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AWWA Standards 2013 guidelines for the water community

AWWA standards are vital guidelines for all facets of the water community. They provide the mini- C111/A21.11-12 Rubber-Gasket Joints
mum requirements for design, installation, performance, and manufacturing of products used in for Ductile-Iron Pressure Pipe
the water industry. Theres also a series covering utility management. Each standard designation and Fittings Revised
consists of two elements connected by a hyphen, such as B200-07, which indicates the stan- C115/A21.15-11 Flanged Ductile-Iron
dard is in the 200 series (Softening) and received AWWA board of directors approval in 2007. Pipe With Ductile-Iron or
New standards may be first editions or revisions of existing standards. AWWA standards are also Gray-Iron Threaded Flanges
adopted as ANSI standards. Contact the AWWA Store, www.awwa.org/store, 800.926.7337, or C116/A21.16-09 Protective Fusion-
custsvc@awwa.org. Watch the AWWA website or Journal - American Water Works Association for Bonded Epoxy Coatings for
official notice of new standards or any status changes to existing standards. the Interior and Exterior
Surfaces of Ductile-Iron and
SOURCE Scale and Corrosion Control Gray-Iron Fittings
Groundwater and Wells B501-08 Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic C150/A21.50-08 Thickness Design of
A100-06 Water Wells Soda) Ductile-Iron Pipe
B502-11 Sodium Polyphosphate, C151/A21.51-09 Ductile-Iron Pipe,
Glassy (Sodium Centrifugally Cast
Hexametaphosphate) C153/A21.53-11 Ductile-Iron Compact
B100-09 Granular Filter Material
B503-11 Sodium Tripolyphosphate Fittings
B101-01 Precoat Filter Media
B504-12 Monosodium Phosphate,
B102-10 Manganese Greensand for Steel Pipe
Anhydrous and Liquid Revised
Filters C200-12 Steel Water Pipe, 6 In. (150
B505-12 Disodium Phosphate,
B110-09 Membrane Systems mm) and Larger Revised
Anhydrous Revised
Softening C203-08 Coal-Tar Protective Coatings
B506-06 Zinc Orthophosphate
B200-12 Sodium Chloride Revised and Linings for Steel Water
B510-12 Carbon Dioxide Revised
B201-08 Soda Ash PipelinesEnamel and
B511-10 Potassium Hydroxide
B202-07 Quicklime and Hydrated Lime TapeHot-Applied
B512-08 Sulfur Dioxide
C205-12 CementMortar Protective
Disinfection Chemicals B550-10 Calcium Chloride
Lining and Coating for Steel
B300-10 Hypochlorites Taste and Odor Control Water Pipe4 In. (100 mm)
B301-10 Liquid Chlorine B600-10 Powdered Activated Carbon and LargerShop Applied
B302-10 Ammonium Sulfate B601-11 Sodium Metabisulfite Revised
B303-10 Sodium Chlorite B602-08 Copper Sulfate C206-11 Field Welding of Steel Water
B304-08 Liquid Oxygen for Ozone B603-10 Permanganates Pipe
Generation for Water, B604-12 Granular Activated Carbon C207-07 Steel Pipe Flanges for
Wastewater, and Reclaimed Revised Waterworks ServiceSizes 4
Water Systems B605-07 Reactivation of Granular In. Through 144 In. (100 mm
B305-06 Anhydrous Ammonia Activated Carbon Through 3,600 mm)
B306-07 Aqua Ammonia (Liquid C208-12 Dimensions for Fabricated
Ammonium Hydroxide) Steel Water Pipe Fittings
B701-11 Sodium Fluoride
Coagulation B702-11 Sodium Fluorosilicate Revised
B402-12 Ferrous Sulfate Revised B703-11 Fluorosilicic Acid C209-06 Cold-Applied Tape Coatings for
B403-09 Aluminum SulfateLiquid, the Exterior of Special Sections,
Ground, or Lump PIPE AND ACCESSORIES Connections, and Fittings for
B404-08 Liquid Sodium Silicate Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings Steel Water Pipelines
B405-06 Sodium Aluminate C104/A21.4-08 CementMortar Lining C210-07 Liquid-Epoxy Coating Systems
B406-06 Ferric Sulfate for Ductile-Iron Pipe and for the Interior and Exterior of
B407-12 Liquid Ferric Chloride Revised Fittings Steel Water Pipelines
B408-10 Liquid Polyaluminum Chloride C105/A21.10-10 Polyethylene C213-07 Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Coating
B451-10 Poly(Diallyldimethylammonium Encasement for Ductile-Iron for the Interior and Exterior of
Chloride) Pipe Systems Steel Water Pipelines
B452-06 EPI-DMA Polyamines C110/A21.10-12 Ductile-Iron and Gray- C214-07 Tape Coating Systems for the
B453-06 Polyacrylamide Iron Fittings Revised Exterior of Steel Water Pipelines

