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link (v) if people, things, or events are linked, they are related to Police think that the two

hink that the two robberies are linked.

each other in some way
link (n) a connection between two or more people, places, facts, Is there any link between this and what we were
or events talking about yesterday?
media (n) radio, television, newspapers, the Internet and The story has been widely reported in the media.
magazines, considered as a group
mobile phone (n phr) Dont forget to take your mobile phone with you
a small phone that you can carry around with you when you go out.
online (adj) connected to or available through the Internet 1 bought it from an online bookshop.
online (adv) connected to the Internet Let's go online and check your e-mail.
pause (v) to stop moving or doing something for a short time She paused at the door and then left.
before starting again
pause (n) a short time when someone stops moving or doing There was a short pause before the orchestra
something before starting again continued to play.
persuade (v) to make someone agree to do something by giving them He did finally come with us, although it took a long
reasons why they should time to persuade him.
pronounce (v) to say the sounds of words 1 find some Japanese words very difficult to
publish (v) to produce many copies of a book, magazine, or Their company publishes a wide selection of books.
newspaper for people to buy
report (v) to provide information about something, especially to You should report the accident to the police.
people in authority
report (n) a spoken or written description of a particular subject, A new report shows crime is on the increase.
situation, or event
request (v) to ask for something, or to ask someone to do 1 would like to request a meeting with the manager,
something, in a polite or formal way please.
request (n) an act of asking for something in a polite or formal way Evening meals are available on request.

ring (v) to call someone on the telephone Ring me at home later.

signal (n) a movement or sound that is made by someone and has We waited for them to give us the signal to move.
a special meaning for another person

swear (v) to use words that are deliberately offensive, for example Thats the first time I've ever heard him swear.
because you are angry
type (v) a group of people or things with similar qualities that What type of dog have you got?
make them different from other groups

viewer (n) programmes someone who watches television Our regular viewers will know that its time for
Double Money!
website (n) Im thinking of starting a website for people from our
a place on the Internet where information is available school.
about a particular subject, company, university, etc
whisper (v) to speak very quietly to someone, so that other people Stop whispering, you two!
cannot hear you
whisper (n) a very quiet way of saying something to someone so Be careful!' she said in a whisper.
that other people cannot hear you

admit (v) In court he admitted that he had lied about the

to say that you have done something wrong accident.
arrest (v) if the police arrest someone, they take that person to a The police entered the building and arrested six
police station because they think that he or she has men.
committed a crime
charity (n) an organisation that gives money and help to people The event raised 59,000 for charity.
who need it; money or food that is given to people who
need it
commit (v) to do something that is illegal What makes people commit crimes?