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Health & Wellness Ofelia Dirige: KALUSUGAN + KALAKASAN continues to blaze new trails p. 4
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July 7-13, 2017

Congress called to review martial law declaration

SC dissent: Martial law only proper by DJ Yap, Philstar.com |
MANILA, 7/7/2017 -- Calls
in Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Sulu are mounting for Congress to
convene a joint session to review
Philstar.com | MANILA, covered the entire Mindanao. President Rodrigo Dutertes dec-
7/6/2017 Three Supreme The three justices, however, laration of martial law in Min-
Court justices voted to partially voted that the president had danao, following the Supreme
grant the petitions to declare the sufcient factual basis for the Courts decision to uphold its
proclamation of martial law in issuance of the proclamation as legality and amid recommenda-
Mindanao as invalid. it covers Lanao del Sur, Maguin- tions to extend it by another two
Voting 11-3-1, the SC en banc danao and Sulu. months.
ruled to uphold the constitu- In her dissenting opinion,
tionality of Proclamation 216 or Sereno noted that the military Since its safe to assume that
martial law in Mindanao. said that there are places in Min- there will be calls for the exten-
Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes danao where the Maute group sion of martial law in Mindanao,
Sereno, Senior Associate Justice will never gain a foothold. its important that we rst get a
Antonio Carpio and Associ- "If this is so, why declare report from the Armed Forces of
ate Justice Alfredo Benjamin martial law over the whole of the Philippines and the Philip-
Caguioa said that the declaration
of martial law should be limited
Mindanao?" Sereno said.
The Chief Justice listed the inci- Destiny pine National Police of the actual
gains delivered by martial law in

in scope and should not have ( Continued on page 6 ) the ght against Maute and other
terrorists, Ifugao Rep. Teddy
'Bato': Nothing wrong with de- Baguilat said.

ploying erring cops to Marawi Extend martial law

Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News tioned why the PNP leadership Chapter 21 of Destiny: A Continuing Philippine Story by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. Baguilat, one of the petitioners

| MARAWI - Philippine National reassigned two Mandaluyong against Proclamation No. 216 is-
Police chief Ronald "Bato" Dela cops to Marawi after they were lthough she was the one to place the call, Mona was again hesitant to talk to sued by Mr. Duterte, argued that
Rosa on Thursday said there is caught on video hitting civilians Mimi. The thought of allowing her son Freddie to be taken cared of by the fam- government forces could still ef-
nothing wrong with re-assigning with wooden sticks for violating ily of the man who had raped her and ruined her life made her angry. But as her fectively ght the terrorists even
erring police ofcers from Man- a curfew. suitor Romanos advised, it was not the familys fault. Things could no longer be cor- without the extraordinary powers
daluyong City to Marawi. Adiong said erring cops should of martial law.
"Ayaw ba nila na madagdagan be sued with administrative case.
rected. Without the tragedy, she would not have Freddie. her main source of happiness.
On Tuesday, Speaker Pantaleon
sila ng tao dito? Give them a "What they need is to face ac- Her decision to let Peter Sangalangs family to take care and love her son would not Alvarez said he would support
chance to reform themselves. I countability not temporary pun- only be for Freddies good but also for his fathers family and her, especially since she proposals to extend martial law
don't think may masama doon," ishment. It's quite offensive to had other problems thousands of miles away in New York City. beyond the 60-day period man-
Dela Rosa told reporters. treat us like trash bin for abusive Hello? This is Mona, she said. dated by the 1987 Constitution.
Pulis na 'nang-yantok', nagba- cops," Adiong said in a series of Hi Mona, Mimi, Peters sister, responded. She was wary that Mona might still be mad. The period expires on July 22.
bantay na ngayon sa Marawi tweets. Listen, Mona reluctantly said. Ive thought about you taking care of Freddie. Upon the advice of But this time, Alvarez said,
Zia Alonto Adiong, spokesman "Hindi po tayo dito basurahan my friends, I will allow it. But in case you decide not to do it anymore, let me know right away so I Congress in a joint session would
of the provincial crisis manage- para sa mga abusado at tiwaling ( Continued on page 6 ) have to approve the extension,
ment committee, earlier ques- ( Continued on page 13 ) unlike the rst time when the
two chambers opted to separately
Only 1 PH university in new From vegetable vendor to Bicol's salon magnate issue resolutions expressing sup-
port for martial law.
Asia-Pacic rankings While walking through a
ooded market in Manila, a
a basketful of tomatoes. He had
been doing the same thing almost
Vice President Leni Robredo
joined calls for a congressional
ABS-CBN News | MANILA, University (China), University of young Yco Tan decided that he every day for the last 10 years, review of the proclamation,
7/6/2017 Times Higher Educa- Melbourne (Australia), Tsinghua was going to change his life. but his heart seemed to carry saying this was a constitutional
tion (THE) has released its rst University (China) and Nanyang And he did. the weight of the rainclouds that duty.
Asia-Pacic university rankings, Technological University (Singa- particular day.
and the Philippines barely made pore). by Don Kevin Hapal, Rappler.com The Tan family got by on the Waiting for word
the cut. The University of the Japan is the most-represented meager income from their stall
Philippines (UP) in Diliman, nation with 69 universities Yco Tan can still remember it in the local market where they Sen. Richard Gordon told
Quezon City is the lone Philip- featured, including University of clearly: the day he decided that sold tomatoes and onions. Every reporters that he expected Mr.
pine entry in THEs list released Tokyo at ninth place. he deserved a better life. morning, Yco manned the stall Duterte to extend martial law.
on Tuesday, managing to get into UP Diliman was also the only He was only 17. The eldest boy then went to school at 5 pm. Af- He should send us a communi-
the 200+ bracket. Philippine representative in in a Filipino-Chinese family, ter school at 10 pm, he would go cation that he is extending it and
The Asia-Pacic rankings fea- THEs World University Rank- he had been his familys bread- to Divisoria to nd anything else we can approve that for a period
ture over 200 universities from ings in 2016, landing in the 801+ winner for as long as he could he could sell. to be determined by us, Gordon
13 countries. bracket of 980 institutions topped remember. He wouldnt call himself said.
At No. 1 is National University by the United Kingdoms Univer- Yco was walking through a ( Continued on page 11 ) ( Continued on page 13 )
in Singapore, followed by Peking sity of Oxford. Yco and Elizabeth Tan ooded market that day carrying

Save the Date:

July 13, Thursday

Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm
with the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm

with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Way
of the Cross

Jesus I Trust In You!

Centennial Celebration
of 100th Year of Fatima (1917-2017)
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

Robbie Antonios designer pre-fab homes a big hit

A parents journey to sending their kids to college The GNP Team crafted properties to Manila.
Trump Tower Manila developer Antonio, CEO of Revolution Pre-
Robbie Antonio is collaborating crafted, is pioneering the pre-crafted
home concept to simplify the process of
with 48 of the worlds leading owning a dream home by a dream de-
architects and designers to bring signer by allowing anyone to hand-pick

Choosing Georgetown University limited edition designer pre- a design by world-renowned archi-
tects, artists, and designers including
Tom Dixon, Sou Fujimoto, Fernando
Romero, David Salle and celebrities
from 50 to 250 square meters with
components that could t in a shipping
container, allowing the pre-crafted home
It was a choice between the University of California in Los Angeles and Georgetown University such as Daphne Guiness and Lenny or pavilion to be shipped to anywhere in
in Washington, D.C. for Lily. She wanted very much to go to UCLA so that she could surf in the Kravitz and have it transported right the world.
on the owners doorstep.
nearby Santa Monica Beach and go home to her family in San Diego every weekend, as it was The pre-crafted designs are also
only two and a half hours away. In addition, she would be with many friends, with whom she went The real estate developer, who himself exible, with structures that can be
to school from elementary to high school, not to mention the much more luxurious accommoda- owns a mansion in Manila designed dismantled and moved from location to
tions in La la land. by Rem Koolhaas, is creating designer location.
homes and pavilions that are made to
order and shipped in a span of 3 months. The NorthWestern University and
San Diego, California The Revolution pre-crafted home fea- Stanford University graduate who has
July 27, 2007 tures all essential space functions with launched Manila projects such as the
complete provisions for utilities. Trump Tower Manila and Paris Hiltons
Fifth in a series of articles No two homes or pavilions are alike Paris Beach Club at Azure Urban Resort
with the real estate developer giving a Residences, also partnered with Versace
(Editors note: Although these series of articles have been reprinted several times before, we are reprinting them again upon free hand to his designers. for The Milano Residences and the rst
the request of some readers who share our belief that parents are needed to be motivated and inspired to send their children to The Century Properties CEO initially residential development of MissionI-
college even though they might think they cannot afford to do so. We believe that with the student loans and grants, students in instructed designers to create structures Home.
America have equal opportunities to go to college even if their parents seem not to be able to nancially assist them. All one
needs is the desire to pursue a college education. We hope these articles will motivate them.)

t rst, sending their
last daughter, Lily, to
a private school like
entertained since they believed
that the public schools they went
to were good enough. But if it
would have been necessary, he
lieves that if they really could not afford
it, all he had to do was to work extra
harder to earn the extra money they
would need. Nobody dies by working
Seaside Buffet
Georgetown University was
was condent that God would
hard, he would assure himself to remain
convince that the achievement of their
8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
intimidating. All of them in have somehow provided them dreams would be possisbe. Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
the family, except for his with the extra money they would A choice 10%
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
wife who went to St. Domi- need, in the same way that He Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
nics for her elementary and has done so during many an It was a choice between the Univer- Banquet
to St. Scholastica for her occasion. He knew a lot of kids sity of California in Los Angeles and
Georgetown University in Washington,
high school education, have who went to private schools all D.C. for Lily. She wanted very much
not gone to a private school. the way but ended up nowhere. to go to UCLA so that she could surf
He believes that its up to the in the nearby Santa Monica Beach and
kids, parental guidance and go home to her family in San Diego
He must say however, that the every weekend, as it was only two and a
college he and his wife went plenty of luck for them to suc- half hours away. In addition, she would
to, the University of the Philip- ceed in life. be with many friends, with whom she Brazilian
BBQ Beef
pines was one of the best in the But he has always encouraged his chil-
went to school from elementary to high
Teppanyaki Chicken
school, not to mention the much more
country. The thought of sending Pork
their children to a private school,
dren not to be intimidated by anything,
to try to explore every opportunity, no
luxurious accommodations in La la Noodle
Soup Pork
and incur an extra $100 a month matter how much is the nancial cost. But the advise of a teacher tilted the Seafood
Seafood Soft
Whenever they would ask him: Could Cream & Yogurt
tuition, a total of $12,000 for we afford this? he would say with a
scale. Sushi
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
each during their primary and Try the East Coast for a change, Lily
lump on his throat, Of course! while was told. All your life, youve been Chocolate
secondary schooling, was not trying his best to look truthful. He be- ( Continued on page 6 )
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Beer& &Wine

Dinner Buffet Items:

Hot and Cold Crab Legs,

Call 619.746.3416
Raw and Cooked Oysters,
Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab,
Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish,
Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef
Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
and much more.
Dine In Buffet Only Dine In Buffet Only
Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other
offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
May not be used for split checks or tables. May not be used for split checks or tables.
Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
Sales Tax Not Included. Sales Tax Not Included.
Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 7/31/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 7/31/2017
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ONLY: kids shoes, Allen Edmonds, Birkenstock, Hurley, Johnston & Murphy,
Merrell, RVCA & Tommy Bahama. Cannot be combined with any savings pass/
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Dollar savings are allocated as discounts off each eligible item, as shown on
receipt. When you return an item, you forfeit the savings allocated to that item.
This coupon has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash or applied as
payment or credit to your account. Extra savings % applied to reduced prices.
Purchase must be $50 or more, exclusive of tax and delivery fees.


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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

Health & Wellness

The mere presence of your Cocoa and chocolate are not
smartphone reduces brain just treats -- they are good for
power, study shows your cognition
Cocoa can be seen as a dietary supplement to protect human
-- ScienceDaily who had kept their phones in a pocket cognition and can counteract different types of cognitive decline.
or bag.
McCombs Assistant Profes- The ndings suggest that the mere
presence of one's smartphone reduces -- ScienceDaily gestion of cocoa avanols (ranging from
sor Adrian Ward and co-authors
available cognitive capacity and impairs 5 days up to 3 months) has generally
conducted experiments with cognitive functioning, even though A balanced diet is chocolate in been investigated in elderly individu-
nearly 800 smartphone users in als. It turns out that for them cognitive

continues to blaze new trails:

people feel they're giving their full atten- both hands -- a phrase commonly performance was improved by a daily
an attempt to measure, for the tion and focus to the task at hand. "We used to justify ones chocolate intake of cocoa avanols. Factors such
see a linear trend that suggests that as

Invitation to a strategic planning

rst time, how well people can snacking behavior. A phrase now as attention, processing speed, working
the smartphone becomes more notice-
complete tasks when they have able, participants' available cognitive shown to actually harbor some memory, and verbal uency were greatly

