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Business Name Contact Business Type Phone Number Email Address Website
Urban Essentials Abby Foote Artisan Soap, Candles and Bath 0220437211 or 06 2110209 abby@urbanessentials.co.nz
NDR Immigration Services Natasha Dubauskas- Immigration Services 027 204 3839 or 06 876 3561 natasha@ndrservices.co.nz www.ndrservices.co.nz
NDR Consulatancy Services Natasha Dubauskas- Business Consulting 027 204 3839 or 06 876 3561 natasha@ndrservices.co.nz www.ndrconsultancy.com
Helen Liddle Caregiving service 068749023 Liddle@xtra.co.nz
ReclaimU Rochell Sudfelt Professional organising 0226577362 rochelle.reclaimyou@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/ReclaimU/
Harrison Transport Marg and Jeremy Transport company Jeremy for transport on 021 364
Harrison 744 or Marg for firewood 021 774
Hawkes Ridge Wine Julie Haynes Winery 0272222747 Www.hawkesridge.co.nz
Jonathan Stockley Health and Safety Consulting 06 874 9612 or 0272 411144 jonathan.kereru425@xtra.co.nz.
Smite Web Design Scott Saurin Freelance web design company 022 4080412 scott@smite.co.nz www.smitewebdesign.co.nz.
Jones Business Solutions Leaine Jones-Jbsl Bookkeeping specialising in cloud leaine@jbsl.co.nz
devices. www.jbsl.co.nz
Gumboots-- Maraekakaho Early Tessa McCallum Early childhood centre 874-9010 www.gumboots.org.nz
Childhood Centre
Vicki Anderson Designer/ Printer including large format vikanderson73@gmail.com
digital printing and signage. 027 4835254
Gem Dingo Grant Mills Dingo operator 8749490 or 0272925280
Flynn Building Brent Flynn Building info@flynnbuilding.co.nz
P 06 8749 406 / C 027 361 9666 www.flynnbuilding.co.nz
AECS Ltd Herbert Leijen Automotive electronics training and 06 8749077
equipment www.aecs.net.
Meads Earthworks Ltd Jonny Meads Earthworks 021 500 883 jonnymeads@xtra.co.nz
Fernhill Service Centre Ltd Karen and Tony Garage 8797790 fernhillservicecentre@vodafone.co.nz
Super Events Elisha Milmine Premium Event Management 021 526 069 elisha@superevents.co.nz https://www.superevents.co.nz
Liberty Training Kara Duncan-Hewitt Training to help address family
violence in communities www.libertytrainingnz.com
Peachy Computers Scott Groombridge Computer specialists http://www.peachycomputers.co.nz
Creations Landscaping and Nita Gaylord Landscaping
Maintenance Company
Nita Gaylord Cleaning
Service IQ Petrina Sculpher NZs Industry Training Organisation 027 2417972 petrina.sculpher@serviceiq.org.nz www.serviceiq.org.nz
GodsOwn Brewery Rachel Downes Local Brewery 0279311042 www.godsownbrewery.co.nz
Pine Hill Poultry Belinda Smith Poultry and egg sales 068749008 https://www.facebook.com/PineHillPoultry/
Integrow Ltd Phil Bird Exporting company 021611884
Jane Redward Photography Jane Redward Photographer 874- 9717 jane.redward@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Jane-Redward-Photography-360524507370503/?hc_location=ufi

Heart Ethical Margot Bawden Screen Printed Linens www.heartethical.co.nz http://www.instagram.com/heartethical http://www.facebook.com/heartethical

Vine Nursery NZ Ltd Geoff Smith Vine nursery 0279402115 waikahu@xtra.co.nz

Speedy Signs Hastings Alex Smith Sign writers 211244185 hastings@speedysigns.co.nz www.speedysigns.co.nz/hastings
Toni Pailthorpe Travel Broker Toni Pailthorpe Travel Broker 273835953 toni.pailthorpe@youtravel.co.nz
Stonecroft Andria Monin Winery 68799610 wine@stonecroft.co.nz www.stonecroft.co.nz
The Chook and Filly, caf and car Mark and Karen Lewis Independent Country Pub 06 874 9499 or 027 4 254 730 chookandfilly@xtra.co.nz www.thechookandfilly.co.nz
Floral Designer Mairi Fitzsimons Florist 021 509957 mairifitz@clear.net.nz
Brimar Bookbinding Brian Fitzsimons Bookbinder 0276002588 bri-mar@clear.net.nz
Aorangi Ark Poultry Fay McCosker Poultry and egg sales 021869965
Elm Cottage Beauty Therapy Anna Williams Beauty therapy 0273048817
Dressage/ Riding Instruction Anna Williams Riding lessons 0273048817
Name Details Age Car-- Yes/ No Details
Annabelle Linnell 02102951031 15 No Lives locally in MKK. Available Fri-Sun
Liv Angland 0279448827 17 Yes Has been babysitting since she was 14 and is experienced with all ages.

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