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Support material / Material de apoyo

Learning activity 1 / Actividad de aprendizaje 1

Presentation / Presentacin

A. Personal information / Informacin personal

To ask for and give personal information, you should take into account: / Para
preguntar y dar informacin personal, usted debe tener en cuenta:
1. Greetings. / Saludos.
2. The place of origin. / Lugar de origen.
3. Age. / Edad.
4. The use of verb be. / El uso del verbo ser estar.
5. Vocabulary related to the context. / Vocabulario acorde al contexto.

Remember the following questions and answers: / Recuerde las siguientes

preguntas y respuestas:
a. Whats your name? My name is __jhonatan______.
b. How old are you? I am __33______ years old.
c. Where are you from? I am from __bucaramanga santander________
B. There is there are

There is / there are is a grammatical structure used to express that someone or

something exists. / Esta estructura se utiliza para expresar la existencia de
alguien o algo.

There is indicates the existence of someone or something in singular form; it

refers to only one person or object. / There is indica la existencia de algo o
alguien en singular, es decir de un solo objeto o persona.

There are indicates the existence of someone or something in plural form. It

refers to two or more people or objects. / There are indica la existencia de
alguien o algo en plural, es decir dos o ms objetos o personas.
Practice / Prctica

Do the excercises and then compare them to the suggested answers sheet. /
Desarrolle los ejercicios y luego comprelos con la hoja de respuestas
A. Write the nationality for each country. / Escriba la nacionalidad para cada
Example / Ejemplo:
Canada - Canadian

1. Australia Austrian

2. Chile Chilean

3. Colombia Colombian

4. Costa Rica Costa rican

5. Cuba Cuban

6. Egypt Egyptian

7. England English

8. France French

9. Germany German

10. Italy Italian

11. Japan Japanese

12. Mexico Mexican

13. Nigeria Nigerian

14. Peru Peruvian

15. Spain Spanish

16. Venezuela Venezuelan

B. Write the numbers as words. / Escriba los nmeros en letras.

Example / Ejemplo:
35 Thirty-five

1. 5 five

2. 24 Twenty Four

3. 17 Seventeen

4. 75 Seventy five

5. 20 twenty

6. 9 Nine

7. 84 Eighty Eight

8. 28 twenty Eight

9. 66 sixty six

10. 92 ninety two

11. 19 nine teen

12. 100 one hundred

13. 88 eighty eight

14. 109 one hundred nine

15. 52 fifty two

16. 6 six

C. Verb to be / Verbo ser-estar

Complete the chart with am, is or are. / Complete la tabla con am, is o are.
Example / Ejemplo:

I am a student.
1. They are in the park.

2. We are doctors.

3. It are a beautiful house.

4. She is a model

5. Carlos is my husband.

6. He are in Medellin.

7. Lorena and I are in the cafeteria.

8. The cat are on the sofa.

9. Flowers are very expensive.

10. The computer are in the living room.

11. You is an excellent musician.

12. Martha are on the phone.

13. What is your name?

14. Where are you from?

15. Where are the eraser?

D. Look at the images and write there is or there are to complete the
sentences. / Mire las imgenes y escriba there is o there are para
completar las oraciones.

there is_____________ three

1 apples on the table.
2 _there
is__________________ a
pencil on the floor.

two cars in the garage.

4 ____there
is_______________ five
students in the classroom.

5 ___there
is________________ a
computer on the desk.
6 ___________________ a
pencil case in my bag.

7 ___________________ two
pictures on the wall.

8 ___________________ a
clock on the wall.
9 ___________________
many books in the big library.

10 ___________________ a
magazine on the table.

Fuente de imgenes: SENA

E. Match the question with the corresponding answer. / Relacione la pregunta

con la respuesta correcta.
Example: / Ejemplo:
Good morning. How are you doing? I am doing fine, thank you.

1. Where is he from? ___ a. You too!

2. Hi, how is it going? ___ b. It is 200 years old. It is very old!

3. Who is he? ___ c. Im fine, thank you.

4. How old are you? ___ d. He is from Mexico.
5. How are you? ___ e. My name is Charlie.
6. Where is Teresa? ___ f. Rossana.
7. How old is it? ___ g. Everything is going well!
8. Have a nice day! ___ h. He is my husband.
9. What is your name? ___ i. I am 26 years old.

10. What is her name? ___ j. She is in the office today.

F. Complete the days of the week. / Complete los das de la semana.

1. M __ __ day
2. T__ e __ day

3. Wed __ __ sday
4. T__ __ rsday

5. Fr__ d __ __

6. Sa __ __ __ day

7. S__ __ da __

Production / Produccin

A. Make a business card in which you provide personal information about

yourself. / Haga una tarjeta de presentacin en la cual usted comparta su
informacin personal.

Fuente: SENA

B. Cut and paste and image of a bedroom. Use there is or there are to name
of the objects that are found in the bedroom. / Corte y pegue una imagen
de una habitacin. Use there is o there are para nombrar los objetos
encontrados en la habitacin.

Fuente: SENA

Example / Ejemplo:
In the bedroom there is a bed.
In the bedroom there are flowers.
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