemplifies Age-Friendly have made a conscious effort to engage thing weve learned and, alongside com- largest privately-owned transportation Agricultural Association, San
Chula Vista: We want our city to be people who are traditionally left out of munity members, create a Community contracting firm based in the United the top 30 universities in the
a good place to grow up and to grow public decision making, visiting senior Action Plan that will infuse age-friendly States, to operate and maintain the country for these coveted awards. Dieguito River Park JPA, and the
older. We want to understand and meet and affordable housing complexes, principles into everything we do as a BREEZE, FLEX, and LIFT services. San Dieguito River Valley Con-
the unique needs of our diverse popula- holding events at our high schools and City and help us work with advocates, Under the terms of the contract (which U.S. News and World Report ranked servancy will speak on behalf of
tion, including older adults. conducting activities in Spanish so that residents, and other organizations and is for a seven-year base term with one SDSU No. 26 among universities the project.
By 2030, the number of people 65 and everyones ideas of what makes a livable governments toward a common vision. three-year option), MV will be respon- nationwide in external grant dollars last
over is expected to double in the region, community inform our efforts. Together, we can make Chula Vista sible for serving an annual ridership of year. The ranking includes both public The Del Mar Fairgrounds (22nd Dis-
and people over 50 are expected to ac- These conversations are influencing and the San Diego region the livable and nearly eight million using 224 revenue and private universities. trict Agricultural Association) funded
count for more than half of US GDP by our work in Chula Vista and the actions age-friendly community we all want and vehicles. This achievement speaks to the efforts the $2.25 million project. It includes
2032. of grassroots advocates in our commu- need it to be. We have been on the ground imple- and dedication of the faculty in the Col- the restoration of 9.51 acres of coastal
We cant afford to miss this opportunity nity. Create a More Age-Friendly Region menting our transition best practices lege of Education and the outstanding salt marsh habitat and 1.67 acres of
to help shape Chula Vistas future. For example, we have learned that pro- About Stacey Kurz for more than three months, and I am leadership of Dean Joseph Johnson and upland habitat, and is in compliance
As a result, Chula Vista is working to moting social connections and prevent- Stacey Kurz is Senior Project Coor- pleased to report that we will be ready his team, said Chukuka S. Enwemeka, with permits from the California Coastal
meet the needs of this population and ing isolation is a major priority for older dinator for the Healthy Chula Vista to go on day 1, said Ron Barnes, MVs provost and senior vice president. We Commission (CCC), U.S. Army Corps
ensure that there are opportunities to adults in our area. They are right to be Initiative. Through her leadership and General Manager for the NCTD project. are particularly pleased that we had a of Engineers (USACE), California De-
meaningfully include them in our social concerned: one in five adults nationally support, the City of Chula Vista works We have worked diligently to execute higher grant award total than some tra- partment of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW),
fabric. We cant afford to miss this op- is affected by isolation, and prolonged in partnership with a variety of agencies a transition plan that fully supports ditional powerhouses like the University and the San Diego Regional Water Qual-
portunity to help shape Chula Vistas isolation can be as harmful for health as throughout the community to respond NCTDs and MVs overall goals of of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the Univer- ity Control Board (RWQCB).
future. smoking 15 cigarettes per day. to identied barriers to healthy living increased safety performance, excellent sity of California Berkeley, and Boston
Thats why we embarked on our age- These conversations are influencing options in the City, and collaborate on customer service and robust investments College. The Restoration Project is located just
friendly journey in 2016 with support our work in Chula Vista and the actions events and efforts to promote health and in training. Johnson said the universitys increasing south of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and
from The San Diego Foundation. of grassroots advocates in our commu- well-being in the community. Matthew Tucker, NCTD Executive attention to the grant application process north of the San Dieguito River in Del
By officially joining the AARP Net- nity. Director, said, We are excited about the is now yielding rewards. One program

Drone programs
Mar and is the culmination of years of
work of Age-Friendly Communities, In response to this need, this years enhanced service management aspects dedicated to this is the Grants and coordination with the agencies men-
Chula Vista committed to becoming an Castle Park Resident Leadership gradu- of this new contract with MV Transpor- Research Enterprise Writing (GREW) tioned above as well as the San Dieguito
receive grant
inclusive and accessible community for ates envisioned an event that could bring tation, and look forward to the positive Fellowship. River Park JPA. The project included
people of all ages and abilities. By con- people together in their neighborhoods benefits this will have for operations. Many of our faculty members have soil removal to facilitate appropriate

from the National

sidering how to make the city work for and serve as a foundation for lasting Currently, MV has on-boarded 551 participated in the GREW program, hydrology for wetland restoration and as
older adults when it comes to housing, relationships. They successfully planned employees, trained 440 drivers, installed which trains researchers to write grant well, movement of material for restora-
transportation, health, employment, and and advocated for it, and the City Coun- navigation systems on vehicles, inspect- proposals, said Johnson. The training

Science Foundation
tion of the upland habitat or buffer area.
other critical aspects of livability, we are cil declared May 6 as Neighbor Day ed the vehicle fleet, upgraded scheduling provides faculty members with the tools Viewing platforms will be provided at
ultimately making Chula Vista work for in Chula Vista. The graduates hosted a software and procured necessary equip- they need to actively and aggressively the end of the boardwalk.
everyone. pancake breakfast and gave each City ment in preparation for the July 1 start pursue prestigious grant opportunities.
In our first year in the Age-Friendly Council member a handmade flower in SAN MARCOS (June 23, 2017) date. Most employees from the current About the Del Mar Fairgrounds
Communities Network, we have listened the spirit of the day and the social con- contract with First Transit will be hired Recent success stories
Drone-related curriculum and The 22nd District Agricultural Associa-
and learned so that we can be ready nections it is intended to foster. by MV.
to lead. We have distributed commu- This small step shows that our political programs at Palomar College ( Continued on page 7 ) ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
nity surveys, hosted seven Community leaders and community advocates can received a big boost recently
with news of the College receiv-
ing nearly $800,000 in grant

Zuelig money from the National Science

cancer research, education and greater
opportunities for indigenous people. Foundation. The three-year grant
( Continued from page 1 ) Indonesias Tahir, founder and chair-
man of Mayapada Group, also made it will fund the Unmanned Aircraft
With only 83 staff members, the to the list for contributing $2.2 million System operations Technician
Zuellig Family Foundation trains rural to Syrian refugee families in Jordan, ( Continued on page 12 )
governors, mayors and their staff on

San Diego
providing them with a monthly allow-
leadership and good governance. ance and solar panels for their schools.
Forbes said the foundation only served Tahir also donated $1 million last year

County: Latest
nine municipalities when it started in for the winter coats of 10,000 refugees
2009, but has since grown the program and $2 million to a UN campaign to
that it now caters to 640 municipali-
provide temporary shelters for two mil-
ties or 42 percent of the countrys total lion refugees.
number of towns.

For the first time, philanthropists from
The program is also implemented Myanmar and Vietnam also made it to
through partnerships with the Philippine the list.

health department, the UN and the US Forbes recognized Ken Tun, founder
government, it added. and CEO of Parami Energy Group, who
In recognizing Medved-Po, Forbes said donated more than $1 million for rural
the former actress and model started
Generation Hope, which donates all
development, reforestation and educa- Activity at Local Credit Unions
tion in Myanmar over the past few years.
profits made from the sale of Hope in He also founded the PyninYawDaya Reects Current Economy
a Bottle bottled water to the Friends (Ray of Education) Foundation this year
of Hope, a nonprofit organization that to develop social enterprises to support San Diego County (June 26th,
builds classrooms around the country. monastery schools and its graduates. 2017) How 958,000 credit
She began the venture in 2012, has

VP Leni
spent nearly $900,000 and has sold union members in San Diego
almost 9 million bottles, built 37 class- County are spending their money
rooms and improved the learning envi- ( Continued from page 1 ) on homes, remodeling projects,
ronment for more than 7,000 students, new and used automobiles,
Forbes pointed out. channeled his sad experience into
Medved-Po explained why she focused dancing and used his talent while higher education, surviving life
on building classrooms. I believe in- on duty directing traffic, which events and other big-ticket items
vestments in education carry the greatest entertained the motorists and provides a key barometer into
ripple effect to narrow the wealth gap whats happening across the local
over time and my building a classroom
was tangible and easy enough for every- Robredo believes the stories of economy.
one to understand. each and every Filipino could be
To make it to the list, Forbes said it According to the 1st Quarter Credit
stories of hope. Union Trends Report for San Diego
only looks for true philanthropists, Instead of fighting each other,
people who are giving their own money, County which represents 17 credit
not their companys (unless they own why dont we look for stories of unions headquartered across the county,
most of the company), because we dont hope that can inspire us. Instead consumers of all ages are making money
decisions in the current environment
consider donating shareholder funds as of negative, we will talk about that are consistent with expanding
charity. the positive, she said.
And we also dont list people who job-growth and economic trends when
work in philanthropy solely as founda- The Office of the Vice Presi- compared to history.
tion heads, volunteers or fundraisers. We dent (OVP) launched Istorya ng
This two-page quarterly report reflects
want to focus on the people supplying Pagasa in Cagayan de Oro and in year-over-year trends in local loans
the financing and sketching the broad vi- the cities of Cebu, Quezon, Ba-
sion. If our effort in compiling this roster and deposits and is published by the
encourages more people to support guio, and Dumaguete. It also has California Credit Union League. Local
worthy causes, then well consider it a partnered with three universities consumers who are members of San
good deed, it also said. Siliman, Xavier, and University Diego County-based credit unions:
Forbes also listed former Chinese of the Cordilleras.
basketball superstar Yao Ming for equip- Continue taking on first-mort-
ping and training students in sports, gages to purchase or refinance homes.
especially in schools that are in the First-mortgages rose 8 percent, hitting
remotest regions of China; and Charles a record $6.3 billion. (This may include
Chen, co-founder of Tencent, who com- fixed-rate, adjustable-rate, purchase,
mitted $320 million to improving educa- traditional refinance, and cash-out refi-
tion last year. The money will fund the nance mortgages)
Yidan Prize to be awarded each year to
support the most transformational ideas Are turning home equity into
in education. cash for remodeling or other large
From Australia, it listed iron ore purchases. Home Equity Lines of Credit
magnate Andrew Forrest, founder & (HELOCs) and second-mortgages rose
chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, 2 percent, reaching $775 millionan
which donated more than $300 million ( Continued on page 12 )
in May to various causes, including
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

( Continued from page 5 )
SDSUs College of Education is part of
a recent national $47 million initiative
to improve programs that train aspiring
school principals. The Wallace Founda-
tion selected SDSU and six other U.S.
universities to examine state policy and
determine which procedures might be
strengthened for higher-quality training.
The grant will bring $6.2 million to
SDSU over the next four years.