their smartphones nearby even capacity decreases," Ward said. "Your truth, as the cocoa bean is a rich affected. These effects were, however,
most pronounced in older adults with a
when they're not using them. conscious mind isn't thinking about source of avanols: a class of starting memory decline or other mild
your smartphone, but that process -- the
Kalusugan will conduct a are working towards the same goals, process of requiring yourself to not think
natural compounds that has neu- cognitive impairments.
In one experiment, the research-
Strategic Planning Retreat on to assess and adjust the organizations ers asked study participants to sit at a about something -- uses up some of your roprotective effects.
direction in response to a changing limited cognitive resources. It's a brain And this was exactly the most unex-
July 8, 2017 and we need you environment. In short, it is a disciplined
computer and take a series of tests that
drain." In their recent review published in pected and promising result according
required full concentration in order to
and your creative ideas to keep effort to produce fundamental decisions score well. The tests were geared to In another experiment, researchers Frontiers in Nutrition, Italian researchers to authors Valentina Socci and Michele
us going! and actions that shape and guide what looked at how a person's self-reported examined the available literature for the Ferrara from the University of L'Aquila
measure participants' available cogni- in Italy. "This result suggests the poten-
an organization is, what it does and why tive capacity -- that is, the brain's ability smartphone dependence -- or how effects of acute and chronic adminis-
it does it, with a focus on the future. tration of cocoa avanols on different tial of cocoa avanols to protect cogni-
How time ies! Three years The process is strategic because it has
to hold and process data at any given strongly a person feels he or she needs
cognitive domains. In other words: what tion in vulnerable populations over time
have past since our last Strategic time. Before beginning, participants to have a smartphone in order to get
something to do with responding to a through a typical day -- affected cogni- happens to your brain up to a few hours by improving cognitive performance. If
were randomly instructed to place their
Planning Retreat that occurred in dynamic and often hostile environment smartphones either on the desk face tive capacity. Participants performed after you eat cocoa avanols, and what you look at the underlying mechanism,
2014 for the years 2015-2017 and in pursuit of a public service mission. the same series of computer-based tests happens when you sustain such a cocoa the cocoa avanols have benecial ef-
down, in their pocket or personal bag, or fects for cardiovascular health and can
now we are planning again for the Thinking strategically means being in another room. All participants were as the rst group and were randomly avanol enriched diet for a prolonged
informed and consciously responsive assigned to keep their smartphones period of time? increase cerebral blood volume in the
next three years of 2018-2020. instructed to turn their phones to silent. dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. This
to a dynamic environment. The process The researchers found that partici- either in sight on the desk face up, in a
This will be done this coming is about planning because it involves pants with their phones in another room pocket or bag, or in another room. In this Although randomized controlled trials structure is particularly affected by aging
Saturday, July 8, 2017, from 8:30 intentionally setting goals (i.e., choosing experiment, some participants were also investigating the acute effect of cocoa and therefore the potential source of age-
signicantly outperformed those with related memory decline in humans."
AM to 4:00 PM at the Marina a desired goal) and developing an ap- their phones on the desk, and they also instructed to turn off their phones. avanols are sparse, most of them point
proach to achieving those goals. The researchers found that participants towards a benecial effect on cogni-
Village, 1936 Quivira Way, San THE PROCESS OF STRAGIC
slightly outperformed those participants
tive performance. Participants showed, So should cocoa become a dietary
who were the most dependent on their
Diego, CA 92109, Room G7. In- PLANNING smartphones performed worse compared among others, enhancements in working supplement to improve our cognition?
vitations have been sent through The process is also disciplined in that
& Vice-Chair, Board of Directors with their less-dependent peers, but only memory performance and improved "Regular intake of cocoa and chocolate
email and our monthly newslet- it calls for a certain order and pattern when they kept their smartphones on the visual information processing after could indeed provide benecial effects
Why Strategic Planning: Dennis- on cognitive functioning over time.
to keep it focused and productive. It desk or in their pocket or bag. having had cocoa avanols. And for
ter but in case you did not get it, highlights the relationships between the
Michael Broussard, Vice President
women, eating cocoa after a night of There are, however, potential side effects
KKCHW Ward and his colleagues also found that
you are still welcome to come different steps in strategic planning such it didn't matter whether a person's smart- total sleep deprivation actually counter- of eating cocoa and chocolate. Those
9:45- 10:30 Brief History of
on Saturday. Just let Dr. Ofelia as determining the mission and which
KKCHW and Strategic Planning. phone was turned on or off, or whether acted the cognitive impairment (i.e. less are generally linked to the caloric value
Dirige know you are coming by actions are most important based on it was lying face up or face down on a accuracy in performing tasks) that such of chocolate, some inherent chemical
Accomplishments from 2014-2017- Dr. compounds of the cocoa plant such as
assessment of strengths and weaknesses, desk. Having a smartphone within sight a night brings about. Promising results
calling and leaving a message at opportunities and threats (SWOT analy-
Ofelia Dirige, Founder and President,
for people that suffer from chronic sleep caffeine and theobromine, and a variety
(619) 254-4702 (Cell) or sending KKCHW or within easy reach reduces a person's
sis. The process involves the following: ability to focus and perform tasks deprivation or work shifts. of additives we add to chocolate such as
10:30- 10:45 BREAK
email to odirige@msn.com. See Getting Set-up for Success- Prepar-
10:45- 11:45 SWOT Analysis- because part of their brain is actively sugar or milk."
agenda below. ing for the meeting working to not pick up or use the phone. It has to be noted though, that the ef-
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities Nonetheless, the scientists are the rst
WHY WE DO STRATEGIC PLAN- Going through the process "It's not that participants were fects depended on the length and mental
and Threats- Group Discussion- Led to put their results into practice: "Dark
NING Dening your challenge distracted because they were getting no- load of the used cognitive tests to mea-
by Dennis-Michael chocolate is a rich source of avanols.
We do Strategic Planning because Articulating your vision and mission tications on their phones," said Ward. sure the effect of acute cocoa consump-
11:45- 12:00 Live Well San Diego So we always eat some dark chocolate.
the plan is our blueprint for action that Assessing the environment through "The mere presence of their smartphone tion. In young and healthy adults, for
Proclamation to welcome KKCHW as Every day."
guides and supports our boards and staff SWOT analysis; was enough to reduce their cognitive example, a high demanding cognitive
as we go about doing work in the orga- Setting the Course capacity." test was required to uncover the subtle
Greg Cox- San Diego County Board of Materials provided by Frontiers. Note:
nization. It provides a way with which to Agreeing on Priorities, Goals and immediate behavioral effects that cocoa
Supervisor Content may be edited for style and
monitor our achievements and assess re- Objectives Materials provided by University of avanols have on this group.
12:00- 1:00 LUNCH- Catered by length.
sults. It is our way to build commitment Writing the Strategic Plan Texas at Austin (UT Austin). Note: Con-
Happy Sushi
among our boards, staff and community Keeping the Plan relevant tent may be edited for style and length. The effects of relatively long-term in-
1:00-2:00 Goals and Objec-
members to prioritize what is essential to Implementing the Strategic plan
tives- Dr. Jesse Nodora, Assistant
our mission and to ensure that they are Monitoring and Evaluating.
working toward the same goals amidst a Moores, UCSD Cancer Center &
changing environment. *****
Member, KKCHW Board of Advisors.

2:00- 3:00 Formulation of Pro-
The Alliance for Nonprot Manage- PLAN FOR SATURDAY
grams and Activities- Group Work
ment denes Strategic Planning as a 8:30 - 9:00 Continental Breakfast
3:00- 3:30 BREAK
management tool that helps an organiza- and Networking
3:30- 4:00 SUMMARY AND
tion do a better jobto focus its energy, 9:00- 9:45 Welcome and Icebreaker


WHAT IS NEXT?- Dr. Dirige
to ensure members of the organization Introduction: Paul Ones, Co-Founder



PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557



Vendo PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
For details and information
please call our office at (619) 259-6464

Emergency Visits Welcome

July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
Ribbon cutting New law helps put kids from low- Wild tips to thrive in the great outdoors
planned for completion income and middle class families by Michele Mowad

of Wetlands Resto- on path to higher learning Make nature your classroom

this summerattend Wilderness
ration project Governor Brown Signs Every times more likely to attend and graduate
Kid Counts Act to Incentivize college.
Survival School at San Dieguito
County Park. San Diego County
The ScholarShare Investment Board, Park rangers will teach basic
DEL MAR, Ca. (June 29, 2017) -- The California Families to Save which oversees ScholarShare, Cali-
completion of the construction phase of for College with ScholarShare fornias 529 college savings plan, will awareness and safety skills dur-
the wetland restoration project including administer the program. ing this four-part workshop, held
the Coast to Crest Trail, adjacent to the The Every Kid Counts Act is a signi- select Sundays this summer from
Del Mar Fairgrounds, will be celebrated SACRAMENTO Low- to
moderate-income California cant step forward in the effort to help 2 to 3 p.m.
with a ribbon cutting ceremony at noon bring greater educational attainment to
on Saturday, July 15, at the site south families will get help saving for those families who need it the most,
of Jimmy Durante Blvd. Representa- Enhance your outdoor experiences with
college thanks to legislation sup- said Chiang, chair of the Scholar- lessons on local wildlife and wilderness
tives from the 22nd District Agricultural
Association, San Dieguito River Park
ported by State Treasurer John Share Investment Board. Faced with essentials. Rangers will demonstrate
Chiang and signed by Gov. Jerry skyrocketing tuition, we must empower useful skills you can take with you on
JPA, and the San Dieguito River Valley California families to save, invest, and
Conservancy will speak on behalf of the Brown. your next trail or campground adventure.
plan for their childrens futures. The free classes are all hands-on, so
project. According to a Pew Research Center
The Del Mar Fairgrounds (22nd Dis- The Every Kid Counts Act, authored dress and be ready to get a little dirty.
study, individuals with a college degree They are open to adventurers of all ages.
trict Agricultural Association) funded by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San are outperforming their peers with only
the $2.25 million project. It includes Francisco), provides $3 million in fund- a high school diploma on virtually all
ing to create the Every Kid Counts Col- Knots and Know-How on what to wear and how to deal with Learn how to build a shelter and where
the restoration of 9.51 acres of coastal economic measures. The current differ-
lege Savings Matching Grant Program. Learn to tie up to 12 knots and hitches both the expected and unexpected on to set up camp in this workshop. Rang-
salt marsh habitat and 1.67 acres of ence in annual earnings between millen-
Eligible participants of the program will in the rst workshop of the series. Youll day trips and extended outings. This ers will share knowledge on how to
upland habitat, and is in compliance nials with a bachelors degree and those
receive a dollar-for-dollar match contri- learn the right twists for securing loads, class will be offered July 9 and August detect environmental dangers, strategies
with permits from the California Coastal with a high school diploma is $17,500.
bution of up to $200 in college savings. setting up shelters, lassoing, climbing 13 at 2 p.m. for being found if youre lost, the impor-
Commission (CCC), U.S. Army Corps A substantial increase from only four
Through underinvestment and, even and more. Rope will be provided. This Wheres Water? tance of improvisation, local materials
of Engineers (USACE), California De- generations ago when that difference
worse, apathy, we are pricing ourselves class will be offered July 2 and August Water is important for many reasons, that work, how to make re, and hands-
partment of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), was $7,500, the study shows.
out of the California Dream. At a time 6 at 2 p.m. and it can be scarce in the summer on shelter-building practices. This class
and the San Diego Regional Water Qual- The signing of the legislation reects
when the wealth gap between the haves Wilderness Essentials months. Rangers will talk about purica- will be offered July 23 and August 27 at
ity Control Board (RWQCB). the ongoing commitment of California
and the have nots has seemingly turned Planning is half the battle! Gain tips tion versus ltration and share creative 2 p.m.
The Restoration Project is located just and its state-sponsored college sav-
into a hopeless chasm, California must that will keep you safe on topics from ways to nd and make hidden water. San Dieguito County Park is located at
south of Jimmy Durante Boulevard and ings investment plan, ScholarShare, to
re-imagine new and cost-effective ways nutrition and hydration to navigation, This class will be offered July 16 and 1628 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Del Mar.
north of the San Dieguito River in Del develop innovative programs to even out
for its citizens to afford a decent home, sun protection, rst aid and emergency August 20 at 2 p.m. Parking is $3. For more information,
Mar and is the culmination of years of the educational and economic playing
a college diploma and a dignied retire- communications. Then, get the skinny Gimme Shelter contact the park at 858-755-2386.
coordination with the agencies men- eld. By encouraging families to save
tioned above as well as the San Dieguito ment, said Chiang. With the support
Attorney General Becerra calls on FCC to block
for future college expenses, the hope is
River Park JPA. The project included of the Governor and the lawmakers, that more children will go to college and
soil removal to facilitate appropriate my ofce will now begin incentivizing enjoy greater economic opportunities.
hydrology for wetland restoration and as
well, movement of material for restora-
tion of the upland habitat or buffer area.
thousands of low- to moderate-income
families to get in the habit of socking
away a few dollars each month, with an
To learn more about the Every Kid
Counts Act, visit http://treasurer.ca.gov/ robocalls from fake caller ID numbers
scholarshare/index.asp. SACRAMENTO California telecommunications companies protecting consumers in California and
Viewing platforms will be provided at eye toward making a college degree a For more news, please follow the
the end of the boardwalk. reachable dream for their children. Attorney General Xavier Becerra to do even more by providing across the country. The FCC and the
Treasurer on Twitter at @CalTreasurer, telecommunications industry can and
About the Del Mar Fairgrounds Research shows that children with sav- and on Facebook at California State today urged the Federal Commu- call-blocking technology to
The 22nd District Agricultural Associa- ings accounts, however small, are seven should do even more to stop robocalls,
tion is a State of California agency that
Treasurer's Ofce. nications Commission (FCC) to consumers. Robocalls are the scam text messages, and unwanted tele-

Palomar College Hosts Drone block robocalls made from fake number one consumer complaint
owns and operates the Del Mar Fair- marketing calls. That includes providing
grounds, Surfside Race Place, Horsepark or spoofed caller ID numbers. reported to the FCC. every landline and wireless customer

Conference on July 7
Equestrian Center and the Del Mar Golf with access to free and effective call
The FCC is currently consider- blocking tools.
Center. The 22nd DAA produces three ing rules to help eliminate these As families gather around the dinner
events each year: the San Diego County table each night, they shouldnt be In the letter, the attorneys general point
Fair, the Del Mar National Horse Show SAN MARCOS (July 3, 2017) line of work; and individuals who want unlawful calls and Attorney bombarded by unwanted robocalls, said out that there is little risk in allowing
and The Scream Zone. The Fairgrounds Palomar College will host a Drone to connect with other industry profes- General Becerra, along with 29 Attorney General Becerra. But robo- providers to block calls from invalid
Conference, PALOMAR DRONE-CON sionals who are already using drones in or unassigned numbers. Of course,
hosts more than 350 events annually, the attorneys general, submitted a calls made from fake numbers are more
the proposed rules will not block every
largest of which is the live horse racing '17, on Friday, July 7 at the San Marcos their work. than just a nuisance theyre illegal.
campus. The keynote speaker will be Todd letter to express his support for illegal robocall, write the attorneys
meet each summer and fall, which is We should be doing everything in our
operated by the Del Mar Thoroughbred Designed for industry professionals Jacobs from the National Oceanic Atmo- the adoption of the rules. The power to eliminate these types of calls, general. Nonetheless, the rules are a
Club for the 22nd DAA and the State of and educators, the event is currently spheric Administration (http://channelis- California Attorney Generals which far too often lead to identify theft step in a positive direction for the FCC
California. For more information on the sold out. The group of 140 people who lands.noaa.gov/contact/jacobs.html). Ofce has long been a leader on and nancial loss. The proposed rules and for consumers, as they will reduce
Del Mar Fairgrounds, visit delmarfair- registered is made up of those interested are a good, but modest rst step toward ( Continued on page 6 )
in introducing drones in their classes or
( Continued on page 6 ) this issue, pressing the FCC and




