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Eastern Samar

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VOLUME 4 No. 12 Borongan City, Eastern Samar 10.00 JULY 18-24, 2010

EMC admits to ex-mayor

Mateo Biong’s liquidation

The Efren Martires by the press.

Command of the New People’s The police colonel also
Army operating here in Eastern disclosed that even before
Samar has claimed responsibil- the NPA issued the statement
ity for the killing of ex-mayor which was sent to various
Mateo Biong of Giporlos. media outlets, the result of
As such, the police said their investigation already pin-
that the killing of the ex-mayor pointed the NPA as behind the
is now “solved” and all they killing based on the testimony
have to do is go after the sus- of the four witnesses before
pected perpetrators. and after Biong was gunned
Sr. Supt. Jesus Gatchal- down around 3:00 o’ clock
ian, who was tasked to lead in the afternoon of July 13 in
“Task Force Biong” said that Barangay Cotikot, Giporlos
they have already filed murder town.
charges against two known “Well”, he said, “it (NPA
members of the NPA operat- statement) made our investiga-
ing under the command at tion result credible with this
Balangiga in Eastern Samar. confirmation of the rebel group
Gatchalian is the deputy re- acknowledging the commis-
gional director for Operatons sion of the crime.”
of the PNP. Their investigation,
The suspects were iden- however, reveals that Biong
tified as Prely Capagalan alias was killed for failure to con-
“Totoy” and Pary Alas alias tinue paying revolutionary
“Poring”, both allegedly ac- taxes to the NPA as one of the
tive members othe NPA and reasons for the so-called sum- Eastern Visayas police regional director Ch. Supt. Rey L. Lañada leads the tree planting activity around the PNP regional
hitmen of its Special Partisan mary execution of the former headquarters in Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo,Leyte last July 20. He said that this is one way of showing the people the
Revolutionary Unit or SPARU, police’s concern for the preservation of the environment. By Miriam Garcia-Desacada
commonly called “sparrows” see BIONG p. 3

San Julian gears up to fight dengue

PNP recovers more cocaine from E. Samar towns
San Julian town, some formed that last week, he ini-
20 kilometers north of Bo- tially called for a meeting with PALO, LEYTE - The Cahagwayan, also of San said, received on the spot a he added.
rongan City is set to combat the barangay chairmen, 16 police in this region has re- Policarpo, surrendered three monetary reward of P4,000.00 He said that the cocaine
the mosquito which causes the of them, the barangay health covered 14 bricks of cocaine bricks aside from five kilos (equivalent to P1,000.00 per bricks are now under the cus-
dreadful Dengue. workers (BHWs), school weighing a kilo each with an which were recovered from brick) from Borongan City tody of his office for proper
A letter sent by Governor heads and the stakeholders of estimated value of P85-million the nearby towns of Salcedo Mayor Maria Fe Abunda turn over to PNP crime labora-
Conrado Nicart, Jr. to all the his town and they discussed in two separate operations at and Llorente. and additional P1,000.00 per tory and eventually to PDEA.
municipal chief executives and planned out activities the San Policarpo, Eastern Samar. Another four bricks of brick from AIDSOFT and “This time, we are now
plus the increasing Dengue disease prevention. Eastern Visayas regional cocaine were surrendered also another additional reward on a full swing operations in
cases in the province prompted The meeting thus, came police director Ch. Supt. Rey on July 19 by two brothers from his office. He said he has the purpose of recovery of
the LCEs to mobilize faster up with a Synchronized Den- L. Lañada told Eastern Samar living in Divinubo, an island pledged that those who surren- estimated 1.5 tons missing
their health personnel to com- gue Plan, where, all at the Reporter that one Gregorio barangay of Borongan City. der the drugs to the police will bricks of cocaine, part of the
bat the disease. same time, households in Gabilan, 44, of Barangay The drugs were surrendered by receive a P1,000.00 reward 2,000 kilos reportedly dumped
In an interview, Mayor Alugan, San Policarpo town Roberto and Dominador per brick from his office. The by a foreign vessel transport-
George N. Erroba this town in- see DENGUE p. 3 turned over to operatives six Azul, brothers and both of Azul brothers will also receive ing the said contraband in the
bricks of cocaine, while Wenc- legal age. 1 sack of rice per brick as
eslao del Monte of Barangay The Azul brothers, he their reward from PDEA 8, see COCAINE p. 3

