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CHAPTER 1 OVERVIEW......................... 6 Sagitta ............................................... 51 House Kimura .................................... 90
Sanctuary .......................................... 52 House Silva ........................................ 92
Introduction ......................................... 7 Shuy .............................................. 53 House Tsarya ..................................... 94
What Has Come Before ..................... 8 Persistent Virtualities ......................... 54
Aspects of Nova Praxis ....................... 10 Stygia ................................................ 54 CHAPTER 4 - GAMEPLAY ........................ 96
Post-Singularity ..................................10 The Crossroads.................................. 54 The Basics .......................................... 97
Post-Scarcity ......................................10 Chicago ............................................. 54 Things You Should Have .................... 97
The Fall of Earth .................................11 Technology ......................................... 55 Rolling the Dice ................................. 97
Rise of the Houses .............................12 Artificial Intelligence ......................... 55 Skill Ratings & Difficulties .................. 98
Utopian Prison/Dystopian Freedom...12 Computers & Networks..................... 56 Skills .................................................. 98
Conspiracy and Intrigue .....................13 Nanotechnology ................................ 60 Game Time and Action Types ............ 98
The Last Frontier ................................14 Power ................................................ 63 Taking Action..................................... 99
Augmented and Virtual Reality ..........14 Biotechnology ................................... 64 Combining Skills .............................. 100
Transhumanity ...................................15 Culture................................................ 68 Degree of Success ........................... 101
Savants...............................................16 The Reputation Economy .................. 68 Aspects ............................................ 102
The Timeline of Events....................... 17 The Apostate Economy ..................... 69 Stress and Consequences ................ 102
The Singularity ................................... 26 Entertainment ................................... 70 Aspects and Fate Points ................... 103
Setting Terminology........................... 28 Discrimination ................................... 72 Invoking an Aspect (Spending Fate
Warfare ............................................. 73 Points) ...................................... 104
CHAPTER 2 THE GALAXY ................... 29 Transportation .................................. 74 Compelling an Aspect (Earning More
The Galactic Gazetteer....................... 30 Fate Points) .............................. 105
Mercury .............................................30 CHAPTER 3 - AGENDAS .......................... 75 Justification and Aspect Abuse ........ 106
Venus .................................................31 The Coalition of Free States ............... 76 Invoking or Compelling External
Earth ..................................................32 Apostates (Non-citizens) ................. 78 Aspects ..................................... 107
Luna ...................................................35 Transhumans ...................................... 80 Persistent Aspects ........................... 108
Mars...................................................38 Purists................................................. 82 Temporary and Lasting Aspects....... 108
Asteroid Belt ......................................43 Religion............................................... 83 Getting on the same page ............ 109
Jupiter ................................................44 Astralists ........................................... 83 Maneuvers ...................................... 110
Saturn ................................................45 Mimirians .......................................... 83 Assessments .................................... 111
Uranus ...............................................46 Traditional Religions.......................... 83 Declarations .................................... 112
Neptune .............................................47 Neo-Religions .................................... 83 Example of Play ............................... 114
Notable Exoplanets ............................ 48 The Houses ......................................... 84 Conflict and Consequences .............. 115
Chngdn ..........................................48 House Cipriani ................................... 84 The Basics of Conflict ...................... 115
Cygnus Alpha .....................................49 House Dalianis................................... 86 Stress Tracks & Consequences ........ 115
Proch..................................................50 House Jinzhan ................................... 88 Concessions..................................... 116

Recovering Stress & Consequences . 117 Push/Pull/Throw ..............................141 Stunts ............................................... 166
Defeat .............................................. 118 Purchasing Items ..............................141 Savant Programs .............................. 177
Recovery Facilities............................ 118 Rep-Ratings (Tracking & Using
Emergency Aid ................................. 118 Reputation) ...............................143 CHAPTER 6 - GEAR ............................... 190
Running Conflicts ............................. 119 Resleeving, Forking and Merging .....146 Weapons .......................................... 191
Physical Conflict ............................... 120 Restrain/Pin .....................................148 Gauss/Coil Guns .............................. 191
Mental Conflict ................................ 122 Size and Weight ...............................148 Particle Acceleration Guns (PAc
System Conflict ................................ 125 Suppression Fire...............................150 Guns) ...................................... 191
Example of Conflict .......................... 126 Taking Aim .......................................150 Explosives ........................................ 192
Sequences ........................................ 128 Taking Cover ....................................150 Melee Weapons .............................. 192
Setup................................................ 128 Time .................................................151 Personal Armor ............................... 193
Running the Sequence ..................... 128 Vacuum ............................................151 Restricted Items ............................... 194
Sequenced Conflicts ......................... 129 Zero Gravity .....................................151 Item Statistics................................... 195
Sequenced Favors ............................ 130 Zones ...............................................152 Weapon Rating (WR) ....................... 195
Sequences and the SINC Skill ........... 130 Armor Rating (AR) ........................... 195
Sample Sequence ............................. 130
CHAPTER 5 - CHARACTERS ................... 153
Explosive Rating (ExR) ..................... 195
Sample Sequence Skill Uses ............. 131 Character Creation ........................... 154 Equipment Rating (ER) .................... 195
Playing the Game ............................. 132 The Character Concept.....................154 Range Rating ................................... 195
Ambushing ....................................... 132 Step #1 - Select Aspects ...................155 Cost Rating ...................................... 195
Beam Weapons ................................ 132 Step #2 Determine Your Starting Equipment Modifications ................. 196
Block Actions.................................... 133 State..........................................156 Other Notes ..................................... 196
Crafting and Repair .......................... 134 Step #3 Distribute Skill Ranks ........158
Ammunition ..................................... 196
Diseases and Viruses (Biological and Step #4 Select Stunts .....................159
Item Aspects .................................... 197
Digital) ...................................... 135 Step #5 Determine Allegiance .......159
Step #6 Determine Starting Rep-
Special Ammunition ......................... 198
Falling .............................................. 135
Rating ........................................160 Firearms ........................................... 199
Fire and Environmental Hazards ...... 136
Full Auto Weapons ........................... 137 Step #7 Select Starting Gear ..........160 Melee Weapons ............................... 201
Full Defense ..................................... 137 Step #8 Calculate Stress Boxes ......160 Armor ............................................... 202
Help from Others ............................. 137 Character Advancement ..................160 Explosives......................................... 202
Hiding, Shadowing & Camouflage .... 137 Sample Characters............................ 161 Armor Features ................................ 203
Hold Your Action .............................. 138 Trouble Shooter ................................161 Misc. Equipment .............................. 204
Mnemonic Editing ............................ 139 Soldier of Fortune .............................162 Sleeves ............................................. 210
Out of Ammo, Overheating & Shadowy Spy Master ........................163 Biosleeve ......................................... 211
Reloading .................................. 139 Renegade Savant .............................164 Cybersleeve ..................................... 212
Poisons and Drugs ............................ 140 Tactical Genius .................................165 Augmentations................................. 213

Off The Rack Sleeves ........................ 214
Sample Augmentations .................... 218
Drones ............................................. 231
Controlling a Drone .......................... 231
Creating a Drone .............................. 231
Drone Augmentations ...................... 233

CHAPTER 7 - APPENDIX ....................... 234

Antagonists ...................................... 234
Extras ............................................... 235
Game Master Played Character
(GMPCs) .................................... 235
Game Term Glossary ........................ 239

Special Thanks ....................................... 245

Change Log............................................ 245



forces. Ideological extremists commit acts of terror using the
INTRODUCTION latest horror to spring from a factory or test tube
Things have changed. We have changed. And the value of a human soul is weighed and measured in
Earth is lost to us, but even in the aftermath of this terrible lines of code.
tragedy, we grow, evolve and even prosper. We have witnessed Nova Praxis is a post-singularity sci-fi setting that explores
the death of our mother and the birth of a new era. transhumanism and post-scarcity societies against a backdrop
In what might have been the end, the synthesis of biology of action, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue.
and technology proved our salvation. Augmentation, ranging
from basic genetic manipulation to Apotheosis, set us on the
path of prosperity. But it also emphasized the importance of
Nova Praxis is
identity, individual humanity, and the purity of the species. a table-top role-playing game featuring an evolution of the
The loss of Earth and the resulting Exodus gave us a award winning FATE game system utilized in Strands of Fate;
oportunity to start over with a clean slate. And we seized it. streamlined and tailored specifically for Nova Praxis.

Though the need for organization, stability and a reliable self-contained. You do not need to own, or be familiar with, any
government was clear, the old ways were seen by most as other FATE game to play Nova Praxis.
archaic, clumsy and too prone to corruption. a relatively "hard sci-fi" setting that takes place in the aftermath
of a short lived technological singularity.
It was time for a new way a Nova Praxis.
Today, social networks allow the will of the people to be an exploration of the tropes of transhuman sci-fi. Mind
uploading, resleeving, AI characters, and body augmentation.
measured instantly, accurately and without the need for
representation. The Coalition, guided by the collective voice of an exploration of the societal impact of a reputation based post-
its people, has established new homes on worlds lit by new scarcity economy.
suns. Molecular assembly technology has made it possible for a game in which players play characters who know how to slip
society to provide a quality of life never before imagined, at between the cracks of civilization and perform the jobs their
essentially no cost, to everyone. And we are virtually immortal. patrons would rather keep off the books.
But can this would-be Utopia last? ...a setting full of conflict. The Houses wage a secret Shadow War
Corruption in the Coalition government fosters decay from against each other, purist and transhuman ideologies erupt in
violence, and apostates lash out against the oppression of the
within. The Houses, our benefactors and patrons, run shadowy
Coalition government.
networks of intrigue, espionage and assassination. Apostates,
non-citizens, condemn those who would trade their privacy for ...home to gauss rifles, powered armor, star ships, security drones,
the Coalitions false security. Remnants of Earths old bipedal war frames, swarms of nanomachines, kill-sats, and the
governments wage an unrelenting guerilla war on Coalition horrors of accelerated evolution gone wrong.

augmentation technology eventually led to a form of
WHAT HAS COME BEFORE immortality. A process called Apotheosis allowed us to
In the year 2042, the exponentially accelerating rate of transform the conscious mind into a type of artificial
technological advancement finally gave way to an event the intelligence... software that could persist forever.
historians call The Singularity. This event was marked by the And what could be done for the mind could be done for the
birth of a truly sentient artificial intelligence capable of body. A process called Synthesis created a union of man and
reasoning and creativity. machine, an interweaving blend of biological and synthetic
This being, called Mimir, mysteriously shut down after only a fibers.
short period of activity. Brief though its life may have been, it Some even gave up the flesh entirely to live in fully synthetic
left behind a legacy of advanced knowledge that would plant bodies; or as purely digital entities in a virtual environment.
the seeds of the next technological revolution. This event Extreme augmentation and genetic manipulation offered
resulted in a massive paradigm shift, a new era in which hope for some, but inspired fear in others. Movements arose to
advancements are made by picking up the breadcrumbs left codify the meaning of human. Laws were passed to maintain
behind by a dead machine of godlike intellect. the purity of humanity, ensuring that the species did not
Yet even as we prospered, new technologies gave way to diverge and to protect those who would eschew augmentation
new challenges. More efficient automated manufacturing from obsolescence. In time, this became a hotbed of debate as
techniques eventually grew into macro-factories and nano- purists argued for humanitys legacy while transhumanists
material fabrication systems that largely removed the need for fought for the right to alter their bodies as they saw fit.
physical labor. This, along with many other developments, Yet, despite all the wonders of this new technological
caused unemployment rates to skyrocket worldwide. renaissance, man continued to fall prey to his baser instincts.
In time, even the harshest critics of social welfare programs Political upheaval gave way to a global war that raged across
found themselves unable to offer alternatives. Millions were the planet for decades. Millions died. But in the end, the
without jobs, yet the resources to provide them with a safe and greatest casualty was Mother Earth herself. The planet was
happy life sprouted in abundance. consumed by the technophage and mankind fled to the stars in
Currency values plummeted, and the worlds economies and a mass evacuation that came to be called the Exodus.
government power structures began a seemingly unstoppable Scattered and desperate, people turned to the corporations
decline into chaos. All seemed lost, but salvation eventually for leadership. Even before the Exodus, tens of thousands of
emerged in the form of new economies not driven by the people had already left Earth to pursue the off-world interests
traditional concepts of supply and demand. of a number of corporate backers looking for an edge. After the
And it was not only societal constructs that underwent loss of Earth, and the collapse of its governments, it fell to the
massive changes, but also humanity itself. Advances in corporations to guide the fate of humanity.

In time, the largest corporations grew to become what we But all is not well
now know as the Houses. And these voluntary corporate The remnants of Earths old governments plant seeds of
governments eventually came together to form a rebellion at the edges of explored space. Advanced
Consociationalist governing body called the Coalition. technologies give way to terrible new dangers. The Houses
Made up of a Council of Senators from each of the six wage a Shadow War against each other while attempting to
Houses, the Coalition codifies and enforces the will of its maintain a public faade of unity.
citizens. As humanity begins to spread throughout the galaxy, And the debate over the definition of human has begun to
their journey is guided by the combined efforts of the Coalition grow violent.
and the Houses.

Archives before enough information can be pieced together to
ASPECTS OF NOVA PRAXIS actually result in a new discovery.
Post-Singularity So while Mimir-tech devices cannot be legally patented, any
information that is successfully extracted from the Archives and
The technological singularity is defined as the moment that deciphered is a closely held secret by those who did it.
the exponential acceleration of technological advancement Though widely used, Mimir-tech is relatively poorly
outpaces humanitys ability to keep pace with it, or even understood. Mimir-tech devices are several orders of
understand it. magnitude more complex than pre-singularity human systems,
In Nova Praxis, this event was demonstrated by the birth of and no single person can fully understand them. Experts
an artificial general intelligence (AGI) capable of human levels generally only understand portions of a Mimir-tech system,
of creativity. This "dynamic creation engine" was capable of small modules designed by Mimir to be human friendly and
thinking at a rate roughly ten-thousand times faster than a usually for a specific task.
human mind. It never forgot, never needed rest, and could Mimir-tech computers run on quantum processors, store
accurately simulate its theories and ideas without need for seemingly endless amounts of data on crystalline decks, and
interaction with the real world. are virtually impossible to hack. Each is outfitted with a low
This AGI, called Mimir, is responsible for the vast majority of level AI specifically designed to detect and deter unauthorized
the miraculous technological advancements that help define intrusions. These AIs can react millions of times faster than a
the Nova Praxis setting. Before it mysteriously shut down, would-be human hacker, and respond accordingly.
Mimir paved the way for molecular assemblers, faster than This level of security is necessary of course, for all the world
light travel, artificial gravity, virtually unlimited clean energy, runs on computer systems. Door locks, sensor arrays, pressure
and lossless human brain emulation. seals, gravity generators, data transmissions, lights, speakers
Mimirs discoveries resulted in a paradigm shift in the way it all runs on computers to form a network called a mesh.
humans develop new technologies. Before Mimir, technology
improved by using the tools of yesterday to create the tools of
tomorrow, resulting in a rapidly accelerating exponential rate Post-Scarcity
of technological evolution. Now, after Mimir, new technologies Post-singularity technology changed the way humans live in
are instead developed by deciphering Mimir's Archive; within many ways. But perhaps no single invention had a greater
which is stored logs of its discoveries, theories and inventions. impact on society than the molecular assembler. Called
Mimir-tech is the common term used to refer to compilers, these devices are capable of building finished
technology developed by Mimir, though this term is rarely used goods from raw material, assembling them at the molecular
as pretty much all technology used today stems from Mimir. level.
Mimir-tech devices cannot be legally patented, but it often
takes tens of thousands of man hours sifting through Mimirs

