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What Homer's ILIAD is to Greek Civilization and the great classics of yore are to different nations of the world,

the MAHABHARAT is to India. Written by

Rishi Ved Vyasa, the ancient philosopher-thinker who was known to be the fountain of all human knowledge, it has been translated into many
languages and even presented in ballet form in western and oriental countries.
But the MAHABHARAT is not an abstruse philosophical or religious tract. It encompasses all shades of human nature from the utterly base to the
completely divine; its high points is Lord Krishna's message to humanity, the Song Celestial - the divine GEETA, acknowledged to be the quintessence
of all knowledge embodied in the Hindu ethos.
To capture the magnificence, the grandeur and drama of this great epic was the dream of producer-director Dr. B.R. Chopra, one of India eminent
filmmakers. B.R. TV has staked enormous resources, to bring to television audiences the richness and the grandeur of the period to which the
MAHABHARAT belonged. rated as the most popular TV program on India's Doordarshan, the serial consists of 94 episodes each with a running time of
45 minutes - a total of 65 hours of Hindutav.
[Mahabharat is a successful Indian television series based on the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata. The 94-episode series originally ran from 2 October 1988 to 24
June 1990.[1] It was produced by B. R. Chopra and directed by his son, Ravi Chopra. The music was composed by critically acclaimed music director Rajkamal. Each
episode was approximately 45 minutes long. It followed the highly successful Ramayan broadcast in 19871988.]
Episode 1: King Bharat sows the seed of democratic thinking by appointing a commoner as his successor. Many generations
later, King Shantanu risks the tradition when he marries Ganga and promising never to question her for anything she does.
Episode 2: Bound by his promise, Shantanu does not question Ganga as she sacrifices seven sons. When he protests at the
birth of their eighth son, Ganga leaves him. Years later the son is returned, trained and educated as Prince Devarata.
Episode 3: Devarata is crowned as Yuvraj, heir apparent. But, to enable the marriage of his father to a village girl, Devarata
renounces his rights to the throne and also vows never to marry. Gods shower blessings and Devrata is renamed as Bhishma.
Episode 4: Bhishma (Devarata) defends his sacrifice and carries out his duties to look after all the affairs of the State. King
Shantanu dies in grief and guilt towards Bhishma.
Episode 5: Shantanu's son Vichitraviya ascends the throne. Bhishma arranges the marriage of Ambika and Ambalika, the
daughters of a neighboring king, to King Vichitravirya. However, Vichitraviya dies young and without any offspring.
Episode 6: Threatened with extinction, Queen mother Satyavati, calls on Ambalika and Ambika to marry Vyasa. Ambalika
gives birth the Dhritarastra who is born blind. Ambika gives birth to Pandu who is born anemic and weak. Bhishma is forced to
look after this generation too.
Episode 7: Dhritarastra and Pandu are married to Gandhari and Kunti. As Dhritrashtra was blind, Gandhari binds up her eyes
with a piece of silk, refusing to see the world. Kunti was the daughter of the King of Yadavas and thus the sister of Vasudeva,
father of Lord Krishna.
Episode 8: Pandu establishes the supremacy of the Kuru House. During his campaigns he takes another wife, Madri. After
the campaigns, Pandu goes to the forest for relaxation with his two queens Kunti and Madri.
Episode 9: While hunting, Pandu accidentally kills a Sage. To do penance Pandu decides to spend his life in exile and
entrusts his Kingdom to Dhritarastra. In time five children - Yudhishtra, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadeva, are born to Kunti
and Madri. Dhritarastra had a hundred sons from Gandhari, the eldest being Duryodhana.
Episode 10: In Mathura, King Kans dethrones his father and takes over the Kingdom. He arranges his sister Devki's marriage
with his influential friend Vasudev. But when a Sage predicts that her eighth son will be responsible for Kans' death, he
imprisons Devki and Vasudev.
Episode 11: Kans personally kills Devki's first six children born in the prison. Devki's seventh "pregnancy" is taken over by
Vasudev's second wife who gives birth to Balram. And when the eighth child, Krishna is born, miraculously the prison doors
open and Vasudev is able to smuggle out the child and leave him in Gokul with his friend Nand.
Episode 12: Unusual celebrations in Gokul make Kans suspicious that Devki's eighth child must be there. Pootna is sent
there as a toy seller to kill all the children born in Gokul. When she tries to kill Krishna, she herself is killed. Meanwhile all the
people of Gokul, including Krishna's foster parents, shift to Nandgaon.
Episode 13: Childhood of Shri Krishna, the Supreme Being, and Narayan. While Yashoda happily reared Shri Krishna in
Nandgaon his real mother Devki, and his father Vasudev spent days inside the prison in Mathura. Krishna regaled the entire
Nandgaon with his divine sports.
Episode 14: Krishna's divine sports make him the darling of his friends. To everyone's amazement he killed Kalia the Serpent
King who lived in the river Yamuna, while retrieving the ball of his friend Sridham from the bottom of the river.
Episode 15: Krishna grows up to an 11-year-old boy. Now he has given up stealing butter; instead he steals the hearts of the
young "Gopinis". Radha is one such "Gopini" who has lost her heart to him. Two songs illustrate this beautiful relationship.
Also, Krishna encourages the habitants of Nandgaon to stop sending butter, as a levy, to Kans, the ruler of Mathura. Kans
feels slighted that someone has defied him.