Gov. Nicart orders clean up of hospitals



“Ang inyong katulong sa pag-unlad at pangangalakal” True to one of the com- He also noticed that cases reported, some are death, the provincial hospital on a
• Regular Savings
• Agricultural Loan (Farming/Livestock)
• Productive Loan:
mitments he articulated in his most of the hospital toilets it is high time that we take weekly basis.
• Coop Time Deposit
• Organizational/Club Savings
• Aquatic Production
• Business Loan (Small to Medium)

- Agricultural Produc-
tion Loan
inaugural address to primarily need repairs and bulks of the matter on cleanliness as a In Balangiga, Gov. Ni-
• Kiddy & Youth Savings • House Repair/Lot Acquisition Loan
• Medical & Educational Loans
- Non Agricultural Pro- focus on health, Eastern Samar trashes and waste materials primordial concern, other than cart likewise noted that the
• Graduation Savings duction Loan
• Savings with Assurance Plan • Instant & Emergency Loans • Business Loan Governor Conrado B. Nicart, all around had to be disposed. other administration given to Albino Duran Memorial Hos-
with Life Insurance • ELAGPE (Emergency Loan Assistance for Government • Providential Loan
• Pledge Savings and Public Employee) • Educational Loan Jr., ordered recently the total “Can you just imagine the patient in order to combat pital is not very conducive
• OSMEL (OCCCI Small Medium Enterprise Loan)
• Accept Electric Bill Payment
• PAST (Pagtinabangay Alang Sa Ting-usbawan)
• Jewelry Loan
• Emergency Loan
clean-up of all hospitals in the trashcans which were filled up the disease,” he added. for patients to stay a while,
• SCWE (Savings & Credit with Education)
• FARM (Fair Affordable & Realistic Micro Lending)
• Appliance Loan
• House Repair
province. to the brim with old-stocked He also said, that after as medical interventions are
• RFBDS (Rural Finance & Business Development Services
• LDPOFW (Livelihood Development Program for Overseas • Other Loan In his first visit to the piles of wastes had to be back- he ordered some health of- being administered to them.
Welfare Services: • Job Placement & Visa Processing
• Hospitalization
Filipino Workers)
• OWWA Eastern Samar Provincial hoed?”, Nicart said exasperat- ficials at the PHO, he expects “The rooms are not well
• Mortuary
• Dental
• ASA (Association for Social Advancement)
Hospital (ESPH) in the city ingly in an interview. a close monitoring and super- ventilated and are very hot,
• Guidance/Counsel-
ling of Borongan, the Governor The Chief Executive vision of all hospitals and a which is short to say, far for
and Consultancy
noted the urgent need for a reminded the health officials periodic reporting to him of a patient’s little comfort and
Offices: Leyte Province-12; Biliran Province-1; Southern Leyte-2; total clean-up of its toilets and and personnel that foremost their findings. immediate recovery,” Nicart
Western Samar-2; Eastern Samar-2; Bohol-1; Cebu-1; cutting off the grasses along in health care is cleanliness. He also committed to
Palawan-1; Aklan-1 the surroundings. “With the many Dengue himself to personally inspect see NICART p. 3
PAGE 2 Eastern Samar REPORTER JULY 18-24, 2010