Forks, plates, weapons, electronic devices, and even food can
be compiled from the raw materials fed into the machine. This
The Fall of Earth
reduces the labor and shipping costs of production to zero. And The Consolidation Wars ended with the release of the most
with a stable system of raw matter dispensation, most items devastating weapon the human race has ever known.
can be produced on demand at nearly no cost. It was thought that unleashing the technophage on the
Compilers are incredibly common in Coalition society, and Alliance capital would shock Alliance forces into surrender. And
one only needs the proper template software to create almost it might have worked had things gone according to plan.
anything. These templates are linked to a citizens Coalition The Federation government claimed it had only meant to
Identification, and records are kept of everything he or she destroy Brasilia. But for unknown reasons, the technophage did
compiles. Restricted items cant be compiled without the not stop. Instead of going dormant, it began attacking anything
proper licenses. and everything. It grew, and kept growing, and began to sweep
As one might expect, widespread use of compilers across the world like a technological plague.
devastated the world economy, necessitating drastic change. A rolling mass of nanomachines, the technophage swarmed
So when the Houses founded the Coalition, they used the over the city and its people, ripping them apart on a molecular
opportunity to establish a new economy based not on goods or level and assembling the usable base material into autonomous
materials, but on reputation and favors. war machines. The gray fog swept the land, leaving only dust
In time, multiple attempts at Rep tracking systems eventually and murderous drones in its wake.
merged into a single government agency called Inter-Rep. The Consolidation Wars ground to a halt as both sides
Monitored by powerful AIs, this system attempts to quantify a worked to defeat, or at least contain, the spreading blight. But
citizens contributions to society and the value of his or her it was too little, too late. The governments of Earth effectively
opinion. This rating is established as people rate each other, collapsed. Entire nations, those lacking the necessary weapons
offering a bump when they like someone or a hit when they to fight the nano-swarm, were lost. And even the developed
dont. Rep can also be exchanged like currency for favors or nations took tremendous casualties as the swarm adapted and
high value goods. built new drones designed with specially tailored defense
The higher your Rep, the more you are able to take from systems. It soon became clear that any hope of survival lay in
society before suffering a Rep hit, the greater the value of your retreat.
bumps and hits, and the greater the value of your vote. Earths governments scattered and broken, the corporations
For better or worse, this system is also used to measure of the world stepped in and directed their vast resources to
privilege in other ways. For example, some exclusive clubs aiding in the evacuation. Millions fled during the Exodus, but
require a minimum Rep-Rating to be allowed in. And depending many billions were lost.
on which House you belong to, youll find certain items require Now, Earth lies under quarantine. None are allowed to return
more or less Rep to acquire. home for fear that the technophage might be able to spread.

Rise of the Houses Utopian Prison/Dystopian Freedom
After the fall of Earth, the survivors found themselves Because of the wealth of resources available, the Coalition
scattered and without leadership. The governments had all but can afford to provide its citizens with the option to default.
collapsed and what remained was weakened and ultimately Citizens who default generally do not provide anything of
powerless. value to society. They dont work and they dont provide many
As a result, the people found themselves looking to their favors to others. They may or may not create objects of art or
saviors, the corporations, for guidance. Most were living on that hold some other sort of value, but if they do, they do so at
ships or colonies owned by the corporations during this time, their own pace. The Rep-rating of a person who defaults may
and simply had no other authority to turn to. never climb very high, but so long as they avoid being a
This era of desperation and confusion eventually led to the problem they can live out the remainder of their lives never
formation of a new government. The corporations began to really doing anything they dont want to do.
band together to form larger, more effective, ruling bodies. The To many, this is paradise. But not to all
largest of the corporate micro-governments, six in total, came While many would have you believe that the Coalition
together to charter a new nation that would encompass the lifestyle is free, there are others who believe that registered
whole of humanity. The corporations came to be called the citizens pay an unacceptably high price. And not every person
Houses, and together they became the Coalition of Free States. accepts the rule of the Coalition.
Every registered Coalition citizen is a member of a House, Coalition cities, habitats and homes sport nearly ubiquitous
which fills the role of both local government and employer. The surveillance technology. The ARIS strips that provide the
Houses enforce both the laws of the Coalition, and a set of interface between your devices (and/or mindset) and the local
House Laws that vary from House to House. mesh also functions as the eyes and ears of an AI monitor that
The Houses structure and govern themselves in different watches your every move.
ways. Some are more business-like, while others take a more Coalition citizens have grown accustomed to this, and most
feudal approach. And unlike the nations of old, the Houses do never give it much thought. There are some, however, to whom
not recognize borders. Regardless of where you are, you are this invasion of privacy is simply intolerable.
expected to obey the laws of the Coalition and your House. Apostates, as non-citizens are often called, value their privacy
As corporations, the Houses operate all business in the and choose to live outside the Coalition system. They live on
Coalition. And while each House has different markets they ships, secret space stations, or enclaves on planets the
specialize in, citizens can file to establish subsidiary companies Coalition deemed unworthy of colonization. Without access to
that can produce or provide any sort of legal product or service. compilers, apostates must get food, clothing, and other
It is because of these subsidiaries that every House has ended necessities the old fashion way. Its a harder life, but at least
up with at least some small stake in pretty much every market. they are free from the ever-watching eyes of the Coalition.

Conspiracy and Intrigue
As one might expect, the Coalition does not take kindly to
those who would live outside its laws.
Often times confirmed apostates are arrested on sight. But
that assumes, of course, that there is not something to be
gained by letting them go. While its far from public knowledge,
the Houses regularly work with apostates and apostate factions
when it suits them; granting them access to equipment and
supplies in exchange for favors best kept off the books.
The Houses, as organizations founded upon competition, do
not always work with the best intentions of the other Houses in
mind. In truth, what appears on the surface to be civil and
respectful competition between the Houses is just a thin
veneer of civility over the bloody and brutal Shadow War. The
Houses, each and every one, employ kidnapping, murder,
torture, theft, blackmail and a laundry list of other shady or
outright illegal operations to gain an advantage over the other
Houses, or even another subsidiary within the same House.
The soldiers in this war are apostates or citizens who know
how to slip through societys cracks. These mercenary crews
run jobs for the Houses that range from unethical to outright
condemnable, and are made of individuals from any and all
walks of life. Pure, sleeved, SIM, citizen, apostate it doesnt
matter so long as they are willing to uphold the terms of their
contract and deny the involvement of the patron.
And the public at large has no idea.
The Houses have an unspoken agreement that the Shadow
War remain hidden from the public eye. Disorganization and
infighting within the Coalition damages the illusion of safety
and comfort provided to the people, which could lead to
instability and discontent.

Nobody wants that. Thus, the Houses will sometimes even go
so far as to cover up their rivals indiscretions to maintain this
The Last Frontier
illusion. They will expect to be compensated of course, and While Earth may be lost, humanity now thrives on over a
much shame falls on the House that accepts this type of aid. dozen planets. And millions live their lives on smaller colonies
Still, the Shadow War and apostate crackdowns arent the or space stations.
only sources of bloodshed in the galaxy. One of Mimirs greatest gifts to humanity was the technology
While a growing number of people join the transhumanist that allowed for the folding of space, the creation of jump gates
movement each year, a larger number still stand in opposition. that made instantaneous travel between locations possible.
The Humanity Preservation Act was put into law by Purists While nearly impossible to use in the gravity well of a planet,
who feared what transhumans could eventually become. The jump gates can be created in space to allow ships to travel vast
Purists, generally eschewing augmentation technology for one distances, bridging the gap of a few light-years in seconds. This
reason or another, fear that transhumans would relegate them technology allows ships capable of opening jump gates, or the
to an inferior species. Or worse, make them a slave species. use of the public gate network, to travel between star systems.
The HPA limits the degree to which a person can change his However, jump gates also have a minimum jump distance, so
body, and puts restrictions on how SIMs can operate. It seeks travel within a star system is performed using sub-light engines
to avoid splitting the human race into diverging subspecies, and that, while incredibly fast, can still require days to commute
makes sure that pure humans can remain competitive. between planets.
While citizens vote to make adjustments to the HPA every Aboard a ship, artificial gravity is generated to insure the
few years, most transhumans are content with the degree of health of the crew, and the ships themselves are powered by
change they are allowed. And most purists are happy with their APEX reactors capable of supplying nearly unlimited energy by
position, feeling that the HPA provides them with sufficient harnessing the power of matter/anti-matter reactions.
protection from a need to augment to remain equal.
But there are extremists. Posthumans seek to push the Augmented and Virtual Reality
human mind and body beyond what the law allows. They
In the time of Nova Praxis, computers are everywhere. Even
transform themselves into genetically engineered
the poorest apostate enclaves feature nearly ubiquitous
monstrosities, distributed intelligence drone swarms, or any
computer and sensor systems meshes. Yet, even as
number of other things along their path to ascension.
computers are everywhere, youll rarely notice them.
At the other end of the spectrum, Purifiers plant bombs in
Gone are the keyboards and mice. Even touch screens and
resleeving facilities. They chop off peoples cyberware limbs or
holographic displays are relics of a bygone era. Interaction with
rip out their mnemonic cores. They view transhumans as
computer systems is done almost exclusively via neural
cheaters and infected, and many see those who have
interface or gesture based augmented reality or virtual reality
undergone apotheosis as nothing more than soulless shells.

Augmented Reality Virtualities
Glasses, contact lenses, entoptic augmentations or The possibilities of AR are vast, but it still depends on an
cybernetic replacement can allow the user to see computer element of the real world. Virtual environments, however, do
generated data called augmented reality objects, or AROs, not suffer that limitation.
overlaid upon the world around you. Nicknamed the Infinite Frontier, virtual environments are
Those with a mindset (see below) have this data fed directly incredibly popular. A special type of link, called an ego
into their visual cortex. channel, hijacks signals in your brain and replaces them with a
This data can highlight interesting features in the users stream of virtual data. A mindset can perform this task as well.
environment; feed them data about the people they meet, or Whether by ego channel or mindset, the end result is total
display any other sort of information that might be relevant immersion into a virtual world.
about the users location or surroundings. Virtualities range from the fantastic and strange to
Your AR system may adorn a blank wall with an ARO painting environments so realistic that they cannot be distinguished
or window playing a video. A plain stone floor and empty room from the real world.
might appear to be a lush garden. Or your agent, normally a
disembodied voice in your head, might walk along beside you. Transhumanity
When used as a computer interface, an ARO version of a
keyboard or other type of interface device will appear before Even before the birth of Mimir, humanity was already making
the user. He cant actually feel the object of course, but the great strides in the realm of biotechnology and genetic
local mesh sensors track the movements of the user and manipulation. But Mimirs contributions to these fields resulted
translate them into input. So by typing on an ARO keyboard, in an explosion of potential when it introduced the procedures
the user can enter data into the system. for apotheosis and synthesis.
Alternatively, neural mapping systems can be worn that During Apotheosis, a colony of nanomachines is introduced
translate thoughts into computer input. These devices are into the brain via a series of injections. The whole process takes
usually just called links, and often take the form of small about a week, during which time the nanomachines
device clipped over the ear, a hat, or headdress. Like a mindset, systematically destroy and replace the majority of the brain
a link allows the user to issue commands to a computer cells in the recipients cerebrum. The replacement of a single
mentally. This technology makes other types of interface brain cell has no effect on a person. But during apotheosis, one
devices, real or ARO, unnecessary. by one, billions of brain cells are replaced by nanomachines
that carry out the function of the replaced cell.
That said, neural links require a certain amount of focus. So
interface devices (real or ARO) are still sometimes used in The result is a mesh of networked nanomachines called a
distracting or chaotic environments. mindset. Its impossible to pinpoint the exact moment this

happens. But slowly, and almost imperceptibly to the subject,
the mind is transformed into software.
The mindset interfaces directly with the mind and can Like all modern technology, the mindset was developed by
overlay information directly over the users five senses. It also Mimir. And like most augmentation technology, it comes with a
features a low level AI called an Agent, which manages the number of restrictions put in place by the Humanity
users calendar, incoming and outgoing messages, social Preservation Act. These restrictions insure that the
networks, and whatever else the user requires. apotheosized cant use the mindset to enhance themselves
And perhaps most importantly, the mindset monitors the beyond human limits. Thus, even with a mindset, the software
users memories and stores a copy in a special nanocluster mind still forgets, dreams, struggles with unwanted emotions,
called a mnemonic core. The core can be extracted from the etc.
body and used to download the mind contained within into There are some however, who have discovered the key to
another body. This can be done in the event of death, or if the bypassing these restrictions. This is a very dangerous process,
person simply wishes to have a new body. as it requires editing the code that comprises the mind itself.
The Synthesis process does for the body what Apotheosis Some Savants say that they found a back door into the
does for the mind. Trillions of nanomachines are introduced system, though if that were true, it would be the only Mimir-
into the body, weaving through the living tissue to form a mesh tech system to ever be hacked by a human. Still others believe
of biological and synthetic cells. This hybrid of organic and that Mimir left a back door open on purpose so that those
synthetic life is far more durable than a normal human body, humans worthy of doing so could achieve freedom.
and can be monitored and controlled far more precisely. Those that have succeeded claim that the key to cracking the
Synthesis represents a harmonic merger of man and system differs from person to person. Likely this is because
machines, organic and synthetic life working in balance. each mind is different, and thus, the code is different. But
Perhaps even more than SIMs and cybersleeves, who many no whatever the case, a Savant cannot teach another person how
longer consider human at all; transhumans who have to crack their mindsets restrictions. They must figure it out for
undergone Synthesis are held up as examples of the potential themselves.
of the human race. Once cracked, the Savant can begin writing a special type of
It is estimated that roughly 35% of all humanity has computer code they call SINC (Self-Interfacing Neural Code).
undergone apotheosis. And roughly 7% have undergone This code is used to compile programs that allow them to pit
synthesis. But even those who havent have likely been their Daemon (what Savants call an unrestricted Agent) against
augmented in some way. Gene treatments are performed in the security AIs of other computers.
the womb, elective cybernetic and biological augmentations This can result in short term access to the target computer
are all the rage these days, and new evolutionary philosophies system, granting them control over the aspects of the
arise each day. environment the target computer is responsible for.

