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Philips StressVue

Stress Testing

Simplifying workflow

Philips StressVue combines advanced features with an easy-to-use

interface to help you manage your workflow and increase your
productivity. The numerous workflow features and advanced
connectivity options result in a highly efficient system that builds in
clinical excellence at every step of your stress testing operation.

For Clinicians

Wireless patient module for patient comfort

Clear indication of ST anomalies and morphology changes
Fast, accurate diagnosis with clear ECG tracings
Continue patient assessment after the test with the post-
recovery monitoring
Review stress tests at your convenience using the Remote
Review option and full- disclosure post-exam replay.

For Technicians

Improve patient throughput with pre-registration and pre-

hook up
Simplify testing with intuitive and customizable user
Monitor, display and print key patient and test parameters
Get unsurpassed flexibility with the ability to configure
numerous protocols
Take advantage of the convenience of the graphic Remote
Keypad .

For Administrators

Go paperless with export options to EMR, HIS and

Support your unique workflow needs with
multiple registration and export options
Extensive customization designed to meet various practice,
procedure, and reporting needs
Save time and increase productivity with Remote Review and
Export on Save features

Minimum requirements
Workstation Hardware Requirements

Desktop PC HP DC7800 mini tower

Hard Drive: 160 GB
CD-RW/DVD combo drive
LAN connection for thermal printer
Optional LAN card for networking capabilities
USB: 3 required
Keyboard: standard PC
Mouse: 2 button with scroll wheel

Operation System: Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2


StressVue thermal printer: 200 dpi (recommended)

Laserjet printer


17-inch flat panel display

SXGA resolution of 1280 x 1024


TrackMaster TMX425 series treadmill

Ergoline and Lode ergometers
Analog and TTL output for stress-echo
SunTech Tango+ blood pressure and SpO2 monitor
Remote keypad