Destiny: Change of Mind

Earlier this year, the College of Educa-
tion was tasked by the California Com-
mission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)
with developing programs through
( Continued from page 1 ) one, Freddie said, giving the number to which students earn both an undergradu-
his mother. ate degree and a teaching credential in
No. Thats for you to tell him. And you dont have to send me four years. In all, SDSU received four
All we want is for him to be safe money as the allowance Auntie Mimi grants totaling $1 million from the CTC,
and be taken care of. gives me is considerable. double the number awarded by the CTC
Mona could not utter a word. After a to any other institution.
Stay away from him, Mona, while, she bade her son goodbye. A great reputation Kamayan at Villa Manila. (L-R) Edna Concepcion, (a guest of Edna), interim San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan, and the Honor-
in anger, told Mimi. She was still fuming mad when her The organizations that award grants able Charlene Zettle of the UCSD Board of Regents contemplated their options in the immersive lesson of consuming Filipino food using virtually
Mimi thought it was best to suitor Romano asked about the call. consider the personnel who would nothing but their bare hands in a banquet-style party called "kamayan". We are happy to report that spoons and forks saved the day. The reception
give the phone to Freddie so the Can you believe it? The family of the administer them when they select the in National City on June 28 drew an appreciative gathering of bipartisan advocates to welcome the recently Board appointed DA.
man who ruined my life is taking care recipients, said Johnson. The outstand-
mother and son could talk.
Drone Spreading Ribbon
of him. ing reputation of our programs and fac-
Hi Mommy, Freddie greeted his
Are they harming him? ulty have been instrumental to bringing
mother. He was not aware of her fury.
No. grants to the university.
Mona calmed down upon hearing her ( Continued from page 5 ) ( Continued from page 5 )
What happened? U.S. News & World Report ranked ( Continued from page 1 )
sons voice. She didnt want him to
Peters sister Mimi was Freddies SDSUs College of Education No. 57 Education Program (UASTEP).
know she was angry. Awarded by the National Science ed contracts, and not to shortcut tion is a State of California agency that
teacher. She took him in when she found in the nation among all universities and owns and operates the Del Mar Fair-
How are you? Hearing his voice was
out our house burned down and he had No. 39 among public universities, mak- Foundations Advanced Technological or slip from work, he added.
a great relief. Months of anxiety seemed Education (ATE) program, the project Last week, the CBCP released a pasto- grounds, Surfside Race Place, Horsepark
nowhere to go. ing it the highest ranked graduate-level Equestrian Center and the Del Mar Golf
to have been assuaged. came about as a collaborative effort ral exhortation against fake news where
Thats good. At least he has a family education program in San Diego and 8th Center. The 22nd DAA produces three
I am fine. Auntie Mimi, Grandpa under the direction of four professors: CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan
who look after him. in California. The college's online mas- events each year: the San Diego County
Miguel and Grandma Luisa are tak- Wing Cheung (Principal Investigator Archbishop Socrates Villegas asked the
Theyre not his family. ters degree program also ranked among Fair, the Del Mar National Horse Show
ing good care of me. They bought me or PI), Professor of Geography and faithful to help stop the spread of fake
But Freddie is her nephew. the best in the nation at No. 22. and The Scream Zone. The Fairgrounds
clothes and gave me my own room. I am Coordinator of the Geographic Informa- news especially on social media.
Mona could not respond. hosts more than 350 events annually, the
embarrassed they wont even let me help tion Systems (GIS) program at Palo- Our Catholic faith obliges us to refrain
You cannot deny her brother Peter is largest of which is the live horse racing
with the household chores. They told me mar; Mark Bealo (Co-PI), Professor from patronizing, popularizing and sup-
Freddies father. His family is Freddies meet each summer and fall, which is
I should just concentrate on my studies. of Graphic Communications, including porting identified sources of alternative
blood relatives. change want happen. The best thing for operated by the Del Mar Thoroughbred
Mona had mixed feelings. On one drone courses at Palomar; Sean Figg, facts or fake news, read the letter.
But Peter raped me. everyone to do was to provide better Club for the 22nd DAA and the State of
hand, she didnt want the family of the Assistant Professor of Geology at Refuse to be themselves purveyors of
Its not his relatives fault. The fact care and love to Freddie, and hope for California. For more information on the
man who harmed her to have anything Palomar; and Ken Yanow, Professor of fake news and to desist from dissemi-
they would like to take care of Freddie the best. Del Mar Fairgrounds, visit delmarfair-
to do with her son. On the other hand, Geographical Sciences at Southwestern nating this whether on social media or
in your absence is good for everybody. Slowly, Mona saw the light. She grounds.com
they were helping Freddie. No one else College, and Adjunct Professor of Geog- by word of mouth or through any other
Except for me, Mona uttered.
Lee Torres
would have any interest in taking care of realized Romano was right. As the
Why? What Peter had done to you raphy at Palomar. form of public expression, it stressed.
him other than the family of his father. Lord would preach, she should forgive
cannot be corrected. One good thing The four objectives of UASTEP are The CBCP said fake news is a sin
Her own family, which was mainly her and forget. She was sure with all their
that resulted was you had Freddie. You (1) Program and Curriculum Develop- against charity because it hinders ( Continued from page 13 )
deceased sister Maura, could not do wealth, Peters parents would assure her
love him so much you will give your life ment (2) Professional Development for persons from making right and sound
anything to improve his lot. She was son a bright future. the casino entrance will be added to the
for him. Surely, you can put aside your Educators (3) Strengthening Business decisions and induces them to make
helping her nephew Darren whose dad, Mona calmed down and accepted the new East Parking Garage this summer.
anger at his father for the sake of your and Workplace Competencies and (4) faulty ones.
Rodney, was in jail. Away from her son thought that Peters relatives would be The Pechanga Tribe also marked the
son. Student Outreach and Summer Acade- It stressed that crucial decisions
thousands of miles away, she could not part of her son Freddies life. He needed mid-point to their massive expansion in
Sometimes, Mona thought Romano mies. More information about UASTEP personal and social depend on the
make sure Freddie was safe, had food their love and guidance, especially since April with a topping out ceremony of the
was best suited to be a priest. His advice and the grant can be found here. accurate grasp of facts.
and shelter, and was being helped. She she was thousands of miles away and new hotel wing. More updates will be
was often sound and bereft of any Cheung said, This grant allows Alternative facts and fake news
could not tell him to stay away from the had her own problems. unveiled soon!
recriminations, even to the most evil for developing both new classes and engender faulty decisions many times
Sangalangs, as she knew he would be After a few days, she called up Freddie
person. partnerships with industry, each of with disastrous long-term consequences
endangered if he stayed in the streets, no and asked to speak to Mimi. About Pechanga Resort & Casino
Besides, Peter is dead, Romano con- which will help students transition into to persons and to communities, said
matter how much money she sent. Hello? Mimi answered the phone.
tinued. I am sure he has paid his dues careers in the sUAS field. He said that Villegas.
Get my number and call me collect, Mona didnt know how to begin. Pechanga Resort & Casino offers one
in heaven. What is important now is for the Palomar program stands out from Some of the bishops themselves have
was all she could say. Get money from similar drone-related programs in that been victimized by fake news and of the largest and most expansive resort/
your son to have the best life possible. (To be continued)
Darren so you can buy a cell phone. it appeals not only to those wanting to offensive memes in social networking casino experiences anywhere in the
Mona realized Romano was right. She
She then gave Freddie Darrens phone become drone technicians, but also to sites especially during the time President United States. Voted the Number One
had no reason to be angry at Mimi and
number. those interested in becoming entrepre- Duterte was slamming the Church for its casino in America by readers of USA
Peters parents; it was not their fault
Grandpa Miguel already bought me neurs in this up and coming industry. stance against killings in his drug war. TODAY and rated a Four Diamond
Peter had raped her. They could not
property by AAA since 2002, Pechanga
There are, of course, many facets to support from Disney Citizenship, future declines of amphibian species. Resort & Casino provides an unparal-
a worldwide corporation the size of Disney|ABC Television Group and *Wildlife ACT Fund Trust: Mkuze leled getaway. Offering more than
Disney. For example, there is the part of ESPN, the National Recreation and Park Community Conservation Project Both 3,400 of the hottest slots, table games,
Disney that offers grants to help protect Association will engage the public to black and white rhinos face unsustain- world-class entertainment, 517 hotel
the planet, the Disney Conservation vote for local park improvement projects able rates of poaching in South Africa, rooms, dining, spa and championship
Fund. And this fund, Disneys grant- in 16 communities. These park projects which is home to an estimated 74 per- golf at Journey at Pechanga, Pechanga
ing program focuses on protecting the will connect kids to nature, inspire kids cent of Africas remaining rhinos. The Resort & Casino features a destination
planet and helping kids develop lifelong and families to live healthier lifestyles, Wildlife ACT Fund Trust is leading edu- that meets and exceeds the needs of its
conservation values, has announced its and increase kids access to sports. cation and awareness initiatives among guests and the community. Pechanga
2016-2017 grant recipients. More than *National Wildlife Federation: But- communities living around South Af- Resort & Casino is owned and operated
$7 million in grants have been awarded terfly Heroes The National Wildlife ricas Mkuze Game Reserve to improve by the Pechanga Band of Luiseo In-
to leading nonprofit organizations, Federation encourages kids and families the survival of black rhinos through dians. For more information, call toll
including the Jane Goodall Institute, Na- to pledge to be Butterfly Heroes and art projects, bush camps, conservation free 1-888-PECHANGA or visit www.
tional Wildlife Federation and Panthera, commit to creating backyard garden clubs and educational games. The team Pechanga.com. Follow Pechanga Resort
working across the globe to protect wild- habitats that benefit pollinators and offer is also collaborating with the provincial & Casino on Facebook <http://www.

The Disney Conservation Fund life and provide experiences that will opportunities for outdoor discovery. parks and wildlife authority to monitor facebook.com/pechanga> and on Twitter
help inspire a lifelong love for nature in *Disneys Reverse the Decline efforts black rhino populations and measure @PechangaCasino <http://twitter.com/
pechangacasino>. Pechanga Resort &
names the recipients of its 2016-
young people. These grants are a provide funding to leading conserva- the conservation impact of community
part of DCFs new, targeted philanthrop- tion organizations to drive collabora- education efforts. Casino is open 24-hours. Guests must be
21 and older to enter the casino.

2017 grants
ic strategy announced last Earth Month, tion, scientific research and community *World Parrot Trust: Conservation
called Reverse the Decline, Increase the engagement in an effort to save wildlife of Tasman Parakeets The critically
Time, focused on reversing the decline and their habitats. As part of this initia- endangered Tasman parakeet is the rarest
of 10 threatened animals through scien- tive, Disney is contributing funding and forest bird on Australias Norfolk Island
DCF has now awarded more see or hear the word Disney. Peo- tific research, community collaboration, expertise to protect ten at-risk animals, and currently faces threats of habitat loss ing EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and
than $65 million in its ongoing ple generally think of Disney in and increasing the time kids spend in while also providing more than 100 from invasive plants. The World Parrot Globally Endangered) of Existence
commitment to reverse the de- an entertainment sort of way. We nature to inspire hope for the future of strategic conservation grants to support Trust is conserving the Tasman parakeet program.
cline of wildlife and increase think of their amusement parks, the planet and foster a desire to protect the worldwide protection of wildlife and through research to identify the most With the 2016-2017 grants, the DCF
the environment. ecosystems. suitable habitat for the birds on Norfolk has now awarded more than $65 million
the time kids spend in nature films, hotels, cruises, television Additional organizations include: and nearby Phillip Island. World Parrot to reverse the decline of wildlife and
shows and networks, iconic char- We are pleased to be supporting *Panthera: Snow Leopard Conserva- Trust is additionally educating local increase the time kids spend in nature.
What do you think of when you acters and so much more. some of the worlds leading conserva- tion in China China is home to an people and visitors about the cultivation Since 1995, this support has:
tion organizations to protect threatened estimated 60 percent of the global snow of native plants and the importance of *Helped to conserve more than 400
species and ecosystems and help reverse leopard population. In Chinas Tibetan this parakeet species. species around the world.
the decline of wildlife, said Kevin Cal- Plateau, Panthera is conducting outreach *Zoological Society of London (ZSL): *Funded protection of 143,400 square
lahan, vice president, Corporate Citizen- to monasteries and herders to prevent Conserving the Pygmy Sloth in Panama miles of habitatan area greater than
ship, The Walt Disney Company. We potential human-wildlife conflict and Pygmy sloths are critically endangered 2,400 Walt Disney World Resorts.
also know that nature plays a meaning- empower local people to help support and only found on the tiny island of *Helped to provide tens of millions of
ful role in the happiness and wellbeing the conservation of snow leopards and Escudo de Veraguas in Panama. With kids with nature experiences.
of children, and these grants are key to other wildlife. sloths habitat threatened by increasing The majority of funding is provided
our commitment to help inspire people *San Diego Zoo Global: Ocean to Ta- human pressures on the island, ZSL is by Disney and supplemented by guest
around the world to experience the ble Vaquita porpoises are the most en- developing a participatory conserva- contributions at Disneys Animal King-
magic of nature. dangered marine mammal in the world, tion management plan to protect pygmy dom Theme Park, The Seas and Land
threatened by accidental catch in gillnets sloths while respecting local customs at Epcot, Disney Cruise Line, Disney
As part of the Increase the Time when fishing for commercial species and culture. The team is working with Vacation Club Resorts and select Walt
component of its initiative, Disney is or for illegal fisheries. San Diego Zoo key stakeholders to raise awareness, Disney World resorts.
supporting programs that engage young Global is collaborating with the local encourage sustainable resource use, For a complete list of 2016-2017 DCF
people in discovering the wonder of nonprofit organization Intercultural Cen- and monitor the sloth population. This grant recipients, visit www.disney.com/
the natural world, in their backyards, ter for the Study of Deserts and Oceans project forms part of ZSLs pioneer- conservation
their communities and other places that to work with local fishing communities
inspire their sense of discovery and hope in the upper Gulf of California, Mexico,
for the future of the planet.
Organizations selected include:
*Jane Goodalls Roots & Shoots: Jane
to explore economic alternatives and
provide hands-on education experi-
ences, including a student competition to
House for Rent
Goodalls Roots & Shoots is the youth
action program of the Jane Goodall In-
propose models for bringing responsibly
sourced seafood to consumers. 4BR/2BA Newly renovated house
with spacious, 2nd oor office
stitute. The program builds on the legacy *Coastal Plains Institute: Building
and vision of Dr. Jane Goodall empow- Communities that Conserve Wetlands
ering young people to create commu- Floridas ephemeral wetlands provide an

den in front of Horizon Adult Day

nity-based solutions to big challenges important habitat for a diversity of plants
facing other people, animals and the and animals, including reptiles and
environment we share. Disneys grants amphibians. The Coastal Plains Institute

Care Center in National City.

to Roots & Shoots support programs is protecting rare striped newts and other
in 12 countries to empower the next wetland wildlife by providing hands-on
generation of environmental stewards. learning and citizen science opportuni-

Near to all. Call 619.746.3416

*National Recreation and Park As- ties for students and other citizens to
sociation: Meet Me at the Park With collect ecological data and help to detect
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

AARPs WeChat campaign by DAE wins 3AF

Digital Campaign of the Year Award

Left to right: Sky Zhang, Junior Strategist, DAE; Chien Hwang, Executive Creative Director, DAE; June Kao, Marketing Con-
sultant, AARP; and Genny Hom-Franzen, Executive Director, 3AF.
WASHINGTON, D.C., June 29, his philosophy on healthy living, and tantly, to be a natural part of the Chinese
2017 AARPs North American broadened AARPs presence in the Chi- American community. Being part of the
nese American community. Additionally, conversations on these digital platforms
Joyful Age campaign by DAE in-language posts featuring former San allowed us to do that.
won 3AFs inaugural Digital Francisco District Attorney investiga-
Campaign of the Year Award, tor Audrey Moy spotlighted simple We congratulate DAE and AARP for
an honor given to an agency everyday tips to help prevent fraud and their strategic and innovative approach
financial scams. This was a significant to the many Chinese American consum-
that demonstrates excellence in opportunity to shed light on taboo, but ers age 50-plus who, thanks to the rise
engaging audiences via interac- prevalent topics within the Chinese of technology, have increasingly become
tive or digital tactics. Presented American segment. more familiar withand may ultimately
by the Asian American Advertis- prefer digesting mobile content,
DAE created a campaign to help us said Jay Kim, President of the 3AF, a
ing Federation (3AF) at its Asian find new ways to reach Chinese Ameri- national trade organization comprised of
Marketing Summit in Los Ange- cans age 50-plus and their families, Asian American advertising agencies,
les earlier this month, the award said Daphne Kwok, AARP Vice Presi- Asian market advertisers, Asian media
recognizes the best in culture and dent of Multicultural Leadership, Asian companies and other industry specialists.
in-language creative work in the American and Pacific Islander Audience
Strategy. WeChat was the perfect ve- About AARP
Asian American advertising and hicle to engage bilingual and bicultural AARP is the nations largest nonprofit,
marketing industry. Chinese American families looking for nonpartisan organization dedicated to
AARP resources to help them improve empowering Americans 50 and older to
Intent on ramping up its reach to the their lives. choose how they live as they age. With
Chinese American segment, AARP nearly 38 million members and offices
looked beyond traditional media to The WeChat campaign incorporated in every state, the District of Columbia,
expand its online presence to the bur- a variety of interactive content to both Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands,
geoning 50-plus digital consumer base. educate and entertain readers, includ- AARP works to strengthen communities
Fueled by research that revealed that ing infographics, a Chinese rap song, and advocate for what matters most to
Chinese Americans age 50-plus are digi- surveys, contests, games, offline events, families with a focus on health security,
tally powered and socially empowered, and videos. Over the course of 11 weeks, financial stability and personal fulfill-
DAE launched AARPs North Ameri- the campaign exceeded expectations, ment. AARP also works for individuals
can Joyful Age account on WeChat, the reaching more than 115,000 people, in the marketplace by sparking new
leading social media and lifestyle mobile accumulated more than 195,000 page solutions and allowing carefully chosen,
application in China. AARP shared views, and gained 3,000 new WeChat high-quality products and services to
customized content with Chinese Ameri- followers. carry the AARP name. As a trusted
cans about relevant community issues source for news and information, AARP
like health and wellness, fitness, food, We wanted to tell authentic stories of produces the worlds largest circulation
fraud prevention, and financial security. AARP members and their achievements publications, AARP The Magazine and
as they age, says Chien Hwang, Ex- AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit
Video ads featuring celebrity chef ecutive Creative Director at DAE. To www.aarp.org or follow @AARP and @
Martin Yan engaged and educated audi- inform and connect, but most impor- AARPadvocates on social media.
ences who wanted to learn more about

Chinese tourist faints in shock

after breaking P2M bracelet
A Chinese tourist visiting the south- She fainted because of the shock,
western Yunnan province of China but fortunately she is fine after having
fainted after accidentally breaking an emergency treatment in hospital said
expensive jade bracelet. Lin Wei, one of the shop owners.
The woman had tried on the bracelet The incident was not reported to the
inside a shop in Ruili City, Dehong police and the shop owners said that
Prefecture, when it slipped from her they would negotiate with the woman
hands while she was taking it off. The based on her financial situation.
bracelet fell to the tiled floor and split A third-party association under govern-
into two pieces, according to a report on ment supervision estimated the value
Chinanews.com via South China Morn- of the bracelet at around 180,000 yuan
ing Post. (roughly P1.3 million) according to
The shop staff informed the woman another report by the Yunnan.cn news
that the bracelet was priced at 300,000 portal.
yuan (roughly P2 million). Afterwards, Jade has a huge significance in Chinese
the woman made calls to friends and culture. It is seen as a representation of
told staff that she was feeling dizzy. purity, a bringer of long life, and even
Later on, her lips began to turn pale as used as a charm. -- Alfred Bayle/JB
and the woman broke out into a cold INQUIRER.NET
sweat before losing consciousness.

