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Jon Depew The Magnetic Spectrum
Concrete sets in 4 hours. 2x hard.
Emulsify without surfactant
Used as Fuel?
Eats through plastic?
Speaking of water and fuel: Daniel Green -
A laser beam can only get so narrow.
Following the work of Professor John Searl.
- Teach People the Right Way
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. -- Marcello Truzzi
And acquiring extraordinary evidence sometimes requires an extraordinary approach .
-- Reality

What we have at our San Diego facility is a compilation of

extraordinary evidence to support the notion of Magnetic Waves.
(which open a new branch of science, discovery and applications for
energy generation, medical, transportation, and a lot more)
Use an incoherent process to make a magnet, and youll reap
incoherent electricity. Incoherence is heat, resistance, turbulence.
The theory is: that the temperature we feel around us is disorganized
electricity. And I liken John Searls magnetization process to a
magnetic prism in a sense. The result makes for a coherent flow of
electricity. (when used in a specific arrangement with other materials.
Magnets alone are not batteries/ power source)
A Laser beam is like a Sine Wave of Light.
What if you make a geometric array of physical ridges equal to a
given wavelength of light? (Morpho Butterfly absorbing/ reflecting )
What you see on the green film is an exaggerated version
of the true wave imprinted as seen on the oscilloscope.
We are not talking about a manipulation of the Bloch Wall
or imprinting Maxels in a wave pattern. This is a New Branch
of Science! Programming waveforms into ferrous materials .
You cannot purchase these magnets from a Chinese manufacturer
nor can you outsource this type of work. At our facility in San Diego,
CA, we make our own unique blend of magnetic materials. Our
focus is specific to the New Branch of Science. Magnetic Waveforms.
Its an Inevitable reality which leads to a Limitless Future in energy.

I personally spent 8 full months discovering how to make these magnets

from ingot. These are very special and one of a kind. These magnets are
machine-able, meaning you can drill right through them, shave them
down without hassle, and even reuse the shavings. You can measure a
resistance across the magnets of a few hundred Ohms. That is not
typical. Ferrite is open, Alnico shorts out, etc. Its not only the physical
composition that is unique, but also the frequencies programmed.
Anyone interested in more, please watch this video to start.
Imagine what we can accomplish within a generation by supporting this branch of science
and the concept of Coherent Electric Fields. Not only power our homes and industries, but
also restore the air, water and quality of life for every being on the planet. Not a utopia. Just
a smarter way of living. While providing future generations with the clean world to inherit.
Suspicious0bservers on YouTube and the Magnetic connection
to Earthquakes. Being a relation between the Earth and Sun.

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