Episode 16: Kans tries to subdue Krishna. He commands two demons to destroy Nandgaon. However, Krishna and Balram
annihilate the evil demons. The episode also covers two major portions of divine sports - one, saving of Nandgaon by lifting the
Goverdhan Mountain and the other, "Maharass" in which Shri Krishna creates the illusion among the dancing Gopis, each one
of whom thinks that he is dancing with her and her alone. Meanwhile, Kans tricks Vasudev's friend Akrur into inviting Krishna
to Mathura with the intention of killing him.
Episode 17: Krishna departs from Nandgaon for Mathura. The residents of Mathura have heard of his divine sports and they
pay obeisance to him as an "Avatar" (incarnation of God). Eventually Krishna faces his uncle, Kans. The cruel ruler had
planned to slay Krishna but he meets his own death at the hands of Shri Krishna. Before killing him, Krishna reveals to him his
'Viraat Roop' (Deity Incarnate in its full form).
Episode 18: Shri Krishna releases King Ugrasen and his parents Devki and Vasudev who had been imprisoned by Kans.
People of Mathura rejoice and celebrate the coronation of King Ugrasen. Krishna goes to Sandeepani Gurukul for his
education. In Nandgaon, Yashoda is upset learn that Shri Krishna had stayed back in Mathura and probably would never
return. The Pandava children, Yudhishtra, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev grow up and receive their education in the
Forrest. Pandu dies in the forest and Kunti returns to Hastinapur with her children
Episode 19: Vyas takes Satyavati, Ambika and Ambalika to Tapovan (forest). Before leaving, Satyavati tells Dhritarashtra to
look after the Pandava children. The Kaurava and the Pandava children grow up together. They are educated under
Kripacharya. Shakuni instigates Duryodhan against the Pandavas and rivalry develops between the Kauravas and Pandavas.
ENVENENAMENTO DE BHIM Episode 20: Adirath is released from the duties as blind-King Dhritarashtra's assistant. Sanjay
takes over from Adirath as Dhritarashtra's assistant. Rivalry between Duryodhan and Bheem develops. Duryodhan plots to
poison Bheem. After poisoning Bheem he throws him out in River Ganga. Bheem survives the attempt to kill him and he is
returned safely to Kunti and his brothers.
Episode 21: Kunti forbids Bheem from saying anything about Duryodhan's attempt to kill him. Vidur suspects something is
behind Bheem's silence. He goes to see Bheeshma to discuss his concerns. Bheeshma is worried about the development, but
is helpless as he had vowed to protect the throne of Hastinapur and he cannot take sides. Duryodhan and Shakuni continue to
plot against Bheem. Dhritarashtra is concerned about the development in Hastinapur but Gandhari is a sobering influence on
him. Meanwhile, in Mathura at the Sandespani Gurukul Shri Krishna and Sudama become bosom friends. Also, in the episode
Dronacharya (Drona) is introduced as one of the teachers of Kuru princes.
Episode 22: Dronacharya trains the Kaurva princes in the art of archery and other military skills. Arjun gets poised by his
teachers, Duryodhan is often advised to control his arrogance. Shakuni rebukes his sister Gandhari for not seeing through all
the plots of the Pandavas.
Episode 23: Drona trains the Kuru princes in the art of 'Gada Yudh' (Mace fighting). Bheem and Duryodhan specialize in it
and exhibit their skills. Drona is specially delighted by Arjun's prowess and he loves him even more than his own son,
Ashwathama. Drona informs Bheeshma that the education of Kuru princes is complete. They agree to hold a tournament to
test the war-skills of the princes.
Episode 24: A special stadium is built to exhibit the feats of the Kuru princes in front of spectators. Members of the royal
household are invited. Dressed in pure white, lending dignity and grace to his personality, Drona enters the stadium. His son
Ashwathama accompanies him. The Kuru princes enter one by one in the arena, led by Yudhushtra - the eldest prince. The
princes perform amazing feats with their bows, arrows, swords and javelins. There follows fight with maces between
Duryodhan and Bheem. Drona asks Ashwathama to bring the duel to a close, when it gets too spirited. He then asks Arjun to
perform his feats. A deafening cheer welcomes Arjun to the stage, and the blind King Dhritrashtra
Episode 25: The education of the Kuru princes is over. Drono continues to advise the Kaurava and the Pandava princes. The
pandavas do well and this makes Dhritarashtra unhappy. Shri Krishna and Balram finish their education of Sandeepani
Gurukul and plan to return to Mathura. Pursuram arrives at the Gurukul and gives Shri Krishna his Sudarshan Chakra. He
asks Shri Krishna to lay the foundation of a New Yuga (New Era).
Episode 26: After finishing his education of Sandeepani Gurukul Shri Krishna returns to Mathura. Krishna advises Ugrasen,
the King of Mathura, to shift his capital from Mathura to Dwarka. The Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur is to be chosen
and Duryodhan is staking his claim while Drona, Vidur and the people of Hastinapur favor Yudhishthir. Bheeshma remains
silent as he is bound by his vow to serve the throne which is with Dhritarashtra.
Episode 27: The court meets to name the Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur. Dhritarashtra is compelled to appoint
Yudhishthir because of his superior intellect. Jarasandh, the King of Magadha, arrives in Vidharbha to meet King Bheeshmak.
Jarasandh asks Bheeshmak to invite Shishupal, the Chedi King, to marry his daughter Rukmani [/Rukmini?] and make
Shishupal his ally. Rukmani, however, has lost her heart to Shri Krishna so she writes him a letter to take her away.