Daddy, how was I born?

Daddy, how was I born? secluded room, and googled each other.
A little boy goes to his father and asks There your mother agreed to a download
'Daddy, how was I born ?' from my hard drive. As soon as I was
The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess ready to upload, we discovered that
one day you will need to find out any- neither one of us had used a firewall,
way! Your Mom and I first got together and since it was too late to hit the Delete
in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up button , nine months later a little Pop-Up
a date via e-mail with your Mom and we appeared that said:
met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a 'You got Male!

Breeze, Flex
and into downtown San Diego. NCTD's
system includes BREEZE buses (with
( Continued from page 5 ) FLEX service), COASTER commuter
NCTD extends its thanks to First trains, SPRINTER hybrid rail trains,
Transit for the years of service provided, and LIFT paratransit service. NCTD's
and for enabling a smooth transition mission is to deliver safe, convenient,
to the new contract provider. NCTDs reliable and user-friendly public trans-
goal is for customers to have a seamless portation services. For more information
day-to-day experience on these modes visit: GoNCTD.com.
during the transition. MV has committed About MV Transportation, Inc.
to collaborate with NCTD to enhance Headquartered in Dallas, MV Trans-
the customer riding experience for portation, Inc. is the largest private
BREEZE, LIFT, and FLEX services. provider of paratransit services and
About the North County Transit the largest privately-owned passenger
District transportation contracting firm based in
The North County Transit District is the United States. The company employs
a public transportation agency provid- more than 20,000 dedicated transit pro-
ing 12 million passenger trips annually fessionals and operates more than 200
throughout North San Diego County contracts nationwide and in Canada.
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

Housing & Real Estate

Gap Between Home Appraisals and Owner Estimates Widens for Sixth Consecutive Month
Quicken Loans National Price Perception Index (HPPI). ing markets for sellers. Many owners Detroit-based Quicken Loans Inc. is
HPPI shows appraised val- The gap between estimated value will find that they can get more than the nations second largest retail home
expected out of their home. mortgage lender. The company closed
ues were 1.93% lower than and appraised value, on a national more than $300 billion of mortgage
homeowners estimated in May level, continued to widen for a volume across all 50 states between
Home values rose 0.63% na- sixth consecutive month. ### 2013 and 2016. Quicken Loans moved
its headquarters to downtown Detroit in
tionally in May, with a 4.92% About the HPPI & HVI 2010, and now more than 17,000 team
year-over-year increase, ac- Appraisals are falling farther
members from Quicken Loans and its
cording to the Quicken Loans from owner estimates, but they The Quicken Loans HPPI represents Family of Companies work in the citys
HVI are rising higher each month. the difference between appraisers and urban core. The company generates loan
Home values rose an average homeowners opinions of home values. production from web centers located in
of 0.63 percent in May, and The index compares the estimate that Detroit, Cleveland and Scottsdale, Ari-
DETROIT, June 13, 2017 the homeowner supplies on a refinance zona. The company also operates a cen-
Home values continue to lag increased 4.92 percent year-over- mortgage application to the appraisal tralized loan processing facility in De-
owners expectations. Appraised year, as measured by Quicken that is performed later in the mortgage troit, as well as its San Diego-based One
values were an average of 1.93 Loans National Home Value process. This is an unprecedented Reverse Mortgage unit. Quicken Loans
percent lower than what home- Index (HVI). report that gives a never-before-seen ranked Highest in Customer Satisfac-
analysis of how homeowners are tion for Primary Mortgage Origination
owners expected, according to Home Price Perception Index (HPPI) viewing the housing market. The HPPI in the United States by J.D. Power for
Quicken Loans National Home national composite is determined by the past seven consecutive years, 2010
analyzing appraisal and homeowner 2016, and highest in customer satisfac-
At the beginning of the mortgage vary widely depending on the city youre estimates throughout the entire country, tion among all mortgage servicers the
process a homeowner estimates what in. Homeowners, and those looking to including data points from both inside past three years, 2014 2016.
their home is worth. Later in the process buy a home, should keep a close eye on and outside the metro areas specifically
an appraiser reviews the home, and their local market to better understand called out in the above report. Quicken Loans was ranked #10 on
the local comparable sales, to estab- home values in their area, and the trend FORTUNE magazines annual 100
lish their opinion of the homes value. they are on. The Quicken Loans HVI is the only Best Companies to Work For list in
The Quicken Loans HPPI showed that view of home value trends based solely 2017, and has been among the top-30
owners home value estimates were Home Value Index (HVI) on appraisal data from home purchases companies for the past 14 consecutive
an average of 1.93 percent higher than and mortgage refinances. This pro- years. The company has been recognized
appraisers opinions of the value, at a Home values rose at a national level, and duces a wide data set and is focused on as one of Computerworld magazines
national level. There was a slight widen- in much of the country, according to the appraisals, one of the most important 100 Best Places to Work in IT the past
ing between the two data points since Quicken Loans HVI which measures pieces of information to the mortgage 13 years, ranking #1 for eight of the
April, when there was a 1.90 percent home value changes based solely on process. past twelve years including 2017. The
difference. May is the sixth month the appraisals. Nationally, appraised values company is a wholly-owned subsid-
two valuations moved farther apart. De- increased 0.63 percent from their level in The HPPI and HVI are released on iary of Rock Holdings, Inc., the parent
spite the national average, perceptions May, and rose 4.92 percent when viewed the second Tuesday of every month. company of several FinTech and related
varied across the country. In Denver or annually. The Northeast was the only re- Both of the reports are created with businesses. Quicken Loans is also the
Dallas appraisals were nearly 3 percent gion measured that showed a home value Quicken Loans propriety mort- flagship business of Dan Gilberts Fam-
higher than expected, while in Philadel- loss, with appraisals dropping 1.63 per- gage data from the 50-state lenders ily of Companies comprising nearly 100
phia or Baltimore appraised values were cent since the previous month. However mortgage activity across all 3,000+ affiliated businesses spanning multiple
more than 3 percent lower than what all four regions had year-over-year gains, counties. The indexes are examined industries. For more information and
homeowners estimated. ranging from a 1.15 percent increase in nationally, in four geographic regions company news visit QuickenLoans.com/
the Northeast to a 6.85 percent increase in and the HPPI is reported for 27 major press-room.
Its important for consumers to see the West. metropolitan areas. All indexes, along
the HPPI and not only think about the with downloadable tables and graphs Twitter: @QLnews
difference in perceptions, but the differ- The strong demand for housing paired can be found at QuickenLoans.com/

Asian Journal
ent perceptions across the country, said with the low levels of inventory continue Indexes. Facebook.com/QuickenLoans
Bill Banfield, Quicken Loans Execu- to push values higher, said Banfield.
tive Vice President of Capital Markets. Prices are rising as values push higher, About Quicken Loans
Home values, and home value changes, making many First
parts of the country entic-
Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diegos Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588 Fax (619) 474-0373

Niagara Regional Planner

( Continued from page 2 )
They would cross the bridge that spans Coordinate public outreach and education to support transportation and health projects. Call (619) 699-1900 or
Niagara Falls and the U.S.-Canadian visit www.sandag.org/jobs for information. Closes 7/14/17. EOE.
border and view the sights from the
other end. It was their first time to cross
the Canadian border which was easier to the third stop, he got tired of the regular had seen so far. The rooms were big if students can workout in a well-equipped
do due to the lack of traffic, both pedes- coffee and took a cappuccino instead. It not luxurious. He first came to know gym and enjoy the California Sun in its
trian and vehicular, compared to that of was a mistake because the minimal caf- about the school because of its football expansive campus. Students can spend
the U.S.-Mexican border, which is just a feine did not work its magic. He still felt team, with its quarterback, Doug their free time in nearby Santa Monica
few miles away from their house in San sleepy. He had to stop by a coffee shop to Flutie, who eventually excelled in the Beach where they could swim or surf.
Diego, California. The view from the get his regular fix. National Football League and even The University of Southern California
Toronto side of the fall was also fantas- played for the San Diego Chargers campus, on the other hand, is tucked
tic. One could look around and would No map quest during his waning years. Fluties claim in beside the Los Angeles downtown
not find a single side of the scenery that to fame was the so-called Hail Mary area, near the Staples Center, where the
is not worth a photo shoot. They rode a There was no map quest at that time. Pass during a very important College National Basketball Association games
tourist boat that took them to the back Such a computer technology was not yet game. Then there was Wellesley Col- are held and near L.A.s notorious skid
of the main fall, with water splashing available; hence they had to rely on a lege, an exclusive private school where row. During their visit, the statue of
all over them. They wore raincoats map, the big one that one spread out with former First Lady and now leading its schools mascot was covered with
provided by the boat operators but that ones stretched hand. Adams two girls Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham cloth. The football competition between
did not prevent them from getting soak- acted as his navigators. To give him an Clinton, went. UCLA and USC was so intense that the
ing wet. They had a similar experience idea of how far they were, they would tell latter took precaution lest vandals from
a few years later when they took a boat him the distance in inches between the The tour was part educational, part their rival school might desecrate their
trip at the back of the famous Pagsanjan point where they were and their destina- recreational for them. Not only were mascot in the dark of the night, since
Falls in the Philippines. tion in the map. they doing it to explore Margies col- a game between the two was up and
They started out with twelve inches to lege options, they were also visiting coming.
They could have taken a tour bus to go. After two hours, they barely covered places that could add up to their knowl-
explore the City of Toronto, but they three inches. edge as well as make them enjoy their In the end, Margie had a choice of
decided to do it next time when Adams How many more inches, he would time traveling together. In addition, the either going to Berkeley, UCLA, USC Ma
wife and his eldest daughter, who were impatiently ask. knowledge they gathered would also and Cornell. She was in a waiting list SA
not able to join the trip because of work Seven more inches, Dad, they would help their daughter Lily by the time at Cornell and her acceptance was not
and school, would be with them. reply from the back of the car. her need to chose a college comes two guaranteed. She got a partial scholar-
As they crossed the border back to There were times when he wanted to years later. ship offer from USC, but since it is an GE
the United States. they noticed the line pull up and sleep in the car by the side After checking out Wellesley, they expensive private school, her school ex-
that marked the boundary of the U.S. of the road. But they had to be in Boston decided to spend the rest of the day penses would almost be the same if she Here
and Canada. Adam started the foolish by evening since they already booked a in Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts, would choose either Berkeley or UCLA. your c
game. He crossed back and forth of the hotel room. So he pushed on, half awake, the site of the original landing of the She chose Berkeley partly because its publica
line, telling his kids how many times he struggling to maintain his consciousness. First Pilgrims in America. Seeing the environment is not as familiar for her as
had been to Canada. Not to be outdone, If only he had another adult with him, he actual rock and visiting the museum in Los Angeles, which is just two hours
his daughters did the same, and in their would be slouched at the passenger seat was not enough; they had to have drive from her home in San Diego. it an d
House Lessons
competition to have as many trips in front of the car, happily snoring away Maine lobster for dinner at a seaside
outside of America, he sensed that they in deep, very deep slumber. restaurant with a big billboard beside Enriching us for y
would not give up until he relented, it that depicted a huge drawing of the ad is ten
( Continued from page 9 ) ( Continued from page 9 ) which he did. It would take them the Grace of God delicious crustacean. It was just too School life for Margie at Berkeley was to be p
(Lone District, Baguio City), Cecilia Find good in others whole day to see who could travel most tempting to pass up. enriching. She bonded with a group of
Leonila Chavez (Party-list, BUTIL), abroad but he gave in because they By the Grace of God, they reached select friends, from freshman to their AJ-C
Luisa Lloren Cuaresma (Lone District, After killing General Ludendorff, still had a lot of college campuses to their hotel in Massachusetts early in Boston was where they spent their senior year, all of them Asian Ameri-
Nueva Vizcaya), Divina Grace Yu (1st visit. the evening. Again, the landmarks they Fourth July in 1998, the fourth leg cans: two Koreans, one Chinese and one of the A
whom she believes to be the incarnation receive
District, Zamboanga del of Ares, god of war, Diana finds that passed through fascinated him. One was of their familys East Coast trip that Vietnamese. The campus housing for
nothing changes. The real Ares reveals Rigorous the site of the Basketball Hall of Fame brought them to Washington, D.C.; students was wanting, if not expensive. time. A
Sur), Vilma Santos-Recto (6th District, where James Naismith invented the game Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Margie stayed only in the schools dorm
Batangas), Glona Labadlabad (2nd
himself and tells her humanity doesnt
The trip from Niagara Falls to Boston, of Basketball. Another was the famous Pennsylvania; Boston Massachusetts; for one semester because it was too 1x4x1
deserve saving theyre rotten to the
District, Zamboanga del Norte), Ana core. Massachusetts where they intended to Walden Pond, the subject of the great and New York, New York. It was a hot crowded. There were five of them in one 200
Cristina Go (2nd District, Isabela), Celso But Dianas memories of Steve prove check out Wellesley and Boston College writer Henry David Thoreau in his clas- summer; the first time they experienced small room, and she could touch its ceil-
upon y
Lobregat (1st District, Zamboanga City), otherwise. She believes that for all their was a rigorous one for Adam. He did sic essay of the same name. Definitely, over 100-degree temperature. His kids ing as she laid on her upper bunk bed.
Marlyn not plan to drive the whole day because the northern area of the East Coast of made a big deal of taking a picture of She later stayed in an apartment with invoice
flaws, humans possess an innate good- Thank
ness as well. he knew he would have a hard time the United States, a place Adam hardly the thermometer inside the van they two friends, which turned out to be the
Primicias-Agabas (6th District, Pangas- Its not about deserving, its about physically. Whenever they took long explored, needs another and more detailed rented depicting what was to them a one where the newspaper heiress Patty
inan), Harlin Neil Abayon III (Party-list, what you believe. And I believe in love, trips, he could only drive at most for visit from him. Other places in the area record-breaking weather. Hearst was staying when the radical Fax #
AANGAT TAYO), and Manuel Jose she says simply. two hours, then he would get tired, if that fascinated him were the Catskills Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped
Dalipe (2nd District, Zamboanga City). To forgive may be divine especially not sleepy. His companions always took Mountains where former World Boxing West Coast her. On her junior year, Margie availed
SFM in the demigods case. But in a world full the wheels as he usually enjoyed the Heavyweight champion Mike Tyson did of the schools Study Abroad Program
of intolerance and hate, compassion and scenery, took naps, read books or did his training and of course Woodstock, Back in the West Coast, their col- by going to school in Alcala, Spain for
empathy are just what humanity needs. crossword puzzles during the entire trip. New York, the site of the legendary rock lege tour continued. Among Margies one year. She came back fluent in Span-
But now, Adam could not enjoy such concert in 1969. choices were the University of Califor- ish and honed by her travels to several TO
Wonder Woman took the superhero
genre a step forward with its earnest, luxury, as he had to do all the driving by nia in Los Angeles, the University of cities of Europe during weekends and pleas
feminist storytelling. himself. Although his daughter Margie It was already nine in the evening when Southern California and UC Berkeley. long holidays.
already had her drivers license then, they reached their hotel. They had dinner They had visited Berkeley before When her parents picked her up after (619
Need daily inspiration to be your own she was still too young to legally drive at a local Chinese restaurant, which was during their first visit to San Francisco graduation to go back to San Diego, her ackn
kind of superhero? Channel your inner a rental car. And Adam was supposed to not the best, but since they were so hun- when his kids were small. The second landlords, a gay couple, raised a Filipino
Wonder Woman with these items below. drive the whole day! gry, was good enough for his discriminat- time around, their impression did not flag at a pole in front of the house to
Rappler.com Like clockwork, he would start nod- ing daughters. change. It was still full of Asian Ameri- commemorate her departure. It was
ding by the end of every two hours. The next day, they hit the road again to can students, which perhaps comprised indeed a nice and appreciated gesture.
They would stop by a restaurant along visit more colleges in the area for their the majority of the student population. AJ
the freeway, as he would take his fill of second daughter, Margie, to choose from. UCLA had the best cafeteria and
a cup of strong coffee to stay awake. At Boston College has the best dorms they dorm. It was like a country club, where (To be continued)
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Lessons Wonder Woman taught us House approves bill on
correct rendition of Lupang
Hinirang, stiffer penalties

Fourth of July 2017

Happy 241st Birthday, America!

