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22/03/2015 rebrointheHeartofSwedenrebrouniversity

If you are looking for a town steeped in history, a town of just the right size with all
facilities within walking distance, or a town with both beautiful nature at its doorstep and
the major cities of Scandinavia within easy reach, then rebro is the place for you.
Its population of around 135,000 makes rebro the seventh largest town in Sweden. Big
enough to offer all the amenities of a large city, but small enough for distances to be
short. When you visit the town centre you will find almost everything within walking
range, and in the surrounding area you will find magnificent scenery, beautiful wooden
towns and some of Sweden's largest lakes.
Most first-time visitors are pleasantly surprised by rebro. Not only are they taken with
its beauty, its old town centre, the medieval castle on its islet in the river Svartn, but also
with its many other attractions, entertainment, shopping, music scene, and culture. There
is a wide range of restaurants catering to every taste. And if you just like to chill out,
there is plenty of opportunity to do so in one of the town's many coffee shops.
rebro boasts a varied nightlife with a rich selection of pubs, clubs and bars. Whether
you like to go for a drink, enjoy some live music or hit the dance floor, you will not be
short of places for an evening out on the town.
Did you know?

rebro has many interesting tourist attractions to offer, the most famous being the
castle which dates back to the 13th century.
Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, later King Karl XIV Johan was appointed successor to the
throne at the Parliament (Riksdag) in rebro 1810. Today his descendant, Carl XVI
Gustaf is the King of Sweden.
The water tower Svampen ("The Mushroom") is one of Sweden's most well-known
landmarks. There you can enjoy fantastic views of rebro while sipping on freshly
brewed coffee and tasting some of the delicious pastries in the caf.
rebro is Sweden's demographic centre, and 70 per cent of all Swedes live within
300 km of rebro.
When the lake Hjlmaren was lowered at the end of the 19th century, the town lock
was built and the river outlet was straightened, dredged and canalised. You can
therefore go by boat from the centre of rebro via Hjlmaren all the way to
rebro is a cycling town. There is a well-developed grid of cycle lanes and bikes are
available for hire at a low cost. There is also a great range of sporting and leisure
activities in and around town swimming in the adventure and leisure pool complex
Gustavsvik, golfing, orienteering, cycling, canoeing, fishing, and in the winter ice-
skating and skiing.
In 2011, rebro was appointed Sweden's best sporting town. Should you prefer

http://www.oru.se/English/AbouttheUniversity/TownofOrebro/ 1/2
22/03/2015 rebrointheHeartofSwedenrebrouniversity

spectator sports, you can watch top-division matches in football, floorball, volleyball,
bandy, speedway, basketball and more.
The City Park in rebro is situated on the banks of the river Svartn, a short walk
from the town centre. It is a perfect place for spending a sunny, relaxing afternoon,
strolling around in the Rose Garden with over a hundred different species of roses,
or discovering the Wadkping open-air museum with its collection of historic
buildings from rebro and the surrounding countryside.
rebro is one of few places in Sweden where you can fish for rainbow trout free of
charge in the town centre.
rebro was elected Student Town of the Year 2010 by the Swedish National Union
of Students.

rebro Castle forms a natural focal point in the

centre of rebro
Map of rebro town:
Visit Google Maps to view a map of
rebro town

Are you visiting rebro?

Then visit the tourist and visitor's portal
www.orebrotown.com where you can book
accommodation, find information on
sightseeing, events and activities. You can
also contact rebrokompaniet
www.orebrokompaniet.se, rebro's
marketing, tourist and convention bureau.
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