PATHFINDER The Aquino paradigm
Days ahead of his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), But governance, somehow, requires balance of perspective
President Benigno Aquino III enjoyed an unprecedented first for a from top to bottom, so this, probably, was the reason the much-
Philippine leader, which is a high trust rating of 88%, the highest talked about in public yet much-desired in private, the PDAF
“Graceful Exit” so far, actually, among the country’s presidents.
The polling firm making the survey stressed it was done
thing, would still be very much around, despite public opinion
pointing to it as a veritable source of corruption.
before the new President’s inauguration on June 30, and this made Leave the pork alone, since it is the proven equalizer for
Buhi ka pa pala! The Pathfinder suddenly disappeared
without prior notice and reappear without a clue. Why?
us wonder that with PNoy’s popularity right after the inaugural the welfare of the constituents -- this has been the common
-09125159xxx speech, his approval rating would have gone up the roof with the cry among a highly-
Thanks. Your reaction is highly appreciated. Syempre buhi no “wang-wang” call put into action, with the President himself intellectual circle not
pa kita. You asked why The Pathfinder disappeared without prior leading by example. accustomed to crying. TALKING
notice? Of course I did. If you still remember, this was once a
regular column until in one issue I put the title “The Pathfinder
Signing In” and did my homework. After signing in and getting
If actions speak louder than words, then words turned into
concrete action now became a solid foundation for the Aquino
Well, okay, ex-
pect more of the same POINTS
things done, what shall I do next? Sign out, of course. You simply administration, in effect projecting an image that it is practicing to be happening, for By BONG PEDALINO
failed to read between the lines maybe. what it preached. now. This is one pre-
Don’t worry. Next time “The Pathfinder” fizzles out, it rrr
will be “with prior notice” and I can assure you it’s gonna be a
dictable concern not
Since day one in office, it was observed that President yet ready for a predictable solution of scrapping this item out
rrr Aquino’s warm relations with the media would extend far beyond for good – what is P 10 billion savings anyway but peanuts?
From Lady Anonymous, Borongan City the traditional 100-days honeymoon; thus far it was described Instead of scrapping outright, strict monitoring and regu-
Iwasan ang sobrang kabastusan sa text messages! Ita- as cozy, downright direct, engaging, and exciting -- save for
guyod at sumapi sa T. I. T. I.
lation on how the money was spent must be instituted -- this
T – Taong
a rub or two on the Abads in public, and the call for review on was the common alternative raised. The Auditors’ hand must
I – Intelektual the Trillanes’ case. be busy, if only to comply with the presidential line that there
T – Tutol sa But you can never miss the man being on top of the ac- will be no poor people if there are no corrupt people.
I – Imoral tion, lashing out at wrong directions as predicted for a typhoon rrr
Patigasin at palakihin ang T. I. T. I. Mahalin din natin ang
mga P.U. K. I.
path – a recurring scenario which PNoy would attempt to correct, At least the guys are honest. And what about this alter ego
P – Pambansang even if weather experts had been going out in search of good pay who has been scored for padding his score in a game of golf,
U – Unyon ng mga abroad -- and a wide-ranging attempt to solve the water crisis but now will be leading a government agency where honesty is
K – Kababaihang in the metropolis. not only the best policy but a way of life as well?
I – Inaapi
Mabuhay ang P.U.K.I. para naman maitaguyod ang pinag-
He had started a serious crackdown on tax evaders, and had We haven’t heard yet another name to take his place, for
isang L.I.B.O.G. served notice that any resumption of peace talks will be carried he has yet to prove, or given time to prove, his detractors wrong
L – Lapiang out within constitutional limits. by coming out clean in the months ahead with superb no cor-
I – Indibidwal ng rrr ruption performance.
B – Bansang Filing a case in Court versus the hard-core tax evaders in
O – Oras oras ay
Let us just wait and see.
G – Gutom!
the midst of Philippine society certainly takes time, eons of time rrr
Itaas ang mga kamay, iwagayway at sabay-sabay isigaw... even, for a decision to be handed down, while negotiating with ODDLY YOURS: Is there a word to describe a woman
T.I.T.I. at P.U.K.I magkaisa dahil sa L.I.B.O.G.! the MILF to be kept under the basic law of the land would be a who loves being pregnant? Wordsmiths found such a word,
rrr guaranteed recipe for failure. indeed, exist. The word is “bumpaholics”, obviously synony-
3 meanings of a Lady’s Skirt Slits:
Side slits means “Sit beside me.”
Yet it is an Aquino now leading the pack, and if instruc- mous with “alcoholics”. This refers to women who love being
Back slit means “Follow me” tions are to be followed to the book, somehow the chances of pregnant. Just that. In the July-August 2009 issue of Women’s
Front slit means “You are welcome” success are still great. Health, a publication in the US, this rare word was used in the
Good Morning And credit must be given to the new leader at the helm, following passage: “Having babies isn’t addictive in the way that
from Ariel, PC Village Borongan City;
who displays as much humility as firmness in dealing with alcohol and narcotics can be. But bumpaholics feel compelled
alam mo ba kung bakit ang Witch ay hindi nagpapanty? predictable problems, and looking for unpredictable solutions. to procreate for many of the same reasons that substance abusers
Yun ay para daw nakaipit ng maayos sa walis. Brace yourself for a big paradigm shift, the Aquno para- turn to booze or drugs. Infants are dependent creatures. They
digm. can give their mothers a clear identity.”
see PATHFINDER p. 3 rrr

Treasure Box Compromised public discourse?

