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India without Barriers" ITTA Convention 5 August

4 August 2010- New Delhi:NKsagar-Sagar Media :-

Notwithstanding the magnificence,glory uniqueness and the wonder that India is,t
he flow of tourism to the country is getting hampered by man made problems.. Ind
ian Tourist Transporters Association (ITTA), is one of the apex association repr
esenting tourist transport service providers involved to promote tourism in Indi
a,to hold its annual ITTA convention on August 5, 2010 at Hotel Ashok, Chanakyap
uri, New Delhi.The theme for the third conventions is India without Barriers: A
New Beginning to take up issue on abolition of multiple octori taxes road, toll
and passenger tax on tourist vehicles to be main agenda of the discussion at the
convention. .
India suffers from an image problem,where foreigners complain of the dirt in pub
lic places,poor maintenance of public utilities,and travel which becomes a les p
leasurable activity because of barriers involved in movement from one state to t
he other.
A traveler in Europe often does not even come to know when he has moved from one
country to another,so seamless are the borders
in the European Union.
"Foreigners are often puzzled as to whether India is one country,or is many nati
ons.While some of these problems are inherent in a country of continental sized
dimensions,for the geography,climate and food habits are so very different,but o
thers are issues like multiple tax barriers which become all so apparent while m
oving over from one state to another." says Mr Sarabji Singh,president of ITTA,
the apex body of tourist transport service providers."Imagine the image that a t
ourist forms when he sees bribes being given and taken at the interstate barrier
s,Mr Sarabjir Singh says.
Notwithstanding the magnificence,glory uniqueness and the wonder that India is,t
he flow of tourism to the country is getting hampered by man made problems,some
of which are administrative in nature and others entailing interstate resolution
s.Hence Convention to discuss on issues pertaining to traffic police and need of
fitness certificate for brand new commercial cars and MCD (Municipal Corporatio
n of Delhi) parking tax on tourist vehicles.
The association is expecting Rahul Gandhi, at Convention and other eminent perso
nality, a keynote speaker. Kumari Selja, Union Minister for Tourism to inaugurat
ing the convention. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister, Delhi along with state minis
ters and officials from tourism, transport department, tourist transport service
providers to attend convention. ITTA will also bring out 'ITTA Convention Manua
l' at the convention.
The Conference is to organising four business sessions during the one-day conven
tion. The first session titled- 'Is your business profitable? Find Out' will hav
e presentations made by their knowledge partner Mr Bharat Chadha, Financial and
banking professional on business viability 0and ICICI Lombard on insurance issue
The second session titled-'The Way Forward' will have Sheila Dikshit, Chief Mini
ster, Delhi, A K Walia, Finance Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi; Arvinder S
ingh Lovely, Transport Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi; Sarab Jit Singh, Pr
esident, ITTA, Rajesh Loomba, Chairman, Convention Committee, ITTA; Sanjay Kotha
ri, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and RK Verma,
Secretary cum Commissioner - Transport, Government of New Delhi as speakers.
The third session titled-Seamless Travel - Removing the bottlenecks' will have D
evesh Chaturvedi, Additional Director General, Ministry of Tourism, Government o
f India and Anand Prakash, Director, Ministry of Surface Road Transport as speak
The fourth session titled- 'Strengthening the Partnership' will be an interactiv
e session during the convention. Referring to the association's other plans; Sin
gh informed that ITTA is planning to provide feeder bus services at metro statio
ns in New Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) to offer better travel conveni
ence for metro passengers. However, planning of the same is under process and th
e association is intending to send a proposal immediately to Delhi Metro Rail Co
rporation (DMRC) for this purpose.
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