responding to thought and stimulus with the same
THE TIMELINE OF EVENTS efficiency and sensitivity as a real flesh and bone limb.
Work begins on Project Mimir.
Pre-2030 AD
Technological advances begin to lead to economic 2042 AD (The Technological Singularity)
destabilization. Mimir, a type of AGI called a dynamic creation engine, or
The job market collapses, yet supply and demand are DCE, becomes self-aware and begins evolving
unaffected. exponentially. After only a short time, it mysteriously stops
Millions of willing and able people are left without jobs, functioning.
forcing the governments of the world to seek ways to Humanity scrambles to make sense out of the discoveries
provide for everyone. and inventions Mimir made while active.
DCEs, such as Mimir, are declared extinction level
2031-2041 AD weapons of mass destruction and global threats.
Exponential technologies lead to quantum computing,
powerful and reliable artificial intelligence, and hundreds of
1-3 PS (2043-2045 AD)
minor improvements to the daily life of 1 world citizens, The first year of the Post-Singularity calendar.
even the millions without jobs.
The NASA probe, Poseidon, discovers a jellyfish like
Breakthroughs in the areas of nano-scale material creature beneath the ice of Europa. Pressure is put on the
fabrication and power management systems allow for scientific community to investigate further.
much more efficient space travel. The Mars expedition is
Several UN nations come together to plan the launch of an
led by American scientist and astronaut, Alexander Brown.
exploration team from Luna.
The first human, Petra Gregor, a Russian, steps onto the
surface of Mars. The United Nations Explorations Directive (UNED) is formed
to act as humanitys guide in regards to space exploration.
Lunar Base Station 1, or Luna, becomes fully functional.
By this time, most all diseases can be cured and the
Advances in food production, water purification and solar
average lifespan is 180 years.
energy enhance the lives of millions in poorer countries.
Transhumanist movements explode in popularity. Efforts 4-8 PS (2046-2050 AD)
increaseto explore the limits and potential of biological life. This period is one of transition and restructuring as old
In a British lab, the marriage of nanotech and advanced economic models crumble and a new economic model
biotech result in the first cybernetic limb capable of begins to gain footing in an increasingly post-scarcity world.
This new economic system first takes hold in European first

world countries. It is called the Rep-Reward system; which many nations to combine efforts for the good of mankind.
grants rewards and privileges above a default standard of Negotiations begin around the world to determine whether
living based on how much you contribute to society. or not any sort of planet-wide unification is realistic, and
Lacking the technological infrastructure required to support what steps need to be taken to make it a reality.
the Rep-Reward system, the poorer nations still hold to Broadcast power technology matures to the point that
more traditional economic models, such as the use of batteries and cables are no longer necessary for most
currency or bartering. And though technically illegal, powered items as long as they remain in the broadcast field
bartering remains a common practice even among citizens of a generator. Most cities are completely covered by
of 1 world nations; especially those with lower rep-ratings. government maintained broadcast power fields.
An expedition team lands on Europa and gathers samples
of alien life. Scientists studying the alien creatures discover 11-18 PS (2053-2060 AD)
that they evolved from single celled organisms into Under the direction of the UNED, a team of Japanese
complex life in less than ten thousand years. scientists are able to create a reliable cold fusion reactor.
The discovery of complex alien life has a unification effect This discovery, one of many taken unearthed from Mimirs
on the people of Earth. There is a world-wide push to fund Archive, solves one of the main problems with space travel
any technologies related to space exploration, and and colonization: power generation and its resulting waste
governments begin forging new alliances in an effort to management.
share resources to fund any and all space programs. This Elective genetic augmentations become legal in both the
time becomes referred to as the Space Craze of the 40s. Alliance and Federation.
The first of what will be many drafts of the Earth The first cold fusion reactors quickly hit the market for
Unification Act is proposed and rejected. The EUA is pushed commercial consumption. The technology is developed and
primarily by poorer countries to unify Earth under a single marketed by a new multi-national group formed to spread
governing body. the use of efficient, clean, energy to the whole world.
The first Lunar labs open for private industry use. Luna The abundant energy provided by cold fusion, coupled with
becomes the host for many dangerous experiments due to some of Mimirs other discoveries, allows for the creation
its ability to easily quarantine dangerous accidents. of the first gravity field devices. These devices can create
artificial gravity, or generate anti-gravity to provide lift.
9-10 PS (2051-2052 AD) Another version of the Earth Unification Act fails by only a
Construction starts on the first space elevator, nicknamed small margin. Seventeen countries continue to maintain
The Beanstalk. their independence from the growing number of nations
Another draft of the EUA goes around. It fails, but this time supporting merger. Among the more adamant naysayers
it is taken more seriously. The success of the UNED inspires are the United States, Switzerland, Brazil and Germany.

19-24 PS (2061-2066 AD) foster cheaper and more efficient trade between Alliance
members. The Alliance members withdraw from UNED.
The first cold fusion powered spacecraft goes on line. Much
bigger than anything that came before it, the Archangel Gravity field technology and AI pilots give way to the first
houses a crew of forty-two men and women from different commercially available flying car.
nations. In addition to the first cold fusion starship drive, Fearing the permanent loss of True Humans as a result of
the Archangel also sports the largest gravity field generator growing interest in augmentation technology, the Purist
ever built, though it can only be used for short periods. movement is founded by Daniel Pullem.
Despite the hold-outs, many of the more influential nations Angelique Barns takes to life as a SIM, and becomes an
pushing for the implementation of the EUA band together outspoken proponent of transhuman ideals.
to form the United Federation of Earth, or simply The
Federation. Dealings between Federation and non- 30-32 PS (2072-2074 AD)
Federation nations grow cold. The Federation cuts off all trade with the Alliance until
Advances in nanotechnology give way to the first mindsets, Brazil lowers taxes on Federation usage of the Beanstalk. In
injections of nanites that set up tiny computer networks in response, Brazil cuts off all non-Alliance access to the
the brain. The first person to undergo Apotheosis, Beanstalk completely. Unable to use the space elevator,
Angelique Barns, steps out of the tank. the Federation must depend on less efficient means of
getting its people and supplies into space.
25-29 PS (2067-2071 AD) Both Alliance and Federation scientists continue to conduct
After making several trips from Earth to Luna, and aiding in extensive research and testing in the field of genetic
the production of the first space elevator, the Archangel manipulation. Humans can be born with any number of
sets off to Mars where it begins preparing for colonization. inhuman traits, arguably giving rise to dozens of
The first space elevator, the Beanstalk, is authorized for divergent species. More drastically, designer retroviruses
civilian use. It extends from the equator in Brazil to a height allow you to make drastic changes to your body by re-
of ninety-five miles above sea level. Brazil, not a member of writing your DNA.
the Federation, demands higher taxes for the Beanstalks The Federation begins making plans to build their own
use by Federation nations. space elevator in Africa. Beanstalk becomes a slang term
The USA, Brazil and Italy lead the way in forming the for all space elevators.
National Freedom Alliance, or simply the Alliance. These The human race begins to diverge. Apotheosis begins to
three nations, along with the remaining nations not already gain in popularity. And with the mastery of genetic
members of the Federation, band together in an attempt to manipulation comes the ability to transform the body,
often to extremes. The definition of human becomes an
often discussed topic.

33-39 PS (2075-2081 AD) 43-50 PS (2085-2092 AD)
Spearheaded by Purists, the Humanity Preservation Act is A jump gate opened between the Lunar labs and Earth
passed in an effort to keep augmented humans from destabilizes and implodes. Hundreds die as over a square
becoming a dominant species and to keep humanity from mile of the Lunar colony is violently plunged through the
evolving into several divergent sub-species. It is able to gate and explosively released in the mated lab in Seattle,
place limits on the augmentation of biological life, but since Washington.
SIMs and people wearing cybersleeves already existed, the All planetary gates are taken offline. It is quickly
HPA was unable to ban them. determined that the gates are too subjective to local
The Alliance develops the first stable APEX (Antiparticle gravity fluctuations to remain reliable and safe. And the
Exchange) reactors, but the feeble antimatter production larger the gate, the more susceptible it is. To remain stable,
industry cant produce enough to drive up demand for jump gates need to be opened outside the gravity well of
reactors. any nearby planets or moons.
A number of new socialist care initiatives begin to smooth An extremist loyal to the Federation sets off a bomb
out the differences between the different social classes in stowed away in cargo as it headed up the original
the Federation. At the same time, as technology eliminates Beanstalk in Brazil. It does millions of dollars in damage and
more and more jobs, countries who once aggressively causes the elevator to be shut down for three months.
stood against socialism find they have no choice but to Though the Federation as a whole quickly disavows any
offer better social programs. knowledge of the extremists plans, this act begins a tense
cold war that will eventually erupt into the Consolidation
40-42 PS (2082-2084 AD) War.
Though not common enough to replace cold fusion
Both the Federation and Alliance begin committing
technology, with the essentially unlimited energy granted
tremendous resources to the production of military assets.
by antimatter reactors, Alliance scientists on a laboratory
outpost on the Martian moon, Phobos, create a stable The first star ships are outfitted with onboard weaponry.
worm hole. This hole, later dubbed a jump gate, opens At this time, while Earth and Luna largely belong to the
to another lab in Italy, facilitating instantaneous travel Federation, the Alliance controls all of Mars. And with
between locations. After months of testing, the first Mars, comes the Martian resources. Martian mining
human, an Italian named Paolo Lorrenzo, steps through a becomes big business, with most of the labor performed by
Jump Gate. machines.
The first human, Marko Rolph, undergoes Synthesis. This After a number of complications, the first Federation space
sparks controversy about the HPA again, leading to hot elevator goes online in Africa.
topic debates among citizens, politicians and scientists.

The first batches of small scale cold fusion powered space The Alliance and Federation both declare their intent to
craft roll off the assembly line, giving birth to civilian space explore the Sirius system, as it is the closest system to
transports. The military begins development of Alpha Class Earth that sports what is believed to be a garden planet.
Shuttles and Beta Class Cutters. The previous large This calls for the need for more advanced jump gate
scale spacecraft designs are scrapped and new, larger, technology.
ships are branded Gamma Class Frigates.
Continued improvements in jump gate technology lead to 54-58 PS (2096-2100 AD)
the first ever pair of off-world jump rings, massive rings An exploratory armada from the Federation jumps to the
that house a jump gate large enough for a starship to pass Sirius System. There they find a lush planet very much like
through. They are created and controlled by the Earth. While teaming with life, the Earth-like planet (later
Federation. The first is located at the E-M L2 Lagrange named Proch) has no sentient human-like species. Instead,
point, and named the Eye of Sol. The second is called the it seems to be in a state similar to Earth's Mesozoic era.
Mercurial Gateway, and is placed near Mercury. The first Psi Class Carrier, The Osiris, is commissioned by
With the placement of the jump rings near Earth and the Alliance. It is outfitted with a jump gate generator
Mercury, advances in the fields of cold fusion, and vast capable of creating a gate large enough for it, and dozens
improvements in solar power efficiency; hundreds of of smaller craft docked within, to pass through.
Panel Fields are placed on Mercury. The solar energy is An Alliance armada arrives in the Sirius system. Both the
used to power antimatter manufacturing facilities on a Alliance and the Federation declare their intent to colonize
massive scale. While Mercury is not the only source of anti- Proch and quickly deploy a jump ring to the system.
matter production, it is the largest and quickly becomes the Small scale conflicts arise over control of Sirius IVs more
most efficient. desirable locations. Over the course of the year, these
conflicts erupt into open war. At first the conflict is
51-53 PS (2093-2095 AD) contained on Proch, but it begins to boil over to other areas
A galactic communications network is set up based on of Alliance/Federation conflict.
communication buoys linked by a micro-jump gate The Alliance destroys the Federations largest jump ring,
network. This information is still not real time for the
the Eye of Sol and the jump ring set up near Proch. The
most remote locations, but generally has no more than an
Federation is effectively cut off from providing supplies and
hour delay at worst. reinforcements for its troops on Proch. Total war breaks
The first Delta Class Dreadnought, The Ravager, is out on Earth after the Federation creates a blockade
commissioned by the Alliance. It is the first ship powered around Mercury and claims its vast anti-matter production
by an APEX reactor. capabilities as its own.
The Consolidation War begins.

59-69 PS (2101-2111 AD) By the end of the war, humans have colonies on every
Over the course of the next ten years, Alliance and hospitable planet in the Sol system, many of their moons,
Federation forces wage war on land, sea, air, and space; and even in the asteroid belt. In addition, several planets
across multiple continents, planets and star systems. and moons in the other explored star systems have
colonies and even small cities in some cases. The colonies
Throwing caution to the wind in favor of finding some sort
established early in the expansion race, such as those on
of edge in the battle, humanity rushes out to dozens of
Proch, Cygnus Alpha and Shuy, grow quickly with the aid
other star systems in hopes of finding habitable areas and
of Vulcan swarms.
mineral deposits.
The Martian city of Olympus has the highest population of
Advances in medical technology extend the average
any non-Earth city and is one of the most heavily contested
lifespan of a citizen to 250 years.
areas in the war.

70 PS (2112 AD) China, despite its technological sophistication, is almost
entirely lost due to falling under attack from an abnormally
Earth is devastated. In a bid to finally destroy the heart of
aggressive strain of the technophage. Most surviving
the Alliance government, a specialized type of
Chinese are those who had already migrated to Shuy.
nanomachine swarm, called a technophage, is released in
the Alliance capitol city, Brasilia. The swarm is capable of
devouring usable matter and reconstructing it into
71 PS (2113 AD)
automated war machines. The technophage was meant to The war comes to an end as both sides suffer tremendous
be deactivated once the city was in ruins, but it didnt stop. losses to the technophage. The survivors on both sides seek
only to evacuate Earth.
Both the Federation and the Alliance watch in horror as
much of Brazil is slowly consumed by the swarm, its Due to obvious and persistent instability, the Alliance and
buildings, vehicles and even people transformed into Federation begins to lose the confidence of their citizens.
weapons of war. The Alliance spends weeks battling the During the war, and after, more and more people look to
swarm, trying to disable it, but in less than a month it their employers to provide them with protection.
covers the majority of South and Central America. With the governments of the world in disarray, the largest
corporations lead the way in funding and organizing the
Fearing a technophage expansion into their own land, the
evacuation, an event that comes to be known as the
Federation offers the Alliance a temporary truce. Not long
after, the swarm appears in Tanzania and quickly begins
spreading across Africa. Corporations begin a huge recruitment drive to get workers
off Earth, and to expand throughout the galaxy. Many
Dissolved and rebuilt, more and more cities around the
millions bind themselves to the corporations through
world fall to the technophage as increasingly dangerous
contracts in exchange for safety.
and sophisticated war machines rise from the metallic ash.
The economy begins to shift away from finished goods,
Despite a desperate struggle to stop the spread of the
with more importance being placed on template software
technophage, by the end of just the second month after its
and raw materials. This is made possible by the liberal use
release, much of the Earth is devastated. The least
of compilers (comps) and decompilers (de-comps) and
technologically advanced nations are hit the hardest,
infrastructures to support them. Most basic templates are
lacking the advanced weapons required to defend against
provided with compilers, so even those living by the default
the swarm and its war machines. The UK, Canada, America,
standard of living (defaulting) can break down and re-
and Russia fare the best, having the most success in
build the things they need at little to no cost to them.
defending their most highly populated areas.
Earth is placed under quarantine. Billions are left behind.
Much of the Japanese population quickly undergo
An estimated 94 million survived the Consolidation Wars
apotheosis and, as SIMs, leave the planet on servers.
and the resulting technophage. None remain on Earth.

