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Memorial Calendar of Events 2017

Monthly Meetings Weekly Meetings
Mens Department - 10:00am, 2nd Saturday Young Adult Choir-7pm, Monday
nd 3-6 National Spring Call Meeting, Memphis, TN
YWCC 10:00am, 2 Saturday Bible Study 7:00pm, Tuesday
Usher Board 10:00am, 2 Saturday

Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm
College Bible Study 7:30pm, Tuesday

Sunday School Coffee& Conversation-9:30am, 2nd Sunday Adult Choir Rehearsal 7:30pm, Wednesday

Mothers Board Meeting -10:45am, 2nd Sunday Weekly Prayer Meeting -- 7:00pm, Thursday
Deacon Board 9:00am, 3 Saturday Saturday Academy, 8:30am, (Jan. - Mar.)

Dance Ministry 10:00am, 3rd Saturday Youth Choir 10am, 2nd & 4th Saturday
CWC 10:00am, 4 Saturday

Join us as we pray through 2017: Prayer Times: Mon. 7pm; Tues.-Sat. 12noon; Thurs. 7pm.

Mon. Sat. Morning Glory Prayer Line: (712) 432-0180 access code: 925443#

2-3 Church Revival, 7pm 7-8 SE Region Youth Explosion, Myrtle Beach, SC
14 -Jurisdictional AIM Rally, Washington, NC, 12noon 9 Saturday Academy Quiz Bowl, 2:30pm
-W- S District Leadership Meeting, 10am 13 Host Community Holy Week Service, 7pm
16-19 National Leadership Conference, Little Rock, AK 14 Church to New Zion Church-Good Friday Service,
28 W-S District Womens Fellowship Breakfast, 7pm
9:30am, Nu-Life COGIC 15 -Jurisdictional AIM Rally #2, 12 noon, Troy, NC
29 5th Sunday Union, 4pm. Triad Ministry, Kernersville -Easter Egg Hunt, 10am, Fellowship Hall
22 Spring Bazaar (sponsor - Marriage Ministry)
23 - Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am
February - College Sunday, 11am
5 Super Bowl Party, 6pm. Fellowship Hall 24-28 96th Greater NC Ministers & Workers Conference,
12 -Valentine Married Couples Dinner, after service State Temple, Wendell, NC
-Young Adult Choir Music Fest, 5pm 30 5th Sunday Union, 4pm, Providence COGIC
15 Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm
18 The Gathering-Womens Dept. Meeting, 10am
26 Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am May
3-5 National Mens Conference, Philadelphia, PA
8-11 National Shepherds Conference & Elders
March Academy, Las Vegas, NV
2 Wells Church Business Meeting, 7pm 10 Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm
3 Annual Wild Game Dinner, 6pm, Fellowship Hall 13 Spring Fashion Show, 12noon (sponsor- Pantry
(sponsor- Mens Department) Ministry)
8 Church to Genesis Church-Lent Wed. Service, 7pm 14 Mothers Day Breakfast, 8:30am, Fellowship Hall
9 Wells College Ministry Concert, 7pm (sponsor - Mens Department)
13-16 Winston Salem District Meeting, 7pm 17-19 15th Mission to Men Conference, Smith Temple,
18 Greater NC Jurisdictional Call Meeting, 9am, State Washington, NC
Temple, Wendell, NC. (National Assessments due) 20 The Gathering-Womens Dept. Meeting, 10am
21 Tom Thumb Wedding (sponsor - Mothers Board)
24-25 W-S District Consecration Union, 7pm
April 29-June 5 67th International Womens Convention &
1 Jurisdictional Womens Dept. Spring Clean-up,
Crusade, Orlando, FL
10am, State Temple, Wendell, NC
20-22 29th Jurisdictional Womens Convention, State
Temple, Wendell, NC

1 Wells Church Business Meeting, 7pm
4 Church to St. Mark UHC, 4pm 11 Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm
7 Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm 14 Wells Community Outreach Day, Church Grounds
9 W-S District Jam Session (Location/Time TBA) 9am 1pm
10 Wells Memorial Annual Prayer Session & 15 Church to Nu-Life COGIC, 4pm
Breakfast, 8:30am, Fellowship Hall 21 -Jurisdictional Call Meeting, 9am, State Temple,
11 Church to Providence COGIC, High Point Wendell, NC. (Female credential holders
12 Wells Summer Camp begins assessment due)
16 Jurisdictional Building Fund Rally, 7:30pm, State -The Gathering-Womens Dept. Meeting, 10am
Temple, Wendell, NC 22 -Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am
17 The Gathering-Womens Dept. Meeting, 12noon -College Sunday
20-23 Jurisdictional AIM Conference, State Temple, -Christian Womens Council Celebration, 4pm
Wendell, NC 25-26 W-S District Consecration Union, 7pm (Location
25 Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am TBA)
26-29 Wells Vacation Bible School, 6:30pm 29 Church to Triad Ministries, Kernersville, NC, 4pm
31 Wells Memorial Hallelujah Party, 7pm.
3-7 National AIM Convention, Charlotte, NC
15-16 WOW (Women of Wells) Weekend
22 Jurisdictional Academy Graduation, 1pm., State
Temple, Wendell, NC 7-13 110th International Holy Convocation, St. Louis, MO
24-28 96th Jurisdictional Holy Convocation, State Temple, 19 Church to True Way Holiness COGIC, Windsor, NC
Wendell, NC 22 Wells Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner Community
30 5th Sunday Union, 4pm, Shiloh Holiness COGIC Outreach

August December
9 Missionary Dept. Meeting, 6:30pm 2 Jurisdictional Fellowship Service & Luncheon, 9am,
11-13 Mens Weekend State Temple, Wendell, NC
12 State Missionary Circle Meeting, 9:30am, Nu-Life 8 W-S District Christmas Fellowship, 7pm, Wells
20 Church to Faith Temple, 4pm, Hamlet, NC Memorial
24 Summer Camp ends 12 Wells Memorial Christmas Fellowship, 6:30pm
27 - Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am 16 The Gathering-Womens Dept. Meeting, 12noon
-Cap & Gown Back-to-School Sunday, 11am 17 Wells Annual Christmas Program, 5pm (sponsor-
Music Dept.)
24 Serve at Urban Ministry, 6am
September 31 New Years Eve Service, 10pm
2 BPWF Mentoring Class, 10am
7 Wells Church Business Meeting, 7pm Legend
10-15 Wells Memorial Prayer Clinic 2017 Winston District Events
11-12 C.O.G.I.C. Special Founders Day Celebration, Jurisdictional/State Events
Memphis, TN C.O.G.I.C. National Events
18-21 National Bishop Conference, Location: TBA Dates added to calendar