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BSCI348J Worksheet week 2 Module 2

PLEASE WRITE ANSWER IN RED! One point per question. 15 points to get an A
and the extra questions are for extra points.

Module2: Lecture 1/ Ch.28, 55, 73

1) Patients infected with Entamoeba histolytica pass _tissue trophozoites and
the __________ cysts in their stools.
2) TRUE/ FALSE :Infection with E. histolytica may cause asymptomatic carriage.
3) In the USA about _0.15%_____ % of the general population are chronic
carriers of HBV.
4) __reombinant immunoblot assay____ is used to screen the blood of normal
donors for presence of HCV.
5) HCV is primarily transmitted via infected blood and _blood products (now
rare) and intravaneous drug abuse____.

Module2: Lecture 2/ ch. 25, 26, 28, 30

6) ___Enterohemorrhagic_________ E.coli are the most common strains producing
disease in developed countries.
7) Ingestion of _S. dysenteriae, S. flexneri, S.boydil, and S.sonnel_______ Shigella
bacteria may cause disease.
8) The most common sources of human infections with Salmonella in the US are
__poultry____, __eggs____, __dairy products_____ and foods prepared on
contaminated work surfaces.
9) TRUE/ FALSE : Vibrio species are able to survive and replicate in
contaminated waters with increased salinity.
10) TRUE/FALSE: Strains of V. cholerae that do not produce cholera toxin are
NOT associated with epidemics.
11) Campylobacter jejuni grows better at (what temperature?) __42___ C than at
__37___C , which is why its zoonotic reservoir is poultry.
12) Clostridium perfringens food poisoning is usually associated with
contaminated meat products that are held at temperatures below _60___ C
which allows the organism to grow to large numbers.

Module 2: Lecture 3/ ch. 42, 47,51

13)TRUE/FALSE: Rotaviruses are one of the most common causes of serious
diarrhea in YOUNG children.
14) TRUE/FALSE: Norovirus infected individuals shed large amounts of virus
upon onset of symptoms AND up to 4 weeks after recovery.
15) Norovirus common-source outbreaks can often be attributed to one careless,
infected ____food source________.
16) Adenovirus causes _15____ % of the cases of gastroenteritis requiring
BSCI348J Worksheet week 2 Module 2

Module2: Lecture 4/ ch 73
17)Most infections with Dientamoeba fragilis are __asymptomatic_______.
18) TRUE/FALSE: Cryptosporidia will be killed be the usual water purifications
procedures (chlorination, ozone).
19) Diagnosis of the cryptosporidia infection can be performed by staining of the
___oocytes_______ in stool samples.
20) TRUE/FALSE: Entamoeba histolytica trophozoite can have 1 to 4 nuclei.
False- cysts can