Episode 28: Shri Krishna has received a letter from Rukmani asking him to take her away from Vidarbha before she is married
to Shishupal. Krishna goes to Vidarbha where he defeats Bheeshmak and Shishupal and takes Rukmani away. In Hastinapur
Dhritarashtra is worried about his throne. Yudhishthir has been made Heir Apparent (Yuvaraj) and due to his popularity the
people want him to become their king as soon as possible. Meanwhile Duryodhan and Shakuni plot against Yudhishthir. They
would like him to die before he becomes the King. Shakuni invents a plan to send Yudhishthir and his brothers to Vamavat
where they would be burnt alive in a house of wax.
Episode 29: Duryodhan asks Dhritrashtra to send the Pandav brothers to Varnavat to attend a festival. He threatens to
commit suicide if Pandav brothers are not sent to Varnavat. Dhritarashtra is worried about the growing conflict between
Yudhishthir and Duryodhan. He consults Vidur and is advised to send Yudhishthir and Duryodhan to Varnavat to represent
Hastinapur in the festival.
Episode 30: Kunti takes Yudhishthir to Gandhari to seek her blessings before leaving for Varnavat. Gandhari is happy to learn
that Yudhisthir will stay in the beautiful palace built by her son Duryodhan. She is unaware that the palace is meant to kill
Yudhishthir. The Pandav brothers are suspicious of Duryodhan's eagerness to send Yudhishthir to Varnavat; so they
accompany him to Varnavat. Kunti also decides to go with them. Vidur learns that Duryodhan's spies had been collecting wax,
oil and other flammable materials in the recent past. Vidur warns Yudhishthir in words that are intelligible only to him.
Yudhishthir understands Duryodhan's hideous plan and the means to escape.
INCNDIO DA CASA DE CERA Episode 31: Only three days are left for the house of wax to go up in flames and for Kunti and
her five sons to burn to death. Vidur informs Pandas of the evil plan and sends them a miner who helps them dig a tunnel to
escape. The charred corpses of a woman and her five sons mistakenly give credence to the news that the Pandavas were
burnt alive. The Kauravas shed false tears for the "dead" Pandavs.
Episode 32: After escaping from the tragedy, the Pandavas arrive in a forest and rest. Bheem and Arjun want to confront the
Kauravas, but Kunti and Yudhishthir decide against it. Bheeshma goes to the river Ganga to perform the last rites of the
Pandavas. Vidur then informs him that the Pandavas are alive and to keep the secret to himself.
Episode 33: The Pandavas stay in the city of Ekchakra in the guise of Brahmins. Kunti and Bheem learn of a cruel and terribly
strong rakshasa named Bakasur who was harassing the people. Bheem sets out to eliminate this rakshasa. A great fight
ensues and Bheem kills him. Not wanting to be recognized by the citizens of Ekchakra, the Pandavas leave the Brahmin's
house unnoticed and proceed on their journey, waiting for better days to come.
COMPETIO POR DRAUPADI Episode 34: The Pandavas journey through the forest and learn about Draupadi the
daughter of King Drupad. At Draupadi's royal wedding ceremony many warrior princes were invited to attend. The candidate
for the hand of the princess was required to string a mighty steel bow and shoot a steel arrow. Many noted princes rise and try
in vain to string the bow. Then a youth arises from among the group of Brahmins and advances towards the bow. It is Arjun in
the guise of a Brahmin. Only Shri Krishna recognizes him. Arjun easily lifts the bow and strings it.
Episode 35: Without pause or hesitation Arjun shoots his arrow into the target. He wins Draupadi's hand in marriage. The
princes are loud with anger. "How can a Brahmin marry a princess?" they demand. A fight seems imminent. Shri Krishna
seeks to appease the princes and Arjun and Bheem protect Draupadi. At long lost they take Draupadi to their temporary
abode. Kunti unknowingly asks the five Pandava brothers to share their bride prize. Also, Shri Krishna meets his aunt Kunti
and his cousins. Meanwhile Dhrishtadyumna, who had followed them, reports back and reveals the true identities of Pandava
Episode 36: Duryodhan and Shakuni are furious when they learn that the Pandava brothers are alive and that King
Dhritrashtra has sent Vidur to call them back to Hastinapur. Karna, as usual, is ready to fight them, but Shakuni realizes that
with King Drupad and Krishna on the side of the Pandavas it would be difficult to defeat them. Dhritrashtra consoles
Duryodhan and assures him that his rights as the Heir Apparent to the throne of Hastinapur will be fully protected. In Kampilya,
King Drupad and Shri Krishna advise Yudhishthir to fight for his right to the throne of Hastinapur. Just then Vidur arrives and
tells the Pandava brothers that they have been invited back to Hastinapur along with their bride.
return to Hastinapur. Dhritrashtra conceals his disappointment and orders everyone to welcome them. Determined to
establish peace between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, Bheeshma suggests giving half the Kingdom to Yudhishthir.
Dhritrashtra agrees to this suggestion. Krishna and Balram, also give their consent and it is decided that Yudhisthira's
coronation as King of Khandavprastha be held in Hastinapur.
Episode 38: The decision to partition the Kingdom of Hastinapur between the Kauravas and Padavas is not liked by the
Pandavas, but Krishna consoles them and tells them that Khandavprastha is their Karambhoomi (field of action). Gandhari
fees that a partition of a country can bever be a solution to the rivalry. Bheeshma fees that there are no other options.
Episode 39: Yudhishthir is coronated with great celebration. Dhritarashtra bids Yudhishthir farewell with these words, "My
brother Pandu made this Kingom prosperous. May you prove a worthy heir to his renown! May you conquer the entire world!
May you perform the Rajsuya Yagna and may you live long and rule as a just King as your forfathers did before you!"
