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Art Rubric 20 pts

Emerging 2 pts Competent 3pts Proficient 4 pts Distinguished 5 pts

Craftsmanship Emerging Competent Proficient Distinguished

Art work is messy and shows Art work is somewhat messy and Art work is neat and shows very Art work is impeccable and
smudge marks and rips, tears, or shows either smudge marks or little evidence of smudge marks, shows no
folds. rips, tears, or folds. rips, tears, or folds. A few evidence of smudge marks, rips,
Erasure lines showing. Some erasure lines showing. erasure lines showing. tears, or folds. No erasure lines

Technique/ Art Concepts Emerging Competent Proficient Distinguished

Art work lacks technique and/or Art work shows some technique Art work shows good technique. Art work shows a mastery of
understanding of art concepts. and understanding of art All objects are placed in correct advanced techniques in
Paper is left mainly blank, little concepts. Average use of space. Negative and positive compositon. All objects are
area drawn on and does not negative and positive space. space is almost balanced.Paper placed in correct space. Negative
show a background, mid-ground Paper is half filled and is drawn on leaving some area and positive space is balanced.
and/or foreground. foreground and background is undone and shows a Paper is completely drawn on
clearly shown. background, mid-ground and and shows a background, mid-
foreground. ground and foreground.

Creativity Emerging Competent Proficient Distinguished

Art work shows little or no Art work shows some evidence Art work reflects originality. Art work reflects a high level of
evidence of original thought. of originality. Student uses line, Student uses line, shading or originality.
Student does not use line, shading or form in a slightly form in an original manner. Student uses line, shading or
shading or form in a creative original manner. form in a highly original manner.

Shading / proportion Emerging Competent Proficient Distinguished

Completed art work is not Completed art work is half Completed art work is almost Completed art work is fully
shaded or incorrectly shaded. shaded showing average fully shaded showing good shaded showing excellent
Still life objects are incorrect in placement of light and darks placement of light and darks placement of light and darks
proportion with real life objects. using average drawing using good drawing technique. using excellent drawing
technique. Some still life objects Still life objects are mostly in technique. Still life objects are in
are in proportion with real life good excellent
objects. proportion with real life objects. proportion with real life objects.
Emerging 2pts Competent 3 pts Proficient 4pts Distinguished 5 pts
Non-Verbal Traits
Body Language, Eye Contact, No eye contact with audience, as Displayed minimal eye contact Consistent use of direct eye Holds attention of entire
Poise entire report is read from notes. with audience, while reading contact with audience, but still audience with the use of direct
No movement or descriptive mostly from the notes. returns to notes. eye contact, seldom looking at
gestures. Very little movement or Made movements or gestures notes.
Tension and nervousness is descriptive gestures. that enhances articulation. Movements seem fluid and help
obvious; has trouble recovering Displays mild tension; has Makes minor mistakes, but the audience visualize.
from mistakes. trouble recovering from quickly recovers from them; Student displays relaxed, self-
mistakes. displays little or no tension. confident nature about self, with
no mistakes.
Verbal Skills
Elocution Student mumbles, incorrectly Students voice is low. Student Students voice is clear. Student Student uses a clear voice and
pronounces terms, and speaks incorrectly pronounces terms. pronounces most words correct, precise pronunciation of
too quietly for a majority of Audience members have correctly. Most audience terms so that all audience
students to hear. difficulty hearing presentation. members can hear presentation. members can hear presentation.
Explanation/ Oral Logic of arguments is not made Listener can follow presentation Presentation is generally clear Presentation is clear, logical and
Interpretation clear. Listeners are confused. with effort. Some arguments are and well organized. A few minor organized. Listener can follow
not clear. Organization seems points may be confusing line of reasoning
1 pt 2 pts 3 pts 5pts
Promptness 5pts Student submitted the artwork 3 Student submitted the artwork 2 Student submitted the artwork 1 Student submitted the artwork
days after the deadline days after the deadline day after the deadlin on time.

SUBJECT TEACHER: Maria Lourdes Mangabat Liscano