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By June 2018 the number of identified incident referrals for low SES students will decrease incident by 5%
Goal: (from 665 referrals to 630 referrals).
Target Group: All School and Staff
Data to Identify Students Incident reports from school data tools

ASCA Process Data

Domain and (Projected Outcome Data
Mindsets & number of Perception Data (Achievement, attendance
Behaviors Curriculum and Projected students (Type of surveys/ and/or behavior data to be Contact
Activities Standard(s) Materials Start/End affected) assessments to be used) collected) Person
Professional I.A.3, ARC Program, 9/2017- 39 Staff Questionnaires Incident report data Ali Keefe
Development on I.A.6, Paper Tigers On going 534 Students Pre-Post ASK Surveys
Trauma Informed II.C.5, documentary,
Schools III.A.5, Collaborative
IV.B.1d problem solving
Book Club I.A.3, 10 Copies of Lost 10/2017- 20 Staff Pre-Post ASK Surveys Incident report data Ali Keefe
I.A.6, at School by 12/2017 320 Students Interviews
II.C.5, Greene
III.A.5, 10 Copies of 2/2018-
IV.B.1d Positive Discipline 4/2018
by Nelsen and
Guidance Curriculum PS:A1.8, Kelsos Choice 9/2017- 534 Students Interviews Incident report data Ali Keefe
PS:A2.2, Curriculum: 6/2017 Healthy Youth Survey
PS:A2.6 Conflict Student Pre-Post
PS:B1.6 Management kit Survey
PS:C1.7 Teacher Pre-Post