Yudhishthir knew that the land he was to rule was a barren wasteland, but he agreed to accept this injustice because he
wanted peace. The Pandavas reach Khandavprastha, and with the help of Krishna and Balram, they renovate the ruined city.
They plough the land and rename it Indraprastha.
Episode 40: The Pandavas were happy in Indraprastha. To avoid rivalry amongst themselves, they had come to a decision to
have Draupadi divide her time equally between the five brothers. When she was alone with one of them and if any other should
intrude on their privacy, he must go on a pilgrimage to do penance. Once while helping a Brahmin, Arjun had to violate the rule
and had to go on a pilgrimage. Arjun visited Naglok and Molur, and there he married Ullipi and Chitrangada. He then moved
towards Dwarika.
Duryodhan asked Balram for his sister Subhadra's hand in marriage and Balram promised to plead his case with his parents.
Meanwhile, Arjun reached Dwarika and he fell in love with Subhadra. And, Subhadra reciprocated his love. Before any
decision could be made, Krishna helped Arjun to elope with Subhadra. Balram was furious and wanted to send his aremy to
capture Arjun, but Krishna convinced him that Subhadra had gone with Arjun on her own accord.
Episode 41: Arjun and Subhadra arrive in Dwarika and are formally married. Arjun later returns to Indraprastha with
Subhadra. Draupadi welcomes Subhadra. Yudhishthir seeks Sri Krishna's advice on performing the Rajsuya Yagna. Krishna
approves but explains that Jarasandh, who had imprisoned 86 Kings, would be a constant challenge to Yudhishthir's Royal
Supremacy. Arjun, Bheem and Sri Krishna eventually go to Magadh and challenge Jarasandh for a combat. Jarasandh
chooses to fight with Bheem.
Episode 42: Bheem and Jarasandh were so equally matched in strength that they fought for nearly fourteen days without rest.
When Jarasandh finally showed signs of exhaustion, Krishna prompted Bheem to make an end of him. After Jarasandh had
been destroyed, Jarasandh's son was crowned King of Magadh.
CERIMNIA DE COROAO DE IMPERADOR (RAJSUYA YAGNA) Episode 43: Yudhishthir decides to perform the
Rajsuya Yagna. The first honor is rendered to Sri Krishna. Shishupal, the King of Chedi, asks, "When there are so many kings
gathered in this assembly, why should the first honor be paid to Krishna - a cowherd boy and the son of a servant of
Ugrasena?" Krishna warns Shishupal but Shishupal does not pay any heed so Sri Krishna kills him. The Rajsuya Yagna is
celebrated and Yudhishthir is recognized as an Emperor.
Vidur para Yudhisthir (final do episdio): An unjust king can corrupt an inherited kingdom with his unjust deeds. [...] The king
who is tempted by anothers [lists many qualities] can never find success in life.Episode 44: Duryodhan is unhappy about the
prosperity of the Pandavs, Shakuni consoles him and later loses in a game of dice to Yudhishthir. Duryodhan walks around
Yudhishthir's 'Maya Mahal" and falls into one of the pools. Draupadi calls him the "blind son of a blind father." Duryodhan,
Kama and Shakuni plan to avenge Draupadi for her taunting remarks. Shakuni suggests that Yudhishthir be invited to
Hastinapur for a game of dice.
Krishna fala com e despede-se de Kripacharya, Drona (you should always side with the truth), Bhisma (Does your oath
absolve you of responsibility? If yes, then why are you worried? If not, think of the answers to the questions the
Future will ask you.) e Dritharashtra (- Who can question this blind man? Stop hiding being your blindness and face the
reality of life. You divided the nation but ambition cannot be divided. This nation also belongs to future generations. History will
hold you responsible.
Episode 45: Dhritarashtra orders Vidur to go to Indraprastha and to invite Yudhishthir to Hastinapur to play dice with
Duryodhan. The Pandavs arrive in Hastinapur and pay their respects to the King. Dhritarashtra announces that the game will
be played in the special assmbly hall.
PRIMEIRO JOGO DE DADOS, EM QUE YUDHISHTIR PERDE TUDO Episode 46: Duryodhan suggests that Shakuni cast
the dice for him. Yudhishthir loses his entire Kingdom, his brothers, himself and Draupadi. Duryodhan insists that Draupadi be
fetched to the assembly hall and orders Prathkami to bring her. Draupadi replies angrily, "Ask him who played the game of
dice with Duryodhan, whether he first lost himself or his wife? Bring me his answer and then you can take me away!"
TENTATIVA DE DESPIR DRAUPADI PERANTE A CORTE Episode 47: Enraged, Duryodhan asks his brother Dushasan to
bring Draupadi to the assembly hall. Dushasan drags Draupadi to the hall and tries to disrobe her but a miracle occurs. Bheem
swears to avenge the wrong doing, while Draupadi rises to curse the Kauravs. Gandhari pleads with Draupadi to stop.
Episode 48: Gandhari warns Dhritarashtra that the attempt to disrobe Draupadi would cause the destruction of his lineage.
Dhritarashtra gives everything back to the Pandavs. Arjun swears that the Pandavs want the dead bodies of Duryodhan,
Dushasan and Shakuni to avenge the injury. Bheeshma says, "Don't forget Yudhishthir's role. Isn't he responsible for what has
happened as well?" and adds, "Go back to Indraprastha and ponder over the incident with a cool head."
SEGUNDO JOGO DE DADOS: INCIO DO EXLIO Episode 49: Duryodhan threatens to wage war against the Pandavs.