PUBLIC discussion of issues and other topics of interest diversion from our daily burdens. No wonder they are a regular
is a vital activity in any society. That’s how society becomes a fare even in mainstream media. But then again, should we just
living society, building up its unity and sense of purpose. That’s be riveted there?
how society makes itself truly human, reflecting the character of Public debates over controversial issues are almost ex-
the persons comprising it. clusively keyed on the practical aspects. Any reference to faith,
Get your best deal It’s in this ongoing public discourse that society gets to religion and morality is taboo, considered to be not politically
know itself better and sets its path of development. correct.
“It’s not what it’s worth. It’s what they think its
worth.” A common negotiating is that there is something
Everything has to be done to make our public discourse Worse, the discussion is reduced to clever sound bites. It’s
called OBJECTIVE VALUE, what something is “really” worth. vibrant, properly engaged and focused on real and not false or de rigueur that they
In fact, value is in the eyes of the beholder, and whether artificial issues. Everything has to be done to keep it going, have to be entertain- THE
you’re buying or selling, the key to success is how well you constantly purifying it, ridding it of distorting elements. ing to be followed
influence your opponent’s perceptions.
*Don’t Reveal Your Deadline.
But what do we have? A book recently reviewed by a friend and appreciated by BYSTANDER
Don’t disclose your deadline unless it’s in your best claims that much of our public discourse in the world today is the people. For sure, By FR. ROY CIMAGALA
interest. If a time limit has been set by others , see if it stripped-down, if not compromised and even trivialized. I could with such approach, a
can be changed. If you must negotiate within a time frame, not agree more. lot of valuable things
downplay its importance. Focus on the deal itself.
*Know What You Want.
Just the other day, while stuck in traffic at a busy crossroad, get lost.
Often people make an impulse purchase because the a digital big screen at the corner flashed what were supposed to The process of dialogue and healthy exchanges of ideas
don’t stop to think whether they really need an item or be breaking news. There were 4 or 5 items that were announced. and opinions gets truncated. Public opinion remains shallow
whether they’re getting the best value. To avoid this, make I remembered or rather was stunned by 2. and fails to capture the essential points needed for society to
a list of what you need before shopping.
*Think, Then Speak.
One was on a certain Mother Lily keeping distance from grow properly.
Before you make a remark, ask what your opponent the Kris-James marital trouble. The other was on a Kim deny- There’s a tendency to resort to sensationalism, to gimmicks
wants. For the most part, the party that speaks first lacks ing she is dating with Enchong. I suppose there were people like shock and awe, using sound and fury that signify nothing.
patience. Let the other person make the first move, unless interested in those items but I asked myself whether they should There’s a lot of junk and bunk used in today’s journalism. Just
it’s to your advantage to do so. The information he gives
away allows you to better frame your counteroffer.
really be beamed at all. look at the entertainment pages.
*Know Your Market. Those were pure gossips. We just had a long brown-out in And even in the opinion pages, fallacies abound as logic
Information is the negotiator’s best asset and power- the city then, and there was no explanation as to why it happened. seems to be abandoned in many instances of media discussions.
ful too. If you are well-prepared you will never be fooled. And, of course, there were and continue to be endless screaming Traditional values are left to decay as modern, sophisticated
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents
bargaining position will make you a stronger negotiator.
issues—our world economic crisis, our political stability, etc. arguments are presented to replace core beliefs derived from
*Know When To Walk Away. And yet we prefer to talk about gossips! faith. Reasonings swing from simplisms to sophistries.
Deadlocks can normally be avoided. Negotiations of- There’s obviously a money angle to this phenomenon.
ten get stuck on a single point. When this happens, move on! Gossips hijack attention and sell like hotcakes. They can give see BYSTANDER p. 3
However deadlocks cannot be avoided. Recognizing
your options can increase your negotiating power.
*Never Look Back. LALAINE MARCOS-JIMENEA Contributors:
If the deal you have done was a good one, you might Publisher Miriam Garcia Desacada • Lance Alberto Clarito Acampado•
have done it better, but also could have done worse.
Hindsight is always 20/20. The only question you NILO BORDIOS Boyboy Evite • KC Collado • PIA – Eastern Samar • Jo Fabile•
Louie Guarin • Vic Apura • Atty. Reymund Boco Gunda • Jose
should be concerned with is, if you accomplished your Editor/Bureau Chief
Sanro Jimenea • Lirio Baldestomo
original objectives. If you think you’ve done it very well, NITA BAGAS
look forward. Never look back, life goes on. There will be Office Address:
Marketing Executive
other deals. Brgy. Balud I, Borongan, Eastern Samar
By: Leo Reilly website: www.evmailnews.com Tel. No. (055) 560-9670
JULY 18-24, 2010 Eastern Samar REPORTER PAGE 3