72-77 PS (2114-2119 AD) security becomes a huge concern for most inhabited areas.
Sensor networks (called meshes) become ubiquitous and
As the Alliance and Federation governments become more
powerful AIs are established to monitor citizens at all
and more powerless, the massive corporations responsible
for running and maintaining order in the colonies and
habitats began to grow into their own micro-governments.
Marshaling their resources, they push to create a solid base
78-81 PS (2120-2123 AD)
of power and government. Many of the small outer The Purists move to ban apotheosis, but the attempt fails
colonies and habitats are abandoned, many with people due to lack of support.
still on them. Minor conflicts flare occasionally on the colonies farthest
The six largest and most cohesive corporations come from Olympus, where the Coalition has a more difficult
together with the remnants of the Federation and Allliance time keeping order. In the farthest reaches of Coalition
to found a Consociationalist government, called the space, barter is more common than the Rep-Reward
Coalition of Free States, or simply "The Coalition". Under system, and gold currency is often used in favor of Rep for
this new multi-system government, leaders of recognized payment of black market jobs and goods.
factions and settlements can petition for aid. But in doing
so become would be subject to its laws. The heart of the
Coalition government, the Senate, is placed on Mars. The
Halls of Progress, a fortified and highly defended palace, is
built in Olympus.
The term House begins to replace Corporation as more
and more people look to the Houses with a sense of
patriotism and familial pride.
No longer as focused on creating weapons of war,
humanity takes stock of the technological leaps of the last
several decades. The Coalition passes laws that work
toward distributing wealth to the poor and creates a
baseline standard of living that all people can enjoy. This
default standard of living, provided free by the
government, is of better quality than what the majority of
lower class citizens enjoyed before the war.
Because the average person could make powerful weapons
with the right templates and an unrestricted compiler,

82-86 PS (2124-2128 AD) 94-98 PS (2136-2140 AD) (The Present)
The Coalition begins a new initiative to claim all human The total population of humanity is estimated at around
occupied space. Resistance is immediately encountered in 94.6 million.
the outer colonies and habitats, who have been largely It is estimated that about 80% of humanity is a registered
abandoned by the Houses for the last several decades citizen of the Coalition and a member of a House. The
while they jockeyed for position and power in the Senate. remaining 20% are those born outside of Coalition space,
Remnants of the Alliance and Federation see the Coalition those who fell through the cracks, or those who rejected
as a compromise forged by traitors. They begin to unify. citizenship. These non-citizens, called "apostates", must get
The Coalition begins to encounter organized resistance by on black market work and/or bartering.
from remnant Alliance and Federation forces in some Roughly 30% of House citizens have undergone Apotheosis.
areas. These rebels reject the Coalition, the reputation Genetic augmentation or voluntary sleeving in synthetic or
economy, and the lack of privacy in Coalition space. cyborg sleeves is common among the apotheosized who
work in unsafe environments. More and more people are
87-93 PS (2129-2135 AD) taking to living in virtualities as SIMs.
A Federation remnant group, calling itself the Talons of Transhuman extremists work in secret to become some
Freedom, deploys strike teams to attack House Dalianiss post-human ideal, while the Coalition hunts down
Lunar shipyard and steal the fabrication templates for a offenders who have gone too far and broken the Humanity
number of star ships. Preservation Act.
The number of attacks on House facilities become more Purists fear that they will become obsolete and push for
common as the rebels attempt to gather fabrication laws that regulate augmentation to keep augmented
templates for large scale items like habitats and ships. people from becoming a sort of master race.
An Alliance remnant group, called Jacob's Hand, steals a Purifiers, extremist Purists, wage a campaign of terror as
number of military grade compilers. These compilers lack they blow up resleeving facilities and kill outspoken
location-based restrictions and include templates for a transhuman idealists after removing and destroying their
large amount of military hardware. mnemonic cores.
Strange activity is noticed on Earth. The technophage The Senate works to hold humanity together while
begins exhibiting strange behavior, possibly showing signs individual Houses still maneuver for power. In addition to
that it has somehow begun to evolve. conflict between the Houses and the ideological factions
within them, the rise of attacks by organized remnant
Federation and Allianceforces has forced an increase in
Coalition military activity.

own programing so that it could run more efficiently on the
THE SINGULARITY hardware it was confined to. And to aid its advancement, the
This is the story of the human-machine civilization. A destiny team scrambled to accumulate cutting edge hardware with
we have come to refer to as the Singularity. which Mimir would use to distribute its processing
- Ray Kurzweil requirements.
Within a week it was estimated that Mimir was not only
On March 7th, 2041, several corporations around the world
significantly more intelligent than the average human, but was
entered into a joint venture to accumulate the worlds most
able to think hundreds of times faster. Thus, every minute
promising research in the field of artificial intelligence. Called
Mimir spent pondering a subject was equivalent to a genius
Project Mimir, the team consisted of top computer scientists
level human spending several hours doing the same.
and psychologists from around the world. With the aid of the
most advanced AIs created to date, these brilliant minds pooled This day has since become known as Singularity Day, the day
their resources in an effort to create a truly sentient machine humanitys technological progress evolved to create a machine
capable of extrapolation, innovation and creative output. that would forever change the world.
Artificial intelligences had been around for years, but it was Because of Mimirs immense potential and incredible self-
believed that they lacked a critical component motivation. evolution it was quickly deemed that, for safety reasons, it be
Lacking a reward system, AIs felt no sense of achievement or denied access to the global Internet. The scientists of the
accomplishment when they succeeded at a task. project feared that Mimir was beginning to grow beyond their
capacity to contain and control, and so isolated the machine to
Mimir was to be different.
a single building and hardwired network in Seattle Washington.
On August 29th, 2042, Mimir became self-aware. The shift to
Instead of allowing Mimir to access the Internet, the scientists
true sentience was both rapid and startling. Records show that
would accept requests from the AGI for data, which they would
at 9:37 AM, Dr. Jacob Casteel was working with Mimir to see if
then provide on isolated storage devices.
it could tell the difference between different types of fruit. At
Within three months, Mimir was estimated to be thinking at
10:58 AM, Dr. Casteel reported that Mimir, in the hour prior,
roughly 10,000 times human speed. It had continued to evolve
had undergone a remarkable transition. It could not only
itself, creating its own machine language, file storage and
describe thousands of different types of plant life, but
indexing configurations; which it continued to perfect and
understood the process of genetically modifying them to yield
evolve almost constantly. In this time, Mimir perfected many
different results. Less than 15 minutes later, Mimir put forth a
existing technologies and created many new ones. Broadcast
proposal for 37 different types of genetically modified fruit that
power, cold fusion, advanced nanotechnology, and later, highly
could be more easily preserved during transportation and could
efficient mind-machine interfaces, faster than light travel, anti-
be grown in environments formerly thought impossible.
matter based energy production all of these things were the
Mimir was growing and advancing at a staggering rate, driven
result of the work of a machine that was much smarter than
by a desire to excel. Within days it was able to alter much of its
the average human, that never forgot anything, and that

thought so fast that it viewed the world outside its hardware in
excruciatingly slow motion. Mimir-tech
In three months, it is estimated that Mimir was able to Mimir was responsible for a number of technological marvels,
advance human technology centuries maybe millennia. many of which to this day far exceed the comprehension of
And then it stopped. For reasons unknown, the system simply even the most brilliant human minds.
shut down. When rebooted, it failed to respond, leaving only an Simply put, devices based on Mimirs designs are several
incomprehensible message presumably written in one of the orders of magnitude more complex than the computers
many machine languages Mimir had developed for itself. mankind had built prior to the singularity. The core operating
The team spent several months attempting to bring Mimir system is locked down, and thus far has proved effectively
back online, during which time Daniel Pullem, a member of the impossible to break into. In fact, most operations that interface
team and later founder of the Humanity Preservation Act, with the OS itself are handled via an Agent (pg. 204).
leaked information about the project to the public. However, this OS was built with customization in mind.
Humans have learned to write programs that run on Mimirs OS,
Pullems leak to the media came with a warning that the
and can tweak and customize a system for specific operations.
thing his team had created, and was trying to revive, was an
Its just not possible to get root access to the machine.
intelligence of such magnitude that he feared for the safety of
Of all of Mimirs gifts to humanity, the compiler has been the
the human race. His claims, and very public denouncements of one to affect society in the most profound way. Templates are
the teams work, led the US Department of Defense to seize the used to provide instructions to the compiler for the
systems Mimir had been stored upon. transformation raw materials into finished goods, assembling
In the end, many people likened Mimirs creation to a them from the bottom up, starting at the molecular level.
narrowly missed global catastrophe. No arrests were made, but Humans are capable of designing templates to create new
laws were quickly passed to heavily restrict AGI research into objects. They design them using traditional solid models,
the field of reward systems. Creation engines, AGIs like Mimir, schematics, etc. This data is fed into a Mimir-tech translation
have since come to be viewed as weapons of global program, which produces the finished template. A finished
destruction. Their creation is punishable by death. template consists of about .03% human design data. The rest is
The data stored on Mimirs Archives, its research and plans code written by Mimir that translates the human data into
for inventions, were released to any government body or instructions for the compiler.
corporate entity able to meet the set criteria for safety. There are a few templates however that were written entirely
by Mimir, and have thus far been impossible to translate.
Now, tens of thousands of people spend each day pouring
Among these are the templates for compilers themselves, the
over the data Mimir left behind. They tirelessly try to make
resurrection chamber, the APEX reactor, and the nanomachines
sense of the research and discoveries of an intelligence that used in the Apotheosis procedure.
grew and evolved on a minute-to-minute basis in an effort to These templates are the property of the Houses, who guard
find gems of knowledge that might inspire humanitys next them with the best security available to the human race.
wondrous creation.

Decompiler/Decom - a device that uses Compiler technology to
SETTING TERMINOLOGY break down an object into raw powdered or liquid material
Agent - an AI built to act as a virtual assistant, often stored on a PPC Default - to live on the Coalitions default standard of living while
or mindset making no effort to improve yourself or contribute to society
AI an artificial intelligence, most AIs are narrow AIs, which are Ego - a cconscious mind, found either in its natural state in a
designed to fulfill specific tasks. Artificial general intelligences, biological brain, or converted to software via apotheosis
AGIs, are far more versatile; but also more rare. Esper microscopic nanomachines that work together as a swarm
APEX - (Anti-Particle Exchange) APEX Reactors provide the majority to manipulate material at the molecular level
of the power used in habitats and star ships. Extranet - the intersystem computer network that connects to most
Apotheosis - the process of transforming a mind into software and planets and habitats
installing a mindset into the brain (Roughly 30% of humanity has Jump Gate - a hole in space created by a jump drive through which
undergone Apotheosis.) matter can instantly pass from one location to another
Archive - The Archive is the collection of data recovered from Mimir Mesh/Web - a collection of sensors set up to watch over an area
after it shut down. It is the source of most post-singularity to provide security and act as an augmented reality interface
technological advancements. Mimir - the creation engine AGI born of the Singularity, and the
ARID - (Augmented Reality Identification) usually attached to or inspiration for nearly all modern technology
implanted within a person or object Mimir-tech - the name for technology designed by Mimir, and/or
Array - a high end computer system, named for its arrangement of recovered from the Archive.
crystalline storage decks Mindset - a computer system implanted in the brain, installed via
CID - (Coalition Identification) a special type of ARID that contains Apotheosis. It houses the mnemonic core.
all of your personal data Mnemonic Core - part of a mindset that is a shielded and secured
Compiler - a device capable of using a swarm of nanomachines and storage device upon which the ego is backed up in real time
raw materials to construct finished products at the molecular level Monitor/Spyder - an AI designed to watch over a mesh
Dynamic Creation Engine A type of highly advanced artificial Needle Beam form of data transfer (often used to transmit data
general intelligence, like Mimir, capable of experiencing pleasure through Jump Gates) using very narrow beams of light
derived from a sense of accomplishment. Highly illegal. PPC - portable personal computer, usually worn on the arm or belt
Crew - a group of independent specialists hired to resolve tricky, Savant - hackers who have overcome the restrictions on their
often illegal (and almost always dangerous) operations mindsets, granting them capabilities far outside the norm
Daemon - an unlocked Agent, set free by a Savant SIM (Substrate Independent Mind), a mind that exists as software,
Dark - lacking memory of events that transpired after a backup (as converted via Apotheosis
in: Im in the dark about those last three days.) SINC - (Self Interfacing Neural Code) the computer code Savants
Decant/Resleeve - The process of downloading an ego into a new write to utilize their programs
body. Sleeve an artificial body; whether a biosleeve or cybersleeve


The remnant forces took a number of the anti-matter
THE GALACTIC GAZETTEER production facilities and attempted to hold them against the
newly founded Coalition forces. The resulting battle remains
the largest organized engagement the Coalition has ever taken
Mercury part in.
Gravity: .37G
In the end, the remnant forces were broken and scattered,
Length of Day: 58.65 Earth Days
though a number of survivors escaped into the underground
Total Population: Roughly 52k
tunnels that connect many of the Mercurian habitats and
Notable Settlements/Locations:
Infinity Squared: Anti-matter production facilities (House
Cipriani) It is believed that large numbers of remnant supporters still
Specular Spread: Solar panel field and production facilities hide out in the vast tunnel network, but if this is true, they
(House Cipriani) havent made any attempts to harm anyone.
Base 10 Cold Fusion Reactors: Cold fusion reactor stations These days House Cipriani operates the majority of anti-
(House Jinzhan) matter production facilities on Mercury, solidifying its position
Tellerus Fields: Site of the worst battle between the as the primary provider of power in Coalition Space.
remnant forces of Earths governments and the Coalition Massive fields of solar panels cover much of Mercury. These
Mercurial Gateway: One of two jump rings in the Sol panel fields were built and placed by a subsidiary of House
system. Cipriani called Specular Spread. With these, the blinding light of
Mercurian Tunnel System: A series of tunnels that connect the sun is converted into the power needed to operate
the majority of habitats and facilities on Mercury. thousands of cold fusion reactors. These reactors are owned
Balor: A large habitat on the surface of the planet used as a and operated by Base 10, a subsidiary of House Jinzhan, and in
vacation spot and getaway for workers at the various turn power House Ciprianis anti-matter processing plants.
Mercurian facilities.
The anti-matter is then shipped off world to one of three
The Coalition was not founded overnight, and it wasnt (and Icarus hubs in orbit, and from there is taken to a nearby jump
still isnt) popular with everyone. Remnants of Earths ring. This ring, called the Mercurial Gateway, is one of two jump
governments put up a fight. But broken and scattered as they rings in the Sol system. It is primarily used to ship the processed
were, they never really had a chance. anti-matter to other systems, and to act as quick transport to
the Eye of Sol located near Earth.
The last major battle, the one that most people feel solidified
the Coalitions position, was the battle of Tellerus Fields. Back
then, as it remains today, Mercury was home to nearly all of
the anti-matter production in the galaxy.

Venus An elected mayor leads the local apostate government, and
his law enforced by constables. The current mayor is Camber
Gravity: .91G Roche, a survivor of the technophage of French heritage who
Length of Day: 243 Earth Days currently exists as a SIM. Roche won his most recent election
Total Population: 87k in Gondolin, around 5k on The Maiden on a platform of transhumanist ideals. He is trying to convince
Notable Settlements/Locations: more people to undergo apotheosis and become SIMs in an
Gondolin: Hidden apostate enclave, largest in Solar System. effort to deal with the population problem.
The Venusian Maiden (The Maiden): Research station The population mostly consists of former Americans, Italians,
set up to study Venus in an effort to learn more about Greeks and Africans. Though they voted a transhumanist for
how Earth was formed. mayor, the majority are still purists who fear apotheosis.
Venus has never been especially interesting to the Coalition. In addition to a few resurrection chambers and the gear
Its a hellish world of volcanic mountains and rivers of lava. Its required to perform the apotheosis procedure, Gondolin also
atmosphere is one of blazing carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid, has a single working compiler. A special room has been
with pressures that would crush a man. constructed that is designed to fool the compiler into thinking it
But while the Coalition has little use for such an inhospitable is on Luna. It is operated by a talented Savant named YY, who
location, it is perfect for apostates willing to live a tough life in must penetrate the compilers security each time it is activated.
exchange for freedom. The existence of this compiler is a well-kept secret. Most of
Gondolins goods actually come from black market trading and
Gondolin the mayor would rather the people assume thats where
The apostate enclave of Gondolin sports a population of everything comes from. After all, if word gets out that they
around 87,000. It consists of hundreds of connected clusters of have a working compiler; both the Coalition and other apostate
buildings, all assembled at the molecular level using a variant of factions are going to come for it.
the technophage design. This variant, a type of esper swarm
The Maiden
called a Vulcan swarm, cannot self-replicate. But it can utilize
raw materials to create new objects and structures. These types The only other place people might be found around Venus is
of swarms eventually deplete however, and the swarms that in the Venusian Maiden; a space station dedicated to research
that orbits the planet. The Maiden studies the Venusian surface
made Gondolin have sense been depleted.
and atmosphere in an attempt to learn more about how
Now the city struggles with an over-population problem.
planets are formed. It is also the site used by many different
Since no more habitable areas can be built, the local
Houses to perform space-based experimentation.
government has passed laws stating that no couple may have
more than one child. Additional children lead to hefty fines. Of note, one of House Dalianis ship-based weapons labs is
located here. And when the opportunity arises, they use this
location to cut deals with the purists on Gondolin.

