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Shuttle Tanker Sao Sebasto

Date of Arrival April14th 2017

Type of Operation Mooring Offloading 008
First Contact 05:45 am
At 10NM 05:45 am stand by due to shut
down in the MV27
At 08NM 01:00 am April 16th
At 06NM 02:30 am
At 04 NM 04:00 am
At 03 NM 04:15 am
At 02NM 04:38 am
At 01NM 04:55 am
First Checklist Completed
Commence of DP Tests
Completed DP Tests
At 500M 06:05 am
At 300m
Second Checklist Completed
Shooting Position 06:30 am
Mooring Commenced 06:35 am
Mooring Finished 07:35 am
Hose Connection Commenced 08:10 am
Hose Connection Completed 08:45 am
Commenced Pressure Tests 10:00 am
Completed Pressure Tests
Commenced Transfer Fluid
10:06 am
Commenced Offloading
Offload Completed
Started Hose Disconnection
Completed Hose
Commence Unmooring
Complete Unmooring
500m Away