BIONG ... from p. 1 COCAINE ... from p. 1 BIR issues guidelines on

mayor, Gachalian added.
On the other hand, EMC spokesperson Ka Karlos Manuel
month of December 2009 en route to Hongkong and China”,
Lañada said.
senior’s discount
Tacloban City - The Bureau of Internal Revenue has issued
said they sentenced Biong to death for the victim’s alleged in- The police director added that they are now looking for Revenue Regulations No. 7-2010 which prescribed the guidelines
volvement in proliferation of illegal drugs and corruption. the remaining missing of bricks of cocaine, still voluminous, at on how storeowners apply the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of
From the same press statement, the NPA spokesperson said the province of Northern Samar where more than 20 bricks of 2010 and how senior citizens may avail of the privilege.
accused the victim as a “big drug lord” and masterminded the
the same illegal drugs were earlier recovered by government BIR Revenue Regulations No. 7-2010 which was signed on
murders of Ronnie Barsana, Remigio Quiminales, an ex-army July 21 by day by Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Bureau
soldier known only as Resureccion and others who were either al- troopers.
Record shows that for the month of June and this July, the of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares, also
legedy aware of his “illegal activities or were his rivals in crime:. imposes penalties to both traders and the senior citizens who abuse
The EMC also accused the former Giporlos mayor for PNP had already recovered 54 .5 kilos of cocaine. Philippine
the concession.
plundering “at least P50 million earmarked for five bridge proj- Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) regional director Julius
A maximum of two years imprisonment and P200,000 fine
ects, which scandalized the people but for which he was never Navales said more than 400 kilos of cocaine were recovered by will be imposed on any establishment or professional who refuses
held to account” and other alleged acts of graft and corruption. their joint operations with the PNP and the Presidential Anti- to give 20 percent discount on senior citizens’ purchases of goods
There were also allegations of abetting crimes against the Smuggling Group. and services.
environment and “overcharging” for the fiesta sound system. Lañada, on the other hand, expressed optimism that the Likewise, persons who abuse the privilege in accordance
The EMC spokesperson also dismissed the claim by the PNP is now on the right track in recovering the remaining co- with the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 will be penalized
Commission on Human Rights that Biong’s punishment was an caine, believed to be a thousand more kilos and being hidden with a fine of not more than P100,000 and prison term of not less
extrajudicial killing. “The people’s court observed due process than six months.
by some private individuals, waiting for the interest of the cops
in investigating, trying and punishing Biong in accordance with The BIR will start enforcing the law on August 5 or 15 days
the revolutionary justice system. Meanwhile, the CHR pays lip to cool down.
after the publication of the said regulations in major news papers
service to solving the real problem of more than 1,000 politi- Earlier, Lañada cried foul over accusations that some po-
as required by existing rules and regulations.
cal killings as well as the killings of media people. Thus, the licemen are in cahoots to hide the contraband for future illegal By that date, the BIR apprehending and penalizing storeown-
government’s Oplan Bantay Laya continues to menace innocent drug trade. ers who refuse to give 20 percent discount to senior citizens.
civilians and the media”, the statement added. Police intelligence reports revealed that some of the co- Based on the regulations, a first time offender (business-
On the other hand, Biong’s widow Rebecca, when texted caine which has found its way to the streets, are being sold from man or professional) is slapped with fines of up to P100,000 and
for her comment on the recent turn of events declined to com- P15,000 to P40,000 per kilo by dealers who have already joined maximum one-year imprisonment. For the second offense, the fine
ment. the lucrative business. is increased to P200,000 and imprisonment of up to two years.
Earlier, Rebecca Biong has said she is not convinced that “But I doubt because lahat na nabibili o nailalabas na Persons who abuse the privilege is penalized with a fine of
the NPA was behind the death of her husband and was eyeing cocaine ay nahuhuli rin pagdating sa Maynila o ibang region”, not more than P100,000 and jail term of not less than six months.
politics instead. If the offender is a foreigner, he shall be deported immediately
Lañada added.
Gachalian, however, reiterated that the PNP is not closing after serving the sentence without further deportation proceedings
its door to continue their investigation if other information and by the Bureau of Immigration.