When Dhritrashtra forbids him from war, Duryodhan secures Dhritrashtra's approval to entice Yudhishthir to another game of
dice. Yudhishthir accepts the challenge but is once again defeated. The Pandavs are to spend the next 12 years in exile and
the 13th year incognito.
Episode 50: The departure of the Pandavs upsets Bheeshma, Vidur, Drona and the other elders of the Royal House of Kurus.
Vidur advises Dhritrashtra to summon them back. Dhritrashtra rebukes Vidur, so Vidur leaves. After spending thirteen days in
the forest, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev are ready to wage a war against Hastinapur. Yudhishthir refuses to wage war
and decides to spend the full thirteen years in exile as his punishment for being reckless in gambling.
Episode 51: Rishi Vyas rebukes Dhritarashtra for exiling the Pandavas. [*] He predicts the extinction of the Kauravs after 14
years due to Duryodhan's missdeeds. Duryodhan and his men leave for Dwaitavan to witness the distress of the Pandavs.
Duryodhan tries to flirt with a Gandharv girl and is captured by the enraged Gandharvs. Duryodhan's bodyguard approaches
the Pandavs for help and Bheem and Arjun unwillingly rescue their cousin.
Episode 52: After hearing about the Pandav's exile, Krishna goes to visit them. He advises the Pandavs to prepare for war
and tells Arjun to do penance to obtain divine weapons. Arjun does penance and eventually pleases Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva
bestows him with the divine Pasupata weapon and advises him to obtain other weapons in Indralok. Rishi Duruvasa visits
Hastinapur. In an attempt to humiliate the Pandavs, Duryodhan requests that the sage visit tha Pandavs as well. Rishi
Duruvasa promises to do so.
Episode 53: Rishi Duruvasa and his followers arrive in the forst to visit the Pandavs. He requests food for himself and his
followers and Draupadi is worried for her cooking vessel is empty. Draupadi prays Krishna, the Soul of the Universe, sees one
grain of rice in the vessel, and eats it with pleasure. Durvasa and his followers immediately feel their hunger has been
satisfied. In Indralok, Lord Indra advises Arjun to learn dance and music from Chitrasen to help him during his 13th year when
incognito. Arjun continues to obtain divine weapons and Apsara Urvashi falls in love with him. When Arjun does not respond to
her love, Apsara Urvashi curses him with impotence.
Episode 54: In Indralok, Lord Indra limits Urvashi's curse on Arjun to one year during which he becomes an eunuch. In
Dwaraka, Sri Krishna trains his nephew Abhimanyu in the martial arts. In Hastinapur, Bheeshma, Drona and Vidur worry about
the future of their Kingdom, while Duryodhan's stepbrother, Yuyutsu, forsees the destruction of the Kurus. Arjun returns from
Indralok armed with divine weapons. He accompanies Bheem while they rescue Draupadi from Jayadrath, Duryodhan's
Episode 55: Jayadrath, Duryodhan's brother-in-law, does penance for kidnapping Draupadi and is rewarded by Lord Shiva. In
the forest, the Pandavas plan their 13th year of exile to live incognito and to work in another kingdom. Nakul tries to fetch water
from a lake but is told not to use the water by an invisible voice. He ignores the warning, drinks the water and falls down dead.
His brothers meet the same fate except for Yudhishthir answers correctly. The Yaksha reveals himself as Lord Yama and
grants back the lives of all the dead brothers.
FIM DO EXLIO E ANO DE ANONIMATO Episode 56: The Pandavas live incognito and serve King Virat. Yudhishthir
becomes a courtier named Kanak. Bheem becomes a cook. Nakul and Sahadev look after cattle and horses. Arjun becomes
a eunuch named Brihannala and Draupadi becomes Sairandhri, the handmaiden to Queen Sudeshna of Virat.
Episode 57: Karna has assumed the guise of a brahmin and has come a disciple of Parushram. Parshuram observes Karna's
resistance to pain and realizes that he is a Kshatriya. In anger, he curses Karna. In Virat, Queen Sudeshna's brother Keechak
professes his love for Draupadi.
Episode 58: Keechak is mad with lust for Draupadi. Draupadi runs to the Virat court, where Keechak angrily kicks her in the
presence of Yudhishthir and Bheem. Draupadi reports the matter to Queen Sudeshna and asks Bheem for protection and
revenge. Bheem kills Keechak.
[* Em algum destes episdios (qual exatamente?) Dhritarashtra sonha com o Rei Bharat, Rei Shantanu e Bhisma
(Devavrata), em que os reis o repreendem.
Episode 59: The news of Keechak's death reaches Duryodhan. He suspects that Bheem is responsible and decides to invade
Virat. King Susarma of Trigarta also invades Virat. He captures Virat, but Bheem attacks and Virat emerges victorious.
Duryodhan then attacks from another front. Prince Uttar tries to retreat after seeing the Kaurav army but Brihannala (Arjun)
stops him. Brihannal reveals his weapons and his identity, then blows his conch.
Episode 60: Duryodhan and Karna advance into battle. Arjun attacks the Kaurav army and the Kaurav warriors fall
unconscious due to his magical weapons. News arrives from the battlefield and King Virat boasts about the glory of his son
Uttar. Kanak (Yudhishthir) praises Brihannala and the king flings his dice at Yudhishtir's face. Prince Uttar arrives and is
distressed after seeing Yudhishthir's bleeding face. King Virat eventually learns about the true identity of the Pandavas.
Episode 61: After the wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara, Krishna, the Pandavas, Virat and others meet in Virat's assembly.
They decide to send an emissary to Hastinapur to seek the restoration of Indraprastha. The emissary arrives in Hastinapur.
