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Using SAM

Files You SAM Projects is live-in-the-application grading software that lets you complete projects in
Will Need: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 and have them graded instantly. This is a huge benefit
to you because you can complete your SAM Projects homework, submit it to the SAM
Projects site, and instantly receive a detailed report stating what you did correctly and
where you made mistakes. There are 12 SAM Projects that practice the Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint skills presented in the units in this book. These SAM Projects are nearly identi-
cal to the Independent Challenge 1 exercises in these units with a few small changes
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(which are necessitated by the software). Note that you can only use SAM Projects if you
purchased a SAM Projects access code with your textbook. This bonus section
includes the exact instructions for each of the SAM Projects for the Word, Excel and
PowerPoint units in this book. The first four lessons cover some basic tasks you need to per-
form to get started with SAM Projects.
SAM Projects

OBJECTIVES Create a SAM User Profile

Join a section
Understand the process of using
SAM Projects
Understanding SAM Projects reports
Instructions for
Word SAM Projects
Excel SAM Projects
PowerPoint SAM Projects
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Projects Creating a SAM User Profile
In order to use the SAM system (and specifically SAM Projects), you must have a username and password.
You set these up yourself by creating a SAM user profile via the SAM login page. In this lesson, you
set up a user profile and establish a username and password.
1. Be sure you are connected to the Internet, start Internet Explorer, type
http://sam2007.course.com in the address bar, then press [Enter]
The SAM login page opens in the Internet Explorer window, as shown in Figure SP-1. You use this page to
login if you already have a username and password or to create a SAM user profile if you do not.
QUICK TIP 2. Click New user
If you have already A new page opens that contains an area for entering your Institution Key. See Figure SP-2. An Institution
created a SAM user
profile, type your
Key is an 8-digit code that uniquely identifies your school. Your instructor will provide you with your
username and pass- school’s Institution Key.
word in the appro-
priate text boxes, 3. Type your school’s Institution Key in the Institution Key field, then click Submit
then skip to the A dialog box appears, asking you to verify that you have entered the correct Institution Key for your institution.
next lesson.
4. Verify that the Institution Key matches the one for your school, then click OK

If your institution is using the key code version of SAM 2007, then a page opens after step 4 that requests
your 18-digit key code. You can find this key code inside the flap of the SAM 2007 card you received when
you purchased your textbook(s).

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5. If requested to do so, enter your 18-digit key code exactly as printed, then click Save; if
you do not see this screen, skip this step
The SAM user profile screen opens, as shown in Figure SP-3, containing fields for entering your information,
including your name, address, and e-mail address.
6. Enter your information in all of the required (*) fields, including a secret question and
answer that will be used for security purposes should you ever forget your password
QUICK TIP 7. Click Save
If you see incorrect The Profile Confirmation page opens and displays the information that you entered on the user profile page.
information in any of
the fields, click 8. Verify that all of the information on the user profile page is accurate, then click Confirm
Revise to go back to The SAM 2007 TERMS and CONDITIONS page opens and displays the terms of the end user license
the previous screen,
make your edits, agreement.
then click Save.
9. Read the terms of the agreement fully, scrolling as you go, then click I Agree to accept
the terms and conditions
The SAM Welcome screen appears, where you will begin each SAM session. See Figure SP-4.

Office 2007 2 Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects

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FIGURE SP-1: SAM Login screen FIGURE SP-2: Entering your Institution Key

Click to set up a new user profile Type your school’s Institution Key here


44693 C6237 Access Page 3 12/01/07 gdf

The name you enter

here will be attached to
all SAM Projects you

Information not
required, but if
applicable your
instructor will
provide you with
these ID numbers

FIGURE SP-4: The SAM Welcome Screen


SAM Projects

Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects Office 2007 3

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Projects Joining a Section (Class)
In order to access SAM Projects, you must first join a section (or a class). Once you have joined, then you
will be able to access specific SAM Projects that your instructor has assigned for your section. In
this lesson, you join a section, which allows you to see which assignments your instructor has assigned.

1. Click Sections on the left navigation pane

The MY SECTIONS page opens, similar to the one shown in Figure SP-5. Each section you join is listed in the
Records area of this page. Notice, because you have not yet signed up for a section, no sections are listed on
your screen.

QUICK TIP 2. Click Join a Section in the upper-right corner

If you want to limit The MY SECTIONS page changes, as shown in Figure SP-6. The All Sections box in the lower-left corner of
the list, use the
Instructor list arrow
the page shows sections you can join. The My Sections box will list sections you join. Your screen lists differ-
to select a specific ent sections—those specific to your school—than those shown in Figure SP-6.
instructor and list
only the sections
associated with that
3. Click the section listed in the All Sections box that you want to join, then click the right

instructor. arrow button next to the All Sections box
The section you clicked is now in the My Sections box to the right of the All Sections box. To join more
sections, simply repeat step 3.

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4. Click Save, then click OK in the dialog box that opens
Now that you have joined a section, you can retrieve the assignments scheduled for your section.

QUICK TIP 5. Click SAM Assignments on the left navigation pane

If you have joined The MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS screen opens. This page lists all the assignments that your instructor has
more than one sec-
assigned for the section you joined. Figure SP-7 shows an example a MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page; yours
tion, you can view
the assignments for a will look different.
different section, by
clicking the Section
list arrow, clicking
the name of the sec-
tion you want to
view the assignments
for, then clicking the
Search or the Refresh
Screen button.