evidences will come out. DENGUE ... from p. 1 If the offender is a corporation or any similar entity, the of-
Biong served as mayor of Giporlos for nine years. He ficials directly involved will be held liable. It may also result in the
ran for Congress during the May 10 elections for the lone seat each barangay will do extensive clean-up of their houses and cancellation of business permit. PIA
of Eastern Samar but was unsuccess. His 25 year-old son Mark, surroundings.
however, succeeded him as Giporlos mayor against his two rivals. This they will commence this coming July 23 and every
By Miriam Garcia Desacada Friday thereafter until the last Friday of August. BYSTANDER ... from p. 2
Better yet, a Larval Survey will likewise be done by the
PATHFINDER ... from p. 2 BHWs to determine whether or not the larvae is increasing in Big-time media outfits can launch into massive research
number. and reporting, but precisely because of a fundamental anomaly
At alam rin ba ninyo kung bakit tawa ng tawa ang Witch Asked if the BHWs are equipped with the skill, Mayor in their approach, they end up creating myths, fish stories and
habang naksakay sa walis? cock-and-bull tales, oozing with malice and ideological biases.
NAKIKILITI pala! Hi hi hi!
Erroba replied in the positive.
rrr “Our BHWs, just like the rest in the province perhaps, They never know how to inject the indispensable inputs
from Curbada Riders; had been trained by the Department of Health (DOH) in the of faith and religion without sounding religious or superstitious.
BANA: Day, kun unsa may mahitabo ng human sa opera- conduct of the said survey. It is important that we conduct first They feel they need to avoid these sources of inspiration and
syon, ayaw intawon pasagdi aton mga anak ha? I love you Day! even of data. They still have this aspect of their work and of the
WIFE: Hilom diha! Ka OA nimo uy, walay namatay sa tuli
the survey so we can determine how to prioritize resources and
pisota ka! the intervention needed,” Erroba said. lives of those involved pretty much unresolved.
rrr “I’m serious,” he added. “I have received feedbacks of In fact, in one of the expressions of this mentality ar-
from Berby Rocka, Borongan city; some families who refuse to join in the survey; if need be, we can ticulated by the American John Rawls in his book, A Theory
kung ikaw ay pinagpala, pinagpala ng pinagpala... mala- of Justice, it was argued that “public reason requires citizens
mang construction worker ka! He he he.
set any house on fire if the household refuses to participate; here
rrr we are talking lives, and I hope I will not be forced to pronounce to refrain from invoking or acting on their deepest convictions
kamusta na kayo diyan? Ito na nga pala ang bagong roam- any family as non-grata”, the Mayor stressed. about what is really true.
ing number ko. Ditto na kayo magtext. Ingat kayo palagi diyan, Erroba who is also a national awardee for Literacy con- “They have to consent to work only with a scaled-down
miss na miss ko na kayong lahat. – 09162908281 set of beliefs or methods that claim the support of an ostensible
rrr cluded that his municipality is targeting for a Dengue Free Zone
makikikamusta lamang po ako kay Mark Jun Martillano by the end of August. By Alice Nicart/PIA ‘overlapping consensus.’”
nasa Cavite. Pakibigay na lang pos a iba ang number ko. Tnx This is the predicament we have in our hands insofar as
po. – 09393769736 public discussion of issues is concerned. Talking from convic-
rrr Republic of the Philippines tions is considered incompatible with social peace and harmony.
Send jokes and other messages to: 09062780900nor visit Local Civil Registry Office
our website at www.evmail.com
Province: Eastern Samar They say it discourages conversation.
City/Municipality: Borongan
NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION And so, there’s a drift toward relativism, as no absolute
In compliance with Section 5 of R.A. Act No. 9048, a notice is hereby serve to the public values are upheld. Or better said, what is relative is made abso-
NICART ... from p. 1 that CECELIA B. ALDE has filed with this Office a petition for change of first name from “MYRNA”
to “MA. MYRNA” in the Birth certificate of MYRNA BALANO ALDE who was born on 02 August lute. Human consensus is the ultimate arbiter of what is good
1969 at Borongan, Eastern Samar and whose parents are BENITO A. ALDE and LOLITA D. BALANO.
commented. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file written opposition with this Office and evil, what is right and wrong. Pope Benedict calls this the
Because of this current condition, he pledged to do not later than 26 July 2010.
“tyranny of relativism.”
something with the Balangiga Hospital in order to improve its City Civil Registrar We need to properly react and resolve this problem. Email:
ESR July 11-17, & July 18-24, 2010
ventilation and basic facilities. By Alice Nicart/PIA roycimagala@gmail.com
PAGE 4 Eastern Samar REPORTER JULY 18-24, 2010

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