How the female superhero

reinvigorated the superhero Here are a few lessons we can all learn
from Wonder Woman:
genre (plus a list of items that
can help you tap your inner When no one believes you, stick to
Wonder Woman) your guns (or sword) Inquirer.net | MANILA The The National Historical Commission
House of Representatives has ap- of the Philippines will also be mandated
to disseminate an official musical score
Isabel Salvosa, Rappler.com | Be careful in the world of men, Diana, proved on third and final reading sheet to reflect the correct way of sing-
for they do not deserve you, Wonder the measure updating the rules
MANILA, Philippines Wonder Womans mother, Queen Hippolyta, ing the anthem.
America claimed its indepen- As I pledged allegiance to my new Womans cinematic release has warns her as she sets to leave Themy- on the correct rendition of the na- The proposed flag code will also
dence from England 241 years country, my heart was filled with emo- tional anthem Lupang Hinirang, oblige the Department of Education,
tion. There were over a thousand of us been much raved about and scira. But determined to put an end to
the Commission on Higher Education,
ago (July 4, 1776) giving birth to immigrants from sixty-two countries with good reason. Excellent Ares, and in turn, violence, she departs and requiring everyone to sing and the Technical Education and Skills
this beautiful country that we love with Captain Steve Trevor. along when it is played in public.
who became citizens that day. Our acting and directing aside, its a This is merely the beginning. As Diana Development Authority to ensure that
and call home. Happy Birthday, guest speaker was Senator H.I. Hayaka- breakthrough for female repre- arrives in London, she is constantly told House Bill No. 5224 also seeks the national anthem shall be commit-
America! wa of Hawaii, who delivered a moving to impose stiff penalties of ted to memory by all students of public
and inspiring speech, and an equally sentation in the superhero film by others to stay back, dont do this,
and private schools.
Like most immigrants, I love moving and inspiring poem The genre. youre wrong. P50,000 to P100,000 on any The House bill also strikes out the
what America stands for free- During a trek across the war trenches, a person who, or entity which
New Colossus. current flag codes prohibition on the
woman begs Diana to save their village
dom! America has always been The poem touched my heart because it Many young adults today have grown
from Germans. To do so, she would violates any provision of the display of the Philippine flag in front
a beacon of hope to the world. expresses faith in America as a refuge up watching movies featuring a litany of proposed lawmuch heftier than of buildings and offices occupied by
superheroes. Featuring an assortment of have to make it through the battlefield
for the oppressed. The poems warm aliens.
People from all nations leave their words of inspiration and welcome have personalities from the jokey Spider- called No Mans Land. the P5,000 to P20,000 fine pro- Under the proposed law, failure to
homelands every day to find hope Man to the tortured Batman they have, She ignores her companions, who vided for by the current Flag and
inspired countless people from distant observe the rules on the proper rendition
tell her that it's too dangerous. Wonder
and happiness here in the land shores to come to this country, seeking undeniably, become an integral part of
Woman decides to power through No
Heraldic Code of the Philippines. of the anthem and display of national
of the free and the home of the fortune and fame and most of all most childhoods. symbols will also lead to administra-
But in these blockbusters, there has Mans Land alone. She eventually leads
brave. freedom. Under the proposed measure, sing- tive discipline for the employees of all
always been a shortage of of well- the soldiers in liberating the village.
The freedoms that Americans enjoy, The last lines of the poem are en- ing along when the anthem is played at government offices and privately-owned
developed characters who were neither These are turbulent times, when stand-
and sometimes take for granted, could graved on the pedestal of the Statue of public gatherings shall be mandatory entities displaying the flag.
straight nor white men. The movie ing up for beliefs can be dangerous.
not usually be found where immigrants Liberty, together with the date July 4, and must be done with fervor. It may be The House announced the develop-
industry often fails to make its roster of Conviction takes strength of character,
came from. That was true with my home 1776, Americans Independence Day. noted the current flag code, enacted in ment in a Monday statement. With the
superheroes, not to mention directors, and fighting for what is right takes cour-
country, the Philippines, when I left. The Lady Liberty stands on Ellis Island at 1998, did not use the word mandatory approval of the law on third and final
more inclusive. age.
Philippines is a paradise! But during the the New York Harbor at a towering when it directed public attendees to sing reading via a unanimous vote of 212-0,
height of 302 feet. On her right hand The films feature mainly white, physi- along during gatherings. the measure now moves to the Senate
martial law years under President Marcos, cally attractive men on the battlefront. Dont stay behind the screen
greedy and corrupt politicians made the she holds aloft a torch and on her left As a sign of respect, all persons must for consideration.
hand a book, both signifying freedom. More often than not, other demographics stand at attention facing the Philippine Authors of the bill include Reps.
lives of people hell. in such films feel like an afterthought. When you see bad things in the world,
At the age of 16, when I was in my Here are the last lines of Emma Laza- flag, if displayed, or the band or conduc- Maximo Rodriguez Jr. (2nd District,
Set against the backdrop of testos- you can either do nothing or do some-
fourth year in high school at the Uni- rus poem The New Colossus as im- tor; civilians salute the flag with their Cagayan de Oro City), Evelina Escudero
terone-filled superhero movies with thing, says Steve, when Diana asks him
versity of Nueva Caceres, I got my first mortalized and recited by Lady Liberty right palm over the left chest. (1st District, Sorsogon), Christopher
minimal female characters, Wonder why he wants to return to the war.
job as a reporter for Naga Times, our herself as she looks at the boundless But, the House bill also seeks to pro- de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan),
Woman is a refreshing celebration of the For the rest of the film, he is driven
local paper. Then in my freshman year sea towards the distant shores: vide leeway for people whose religious Marlyn Alonte (Lone District, Bian
diversity of female identity. by this purpose: to end the war. And
in college the following year, I became Give me your poor, your tired. beliefs prohibit them from singing. The City), Victoria Isabel Noel (Party-
As in real life, Wonder Woman's in the end, he sacrifices his life for this
a correspondent for the Philippine News Your huddled masses yearning to current flag code did not contain any list, AN WARAY), Jose Christopher
female characters are multi-faceted. mission.
Service (PNS), which had its offices at breathe free provision, while the House measure Belmonte (6th District, Quezon City),
They have their own demons. They set We witness these bad things, and
states these people must, nonetheless, Deogracias Victor Savellano (1st
the time at the NPC (National Press Club) The wretched refuse of your teem- the story in action not just as beautiful, sometimes its convenient to leave it at
show full respect by standing at at- District, Ilocos Sur), Sandra Eriguel
Bldg. in Manila. ing shore. strong-willed heroines like Diana, but that. The digital age allows us to pas-
As a reporter with the Naga Times, I tention. (2nd District, La Union), Pablo Ortega
Send these, the homeless, tempest- as deformed evil scientists like Isabel sively view the world on mobile.
covered crime and politics, so the Police The House bill also seeks to standard- (1st District, La Union), Anna Katrina
Maru, or comical yet capable women But it also gives us a bigger platform to
Department, the Philippine Constabulary, tost to me, voice out opinions, to enlighten, to raise
ize the proper rendition of Lupang Enverga (1st District, Quezon), Lianda
I lift my lamp beside the Golden like the secretary Etta Candy. Hinirang in accordance with the musical Bolilia (4th District, Batangas), Rossana
City Hall, and the Governors Office be- Set during an era when women still did awareness steps that can spur others
came my beat. As a PNS correspondent, Door. arrangement and composition of Julian Vergara (3rd District, Nueva Ecija), Ron
not have the same rights as men, these to action.
I had a general assignment including Each and every time Independence Felipe: in 2/4 beat when played, and Salo (Party-list, KABAYAN), Mark Go
Day comes, I utter a prayer of thanks to kickass females proved their stories are within the range of 100 to 120 metro-
covering the most powerful couple in the just as worth telling. ( Continued on page 8 )
land President Marcos and his beautiful the Lord for letting me enter Americas ( Continued on page 8 ) nome, in 4/4 beat when sang.
wife Imelda. Golden Door.
Our PNS manager then was Romy
Abundo (who also left the Philippines
during the martial law years and came Now Available: was aghast, but realized he was jok-
ing. She hit him on the shoulder. He
knew the ice was broken. Chapter
Tidbits from this book your
inquiring mind wants to know:
How did Amalia Fuentes get her
last name?
Get all the answers in this book,
to America). I enjoyed attending PNS
meetings and National Press Club events Books by Asian Journal San Diego 2 : Movie Star How many children does Tessie Balik Tanaw:
The Filipino Movie Stars
Tula ng
Agana have?
and I got to travel to other provinces and (Continued from page 1)
Who are the two movie star cousins of Yesteryears!
regions in the Philippines. It was a great
Promised Complicated of Robert Arevalo?

mga Piling
Whose autograph of a famous come-
time, a fun time to be with the media. Or dian Perla Bautista sought that led her
so I thought!
Betel Nuts & Other Stories by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Entertaining and easy-to-read short stories inspired by a
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Affairs to become a movie star?
What physical attributes did Bernard
Betel Nuts & Other Stories

Filipinos experience in growing up in the Philippines.

But in September 21, 1972, everything Excerpts from the book

One day, however, the duckling went inside an opening under the house.
Bonnie have that made him a top
Borobot waited for it to come out but it did not. He kept waiting even when
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. sprinter in college?
changed! For me and my beautiful it got dark, but there was no sign of the duckling. When his father came

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.

home that evening, he told him about his missing duckling. His dad took a

Who is the other movie star brother

flashlight and pointed it toward the opening. He inserted a long stick inside

and tried to stir it. They could hear some squealing but no quacking. Finally,
his dad told him the bad news: The rats have eaten your duckling. Borobot
The colorful and incredible story of Robert Campos?
cried and cried for a very long time. from Chapter 2 Childhood Tales
By Joe Cabrera
Marcos declared martial law, claiming The inspirational and difcult
If there is a person that can aptly be called the son of a bitch, which in
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, the son of a whore (anak ng puta), it of a Filipino Americans compli-
Excerpts from the book Who was the Manila couturier that
journey of two Filipino cousins
Mayrong isang tao, itoy impresa- was instrumental in making Charlie
would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one of Erics playmates on Platerias Street where

that communists were to blame. Under cated affairs.

Eric lived with his family on the second floor of his fathers printing business
in Manila in 1957. Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a prostitute in a brothel
marrying U.S. Navy personnel for
across the street from Erics house. from Chapter 6 - Just Like Any Mother
Davao a movie star?
martial law, Marcos suspended the writ of migration and nancial purposes.
From where he sat, he could tell Juanita had just bathed. Her hair was still damp
and the fragrant scent of her cheap bath soap wafted through the air. She hardly no-
ticed him as she was minding her own business. While he pretended to be concen-
rio Who was the top actor Myrna Del-
habeas corpus and assumed extraordinary As a piece of the Filipino-American
trating on his reading, he would occasionally take a sneak peak at her, feasting his
eyes on all of her seductive beauty. For a hot-blooded fourteen-year-old, she was not


Na ang hanap buhay, maglabas ng gado had an affair with that produced
a love child?
just an object of curiosity. from Chapter 9 Fragrant Scent of Bath Soap And All Philippine Homecoming & Other Memories

powers. The Philippine Armed Forces experience, this story also applies to An entertaining and easy-to-read account of a Filipino
floor show
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

By the time they reached Platerias Street, everything was quiet. There was Americans homecoming to the Philippines and the

Minsay nag-advertise, ng bihirang Who was the legendary actor who

the lives of all people.
hardly a soul in sight; it was ten minutes past midnight. Narding frantically ran interesting memories it triggered.

became the strong arm of the govern-

inside the brothel in search of Clarita, but he was told the Chinese took her just
Philippine Homecoming

ten minutes before. He ran outside towards P. Paterno Street. Finding no speed-

gave Dolphy his first break in the

Excerpts from the book
ing taxi, he ran back towards Carriedo Street, turned right towards Rizal Avenue,
hoping the taxi holding Clarita had broken down. Finally, a loud, agonizing cry was Seeing the Philippines for the first time after many years would give any former

ment. All oppositions politicians, & movies?

heard all over in that quiet neighborhood of Quiapo. from Chapter 11 True Love resident a culture shock. The roads, which looked to be wider before, appeared

Excerpts from the book Na naiba naman, diyan sa ordi-

narrow. The buildings and the streets, which were dilapidated and dirty before,
Everyone was looking up at the top of an electric post, where sparks of looked more dilapidated and dirty now. Chapter 2 Balikbayan Culture Shock

journalists, even ordinary citizens were

light shone bright against the dark of the night. When the firemen trained the All of a sudden, the small kids from before were now grown up. Their
You must join the U.S. Navy so we
spotlight to the top of the post, they saw faces had changed, yet somehow looked familiar. Some of his relatives
a body of a man lying on a wood across who lived in a compound beside them had already died. Gone forever dur-

arrested and thrown into jail or impris- can live abroad, Isabel often told her
the post. It was Fred, the drunkard pimp.
Without anybody noticing, he woke from
deep slumber and this time, success-
boyfriend Lando as they walked in the
fully climbed the top of the post. He
THER TORIES ing a span of just ten years were his maternal grandmother, three uncles,
two aunties and two cousins. Chapter 3 Like A Video Tape Experience
Their vehicle moved towards the man and again they asked: Boss,
alam mo ba ang bahay ni Maning Bakla (Boss, do you know the resi-
May isang dumating, nag-prisinta
To order a copy, send $13.95 (mailing cost included) to Asian
oned inside the military camps. Journal San Diego. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City,
was electrocuted while celebrating his dence of Maning, the homosexual?)? The man looked serious and glumly

park, weaving dreams for their future

feat. from Chapter 15 A Day In The said: Yes, I am Maning, what do you want? They were embarrassed
Life Of The People Of Platerias Street as they were sure that Maning did not appreciate the unsavory nick-

together. He would just shrug his the son of a whore (anak ng puta), CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588
name. Chapter 6 Maning Bakla And the Duty Free Shops In Manila

Most were arrested without investiga- There was a full moon above, and they could see its reflections on the water as
the waves slapped on the sand. They could feel the cool breeze kiss their face, the

shoulders in response. from Chapter it would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one

warm water wet their feet. On that cold December evening in Maryland Beach Re-

tion and without cause. No charges were

sort in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, they wanted to freeze time and enjoy every

of Erics playmates on Platerias Street

moment of their stay Chapter 10 Nasugbu Market Place And The IUD BBQ
1 Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat
For more information, e-mail sandiegoasianjournal@yahoo.com
Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas proved to be an innovative mayor; for

filed, because under a dictatorial regime,

example, he introduced the free elementary and high school education in

where Eric lived with his family

the city, the first of its kind in the country. He was also a poet in the ver-

To order copies through the Internet, go to amazon.com, go to

nacular; at every opportunity, he would recite or talk in the form of a poem

on the second oor of his fathers

Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

he himself composed. In answer to his critics, he once said: Marami ang

respect for human rights is non-existent.

nagtatanong kung bakit ako tumutula, bakit, ang tula ba ay masama (Many

books, go to advance search and type name of author, SIMEON

are asking why I am reciting a poem, why, is a poem bad)? Chapter 17

printing business in Manila in 1957.