AR &
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

SC Dissent
accept me as a friend. And your sons Alan Iversion, as players and of course, between government forces and ISIS-
aunt. their legendary coach, John Thompson. inspired local terror groups.
Mona remained quiet. When they were at the Aklan Airport in ( Continued from page 1 ) After more than six weeks of ghting,
Dont worry, Mimi cheerfully told the Philippines January of last year to at- only four out of 96 barangays in Marawi
her. We will take many pictures of his tend the Ati-Atihan Festival and proceed dents alleged by Armed Forces of City remain problematic for the military.
graduation and send them. to the famed Boracay Beach Resort, the Philippines chief Gen. Eduar- The AFP expressed its appreciation
Please do, Mona asked. I also would President Arroyo happened to have ar- do Ao to have been orchestrated over the ruling of the SC and said that
like to have a copy of his speech. rived in a plane after theirs landed. Lily they will take the decision as a vote of
I am sure he will thank you. We will wiggled her place in the reception line by the Abu Sayyaf Group, Maute condence to continue their operations
send a video of the ceremonies so you and when the President passed by her, group and Bangsamoro Islamic in Marawi.
can witness this memorable day. she shouted: Go Hoya! Freedom Fighters that threaten
SATION, Mona thought of her own
nephew Darren, the son of her only
Arroyo smiled at her.
Before she was accepted at George-
the peace in the region.
She noted that all incidents are acts of Palomar
Destiny: Agreement
lawless violence directed against either ( Continued from page 5 )
sister Maura who had perished in their town, Lily had to pass through some civilians or government forces and
neighborhood re. More than ever be- obstacles. First she was interviewed by caused disturbance of peace in the areas Guest speakers will include representa-
fore, she was convinced her son Freddie a Georgetown Alumni in San Diego, a where they were committed. tives from the elds of insurance (aerial
( Continued from page 1 ) He is very excited. He is graduat- would be taken care of by his fathers successful accountant, at a coffee house The validity of the suspension of the metrics), agriculture (slantrange), utility
ing as valedictorian. He is happy we relatives. But Darren was still out there in La Jolla area, the countys enclave for privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, inspection (SDG&E), construction
can take care of him no matter will be there to support and witness his wandering in the streets. Even though the rich. however, does not vest Duterte and his (Balfour Beatty Construction), aviation
the distance. graduation. He is no longer be graduat- she was sending money to nancially Her parents dropped her off one Sun- ofcials with "unhampered direction to (Academy of Model Aeronautics), and
Thanks a lot Mona, Mimi was ing alone as he once thought. In fact, support him, he was still in danger living day morning and waited for her call to wield his powers." environmental assessment elds (UC
pleased. I, his grandparents, and the he often thanks us for the clothes we by himself, especially with his father be picked up by walking around La Jolla "Their actions must meet legal stan- Irvine). In addition to workshops and
rest of our family will be very happy. bought him. in prison. Then a thought came to her Cove, one of the landmarks in the area. dards even in a martial law setting," guest speakers, the event will feature
You have nothing to worry. Thats my son, Mona smiled for the mind. What if she asked Mimi to take The call came two hours later. Sereno said. industry panels, vendor exhibits, and
Mona was sure Mimi was telling the rst time in many days. I graduated care of Darren as well? I think I did alright. I talked most of Sereno concluded that Duterte, in the demonstrations throughout the day.
truth. As much as she wanted to be valedictorian too. But my graduation the time and told him about my parttime exercise of his commander-in-chief The schedule of events can be found
pleasant to Mimi, who seemed to be was a sad day as my parents were not (To be continued) job working at your ofce during sum- powers, does not have unbridled discre- here: http://palomaruas17.weebly.com/
a very good and loving aunt, she felt able to attend the ceremonies. I was mertime as well as my travels, she told tion as to when, where and how martial program.html .
awkward as she considered Mimis all alone as my sister was in Manila. I her dad. law is to be declared as set forth in the Coordinating the conference are Wing
brother the most evil man in the world. delivered my valedictory speech half- After she received her acceptance letter Constitution. Cheung, professor of geography, and
Maybe, Mona wondered, she would heartedly, then learned my parents died a few months later, she got an invita- "There are clear legal standards dictat- coordinator for the Geographic Informa-
eventually be comfortable with her after in a motorcycle accident on their way to tion for a reception for new Georgetown ing what he can and cannot do. The tion Systems (GIS) program at Palomar;
time passed. my graduation event. students hosted by an alumnae at the Court, as the vanguard of the rule of and Mark Bealo, professor of graphic
Mona was about to end the uneasy Im sorry to hear about that, Mona. I clubhouse of her luxurious condomi- law, must see to it that the rule of law is communications, including drone cours-
conversation when Mimi asked, Should guarantee you Freddie will be the happi- num unit in downtown San Diego. It upheld," Sereno said. es at Palomar. For information please
contact Wing Cheung at wcheung@
we tell Freddie about our relationship est ever during his graduation, as he will was there that her parents apprehension In a separate dissenting opinion,
with him? have all of our love. about the cost of a Georgetown educa- Caguioa noted that there has been no palomar.edu.
Mona was taken aback. It was a ques- I know, Mona smiled as tears owed tion was somehow appeased. showing of specic reasons for the

Attorney General
tion she had not considered. ( Continued from page 2 ) They are pretty much generous about
down from her eyes. She was reminded necessity to declare martial law over the
What do you think? she asked Mimi. of her parents, her sisters and the in the West Coast of the United States, their grants, one of the parents who entire Mindanao.
We would love to, especially since tragedies in her life. But she was happy living in the East Coast would give you attended and who already submitted "Extending martial law and the suspen-
another perspective and expand your the nancial aid application for her son ( Continued from page 5 )
we would like to openly express our as she imagined her son walking up the sion of the privilege of the writ even to
love. We also would like him to meet his stage and receiving his diploma, then de- horizon. assured them. contiguous or adjacent areas cannot be the ability of scammers to spoof real and
paternal relatives, but we are afraid he livering his speech as the schools vale- First Time While the cost of an education at a done without a showing of actual rebel- fake numbers, and increase the ability
might be in a very vulnerable stage. Our dictorian. Like mother like son. Unlike The rst time they laid their eyes at private school like Georgetown maybe lion in those areas or a demonstration of law enforcement to track down scam-
bonding process might be derailed. her, her son would succeed in becoming Georgetown University campus was in double than that of a public school like that they are so inextricably connected to mers. The FCC should thus implement
Yes, you are right. Let me know when a doctor and helping a lot of people. 1998, when Lily was twelve years old. the University of California, it pretty the actual rebellion that martial law and the rules proposed in the Notice [of
you think would be the right time since He is very intelligent, Mona. Your They were in the rst leg of their East much evened up because of the grants suspension of the privilege of the writ Proposed Rulemaking] and help protect
you are the one dealing with him on a son, Mimi commented. We are all Coast family trip that brought them from and scholarship the former extended are necessary to ensure public safety in consumers from future scams.
daily basis. You will know his mental glad he inherited your genes. He has a Washington D.C. to Baltimore, Mary- to their daughter. One just have to such places," Caguioa said. When he assumed ofce, Attorney
and emotional state of mind. very bright future ahead of him and we land; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Bos- contend with the airplane tickets costs Caguioa concurred with the recom- General Becerra made protecting
I agree, Mimi replied. promise to support him emotionally and ton, Massachusetts; and New York, New in traveling from the East Coast school mendations of Sereno that the martial consumers a top priority. Since then, he
The short conversation made Mona nancially. He will realize his ambitions York. They were on their third day, and and home in San Diego during school law declaration can be justied only in has announced a $33 million multi-state
realize Mimi had a good heart. She to practice medicine. Margie got sick. Their insurance carrier breaks and long Holidays. But the same Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao and Sulu. settlement with Johnson and Johnson for
should not be blamed for the sins of her I dont know about the genes. But advised them to take her to the George- frequent yer costs were also incurred On the other hand, Carpio cited marketing over-the-counter medicines
brother. She didnt deserve the cold- becoming a doctor was also my dream, town University Hospital for consulta- when their two daughters went to school Duterte's statement that he declared a that failed to meet quality standards; a
hearted treatment Mona had been giving until it was denied to me when. tion. But all they saw then were the view at UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley. Mindanao-wide martial law to prevent a $586 million multi-state settlement with
her, especially since she was now taking Mona hesitated to continue her sentence, from an open hallway of the hospital, Meeting two successful and seemingly "spillover." Western Union for wire fraud scams;
care of her son. not wanting to interrupt the happy not the enclosed, rather crowded cluster prosperous Georgetown alumni gave "This only conrms that there is no and a record $18.5 million multi-state
Listen, Mimi, she said. I am sorry conversation. of brick buildings of the campus. But he them the impression that somehow, a actual rebellion outside of Marawi City. settlement with Target over data security
for being discourteous to you. I know I am sorry about that, Mimi broke must admit that the University preceded Georgetown education might assure one However, the President feared a 'spill- failures that contributed to the compro-
you love your nephew and am grateful the awkward silence. My brother its reputation. All he knew about it then, a nancially successful career. But it over' to other areas in Mindanao because mise of 40 million customers' payment
for that. Please dont hold it against me ruined your life. were the facts that Philippine President seems that it would depend on the hard 'it is easy to escape' from Marawi City card information during the 2013 holi-
for being mad. No, I just realized this is my fate. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and U.S. work one would be willing to put in, not 'because there is no division in terms of day season. He has also called on Con-
I understand, Mona. Our family un- Its Gods will. Hes testing me on how President Bill Clinton went there, not to mention the kind of career he would land,'" Carpio said. gress to oppose the Financial CHOICE
derstands. We are forever sorry for what faithful I will remain to Him with the to mention its fancied Hoya basketball want to pursue. Duterte declared martial law and Act, which would gut the Consumer
had happened but grateful for Freddie. trials He had given me. team with the likes of basketball greats (To be continued) suspended the writ of habeas corpus in Financial Protection Bureau.
How is he, anyway? Mona asked. You are a good woman, Mona. Please Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Motumbo and Mindanao on May 23 following a clash A copy of the letter is attached to the
electronic version of this release at oag.
in and that means that the heat until you get cool 18. While traveling, stay near a ca.gov/news

Being a Filipino
of summer hangs over us like a coast. Do not go into the interior of the
8. Build a swimming pool in your country especially dont go into the
cloud of mosquitos. Heat is a backyard (the family and neighbors will deserts (unless the desert is Las Vegas. ( Continued from page 7 )
tough thing to control. You can love you for it) In Vegas there are enough things to do
put on enough clothes in winter without ever having to leave the hotels persecution that happens when people
9. Eat more ice cream (yes, this may and casinos. You can stay winter-cool give opposing opinions, of the lies being
to get warm but you cant take spread by government ofcials them-
have the undesired side effect of making all summer long and never see the great
off enough clothes in summer to you gain weight which will make you outdoors) selves, of the still-rampant problem of
get cool. Trying to, however, can hotter, but until that happens the ice corruption.
certainly be fun. cream will help you stay cool. Its a side 19. Get a job in an ice factory. You can What does it mean to be proud as a
effect - deal with it) go to work in the middle of summer and Filipino? Does it mean blindly following
Even though the heat surrounds us like have to put on a parka the country's leader? Or isn't being criti-
calories in a bakery, there are ways to 10. Go out to your front yard (yeah, cal a part of the dynamics of a democ-
get and stay cool. Im going to outline a back yard is okay too) and turn on a 20. Go to Lake Tahoe. The lake is racy? Since when did dissent become

Staying cool
a number of those ways here. Feel free hose and simply stand under it while clean, clear, and ice cold having been equal to destabilization?
to use any or all of them as necessary letting the water run over you. WAIT!!! fed by melting snows (at least this is Im still proud to be a Filipino, of
to stay as cool as the person you hope Do not stand under it right after turning what their literature says) the heritage and natural beauty of my
There are ways to stay cool in the heat of summer you are. it on. There is water in that hose that has
been in the hot sun all day. Wait until 21. Take up water skiing (even better
country. But I am not proud of our
government and the way the country
Twenty-ve ways to stay cool in the the water cools off or youre liable to get do it at Lake Tahoe) is being run right now. I am not proud
Ever been to Phoenix, Arizona? But since it is that time again, summertime cooked. The only problem with this one of the gross human rights violations I
In the summer? Its best to avoid and so many readers live in very is we are in a rather severe drought. So 22. Run through your neighbors sprin- believe Duterte is responsible for. I am
it. My friend Art, who lives in hot places (hey Arizona people, 1. Buy an air conditioner for your get a cute friend or two to stand there klers (ask them rst so you dont sur- not proud of the sexism, racism, and
house and use it. Yes, this is the easy with you or see # 4 above prise them and they turn their Rottweiler violence that's eating up our culture.
Phoenix, called the other day and move already!), I thought the But while our president and our gov-
one and why did someone have to tell loose). Although with the drought, there
he was moaning about the heat. I summer column needs to poke its you this? What, you dont like medium- 11. Start munching on ice cubes. You probably arent many sprinklers on long ernment are not doing a good job repre-
wanted to tell him how hot it was head up.The times of sweat and strength triple-digit electric bills? Hey, can do this all day long and it has a great enough for the water to get cool senting the Philippines, it is up to every
here, but in comparison to Phoe- Slurpees are here. July will be you cant have it all side effect of annoying people around Filipino abroad to make other countries
nix? Nope, were having it great. over soon and August is oozing you and if you break a tooth your dentist 23. Open your freezer door and stick realize that this is just a phase in our de-
2. Use the air conditioner in your car will benet as well your head in occasionally. You cant do mocracy. That deep down, Filipinos are
unless you dont have an air conditioner this very often because if you do your still the hospitable, loving people they've
in your car in which case you now must 12. Get in the car (sure gas is expensive ice cream will melt; plus, how would come to know.
ask yourself what on earth you were and polluting but youre hot, remember? you be able to yell at the kids for doing As my friend Mima said, "At the end of
thinking when you bought a car without Priorities, people, priorities!) And head it if they caught you? the day, my passport says 'Pilipinas' and
air conditioning straight to your neighborhood 7/11. This not 'Duterte,' so I represent the values
is a great place to get things to help a 24. Run your bathtub full of cool water our heroes died for. I do not represent
3. Go buy a car with air conditioning if person cool off. First, of course, there is and then add ice. Now get in. WARN- Duterte. And that's something I always
you see yourself in number two above the ice-cold Slurpee (wonder if anyone ING: This will be very cold and you make clear."
and then look up no brainer has thought of a beer Slurpee?). After cant stay in long besides your skin There is more to the Philippines and
that there are soft drinks, beer, and any will wrinkle and who needs more of to being a Filipino than Duterte. As a
4. Go to the beach. Sure, there are number of other things to help you take that? Filipino abroad, the challenge is to rise
thousands upon thousands of people the edge off summer heat above the new stereotype. Rappler.
already there trying to get cool too as 25. Find someone to follow you com
well as surf, swim, picnic, tan, play vol- 13. Go ice-skating. Okay, you have to around wherever you go and fan you and
leyball, ogle people in thongs, sh, and actually learn how to do it so you dont spray you with water (okay, this one is DAVID LOZADA is an Australia
all the other assorted things people do at break something, but after all the lessons hard unless youre willing to pay some Awards scholar taking up Master of
beaches besides just getting cool but just think how cool youll be while skat- kid a whole lot of money, but just think Development Studies at the University
its a big beach ing around on ice. And another thing, how envious your neighbors will be see- of Melbourne. Prior to his scholarship,
if you are going to have to take lessons ing you with someone doing this for you he was a reporter covering development
5. Go to an enclosed mall. Yes, this is for a sport, what better way than to take all day long). and a community manager for Rappler's
what shopping centers pray for a hot them on an air-conditioned ice rink? MovePH for 4 years.
day when hordes of people will descend And there you have twenty-ve ways
upon the place in search of cool tem-
peratures and bargains. So go ahead and
14. Take an Alaskan cruise. It has to be
at least somewhat cooler sailing next to
to stay cool over the long, hot summer.
I hope it helps. If not, Ill see you at George Carlin
( Continued from page 7 )
shop until your blisters bleed or you run a few icebergs the beach. Ill be the one with a beer, a
out of money whichever comes rst book, and a smile.
15. Fill a big bucket with ice, add Give time to love, give time to speak!
6. Eat in restaurants more often. This water, and start dunking your head in it. Miles book Disabled Literature is And give time to share the precious
will not only stimulate the economy and Please send me a photo if you do this available from these retailers: thoughts in your mind.
get you out of the kitchen; it will keep AND ALWAYS REMEMBER:
you in good graces with anyone who 16. Have an operation. Have you ever Amazon: Life is not measured by the number of
lives with you and also cooks noticed how cold hospitals are? http://tinyurl.com/Dis-Lit1 breaths we take, but by the moments that
take our breath away.
7. Take a trip to the mountains in 17. Get a job ying, planes are cold too Barnes and Noble: If you don't send this to at least 8
Canada. Go north and keep on going http://tinyurl.com/Dis-Lit2 people....Who cares?-- George Carlin
July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