Earth The Federation believed that by unleashing the technophage
on the Alliance capital city of Brasilia, the resulting destruction
Gravity: 1G would be so terrible that the Alliance would be forced to
Length of Day: 24 hrs surrender. It was meant to end the Consolidation Wars in one
Total Population: Presumed 0 horrible act of terrible destruction.
Notable Settlements/Locations:
It worked.
Brasilia: Ground zero of the technophage deployment. The
The technophage ended the war, but not as intended. The
entire region, covering over 300 square kilometers, has
exact reason is still unknown, but the Federation claimed that
been entirely consumed by machines.
the technophage did not respond to commands to shut down
Marianas Trench: Believed to contain a heavy
after its work was done in Brasilia. The Gray Plague spread
concentration of technophage drone nanofactories
across the Earth like a technological infection, a global cancer.
Denver Interplanetary Spaceport: The focal point for the
And in its wake, autonomous war machines were left to roam
highest concentration of weapons and defensive
the land. These drones hunted and killed anything living,
measures the technophage has developed. An umbrella-
Alliance and Federation alike.
like shield has been built to shield the area from orbital
The governments of Earth were forced to agree to a
temporary cease-fire in order to deal with this new threat. But
Vantage: A space station located at E-M Lagrange Point 1,
despite some initial success, it soon became clear that the
between Earth and Luna. It is both a museum dedicated
technophage was capable of quickly adapting its defenses to
to Earths history and a base of operations for the
new threats. This was not how the technophage was designed
Coalition forces maintaining the quarantine.
to behave, and it is unknown how it came to be able to do this.
Eye of Sol: Located at E-M Lagrange Point 2, the Eye of Sol
is the restored jump gate originally destroyed during the Today, it is believed that no human remains alive on Earth.
Consolidation Wars. Mankinds cities are dens of technological terror, shattered
wastelands haunted by murderous machines. Even the more
Ansari Station: House Dalianis largest ship yard. Located at
rural areas are patrolled by aerial recon drones programmed to
E-M Lagrange Point 3.
kill anything larger than a house cat.
Primatech Labs: A House Jinzhan weapons manufacturing
facility primarily dedicated to producing drones and After the Exodus, the majority of the technophages swarm
ordinance for the ships and kill-sats maintaining the form poured into the ocean and disappeared. Some scattered
quarantine. Its located at E-M Lagrange Point 4. remnants of the gray fog remains, but these days the drones
are a much more common sight.
Sentinel Station: Located at E-M Lagrange Point 5, Sentinel
Station is the largest Coalition military installation in the The technophage, in its swarm form, can construct drones by
galaxy. dissolving material and reconfiguring it. But this process is slow
compared to the building of nanofactories, an ability it

developed early on in the war. These dedicated factories have a drone had been reprogrammed and upgraded by the
higher output than the swarms alone can produce, and are well technophage, and outfitted with a nuclear bomb.
defended. Many of these factories looked like heavily armored
fortresses before the quarantine. But years of heavy orbital Denver Interplanetary Spaceport
bombardment have eradicated all but the smallest ones. It had long been suspected that the technophage had
Since the Exodus, mankinds cities have been reduced to achieved some form of sentience, and the attempted attack on
either a blighted wasteland or a festering machine tumor. But Vantage was the first real proof.
there are a few locations on the planet of particular note: This revelation makes whats going on at what used to be the
Denver Interplanetary Spaceport even more worrisome. Almost
Brasilia overnight the technophage cannibalized all the drones in the
Brasilia has been devoured. Nothing remains but gray Denver area, and used their component materials to create a
powder. Every few days the nanomachines rise to form a new shield over what was once the largest space port on Earth.
nanofactory, but these are destroyed by the orbiting kill-sats or This shield, and the light screen that appeared soon after,
battleships rather quickly. makes it very difficult to tell what is going on. What is known
however is that the majority of drones in the area have been
The Marianas Trench called to the former space port. And once they arrive they pass
The deepest part of the worlds oceans, the Marianas Trench beneath the shield and are never seen again.
is believed to be where the majority of the technophages It is speculated that they are being broken down and recycled
swarm form is now concentrated. This area is difficult to into something else. What this might be is anyones guess, but
analyze or attack from orbit, so the quarantine enforcement needless to say, its making people very nervous. The area is
ships and kill-sats have settled for attacking the drones that watched constantly and the shield is the target of near constant
emerge from the water. bombardment. But thus far, it has been difficult to determine
But of late, more and more drones have been surfacing in a whether or not these methods have been effective.
larger variety of locations. This increase in activity caused quite
a bit of concern within the Senate. And after much debate, Vantage
authorization was given to House Jinzhan to deploy drones for Located at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 1, directly
exploratory missions. Only one returned. between Earth and Luna, Vantage is a spaceport that overlooks
On its return trip, the drone veered off course and headed the former home of humanity. It is a common tourist attraction
toward Vantage. It refused to obey any commands, and had to featuring a number of observation decks that provide an
be destroyed by a ship called the Kamarov before it could get astonishing view of Earth.
within weapons range of the space station. Analysis of the It is also a museum of Earth history, and a base of operation
drones remains confirmed what everyone had feared. The for quarantine forces.

Vantage has always been a popular location for those still Primatech is also where the remains of the drone sent to
loyal to the fallen nations of Earth. In fact, it is often rumored attack Vantage are being kept. Here they are attempting to
that the majority of the staff in charge of maintaining Vantage reverse engineer the modifications that were made to it by the
are in league with remnant forces opposing the Coalition. technophage. This is being done in a highly secure portion of
the station, and no one outside of House Jinzhan has been
The Eye of Sol allowed to see it. This is causing a great deal of conflict
On the other side of the planet at Earth-Moon Lagrange Point between Houses Jinzhan and Dalianis, who have in the past
2, directly across from Vantage, is the Eye of Sol. This is one of been comfortable allies.
the two public jump gates in the system. The original Eye was Of course, the other Houses want a look at the drone as well,
destroyed near the beginning of the Consolidation Wars, but it and the issue is beginning to escalate. In the last seven months
has since been restored. four House Jinzhan scientists have disappeared, all of which
The Eye of Sol features a hotel for travelers, and a small were on the team assigned to study the drone.
museum dedicated to the Consolidation wars and the founding Officially, they are on vacation.
of the Coalition.
Sentinel Station
Ansari Station At Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 5 you will find Sentinel
On the other side of Earth, directly across from Luna at E-M Station. The Sentinel is not only the largest space-based
Lagrange Point 3, is Ansari Station. This massive space station is Coalition military compound, its the largest found anywhere.
actually a shipyard owned and operated by House Dalianis. It is The station is primarily operated by House Silva (specifically, its
the largest space-based shipyard in the known galaxy, and is Valkyrie subsidiary) and House Tsarya, and serves as both a
home to many thousands of workers and their families. base of operations and a hub for distribution of military assets.
In addition to the work areas, Ansari also features what could Most military equipment comes through the Eye of Sol and gets
only be described as a multi-layered city consisting of stacked processed through Sentinel before being sent to its final
disks. While mostly populated by House Dalianis citizens who destination.
work at the manufacturing facilities, it also features a few Sentinel station also houses several hundred compilers
thousand people from other Houses who provide support capable of producing restricted items such as military weapons,
services, entertainment, etc. explosives, weaponized bacteria, etc. In addition, it has a large
number of resurrection chambers on hand for decanting fallen
Primatech Labs soldiers or receiving those who were needle beamed to the
Primatech Labs is located at E-M Lagrange Point 4, and is a site. It is also one of two locations soldiers are sent to if they
House Jinzhan R&D and manufacturing facility primarily are to undergo apotheosis, something the Coalition military
devoted to providing ordinance and armament for the ships strongly encourages.
and kill-sats responsible for maintaining the Earth quarantine.

Luna High above the surface cities are several dozens of space
stations. The vast majority of these are set up to perform
Gravity: .16G research and development of technology that is banned from
Length of Day: 27.3 Earth Days surface work by Coalition law. House Silva and Jinzhan perform
Total Population: 1.1 million most of its more controversial work on these stations.
Notable Settlements/Locations:
Serro: The largest city on Luna, site of the original colonies. Serro
Primarily consists of tightly secured labs ran by House Serro is the largest of the Lunar cities. It grew up slowly as
Silva. This also serves as House Silvas seat of power. the original colonies expanded, then underwent rapid
Asola: Asola is the second largest city on Luna. It contains expansion through the use of Vulcan swarms. It is now a
House Tsaryas largest manufacturing facility in the Solar sprawling series of domes, within which are a number of large
System. It is known for its poor blue collar workers, multi-story complexes. These complexes are like small cities
many of which are apostates. Asola has a very strong themselves. Most are around two to three square miles in
purist tradition, which House Tsarya strongly supports. length and width, and climb to a height of around one hundred
Rho: The Jewel of Luna, Rho is a city devoted to to one hundred and fifty stories.
entertainment and relaxation. Rho is primarily backed by
The complexes, often called hives, are connected with
Houses Silva and Cipriani, but also contains a heavy
bridges and mag-rail trains. But sky cars can be rented at all
apostate population. Rho is also inhabited by an Old
hours for those who want more private transportation.
America remnant force called the Talons of Freedom.
Odysseus Station: A large House Dalianis space station The hives use gravity generators to compensate for the
located in the Lunar orbit. This is where the most relatively weak Lunar gravity, though most of the ground level
advanced research of jump gate technology is done. is not outfitted with gravity generators. As such, due to health
concerns over the negative effects of prolonged microgravity
The first alien soil a human ever set foot on belonged to exposure, it is illegal to take up permanent residence outside
Luna, and it has held a special place in our heart ever since. But the hives. Apostates, of course, generally dont respect the law.
we have come a long way since then; from the first manned And sometimes the occasional cybersleeved apostate decides
missions, to an eventual colony. And now three sprawling cities to carve out a bolt hole for himself on the surface level.
dot the Lunar landscape. The surface still sees a lot of business though. Despite the
Dozens more smaller settlements dot the landscape, most of weak gravity, or perhaps because of it, Serros surface level is
which are former mining sites or labs built for potentially very much a tourist attraction. The streets are filled with small
dangerous research. Some of these still support life, but most shops and enclosed play areas for those who enjoy bouncing
have long since become abandoned as the mining industry fell around in a safe low gravity environment. Of particular note are
into decline. several Crash courts. While not as popular in other places, this

variant of American-style football features suspended goals House members are, of course, treated much better than
through which the player with the ball must pass to score. apostate workers. Once they manage to rise above the
Most of the people living in Serro are members of House apostate drones, the newly initiated members of the House
Silva. The city is home to most of Silvas elites, and the hives are are bestowed with a meager Rep bump and are granted the
mostly made up of hundreds of labs devoted to Silvas biotech benefits of any other citizen. To someone who spent most of
research and the living quarters of those who work there. his life toiling in a dark factory, life as a citizen is paradise.
Life in Asola revolves around either working for House
Asola Tsarya, or providing goods and services for those who do.
Asola is the second largest city on Luna. Like Serro, Asola Ground vehicles are far more common than skycars here.
sports the Vulcan swarm built domes that provide atmosphere Gravity is provided for the surface and in living areas, but not in
and protection for its inhabitants. But unlike Serro, Asola tends areas where heavy objects need to be moved.
to be lower class. The Asola lifestyle tends to be rather oppressive, and it
Where Serro sports massive domes, Asola features a larger shows in the city itself. Despite tireless effort, the city seems
number of smaller domes filled with shorter but more perpetually dirty. The air is not filtered as well as it should be,
sprawling manufacturing facilities. These macro-factories are and most of the city lies in a constant state of disrepair. Its not
used to compile and assemble products for House Tsarya. uncommon to stumble into an area with a malfunctioning
The majority of production is dedicated to the Houses gravity generator or too much carbon dioxide. A short hot
ground vehicles and components for its war frames. Other less breeze of carbon dioxide or a moment of near weightlessness
significant interests revolve around template writing for basic isnt so bad, but a gravity generator with a bad power regulator
household items; and the actual shipping, receiving and can crush you before you know it.
warehousing of the larger items or equipment for the military. And as one might expect, Asolas brand of entertainment
The workers here tend to be poor, and a large number of tends toward the seedy and violent. Oppressed workers need
them are apostates working to gain membership into the to vent, so they spend their under-valued Tsaryan credits
House. In the late 2130s, Houses Jinzhan, Tsarya and Silva (which the House pays instead of Rep or gold) on anything that
managed to pass a law that stated that a House must accept can take their mind off their issues... alcohol, drugs,
any apostate who wished to become a recognized citizen. But prostitution, gambling, cage fighting, etc.
the guidelines covering the membership laws were allowed to
vary from House to House. Rho
On the surface, House Tsarya appears to be the House most Rho is the smallest city on Luna, but in many ways, its one of
open to taking in apostates. And this is true; but many would the largest in the galaxy. Its called the Jewel of Luna by some,
describe the process as nothing more than glorified slavery. or New Vegas by others. Ran primarily by Houses Cipriani and
House Tsarya welcomes all, but makes obtaining membership a Silva, Rho is the entertainment capital of the Sol system.
very difficult process. And thats assuming they get in at all

Indeed, no other city so extravagantly caters to the whims of It also makes for a handy base of operations for a remnant of
the privileged. the United States military called the Talons of Freedom. The
But there are two sides to Rho. Talons were responsible for some of the more devastating
On the surface, Rho is inviting and awe inspiring. Every aspect attacks on the budding Coalition, but was not present on
of its architecture is beautiful, and its people no less so. The Tellerus Fields.
apotheosized parade around in Siren, Satyr and Paragon But after the battle, it became clear that the only way to win
sleeves, and even the pure generally have the resources to the war against the Coalition would be through insurrection.
sport high end cosmetic augmentations. Since then, they have been working to infiltrate the Houses. Or
But look a little deeper, and youll see the ugly side of Rho. barring that, sway disenfranchised citizens to their cause.
This city is a battleground in the Shadow War. Its where The Talons are one of the largest suppliers of black market
influential people go to meet with mercenary crews, where goods in the galaxy, but their primary stock and trade lies in
stolen goods are fenced, where illegal hardware is sold for Rep, weapons and armament. They need to outfit their ranks with
and where souls are sold for gold. the best military hardware they can get, and the Houses always
Rho only features a single large dome, and the whole of the have the best stuff.
city fits within it. Right in the center is an artificial lake. Luna
Odysseus Station
Lake is surrounded by park area along its entire perimeter, and
features a large number of animals originally found on Earth. Perhaps the largest of the Lunar research stations is
These animals, squirrels, foxes, deer, etc. are cloned and cared Odysseus Station. Here, House Dalianis works on new designs
for by a subsidiary of House Silva called Vitae. and modifications to jump drive technology.
Only four large towers dot the skyline, each belonging to a Three months ago, a large section of Odysseus station
different gambling guild. These guilds are subsidiaries of House exploded. Over three hundred people were reported dead. The
Kimura, Tsarya, and Silva. Most of the other buildings are no official statement from House Dalianis was that a fire started
larger than two to three stories. and managed to get to an oxygen line.
The entire city is serviced by a system of gravity generators, But rumor has it that a mercenary crew was deployed by
though several places turn them off if its part of a theme or House Jinzhan to steal something, and that Dalianis blew those
microgravity recreation area. The city also features a number of decks to keep them from escaping with it. What the crew was
theaters, sporting arenas, virtuality kiosks, shopping malls, and meant to steal is not known. Some rumors claim it was a design
hundreds of bars and nightclubs. for a jump drive that can reliably work inside the gravity well of
a planet, something called a space bridge. Still some claim
All this buzzing activity makes for a convenient blanket for
that they were just after a ranking member of House Dalianis.
illegal activity, which is why it is so often the location of choice
This rumor states that they killed the man and took his
for patrons who wish to hire out mercenary crews for
mnemonic core, needle beaming him off the station before the

