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Methods and approaches


I. Proposal:
- How to motivate students to participate actively in speaking classes using realia in
role plays?
II. Problem:
- Students participation in speaking classes are not active or enthusiastic in role
III. Objective:
- Use real objects into the classroom is to make the learning experience more
memorable for the learner
IV. Role of the learning in the method
- In vocabulary (it can be much more affective for students if they can touch,
smell and see the objects at the same time as hearing the new word)
- In functional language (example asking for the time table of a bus, it this way
you expose students to more language than simply the times and destinations.
They will see information about prices, discounts, bank holidays etc.)
V. Role of the teacher

VI. Role of the student

- Adult students: Using realia and other visual aids will generate interest and
help create an atmosphere conducive to learning
- Young learners: Young children are at the perfect age to learn a language and
as visual learners
VII. Role of the materials
- Realia Stimulates The Mind
- Is one way of encouraging creativity
- Realia saves time
- Elicitation Becomes Much Easier

Collect brochures of places of interest (in English if possible but not vital) and ask
students to use them to plan a trip for a group of students who are coming to their
town for a week. They can plan the itinerary, work out the budget etc,
VIII. How to evaluate
We could evaluate the next example
Tourist information
Teacher gathers some city/town maps from the tourist information bureau wherever
you are. Use them to create role plays that could happen with English speaking visitors
to our town or city.
a) Teacher gives students a scenario for them to build a role play out of. If you had
trouble finding his/her way around the town/ city when they arrived use your own
experiences to create situations.

IX. Focus of the method

In the TEFL classroom, the word realia means using real items found in everyday life as
an aid to teaching English. Using realia helps to make English lessons memorable by
creating a link between the objects and the word or phrase they represent.


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