Being a Filipino abroad in the time of Duterte

'At the end of the day, my English well. online propaganda was published so I
passport says 'Pilipinas' and Back then, my conversations with new had some talking points.
foreign friends would always end up In the same trip, I met then-US rep-
not 'Duterte', so I represent the with me inviting them to come visit the resentative for Nebraska's 2nd district
values our heroes died for. I do Philippines and a lot of them did. It Brad Ashford. The rst thing he asked
not represent Duterte,' says a was a time when all I had to worry about me when he knew I was a Filipino was,
their visits would be the trafc along "How did that happen? How did the
Filipino abroad EDSA or the pickpockets in the streets. Philippines elect someone like him?"
Now, whenever the tough-talking presi- My initial response was, "I don't
David Lozada, Rappler.com | dent threatens the media or lashes out know."
7/2/2017 -- "Why is your presi- against the West, I get messages from I think the class didn't know they'd be
dent killing people? Why did he my friends asking about my safety or faced with a similar leader just a few
say this or that? How big of a looking for an explanation of his words weeks after our discussion. Congress-
and actions. When they ask whether it's man Ashford also lost his 2016 bid to
problem is drugs in your coun- safe to visit the Philippines, most of the Republican Don Bacon.
try? Is it safe to go to the Philip- time, I just fall silent.
pines?" It's been the same experience for many Asia vs the West
These are questions I've memo- of my Filipino friends living temporarily
abroad. Traveling to 7 countries the past year
rized the answers to whenever I "I've been asked how I'm still alive, though, I don't just get negative ques-
go out of the country after Presi- and been asked of who dies," said Mima tions about Duterte.
dent Rodrigo Duterte was elected Mendoza, a friend taking up her masters During my recent trip to Vietnam and
in May 2016. From friends in the degree in Columbia University. Cambodia in May 2017, whenever
She added: "I always talk about eco- locals hear that I'm Filipino, they'd
academe and the development nomics and how money protects you. I immediately praise our leader. They
sector to cab drivers and waiters, talk about gated communities and the would remark how he's doing a good job
all of them are curious about our slums. To a lot of my classmates, it's standing up to developed countries, and
tough-talking president. unbelievable. But then here in the States how he's doing the right thing eliminat-
it's an issue of color, ours is an issue of ing drugs. For once, some government
Whenever I go out of the country, I see class." ofcials may be right when they claim
myself as an ambassador of the Philip- "I usually get the normal ones You that in some ASEAN countries, Duterte
pines. As much as I am learning about have a crazy president? You're okay is a "superstar."
another culture through food and historic with the dead bodies? Is he really killing "The only thing he's doing wrong is
sites when I visit another country, it is people? Why do Filipinos love him so that he's killing his people. That should
also my job to act in a way that will not much?" noted Carlos Quiapo, another never happen. We've experienced that in
bring shame to my own country. For friend who has been working in Tokyo our country in the past," the manager in
foreigners some of whom are meeting for two years. our Siem Reap hotel told me.
a Filipino for the rst time my actions "It's tiring and sometimes I ask why This was a sobering statement especial-
reect what the Philippines is like. I have to justify my being Filipino ly because my family and I just visited
But when the questions about extraju- because of this guy. I feel like they see The Killing Fields and saw the horrors
dicial killings (EJKs), Duterte's swear everyone as Duterte. Then my task to of genocide in the Tuol Sleng Prison in
words, and his tirades against the West still be a Filipino somehow is to explain Phnom Penh.
come, I must admit that I sometimes what's happening. Then I let them decide In developed countries, it's a very dif-
don't know how to answer. As a journal- what's wrong or right," Carlos added. ferent line of questioning. My friends
ist, I know the facts and I know the truth He noted: "I tell them I don't support from the US or Europe aren't as con-
on the ground. But at the same time, I him killing people, making rape jokes. I cerned about his tough talk as much as
know telling them what I know would tell them I am not in favor of any of his his human rights record.
paint the current situation of the Philip- plans/goals." In my rst two weeks here in Austra-
pines in a very dark way. (READ: Where lia, I've already been asked the same
the drug war began) Hot seat in pre-Trump America questions numerous times. People take
particular interest when I tell them I'm a
'Is the Philippines safe?' During my fellowship with the US journalist in the Philippines. "I know it's
State Department's Young Southeast hard to be in your position right now,"
Gone are the days when the most fre- Asian Leaders Initiative in October one academic recently told me. (READ:
quent questions I get from foreigners are 2016, I took classes on civic engage- Duterte and the media, from the perspec-
about how to visit Boracay or Palawan, ment and international relations at the tive of a student journalist)
or how true it is that there is a volcano University of Nebraska at Omaha. It was
within a lake within a volcano within a on one class day that Duterte, while in Finding sobriety
lake near Manila. China, said the Philippines is distancing
As a college student, I represented the itself from its longtime ally, the US. I've learned to give a sober answer
Philippines a couple of times in youth I was put on the spot in front of a class whenever asked these questions about
and leadership conferences in South- of a hundred undergrads to talk about the Philippines now. No matter how
east Asia. Wearing the barong then and what Duterte's words mean for inter- embarrassing it is, I feel it is my respon-
introducing myself as a Filipino would national relations and power balance sibility to talk about the truth on the
always be moments of pride. On the in Southeast Asia. The students asked ground of the drug addicts mercilessly
sidelines, participants would usually about why propaganda and fake news killed without due process of law, of the
comment on how they love Filipino food are becoming rampant. Thankfully, this
( Continued on page 6 )
or how they envy Filipinos for speaking was the time when Rappler's series on

George Carlin on our times

Isn't it amazing that George Carlin - co- wait. We build more computers to hold
median of the 70's and 80's - could write more information, to produce more cop-
something so very eloquent...and so very ies than ever, but we communicate less
appropriate. and less.
These are the times of fast foods and
A Message by George Carlin: slow digestion, big men and small char-
acter, steep prots and shallow relation-
The paradox of our time in history is ships. These are the days of two incomes
that we have taller buildings but shorter but more divorce, fancier houses, but
tempers, wider Freeways ,but narrower broken homes. These are days of quick
viewpoints. We spend more, but have trips, disposable diapers, throwaway
less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We morality, one night stands, overweight
have bigger houses and smaller families, bodies, and pills that do everything from
more conveniences, but less time. We cheer, to quiet, to kill. It is a time when
have more degrees but less sense, more there is much in the showroom window
knowledge, but less judgment, more and nothing in the stockroom. A time
experts, yet more problems, more medi- when technology can bring this letter
cine, but less wellness. to you, and a time when you can choose
We drink too much, smoke too much, either to share this insight, or to just hit
spend too recklessly, laugh too little, delete...
drive too fast, get too angry, stay up Remember; spend some time with your
too late, get up too tired, read too little, loved ones, because they are not going
watch TV too much, and pray too to be around forever.
seldom. Remember, say a kind word to
We have multiplied our possessions, someone who looks up to you in awe,
but reduced our values. We talk too because that little person soon will grow
much, love too seldom, and hate too up and leave your side.
often. Remember, to give a warm hug to the
We've learned how to make a living, one next to you, because that is the only
but not a life. We've added years to life treasure you can give with your heart
not life to years. We've been all the way and it doesn't cost a cent.
to the moon and back, but have trouble Remember, to say, 'I love you' to your
crossing the street to meet a new neigh- partner and your loved ones, but most
bor. We conquered outer space but not of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace
inner space. We've done larger things, will mend hurt when it comes from deep
but not better things. inside of you.
We've cleaned up the air, but polluted Remember to hold hands and cherish
the soul. We've conquered the atom, but the moment for someday that person
not our prejudice. We write more, but will not be there again.
learn less. We plan more, but accomplish ( Continued on page 6 )
less. We've learned to rush, but not to

Pangarap Dalawang mayabang....

Toto: Pangarap ko, kumita ng P250,000 Usapan ng dalawang mayabang.... ....

monthly gaya ni daddy! Tomas: Ang galing ng aso ko! Tuwing
Juvy: Wow! Ganyan kalaki ang kinikita umaga, dala niya ang dyaryo sa akin.
ng daddy mo? Diego: Alam ko..
Toto: Hindi! Yan din ang pangarap Tomas: Ha? Paano mo nalaman?
niya! Diego: Ikinukuwento sa akin ng aso
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

Social media in the time of Duterte
Within the rst year of Presi- candidates vying for the top posts in
dent Dutertes administra- the country also needed to dominate the
social media battleground.
tion, he has not been remiss Mr Rodrigo Dutertes campaign for
in expressing his thanks to the presidency and his supporters have
the community that has been proven how powerful these digital
spaces are.
instrumental to his success A review of his social media presence
showed that Duterte's social media
Paige Occeola, Rappler.com |
accounts were nothing special. In fact,
MANILA, 7/4/2017 Consid- based on follower count and content

Cutting Energy Costs

ering that the Philippines was alone, it was Senator Miriam Santiago
once dubbed the social media who was the social media darling,
capital of the world, it comes to thanks to the witty posts and jokes that
resonated with her young followers.
In virtually every part of our save money when you use your dryer. no surprise that these platforms So how did Duterte manage to
lives, we can nd some easy Try drying loads of clothing made out of
similar fabrics, since one type of fabric
have become the game changer dominate social media conversations?
ways to reduce the cost of living can take twice as long to dry as another. for the 2016 presidential elec- According to Nic Gabunada, his cam-
contributing to our nancial Place your refrigerator strategically. tions. paigns social media manager, the secret
to success lay in mobilizing and organiz-
health. Housing, clothes, cars Keep your refrigerator away from your Apart from geographical bailiwicks,
ing existing groups of supporters.
and leisure activities all take a stove or heating vents. Otherwise, the alliances, and considerable war chests,
fridge will have to work hard to stay cold Headed by handlers and inuencers
large portion of our paychecks. and youll pay extra money for that. who made sure that their group members
Even our pets cost money to feed Cook smart. Bake two dishes in the with motion sensor, since it turns on an that you can remove and vacuum every showerhead uses 25 to 50 percent less were on the same page regarding the
and keep healthy. oven at the same time to save on energy. off automatically. three or four weeks, or front the cash for hot water and cuts down your water message of the week, it was easy for
A little forethought can help us cut our Microwaves use just 20 percent of the Heating new lters. and heating costs. supporters to rally around and amplify
expenses signicantly without depriv- energy that conventional ovens require. Heat up your house without heating up Keep heat away from your house. Save Fix the drip. Is your faucet dripping a common message especially when the
ing us of anything we really need. And When cooking on the stove top, use the your costs. Warm up to the savings with energy by planting shrubs and ground warm or hot water? Fix it or get it content and the approach were tweaked
dont think cutting out the small things smallest size pan or pot possible and these tips. cove near the paved surfaces around your xed right away. Those little drops of and localized.
wont help save money. Small savings place it on the smallest burner. Dont keep the home res burning. A house. The shade from shrubs near your water can add up to 15 gallons of hot Whether it was to express support for
actually compound over the years to Lighting replace actually sucks up the warm house or patio helps cool the air before it water a day. Youre needlessly adding their candidate or to defend him from
produce big savings. Are your electric bills high because of air from indoors right up the chimney reaches your house. to your heating and water costs. controversy, these groups and supporters
The Readers Digest sent brochures to the lighting in your house? Turn down and shoots it out the house through the Aim high. Everyone knows that heat Lower the suds. Though you may worked fast and en masse.
some subscribers on how to cut the cost the price of lighting with these bright chimney. rises and cold air falls. Aim the vents of thing that adding more dishwashing Of course, even during the campaign,
for our home, cars, food, health, and strategies. Use your ceiling fan. Ceiling fan in your room air conditioner to the ceil- liquid means getting dishes cleaner or their echo chamber had its fair share of
energy. Here are some tips to cut energy Use CFLs. You may already know the winter can keep you warm. Most ing. Your room will experience better air at least cleaned faster, youre actually controversy. One disturbing incident
costs. that compact uorescent lights (CFLs) fans have a reverse setting that pushes circulation as the cold air falls. doing your water bill a disservice. involved the harassment of a netizen
Appliances use about 75 percent less energy than the warm air that has risen to the ceiling Dont pay to cool the basement. Shut Lighten up on the amount of dishwash- who criticized Duterte on social media.
Turn up the savings by turning off ap- standard incandescent light bulbs and back down to your level. heating system vents in the summer if you ing detergent you use; otherwise youll From people wishing her rape, to death
pliances and by using these accessible can last up 10 times longer. What you Let the sun shine in. Open blinds and use room air conditioners. Otherwise, the use more water than usual to wash off threats in her inbox, Renee Karunungan
money-saving tips. may not know: Turning off CFLs when curtains on south-facing windows when nice cool air youre paying for will ow the excess soap. Youll save on the was inundated by hate messages from
Take the glow test. Even when com- exiting a room for less than 15 minutes the sun shines, and close them at sunset down through the ducts into the basement. cost of the dishwashing liquid, too! Duterte supporters.
puters, microwaves, and many other cots more than leaving them on. So of to keep the solar heat in. Keep curtains Keep the air dry. An air conditioner Turn the water off. You can save a It happened again to a student who
appliances and electronics are turned off, you are likely to be back in that part of and blinds closed on north-facing win- removes humidity from the air, as well as lot of water by shutting it off when you asked President Duterte a question
they still have clocks, lights, and other your house within a quarter hour, leave dows both day and night. cools your house. The less humidity in dont need it. Turn it off while youre during a forum at the University of the
functions that require electricity. So do the lights on to save. Keep it real. Turn your thermostat up the air, the less your air conditioner has brushing your teeth or soaping up dirty Philippines-Los Baos. In response,
this test: take a nighttime, lights-off walk Use task lighting. Focus light only or down to the temperature you want, to work. dishes. And run the machines the Dutertes camp released a statement ask-
through your home, and count how many where you need it: on your desk in your not above or below it, so your furnace Hot Water dishwasher and the washing machine ing their supporters to be responsible
household machines are glowing. In the home ofce while you are using it, under wont work harder than it should. Did you know that heating water is the only when theyre full. citizens and exercise civility, intelli-
morning, pull the plugs on as many as the kitchen cabinet when chopping in- Sometimes hard work doesnt pay third largest expense in your home? Try Dispose of high bills. Run your food gence, decency, and compassion when
you can, and plug up in only when you gredients for cooking, or on a side table off. Turn off your bathroom fan, and these tricks to knock that cost down. disposal with cold water. The cold wa- engaged in any discourse,
use them. when reading in bed your kitchen hood fan, as soon as it has Test your showerhead. Time how long ter solidies grease; the disposal then This plea fell on deaf ears, as several
Call your electric company to reduce Three is better than one. Assuming you nished its job. it takes to ll a gallon bucket. If its less grinds it up and washes it down the groups of supporters continued to harass
costs. Find out if your electric company are not using CFLs, use three-way bulbs Cooling than 20 seconds, replace your showerhead pipes. Youll save money and plumb- and target vocal critics of the administra-
offers off-hours rate programs. They so you can keep lighting levels lower How can you keep your cool about the with a low-ow model. This type of ing bills, as well as on hot water costs. ( Continued on page 10 )
will charge you cheaper rates for run- when you dont need bright light. cost of keeping cool? Here are ways
ning your appliances at certain off-peak Lean on Mother Nature. Let daylight that will help and keep you from getting

Rancho Costa Verde

hours. into your house with light-colored, hot under the collar.
Sort your wash by type of fabric. You loosely woven curtain, and decorate with Clean or replace your lters. A dirty
probably sort your laundry by colors, lighter colors that reect sunlight. lter makes your room air conditioner
but a new way of sorting can help you Go with the motion. Use outdoor lights work harder while pumping out air
thats less cool. Buy a replaceable lter

You are invited to dinner on us

We have a guest speaker that will bring Baja to you. The
presentation will have amazing aerial photos, updates on
the Baja real estate market, and whats new in San Felipe,
Baja Mexico. Enjoy an evening of great dining and learn
about some of the breakthroughs in green technology, how
Americans can own beach view property in Mexico and
Bajas best-kept secret: Rancho Costa Verde.
We conduct no business at the free seminar; it is strictly
informational. If you fall in love with what we share with
you, we will invite you down to experience it rst hand, and
the weekend is on us. Its a great way to learn about all Call 619.746.3416
the exciting things happening in Baja, and discover why RSVP to attend a free
Rancho Costa Verde is the home of Yesterdays Prices, To- dinner presentation in
morrows Technology, and Timeless Views. Los angeles, san diego
or orange county CA

Master Green Beauty of

Planned Technology Baja
Rancho Costa Verde is a 900 plus Solar Powered custom homes The breath taking beauty of Baja
acre master planned real estate com- that provide all the luxuries and California, Mexico. One of the
munity just south of San Felipe that conveniences of traditional elec- many unique features of Rancho
offers breathtaking 180-degree sea tric homes. Solar technology is ad- Costa Verde is that no matter where
and mountain views from every vancing almost daily, with break- you are on the development, or how
home site. Rancho Costa Verde is a throughs such as solar powered air far you go back you see water.
self-contained solar powered green conditioners, and inventions such And lots of it! This is because Ran-
community that takes advantage of as solar powered water makers that cho Costa Verde is located on a
the advances in solar power and green produce up to thirty gallons of wa- gentle slope that begins at the beach
technology, as well as the unique, ter a day out of thin air. People can and recedes back up towards the
breath-taking natural amenities that enjoy this new technology with the mountains, providing sea views all
only Baja California provides. Our knowledge that they are being re- along the way. This is just one of the
1/4-acre home sites start as low as sponsible, both nancially as well reasons for our building height re-
$22,500.00. as ecologically. strictions, CC&Rs and construction
A master planned development that Rancho Costa Verde is a shining
makes maintaining the natural beauty example that proves Going Green Our home sites are an average of a
that is Baja California a top priority. no longer means going without. quarter of an acre, with 180 degree
Our master plan was designed with Over 40% of Rancho Costa Verde mountain and sea views, in what is
our amazing views in mind. Weve is designated as an ecological pre- arguably some of the most beautiful
created communities that have stag- serve, never to be developed or dis- land in Baja California. And because
gered lot lines so your neighbor will turbed. That means that the views we are a self-contained solar pow-
never impact your view, buffer zones that you fall in love with today, ered community there are no power
and green belts to maintain that open your children and their children lines or wires overhead to detract
feeling, and the beauty that is The will be able to enjoy. from our amazing views.
Sea of Cortez.