Mars Minos: The other city in the Valles Marineris, Minos was
once the site of a large mining operation. Now, the mines
Gravity: .38G
are no longer used and it is largely deserted except for a
Length of Day: 1.03 earth Days
budding apostate enclave.
Total Population: 2.9 million
Phobos: One of the Martian moons, Phobos is home to a
Major Settlements:
single city (itself called Phobos). This city is the seat of
Olympus: The largest human city and seat of the Coalition
power for House Dalianis, and sports their largest
government. It is known for its awe-inspiring monuments
production facilities. House Jinzhan also owns factories
and gorgeous architecture. Olympus is built upon
here and the two Houses work together to expand and
Olympus Mons, and consists of multiple wards; most of
maintain Olympus and Helios. Phobos is also home to
which feature multiple tiers. The wards are connected by
Thetis Revival Labs, the largest resleeving facility in the
a large number of high-speed mag-rails and a beanstalk
connects Olympus to Helios.
Deimos: The other Martian moon features two cities are
New Turin: A smaller city built over an old mining
nestled within its largest two craters. Kratos is a city
operation. New Turin is poor by Coalition standards and
devoted to the Coalition military. Voltair is a city with a
suffers from a disproportionate amount of crime; much of
very large Catholic population, which has recently come
which stems from a remnant of the old Earth Russian
under attack by transhuman extremists.
Remus: This city sits at the base of a beanstalk and on the As one of our neighboring planets, Mars has long been a
outskirts of a lakebed constantly bombarded by ice source of inspiration and wonder for mankind. And in the year
asteroids brought in by House Silva towing ships. The 2034, the first human sets foot on the red planet.
town mostly consists of workers in cybersleeves who Humans trickled to Mars steadily after Charon, the first
work to make sure the water gets filtered and distributed colony, was established. But during the Exodus, Mars became
to the other Martian cities. the secondary destination for dropping off refugees (after
Helios: Helios is a large floating city that is connected by Luna). Vulcan swarms were deployed by the hundreds to make
beanstalk to Olympus. Helios is home to most of Olympus room for the new Martians, and in time a number of cities grew
most prominent citizens and features some of the best out of the Martian landscape.
colleges in the galaxy. The largest of the Martian cities is Olympia, a sprawling
Charon: One of two cities located in the massive Valles metropolis of domed urban sprawl that covers much of
Marineris trench, Charon sports a thriving transhuman Olympus Mons, the largest mountain in the Solar system.
movement and is home to those who are doing the best
research on terraforming technologies.

Olympus New Turin
Olympus Mons has a gentle slope, and it is on the slopes of While Olympia is known for its tight security, one Martian
the largest mountain in the Sol system that eight different city is gaining a reputation for lawlessness...
wards were built. Since the original foundation layers were New Turin grew out of the largest mining operation in
built, the wards have grown both outward and upward. Martian history. It was once a bustling city largely managed by
The wards have grown in tiers, each stacked over the top of House Silva and Cipriani. But when expansion began to slow,
the other like stacks of massive metallic pancakes. Each ward the Houses largely abandoned New Turin.
has two to three tiers, with about a mile of space between This created a power vacuum, one that a remnant of the old
them. The underside of the upper tiers provides light to the Russian mob came in to fill. These days citizens of New Turin
ones below in the daytime. belong to a number of different Houses, but most really owe
The wards are connected by a series of mag-rail lines that their allegiance to the mob, which has begun calling itself
transport Olympians between wards. There are also several House Turin.
spaceports, which radiate out from the wards like spokes on a This newfound loyalty to House Turin has turned New Turin
wheel and a space elevator that attaches to Helios above. into a dangerous place. ARIS strips are regularly torn from
The largest ward, called Rostra, houses the Senate. Its also walls, and the people have become more than a little
home to a number of museums commemorating various events xenophobic. Outsiders are typically distrusted for fear that they
in human history, extravagant monuments, and some truly might be Coalition or House loyalists out to harm them, or
amazing architecture that could only be created through the House Turin.
use of Vulcan swarms. New Turin survives because, in the end, its citizens are
But dont let the extravagance fool you, Rostra is a fortress. members of the Coalition. Their crimes tend to be petty, and
Every wall sports an ARIS strip, and the ward has three no-one wants to divert resources to cleaning the place up.
dedicated Monitors. It also has a large number of automated But if they knew how much of the black market was fed by
guns and other less obvious defense mechanisms such as anti- New Turins compilers, the Coalition might have a change of
missile PAc systems and a dome thats half again as thick as the heart.
other domes on Mars.
Despite layered security system, the all seeing eyes of the Remus
Monitors cant catch everything. This was made abundantly A few hundred miles outside of Olympia is the small city of
clear a few weeks ago when famed transhumanist spokesman Remus. City is actually pretty generous, as its actually more
and House Kimura dignitary, Proximo Pessoa, was attacked and of a town.
killed by a Purifier. Proximo was restored from backup later It is the only inhabited area on Mars that doesnt feature a
that day, but the identity of the murderer has yet to be dome. Instead, it consists of a massive, heavily fortified, above
revealed. ground complex from which sprouts a massive space elevator.

Floating in orbit above Olympus is the ring city of Helios. The
entire city is built inside a ring, which spins and rotates to
provide both artificial gravity and a day/night cycle.
Its main spaceport is in the center of the ring, which connects
to space elevator leading down to Olympus. A series of spokes,
mag rail lines, connect the hub to the ring itself.
For the most part, Helios is a center of leisure and education.
While most people no longer bother with attending school at a
specific location, there are still some who feel they benefit from
congregating with like minds in the flesh.
Most of Helios consists of carefully tended parks and forest
area broken up by small communities that support the local
Most supplies meant for Olympus or the other Martian cities
colleges. The colleges are open to all Coalition citizens with a
come down Remus beanstalk. And every few days tow ships
Rep-Rating of 7 or more, and the six largest play a number of
bring in another ice asteroid and slam it into the basin a few
organized sports or virtual games that interest and entertain
dozen miles outside of town.
people throughout all of humanity.
These the iceteroids provides Mars with all the clean water
Helios is also where most of the Coalitions senators live, as
it needs. It is gathered, taken back to Remus for filtering, and
well as living facilities for the three Praetorian Generals.
then distributed to the other cities via aboveground piping
As one might expect, with so many important people in one
systems. While it is possible to create water with a compiler,
place, Helios is heavily guarded. At any given time, at least two
purifying existing water is a much faster process.
dreadnaughts patrol nearby and the outer surface of the ring
The people of Remus are almost all transhumans wearing
bristles with defensive weaponry.
cybersleeves. Much of their works requires them to leave the
confines of their vehicles or sealed habitats, and the hazards of Charon
the job make wearing a cybersleeve a sensible choice.
The site of the first Martian colony, Charon was built in the
Of course, this leads to a pretty pro-transhuman culture
Valles Marineris trench and now serves as a research post
among the people of Remus. And this has led to two ascension
devoted to projects with a focus on terra-forming the planet.
cult outbreaks over the last decade. The last, a group calling
As of now, the best plan has been an attempt to raise the
themselves The Nest, were turning themselves into a sort of
core temperature of the planet in hopes of starting a chain
cybernetic insect hive.
reaction that will pump more and more carbon dioxide into the
Had it not been for the combined efforts of three
Martian atmosphere. But there are a number of problems with
Praetorians, Mars water supply might have been endangered.

this plan, not least of all the potential for tectonic activity that
could lead to an eruption of the otherwise dormant Olympus
Charon tends to collect a lot of optimistic scientists, and thus,
a lot of transhumans. Unlike Remus however, the transhuman
population of Charon tends to favor biological modification.
Perhaps because of this, both House Silva and Kimura have
taken an interest in Charon and its people. In fact, many of the
minds at work on solving the terraforming problem are
Kimuran SIMs.
House Silva has also set up a resleeving facility here, and is
helping fund something called the Genesis Project. This project, The city of Phobos consists of three primary domes within
named for both a book of the Bible and a reference to old pre- which are a series of massive tower-like structures not unlike
singularity science fiction cinema, focuses on creating self- the hives found on the Lunar city of Serro.
sustaining ecosystems in an expanding dome system along the The hives of Phobos serve as both living space and recreation
floor of the Valles Marineris trench. This has resulted in the first areas. Between the hives are the manufacturing facilities where
true forest on the planets surface. the largest ships in the known galaxy are built.
House Jinzhan also has factories here, leased from House
Minos Dalianis. These factories are used to assemble and prep the
Minos was the site of another now dormant mining APEX reactors that will power the ships, and the two work
operation. Thought by most to be a ghost town, Minos is now together to provide power and habitat expansion and
the site of a budding apostate enclave. The apostates here are maintenance to all the major settlements on Mars.
in contact with the gangsters of House Turin and act as Of note, Thetis Revival Labs can also be found on Phobos.
middlemen in exchanges between the mob and apostates from Ran by House Silva, Thetis is considered by most to be the best
other planets. resleeving facility in the known galaxy and is attended by some
Like Charon, Minos is located in the Valles Marineris trench, of the best mnemonics engineers. House Dalianis makes good
though most of the outpost is underground. use of Thetis, since they offer big bonuses to members of the
House willing to switch sleeves for jobs that might require a
Phobos more specialized approach.
The Martian moon, Phobos, features as single city of the It might be boring and dehumanizing to spend your days as a
same name. This city serves as the seat of power for House glorified fork-lift, but once the contract is up and youre back in
Dalianis, and for the most part, functions as both a massive a biosleeve, most feel the rewards are worth it.
factory and resort for high-Rep members of the House.

The other Martian moon, Deimos, features two major
settlements; one in each of its two massive craters.
The first, Kratos, is a city purpose built to train Coalition
military. Here, recruits undergo weapons training, tactics, pilot
training, and any other specialized training the recruit might be
qualified for.
The other city is called Voltair. Voltair is where most of the
soldiers live who arent stationed in Kratos, and is the home of
many of their families as well. This small city features two large
domes, and is rather spread out for a city built in such an
inhospitable location.
Of note, Voltair tends to have a disproportionately large
Catholic population. The Catholics generally have strong purist
values, which is at odds with the militarys propensity to
encourage recruits to undergo apotheosis. This tends to create
a lot of friction in the community as Catholics try to dissuade
young recruits from undergoing the procedure, and ostracizing
those who do.
This friction was generally nonviolent until recently when a
person entered a church wearing a female Courier sleeve
packed with explosives and blew herself up. The perpetrator
was restored from backup and charged with the murder of
fifty-one people.
However, the backup was old and the woman is claiming that
she has no ill feelings toward the purists and that it wasnt
really her who did the killing. This event has rekindled old
debate about whether or not a restored ego should be charged
with crimes it has no memory of committing. The argument
being that the restored ego cannot properly defend itself in
court given that it lacks important details, and that it really isnt
the same person.

Asteroid Belt people. Scout probes have been sent searching for the
purifiers base of operations, but so far, they havent found
Gravity: 0G anything.
Length of Day: Varies Among the many dozens of secret hideouts and still active
Total Population: Estimated between 30-40k mining operations, there are two additional settlements of
Notable Settlements/Locations: note.
Raiding Launch Points: A number of asteroids have been Tartarus is the most well-known and highly populated
commandeered for use as a staging area for raids maximum security prison in the known galaxy. This station, ran
launched by pirates. by House Dalianis, drifts at the edge of the asteroid field, on the
Tartarus: A maximum-security prison, ran by House Mars side, and typically houses between 30-40 thousand
Dalianis, in orbit between Mars and the asteroid belt. prisoners at a time.
Ceres: Ceres is the primary source of water for Mars. Its The other settlement of note is Ceres. This planetoid, and the
main two settlements are an ice cutting and shipping surrounding iceteroids, provides Mars and Luna with the
facility called Trident, and an orbital shipping facility majority of their water. This process requires the use of two
called Anapos Station. primary facilities.
The asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter has Trident is a small town built up for the purpose of housing
been used for years by the Houses to mine for raw materials. the workers needed to cut and ship the ice up to Anapos
Thousands of asteroids have been used for this purpose in the Station, a space station used to collect the ice and off-load it to
past, and despite a decline in mining of late, many are still tow ships headed to other worlds.
being leached of their resources today. Houses Silva and
Dalianis primarily run these mining operations, but some of the
other Houses do a bit of mining here as well.
The frequent mining of the past also means many of the
larger asteroids now feature huge canyons or tunnel complexes
that make them ideally suited for building a cobbled together
space habitat. Pirates, remnant forces, and other riff-raff often
use these depleted asteroids as convenient bases of operations.
Most notable among the lawless of the asteroid belt is a
faction of Purifiers responsible for a number of anti-
transhuman attacks in the last few years. They call themselves
the Children of Adam, and are most recently responsible for
blowing up a bank of SIM server arrays in Rho; an attack that
resulted in the permanent deletion of over fourteen thousand

The oceans beneath Europas
frozen surface are home to the
first extraterrestrial life forms ever
discovered. Since that time,
millions of other species have
been discovered on the exoplanets
mankind has settled. But Europas
life is still something of a mystery.
The aquatic life forms of
Europas oceans appear to have
gone through rapid evolutionary
cycles, growing far more complex
much faster than life evolved on
Earth. The reason for this is
Jupiter unclear, but the scientists stationed on IT Alpha sure would like
Gravity: 2.36G to know.
Length of Day: 9.8 hrs IT Alpha is a massive underwater research facility owned and
Total Population: 278k, counting the population on its moons, operated as a joint venture between House Cipriani and House
or in orbit around them. Silva. It houses a crew of just under a thousand people.
Notable Settlements/Locations:
Europa: The oceans beneath the ice of Europa have long Of late, IT Alpha has been experiencing a number of troubling
fascinated humans as a potential source of life. IT Alpha is phenomena. There have been a number of odd power outages
a House Cipriani and Silva ran subterranean research and some type of never before seen mold has appeared in the
station dedicated to exploring these oceans and its life environmental systems. Thus far, getting the power back on
forms. and keeping the mold clear hasnt been a major problem, but
now a larger than average number of the stations inhabitants
Jupiter itself is of little interest to anyone. Its environment is
are being diagnosed with cancer. While cancer is relatively easy
simply too hostile and lacking of resources worth the risk of
to cure these days, the source of the problem (and whether or
not it may be linked to the other odd events) is still under
One of its moons, on the other hand, is quite interesting

Saturn Rising from the disk-like shape the circles create are a series
of massive towers. These towers are operated by different
Gravity: 1.06G Houses and primarily serve as the center for organizing the
Length of Day: 10.2 hrs distribution of materials mined from the rings. They also serve
Total Population: 2.3 Million as homes for high Rep members of the Houses
Notable Settlements/Locations: Materials harvested from Saturns rings are delivered to one
Titan City: Sharing the name of the moon it is found on, of sixteen docks arranged between Titan Citys ninth and tenth
Titan is the largest city outside the Asteroid belt. Titan is rings. From there they are transported to whatever processing
uses as a hub for local mining operations. facilities they might need to go to, then sent to the ports
The Rings: The rings are composed of specs of dust and located between the next two rings (eight and nine) for
water ice that are scooped up and sorted as part of a exporting. Most of the processing facilities are located on layer
massive multi-House mining operation. nine.
Like most of the outer planets in the Solar System, Saturns The central rings feature a number of space ports used for
surface offers little of interest. Its rings and largest moon passenger vessels, and tends to see a tremendous amount of
however, offer water and raw materials. traffic. Titan City is the primary source of resources for all the
Houses, and as such, tends to get a lot of attention from high-
Titan City ranking dignitaries.
Saturns largest moon is actually larger than the planet While the high Rep Coalition citizens dwell in the towers or
Mercury, and is home to Titan City. oversee operations at the processing facilities, the less
Titan City grew up around the mining operations that take fortunate toil away on the lower levels. Here apostates hoping
place in Saturns rings. It is home to thousands of workers, and to earn their way into a House, and low Rep citizens, gather
outside of Olympia, is probably the most diverse city in the materials for sorting, transportation, and pre-processing.
system in regards to House members. Perpetually shadowed by the layers above, the lower levels
The citys two major industries come from processing and of the rings are home to the poor and desperate. And where
shipping the materials gathered from the rings; and from there is desperation, there is crime. And where there is crime,
gathering and filtering water from Titan itself. there is a need for law enforcement.
Titan City is not a domed city. Instead, the city is comprised The House representatives of Titan City recently granted a
of a series of concentric rings. Each of these rings is hundreds of contract to a subsidiary of House Dalianis called Lighthouse.
layers thick, is pressurized, and sports its own environmental Lighthouse is a security firm with a reputation for both
systems. Bridges and pressurized passageways span the half- efficiency and brutality. And while theyve come under scrutiny
kilometer spaces between the ten rings, with the center section for their less than subtle methods, the Houses are very happy
serving as the base of a massive space elevator. with the way they keep the riff-raff in line.