Bheeshma and Vidur favor a peaceful settlement but Duryodhan disagrees. Duryodhan insists that the Pandavas spend 12
more years in exile.
Episode 62: Vidur advises Dhritrashtra to return Indraprastha to the Pandavas. Gandhari also asks her husband to act justly,
but Dhritrashtra refuses to accept their advice. He sends his charioteer Sanjay with a message to Yudhishthir, telling the
Pandavs they should spend 12 more years in exile, since Duryodhan had exposed them during their incognito life. The
Pandavas and their allies are upset after hearing the message. They send Sanjay back to Hastinapur with the message that
they are ready for peace as well as war.
Episode 63: In Hastinapur, everyone is nervous when Sanjay returns from meeting with Yudhishthir and his allies. Sanjay
says, "Duryodhan should know that Arjun said, 'If Indraprastha is not given back to us, we will uproot the Kauravas.'"
Duryodhan remains adamant about going to war. Shakuni advises Duryodhan to seek Krishna's help. Arjun also wishes to
seek Krishna's help and visits Krishna at the same time as Duryodhan. Krishna tells them, he is obliged to assist both of them.
Episode 64: A war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas looks inevitable but Krishna makes a last attempt for peace.
Krishna arrives in Hastinapur and is flooded with valuable presents. He pays his respects to Dhritrashtra and says, "Maharaj,
in return I can only offer peace!" "We will talk after you have rested," says Dhritrashtra. He tells Dushasan to take Krishna to
the guestrooms, but Krishna refuses the offer and tells Dhritrashtra that he will be staying with Vidur. Duryodhan is annoyed
with Krishna for refusing their hospitality.
Episode 65: Krishna goes to the court of Hastinapur and says, "Peach is a necessity. In war, people from both sides die,
though only one side wins." He suggests that Indraprastha be give back to the Pandavas, but Duryodhan insists that the
Pandavas must return to the forest. Krishna then suggests that five villages be given to the five Pandava brothers. Duryodhan
finds the suggestion unacceptable and threatens to seize Krishna. Krishna discloses his divinity and leaves the court.
Episode 66: Krishna's peace mission has failed. Krishna goes to Kunti and tells her what has happened at the Court. He asks
her if she has a message for her sons. "The time has come," she says, "for which a Kshatriya woman brings forth her sons."
Before leaving for Uppalavya, Krishna meets with Karna and tells him to be true to Dharma and not to support sinful
Duryodhan. Karna says, "You are right my Lord. A righteous man should not side with a sinner; but I am in debt of Duryodhan
and cannot let him down."
Krishna to Karna: It is true that it is not easy to repay a debt of kindness. That is the heaviest debt. But if it is a matter of Truth
and Untruth, Religion and Evil [Dharm and Adharm], Light and Darkness, is it necessary to repay the debt at any cost? Is it not
better to remain in debt?
Vidur to Bhisma, Drona, and Kripa when announcing his resignation as prime minister (35:15): Your oaths are your problem.
[...] - His [Bhismas] second promise was to Hastinapur. That he would protect it.
- That is the oath in which I am still bound.
- Doesnt Hastinapurs safety lies in returning Indraprasth to the Pandavas?
- Yes! But is Indraprasth in my backyard that I can return it to the Pandavas with my blessings [for them] to be happy?
- Does that mean you should side with those who threaten Hastinapurs safety? [...]
- [...] But you forget that I had also sworn to protect and serve whoever sat on Hastinapurs throne. At that time I did not know
that Dhritarashtra would be the King.
Episode 67: Vidur submits his resignation to Dhritrashtra. He is depressed by the inevitable war. Kunti worries about the
battle to be fought between her sons, Karna and the Pandav brothers. She visits Karna and tells him the truth about his birth.
Karna tells her he already knows the truth, and he is happy to have his mother by his side. Kunti pleads with him to join the
Pandavas, but he says, "I must fight with Arjun. I cannot abandon my promise to Duryodhan." Krishna reaches Uppalavya and
tells the Pandavas that his attempt to stop the war has failed. The Pandavas prepare to battle.
Episode 68: Yudhishthir holds a meeting and Dhristadyumna, Draupadi's brother, is appointed Supreme Commander of the
Pandav army. Drupad, Shikhandi, Bheem and the other prominent warriors take command of the various divisions. The stage
is set for the Kurukshetra war. Vyas visits Dhritrashtra and offers to bestow divine eyesight unto him, but Dhritarashtra is
reluctant to see the destruction of his sons. Vyas grants divine eyesight to Sanjay, Dhritrashtra's charioteer.
Episode 69: All the warriors except Balaram and Rukhmi (Rukmini's brother) move towards the battlefield. Balaram remains
neutral and both parties deny Rukhmi's help. Duryodhan tricks Salya into joining the Kaurava army. Salya becomes Karna's
charioteer; though his blessings are with the Pandavas. Gandhari is unhappy that Shakuni and Karna encourage Duryodhan
to war against the Pandavas. She wants to seek Krishna's help in protecting her sons, but Dhritrashtra stops her.
Episode 70: Shikhandi, who was Amba in a previous life, is anxious for the Kurukshetra war because he wants to fight
Bheeshma. Bheeshma had insulted Amba by refusing to marry her after he had abducted her. Amba swore to take revenge on
Bheeshma, so she was reborn as Shikhandi, the elder brother of Draupadi. The opportunity for Amba's revenge has come.