July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

A new story begins with the rst-ever Toyota C-HR
Modern Day Fairy Tales The C-HR, stylish and sleek, through his veins. Koba and team As part of the fully integrated cam- creative campaign equally as captivating the newly reimagined MTV Movie &
Brought To Life In Whimsical has the sportiness to impress made sure the C-HR exhilarates paign, titled A New Story Begins, as the vehicle itself. The fairy tales we TV Awards after party, MTV + Toyota
Toyota is remixing timeless stories of use in the creative elements are timeless C-HR Present: One Night of Mischief.
New Marketing Campaign For thanks to Deputy Chief Engi- its driver anytime, anywhere, mischief makers from fairy tales such classics, but were telling them in a fresh The pulsed marketing campaign also
First-Ever Coupe High-Rider neer, Hiro Koba, who is a die- satisfying mischief-makers and as Cinderella, the Gingerbread Man and mischievous way. introduces the rst-ever C-HR through
(C-HR) hard racer with speed coursing trend-setters alike. (G-Man), Rapunzel, Little Red Riding experiential activations and a multi-
Hood (Lil Red) and Truel, a three-way In addition to the TV spots, which platform program that includes sponsor-
Plano, Texas (June 08, 2017) duel, and cleverly updating them for the just debuted, Toyota engaged YouTube ship of music, art, design, culinary and
modern world. The campaign includes sensation and ultimate mischief maker, lifestyle events. The festivals include
The rst-ever 2018 Toyota multicultural spots targeted to African Bad Lip Reader, to take the stylish MADE Los Angeles, ID10T Music
C-HR a stylish and technology- American, Asian and Hispanic audi- campaign commercials and re-dub them Festival + Comic Conival, FYF Fest,
lled subcompact SUV crossover ences. with an irreverent, humorous tone. The Panorama, III Points Music, Art &
vehicle -- representing a leap 20 unique videos, and one long-format Technology and Day for Night. Ride-
The all-new C-HR is truly unlike music video, are now live on Toyotas and-drives will allow festival attendees
forward in design and innovation any vehicle Toyota has ever launched, social media channels. The national to experience the performance and
is launching with a mischievous said Ed Laukes, group vice president, campaign also includes print, digital and sleek design of the new Toyota C-HR
and clever marketing campaign marketing, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. out-of-home placements. rst-hand. Lastly, a cinema buy will
for creative instigators. One of our main objectives was to Beyond traditional and digital media, provide theater guests the opportunity to
spark interest and enthusiasm in a Toyota launched the C-HR in May at
( Continued on page 13 )

Subaru of America announces pricing on all-new 2018 Crosstrek models

just $100 over the last generation SAFETY PICK+ (when equipped with
model at $21,795. For the rst available EyeSight). The new plat-
form underpinning the 2018 Crosstrek
time, the Lineartronic Con- improves crash energy absorption by 40
tinuously Variable Transmission percent over present models.
(CVT) is available on the 2.0i The Crosstrek 2.0i wears new 17-inch
base trim. This new model lowers alloy wheels and has a suite of new
standard features such as raised Stablex
the entry price for a CVT model suspension and Active Torque Vector-
compared to last generation. ing. CVT models have X-MODE and
Hill Descent Control for enhanced
Every Crosstrek is equipped with performance in low-friction and off-road
standard Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel conditions. The interior has been up-
Drive and is offered as either a 6-speed graded with black simulated carbon ber
manual or CVT, depending on trim nish on the center dash panel as well as
level. Upgraded from the previous mod- the front and rear door panels. There is
els 5-speed, the new 6-speed manual also a new standard gloss black rear roof
transmission models have fuel economy spoiler. All Crosstrek trims are equipped
of 23city/29hwy and 25 combined with roof rails and black side cladding.
Crosstrek prices start just Global Platform that is designed miles per gallon. The CVT features a A new 6.5-inch touchscreen for the
7-speed manual mode function with SUBARU STARLINK Multime-
$100 over previous generation to deliver signicantly higher steering wheel paddle shifters (Premium dia system adds Android Auto and
Second implementation of new levels of driving pleasure, agil- and Limited trim only) that allow the Apple CarPlay; power windows
Subaru Global Platform 2.0-li- ity, crash protection and ride driver to control the transmission via with auto up/down on both driver and
ter Boxer Engine with Direct comfort. seven pre-set ratios. Fuel economy for passenger sides; 60/40-split fold-down
CVT models is 27city/33hwy and 29 rear seat; power door locks and side
Injection Enhanced Safety, combined miles per gallon. The 2018
In just its 3rd year of produc- mirrors; multi-function display with fuel
Comfort and Agility including Crosstrek combines bold new design and economy information; tilt and telescop-
X-MODE with Hill Descent tion, Crosstrek became Subarus a highly capable chassis with 8.7-in of ing steering column; security system
Control Active Torque Vector- third best-selling model. The ground clearance for versatility in both with engine immobilizer; carpeted oor
ing and Raised Stablex Suspen- company reported its 66th off-road and city driving. mats; and more. lights linked to windshield wiper opera- Monitoring System with Individual
consecutive month of year-over- A revised version of the FB 2.0-liter With a standard 6-speed manual trans- tion. A new sound insulated windshield Wheel Pressure Display and an overhead
sion standard on all models 4-cylinder Boxer engine gains direct mission, Premium trim Crosstreks are and Welcome Lighting are standard on console shower light.
year sales increases on June 1st. fuel injection and other enhancements to priced from $22,595. With just a $100 the Premium trim. Stepping up to the The new Subaru Global Platform,
Cherry Hill, N.J. - Subaru of The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek will boost both performance (now 152-hp vs. increase from last year, this trim adds Premium trim also brings wider option together with the SUBARU BOXER
America, Inc. today announced be offered in three trim levels: 148 before) and drivability. SUBARU STARLINK Connected availability, including power moonroof engine; Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive
Subaru designed the 2018 Crosstrek to
pricing on the all-new 2018 Cross- 2.0i base, Premium and Limited provide even higher levels of safety than
Services, the All-Weather Package and multiple driver assist technology (AWD); and EyeSight Driver Assist
when it arrives at retailers late featuring heated front seats, windshield systems. Models equipped with Subarus Technology, represent the brands core
trek line. The Crosstrek is the the outgoing model, which was named Wiper De-Icer, and heated exterior mir- award-winning EyeSight Driver Assist
second model to use the Subaru this Summer. Pricing begins at an IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK and a TOP rors as well as On/Off automatic head- Technology now include a Tire Pressure ( Continued on page 13 )
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

Spiritual Life
Duterte's 1st year an 'eye opener' for Catholic Church
'It appears that our pastoral example, have not fully understood the
education for people has not Catholic Church's teaching that "the end
does not justify the means."
been enough. That's why, for "Hindi marami ang nakakaintindi
them, it seems okay to kill to diyan. Kaya tuloy, para sa kanila, parang
eliminate the problem of il- okay lang pumatay para mawala 'yung
problema ng droga," Pabillo said. (Not
legal drugs' many people understand that. That's
why, for them, it seems okay to kill to
Paterno Esmaquel II, Rappler. eliminate the problem of illegal drugs.)
17th Sunday, July 9, 2017 com | MANILA, 7/6/2017 Five Bishops, religious congregations, and
months before Rodrigo Duterte lay groups including CBCP presi-
Blessed Little Ones won the presidency, the Catho-
lic Bishops' Conference of the
dent Villegas have issued statements
against the drug-related killings under
Joke of the Week: One day, Bill and cally, crumbs from the table became a Philippines (CBCP) issued a rare In February, up to 10,000 Catholics
Tom went to a restaurant for dinner. As vehicle 1. For Jesus and the Canaanite statement chastising the Davao joined the Walk for Life, a grand proces-
soon as the waiter took out two steaks, woman to move from no-contact to a sion to oppose extrajudicial killings and
Bill quickly picked out the bigger steak dialogue. 2. To connect with each other. City mayor for cursing Pope
Duterte's bid to revive the death penalty.
for himself. Tom wasnt happy about 3. To ll in the void that separates the Francis.
Led by Lingayen-Dagupan
Short & efcacious
that: When are you going to learn to be Jews and Gentile pagans.
polite? Bill: If you had the chance to 'MANO PO.' President Rodrigo Duterte places his forehead on Cardinal Luis An-
Archbishop Socrates Villegas, tonio Tagle's hand as a traditional form of respect during a meeting in the Palace on
pick rst, which one would you pick? Good things come in small packages.
reparation prayer
Tom: The smaller piece, of course. Our generation doesnt always believe
the CBCP in the same statement July 19, 2016. Malacaang photo
Bill: What are you whining about then? that. On the contrary, we are fascinated denounced murder and adultery,

to the Eternal
The smaller piece is what you want, with bigness. There is a craze for a big crimes that critics associate with where 8 out of 10 people belong to the Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo told
right? Actual announcement taken from TV screen, big cars, Big Mac, double "The Punisher." Catholic Church ended up still electing Rappler.

a Church bulletin: Dont let worry kill order of fries and sandwich, big homes Duterte. "Lumalabas na medyo manipis 'yung
you. Let the Church help. and big lots. On a lighter side, two The CBCP, on December 1, 2016, titled Now in power for a year, Duterte has aming pastoral education sa mga tao," he
mothers were sharing the life of their its statement "Mayor Duterte?" one of challenged the inuence of the Catholic added. (It appears that our pastoral edu-
Scriptures: First reading: Zechariah sons, both are priests. One woman said (22 July 1999)
the few times they singled out a politi- Church, attacking bishops and priests, cation for people has not been enough.)
9:9-10: The prophet breaks forth into a that her son is a bishop. Everyone greets cian in an ofcial document. and overturning the moral standards of
joyful representation of the coming of him, Hi, your excellency! The other All who adore My Precious Blood
Despite statements like this from bish- many Catholics. 'End does not justify the means' console My Father Who loves His Son
the Messiah, of whom the ancient Jews quipped, My son is an ordinary priest, ops and priest, voters in the Philippines "It's an eye opener for us," Manila Pabillo said many Filipinos, for
explained this prophecy. He took the but he is tall and big. When his parishio- the most. As you adore My Blood, the
character of their King, when he entered ners see him they say, O my God. pains of My Sacred Heart lessen. The

