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Session 3

Lesson 4: Restoring My Identity


• “Men are looking for methods. God is looking for men.”
-- E.M.Bounds

Key Terms

• Prayer, worship, fellowship
• “Man of God” vs. “Minister for God”
• “What are you reading?”

Lecture Objectives

• Identify and describe sources of a Biblical understanding of calling and identity
• Describe the difference between personal identity and programs noting especially the importance of
this difference

To Think About Before You Go On

• What are some things that you have been doing to keep your sense of identity in Christ clear?
• How has your sense of identity impacted (strengthened or weakened) the ministry to which you have
been called?

____________________________ 2. History of the Reformation. Packer _____________________________ 1. Lindsay _____________________________ 4._________________________ 3.____________________________ 2.6. Boice 1._________________________ 2. Institutes. Treatise on Religious Affections. John Owen Works (Vols.7).____________________________ 6. Sproul 7. Bondage of the Will. Mere Christianity. page 2 . Bunyan _____________________________ 3. Armerding 2. Bonhoeffer 6. Romans (10 vols. Goold 10. Pilgrim’s Progress. Warfield 2. Luther Youth Ministry Lesson 4. Calvin 9. A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion. Packer 5. Pilgrim’s Progress. Knowing Scripture. Barnhouse _____________________________ 4.Youth Ministry - Thoughts from Jonathan Edwards. The Bible 3.____________________________ J. Baxter _____________________________ 5. Buswell 5._________________________ 4. Knowing God. Reformed Pastor._________________________ Personal Reading Survey from Disciplines of a Godly Man. Navy in World War Two.____________________________ 1. History of the U._________________________ 2. Augustine _______________________ ______ 3.___________________________ 4. Jonathan Edwards _____________________________ 5._________________________ 5. .____________________________ Charles Colson _____________________________ 1. Religious Affections Interactive question Shaping Your Life… 5 Favorite Books: 1.____________________________ 4. The Cost of Discipleship.). Calvin’s Institutes _____________________________ 2.____________________________ 5. Knowing God. Bunyan 8.I. by Kent Hughes 5 Most Influential People: 1._________________________ 4. Inspirational and Authority of the Bible. Basic Christianity. Calvin’s Institutes 4. Lewis 5. Packer _____________________________ 7. Confessions._________________________ Hudson T._________________________ 1. 3. Stott 3.S. Morison 10 Most Life-Changing Events: James M.____________________________ 3._________________________ 3.

Sproul 1. • Monthly • Yearly • Meditation on God’s word Beyond Identity: By Dick • Growth in prayer Keyes. William Simon 6. Barth 2.” • Frequent dialogue and prayer with other believers • Reading for Transformation Becoming a Man of God Rather than a Minister for God. Institutes. This book offers a • Daily rich reflective approach to seeing the faithfulness of God • Weekly in new and fresh ways.” Youth ministry is often led with hype. This substance is not just what we teach them on Sunday mornings. Descent of the Dove.” Youth Ministry Lesson 4.Youth Ministry - Eugene Peterson 1. Moby Dick. “Focus on being a person of God before doing the work of God. Luther 3. Bounds said. Charles Williams 4. it’s what we live before them everyday of our lives. A Time for Truth. When speaking of those in ministry. James Collins 5. George Herbert R. Too often our focus in ministry is on technique. Country Parson and the Temple. page 3 . God is looking for men. Epistle to the Romans. rather than personal growth. How do I reconnect? Growing in my love for Jesus as I seek to understand His love for me. The Idiot. E. and uncontrolled energy. great personalities. Freedom of the Will. “Men are looking for [better] methods. by • Time alone with the Lord Ken Gire. Calvin 4. Melville 5.C. Identity Resources: Windows of the Soul. Ben Hogan Restoring My Identity Restoring my identity is a life long process of daily reconnecting to Christ. Though many students may attend. Bondage of the Will. we must always look for substance in what we are claiming to give them. Johnathan Edwards 2. God and Modern Philosophy. As Doug Fields says. Fyodor Dostoyevski 3. Power Golf. . “Finding your way in the image and character • Engaging in worship of God.M.

Youth Ministry - • A love for Jesus is caught not taught • You are the Message: Ethos Join the • People will follow you. page 4 .edu) and let Irrefutable Laws of Leadership) us know: What are some books that you have found most helpful in your ministry? What are the books that have been most helpful in keeping a focus on your identity? • Go back and rethink the ‘To think about before you go on’ questions on the first page of this lecture.coven leaders who promote worthwhile causes.” John Maxwell (The 21 antseminary. They follow worthy (http://www.portal. Youth Ministry Lesson 4. not your program discussion: • Visit iCourse “People don’t at first follow worthy causes. .