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3-2-1 Speeches Lesson Plan

Learning Objectives: Work on fluency and Preparation Time: 10 minutes

summarizing skills. Completion Time: 45 minutes
Skill/Grammar: Speaking (fluency) Age/Level: Adult/IntermediateAdvanced
Resources: 3-2-1 Speeches Topic Cards, 3-2-1 Speeches Preparation Sheet

Presentation (15 minutes)

Put students into groups of four.
Hand out one set of the 3-2-1 Speeches Topic Cards to each group, placed face down.
Hand out a copy of the 3-2-1 Speeches Preparation Sheet to each student.
Tell each student to choose one card and then write it in the appropriate space on the
3-2-1 Speeches Preparation Sheet.
When students finish, tell them they will have one minute to make some brief notes about Topic
Set a timer and say go. Give students one minute to make notes for the first topic. When the
minute is up say stop and have them choose the next card and then repeat the process for
Topic 2. Continue until students have chosen three topics and made notes on all three.

Practice (25 minutes)

The aim of this next exercise is to help students practice speaking more fluently, as well as
learning to be concise and select the main points and most important information.
Explain the task: Students will take turns giving mini-speeches on their topics. Groups
should appoint a time-keeper. For the first round they will have three minutes to talk
about Topic 1. The same student then has only two minutes to talk about Topic 1. Finally, they
will have only one minute to talk about Topic 1.
When the first student finishes with Topic 1. The next student begins with his/her Topic 1.
Repeat the process until all students have given 3-2-1 speeches with each of their three

Closure (10 minutes)

Ask students to share what they think about the experience of giving 3-2-1 speeches. What
was easy or challenging? Did they feel they were able to speak more fluently later in the

Author: Jaimie Scanlon

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