Social media
Jerusalem amidst the hosannas of the accountability. tory approach on social media, and, as Sorrowful Heart of My Mother will
multitude. Second Reading: Romans C. S. Lewis once remarked, Miracles They can peddle information without a result, have faced backlash for several also be consoled. Children, adore My
8:9, 11-13: If the Spirit be in us, Christ are a retelling in small letters of the very the responsibility of journalists and ubs. Precious Blood always and offer it to
( Continued from page 8 ) enjoy a veneer of legitimacy that a large Uson, appointed as PCOO Assistant My Father for mercy. Hear this prayer.
is in us. He dwells in the heart by faith. same story which is written across the
Grace in the soul is its new nature; the whole world in letters too large for some tion resulting in the suspension of sev- follower count lends them. They can Secretary for social media, was called Pray it always in reparation for the sins
soul is alive in God, and has begun of us to see. The crumbs that fall from eral accounts and pages. The harassment resort to incendiary language, con- out for using a photo of the Honduras of the whole world. Pray it three times
its holy happiness which shall endure the table are minute matters, sometimes didnt spare members of the media doing spiracy theories, and defamation without police in a post for the Philippine army each time you pray it. I assure you that
forever. Matthew 11: 25-30. All genuine unnoticed and discarded. The tiny and their jobs either. consequences. on her Facebook page. She dismissed the Divine Mercy will multiply. Pray it
seekers of true wisdom are invited small things of life carry profound Its what makes them so appealing to critics by insisting that it was merely a always and many times a day, since you
to come to Jesus who is Gods own wisdom and truth. After my ordination, Reuters journalists Karen Lema and supporters who have become increas- case of symbolism. are living in these ungodly days. Pray it
wisdom. The relationship between God I was advised by an old pastor that pa- Manuel Mogato, freelance journal- ingly agitated and who are attracted Meanwhile, Dr Badoy, assistant secre- so that you shall be safe from the puri-
and Jesus is that of a father and his son. rishioners dont easily bury in oblivion, ist Gretchen Malalad, and Al Jazeera to colorful language under the guise tary of the Department of Social Welfare cation re. Children, make it known to
Only Jesus, the only begotten Son of little gestures and thoughtfulness and correspondent Jamela Alindogan faced of being real. Under the convenient and Development, faced backlash for her the whole world.
God, can pass on to the disciples the real acts of kindness. In fact, he said that serious threats from similar groups. The disclaimer of not being journalists, there sarcastic advice to the European Union ***
knowledge of who God is a loving and a short visit to the sick and bedridden repeated incidents of harassment caught are no mechanisms in place to hold them in a Facebook post that said, "Iyong mga Eternal Father, I offer to
forgiving God who is always present individuals, a few words of consola- the attention of the National Union of accountable for questionable content taga-EU, mag-online child porn muna You all the wounds of Your
Journalists of the Philippines which or for the harassment of other private kayo. D'yan naman kayo magaling eh."
with and for his people. The personied tion to the grieving family or thank you
called for the investigation of the attacks individuals. Veried news reports that (Those in the EU, just engage in online
dearly beloved Son, Jesus
wisdom in the Old Testament made it even for a small and inconsequential gift
easier for the early Christians to com- will always remain etched in peoples against the journalists. In response, appeared to counter their preferred child pornography. Since that's what Christ; the pains and agony
prehend the theology of the Incarnation. consciousness. Through my long years President Duterte and Communications narrative were easily dismissed with you're good at anyway.) of His Sacred Heart and His
The Son of God in assuming our weak in the priesthood, I nd Solomonic Secretary Martin Andanar once again accusations of bias media, bayaran, Given their new capacity as public Most Precious Blood, which
human nature joins us in our misery and unvarnished truth in that advice. called on supporters to refrain from and presstitutes. ofcials, Uson and Badoy ought to be gushed out from all his
suffering. harassing journalists. held to standards betting individuals
Reection: In todays Gospel, Jesus Through the little pieces of crumbs Despite these calls, why havent Toxic environment whose rhetoric impact public policy and wounds, for the reparation
said, I give praise to you, Father, Lord from the table, great wonders are born. supporters backed down? Perhaps the interest. of my sins and those of the
of heaven and earth, for although you The Canaanite woman and the Suda- answer lies not in the statements of the Despite these red ags however, they However, their behavior seems to whole world. Amen.
have hidden these things from the wise nese boy got noticed. Their obscured President and his administration, but are now reaping the rewards of the divi- merely reect the colorful personality (repeat 3 times)
and the learned you have revealed them presence and petty personalities became in the rhetoric of his most inuential sive and vitriolic social media environ- of their superior. This is not lost on their
to little ones. This has a resemblance an occasion for kindness, miracle and supporters: the bloggers and Facebook ment they thrive in. countless followers and the members
with what he had told the Canaanite love. The parable of the mustard seed is pages. Within the rst year of President of several Facebook groups who have
woman, It is not right to take the food a classic example of smallness. When Unlike President Donald Trump who Dutertes administration, he has not been become more and more emboldened as
of the children and throw it to the dogs. these smallest seeds are tenderly taken openly lynches members of the media remiss in expressing his thanks to the they see key gureheads conduct them-
(Matthew 15:26:) care of, they are turned into bigness. on Twitter, President Dutertes social community that has been instrumen- selves a certain way, believing it now to spaces for discussion turn into shark
Ironically, the small child is an We can do no great things, only small media accounts do not have to lift a tal to his success. For example, while be acceptable behavior. tanks. Weve seen how the truth can be
imaginary symbolic gure of a man a things with great love. (Mother Teresa). nger to defend him from criticism. The members of the media have to undergo Social media once carried a lot of distorted and how quickly people can be
man, who in the years that passed, had mechanism works both ways: the more accreditation before becoming members promise as democratic discursive spaces misled by the mushrooming of question-
satised himself with unnecessary food Quotation of the week: The true way these online voices speak out to defend of the Malacaang Press Corps, bloggers where people can come together and able websites pretending to be legitimate
but felt a different hunger in the end; a to be humble is not to stoop until you the President and bash his critics, the have been granted access to the Presi- discuss key issues. But in the aftermath sources.
man who lled himself with so much are smaller than yourself, but to stand more attention, reach, and engagement dents ofcial trips by the Presidential of elections, ne lines between facts
pleasure only to nd himself under at your real height against some higher they receive as their messages are ampli- Communications Ofce. and fake news, opinion and propaganda, Its only been a year, will hate be
the table eating spiritual crumbs and nature that will show you what the real ed by several groups and pages online. The Presidential Communications have been blurred. enough to continue fuelling this machin-
crawling towards the light. (They Have smallness of your greatness is. Phillips Bloggers, Facebook pages, and groups Operations Ofce (PCOO) also made Weve seen an alarming rise in the ery? Will there be better mechanisms in
Jesus, Crumbs of a Child, p. 116. Joey Brooks enjoy the exibility and freedom that moves to legitimize these social media threats and harassment of journalists place to put an end to harmful behavior
Velasco) their platforms afford them. By distanc- publishers through a social media doing their jobs and private individuals online? Or is this something that the
ing themselves from mainstream media, policy which sought to facilitate their who are critical of the President. Weve rest of us will just have to get used to?
Do crumbs carry any importance? Do they enjoy the popularity without the accreditation. This initiative was met seen the deplorable reduction of healthy Rappler.com
crumbs, from the plate and table, swept, with criticism as concerns regarding
gathered and thrown in the trash away accountability were raised: Accrediting

In the Depths of Your Heart

The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
from ants and ies, have any usefulness? especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina bloggers would encourage a blurring
Normally, we have no use for crumbs. of the distinction between legitimate
Mark Petko specializes in food photos CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY journalism and pseudo journalism of
and admits that some of his better food Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
which blogging happens to be todays Meditation: hearts, they would reach the
photos are the crumbiest. His comments Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God.
most typical example, said Center for peak of holiness in a short time
on crumbs could also be taken spiritu- Media Freedom and Responsibility
(CMFR) trustee Vergel Santos. (READ: I will tell you most when you (Diary, 584).
ally. Even naturally fallen crumbs are a On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which
great communication vehicle within an was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). Should bloggers be accredited to cover converse with Me in the depths
My Prayer Response:
image for multiple reasons: 1. Crumbs the Palace?) of your heart. Here, no one can
can change a stagnant subject to one Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul These concerns however did not disturb My actions. Here, I rest
and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord preclude the Duterte administration Lord Jesus, teach me. Help me to
that has been moved, placed, or shifted, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of as in a garden enclosed (Diary, listen to You as You speak to me in the
making it recognized less as a passive from awarding staunch supporters such
the whole world.
as Mocha Uson and Dr Lorraine Badoy 581). depths of my heart. Like St. Faustina,
viewable subject but more of a moving help me to become holy as You form
possibility. 2. One can view crumbs like On the Hail Mary beads say: with appointments, both of whom have When you reect upon what my heart to become like Yours.
a game of connecting the dots. Since faced criticism for their posts, citing I tell you in the depths of your *Diary passages with bolded words are
crumbs can convey the texture of a "utang na loob" (debt of gratitude).
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy
Uson and Badoy are already popular heart, you prot more than Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
subject and help create the natural scene, on us and on the whole world. Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul 1987
making the food accessible, the brain gures on social media for their no- if you had read many books. Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
starts to subliminally put things together In conclusion say three times: holds-barred approach in support of the Oh, if souls would only want to tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
and the mouth waters. 3. Crumbs also President. Their appointments as public listen to My voice when I am Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
help compositions by lling in possible ofcials, however, did not temper their Jesus Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
derogatory language nor their inamma-
speaking in the depths of their by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB 2010
voids or holes in the image. Theologi-

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at zaricruz@att.net or check for updates on
www.divinemercyhills.org, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit www.divinemercyhills.org
July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 11

Arts & Culture

Puttin Down Roots: Zydeco Patrol The Fleet Science Center presents
presented by the California Game Masters: The Exhibition
Center for the Arts, Escondido

Masaya Ako
Masaya ako kung sa aking paggising sa umaga
ito'y masisilayan ko, ano't walang kasingganda
isang bagong araw na muli ko itong makikita
paano na naman kaya ang aking pakikibaka.

Image from Minecraft, courtesy of Mojang Masaya kong tinatanaw mga batang naglalaro
JULY 7 @ 7:00 PM With a sound straight from the back- masda't nakayapak, gula-gulanit ang kan'lang baro
Venue: Lyric Court woods zydeco dance clubs, backyard pero walang pagsidlan ang katuwaang natatamo
crawsh boils, and bayou festivals, Theo Game Masters: The Exhibi- lection of the most popular video
FREE!* Bellow and Zydeco Patrol bring the best tion showcases the worlds games on the planet, as well as ni hindi na naiisip ang sikmurang kumukulo.
* This event is free, but advanced of Southwest Louisiana dance music to best video game designers, independent games with a cult-
reservations are recommended. Premium the Center. Featuring the diatonic Cajun-
options are available. Learn more... from the arcade era to todays like following. Masaya kong nilalanghap dito ang sariwang hangin
style button accordion and playing blues
on the steel drums, Zydeco Patrol cooks console and online games. And tunay na nakakagaan sa mabigat na damdamin
Delve into the multicultural up a ery mix of Cajun and Zydeco with 100+ playable games, Game Masters is an exhibition
developed by ACMI (Australian sana'y dito na lamang ako pirmihang nakatigil
roots of American music with music that is hot, hot, hot! its game on! (No quarters
Puttin Down Roots. This brand needed.) Centre for the Moving Image). It simpleng pamumuhay lang wala na akong mahihiling.
new Americana music series will
Attend this Event makes its California premiere at
Doors open at 6:15pm. the Fleet Science Center, and will
ll the Lyric Court with music The work of more than 30 Masaya ako sa bagong araw na bigay sa akin
every Friday in July! Enjoy a dif- Although no RSVP is required and designers who have made a be open July 1, 2017, through
at sa mahimbing na pagtulog muli akong nagising
ferent genre of live roots music admission is free, RSVPs to this event signicant impact in the eld is January 15, 2018.
will be given priority seating. Seat- at masisilayan kong muli mga mahal kong supling
each week, and learn about the explored through rare concept Game Masters Events
ing at bistro tables is also available for
artwork, newly commissioned may ngiti sa labi't mga mata nama'y may bituin.
various styles from local scholars $12/seat or $40 for a table for 4. Table
and the artists themselves. Well seating is very limited, so purchase your interviews and interactive digital July 7Sept. 1: The Fleet will stay
have light bites for purchase, a seats early! displays. This is the rst large- open extra late on Friday nights, until 10 Masaya ako dahil palagi akong may kasama
NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK AL- scale exhibition to take visitors p.m., with gaming on the Giant Dome
cash bar, and a dance oor for screen and a no-host bar (open at 6 p.m.)
sa madugong labanan ng buhay, 'di ako nag-iisa
those who are so inclined. See All RSVPs and preferred seating pur-
behind the scenes of how video for your adult beverage needs. Regular laging nasa tabi ko aking "anghel de la guwardiya"
the full schedule here. chases must be made a minimum of 24 games are made as well as spot- admission applies, and includes Game sa mga tukso sa tabi laging nakaalalay s'ya.
hours in advance. lighting the people who actually Masters and all the Fleet's interactive
*Zydeco Patrol* make them. From Nintendo's exhibits. Last admission is 9:30 p.m.;
the building closes at 10 p.m. Late Night
iconic worlds featuring Mario Gaming at the Fleet is open to all ages.
Download the Asian Journal and Link, to the obsession that
digital edition at is Minecraft, to the immersive
Those who wish to consume alcohol
must have a valid ID and be 21 or older. Divine Mercy Shrine
experiences of Blizzard Enter- in Encinitas, California
www.asianjournalusa.com/digital July 21 is Family Night! Bring the kids
tainment, this is a landmark col- for family fun.
July 28 is Cosplay Night! Dress up as
your favorite character or super hero! Be part of the story.
From vegetable
than that since the position of store region. Their 17th branch is set to open
manager required a college degree. After this year.
( Continued from page 1 ) he insisted on it, Ycos company offered They branched into the distribution
to send him to school in exchange for business through Adams Housing Salon
business-minded then. "Business- years of service in the company. Yco Supply which distributes salon supplies,
pilit (forced)" would have been took the offer and went to study market- formula, and equipment in Albay; and
more apt, he said. ing and management at the University also the Evegate Technical Development
of Cape Town in South Africa. After 3 Training Academy, a TESDA-accredited
On that fateful rainy day, the years of studies, he went back to Saudi, school for aspiring beauty and hair
17-year-old Yco trudged towards nally as a store manager a feat that no technicians.
the delivery truck with his bas- other Filipino in their company had ever Team effort
ket. He waded through oating achieved. Yco said his secret to success is the co-
As manager, Yco led a staff of 175 operation of his whole family in running
trash and rotten vegetables, and people from 16 different countries. Hav- the business. Its a team effort, he said.
just before he reached the end of ing to work his way from the bottom up Because of his experience, Yco is in
the road, he saw two rats swim- worked to his advantage: Yco knew the charge of the overall management of
ming beside him, as if they were company better than anyone. Overall, their business while Elizabeth takes care
he'd stayed with his employer for 18 of training their employees. Son Joshua
racing him to dry ground. years. handles human resource and marketing.
Is this really all my life can With his remittances, he sent his Government agencies have recognized
be? he recalled asking himself. siblings to college. One became an the family's efforts. The Overseas Work-
There must be a better plan for engineer, another an accountant, and the ers Welfare Administration (OWWA)
me, he said, while crying. youngest, a physical therapist. Region V honored Yco and his family
"Kung hindi ako umalis, siguro kahit with the Model OFW Family of the Year
The rough way up isa sa amin ay hindi makakapag-college Award for 2012, while the Department
From that point on, Yco was willing to (If I didn't leave, perhaps none of us of Labor and Employment gave their
jump at any chance to get a better lease would have been able to get a college company the Outstanding Achievement
on life. degree)," he said. in Entrepreneurship Award.
That opportunity came when a friend While in Saudi, Yco met his wife, They also received the 2012 Outstand-
invited him to apply at an agency look- Elizabeth, a nurse at a private clinic ing Non-Agri-based Entrepreneur Award
ing for Filipinos who want to work in in Jeddah. They have 3 kids: Joshua, and the Gawad Entrepreneur Bagong
Saudi Arabia. Eryka, and Matthew. Bayani Award from the LandBank of the
Since Yco was only 19 years old at the Homecoming Philippines.
time, they had to rig his application to Having to y from one branch to Giving back
make it appear that he was 21, the mini- another eventually took a toll on Ycos The Tans success goes beyond awards.
mum age requirement for applicants. It health. He was diagnosed with chronic With their businesses, they are able to
was a common practice among OFWs sinusitis. In 2002, he decided to return to give at least 250 people regular income,
back in the day, he shared. the Philippines. including persons with disabilities
Luck was in his favor, as Ycos ap- Yco, who had met success in Saudi, (PWDs).
plication passed. His friend, however, suddenly had to start from scratch again Yco said the decision to hire PWDs
didnt make the cut. and build a new career in the Philip- was inuenced by their house help who
In 1984, 19-year-old Yco, along with pines. was a deaf mute.
35 other Filipinos, ew to Saudi Arabia He and his wife rst tried their luck "So everytime na nagtetraining si mis-
to work. with a sewing business, manufacturing is, nakikita namin siya na parang very
Yco Tan with his co-workers in Sar- uniforms for the Philippine National attentive. Interesado siya. And when
awat Superstore, Jeddah, KSA. Photo Police (PNP). It didnt work out well my wife asked her kung gusto niyang
courtesy of Yco Tan because of late payments. matuto, sabi niya very much willing daw
Yco started working as a warehouse In the early 2000s, beauty parlors were siya, Yco shared. After this, the Tans
man for a department store, earning popping out fast all over the country and made sure to hire at least one PWD for
SR850 every month barely equivalent Yco partnered with his sister-in-law to every salon and give PWDs scholarship
to P5,000 at the time a high salary for start one. Their relationship turned sour to their school.
someone his age back in Manila. Young and the Tans decided to open one in (Because once, I had a helper who was
as he was, however, Yco had big dreams Bicol themselves. deaf and mute. And everytime my wife
and clamping cans in a warehouse Yco had always thought big. He was training, we saw that she was very
wasnt going to be his life. wanted his salon to be nothing less than attentive. She was interested. And when
The young Yco had his eyes set for great a business mentality that, he said, my asked her if she wanted to learn, she
a promotion, even though he knew is rare in the provinces. He needed a said yes.)
he didn't have a strong chance, since sizeable capital for the venture so Yco In partnership with the Department
the company rarely gave managerial applied for a livelihood loan from Land- of Social Welfare and Development
positions to Filipinos. The biggest chal- Bank. He got a P300,000-loan. (DSWD), the Tans also give free
lenge is still discrimination. At work, The Tans opened their rst salon, massage and physical therapy train-
everybody knows that its the Filipinos EveGate, in Tabaco City, Albay, which ing to different communities in Bicol,
who do most of the job. But when it quickly became a hit among Albays automatically hiring the top 5 students
comes to promotions, the last people middle class. They paid their loan im- of their classes.
theyd consider are Filipinos, he said. mediately and opened other branches in Their salons are also required to
This reality didnt stop him from the region. organize at least two outreach programs
chasing his dream. When his supervi- Yco soon ventured into other busi- every year. They usually go to remote
sors noticed his dedication, Yco was nesses, all in the beauty and wellness communities to provide free haircuts,
promoted to work on the shop oor in industry and under the banner of the manicure, pedicure, and massages.
just two years. Tanvera Corporation. They opened The Tans have also hired capable
His dream didnt stop there, either. He Salon de Estudyante, a hair salon for the senior citizens in their salons who are
eventually worked his way to becoming masses; Fresh Up Nail and Body Spa; tasked to provide "motherly care to
junior manager, and then an assistant and Spalon, a high-end salon and spa.
As of writing, the Tans have a total ( Continued on page 13 )
Yco couldnt get a higher promotion of 16 salons, spread all over the Bicol
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