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2013 American Water Works Association
C215-10 Extruded Polyolefin Coatings C230-11 Stainless-Steel Full- C517-09 Resilient-Seated Cast-Iron
for the Exterior of Steel Water Encirclement Repair and Eccentric Plug Valves
Pipelines Service Connection Clamps C518-08 Dual-Disc Swing-Check Valves
C216-07 Heat-Shrinkable Cross-Linked for Waterworks Service
Concrete Pipe
Polyolefin Coatings for the C520-10 Knife Gate Valves, Sizes 2 In.
C300-11 Reinforced Concrete Pressure
Exterior of Special Sections, (50 mm) Through 96 In. (2,400
Pipe, Steel-Cylinder Type
Connections, and Fittings for mm)
C301-07 Prestressed Concrete Pressure
Steel Water Pipelines C530-12 Pilot-Operated Control Valves
Pipe, Steel-Cylinder Type
C217-09 Petrolatum and Petroleum Revised
C302-11 Reinforced Concrete Pressure
Wax Tape Coatings for the C541-08 Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Pipe, Noncylinder Type
Exterior of Connections Cylinder and Vane-Type
C303-08 Concrete Pressure Pipe, Bar-
and Fittings for Steel Water Actuators for Valves and Slide
Wrapped, Steel-Cylinder Type
Pipelines Gates
C304-07 Design of Prestressed Concrete
C218-08 Liquid Coating Systems for the C542-09 Electric Motor Actuators for
Cylinder Pipe
Exterior of Aboveground Steel Valves and Slide Gates
Water Pipelines and Fittings Valves and Hydrants C550-05 Protective Interior Coatings for
C219-11 Bolted, Sleeve-Type Couplings C500-09 Metal-Seated Gate Valves for Valves and Hydrants
for Plain-End Pipe Water Supply Service C560-07 Cast-Iron Slide Gates
C220-12 Stainless-Steel Pipe, In. (13 C502-05 Dry-Barrel Fire Hydrants C561-12 Fabricated Stainless-Steel Slide
mm) and Larger Revised C503-05 Wet-Barrel Fire Hydrants Gates Revised
C221-12 Fabricated Steel Mechanical C504-10 Rubber-Seated Butterfly C562-12 Fabricated Aluminum Slide
Slip-Type Expansion Joints Valves, 3 In. (75 mm) Through Gates New
Revised 72 In. (1,800 mm) C563-12 Fabricated Composite Slide
C222-08 Polyurethane Coatings for the C507-11 Ball Valves, 6 In. Through 60 Gates
Interior and Exterior of Steel In. (150 mm Through 1,500
Water Pipe and Fittings mm) PIPE INSTALLATION
C223-07 Fabricated Steel and Stainless C508a-12 Addenda to C508-09, Swing- C600-10 Installation of Ductile-
Steel Tapping Sleeves Check Valves for Waterworks Iron Mains and Their
C224-11 Nylon-11-Based Polyamide Service, 2-In. through 24-In. Appurtenances
Coating System for the Interior (50-mm through 600mm) NPS C602-11 CementMortar Lining of
and Exterior of Steel Water Revised Water Pipelines in Place4 In.
Pipe, Connections, Fittings, C508-09 Swing-Check Valves for (100 mm) and Larger
and Special Sections Waterworks Service, 2-In. C604-11 Installation of Buried Steel
C225-07 Fused Polyolefin Coating Through 24-In. (50-mm Water Pipe4 In. (100 mm)
Systems for the Exterior of Through 600-mm) NPS and Larger
Steel Water Pipelines C509-09 Resilient-Seated Gate Valves C605-05 Underground Installation
C226-06 Stainless-Steel Fittings for for Water Supply Service of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Waterworks Service, Sizes C510-07 Double Check Valve Backflow Pressure Pipe and Fittings for
In. Through 72 In. (13 mm Prevention Assembly Water
Through 1,800 mm) C511-07 Reduced-Pressure Principle C606-11 Grooved and Shouldered
C227-11 Bolted, Split-Sleeve Restrained Backflow Prevention Assembly Joints
and Nonrestrained Couplings C512-07 Air-Release, Air/Vacuum, and C620-07 Spray-Applied In-Place Epoxy
for Plain-End Pipe Combination Air Valves for Lining of Water Pipelines, 3 In.
C228-08 Stainless-Steel Pipe Flanges for Waterworks Service (75 mm) and Larger
Water ServiceSizes 2 In. C515-09 Reduced-Wall, Resilient-Seated
Through 72 In. (50 mm
Service C651-05 Disinfecting Water Mains
Through 1,800 mm)
C516-10 Large-Diameter Rubber-Seated C652-11 Disinfection of Water-Storage
C229-08 Fusion-Bonded Polyethylene
Butterfly Valves, Sizes 78 In. Facilities
Coating for the Exterior of
(2,000 mm) and Larger C653-03 Disinfection of Water
Steel Water Pipelines
Treatment Plants

