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Building Goal Proposals:


Goal 1: Build a shared vision at Eden Hall Upper

Elementary through a collaborative approach to
strengthen district initiatives.

Leadership Domains:

Short term objective 1: Integrate program review outcomes from Science/Health/PE into the
culture at EHUE.
Short term objective 2: Strengthen curriculum connections and curriculum updates in all
subject areas.
Short term objective 3: Continue to build strategies to strengthen relationships with students,
parents, and stakeholders.

Measurable outcomes/Evidence/Artifacts: PA Healthy School, Girls on the Run, Kids of Steel,

Common Assessments, Curriculum Chats, Walk-Throughs, Differentiated Supervision Projects,
PLCs, In-Service, Book Study with staff, Think Tank Thursday
Goal 2: Enhance the positive school culture at Eden
Hall Upper Elementary for students, staff, and other

Leadership Domains:

Short term objective 1: Implement strategies to improve behaviors in unstructured settings

such as on the bus, playground, and cafeteria.
Short term objective 2: Celebrate positive behaviors displayed by students to strengthen
school culture.
Short term objective 3: Continue to be transparent with processes and include stakeholders in
decision making to enhance motivation and build leadership capacity in others.

Measurable outcomes/Evidence/Artifacts: Minute meetings, budget committee, peer

observation groups, RAM pride tickets, beginning of the year assemblies, Positive referrals,
Think About It reflection forms, Think Tank Thursdays, increased opportunities for students
through National Elementary Honor Society, etc, Coffee and Conversation, Create calendar for
Olweus Anti-Bullying Lessons for consistency, Staff recognition-Paper Plate Awards
Goal 3: Expand and refine the repertoire of teaching
strategies used to continually focus on the learning
of every student every day.

Leadership Domains:

rovide professional development to teachers to refine their teaching

Short term objective 1: P
Short term objective 2: Create and support opportunities for peer collaboration.
Short term objective 3: Be strategic in sharing specific feedback following walk-throughs and

Measurable outcomes/Evidence/Artifacts: Peer Collaboration opportunities, differentiated

supervision pilot/proposals/projects, pineapple charting, PD on co-teaching models,
walk-throughs with specific goals (Ex: looking at specific exemplars of co-teaching, integrating
technology through SAMR, learning goals versus learning activities etc), PLC meetings, Think
Tank Thursdays sharing of specific things happening in the building.