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Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems, Charles M. Close, Dean K. Frederick, Jonathan C.

Newell, John Wiley, 2001, 0471452963, 9780471452966, . The book presents the methodology
applicable to the modeling and analysis of a variety of dynamic systems, regardless of their physical
origin. It includes detailed modeling of mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, thermal, and fluid
systems. Models are developed in the form of state-variable equations, input-output differential
equations, transfer functions, and block diagrams. The Laplace-transform is used for analytical
solutions. Computer solutions are based on MATLAB and Simulink..

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Elements of System-Dynamic Simulation A Textbook with Exercises, Th J. Ferrari, 1978,

Technology & Engineering, 89 pages. This book assumes that the reader does not have much
knowledge of mathematics. Therefore, the essentials of the necessary mathematics is gradually
introduced. It emphasizes the ....

Analysis of Discrete Physical Systems , Ylmaz Tokad, Hiremaglur K. Kesavan, 1967,

Ingenier-a electrnica - Anlisis de sistemas, 447 pages. .

An Introduction to Optimal Estimation of Dynamical Systems , John L. Junkins, 1978, Science, 339
pages. .

Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems , Franklin, Sep 1, 2008, Feedback control systems, 928
pages. .


Figliola, Donald E. Beasley, May 1, 2008, , 560 pages. Market_Desc: Mechanical Engineers
Special Features: Detailed examples with consistent methodology illustrate use of new material
as it is discussed Condensed but thorough ....

Linear systems analysis , Laurel J. Lewis, 1969, Science, 489 pages. .

Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems , Ramin S. Esfandiari, Bei Lu, 2010, Science, 436
pages. Using MATLAB and Simulink to perform symbolic, graphical, numerical, and
simulation tasks, Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems provides a thorough understanding of
the ....

Parallel computation models and methods, Selim G. Akl, 1997, Computers, 608 pages. Mathematics
of Computing -- Parallelism..

Basic Control Systems Engineering , Paul H. Lewis, Chang Yang, 1997, Computers, 450 pages.
This rigorousyet accessiblebook integrates frequent realistic examples throughout its
presentation of control systems engineering. KEY TOPICS: By exploiting the remarkable ....
System Dynamics , William J. Palm, 2005, Science, 928 pages. This text is mainly for ME and Aero
and EE but the main perspective is ME at the junior or senior- level. The author has taken pains to
supply the appropraite mathematical ....

Systems and Simulation , Dimitris N. Chorafas, 1965, Operations research, 503 pages. .

Modern Business Administration , Robert C. Appleby, 1994, Business & Economics, 500 pages. The
sixth edition of this popular introductory text on business administration and management has been
fully updated to incorporate the latest issues..