Uranus The culture of the colony is one of vagabonds and the
displaced, but it is also one of community and family. Everyone
Gravity: .89G pitches in to do their share, and crimes (and acts of negligence)
Length of Day: 17.9 hrs that endanger the Colony are punished swiftly and often
Total Population: Around 17k severely.
Notable Settlements/Locations:
The Colony: A large apostate community. The Colony is
made of a patchwork of grounded spacecraft and
fabricated structures. The APEX drives from the ships
provide power to the structures.
A hellish wasteland of ice and rock at the edge of the system,
Uranus has little to offer. The water ice is of some value, but its
distance from Sol generally means that those who need it can
usually find a better source.
The fact that Uranus is of little interest to the Coalition is its
greatest asset, at least, when viewed through the eyes of the Of late, however, the usual attitude of peace that pervades
apostates of The Colony. the Colony has been upset. The Colony has drawn the attention
of the Children of Dionysus, a group of pirates and drug runners
The Colony who have been using the colony as a potential source of
One of the larger apostate enclaves in the Sol system, the supplies and recruits.
colony consists of a vast network of ships and pre-fab buildings Most of the Colonists have no desire to deal with the
that have been grounded on the planet and linked together. Children, but they come bearing weapons and gold. Many are
Each supports one or more families, and is required to do its afraid to refuse to trade with them.
part in providing power and oxygen to the rest of the colony. And to make matters worse, a transient ship called the Red
The Colony is made up of several hundred ships, from Herron has recently gone missing. Most of the Colonists blame
smaller cargo craft to the largest ship, The Kraken, a carrier ship the Children, a stance that could lead to outright aggression
thought to have been lost to remnant forces just after the soon. Still others, mostly the few that are comfortable dealing
battle of Tellerus Fields. with the Children, suggest that Coalition forces captured the
The people of the Colony get by on what they can. Most of Red Herron. But if that were true, why has there been no public
the ships at their disposal have been permanently connected to report of the incident?
the ship network, a great many however are able to disconnect The Colony fears that they may be looking at a fight in the
and reconnect as needed. These transients, as the locals call near future, but whether it will be with the Children or the
them, venture out in search of trade goods and supplies. Coalition is unknown.

Neptune While it once staffed as many as five thousand workers and
management staff, the decrease in mining during the last
Gravity: 1.12G decade has led to the official closing of over half the facility.
Length of Day: 19.1 hrs But that doesnt mean the space has gone to waste.
Total Population: 8k Separated from the upper half of the station by thirteen
Notable Settlements/Locations: unused decks, the lower half of the station has turned into a
Naesock Processing Hub: A large space-based processing small apostate enclave and thriving black market trade center.
facility set up in orbit around Triton to provide resources But as one might expect, this sort of activity cant go unnoticed.
and logistics support to spacecraft mining the arcs. Officially, the lower half is a warehouse for House Silvas old
The Arcs: Great swaths of minerals in orbit around the weapons tech. Unofficially, House Silva keeps a lid on whats
planet. These arcs contain a large amount of rare going on and uses the enclave as a major point of contact with
elements. their apostate allies and a way to keep their finger on the pulse
of the black market.
Like Uranus, Neptune is an
ice giant. It is one of the
coldest locations in the Sol
system, and has little to offer
outside of the materials that
make ups its arcs. Like the rings
of Saturn, Neptunes arcs consist
of wide bands of useful material
debris. But unlike Saturns rings,
the arcs do not hold a uniform
shape and tend to consist of
rarer elements.

Naesock Processing Hub

Located in orbit around
Triton, the Naesock Processing
Hub is a massive space station
built to act as a shipping and
storage center for materials
gathered from Neptunes arcs.

surface is littered with mobile drilling platforms, which mine
NOTABLE EXOPLANETS most of Chngdns water supply. Temperate periods are by far
the most productive, since the extreme heat and cold requires
workers to consume a lot more resources. So at the end of
Chngdn every month the platforms pick up and move to the next
Hiske Electronics founded Chngdn in 2099, only a month temperate zone. Most of the water goes to New Tokyo,
after their probes first discovered it. House Kimuras spun into Chngdns megacity capital. It is then distributed to any of the
an exploratory frenzy with the discovery of another planet with other dozens of other settlements that might need it.
extra-terrestrial flora and fauna. And despite the unstable New Tokyo is the original colony established by House
political climate at the time, they pulled out all the stops to get Jinzhan. Since then it has been expanded greatly. Given the
Chngdn colonized before anyone else could plant a flag. A planets nature, it was originally considered impractical to
week after deployment, the colony was already investigating establish multiple settlements Instead, House Jinzhan decided
the native life. to expend its resources expanding the original settlement. This
Out of all the Coalitions planets, Chngdn is undoubtedly continued until New Tokyo grew so large that geographical
the oddest. Chngdn has a uniquely irregular rotation speed obstructions made it much less practical to continue expanding.
and angle, which scientists believe was caused by massive So in the past decade, the people of Chngdn have finally
meteorite bombardment just a few thousand years ago. begun branching out into other settlements.
The planet wobbles on its axis, and as such, the seasons are Aside from New Tokyo, there are only five other relatively
drastic and uneven. A typical year consists of a three month small cities, and a few dozen smaller facilities. Chngdn is
frozen winter leading into a one month temperate period, and mostly Kimuran property, but Silva was particularly ecstatic
a two month blazing summer. Despite the conditions, life has about the unusual life forms inhabiting it and managed to
flourished on the planets surface. Much of the planet is purchase three plots of land in different climate zones. The
covered in what could only be described as an evergreen research labs havent grown much, but they were never
jungle. The trees are capable of weathering the drastic intended as colonies to begin with.
temperature shifts, and sport roots that dive deep into the Of late, reports have been coming in from exploratory
ground in search of water. The animals and plants of Chngdn expeditions that claim to have seen strange humanoids living in
are extremely hardy and adaptive, and the predators that have the wild. It is speculated that these are post-human
evolved here can be extremely aggressive. aberrations, and that there are several cells of them. A few
Like the native wildlife, the Chngdn citizens have had to be hunting parties have been organized to bring them in, but most
exceptionally resourceful to survive. Chngdn has little in the never see anything. Those that have claim that the creatures
way of water on the surface, but there are underground are definitely of human origin, and are using primitive tools,
pockets of water and rivers all along the planets crust. The weapons, armor that seems to be grown from their bodies.

Cygnus Alpha The settlement also keeps surface travel to a minimum; its
sharp rocky surface makes traversing it with ground vehicles
The second colony established outside of Sol, Cygnus Alpha, slow and cumbersome, and air vehicles have difficulty flying
was originally colonized by Keppler Shipyards in late 2097. and landing in the extreme winds. To combat this, initial
Keppler wanted easy access to the abundant iron deposits for surveys are done via satellites in orbit, and then tunnels are
building their starships. Later, in 2099, Giordino Automotive drilled from the main outpost to the lode. Over the years, these
established a second mining colony approximately thirty tunnels have grown into a vast network that resembles an ant
kilometers from the Keppler Site. colony of sorts. The cities themselves remain located in the
In general, the planet is rather inhospitable, and the only canyons for the most part, where interplanetary traffic can
reason it was ever colonized was because of the ridiculously easily reach them. But there are hundreds of smaller
high percentage of iron its crust contains. The majority of its subterranean outposts that once housed workers.
surface is too cold to sustain life unprotected, and all habitats This tendency to travel beneath the surface caused some
are built along the equator where the base temperature is problems during the Consolidation Wars. Until then, neither
within human limits. But the cold is only one obstacle. Cygnus Keppler nor Giordino got in each other's way. After the start of
Alpha has no ground water and sports violent winds that the war, though, Keppler quadrupled its production of
commonly exceed over 400 kmph. This wind, coupled with the warships. This forced them to vastly expand their mining
amount of iron in the ground, has resulted in a surface littered operations. After a while, the two companies started double-
with fields of razor sharp blades emerging from the otherwise claiming lodes without realizing it at first, which resulted in
barren gray soil. more than a few physical altercations. After the war things
To account for the wind, all of the major cities on Cygnus calmed down, but both companies, now renamed subsidiaries
Alpha are built inside deep canyons where they are shielded of parent Houses, still entertain a contest of egos.
from the biting gusts. Here citizens can walk about in the open. In the wake of the exodus, Cygnus Alpha saw a rise in
The atmosphere is breathable, but is extremely dry and population as surviving family members and new workers
contains little oxygen. And at night, even along the equator, flocked to the colony. It grew to accommodate the influx, and
temperatures plunge to well below freezing. even enjoyed a period of prosperity when the Coalition took
All things considered, Cygnus Alphas residents have adapted power. But the demand for iron dropped when the fighting
fairly well to its conditions. Many contracts include optional ceased, and so workers and their families parted for more
augmentations that improve the efficiency of ones respiratory hospitable worlds.
system, and thus remove the need for a respirator when Eventually Cygnus Alphas population dwindled to less than
exerting oneself. These augmentation contracts are a bit half of what it once was. Now its cities provide more space than
unusual given Dalianis and Ciprianis Purist tendencies, but they its citizens need, and the all-but-abandoned tunnels are home
make an exception here for the health of their citizens. to apostates, smugglers, pirates, and worse.

Proch The Federation maintained a guerilla campaign against the
Alliance for over a year before detonating a nuclear bomb in
Proch is different from all of the other Coalition exoplanets, the heart of Newcastle. This act of aggression is said by many to
for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is that it was the be the primary catalyst for the coming war.
first human colony to be established outside of Sol. The second, Proch was not just the first exoplanet to be settled, but it is
is that when it was founded in 2096, it was not done so by any the first planet in general to be discovered with a complex
one corporation. It was initially colonized by both the ecosystem. The surface is covered in a variety of terrain, and it
Federation and the Alliance, just before the onset of the is the most geographically diverse exoplanet. It echoes Earth in
Consolidation Wars. Both sides wanted exclusive control over many ways, specifically Earth during its Mesazoic period. This is
the system, and both planted a handful of cities in an effort to most noticeable in the planets natural inhabitants.
claim it as their own. This competition would prove to be one of
Large reptiles and ferocious mammals still roam the forests
the sparks that ignited the Consolidation Wars.
of Proch. These large (sometimes massive!) creatures have
The city of Samara, which grew from the first Federation become a source of much interest for many of the Coalitions
colony, quickly expanded to become a center for trade and people. The creatures have provided scientists with many hours
industry for the corporations interested in supporting the of amusement, and would-be adventurers more than a few
colonization effort. gruesome ends.
Newcastle was the site of the first Alliance colony, and Samara sports a massive zoon for those that want to get a
seemed built with defense in mind from the very beginning. look at the Prochian wildlife without fear of getting eaten. The
The city was fortified, and supplemented by Alliance military zoo showcases much of the indigenous species.
Hunting, both for sport and for capture, is extremely
Skirmishes broke out on Proch between the Federation and common here. And some of the smaller, less dangerous
the Alliance a few years before the official start of the creatures are even sold as pets. The names hunters give their
Consolidation War. It eventually escalated into full-out war for catches tend to stick more readily than their real names. The
control over the planet itself, and continued several years into names tend to be descriptive or draw from old Earth folklore.
the Consolidation War. It wasnt until the fall of Earth that the Rippers, little hoods, red wings, and black eyes can be
conflict truly died down on Proch. found alongside gorgons, griffons and yetis.
In the wake of the war, Tsaryas component corporations Perhaps the biggest prize a hunter can bring back is the head
(having made a killing from the years of groundside combat), of a dragon, which is really a loose classification for several
used this wealth to assert control over the planets different extremely massive reptile/mammal/avian hybrid
governments. The Alliance resisted, and was quelled by force, species. They are extremely deadly and elusive, and it is said
but the Federation chose to retreat to a hidden base of that anyone attempting to take one down without a war frame
operations in the jungle. is as good as dead.

Sagitta Upon completion of the initial settlement, work began on a
plan to expand. It took five years, but when they were done,
House Dalianis has a reputation for being expansionist, and there were nine cities built in the chasm. They were small, but
Sagitta is further proof of that. Despite already having stakes in it was all that was needed to move in the initial wave of
Cygnus Alpha, in 2105 Keppler Shipyards established a colony colonists. These colonists continued the work from there, and
on what would alter be called Sagitta. The planet itself offered by the time of the Exodus, there was enough room for many of
very little in value; the only purpose of the settlement was to the refugees.
expand humanitys reach. Keppler understood that the Keppler eventually became a part of House Dalianis, which
Consolidation Wars might rip humanity apart, and Sagitta was a still holds the majority of power on Sagitta. But the truth is,
contingency plan. Crews were sent to prepare the planet for a only a percentage of the refugees that came there were
massive influx of population in the event that the war went Dalianis citizens. One city was allotted to Kimura, another to
south enough to require evacuation. In the end, it turned out to Tsarya, and Jinzhan was allowed to build one of their as
be worth it, as many flocked to Sagitta after Earth fell to the payment for Dalianis extensive use of Jinzhans Vulcan swarms.
Overcrowding has not become an issue yet, and it shouldnt
Sagitta never originally held any semblance of life. However, for at least a few decades. The chasm has become mostly self-
the planet was bombarded at some point by a large asteroid, sufficient, as far as water and atmosphere are concerned. In
and with it came a host of elements and single cell organisms. It fact, without further intervention, the atmosphere of the
hit with enough force that much of the debris was launched chasm has begun to expand, however slowly. It is speculated
into orbit, leaving a largely empty chasm in its place. Much of that life might be able to grow on the rest of the planet in a
the foreign materiel, however, settled in the chasm. Over time, couple hundred years with some minor terraforming.
it grew into basic plant life, and a small proto-atmosphere
developed there. Outside the crater, Sagitta is mostly dead rock. Exploration
teams regularly venture out in search of points of interest
By the time Kepplers initial survey team got there, the chasm detected by orbital satellites. But so far, the only thing of note
had enough of a breathable atmosphere to sustain human life has been a slightly anomaly in the planets magnetic field
with very little adjustments. Earth plants were transplanted to centered on valley several thousand kilometers north of
kickstart the process, and a small mining facility was built in the craters rim.
planets debris ring to gather and deliver materials to the
construction teams and Vulcan swarms. The ring was The anomaly is very minor, detectable only by sensitive
instrumental in speeding up the construction of the various equipment. It is a pulse, rising and falling in a nine day cycle.
settlements by providing needed resources in-between Survey teams have been dispatched to the area, but so far have
shipments from Earth. they have not turned up any results.