Episode 71: Krishna tells Arjun to seek Goddess Durga's blessings for winning the war. Arjun prays to the Goddess. She tells
him, "Wherever there is righteousness there is Krishna, and wherever there is Krishna, there is victory." Krishna drives Arjun to
the middle of the battlefield in his chariot. Arjun sees the men on the battlefield and tells Krishna, "Winning a kingdom after
killine one's own kin is too heavy a price to pay. I prefer to be a beggar if this is the price I have to pay for our throne."
Episode 72: Arjun refuses to fight and kill his relatives and friends. Krishna tells him that "Atman (Soul) cannot be killed," and
advises Arjun to be strong. Krishna's teaching to Arjun at the battlefield form the basis of the "Bhagawad Gita" (the Song of
Episode 73: On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Krishna continues to talk to Arjun about the importance of following Dharma
(Duty). He tells Arjun to equate pain with pleasure and profit with loss. He emphasizes the importance of selfless action
without the desire to seek a reward for it.
Episode 74: Krishna says to Arjun, "I am birth-less, and changeless. I am the Lord. I take birth through the power of my
Maya." Unable to satisfy Arjun's hopeless consciouce, Krishna grants divine eyesight to Arjun and stuns him with his "Viraat
Roop" (divine manifestation). Arjun is consoled and enlightened. He understands that the pure seek the spirit while the impure
are trapped in "Prakriti" (Matter). He agrees to do his duty selflessly, lifts his "Gandeev" and prepares to fight the Kauravas.
Episode 75: The battle is about to begin, but Yudhishthir removes armor, puts down his weapons, and descends from his
chariot. The Pandava and the Kaurava forces look with amazement as he proceeds on foot towards the Kaurava camp.
Duryodhan brags that Yudhisthir is scared of his army's strength. Duryodhan soon discovers that Yudhisthir is visiting the
Kaurava camp to seek the benediction of the elders before starting the battle. After being blessed by the elders, Yudhisthir
goes to the middle of the battlefield and announces that anyone who wants to change sides must do so now. Duryodhan's
stepbrother, Yuyutsu, crosses over the the Pandava camp and the battle begins.
Episode 76: During the afternoon of the first day of battle, Abhimanyu attacks grandsire Bheeshma and brings down his
chariot's flag. The Kaurava warriors retaliat with a combined attack on the youthful warrior. Bheeshma's chariot continues to
create havoc and Duryodhan instructs all of his warriors to protect Bheeshma. The Pandav armyfares poorly. Yudhisthir
worries, but Shikhadi consoles him by saying, "Righteousness will win eventually and we are on the side of righteousness." As
the battle continues, Drona brings down Shristamyumna's flag and Salya slays Uttar, the prince of Virat.
Draupadi (05:00): I remember the helpless embarrassed eyes with which he [Bhisma] looked at me in the court. Those
ashamed eyes even provided balm for my insult. I respect him and even bow to him but doesnt he realize Truth is greater than
his oath? I am sure he knows it! But the wind in Hastinapur is such that the very foundations of Truth are being uprooted. [...]
The blessing he showered on Abhimanyu is in reality not a blessing, but a reflection of his guilty Soul.
Episode 77: The Pandava army had fared poorly during the first day of battle. Dhrishtadyumna, the commander-in-chief of the
Pandavas, devises strategies to avoid a repetition of the first day. Bheeshma, Drona, Kripa and several other warriors shoot
arrows at Arjun, but he preseveres and attacks Bheeshma's chariot. Duryadhan's men protect the grandise, but Arjun
continues to fight. Bheeshma's arrows hit Arjun and Krishna. Arjun retaliates and injures Bheeshma. Satyaki kills Bheeshma's
charioteer and Bheeshma's horses are left unbridled. The horses run wildly and take Bheeshma away from the battlefield. The
Pandavas return to their camp in great cheer.
Episode 78: The Pandavas were faced with a problem, victory continued to elude them. They were blessed by Bheeshma to
achieve victory, but they could only achieve victory after they killed Bheeshma and Bheeshma could not be killed unless he
willed himself to die. Yudhisthir and Arjun go to Bheeshma and inform him of their predictament. Bheeshma tells them that
only a woman could bring his death for he would not raise his hand against a woman. The Pandavas decided to use Shikhandi
in their fight against Bheeshma and the stage is set for the fall of the grandsire from the battlefield.
Episode 79: On the tenth day of battle, Arjun positions Shikhandi in front of him and attacks Bheeshma. As Arjun's arrows
pierce his body, Bheeshma smiles. Bheeshma's shield is cut into pieces by Arjun's arrows and he falls on the ground with
Arjun's arrows covering his body. Drona is made the new Commander-in-Chief of the Kaurav army, and Karna becomes a
warior in the war.
Episode 80: The Kaurav warriors sit in council and decide to have Drona capture Yudhisthir alive. Duryodhan says, "I will end
the war as soon as Yudhisthir is in our hands." Drona agrees to the plan after Duryodhan promises that Yudhisthir would not
be sentenced to death after he is captured.
Episode 81: Drona decides to arrange his forces in a "Chakra-Vyuha" (Lotus formation), which is a battle arrangement that
only Arjun can penetrate and emerge from. The Trigartha Chief Susarama is asked to assist the Kauravas in their plan to
capture Yudhistir by luring Arjun so far away from the battlefield that it will be impossible for him to return before sunset.
Episode 82: Yudhisthir learns about Drona's plan to arrange the Kaurav forces in the Chakra-Vyuha. Unfortunately,
Yudhisthir cannot depend on Arjun for Susarama has lured him away from the battlefield, but Arjun's son, Abhimanyu, offers
his assistance. Abhimanyu succeeds in penetrating the Chakra-Vyuha but he gets trapped inside of it and is eventually killed.