When Gatpuno Villegas warmed his Salumpuwit at Maharnilad
Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.

Freedom disappeared. Corruption was

Their playmates from the barrio were cautious and made a sign of

SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a PHILIPPINE

PROMISED LAND, the inspirational and difficult journey of two

SILVERIO, and follow instructions.

the cross when passing ant hills, which they would call nuno sa punso.
Filipino cousins marrying U.S. Navy personnel for migration They would reverently say, Makikiraan, po (Please allow us to pass!)!
and financial purposes. As a piece of the Filipino-American Chapter 31 - Nuno Sa Punso And Other Weird Provincial Experiences

rampant. The economy stagnated. Many prostitute in a brothel across the street
experience, this story also applies to the lives of all people. The boys, usually five at a time, would line up and march without their pants
Promised Land

towards the rice fields at the back of the house. They would pass by a guava

Excerpts from the book

from Erics house. from Chapter

tree, pull out several leaves and wash

were tortured and jailed indefinitely.

You must join the U.S. Navy so we can live abroad, Isabel of-

To order by mail, ll out

ten told her boyfriend Lando as they walked in the park, weav- them in the artesian well. Once in the

6 - Just Like Any Mother

ing dreams for their future together. He would just shrug his shoul- field, the quack doctor would hammer
ders in response. from Chapter 1 Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat a stake into the ground made of a

Many more just disappeared and were

branch of a guava tree with the other


The clash of two cultures, Filipino and Mexican, had taken its toll. He end bent towards the boy. Chapter
grew weary of the enchiladas, tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes 34 - Circumcision: Why Do Some

never heard of again.

she prepared repeatedly. He longed for the Filipino dishes from his na- Boys Walk Bow-Legged During
tive land that he would always eat as a child. Teresa would not let him Summertime In The Province?

(Check quantities in space before book title)

cook his favorite adobo and tuyo (dried fish) due to their stinking up
the house. When he brought her to the Philippines, Teresa refused to

I couldnt just close my eyes to what

stay and sleep in their house in the barrio. It is hot and there are liz-
ards on the ceiling, she complained. from Chapter 3 - Trophy Wife

was happening. So I became an anti-gov-

Let me make this clear with you again, Ditas once told Romy when
he accosted her while tipsy from drinking with friends nearby. I will
____ Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio Jr.
never marry you even if you are the last man on earth. The friends
laughed hard and Romy retreated in shame. The next day he left town Excerpts from the book:
ernment journalist, writing and speaking How did you know Richard? she
and she didnt hear from him until she received a letter from the United
States Naval Base in San Diego from her jilted suitor, now a mem-
ber of the U.S. Navy. from Chapter 5 - The Last Man On Earth
asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I ____ Betel Nuts and Other Stories by Simeon G. Sil-
for freedom and justice. I have finished
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

One evening, when Romy and his friends were drinking in the house, Ditas

showed Andy the photo of Isabel. Check her out, Andy, she told him. Shes
looking for a boyfriend here in America. No way, Andy replied. I know what
produced his shows there, he lied. verio, Jr.
college by that time. Aside from being a
shes up to. She will just marry and leave me once she gets her green card.
But shes very pretty, Romy told his friend. With your looks, you can never
have a wife as beautiful as her. from Chapter 8 Pretty Girls Photo He could see Menchie, the movie baga
print journalist, I also became a broadcast
Memories star, was impressed. And I can also Ang mga ibon daw, kanyang na- ____ Philippine Homecomings Cherished Memories
Is this your first time riding an
airplane? her seatmate, a wom-
an in her fifties, asked Isabel.
produce your show, he continued the gagaya
journalist. I was then one of four (and
LAND by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
How did you know? Because
youre holding your bag tightly
and you look scared. And also,
that huge envelope in plastic bag charade. She was pleased. Do you Kay daling gawin niya, ang sabi sa
only lady) talk show hosts for the Apat
contains the x-ray film carried
by first time immigrants. Isabel
think people will pay just to watch kanya
sheepishly smiled. from Chap-

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. ____ Complicated Affairs by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.

na Tagulipdan (The Four Invisibles),
ter 12 Land of Milk and Honey
me? Why, are we going to charge Marami na ko nyan, alis ka na muna
them? he asked instead. Menchie
a hard-hitting, award-winning nightly An entertaining and easy-to-read
Magre-reklamo pa, itong tao sana ___________ Total number of books
commentary program with Radio Station Ngunit itong boss, medyo napika pa Times $13.95 each (mailing cost included)
Betel Nuts
account of a Filipino Americans
Kayat itong tao, kagyat umalis na
DZDR in Naga City. homecoming to the Philippines and
Complicated Affairs By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The colorful and incredible story of a Filipino Americans complicated affairs.
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Sa bintanang daan, lumipad pag-
As if these jobs were not enough, I also the interesting memories it trig- ______________ Total Cost
& Other
Excerpts from the book:

Complicated Affairs

How did you know Richard? she asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I

produced his shows there, he lied. He could see Menchie, the movie star, was

became a faculty member at my alma

impressed. And I can also produce your show, he continued the charade. She
was pleased. Do you think people will pay just to watch me? Why, are we going to
charge them? he asked instead. Menchie was aghast, but realized he was joking. HEEEEHAAWWWW!!!
Fill out form below and send it together with check pay-
She hit him on the shoulder. He knew the ice was broken. Chapter 2 : Movie Star

mater, the University of Nueva Caceres,

Stories Balik Tanaw:
So how are you doing? Danny was pleased to hear from Juanita. I am okay,

Excerpts from the book

how about you? So-so, he replied. Ive missed you, his playboy persona took
over again. Really? she asked. I have something to tell you. What? Danny
was rejuvenated. He had not dated for a while and was eager to do so. He saw
ment payable to: Asian Journal San Diego, 550 East 8th
teaching English, Literature and Political
an opportunity with Juanita. I just gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations,
Danny said. Are you sexy again? He was hoping to renew their relationship

COMPLICATED Street, # 6, National City, CA 91950

but was unsure about it since she was with her husband. Juanita did not answer

Science. Despite my love for my media Seeing the Philippines for the
The Filipino
his question; instead, she said, And its yours. Chapter 3 :Another Child
This is Mindy, Diaz introduced a pretty twenty-five year old girl to him when

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. he arrived at the dock. Shes Dignas sister. Mindy shyly extended her right hand

rst time after many years would

which Danny shook. He noticed that Digna was teasing her sister, as though there

and teaching jobs, and being with my lov- AFFAIRS

was a pre-arranged plan between Diaz and the two girls unbeknownst to him. Later

give any former resident a culture

on, during the course of the fishing trip, he discovered the plan: Digna wanted
Full Name: ______________________________
Movie Stars
Danny to hook up with her sister. Marry my sister, Digna told him as they ate
lunch aboard the boat in the middle of the bay. So she can migrate to America.

ing parents and siblings staying in the Entertaining and easy-to-read shock. The roads, which looked
She knew Danny was a divorced American citizen. Chapter 5: Gone Fishin
Danny called up his friend Pepito and asked for ideas on how to best help

short stories inspired by a Filipinos

Kate. Pepito was the brother of his comedian friend, Elvis, one of the top enter-

Philippines was becoming too dangerous, to be wider before, appeared nar-

tainers in the Philippines at that time. Jackpot ka, pare (Youve got a jackpot,
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

friend), Pepito told Danny. She is a gold mine. What do you mean? We
Address: _______________________________
experience in growing up in the
of Yesteryears
can set her up with rich Chinese men playing at the casinos and charge them

row. The buildings and the streets,

at least 50,000 pesos to spend the night with her. I am sure many of them

and I feared for my safety.

would be willing to spend that much just to be with a beautiful white girl like
Philippines. which were dilapidated and dirty
Kate. We will get our commission afterwards. Chapter 8 : Leading Lady
After Danny gave him her name, the clerk spent a few minutes in the com-
puter. Thats it, the clerk said afterwards. She has pension due her, and you

So I had to come to America! before, looked more dilapidated

are entitled to it! Danny was surprised. He didnt expect this bounty. How much
do you think you will get? the clerk asked him. Danny was hesitant to give him City: ___________________________________
Excerpts from the book
an amount. He was happy to get $100 a

Five years after my arrival in this beauti- and dirty now. Chapter 2 Ba-
month. That would go a long way espe-
cially if one was living in the Philippines.
One hundred dollars, he answered.
by Dr. Romy Protacio
likbayan Culture Shock
Thats way too low, make it higher.
State: ____________ Zip: __________________
ful country I became an American citizen. If there is a person that can aptly be
Three hundred? Way too low. Five
hundred? Still very low. How much?
he finally asked. Try fourteen hundred

called the son of a bitch, which in Lives and Loves of the Filipino
dollars. He could not believe what

I considered that day as the day I formally

he heard. Chapter 9 : Windfall

Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, Movie Stars of Yesteryears

entered Americas Golden Door. I came
looking for freedom and I found it!
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

Spiritual Life
Stop sharing Filipinos asked to join in praying for peace
fake news, CBCP NewsJun 26, 2017
An interreligious movement
the Pasa Lord Prayer Movement.
Organizers said people can come
every Filipino in the country and the
world, they said.

Filipino bishops has appealed for prayers and

nationwide participation in the
together with family, friends or their
communities and churches in their usual
The Catholic Bishops Conference of
the Philippines (CBCP) is also inviting

prayer venues, or gather in groups at the faithful to join in praying for peace.
Prayer for Peace in the Philip- their work places or their schools. The CBCP was invited and we
pines initiative to be held July 7 The movement is composed of ordi- joined, said Archbishop Socrates Vil-
at 12:00 noon. nary citizens from various faiths and legas, CBCP President.
Manila, Philippines, Jun 23, denominations including Catholics who The call to prayer for peace comes
2017 / 12:01 am (CNA/EWTN The convenors believe that prayer for
unity changes things, so they are asking are mostly from Charismatic groups, amid the month-long hostilities in
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 2, 2017 News).- Fake news is a problem all Filipinos from every faith and sector Muslims, Protestants and Evangelicals. Marawi City, which has promoted the
everywhere, including in the of society to pray with them for peace in We are also asking people to echo the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

The Cross Enigma

call to prayer to their contacts, friends CBCPNews
island nation of the Philippines. the country.
and family members, and to urge them http://cbcpnews.net/cbcpnews/lipinos-
So much so that the bishops of Anywhere, everywhere. Filipinos are
urged to pray wherever they are, said to do the same so that the call will reach asked-to-join-in-praying-for-peace/
the Catholic-majority country
have released a first-of-its-kind
pastoral letter to their people im-
ploring them: Please stop sharing
fake news.
At (Jesus) trial, the question of truth
figured prominently. What is truth?
asked a bewildered Pilate, because
he failed to recognize in Jesus, THE
Joke of the week: Money can buy a But at the same time, a cross is not a TRUTH! the bishops said.
bed - but not sleep. cross without its horizontal beam. The Therefore, they said, Christians are
It can buy a clock - but not time. two poles are equally needed. Like- called to recognize truth in all forms,
It can buy you a book - but not knowl- wise, the cross, says Richard Rohr, is and to not participate in deceit for false-
edge. the coincidence of opposites geo- hoods in any way.
It can buy you a position - but not metrically, a collision of two opposing A fact, the bishops helpfully explain,
respect. lines. (Soul Brothers, p. 67. Orbis is anything that is or that happens.
It can buy you medicine - but not Books, Maryknoll, New York 10545.) If one man kills another, it cannot but
health. The colliding and opposing lines of the be a fact that the deed was done, and any
It can buy you blood - but not life. cross are united and harmonized at its 'alternative fact' that would have it so
So you see, money isnt everything, very center from where the centripetal that no killing was done is simply false,
and it often causes pain and suffering. I power of love of the God-Man Crucified and, when meant to deceive, a lie!
tell you all this because I am your friend, emanates. In Jesus all barriers between The bishops lamented that there are
and as your friend I want to take away sinners and saints, male and female are those who have given themselves to
your pain and suffering... So send me all removed. Love conquers all! (1Corin- the service of reporting what never hap-
your money and I will suffer for you!! thians 13). There can never be a Cross pened, concealing what really happened,
Scripture: First reading: 2 Kgs 4:8-11, without Christ and Christ without his and distorting what should be presented
14-16a. It was the custom in ancient Cross. They are both essentially needed in a straightforward manner.
times in accordance with Israelite Law for eternal salvation and well-balanced They also observed that social media
to sell wife and children to servitude to spirituality. has become the unfortunate site of
pay off ones debt. Elisha helped such a The Memorial Dimension of the 'alternative facts' and 'fake news'. Not
woman in todays passage. A Shunam- Eucharist harmonizes the vertical (from only does this offend against the orienta-
mite woman was rewarded by God God to man, and vice versa: sacrificial) tion of the human intellect to the truth.
with a son for her familys kindness and horizontal (from man to man: meal) It is, more fundamentally, a sin against
to the prophet. Second reading: Rom. dimensions of the cross. The memo- charity because it hinders persons from
6:3-4, 8-11. Paul defends the Gospel rial dimension of The Eucharist unites making right and sound decisions and
against what others are saying that it equally the Liturgy of the Word and induces them, instead, to make faulty
promotes moral decay. Gods forgive- of the Eucharist. In following what ones!
ness and grace are motivated not by sin, the Lord had commanded us to do in The letter, issued by Archbishop
but by his love. Gospel: Mt. 10:37-42. his name we proclaim his words and Socrates Villegas of Lingayen-Dagupan,
This is the first mention of the cross in participate in the breaking of bread. The president of the Filipino bishops' con-
Matthew, explicitly that of the disciple, continuation and representation of the ference, includes four obligations for
but implicitly that of Jesus. The cross Last Supper and bloody sacrifice of Cal- Catholics regarding the truth.
or the sufferings and death of Jesus that vary happen unbloodily whenever and Catholic faith obliges us to: 1. To
symbolize love and forgiveness are the wherever Holy Mass is celebrated. The
Prayer for the In the Depths of Your Heart
refrain from patronizing, popularizing
very opposites of the brutal and despotic Eucharist brings to life again and again and supporting identified sources of
Roman imperial power. the paschal mystery. The saving power