Office 2007 4 Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects

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FIGURE SP-5: Example of a MY SECTIONS page

Click to join a section

Sections taught by
all instructors this
user has joined Click to select a specific
instructor and display
only sections associated
with that instructor

FIGURE SP-6: Joining a section

44693 C6237 Access Page 5 12/01/07 gdf

Click to select a specific

instructor and display only
sections associated with
that instructor

Available sections
for all instructors Click the right arrow
appear here; click button to add a selected
to select a section section to My Sections

Click the left arrow Any section you join

button to remove a will appear in this box
selected section
from My Sections


Section list arrow;

select a different
section to display
the assignments
associated with
SAM Projects
that section

Click either
Click a link to see button to refresh
the assignment screen after
selecting a
different section

Type column
specifies which
assignments are
SAM Projects

Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects Office 2007 5

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Projects Understanding the Process of
Using SAM Projects
Before you begin a SAM Project, make sure that you are ready. To determine whether you are ready or not,
you can review the instructions, which include the skills covered, for any SAM Project. If you think you can
do all the steps, than you are probably ready. If your instructor assigns SAM Projects as homework (and not
as a test) you might be allowed to try a SAM Project multiple times. In this lesson, you learn the key
steps for obtaining the instructions, downloading a SAM Project, and then submitting your completed
project for grading.
1. Click the link in the Assignment column on the MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page for the
SAM Project assignment you want to complete
The Assignment Details dialog box opens, as shown in Figure SP-8. This box gives you information about the
SAM Project you selected, including how many submissions are allowed and how many remain.
If you are not ready 2. Read the Assignment Details dialog box, then if you are ready to proceed click OK

to do the project, The MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page opens, as shown in Figure SP-9. Your page will differ depending on what
click Close.
assignment you clicked. Notice that the MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page has three parts to it as follows:
QUICK TIP • Instructions. The first step in completing a SAM Project is downloading the instructions (or steps)
Before completing a you will need to follow in order to complete the project. Note: You will not have to download these

44693 C6237 Access Page 6 12/01/07 gdf

project, review these
instructions for the SAM Projects that map to this book because the pages that follow these lessons
instructions to see
which skills are cov- contain the instructions for each of those SAM Projects. However, if your instructor assigns a different
ered in the project. SAM Project as a test or another homework assignment, you will need to download the instructions for
that assignment.
• Start Files. The second step in completing a SAM Project is downloading a start file. The start file
appears as a link in the Start Files section of the MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page. To download a start file,
click the filename link in the Start Files section, then save the file to a location you will remember.
Important note: You must be signed in via your SAM user profile to download this starting file. The
username you entered in your SAM user profile is attached to the start filename and to the completed
project filename. Do not let someone else download this starting file using his or her SAM user profile
or the wrong name will be associated with the file. The username will also appear in the footer of each
project you complete. After you download the start file, you open it and then follow the instructions
for that SAM Project to complete it. Note that the very first step in every SAM Project is to rename the
start file to a specified new name so that your changes will be saved as a solution file that you will
submit for grading.
• Grade Submission. When you complete all the steps in a SAM Project, the third and final step is to
submit your file for grading. To do this, click the Browse button, navigate to the drive and folder where
your solution file is stored. Double-click the filename, then click Submit.

Office 2007 6 Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects

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FIGURE SP-8: Assignment Details dialog box for one assignment

Click OK to open the Assignment

44693 C6237 Access Page 7 12/01/07 gdf

page for the selected assignment

FIGURE SP-9: MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page for one assignment


SAM Projects

Provides the steps you Start filename includes Path to solution file Click to submit Click to navigate to the drive
must follow to complete name entered in SAM shown here once the your selection file and folder where your solution
the assignment User Profile solution file is selected for grading file is stored

Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects Office 2007 7

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Projects Understanding SAM Projects
Very soon after you submit a SAM Project for grading, you can generate a report that provides a score and
also gives detailed feedback on which steps you performed correctly and which ones you performed incor-
rectly. In this lesson, you learn how to generate a rep
1. Be sure the path to your solution file appears in the File Location box in the Grade
Submission section of the MY SAM ASSIGNMENTS page, then click Submit
2. Click Reports on the Navigation pane
The MY REPORTS screen opens, which lists all the assignments you have completed. You can generate
reports for all assignments in the list. Figure SP-10 shows an example of a MY REPORTS screen; yours will
look different.
3. Click the assignment for which you want to see a report, click the Report Type list arrow,
then click Download Submitted Projects

4. Click the Download link at the far right of your screen, then click Open in the File
Download dialog box that opens
A new window opens and displays a detailed report. See Figure SP-11 for an example of a report generated

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for a student named Sandy Sheehy. Sandy’s score is displayed in the bar at the top; detailed feedback on each
step in the SAM Project named IL Word Case 2A that she completed is provided.
5. Review the report, then close the report window without saving changes to the report
You can also generate other types of reports for your completed assignments. For instance, you can create a
Study Guide report that shows you all the steps in the Project and where that skill is covered in the book.
Figure SP-12 shows an example of a Study Guide report.

Office 2007 8 Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects

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Report Type
list arrow;
click to
display a
menu of
report types

List of
click an
option button
to select that

FIGURE SP-11: Downloaded SAM report

44693 C6237 Access Page 9 12/01/07 gdf

Username and
Score appears here

Incorrect steps
are marked and
feedback tells you
what you did wrong

FIGURE SP-12: Example of a SAM Project Study Guide

SAM Projects

Microsoft Office 2007 SAM Projects Office 2007 9