2017 San Diego County Fair ends with patriotic air Haplos adds passion and enchantment
DEL MAR, Ca. (July 4, 2017)
-- Home, home at the Fair, where
to GMA Pinoy TV beginning July
the kids and the families played,
there seldom was heard a dis-
couraging word, and the skies
were so blue every day.
2017 San Diego County Fair,
presented by Albertsons | Vons
has come to a close with a total
of 1,565,933 guests who ambled,
tromped and sashayed through
the gates between June 2 and
July 4, a total of 26 days of fun.
This years theme, Where the 500 Lasagna Sandwiches were sold. Contests and Special Events:
West is Fun, gave fairgoers a Pink's sold 2,600 pounds of hot dogs Number of pies consumed at the daily
and 7,500 pounds of French Fries. Cocos Pie Eating Contest 240
chance to strut their cowboy and Squeezers went through an entire or- Number of pieces of pie consumed at
cowgirl stuff and learn about how chard of lemons for their fresh-squeezed the Cocos Pie Eating Contest 1072
the 1880s inuenced life here lemonade! Number of babies entered in three
today. And with an attendance of Tasti Chips used 30 tons of California- Baby Derby Contests - 40
more than 1.5 million, the largest grown potatoes for chips. The chips Number of National Anthem singers at
were topped with 20,000 orders of Opening Ceremonies 88 GMA Network continues to be spectacle, Haplos. It is a story that holds July 10 in the US and Canada.
county Fair in the United States cheese sauce and 350 pounds of Par- Number of kids learning magic at the the home of remarkable tradi- a message about genuine love for the Sanya Lopez is Angela Alonzo, a
is bound to have some interesting mesan garlic cheese. Tasti Chips also Abra-Kid-Abra Magic Camp 170 family and how love always reigns more physical therapy undergraduate whose
tional drama that captures the victorious. goal in life is to nd and love a man as
statistics to share: served 10,000 pounds of French Fries Number of Scout Troops that partici-
hearts of viewers every time. The series is topbilled by GMAs multi- amazing as her father. Thea Tolentino
with 1,500 gallons of Heinz Ketchup pated in the Flag Raising at Opening
and 720 gallons of Tapatio Sauce, The Ceremonies - 140 talented and home-grown talents Sanya portrays Lucille Bermudez, Angelas
2017 Statistics This time around, the network proudly
chips and fries were fried in 1,000 gal- ( Continued on page 14 ) Lopez, Thea Tolentino, Pancho Magno,
Total Attendance: 1,565,933 This unveils its newest Afternoon Prime
( Continued on page 14 )
lons of 100% pure peanut oil. and Rocco Nacino which airs beginning
is the second largest attendance in Fair
Largest day attendance: Sunday, July
2 93,874
Largest attendance on record was 2016
at 1,609,481

Specialty Festivals:
2017 San Diego International Beer Fes-
tival welcomed 6,055 attendees over the
three-day event.
2017 Toast of the Coast Wine Com-
petition and Festival entertained 1,058
guests at two tasting sessions during the
one-day event.
2017 Distilled: Spirit and Cocktail
Festival hosted 652 guests at the one-
day event.
Food Facts:
Australian Battered Potatoes used
more than 14,000 pounds of potatoes,
8,400 pints of oil, 240 gallons of ranch
dressing, 60 cases of cheese sauce, 200
pounds of bacon, and 150 pounds of
sour cream.
Bacon-A-Fair used more than 30,000
pounds of bacon this season in their
various offerings. In their two new menu
items, Bacon-A-Fair used 350 pounds
of asparagus in their Bacon-Wrapped
Asparagus. 350 pounds of pineapple
were utilized for their Bacon-Wrapped
Pineapple Treat.
Biggies Meat Market used of a
semi-trailer truck lled with potatoes
for their Curly Fried Cone! Fairgoers
devoured over 18,000 pounds of their
Giant Big Ribs.
Candy Factory used 14 tanks of liquid
nitrogen for their Nitro Candy Popcorn.
Candy Factory popped so much pop-
corn, they could have lled a Chevrolet
Suburban with the amount of seed they
Chicken Charlie sold over 30,000
Peanut Butter Meatballs, 10,000 Bacon
Wrapped Chicken Legs, and close to

Dental Implant Centers

7,000 Krispy Kreme Ice Cream Chicken TM
Corn Star grilled 48,000 ears of corn.
Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls used
15,000 pounds of cinnamon roll our,
and three tons of cinnamon and sugar to DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
make their famous pastries. Those tasty
rolls were covered with 1,500 pounds of
cream cheese frosting and 360 pounds of
walnuts. Country Fair also served more
than 1,000 cinnamon roll sundaes. Fair-
goers savored their dessert by enjoying
500 pounds of organic coffee avored
with 52 cases of vanilla and hazelnut
Dixies Donuts fried more than
281,000 mini donuts.
600 pounds of Sweet Pork and, 2,250
pounds of Pastrami were used as top-

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

pings for Grinders French Fries. They
sold over 7,500 pounds of fries. Grinders
also went through 400 pounds of cheese
and 500 pounds of turkey breast for their
sandwiches. They sold over 250 of their
Ooey Gooey Apple Melt Cauliower Advanced Dental Implant Education: All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Juicys sold more than 75,000 of their Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
all-natural hormone free hamburgers
the All American Bacon Cheeseburger 25 years hands-on dental implant experience 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
and the Western Burger. The debut of
their new Western Jalapeno and Cheese Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology Tagalog speaker
Sausage, was successful, as over 4,000
were enjoyed by Fairgoers. Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com
The Fairs Premier Food Service
Restaurants, including Grilled Cheese
A-Fair reports that their new top item
this year was the Jalapeno Popper Bacon
Grilled Cheese Sandwich, selling over
3,000. Iron Skillet and Smoke , a new
concept restaurant in the Flower and Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
Garden Show reported great sales of

Fluent in Tagalog
the Portobello Torta, the Banh Mi (Pork
Belly) Sandwich and the Smoked Baby
Brie Flatbread. The Fairs signature craft
beer, the Blood Orange IPA from Hess
Brewery was a smash hit. 76 kegs of the
beer were consumed, which equates to
over 12,000 beers. Two convenient locations
Pignottis new food item was a hit
They sold over 1,000 orders of deep
fried octopus! They sold well over 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
2,200 orders of Fish & Chips and about
a thousand sh tacos. From their pasta
menu about 1,600 Ravioli on a Stick
were purchased, 700 orders of Spaghetti 866.469.7645 www.drkhazian.com
and Meatballs were enjoyed, and over
July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 13

As the Protect your mortgage closing from scammers NaFFAA EPYC

Consumer Education Specialist, FTC change to the wiring instructions, If youve already sent money to

and tells the buyer to wire clos- a scammer, act quickly.
Its National Homeownership
ing costs to a different account. If you wired money through
Month, and the FTC and the Na- But its the scammers account. your bank, ask them right away
tional Association of Realtors If the buyer takes the bait, their for a wire recall. If you used a The National Federation of
by Rudy Liporada want to remind you that scam- bank account could be cleared money transfer company, like Filipino American Associations
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada mers sometimes use emails to out in a matter of minutes. Western Union or MoneyGram, (NaFFAA) is excited to announce
at ww.asianjournalusa.com rob home buyers of their closing If youre buying a home and call their complaint lines imme- the ofcial launch of the Empow-
costs and personal information. get an email with money-wiring diately. ering Pilipino Youth through Col-
D is for Digong, the Dud, Heres how the scam works:
hackers break into the email
instructions, STOP. Email is not
a secure way to send nancial
Report your experience to the FTC and
to the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint
laboration (EPYC) Ambassadors
Program. Through this program,
for Death and Destruction accounts of buyers or real estate
professionals to get information
information. Instead:
Contact the company through
Center at ic3.gov. Report as soon as you
can and give as much information as
you can. If your bank asks for a police
NaFFAA seeks to equip young
leaders to rene their skills and
As the Bamboos Sway strengthening the AFP for he Duterte about upcoming real estate trans- a number or email address you report, give them a copy of your report learn new strategies in order to
By Rudy D. Liporada has said to the leftists, if you want actions. The hacker then sends know is real. Dont use phone to ic3.gov. better serve their communities.
50 years more of war, Ill give you 50 an email to the buyer, posing as Learn more about protecting yourself
numbers or links in the email. from phishing and what to do if your The EPYC Ambassadors Pro-
After a year as President of the more years. His martial law declaration the real estate professional or
in Mindanao when the Marawi issue is
Dont open email attachments, even email is hacked. If you gave your infor- gram is a one-year commitment
Philippines, Rodrigo Digong a plain isolated military situation is a title company. The bogus email from someone you know, unless youre mation to a scammer, visit IdentityTheft. focused on the growth of Filipino
Duterte is proving to be a dud. says there has been a last minute expecting it. Opening attachments can gov.
prelude to a brewing national militariza-
put malware on your computer. American young leaders through
Popularly voted into the ofce tion of the Philippines. leadership development, civic
for expected change is coming In this regard, he had ordered the air
engagement, and advocacy.
force to atten the mountains to kill
by Filipinos fed up with the old Collision Braking and Lane Departure by the National Wildlife Federation.
the NPAs. To date after destruction of
systems of government, he has several mountains and making people and Sway Warning. Optional enhance- For additional information visit media. Ambassadors will participate in
nothing to show substantial to leave their domiciles and their source of ments to EyeSight-equipped Limited subaru.com. Follow us on Facebook, monthly train-the-trainer webinars
( Continued from page 9 ) and share best practices around various
fulll his campaign promises. He livelihood, no NPA has been reported trims include navigation, High Beam Twitter, and Instagram.
killed by a single bomb. What a waste technologies and constitutes the founda- Assist which automatically activates and learning outcomes, and will conduct out-
has instead instituted death and
A new story
of resources. Moreover, this destruction tion of the next generation of Subaru ve- deactivates the high beam headlights reach through in-person events, social
destruction. He is now worthy is against protection of the environment. hicles. Crosstreks new platform incor- based on driving conditions, Reverse media, and a capstone initiative called
only to be cursed with far more Of course, he does not care as he did porates new framework with optimized Automatic Braking and overhead con- My EPYC Project. The program is an
cross sections and highly stiffened joints ( Continued from page 9 ) opportunity for ambassadors to work
venomous blurts compared to not even give his full support to Regina sole shower light.
Lopez who was not placed as Secretary between structures to signicantly en- All 2018 Crosstrek models include experience the mischievous allure of the closely with a mentor, participate in
what he had bestowed upon hance straight-line stability, agility, and front driver and passenger seat side new C-HR. NaFFAA regional leadership efforts, and
of the Department of Environment and
institutions, situations, foreign Natural Resources (DENR) by the Com- ride comfort while suppressing noise, impact airbags, side curtain airbags and support their local campuses and com-
presidents, and the Pope. mission of Appointments (CA). He just vibration, and harshness to a degree not a drivers knee airbag. The multifaceted creative campaign munities.
said wala akong magagawa to the glee seen in the compact SUV class. Speci- SUBARU STARLINK Multimedia was developed jointly by agency Applications to become an EPYC
Apart from wringing off corruption in of mining rms and other harbinger of cally, the new platform increases rigidity systems offer the latest in digital music partners, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Ambassador are open until Sunday,
the government, eradicating crime, and natural resource destruction. Basically, of the unitized body structure by over 70 playing, Bluetooth wireless capabil- Conill, Burrell and interTrend. July 9, 2017 at 11:59pm ET. Applicants
crushing the drug problem; he promised like in many of his justications to his percent. ity, iPod control, Android Auto must be between the ages of 18 and 34
genuine land reform, industrialization, errs, in the case of Lopez, he was hiding The Limited continues as the top of and CarPlay, smartphone integration About Toyota at the time of application, and must be
and federalism. He also promised to behind the skirts of the institutions like the model line with upgrades over the and more. The display screen acts as currently enrolled in a degree-seeking
remove contractualization to benet the CA Crosstrek Premium including the stan- the display for the standard Rear- Vi- Toyota (NYSE:TM) has been a part of program OR have graduated from a
workers, free all political prisoners to Thus, given all the above, while 16 dard CVT with X-MODE with Hill De- sion camera, and the top-level system the cultural fabric in the U.S. and North degree-seeking program no more than
forward peace talks with the Philippine million Filipinos voted for him to ex- scent Control, SUBARU STARLINK includes navigation. America for 60 years, and is committed 2-3 years before the time of applica-
Communist Party of the Philippines plode positive changes in their lives and 8.0-inch Multimedia Plus system, 18-in. SUBARU STARLINK Connected to advancing sustainable, next-gener- tion. For further information concerning
(CPP) and its armed New Peoples Army others, Duterte proves to be a dud. machine nished alloy wheels, Keyless Services comes with the Safety Plus ation mobility through our Toyota and the program, eligibility requirements,
(NPA) through the National Democratic Access with Push-Button Start and Pin package that offers SOS Emergency As- Lexus brands. During that time, Toyota and the application process, please see
Front of the Philippines (NDFP), and Thus, now his added D is as in Direc- Code Access, 6-way Power Drivers sistance, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, has created a tremendous value chain as the attached document or email epyc@
to kick out the US Armed Forces out of tionless. And without concrete programs seat and new Steering Responsive Automatic Collision Notication, Main- our teams have contributed to world- naffaa.org.
the country. He promised these because, to really benet the Filipinos Dutertes Headlights which can illuminate curves tenance Notications, Monthly Vehicle class design, engineering, and assembly
according to him, he is THE leftist presi- as the vehicle steers into them. Limited Health Report, and Diagnostic Alerts. of more than 33 million cars and trucks