baptism of
alternative facts or fake news, they
Reection: Crucifixion was a form of of the Paschal Mystery death and res- said, referencing a phrase from a media
capital punishment used by the Romans urrection changes our weakness into Meditation: hearts, they would reach the
faux pas made by Kellyanne Conway,

aborted babies
for offenders who were not Roman citi- strength, forgives our failings and sins, counselor to U.S. President Donald peak of holiness in a short time
zens. Paul Corby Finney has observed heals our woundedness, and transforms Trump, earlier this year. I will tell you most when you (Diary, 584).
that there is no evidence for Christian art us into a high heaven where we can
before the third century. Nor is there any partially taste eternal life.
Secondly, Catholics are obliged To re- (29 July 1998) converse with Me in the depths
but and refute falsehood whenever they My Prayer Response:
evidence at all for a public representa- The Gospel makes clear the hard truth of your heart. Here, no one can
are in possession of facts and of data. Today the blood of innocent children
tion of the crucifixion of Christ before that there is only one choice to make: Catholics also must refuse to be them- has filled heaven. Their number is too disturb My actions. Here, I rest Lord Jesus, teach me. Help me to
Santa Sabinas fifth-century panelde- either to take up ones cross (self with great, too great . . . the wrath of the Eter- as in a garden enclosed (Diary, listen to You as You speak to me in the
spite the fact that crucifixion had been ( Continued on page 11 ) ( Continued on page 11 ) nal Father is about to fall on mankind... 581). depths of my heart. Like St. Faustina,
banned by Constantine a century earlier. Their blood disturbs My Agonizing help me to become holy as You form
The traditional explanation for this When you reect upon what my heart to become like Yours.
Heart and increases My agony...Through
absence seems correct to us: Christian this prayer, large numbers of innocent
I tell you in the depths of your *Diary passages with bolded words are
artists avoided representing Christ on the unborn babies will be saved. Pray it heart, you prot more than Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
cross because it was shameful. Non- daily and make it known to the world. if you had read many books. Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul 1987
Christian allusions to crucifixion bear Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
Anyone who teaches it will not be lost. Oh, if souls would only want to tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
this out. Innocent souls in heaven will not let
Cicero, in his defense of Gaius them become lost. I, with My Love and
listen to My voice when I am Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Jesus Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
Rabirius declared that the cross Mercy, will protect them from falling speaking in the depths of their by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB 2010
should not only be worn from the into mortal sin.
person of a Roman citizen and anything *** The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
associated with it be removed from his Heavenly Father, Your love is especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
thoughts, his eyes, and his ears. For it
eternal. In Your ocean of love, You
is not only the actual occurrence of these
saved the world through Your only-
things but the very mention of them that
is unworthy of a Roman citizen and a begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Now look Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
free man. Among the Roman under- at Your only Son on the Cross Who Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
class, Crux! was a common profanity is constantly bleeding for love of His
people, and forgive Your world. Purify On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
and clearly reflects the rationale behind was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
Ciceros thought. Get nailed to a cross and baptize aborted children with the
which today is similar to Go to hell! Precious Blood and water from the Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
(Hengel, The Cross of the Son of God, Sacred Side of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
1012 with citations. Cook Envisioning Who hung dead on the Cross for their Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
Crucifixion, 277 n. 38) salvation; in the Name of the Father, the whole world.
After what the entire pagan Rome had and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. On the Hail Mary beads say:
said about the cross, what is it really? May they, through the holy death of
The vertical relationship is a support Jesus Christ, gain everlasting life, For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
for the horizontal. Take away the upright through His wounds be healed and on us and on the whole world.
beam of the cross and the crossbeam through His Precious Blood be freed.
fails, collapsing to the earth and splinter- There to rejoice with the saints in In conclusion say three times:
ing on the rock of human pride. (Brett heaven. Amen.
Salkeld, Is the Eucharist a Sacrifice or a Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
Meal? February)

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at zaricruz@att.net or check for updates on
www.divinemercyhills.org, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit www.divinemercyhills.org
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Arts & Culture

Balboa Park After Dark adds new adventures to
keep summer alive after five
Sneak Peek to New Fleet
Science Center Exhibit This
JUNE 28, 2017 (SAN DIEGO,
CA) Summer in San Diego is

Hindi Mo ba Narinig?
in full swing and Balboa Park is
stepping up to the plate to keep
the fun going all season with new
exhibits and activities for Balboa Hindi mo ba narinig ng pumatak ang ulan
Park After Dark visitors, every na nagmula pa sa malawak na kalangitan
Friday night, 5:00-8:00 pm, agad niyang binasa natutuyong sakahan
through Labor Day weekend.
at pati mandin ang mainit na buhanginan.
The Fleet Science Centers newest
exhibit, Game Masters: The Exhibition, Hindi mo ba narinig ng mapigtal ang dahon
offers a sneak peek to Balboa Park After Food Truck Fridays is also going and August for video game madness in information.
Dark-goers this Friday, June 30. Game strong at the Park, this week offering Game Masters. mula sa nakahilig na malaking punong yon
Masters showcases the worlds best everything from pizza to sushi, BBQ to ABOUT BALBOA PARK CULTUR- na kung malakas ang hangin masdat umuugoy
video game designers, from the arcade shave ice, plus New Orleans-style fare Balboa Park Explorer passholders re- AL PARTNERSHIP na parang hinehele ang kanyang munting sanggol.
era to todays mobile gamesincluding to enjoy with this weeks live outdoor ceive FREE general admission. Purchase Balboa Park Cultural Partnership is a
100+ playable games! The Fleet will entertainment: Gator by the Bay/Bon your Explorer Pass today at https://ex- nonprofit organization through which
stay open extra late, until 10:00 p.m., Temps Social Club featuring Theo and plorer.balboapark.org/. 28 arts, science and cultural institu- Hindi mo ba narinig ang matinding sagitsit
with gaming on the Giant Dome screen the Zydeco Patrol. Enjoy a fiery mix of tions in Balboa Park collaborate to ng kumaripas na kotse sa daang makitid
and a no-host bar (open at 6:00 p.m.) Cajun and Zydeco dance music. Food *Museum of Photographic Arts achieve shared goals. By helping these
for adult beverage needs. Plus, Fanboy Truck Fridays runs 4:00-8:00 p.m., June (MOPA) is open until 8:00 pm on groups achieve greater organizational na tila nagmamadali na kanyang masapit
Gaming will be on-site with 10 gaming 2-September 29, 2017. Thursdays (not Fridays). The San Diego efficiency, innovation and excellence, ang lugar na tagpuan ng kanyang iniibig.
setups for a Gears of War 4 gaming Balboa Park After Dark participating Museum of Man is open until 8:30 pm it seeks to contribute to the vitality and
competition. Game Masters officially museums include*: FridaySunday, plus Labor Day and sustainability of Balboa Park. For more
makes its California premiere on Sat- Japanese Friendship Garden Memorial Day. Extended hours at other information visit www.bpcp.org. Visit us Hindi mo ba narinig ng tumulo ang luha
urday, July 1. Be among the first to see Mingei International Museum museums may vary and are subject to at Facebook.com/ExploreBalboaPark, sa matinding lungkot sa irog niyang dakila
it, the night prior to its official opening! Late hours begin July 7. Special $5 change. Please visit the website of the Instagram.com/ExploreBalboaPark, sa usapang magkikita nawala nang bigla
Regular admission applies. Once youre admission price. institution you wish to visit for more Twitter.com/ExploreBP.
in, all game play is free. Last admission San Diego Art Institute mandin ay mayroon ng syang ibang minumutya.
is 9:30 p.m.; the building closes at 10:00 Spanish Village

Stop sharing The cross enigma

p.m. San Diego Museum of Man launched in the country by the National Mocha Uson, have also been accused of
For those looking for nature-based fun In addition to the museum being open Union of Journalists of the Philippines spreading fake news. Uson and many
on Friday nights, the San Diego Natural until 8:30 pm each weekend, enjoy spe- and the Center for Media Freedom and pro-Duterte bloggers have also discred-
( Continued from page 10 ) ( Continued from page 10 )
History Museums 2D and 3D films are cial sunset tours of the California Tower Responsibility. Their newly-created ited legitimate journalists as pressti-
a cant-miss in their 300-seat, stadium- (timed tickets required) and the newly selves purveyors of fake news and to Google Chrome plug-in Fakeblok tutes, Rappler reported. weakness and strength, renunciation of
style theater featuring the latest in digital opened Living With Animals exhibit. desist from disseminating this whether flags fake news and misinformation on earthly attachments, family and loved
3D technology. Each Friday night enjoy San Diego Natural History Museum on social media or by word of mouth or Facebook. The bishops of the country went so far ones) or love the world and renounce
Ocean Oasis, Galapagos 3D and Sea (the NAT) through any other form of public expres- A recent study found that Filipinos as to say that sharing fake news is not discipleship.
Monsters 3D. Also at theNAT this Fri- The San Diego Museum of Art sion. spend the most time online and on social only an offense against human intel-
day, June 30 be sure to check out Trivia Art After Hours every Friday. Special And finally, Catholics must identify media of any country in the world. lect, but a sin against charity because Quotation of the week: The world
NightNature at the Movies. The muse- $5 admission price. the sources of fake news so that our The pastoral letter also comes at a it hinders persons from making right takes us to a silver screen on which
um is offering special behind-the-scenes Fleet Science Center brothers and sisters may be duly alerted time when opposing political camps and sound decisions and induces them, flickering images of passion and ro-
programming throughout the duration of Open until 8:00 pm Fridays with half- and may know which media and which in the Philippines are using fake news instead, to make faulty ones! mance play, and as we watch, the world
Balboa Park After Dark, including Sci- priced IMAX films at 7:00 pm in the sites to shun, they said. to advance their agenda, including says, This is love. God takes us to
Fi Friday film nights, Canyoneer hikes Heikoff Giant Dome Theater in May and The letter comes during the same controversial President Rodrigo Duterte, We your bishops join the Lord Jesus the foot of a tree on which a naked and
and iNaturalist demos. June. Open extra late on Fridays in July month that a fake news blocker was according to Philippine news source in His prayer that we all be consecrated bloodied man hangs and says, This is
Rappler. in the truth, because the Word of the love. Joshua Harris
A number of officials and agencies Lord is truth!

of the Duterte administration, such as
Communications Assistant Secretary
ordan is a loving, intelligent, and energetic boy who, at a very young age, was
diagnosed with autism. As a result, he is signicantly limited in his communica-
tion skills, social development, and academic progress. He exhibits some be-
havioral issues and maladaptive habits. Additionally, Jordan sometimes has to con-
tend with those who are either not receptive to or not well-informed about special
needs individuals.
Despite his condition, Jordans family loves him unceasingly. Together, they persevere through
the challenges that accompany the autism and do all they can to obtain the best services and bene
ts available for Jordan. As time goes by and the family adjusts to their unique struggles, they are
hit with another major blow. Just prior to reaching adolescence, Jordan is diagnosed with type 1
diabetes. All of a sudden, Jordans health issues are more than just social and developmental; they
are now also physical. Yet amidst the devastating news and the extremely di cult process overall,
the family continues to put their full trust in God.
Half My Life: e Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child began as just a poem composed by Jordans
father. Years later, it grew into this biographical journal. Much of it was not planned out initially but written on the spot
as thoughts and ideas came to the mind of the author and as memories and emotions lled his heart. It chronicles the
adventures and experience, the highlights and the struggles, and the surprises and setbacks as told from the perspective
of one of Jordans biggest fanshis dad.
The author will donate a portion of the proceeds to the following organizations, among others: Autism Speaks, the
PADRE Foundation (for juvenile diabetes research), and the Tim Tebow Foundation (for kids in need).

Details of my book:

Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child By Joseph Lim

My book is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books, and iTunes. Here is the publishers webpage
for my book which contains links to all the major websites where my book is sold, as well as a YouTube promotional
video trailer:


I also have a Facebook page for my book. From your FB account, search on the title, Half My Life: The Testimony
of a Father and His Special Needs Child. Or try this link.


Please feel free to share this information, Like on Facebook, etc. Every little bit helps. Please help me spread the
word for a good cause. You may contact me if you wish via email (josephslim@yahoo.com) or phone (909) 868-8144.

Thank you,
Joseph Lim

Half My Life:
The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child
AUTHOR: Joseph Lim
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child is a true story of unconditional love and lessons in patience
and faith. Its about a loving, intelligent, and energetic boy named Jordan, who is diagnosed with autism and diabetes. This book is
a vivid chronicle of the highlights and struggles, the joys and challenges, experienced by a special child and his family.
Available online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes, Kobo books, and Barnes & Noble.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to charities for autism, diabetes and special kids.
Visit Facebook page named, Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child
Contact us at: josephslim@yahoo.com
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

Classified Ads
How to fight
must happen in both the real and virtual Start with the family. in your area of responsibility, what can
worlds. you do tomorrow? Commit to it and do
( Continued from page 14 ) Jordans Minister Judeh said nations One of our best assets are the fight- it.
ing build institutions in the Philippines need to address real-world problems ers families, said Peter Neumann, the Its what the terrorists are doing. Rap-
bottom up. We use a formula I shared and give its youth 3 things: education, director for the International Centre for pler.com For only $75,000, you can own a Condo in the
at the CVE summit, our own reverse opportunity and empowerment. the Study of Radicalization in the UK. Part 1: How to fight ISIS? Build com-
conversion funnel to expand reach and 99% of the parents do not want their munities
influence. Begin at home kids to go to Syria. None of them want beautiful Boracay island in the Philippines as
The threat the world is facing today is their kids to die. Maria A. Ressa is the author of Seeds
unprecedented, said Foreign Minister That fight, nearly everyone in the room Which is exactly what happened with of Terror: An Eyewitness Account of Al- a vacation home for yourself,
Nasser Judeh just weeks after ISIS said, begins at home. the parents of the 3 British schoolgirls Qaeda's Newest Center of Operations in
burned to death a Jordanian pilot. He We want our communities to react who many believe joined their friend Southeast Asia and 10 Days, 10 Years: family, relatives and friends, which you can
emphasized disrupting the ability of the and respond against this extremism in in Syria. The parents said if they knew, From Bin Laden to Facebook.
terrorists to utilize technology, espe- their midst before it actually becomes they wouldve prevented their children also rent out as an income-earning property.
cially social media, to recruit and appeal a real threat, said Rasmussen. Well- from going, but the police failed to tell http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/
to the young. informed, well-equipped communities, them directly. in-depth/86205-social-movements-ght-
The solution, according to the February local institutions, families are the best The answer is in this room, Brafman isis-social-media Only $400+ a month installment for 3 1/2
CVE Summit, is to have a whole-of- defense against extremism because told the gathering of leaders from more
Pearl River
society approach in galvanizing com- theyre best able to act before the activ- than 65 countries, emphasizing that this
munities to make them resistant to the ity manifests in violence. problem can't be solved with business as
spread of the virulent ideology, and it usual attitudes. His message was clear:
( Continued from page 13 )
Attend our free presentation.
Providing energy for the industries, the Call 619.746-3416 for reservation!
government had also installed a 500 kV-
power line, suspended from three of the
tallest pylons in the world, the Pylons of
Pearl River Crossing, which crosses the
river near its mouth.

