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Installation Guide for Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set

SX20 Quick Set components Recommended room setup Camera options

The following should be regarded as Camera Microphones Option A: PrecisionHD1080p12X
guidelines only. Try things out on-site
Place the camera at eye height to Place the microphone(s) as close to Snap on the lens hood to Typical room scenario:
before fixing any mounting positions.
get the best perceived eye contact. all meeting participants as possible. prevent stray light from Medium to large
Explore the Cisco Project Workplace Typically, this is about 1.2m (4ft) disturbing your video meeting room.
to find inspiration and guidelines when above the floor. experience.
preparing your office or meeting room
Use the camera self view function You can use the optional 70
for video conferencing, http://www.
to make sure all participants are camera bracket to place
captured by the camera. the camera on top of the
monitor. Fasten the bracket
Aim for good illumination of a
to the monitor with Velcro.
persons face to avoid shadows. Also
avoid direct light on the monitor to The camera snaps to the
prevent reflections. magnets on the bracket.
yy SX20 Codec yy HDMI cable for monitor
yy Camera options (1 default)
A: PrecisionHD1080p 12X yy Ethernet cable for LAN
Option B: Precision 40
B: Precision 40 yy VGA to DVI-A cable
for PC connectivity (optional) You can use the optional Typical room scenario:
yy Table Microphone 20 camera bracket to place Medium sized
(1 default and 1 optional) yy HDMI to DVI-D cable the camera on top of the meeting room.
yy TRC6 remote control and for PC connectivity (optional) monitor. Fasten the bracket
two AAA batteries yy Camera cable to the monitor with Velcro. 70

yy Touch 10 controller (optional) yy Power supply and The camera is fastened to

yy Codec wall mounting kit power cable the bracket with a screw.
(optional) yy Microphone extension cable Tool: 4mm Allen Key (not
yy Camera mounting bracket (optional) provided).
(optional) A (A Class product declaration)

In addition to the SX20 Quick Set you must provide a monitor or

projector, and a loudspeaker (external or built-in to the monitor) to A ITE
complete your video conferencing system. (We declare here that the subject product is A class ITE product, and the
following statement is clearly marked in the user manual or nameplate):

Documentation EMC Class A declaration

Cisco Spark: Visit the Cisco Spark help site to find more information
about Spark registered room systems, http://help.ciscospark.com
Other services: Visit the Cisco web site to find user guides A
and compliance and safety information for the product,
WARNING: This is a class A product. In a domestic environment this
This may
product is a cause
class radio
A product. In a domestic
interference environment
in which this may be
case the user
product to take
causeadequate measures.in which case the user may be
radio interference
required to take adequate measures.

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(Position of the Declaration): User Manual
Installation Guide for Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set

Connecting the cables

Connect all cables as illustrated.
Caution: Make sure all units are switched off when connecting or 1 2 3 4 5 Camera option A:
disconnecting devices. PrecisionHD1080p12X

1 If connecting an external loudspeaker, please take care to use an

active speaker (built-in amplifier). Use an ungrounded (floating)
speaker to avoid ground loop noise. HDMI

2 Connect one or two microphones to your codec.

We recommend Cisco Table Microphone 20 or
Cisco TelePresence Ceiling Microphone.

3 Connect the codec to LAN/Ethernet.

4 Connect your primary display to the blue colored HDMI socket.

Camera option B:
With the dual display option, connect the second display to the
Precision 40
other HDMI output.

5 Connect your camera (option A or B) to the codec.

6 Connect a PC (video and audio) to be able to share presentations

(locally, or with remote participants).

7 Always use the provided power supply:


Starting to use the system

If the codec is not starting automatically, press the power
button to switch it on. When the button lights steadily the
system is ready for configuration. This may take a few minutes.

Follow the instructions on screen:

yy Cisco Spark: To find more information on how to get started with Mini- HDMI
Spark registered systems, visit http://help.ciscospark.com and look jack (or VGA)

for Getting Started articles for room systems. Ventilation

yy Other services: For further information on set-up and configuration, Do not block any ventilation openings;
7 6
download the Getting Started Guide from the Cisco web site, minimum 8cm / 3.15in. free space.

78-100554-02A0 | 2016 JUNE | 2016 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.