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Regular DFS operation cycle

Regular DFS operation cycle starts after

initial medium scan and link establishment.
The unit monitors SNR on the occupied
channel, once it drops below a certain
threshold (or a radar is detected) a re-scan
process is initiated.

However, initial and sequential medium

scans require link interruption as radio
modules can either transmit/receive data or
perform the medium scan. Link downtime
during the re-scan process depends upon
the number of channels available for this link.
Standard scan time is 3 seconds per
channel, thus for a system with 10 channels
configured each medium re-scan would take
about 30 seconds.

This leads to a simple conclusion: the main drawback for any DFS-enabled system is directly related to its purpose
while improving general link performance by adding channel selection flexibility DFS also causes unpredictable
link outages. These outages reduce link reliability, might cause data loss, void SLA agreements and ultimately turn
customers away. However there is a way to keep all advantages that DFS provides without any sacrifice.

Instant DFS operation cycle

InfiNet Wireless presents Instant DFS

(Instant Dynamic Frequency Selection)
system the next step in the development of
the industry-standard DFS systems. Unlike
standard DFS systems Instant DFS enables
units to switch occupied channels without
interrupting the traffic flow. The key
difference is active frequency scan being
independent from link operation Constant
active RF-medium scans allow easy instant
channel swap in case of interferences or
radar signal detection. Seamless frequency
changes mean no link downtime as the
changeover takes fractions of a second, and
the traffic flow remains unaffected.
How does this work?
Each Instant DFS-enabled unit employs a
special RF-monitoring subsystem designed
to run active RF-medium scans while
keeping the data link intact. Similar to regular
DFS systems, active channel swap occurs
whenever the SNR for the active channel
drops below a preset threshold or a radar
signal pattern is detected on the channel. As
required by the regulations channels affected
by radar operation are marked as
unavailable for 30 minutes.

Instant DFS operation can be verified by

means of the built-in web-interface. Channel
selection algorithm is fully automated
however current state is displayed in detail
for each channel. Aside from occupied
channel indication, Instant DFS stats include
information on blocked channels and their
remaining on-hold time, current noise levels
for all available channels and
misconfiguration warnings. The interface
allows forced channel switchover and
remove limitations for blocked channels.

Spectrum analyzer section provides essential

information on the current medium state in
an easy graphical form. Unlike units with
standard DFS Instant DFS-enabled units can
run these tests at the same time with regular
data transmission sessions keeping the test
results relevant. These results can then be
used as a reference for general RF-medium
conditions estimation. As with regular
Spectrum Analyzer test different colors in the
graph represent different interference levels.

InfiNet Wireless' Instant DFS brings the following advantages to wireless networking:
Mandatory DFS bands Zero downtime channel change upon radar detection due to Off-channel CAC support;
All License-Exempt Bands Dynamic interference mitigation by means of an instant channel swap whenever
current operating frequency gets congested;
All frequency bands Spectrum analysis results available at all times without the need to interrupt regular traffic
flow to run a spectrum test.
About InfiNet Wireless
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