Episode 83: Arjun kills Susarma the Trigartha Chief and returns to the Pandava camp. He learns about Abhimanyu's death
and discovers that Jayadhrath was the main cause of his son's death. Arjun vows to kill Jayadhrath before sunset the next day.
Episode 84: On the battlefield Arjun tells Krishna to take his chariot to Jayadhrath. "There is a wall of Kaurav army between
you and Jayadhrath," says Krishna. "I have to break that wall to complete my oath," declares Arjun. Krishna is amused. He
remarks, "Members of the Royal House of Bharat are very impulsive. On the slightest pretext they take an oath. Bheeshma
bound himself with an oath, and now you have taken an oath."
Episode 85: Arjun vows to kill Jayadhrath before sunset to avenge the death of his son Abhimanyu. If he is unable to kill
Jayadhrath before sunset, Arjun swears he will burn himself to death. Duryodhan has hidden Jayadhrath but with Krishna's
assistance, Arjun is able to discover his whereabouts and destroys him.
Episode 86: Bheem and Hidimba's mighty son, Ghatotkach, joins the Pandvas in the battle. Duryodhan realizes that
Ghatotkach must be destroyed and encourages Karna to use his "Shakti" (divine weapon). Karna resists because he is saving
the weapon to use against Arjun, but Duryodhan persuades him. Karna destroys Ghatotkach with his "Shakti".
Episode 87: Drona spreads fear and destruction in the Pandava army. He seems invincible but Krishna tells Yudhisthir and
Arjun that Drona can be defeated. "If he were to hear that his son, Ashwathama is dead, he would lose interest in life and throw
down his weapons", says Krishna. Yudhisthir consults Bheem who kills a huge elephant that was also named Ashwathama.
Bheem roars, "I've killed Ashwathama". Drona hears his word and shouts back, "I will not take your word for it, let Yudhisthir
say so." Yudhisthir repeats, "Ashwathama is dead" and then he mutters to himselkf, "Ashwathama, the elephant". Upon
hearing Yudhishthir, Drona lays down his weapons and is killed.
Episdio 87 morte de Acarya Drona Krishna (20:50): The protection of Truth can never be Evil. Dhritarashtra (25:31):
Yudhisthir told a lie to win the war? Drona (27:48): Yudhisthir would not tell a lie. Bhisma (41:55): [Dharmraj] Yudhisthir!
You told a lie?
Krishna (43:11): For Sage Drona, Dhritarashtras debt was greater than Truth (O dbito de Drona com Dhritarashtra era
maior do que a verdade.)
Episode 88: On the battlefield, Dushashan attacks Bheem with his arrows. Bheem remembers what Dushashan had done to
Draupadi and the anger blazes within him. Bheem jumps from his chariot and attacks Dushashan. Bheem fulfills the oath he
had made thirteen years ago and kills Dushashan. Gandhari loses another one of her sons.
Episode 89: As the sun rises in the sky the battle between Karna and Arjun begins. Karna sends a dazzling arrow, which spits
fire towards Arjun. Krishna presses Arjun's chariot five fingers deep in the mud at the last minute, so that the shaft misses
Arjun's head and only strikes his crown. Arjun burns with anger, fixes an arrow on his bow and kills Karna.
Episode 90: Kunti visits the battlefield in the middle of the night to grieve over the dead body of her son Karna. Yudhisthir finds
her and learns that Karna was his brother. "Had I known, I wouldn't have fought this war," says Yudhishthir. Arjun does also
feel guilty about killing Karna but Krishna consoles him and convinces him that it was his "Dharma" (duty). The Pandavas plan
to perform the last rites of Karna, but Duryodhan claims the body and lights Karna's pyre by himself.
Episode 91: The battle between Bheem and Duryodhan begins. The wariors appear equal in strength and skill, but Krishna
informs Bheem that Duryodhan could be defeated if he smashes Duryodhan's thights. Bheem leaps like a lioin and breaks
Duryodhan's thighs with his mace and defeats him.
Episode 92: Duryodhan commands Ashwathama, the new commander-in-chief, to kill the Pandavas. Ashwathama,
Kripacharya and Krit Verma arrive at the Pandava camp in the middle of the night as Dhristdyumna and Draupadi's five sons
are sleeping. They kill all the sleeping warriors and set fir to the camp. Believing that they have killed the Pandavas, they return
to Duryodhan and discover that he has died. They light Duryodhan's pyre, and go to save Vyas's Ashram. The Pandavas find
Ashwathama with Sage Vyas and take their revenge.
Episode 93: The Kurukshetra war has ended. The Pandavas visit Dhritrashtra who coldly embraces Yudhishthir.
Dhritarashtra then moves forward to embrace Bheem, but Krishna tells Bheem to put an iron statue in his place. Dhritarshtra
hugs the iron statute and crushes it to pieces. Dhritrashtra repents, but Krishna tells him, "You have not killed Bheem, you
have only crushed an iron statute". Dhritarshtra recomposes himself and blesses the Pandava princes.
Episode 94: After the mourning period is over, Krishna leads Yudhishthir to the throne. Yudhishthir crowns Bheem the Yuvraj
and appoints Vidur as the Prime Minister of Hastinapur. Arjun is made the commander of the army, Nakul is made Arjun's
assistant and Sahadev is made the personal protector of the King. After the affairs of the state are in order, Krishna takes the
Pandava brothers to Bheeshma. Bheeshma gives them a discourse on Dharma and his soul leaves for the Heavens.

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