As an economic hub of China, The

Pearl River Delta (PRD) or the Guang-
dongHong KongMacau Greater 9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126
Bay Area, is one of the most densely (Behind McDonalds in Seafood City Plaza)
urbanized regions in the world and is Tel: (858) 530-3005
considered an emerging megacity. The
PRD had a population of 57.15 million
at the end of 2013. According to the
World Bank Group, it has become the PASSPORT
largest urban area in the world in both
size and population. RENEWAL
With the high demand of products to
be manufactured in China, only Sunday SERVICE
is considered a non-working day at the
5 Min. Official Photos-Passport Philippines Passport
PRD. While a Chinese worker may be U.S. Passport INS, Visa, ID & Citizenship
earning less compared to US standards
and the dollar at 6.8 RMB, his basic PHILIPPINES CONSULAR SERVICES
necessities are relatively affordable. Passport Renewals * Dual Citizen * Report of Marriage * Red Ribbon
According to Trading Economic indica- Authentications of Notarized Legal Documents including Special Power of
tors, the unemployment rate in China Attorneys, Waivers, Certifications, Extrajudicial Settlements, Deed of
has dropped to 3.97% in first quarter on Absolute Sale, PVAO/GSIS, Affidavit of Support & Consent
2017. This 3.97% is actually those still at a reasonable fee with Full Service.
on the hunt or trying to fit their qualifica-
NOTARY SERVICES - Available On Premises
tions for the 5,930,000 job vacancies.

To balance the fumes from industries

that cause pollution in the areas, the
Special Notary Discount for Living Trust,
PRD had kept large portions of the Escrow & Loan Documents
environment with forests. Thick foliage
also lineup the streets and are at every
available corner of the cities. Most FedEx Express to the Philippines
importantly, the government, through
the China Southern Power Grid and the
China South Grid Energy, continuously Guaranty Lowest Shipping Rate for all FedEx International
develop, implement, and construct alter- in
native renewable energy resources not San Diego County
only to efficiently power the factories
and the communities but to forge preser-
vation of the environment programs. The
Travel VISA & EXPRESS Service
government has also outlined a program
to surpass the current status of the PRD
as an economic hub of the world up to
the 2040s. For the Chinese government,
planning and resolute implementation Work for the San Diegos
of plans is the key for the benefit of its
people. Top Home Care Agency!
Before I end this article, here are other
notes: For those countries who want to
expel their immigrants because they are
stealing the jobs from the locals, those
Now Hiring
who have stolen their jobs are already
outside of the countries like China. But
Exerienced Caregivers
that is for another article. And while
other countries are busy bombing other
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
countries to wreak havoc on the lives of
civilians, killing them, dislodging them, Top Pay Flexible Hours Great Benefits
and not accepting them; China is busy
manufacturing products for the enhance-
ment of lives of people around the Requirements
world with, many of them, ironically 3 professional references
complaining and wanting to boycott
products Made in China. But that is Proof of eligibility to work in the US
also for another article.
And by the way, I may not have seen
the whole of China but where I was, Call for an appointment
I did not see any beggar or homeless Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
person pushing a cart of their only dirty
belongings anywhere around the cities.
There were also no police or, as in the
Philippines, hordes of traffic enforcers
La Jolla Apply Online!
like the MMDA. 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
Of course, this piece is just my opinion
that, while I was there, was made in

San Diego
( Continued from page 5 )
amount showing a reverse trend in this
categorys downturn from 2010 2014.
Have slid into the drivers seat of a
newer car or truck more often. Used auto
loans rose 22 percent, hitting a record
$2.2 billion. New auto loans rose 37
percent, hitting a record $1.8 billion.
Remain true to the habit of paying
for life through their credit cards. Credit
card lending rose 8 percent, hitting a
record $503 million.
Are trying to save more money
and increasingly using credit unions
to transact purchases/bill-pay. Total
deposits rose 9 percent, hitting a record
$14.8 billion (including record individ-
ual amounts in checking, savings, and
money market accounts).
To speak with a locally-headquartered
credit union in San Diego County or
regarding other questions, contact Matt
Wrye, media relations manager for the
California Credit Union League (909-
212-6043). For commentary on the local
economy, contact Dwight Johnston,
chief economist for the California Credit
Union League (909-215-3657).
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

As the Lee Torres, first-ever General Manager promoted from within

Pechanga Resort & Casino
Lee Torres, First-Ever General the gaming industry, has been
Manager Promoted from within an integral part of our leadership
by Rudy Liporada Pechanga Resort & Casino team, serving Pechanga as Chief
Marketing Officer since 2011.
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada The Pechanga Development
at ww.asianjournalusa.com As of March 2017, Mr. Torres will now
Corporations Board of Direc-
oversee the entire propertys overall
tors has named the first-ever
Pearl River and Made in China
performance across 11 divisions and
general manager to be promoted departments as the new general man-
from withinPechanga Resort ager, taking Pechanga and its new brand
& Casino, voted the #1 casino image to the next level.
As the Bamboos Sway ing center of the world along the Pearl Im honored to be the first general
By Rudy D. Liporada River in southern China ending in the in the country by the readers of manager selected from within of such a
delta window to the world, Hong Kong. USA Today. Mr. Lee Torres, with premier property, rivaling even the most
I am not saying the I like Chi- Cruising through Guangzhou, Guang- nearly 20 years of experience in prestigious of casino-resort properties
nese products. I am saying that, dong, and Dongguan, our driver kept in Las Vegas, by the Pechanga Develop-

Huk founder
pointing to lines of assembly factories ment Corporations Board of Directors,
more often, I have no choice but (a lot of prefabs or long stretching said Mr. Lee Torres, general manager
to use them. I am also saying buildings) saying over there is where at Pechanga Resort & Casino. Theyre
that for those who sort of hate Adidas shoes are being madeNike ( Continued from page 1 ) trusting me with not only the responsi-
China and often blurt we should factorystuffed teddy bearswomens executive director, at a gathering bility of overseeing all 11 divisions and
garments and on and on. Traffic is at Freedom Park here. essentially all four thousand team mem-
boycott Chinese products, you also heavy. From 8:00 to 9:00 in the Badoy, Mayor Venancio Macapagal bers on property, but also with leading
might want to reconsider your morning, cars and other public transpor- and Tarucs only son, Romeo, unveiled the charge on Pechangas $285 million
position for, if this is your wish tation zip through the highways as work- a marker installed by the NHCP at expansion. This is a very exciting time
and your wish would come true, ers, students, and others rush to their the park to honor one of the founders for Pechanga and Im deeply humbled to
destinations. From 9:00, a normally hour of Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon be a part of the journey.
you might be naked now. You drive could take as much as two hours (Hukbalahap). Play on Another Level - Transforma-
might not even be able to tweet, and a half. The fast lane crawls with NHCP regarded Taruc as a nationalist tion to the Deluxe New Asian Brand
email, Facebook pm, text or use private cars and public transportation. and defender of the rights of farmers and Pechanga Resort & Casino, advanc-
any other social media to com- At the middle and rightmost lane (of workers. ing with the rapidly changing trend
usually three lane highways) snail miles Born to a poor family in this town, and development, launched a new
municate your hate against and miles of humungous and smaller Tarucs membership in Aguman deng Asian brand identity early this year the future. We're so excited for it." New Asian Brand logo together and is
products Made in China. trucks full of products to be brought to Maldang Talapagobra (Association that anticipates the $285 Million resort "This new logo is modern, elegant, promoting this new trademark through
Whatever techno device you are shipyards, trains, and planes for delivery of Workers) and Socialist Party of the expansion scheduled to be completed at and captures the essence of Pechanga different medias of digital and social
using, whatever gift you gave for anywhere in the world. If you are track- Philippines (SPP), both founded by the end of 2017. As the largest Casino Resort & Casino: laid back luxury," platforms in the Asian market. Prepare
ing an item you have ordered online and in California, located in the Temecula
fathers or mothers day, what- tracking says on transit, chances are
Kapampangan intellectual Pedro Abad said Edith Atwood, President of the to experience the satisfaction as the new
ever toy you bought for your Santos, deepened his understanding of Valley Wine Country, Pechanga takes Pechanga Development Corporation. brand and logo takes you to another
your order is in one of these trucks. social injustice. your experience to another level. With "This exciting change comes just ahead level.
children or grandchildren for any He was jailed in 1937 and 1941 for an exhilarating array of table games and of the ultimate change at Pechanga - the Pechanga Resort & Casino Expansion
occasion, or whatever from the The Chinese consider, in Fengshui, the joining labor strikes in Pampanga slots, a 4-diamond hotel accommoda- addition of 568 new rooms, a luxury Set to Open at the End of the Year
most humongous electronic stuff Pearl River as the bringer of good luck province. After the capture of leaders of tion, rejuvenating spa, delicious dining spa, a spectacular pool complex, and The current $285 million resort expan-
to these manufacturing factory bubbles. the Communist Party of the Philippines options, thrilling live performances, and more. This new look and feel is all about sion set to open at the end of the year
to the minutest spinner; chances Flowing through the hub of manufac- and the SPP, Taruc and other leaders a world-class golf course, Pechanga is positioning Pechanga Resort & Casino includes the addition of 568 rooms
are they were designed in Cali- turing companies, no one can certainly organized Hukbalahap in Mt. Arayat in elevating into a broader landscape to for the future." and suites, 70,000 additional square
fornia or Japan but assembled in doubt that. The River, also known as Pampanga on March 29, 1942. better compete in the global and digital New Asian Brand - Auspicious Pi feet of indoor/outdoor event space,
China. Zhujiang or the Canton River, is Chinas The Hukbalahap had already freed environments and with properties in Las Xiu Logo a luxury, two-story spa and salon, a
third-longest river after the Yangse and many areas in Luzon and the Visayas Vegas. Taking our current brand to the next four-acre resort pool complex with three
And even if they were made the Yellow Rivers. The River is also from Japanese occupation before Ameri- "Changing our brand is not something level and reinforcing the commitment new pools and five spas, and two new
elsewhere or just in mainland called such because of the pearl-colored can forces liberated Manila. we've ventured into for more than 15 to the Asian Brand, the transformation restaurants. Pechanga just celebrated
USA, if they need batteries, they shells that lie at its bottom in the section Elected as representative of Pam- years," said April Bouchard, Director of the Pi Xiu is now an elegant matura- the grand opening of the brand new
may not function without bat- that flows through the city of Guang- pangas second district, Taruc and other of Advertising and Brand at Pechanga tion of Pechanga's original Asian logo. 2,400-space parking garage featuring
zhou. In support of the industries, the members of the Democratic Alliance Resort & Casino. "It was scary for a lot This auspicious symbol of wealth serves 44 electric vehicles charging stations
teries, yes, that are Made in government makes sure that the Pearl were expelled from Congress in 1946 of people, but look at all that's happened to carry good fortune to all guests. The and three Tesla Superchargers, marking
China. River's estuary, Bocca Tigris, is regular- for opposing the Bell Trade Act that in the world in 15 years. The Internet overall theme and message is to wish the completion of the first phase of the
ly dredged to keep it open for ocean ves- gave the United States more control over and social media can drive business. everyone "Good Luck. Pechanga expansion. Enough solar to power 100
But many know this fact already. I just sels which transport finished products. the economy and natural resources of Our new brand lets us take the spirit we
confirmed this to myself in my three-day Resort and Casino and iGraphix, their homes along with a moving sidewalk to
( Continued on page 12 ) the Philippines. know to be Pechanga into the reaches of Asian advertising agency, designed the ( Continued on page 6 )
sojourn to the so-called manufactur-

CBCP guide lists websites peddling fake news

Paterno Esmaquel II, Rappler.com | mereaders.com/ Pinoy Viral News - http://pinoyviral-
MANILA, 6/24/2017 FilipiNews PH - http://www.filipinews- news.com/
Beware of these websites. ph.com/ PinoyWorld - http://www.pinoyworld.
Months before issuing a pas- Get Real Philippines - http://www. net/
getrealphilippines.com/ Public Trending - http://www.public-
toral letter against fake news on Guard1an - https://theguard1an.com/ trending.net/
Wednesday, June 21, the Catho- Kalye Pinoy - http://www.kalyepinoy. SocialNewsPH - http://www.social-
lic Bishops' Conference of the com/ newsph.com/
Philippines (CBCP) published its Leak News PH - http://www.leak- TahoNews - http://www.tahonews.com/
newsph.com/ TheVolatilian - http://www.thevolatil-
Pastoral Guidelines on the Use of Media ni Duterte - http://www.dutert- ian.com/
Social Media. It comes with an edefender.com/ Thinking Pinoy - http://www.thinking-
appendix on websites "carrying Minda Nation - http://mindanation. pinoy.net/
fake or unverified contents." com/ TrendingBalita - http://www.trending-
Netizens PH - http://www.netizensph. balita.info/
Here is the partial list of websites "car- com/ Trending News Portal - http://www.
rying fake or unverified contents," based News Media PH - http://www.newsme- trendingnewsportal.net.ph/
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Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com June 30-July 6, 2017