ABC is he is Absolutely Bewildered
dent of the Philippines. and Confused of what he is. One thing trims include Automatic LED low and This package can be upgraded to the in North America, where we operate 14
is clear, he is not a leftist with all its high beam height adjustment control. Safety Plus & Security Plus package that manufacturing plants (10 in the U.S.)
Apart from cosmetic starts, however, connotations. Blind Spot Detection with Lane Change adds Stolen Vehicle Recovery Service, and directly employ more than 46,000 ( Continued from page 1 )
none of his promises stand on solid Assist and Rear Cross Trafc Alert are Vehicle Security Alarm Notication, people (more than 36,000 in the U.S.).
also standard. The 2018 Crosstrek 2.0i Our 1,800 North American dealerships pulis ng Metro Manila."
grounds. After a year in ofce, nothing Remote Lock/Unlock, Remote Horn and
solid could be gleaned towards their Limited is priced from $26,295. Lights and Remote Vehicle Locator. (nearly 1,500 in the U.S.) sold almost The PNP chief said Marawi is
fulllment. Worse, there is no program The all-new interior on the Crosstrek About Subaru of America, Inc. 2.7 million cars and trucks (2.45 million not being singled out as the place
for their implementation towards the Limited features black or new high-con- Subaru of America, Inc. is a wholly in the U.S.) in 2016 and about 85 per- of redeployment for policemen
duration and end of his tenure. While trast gray leather with orange stitching owned subsidiary of Subaru Corporation cent of all Toyota vehicles sold over the
on seats, door armrests and instrument past 15 years are still on the road today.
who abuse their power.
his fanatic followers may argue that a of Japan. Headquartered at a zero- "'Yung mga nagkakamali dito na mga
year is not enough for him to institute panel. Limited trims include upgraded landll ofce in Cherry Hill, N.J., the Toyota partners with community,
pulis na may derogatory reports, andun
his promises, no concrete foundations of Multi-Function display and individual company markets and distributes Subaru civic, academic, and governmental
din sa Cordillera, sa Abra," Dela Rosa
their being fullled are at the fore. While wheel display TPMS indicators. The vehicles, parts and accessories through organizations to address our societys
others may also argue that the Mind- exclusive instrument panel features a network of more than 620 retailers most pressing mobility challenges. We
Dela Rosa said re-assigning compla-
anao crisis may have distracted him, the white gauge cluster illumination, and across the United States. All Subaru share company resources and extensive
cent policemen to conict zones is both
shadows of the non-fulllment of those new Harman/Kardon premium audio products are manufactured in zero- know-how to support non-prots to
punitive and rehabilitative.
promises have long existed before the is available in the Crosstrek for the rst landll production plants and Subaru help expand their ability to assist more
"Try nila maging abusive dito
Maute war. time. of Indiana Automotive, Inc. is the only people move more places. For more
(Marawi), kapwa nila pulis ang magyan-
His having buried the grandest of all The optional EyeSight system includes U.S. automobile production plant to be information about Toyota, visit www.
tok sa kanila," he said.
oligarchs, former dictator Ferdinand Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Pre- designated a backyard wildlife habitat toyotanewsroom.com.
Marcos, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani
remains the hallmark of his kowtowing
Congress From vegetable
to graft in the government. His steps to from LandBank, he shared.
forgive PDAF queen Napoles shows he The OFWs family must also realize
condones anomalies in the handling of ( Continued from page 1 ) ( Continued from page 11 ) that each member has a role to play in
the coffers of the government. His jail- the success of the family. In his case, he
In seeking an extension, the President their staff. Working in a beauty salon, shared that he couldnt have been where
ing Senator Leila Delima shows he can- would give Congress a chance to support Yco said, can be an empowering experi-
not accept criticisms as is the democratic he is now if not for his wife. Habang
his ght against terrorism and involve all ence and will give the elderly a chance si mister ay nasa abroad, si misis sa
right of anyone within the Constitution three government branches, according to to be productive again and to feel good
of the Philippines. While his PNP Chief Pilipinas ay maaaring magnegosyo na
Sen. Francis Escudero. about themselves. (While the husband is abroad, his wife
boasts that the crime rate has gone down Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla said that
due to the administrations war on drugs, in the Philippines can start a business),
aside from dismantling Islamic State- If we hire them, they become busy, Yco said.
the biggest crime perpetuated by the allied terrorists, the military also had earn money, and at the same time, be-
government itself is the extra judicial orders to degrade the capabilities of come more beautiful. They get a reason
killings of 8000 and counting impover- Yco also said that an OFW and his or
the communist-led New Peoples Army and the means to dress up again and her family must choose a business that
ished alleged drug users at the same (NPA) after the rebels launched attacks look good, he shared in Filipino.
time setting known leading drug lords they are really passionate about. This
against the government. The former OFW is the co-chairman of would help make any task seem easy.
scot free. They issued a directive that said you the UNs Joint Migration and Develop-
While he criticized his predecessors Kung yung ginagawa mo ay yung
should heighten or enhance the attack ment Initiative (JDMI) in Bicol, leading gusto ng puso mo, napakaikli ng 24
for non-implementation of genuine land against the PNP and the Armed Forces. programs aimed to help families left
reform, he does not have a program hours sa 'yo (If youre doing what your
So that was just in answer to that, the behind by OFWs. heart really wants, 24 hours would be
himself to institute what should ben- AFP spokesperson said. Its a tit-for-
et the broad masses of peasants who too short for you), he said. TAN FAMILY. Yco Tan with wife Elizabeth and their 3 children receive an award.
tat. Advice to OFWs As for Yco, he just keeps on moving
constitute 75% of the citizenry. While
promising steel production among others forward. Just as he did when he was murky ood to reach his destination, coming as he strives to reach his goals.
Talk-and-ght situation Having come far from selling veg- young, when he waded through the he knows that challenges will keep on Rappler.com
to promote industrialization to provide etables at the local market, Yco has a lot
employment for workers, not a thread of Padilla maintained this did not mean an of wisdom to share to OFWs pining for
steel could be seen being sown into the end to peace talks. Actually, the NPA success.
economy. Even contractualization which and the Armed Forces are in a talk-and- First, he said, is to plan for their home-
he promised to eradicate persists to the ght and ght-and-talk situation, he coming and business early. I dont want
detriment of workers. said. them to make the same mistake I did
Claiming to be a leftist, he revived the The Supreme Courts decision to where I only thought about doing busi-
peace talks with the NDFP-CPP-NPA uphold martial law was met with mixed ness when Im already back, he said.
which were scuttled by his predecessors. feelings in the Catholic Church. "Habang nasa abroad ka palang, paga-
To effect this, he promised to release all The majority of the people of Mindan- ralan mo na ng mabuti. Kailangan you
political detainees. To date, after releas- ao are happy. Truly we want peace and come home prepared. You do a project
ing only 19 who take part as consultants, martial law is the ultimate instrument study. You do a business plan. Lumapit
over 400 still languish in prison. He to give us peace here, said Ozamiz ka sa gobyerno kasi government has so
also turned on and off the buttons of the Archbishop Martin Jumoad. many things na ibinibigay like free train-
peace talks, ceasing unilateral ceaseres Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes called ing. May mga loan pa sila, added.
and blaming the NPAs for attacks on the declaration overkill and a sign (While youre still abroad, study it
the Armed Forces of the Philippines of incapability of our Armed Forces to carefully. You have to come home
(AFP) when it is the AFP that have control lawlessness and terrorism. prepared - make a project study, busi-
caused the cessations showing that he It gives a bad image of our country ness plan. Reach out to the government
lacks control over the AFP. Ending the and scares tourists, Bastes said. because they provide a lot like free train-
peace talks means he is not interested to In a statement, the leftist Bagong Aly- ing and loans.)
pursue the rationale of the talks that ansang Makabayan warned: The exten-
of identifying why there is an armed sion of martial law will no doubt bring This will help the OFW make calcu-
rebellion in the country and identifying about more abuses by state security lated decisions and make sure that their
the socio-economic solutions to the roots forces. We have received several reports hard-earned savings wont go to waste.
of the armed rebellion. These solutions of illegal arrests, arbitrary detention, l- Yco also said that OFWs need to learn
are supposed to alleviate the sufferings ing of trumped-up charges and militari- to trust the government more. Before,
of most Filipinos. Not considering the zation of communities in Mindanao. The galit ako sa gobyerno. Feeling ko kinu-
alleviation is to be anti-people and a left- Supreme Court becomes complicit in kuhanan lang nila ako (Before, I was
ist, Duterte is not. the abuses now taking place in Mind- mad at the government. I felt like theyre
Moreover, he had promised to kick out anao. With reports from Christine O. just getting money from me). But I
foreign troops out of the country. He Avendao, Philip C. Tubeza, Jaymee T. realized that we can actually help each
has not. Worse, he has welcome Chinas Gamil, and Julie M. Aurelio other, like when I got my livelihood loan
donation of arms with the purpose of
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com July 7-13, 2017

Classified Ads
( Continued from page 12 )
on screen partner, Rocco, expressed his
delight to be paired with Sanya again,
Im happy that Im working with Sanya
lya ni Angela, at ng mga taong mahal
niya na nakapaligid sa kanya.
The series, which has a touch of
ing to a bitterly contemptuous rivalry.
Thus, Angela is left with no choice but
to harness her ability if she wants to get
half-sister and a sexy promo girl who again. Ive always told her that Ill be enchantment and sensuality, revolves everything she once had back before its
uses her looks to her advantage. Greedy behind her, para tulungan siya and its around the intertwined lives of Angela, too late. For only $75,000, you can own a Condo in the
and dubious, she dreams of being been a very fruitful learning process for Lucille, Benedict and Gerald. Completing the cast are Patricia Javier
wealthy someday. Pancho Magno is her. In the story, Angela is a simple and as Minda Alonzo, Angelas protective
Benedict Dizon, Angelas admirer and Pancho, who also worked with the beautiful girl who lives a quiet and and loving mother; Emilio Garcia as beautiful Boracay island in the Philippines as
an attractive tness instructor who two in their previous show, is excited peaceful life. She is in a relationship Renato Alonzo, the father of Angela and
wishes to become a successful business- to reunite with them in this new series. with Gerald but has many admirers, Lucille; Francine Prieto as Mercedes a vacation home for yourself,
man with a trophy wife. Rocco Nacino Siyempre iba na, nae-excite kami to including Benedict. Unknown to her, Bermudez, the outspoken mother of Lu-
brings life to Gerald Cortez, Angelas portray roles na very different from she has a special gift wherein her touch cille; Diva Montelaba as Wendy Reyes, family, relatives and friends, which you can
boyfriend and a handsome, hardworking our previous characters in Encantadia. has healing properties that can soothe Angelas best friend; and Ms. Celia
salesman. He is passionate in life and Ibang-ibang klase ng fantasy naman emotions and even cure illnesses. But Rodriguez as Lola Biring, the grand- also rent out as an income-earning property.
desires a complete family of his own. yung gagawin namin, he says. For everything draws amok when she meets mother of Angela and Lucille whom
Sanya gave a peek on what the show Thea, she says shes excited for the her jealous half-sister, Lucille. they inherited their powers from.
is about. Tungkol ito sa isang babae shows fantasy element and ght scenes. Unlike Angela, Lucilles gift is dark Under the helm of director Gil Tejada Only $400+ a month installment for 3 1/2
na may gift. And yung gift na yun, dun Dun ako nae-excite, sa kakaiba na may and relates to black magic or pangungu- Jr., follow the passionate, intriguing, and
iikot yung story. Yung gift na yun gaga- powers. On what viewers can expect lam. She uses this to steal everything her enchanting journey in Haplos beginning years!.
mitin niya para sa kabutihan and yun from her character, she adds Abangan sister has. She repeatedly jeopardizes July 10 only on GMA Networks ag-
yung dapat nila abangan, she says. Her nila kung paano ko paiikutin ang pami- Angelas life, joy and success, result- ship international channel, GMA Pinoy Attend our free presentation.
TV. (30)
Call 619.746-3416 for reservation!
2017 San Diego
( Continued from page 12 )


Number of participants in our Flag
Raising program at daily Opening
Ceremonies (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts,
Marines) 1097
Number of Fun Fair patches sold for 9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126
Flag Raising program 1000 (Behind McDonalds in Seafood City Plaza)
Number of participants in the Father/ Tel: (858) 530-3005
Child Lookalike Contest 62
Number of pieces of bubble gum
chewed in the Bubble Gum Blowing
Contest 207 PASSPORT
Number of participants at Three RENEWAL
OClock Fun contests 890
Number of cars in the Car Shows @ EXPRESS
the Fair 254
Number of Photos of the Mascot taken
2864 5 Min. Official Photos-Passport Philippines Passport
Number of kids who cried upon seeing U.S. Passport INS, Visa, ID & Citizenship
the Mascot 45
Number of magnets the Mascot gave PHILIPPINES CONSULAR SERVICES
away 3000 Passport Renewals * Dual Citizen * Report of Marriage * Red Ribbon
In The Spotlight Competition, Youth Authentications of Notarized Legal Documents including Special Power of
Division 102 applied 10 nalists Attorneys, Waivers, Certifications, Extrajudicial Settlements, Deed of
In The Spotlight Competition, Teen Absolute Sale, PVAO/GSIS, Affidavit of Support & Consent
Division 98 applied 10 nalists at a reasonable fee with Full Service.
Singer/Songwriter Competition - 134
applied 10 nalists
Battle of the Bands Contest - 76 bands
NOTARY SERVICES - Available On Premises
8 nalists Special Notary Discount for Living Trust,
Top Ten Rides
Crazy Mouse
Escrow & Loan Documents
The Big Wheel
G-Force FedEx Express to the Philippines
Olympic Bobs Guaranty Lowest Shipping Rate for all FedEx International
Fast Track Slide in
Alien Abduction San Diego County
Rave Wave
Ineld Carousel
Care N Share Toy Drive Travel VISA & EXPRESS Service
The yearly toy drive broke all existing
records with well over 11,000 stuffed
animals collected for needy children in
our community.
Super Bungee
An estimated 2,500 took the Bungee
Work for the San Diegos
Plunge during the Fair. About 50 people
got cold feet! The youngest jumper this
Top Home Care Agency!
year was 8; the oldest, 71.
Red, White, and Boom!
Fireworks America of Lakeside
California designed the 4th of July
Fireworks Show. The 20-minute display
Now Hiring
consisted of Exerienced Caregivers
220 2.5 shells
515 3 shells for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
209 4 shells
122 5 shells
96 6 shells Top Pay Flexible Hours Great Benefits
32 8 shells
Units of Fire (from bombardments) Requirements
Aerial Shots 2,394 3 professional references
68th Annual Livestock Auction Proof of eligibility to work in the US
Sold at auction:
121 hogs @ $4.57/pound
74 lambs @ $9.36/pound
46 cattle @ $ 3.95/pound
Call for an appointment
53 goats @ $734.00 each Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
$528,1454 raised for 4-H and FFA
Lost & Found La Jolla Apply Online!
Credit Cards 147
IDs 94 858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
Wallets/Purses 116
Jewelry 49
Glasses 105
Adult Clothing 80
Kids Clothing 61
Keys 115
Miscellaneous 142
Of the 154 Cell Phones turned into our
Guest Services Department, we have
been able to return all but 26.
About the 2017 San Diego County
Ride em cowboys! Where the West
is Fun is the theme for the 2017 San
Diego County Fair, presented by Albert-
sons | Vons, remembering the rough and
tumble Wild, Wild West and celebrating
how the West is fun today. The 2017
Fair features a Wild West saloon, numer-
ous Western-themed educational and
historic exhibits and country music for
everyone to enjoy. There is a new Sher-
iff in town and it is you! Pull on your
boots, grab your cowboy hat, and ride
on into Del Mar for some fun this sum-
mer. The Fair opened on June 2, runs
through Tuesday, July 4 and is closed
the rst four Mondays and the rst three
Tuesdays. The San Diego County Fair
is the largest annual event in San Diego
County and one of the top 10 Fairs in the
United States and Canada, drawing more
than 1.6 million visitors annually. For
more information visit sdfair.com
July 7-13, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15


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