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2013 American Water Works Association
AWWA Standards 2013

C654-03 Disinfection of Wells C903-05 PolyethyleneAluminum D108-10 Aluminum Dome Roofs for
C655-09 Field Dechlorination Polyethylene & Cross-linked Water Storage Facilities
C670-09 Online Chlorine Analyzer PolyethyleneAluminum D110-04 Wire- and Strand-Wound,
Operation and Maintenance Cross-linked Polyethylene Circular, Prestressed Concrete
Composite Pressure Pipes, Water Tanks
METERS In. (12 mm) Through 2 In. (50 D115-06 Tendon-Prestressed Concrete
C700-09 Cold-Water Meters mm), for Water Service Water Tanks
Displacement Type, Bronze C904-06 Cross-Linked Polyethylene D120-09 Thermosetting Fiberglass-
Main Case (PEX) Pressure Pipe, In. (12 Reinforced Plastic Tanks
C701-12 Cold-Water MetersTurbine mm) Through 3 In. (76 mm), D121-12 Bolted Aboveground
Type, for Customer Service for Water Service Thermosetting Fiberglass-
Revised C905-10 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Reinforced Plastic Panel-
C702-10 Cold-Water Meters Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Type Tanks for Water Storage
Compound Type Fittings, 14 In. Through 48 In. Revised
C703-11 Cold-Water MetersFire- (350 mm Through 1,200 mm) D130-11 Geomembrane Materials for
Service Type C906-07 Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Potable Water Applications
C704-12 Propeller-Type Meters for Pipe and Fittings, 4 In. (100
Waterworks Applications Revised mm) Through 63 In. (1,600 PUMPS
C706-10 Direct-Reading, Remote- mm), for Water Distribution E102-06 Submersible Vertical Turbine
Registration Systems for Cold- and Transmission Pumps
Water Meters C907-12 Injection-Molded Polyvinyl E103-07 Horizontal and Vertical Line-
C707-10 Encoder-Type Remote- Chloride (PVC) Pressure Shaft Pumps with Errata
Registration Systems for Cold- Fittings, 4 In. Through 12 In. incorporated
Water Meters (100 mm Through 300 mm),
C708-11 Cold-Water MetersMultijet PLANT EQUIPMENT
for Water, Wastewater, and
Type F101-07 Contact-Molded, Fiberglass-
Reclaimed Water Service Revised
C710-09 Cold-Water Meters Reinforced Plastic Wash-Water
C909-09 Molecularly Oriented Polyvinyl
Displacement Type, Plastic Troughs and Launders
Chloride (PVCO) Pressure
Main Case F102-07 Matched-Die-Molded,
Pipe, 4 In. Through 24 In. (100
C712-10 Cold-Water MetersSinglejet Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic
mm Through 600 mm), for
Type Weir Plates, Scum Baffles, and
Water Distribution
C713-10 Cold-Water MetersFluidic- Mounting Brackets
C950-07 Fiberglass Pressure Pipe
Oscillator Type F110-12 Ultraviolet Disinfection
C750-10 Transit-Time Flowmeters in STORAGE Systems for Drinking Water
Full Closed Conduits D100-11 Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for New
Water Storage
SERVICE LINES D102-11 Coating Steel Water-Storage UTILITY MANAGEMENT
C800-05 Underground Service Line Tanks G100-11 Water Treatment Plant
Valves and Fittings D103-09 Factory-Coated Bolted Carbon Operation and Management
Steel Tanks for Water Storage G200-09 Distribution Systems
PLASTIC PIPE D104-11 Automatically Controlled, Operation and Management
C900-07 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Impressed-Current Cathodic G300-07 Source Water Protection
Pressure Pipe and Fabricated Protection for the Interior G400-09 Utility Management System
Fittings, 4 In. Through 12 In. Submerged Surfaces of Steel G410-09 Business Practices for
(100 mm Through 300 mm), Water Storage Tanks Operation and Management
for Water Transmission and D106-10 Sacrificial Anode Cathodic G420-09 Communications and
Distribution Protection Systems for the Customer Relations
C901-08 Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Interior Submerged Surfaces G430-09 Security Practices for
Pipe and Tubing, In. (13 of Steel Water Storage Tanks Operation and Management
mm) Through 3 In. (76 mm), D107-10 Composite Elevated Tanks for G440-11 Emergency Preparedness
for Water Service Water Storage Practices

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2013 American Water Works Association