How to fight ISIS on social media
In nearly every language and that we confront today is very diffused as beheadings and the wonder of their media from the beginning of his day Al-Qaeda 2.0 began to win the war in
with startling sophistication, and is everywhere, and recruit people day-to-day discoveries. Theres a sense until late in the evening. the virtual world, and ironically, as its
who are born and grew up among us. of purpose, mission, but also fun and top and middle rank leadership was deci-
ISIS is reaching out to young Its personal for Hans Bonte, the mayor adventure in accounts pumped with Below is another video from Al-Hayat mated in the real world, its virtual reach
kids around the world and of Vilvoorde, Belgium, the first country adrenalin. Media Center, a series of ISIS' social became more sophisticated. AQAP, al-
enticing them to see the world hit by an attack from a returning fighter There was one video that was posted media content that shows everyday life. Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, notched
from Syria. Bonte said recruitment by a Malaysian which showed him and You can see the sophistication not just it up higher with American Anwar al-
in new ways began with young people who had law some Arab colleagues in a fishing boat in the quality of messaging and video, Awlakis super-charged online messages
enforcement problems then after they on the Euphrates showing how clear but also in ISIS choices of social media which have reached Southeast Asia.
Maria A. Ressa, Rappler.com
appeared in videos distributed by ISIS the water was, said Sidney Jones, who networks. In the video below, an Indonesian calls
MANILA, Philippines Three they were successful in recruiting other leads the Institute for Policy Analysis in Like the brutal video of the behead- for Muslims to join ISIS.
British schoolgirls, aged 15 and young people. Conflict, in an interview with Rappler on ing of American James Foley, which ISIS is 3.0 and takes it a step further
16, follow ISIS accounts on We have seen young people leave March 6. And they had their guns with spread virally. Within an hour, YouTube, in both the real and virtual worlds: its
social media, and get on a flight from nearly every secondary school in them, but it was almost like a travelogue Facebook and other content distribu- terrorist hierarchy is more decentralized
our city, said Bonte. Nearly every for going to Iraq. tors tried to delete the worst video from than al-Qaeda, which had a stricter com-
to Turkey to join ISIS. An Indo- family is confronted with radicalism. The fighters engage and interact with their networks, but they couldn't because mand and control structure.
nesian fighter explains why its We are a laboratory for CVE, he said, potential recruits on Twitter, Instagram ISIS had used Diaspora, an alternative This is where Brafmans ideas blos-
every Muslims duty to join ISIS. Were facing a global problem, but we and Facebook, building a sense of ca- social network created by an idealistic som: he states that the more decentral-
A young Canadian recruit speaks have to act locally. We cant win by just maraderie and friendship. That becomes group that wanted to protect privacy. ized, the more distributed the networks
bombing in Syria and Iraq. We have to even more potent if they are talking That meant the gruesome video was on of an organization are, the harder to
with passion about why he joined Washington, DC, last February, which fight it in our cities and neighborhoods. to real-world friends like the 3 British servers, laptops and tablets distributed conquer. An organization that relies on
ISIS, and his video ends with his pulled together ministers from more We all have to do that and stop the schoolgirls whom authorities say went to around the world beyond the reach of the peer-to-peer relationships of the
death or martyrdom as por- than 65 countries, civil society leaders ostrich policy I see everywhere. Syria to join their friend. Just following governments and companies. internet spreads its message faster and
trayed by ISIS. from over 50 nations, two dozen private The conversion funnel, from being a accounts of strangers on Twitter give an Not only does the group try to entice grows in a more haphazard pattern, but
sector leaders, the heads of the UN and marginalized and dissatisfied youth to illusion of friendship, like Melbourne- young people attracted by violence its also more durable, more adaptable
In nearly every language and regional organizations, the World Bank an ISIS fighter, scares governments and born Musa Cerantonio, whose Facebook through its posted images and its horrific and harder to defeat.
with startling sophistication, and the World Economic Forum to ad- families. Nearly every minister who page is the 3rd most popular among videos of hostages and prisoners being Social media has another effect on its
ISIS is reaching out to young dess the problem. spoke mentioned social media. foreign jihadists. executed, said Nick Rasmussen, the users: it changes a persons chemical
kids around the world and entic- You should be talking NOT about How does this happen? Lets look at director of the National Counterterror- and hormonal balance, increasing levels
what others can be doing, but about two conversion funnels: one for the A study released last week said there ism Center in Washington, DC. But of dopamine and oxytocin, among oth-
ing them to see the world in what youre going to do, Brafman process of radicalization and the other are a minimum of 46,000 Twitter they also appeal to those seeking a sense ers. This makes social media use slightly
new ways. While Twitter and added, nudging participants to bypass specifically for social media. accounts used by ISIS, according to In- of belonging, a sense of community, a addictive, according to Functional
Facebook have tried to control the onerous bureaucracy of the institu- telwires J.M. Berger, who did the study sense of personal fulfillment, by posting Magnetic Resonance Imaging or FMRI
the spread of its message, ISIS tions they lead. Authorities around the world have commissioned by Google and published images of a family-friendly, welcoming brain scans. What this means is that with
identified 4 phases of radicalization: by the Brookings Institute. He said about life under Islamic law in the Caliphate. prolonged use, social media rewires the
comes back with new tools, like Terrorism has a new frontier: social agitation playing on personal vulner- 200,000 pieces of social media are cre- They are using both positive and nega- plasticity of the brain. This is part of
its own social media network media and the winner so far is not the abilities like poverty, trauma, injustice ated every day by about 2,000 accounts. tive imagery to draw their recruits. the reason ideas and emotions spread
launched Sunday. alliance in the room, including the Unit- leading to hopelessness and fear; self- Extremely savvy, ISIS uses state-of-the so much faster on social media, and the
ed States, the worlds technology power. identification peer pressure, group- art, glossy videos, including videos shot Growing without boundaries foundation for ISIS success.
The spread of radicalization on social Its the Islamic State, IS also known as think or the urge to belong, gratification; from drones spread and amplified on Why have governments failed so badly
media is so alarming that governments, Daesch, a loose Arab acronym, ISIL indoctrination capacity-building, multilingual Twitter messages. Why is social media changing the against ISIS? Because they fear losing
the private sector and civic society are or ISIS, the Islamic State in Syria and personal assurance; and, violent extrem- Once hooked in a public conversation, game? Because its a reflection of ISIS control which is partly what social me-
belatedly coming together to find a way Iraq, brutal medieval puritans who are ism action, sacrifice and personal if potential recruits want to learn more, own organic growth, except in the dia is about. They succeeded in the past
to protect their children. The goal: to luring young fighters to its real-world fulfillment. they can join conversations on Ask.FM, virtual world. Its on steroids, growing because of their hierarchy and processes,
find ways to win the war they are losing battleground in record numbers. Through each step of the funnel, the which allows for anonymous, mediated without boundaries of time and space. but these are exactly what is making
a battle for the hearts and minds of dis- Like this Canadian in the video below potential recruit becomes increasingly communication about anything from According to the principles of Braf- them fail now.
enfranchised youth, primarily Muslim, from Al-Hayat Media Center, an affiliate isolated from their families, loosening personal grooming to packing for the mans book, al-Qaeda was difficult for Still, anyone can use that same founda-
around the world. of ISIS. After he explains why he joined, the bonds that maintain them in society. battlefield. governments and their military to handle tion.
The one key assumption is that the an- his actions on the battlefield are video- When those bonds are torn, it's easy to This engagement leverages on the because it was a starfish compared to
swer is in this room, said Ori Brafman, taped and his "martyrdom" celebrated. join ISIS. strength of social media, moving away governments spider set-up: cut off the In From Bin Laden to Facebook, I
author of The Starfish and the Spider: The US estimates at least 20,000 from authority to authenticity, capturing head of a spider, it dies; cut off the arm deconstruct the viral spread of this
The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless foreign fighters have joined ISIS in a Heres how it happens on social media. the imagination of youths who have lost of a starfish, it grows another and you radical ideology on social media years
Organizations, a book about the power little more than 3 years, far more than hope in their lives. wind up with two. Its a great metaphor before ISIS. These ideas are behind the
of distributed, decentralized networks to the 10,000 who fought in Afghanistan Young fighters give a near real-time The next level of the conversion funnel for the differences between a top-down fast growth of the news site youre now
effect change. in a decade of conflict that spawned glimpse into the battlefield on social is more direct recruitment: they move to organization versus a bottom-up struc- reading. Rappler, news re-envisioned for
Brafman was in front of a roomful al-Qaeda. media sites like YouTube, Flickr and more secure social media networks like ture. Al-Qaeda had co-opted Muslim the age of social media, builds commu-
of policymakers, foreign officials, law This terrorist threat has no precedent, Tumblr. The videos they upload, with Kik and Surespot, which allow en- groups around the world to create nities for civic engagement and attempts
enforcement officers and community said French Interior Minister Bernard embedded links on extremist websites, crypted direct messages. One American self-sustaining terror cells managed by a to capture the zeitgeist for change, help-
leaders at the White House Summit on Cazeneuve. It is new, and the terrorism alternate between brutal violence such Muslim boy said he chatted on social central leadership. ( Continued on page 12 )
Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in

13th of the Month Fatima Devotion

Rancho Costa Verde
Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas
pray with us. america!
pray with us. america! You are invited to dinner on us
We have a guest speaker that will bring Baja to you. The
presentation will have amazing aerial photos, updates on the
Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas, CA. Baja real estate market, and whats new in San Felipe, Baja
Mexico. Enjoy an evening of great dining and learn about
Are you part of the story? some of the breakthroughs in green technology, how Amer-
icans can own beach view property in Mexico and Bajas
best-kept secret: Rancho Costa Verde.
We conduct no business at the free seminar; it is strictly in-
formational. If you fall in love with what we share with you,
we will invite you down to experience it rst hand, and the Call 619.746.3416
weekend is on us. Its a great way to learn about all the RSVP to attend a free
exciting things happening in Baja, and discover why Rancho dinner presentation in
Costa Verde is the home of Yesterdays Prices, Tomorrows Los angeles, san diego
Technology, and Timeless Views. or orange county CA

Master Green Beauty of

Divine Mercy Shrine grounds Thank you to all our volunteers!
2015 MAY 13, 2014

Planned Technology Baja

what you will see: the 20-footSolemnity
cross of Christ mercy
divine the Kingprayer
2014 warriors juliet Rancho Costa Verde is a 900 plus Solar Powered custom homes The breath taking beauty of Baja
on the hill top. (the stations of the brandell and ronald sarte are acre master planned real estate com- that provide all the luxuries and California, Mexico. One of the
cross and the grotto of our lady of among the many volunteers who munity just south of San Felipe that conveniences of traditional elec- many unique features of Rancho
the rosary are also on the site but come to pray at the site every month. offers breathtaking 180-degree sea tric homes. Solar technology is ad- Costa Verde is that no matter where
not visible from the street.) and mountain views from every vancing almost daily, with break- you are on the development, or how
home site. Rancho Costa Verde is a throughs such as solar powered air far you go back you see water.
Join us on the 13th of each Month at front of the San Dieguito Unified self-contained solar powered green conditioners, and inventions such And lots of it! This is because Ran-
2:00 pm to pray the Rosary, the Chaplet District (between Westlake St and community that takes advantage of
the advances in solar power and green
Divine Mercy Shrine
as solar powered water makers that
produce up to thirty gallons of wa-
cho Costa Verde is located on a
gentle slope that begins at the beach
of Divine Mercy and the Way of the Delphinium St). technology, as well as the unique, ter a day out of thin air.in Encinitas,
People can California
and recedes back up towards the
Crossat the Divine Mercy Shrine Remember: breath-taking natural amenities that enjoy this new technology with the mountains, providing sea views all
grounds (vacant land with 20-ft Cross 1. Park on street and walk up to the only Baja California provides. Our knowledge that they are being re- along the way. This is just one of the
1/4-acre home sites start as low as www.divinemercyhills.org
sponsible, both financially as well reasons for our building height re-
across from San Dieguito Unified site.
$22,500.00. as ecologically. strictions, CC&Rs and construction
School District) in Encinitas CA.
When: 13th of the Month
2. No restroom facilities on site.
3. Dress for the outdoors (jackets,
Be part of the story. guidelines.
A master planned development that Rancho Costa Verde is a shining
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm hats, comfortable walking shoes for makes maintaining the natural beauty example that proves Going Green Our home sites are an average of a
Where: 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas uphill trek) that is Baja California a top priority. no longer means going without. quarter of an acre, with 180 degree
Our master plan was designed with Over 40% of Rancho Costa Verde mountain and sea views, in what is
Ca 92024 (not an actual address; for We hope you can join us every month. our amazing views in mind. Weve is designated as an ecological pre- arguably some of the most beautiful
driving directions only) or Google Thank you and God bless! - DMHFSC* created communities that have stag- serve, never to be developed or dis- land in Baja California. And because
divine mercy shrine encinitas JESUS, I trust in you! gered lot lines so your neighbor will turbed. That means that the views we are a self-contained solar pow-
never impact your view, buffer zones that you fall in love with today, ered community there are no power
and green belts to maintain that open your children and their children lines or wires overhead to detract
Take I-5. Exit Encinitas Blvd. Go east Zarina (619) 890-2789 feeling, and the beauty that is The will be able to enjoy. from our amazing views.
about 1.4 miles. Site is on vacant land Rowena (619) 962-8185 Sea of Cortez.
with cross on hill along Encinitas Blvd in Gen (619) 851-9547
development and maintenance of a DIVINE MERCY SHRINE for the purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine ING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE CONDITION OF TITLE, THE STATUS OF BLANKET LIENS ON THE PROJECT (IF
Mercy message and devotion. This shrine will draw people of all nations, cultures and beliefs to a vessel with which they are to ANY), ARRANGEMENTS TO ASSURE PROJECT COMPLETION, ESCROW PRACTICES, CONTROL OVER PROJ-
keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy the image of Divine Mercy. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 ECT MANAGEMENT, RACIALLY DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES, TERMS, CONDITIONS AND PRICE OF THE
non-profit organization. Visit the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California website at OFFER. CONTROL OVER ANNUAL ASSESSMENTS (IF ANY), OR THE AVAILABILITY OF WATER, SERVICES,
www.divinemercyhills.org or email divinemercyhillsofsc@gmail.com for more information or if you would UTILITIES OR IMPROVEMENTS. IT MAY BE ADVISABLE FOR YOU TO CONSULT AN ATTORNEY OR OTHER
like to donate time, talent or treasure to this project.
June 30-July 6, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo get married
YOUR Pasok po kayo! May
6/22/2017 -- Hayden Kho and FREE GIFT! LIBRENG regalo, palinis at
Vicki Belo are married! Just for coming in! inspeksyon ng alahas!
The couple were wed in a civil
ceremony officiated by Mayor
Abigail Binay in Makati City.
"'Therefore shall a man leave
his father and his mother, and
shall cleave unto his wife: and
they shall be one flesh.' #Official-
lyOffTheMarket" Hayden wrote
on Instagram. SKU
For her part, Vicki wrote: "I 543-02807
was afraid that I would feel like
I would lose my freedom by get-
ting married . Instead I feel joyful FREE
and free. Thank you #mayorab-
bybinay for officiating our civil
Ring Cleaning
wedding." and Inspection
Accompanying them in the photo is
their daughter Scarlet Snow. Full Trade-In Value
The couple are planning another cer-
emony in France in September. JST, on your Old
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Mulawin vs. Ravena and My Love From The Star INSTANT CREDIT
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lawin vs. Ravena and My Love Rolex Watch USA Inc.
From The Star, earned spots in
the top ten most-buzzed-about
shows worldwide according to Pwede kayong mag
a New York-based international
media business website. TRADE-IN ng inyong mga
WorldScreen.com released their lumang alahas para sa bago nyong bibilhin.
Social Wit List for May 2017
where the sequel Mulawin Vs. Sa Daniel's nagbibigay kami ng madaling kredito
Ravena ranked third and the at siguradong maaaprubahan kayo!
networks local adaptation of
the Koreanovela My Love From
The Star ranked fifth in the list of
top ten new shows with the most
number of Facebook and Twitter
comments during their premiere
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Star garnered around 50,000 comments
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#KudosToJennylynMercado, #FunPlot,
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The two GMA-produced series are the
only dramas from the Philippines that
made it to the list, topping over popular
global productions which included ones
from the U.S. and France.
Meanwhile, the other programs
included in the list are U.S.A.'s Dirty
Dancing, Twin Peaks, Beat Shazam, Mi-
chael Jackson: Searching for Neverland,
World of Dance; France's Emmanuel
Macron, Baisers caches; and U.K.'s
Three Girls.

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