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Resource 3: Who Lives Here?

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Available from the SEN and Inclusion PMLD Sensory curriculum at www.nicurriculum.org.uk

Who Lives Here?

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Slide 1
Image: Australian outback (include a bright sun)
Text: We have arrived in the outback of Australia! There is a bright, warm sun. What will we
Action: Place a warm heat bag into each learners hand. Give them some sun cream to smell
and rub into their arms and legs.
Ask the learners what they can see.
Put a hand above your eyes as if to shade them from the sun. Assist the learners to do
the same. Peer round looking for sights. Encourage the learners to do the same.

Slide 2
Image: Aborigine playing a didgeridoo
Text: We are looking at an Aborigine playing a didgeridoo.
Action: Pass a didgeridoo around the learners, encouraging them to explore it or attempt to
play it. Listen to the sound of the didgeridoo, which is available online.

Slide 3
Image: A kangaroo
Text: Way down under we can see a kangaroo hop.
Action: Let the learners explore a replica kangaroo and materials which represent a
kangaroo, such as fur. Pat firmly on the soles of the learners feet or imitate hopping

Slide 4
Image: A dingo
Text: We may meet a dingo running along the hill tops.
Action: Run your fingertips up and down the learners arms, legs and body.

Slide 5
Image: A koala
Text: Oh look whats that? A koala eating eucalyptus leaves.
Action: Gently tap the learners cheeks and lips. Let them smell/taste eucalyptus.

24 Australia Here We Come!

Resource 3: Who Lives Here? (Whiteboard Slides) (2 of 2)

Slide 6
Image: A kookaburra
Text: The kookaburra flies up high in the trees.
Action: Lift the learners arms out to the side and encourage them to move them up and down
like wings.

Slide 7
Image: An ostrich
Text: The proud ostrich stands up really tall.
Action: Gently pat the learners head.

Slide 8
Image: A crocodile
Text: Crocodiles slither along the ground and are very snappy.
Action: Gently slither and use a biting action along the learners arms and legs.

Slide 9
Image: A snake
Text: Snakes hiss and they slither along the ground.
Action: Move your hands over the learners arms and legs in a slithering motion.

Slide 10
Image: A boomerang
Text: When we throw a boomerang it should come back to us.
Action: Encourage the learners to explore and feel a boomerang and, if possible, throw it and
then return it to them. Sing a goodbye song (see Resource 6: Goodbye Song).

Final Action: Encourage learners to wave goodbye.

Australia Here We Come! 25