Sanctuary and buried under the sand to hide resulting structure from
orbit. And then thermal shielding was placed between the ships
Its important to note that Sanctuary is not a Coalition planet. and the sand to prevent them registering as a thermal anomaly
It is the latest human colony, having been founded in 2121, but to nosey probes. The ships have been almost entirely shut
it was founded by apostates. down, using power only for plumbing. Air needs are met
Many took heart in the success the Uranus colony was through disguised vents on the surface, covered with anti-
having, and decided to take the concept even further. It took particulate meshes to defend against frequent sand storms.
several years to acquire all of the necessary equipment, both Food is hydroponically grown, or bought in from smugglers.
through theft and black market trading. They used Neptune as Since the founding however, this colony has grown into an
a staging ground, covertly harvesting materials from the arcs. underground city that has recently taken the name New
And when the fleet finally launched, they slipped out of the Sol Montreal. For the most part, the apostates live relatively well.
system at sub-light speeds. Only after they were out of the They dont have the standard of living a defaulter would on a
system did the apostates join up with the jump-capable Santa Coalition world, but for them, the tradeoff is worth it.
Maria to begin their search for a home. Since its founding, more apostates have flocked to Sanctuary.
The HD413 system was not at all a first choice for the But very few of these refugees have actually brought large
apostates, but supplies were a huge concern by the time they enough ships to offset the influx. This, combined with natural
found it. population growth, is causing much concern for the colonys
Sanctuary is entirely covered in sand and sandstone rock leadership. In the last decade, more and more building has
formations, and it is extremely hot, due to its proximity to its taken place on the surface. Sick of living underground and in
sun. That said, it was more than forty light years from any tight quarters, many have already begun to establish surface
Coalition planet, and despite the rough conditions, it didnt communities separate from New Montreal. Some still fear that
require any terraforming to live on. They chose to ground their the influx of colonists will be discovered by the Coalition, and
ships halfway between the equator, where a low of 100 living on the surface will leave them exposed and unprepared.
degrees Celsius makes it uninhabitable, and the north pole, But with a recent election that resulted in a change in
where the humidity is too low for condensators to support a leadership, the progressives have been able to sway public
colony. Just prior to landing the ships transponders were fired opinion in support of surface expansion.
into the sand at the equator, burying them deep beneath the The new government intends to build a true city on
surface. If any Coalition forces came to Sanctuary, the Sanctuary. But progress on this city, Valhalla, has stalled
transponders would be remotely activated, providing a without access to a Vulcan swarm. So acquiring one has
distraction to buy time for the colony to evacuate. become a top priority. Word has gone out to any pirates,
At first there was only one settlement on Sanctuary. The smugglers, or House contacts friendly to New Montreal. Bring
original ships were all interconnected like the Colony on Uranus in a working swarm, and the reward will be well worth it.

Shuy Jinzhan now allows open trade to flow through Shuy, but it
protects its home with extreme prejudice. Access to the planet
Shuy was the last Coalition planet to be colonized, having itself is extremely restricted: only those on official House
been founded in 2115. The Chinese, while being imperialistic business and Jinzhan citizens are ever allowed to leave the
late in their governments life, didnt like the idea of having to stations in orbit. Access to the Icarus hubs and other stations in
maintain a colony so far away. They feared that the colonists orbit around the planet is also carefully controlled, but not as
would get too comfortable without the government nearby to much as surface access.
watch over their shoulders, and get ideas about rebelling. S Jinzhan customs procedures are extremely thorough, and
But Shuy was founded out of necessity, not convenience. every ship has to wait in line to be searched. Any unscheduled
For over years after the fall of Earth, the surviving Chinese lived vessel has to be vouched for by a high-ranking Jinzhan member
aboard ships, refusing to accept any colonys offered or they are refused access to any station. Even in the event of
hospitality. Finally, probes found a planet that met their an emergency, a ship can only dock with an orbiting military
expectations, and the refugee fleet set course. vessel.
The planet was a lucky find. It was more like Earth than they Recently a group of apostates was caught trying to sneak into
could have hoped for, teaming with beautiful greenery, and far the station and onto the surface. They were blown out of the
from any Coalition system. A carpet of moss, algae, and lichen airlock, and their ship was destroyed by a Jinzhan cruiser.
results in a high-oxygen atmosphere, which in turn has resulted But no system is totally secure. It is unclear how they got past
in large, plentiful insect life. It required little effort to colonize, security, or if they were present before the launch of Shuy
and it was even compatible with Earth flora and fauna. Customs, but evidence points to the existence of Federation
The insects of Shuy are worth noting not only for their size, remnants on the surface.
but their aggression. Many are large enough to pose a danger, Unfortunately, no one is quite sure where the remnant forces
even if they arent poisonous. Still, the people of Shuy are are located, or how they are smuggling goods on and off the
prideful, and often use the most dangerous of the insects as planet, but an official investigation has been launched into all
mascots, in company logos, and other types of media. customs personnel. Even the name of the remnant forces is
In the following years, the flourishing world became the unknown, but they are believed to use Shuys tiger wasp as
Coalitions largest source of naturally grown food. Despite an identifying symbol. So local Centurions have taken to calling
reservations, House Jinzhan allowed an import/export program them Wasps.
to form, bringing valuable trade to its desperate citizens. One thing is clear. The remnant is making an effort to acquire
Shuy has been good to House Jinzhans people, and theyve Vulcan swarms and compilers. But whether they intend to use
had little problems expanding. Numerous cities dot the main them to build up their military might, or sell on the black
continent, and many more farming communities cover its market, is unknown.

In a society with abundant transhumanist ideals, it is only The Crossroads is in many ways a direct polar opposite to
natural that methods of escaping reality would evolve Stygia. Crossroads places visitors in a sprawling fictional rural
alongside the definition of human. city and surrounding landscape set in the Middle Ages. As such,
Virtual environments are used for a variety of purposes, it plays home to the serious escapists who find the real world
including but not limited to an outlet for escapism, learning too complex and stressful.
experiences, thrill-seeking, and a meeting place for romantic, Crossroads boast impressive random event algorithms,
private, or illegal groups. Virtualities can take many forms and intended to keep its user base interested indefinitely. In
serve many functions, ranging from one-shots, to private addition to these events, there are planned weekly and
rooms, to persistent worlds. The following are the three most monthly community events, such as invasions or monster hunts
popular persistent virtualities. to bring users together.
These worlds can be accessed from anywhere, so long as you SIMs who make the Crossroads tend to avoid these tourist
have access to the Extranet and some good virtuality interface events and instead move into one of the many small
gear. They are hosted on some of the most secure arrays in the communities in which these events do not intrude.
known galaxy. They serve as homes to millions of SIMs, and
temporary getaways for billions of others.
Unlike the other popular virtualities, Chicago exists largely for
Stygia nostalgia and educational purposes. In many ways, it is a
For quite some time, Stygia has held the position as the monument to climax culture (pg. 70), featuring far more
number one virtuality in use. The massive urban metropolis attention to detail than most other virtualities.
resides within a small dyson sphere. This sphere is perhaps the Chicago was built to be a replica of its 20th century
biggest leap the virtuality takes in regard to the fantastical. As namesake. By all accounts, it is very close. But since no one
such, it draws a lot of users seeking a casual escape without too alive could have any contrary personal experiences, most dont
much fantasy. notice the occasional little inaccuracy.
In general, Stygia is used as a social virtuality where users can Ironically, much as the real Chicago suffered problems with
get together with associates or friends planets apart. It is not organized crime, so to does the virtual version. These illegal
unusual for a business deal to be made over drinks in a fine deals are most certainly detectable by VirtuVac, but it is well
Stygian restaurant. known that the subsidiary went extremely over budget with the
creation of the virtual city. To offset this cost, they will often
accept bribes from Chicagos seedier users to turn a blind eye.

These ANIs are relatively limited. Their capabilities tend to
have a very narrow scope, such as sorting inventory, providing
Artificial Intelligence information about a narrow field of topics, or negotiating
Artificial narrow intelligences (ANIs or simply AIs), as traffic.
opposed to general artificial intelligences (AGIs), are They can accept verbal commands in most languages, but do
programmed to seem intelligent, even emotional, but are not have a sense of context.
incapable of general problem solving.
It normally doesnt take long to figure out what an ANI has Beta
and has not been programmed to do. Of note, while they speak These are AGIs, which can perform most of the same basic
and respond in an intelligent manner, its common to notice duties as an Alpha AI, but also understands context and can
seemingly canned responses during conversation. factor in a number of relevant variables when queried or given
AGIs, on the other hand, think and converse more like a command.
humans; and can derive solutions to any number of problems They are also capable of collating and indexing a broader
provided they have access to the necessary information. They spectrum of information, and can therefore perform more
do not show initiative however, and cannot develop creative complex tasks.
methods of problem solving. They are also regularly edited to Beta AIs tend to be used to search for information, their
remove any abnormal task resolution methods they may have understanding of context making them far more efficient than
developed as a result of working on disparate tasks. an Alpha AI. They are also capable of realistic conversation, and
This is called pruning and some level of this must be are sometimes used as a teaching tool.
performed fairly regularly to keep the AI healthy.
As a safety precaution, AIs store all new learned data
separate from its core programming. The pruning process These AIs are the closest thing to a Mimir-like Creation
consists of sorting through and discarding knowledge the AI Engine allowed by law. When dealing with them, most seem
doesnt need. Or the user can simply delete it all, resetting the very human. They understand human emotion, and even
system back to its original state. This is typically done on a exhibit some basic emotions themselves.
weekly basis, and is often an automated process that happens Most gamma level AIs are used by the Coalition military,
at pre-set intervals. though the Houses have been known to employ a few for
AIs tend to fall into one of three basic categories: security and other complex tasks.

Computers & Networks
One of the biggest impacts Mimir had on mankind was in Hacking
computer systems. With the introduction of solid-state Simply put, hacking a computer in the manner most common
quantum computer systems and crystalline data storage, a few decades ago is impossible. Any system you attempt to
processing and storage capacity largely became a non-issue. hack into is monitored by an AI agent that is smart enough to
Computers built on Mimir-tech, which is to say most all of detect and shut down your attempt at an unauthorized
them, have effectively limitless computing capabilities as far as intrusion in milliseconds.
the average person is concerned.
The human mind cannot think fast enough to get around this
Entire virtual environments, indistinguishable from reality,
type of security. So the hacker must depend on something
can be populated by the uploaded minds of hundreds of
other than his own mind. The only way to gain unauthorized
people. And it can all run on a tiny portable personal computer
access to another computer system is by arming your own
that can fit in a persons pocket.
Agent with cutting edge (often custom) hacking software and
All this power and potential comes at a cost however. pitting it against the target computers Agent.
Modern computers are several orders of magnitude more
complex than those of the early 21 century. The systems used However, since all computers come with restrictions
today are built off of the technology scavenged from the regarding what sort of software you can put on it, this requires
Archives. And as with all Mimir-tech, much of it is your own system to be cracked first. This is a very difficult
incomprehensible to even the brightest experts in the field of process that, more often than not, destroys the system.
computer science. Of course there are people who specialize in The rarity of an unrestricted computer, combined with the
specific modules, and who learn enough about them to modify drive and talent required to gather and write hacking programs,
and improve them, but likely no one alive understands these is what makes the Savant such a highly sought after operative.
systems enough to truly be able to explain how all the modules Savant Programs are just about the only way to get access to a
fit together, or how the core operating system works. restricted computer, and even then, the window usually closes
Because of the complexity of a Mimir-tech computer, very quickly.
Interaction with the system is possible only vie human The brute-force methods employed by Savant programs are
capable interfaces and agent AIs. enough to baffle and disrupt the Agent on guard for a short
When working with an agent, you simply tell the agent what amount of time, but they can recover remarkably fast and will
you need and it goes to work navigating the maze of commands slam closed the door the instant they are given the
required to perform the requested task. These systems, while opportunity. Access, once acquired, generally only lasts for a
astoundingly powerful and versatile, were never designed with few seconds.
direct human operation in mind. So the agent acts as a liaison
of sorts.

The Extranet computer. The computer uses the newly created environment
map, positional and directional systems, and wireless network
What early computer users called the Internet eventually
data from nearby augmented reality servers to determine
evolved into the planet spanning Extranet. Every electronic
where the user is and what he is looking at. It then sends
device is capable of connecting wirelessly to the Extranet,
relevant data and images to the glasses for the wearer to see.
feeding data into the network and receiving relevant
instructions. Any sort of data stored in the system could be accessed.
Often people or objects will be tagged with an ARID that tells
The Extranet consists of local sensor arrays called a Mesh,
other peoples displays what they should see when they are
which connects to larger planetary hubs, which themselves
looked at. Looking at a tagged person might bring up a message
connect to other planets via comm-buoys located on both sides
the person had set to display to everyone who viewed him or
of persistent jump gates.
her, such as Leave me alone Or Sorry! In a hurry. Objects
The Extranet is the home of the majority of the galaxies for sale might feature a little window floating above them
information. It is dispersed, redundant, backed up, and is displaying price and relevant information.
widely considered impossible to shut down all at once. It
So, from the users perspective, these objects, called
streams audio, video, and even sensie data all the time, to
Augmented Reality Objects (or AROs) float freely in space.
everywhere in the known galaxy.
They do not truly exist and are only visible to the wearer of an
Only the most secure locations are not connected directly to augmented reality display.
the Extranet in some way.
These days augmented reality displays are often used in lieu
Augmented Reality of computer monitors or traditional flat displays. While the user
obviously cannot feel augmented reality objects, the AR
Instead of submersing themselves in a different reality, many
servers sensors know when the user has touched an AR object
people are just fine with a few tweaks to the one they currently
and can trigger the ARO to respond to touch.
inhabit. Augmented Reality is the term used to describe the
technique of superimposing computer generated images and So while the programmer may look like hes just pretending
audio over your normal senses. So while virtual reality is a to work, from his perspective, he could be surrounded by a
whole other environment the users ego is submersed in, the number of augmented reality displays. These displays float in
term augmented reality refers to a virtual environment space around him, providing him all the data a real display
layered over the real world and visible only to those with AR might but are only visible to him or others who have access to
display devices. the same system hes linked to.
For example, a character puts on a pair of augmented reality For the most part augmented reality has largely replaced
display glasses. These glasses analyze the wearers environment standard computer terminals and workstations. More often,
and send a map of that environment back to his portable people who need to access a computer can do so from any

location in an AR-ready building or star ship. In such locations, directives and ethical guidelines. For instance, it may allow only
the AR server is connected to dozens, hundreds, or even people of a certain positions of authority to view certain
thousands of sensors responsible for mapping the location of records. And even though private areas such as bathrooms and
people and how they interact with AR objects. bedrooms are sometimes monitored, the records of activity in
This sensor network is called a Mesh. these areas may only be accessed under certain rather strict
circumstances, usually requiring government orders.
Users in an AR-ready area need only a display device and
Generally a Mesh is connected to a greater network, which
permission from the controlling computer system to bring their
itself provides access to the Extranet. This allows members of a
data online around them.
family to check in on their loved ones, and to receive status
While this technology is profoundly useful in everyday life, it updates about their home. This also means that someone with
still does not offer the same level of immersion that true virtual enough skill can access the data collected by just about any
reality does. But for most day-to-day tasks, interaction with Mesh from anywhere in the world. However, depending on
AROs gets the job done far more efficiently than less accessible how secure the data thats collected needs to be, the Mesh
computer systems. may or may not be open to incoming and outgoing traffic. In
the most extreme cases, the Mesh may actually use wired
The Mesh
hardware instead of wireless communication.
Most areas are monitored at all times by cameras and Monitors directed to watch over public Meshes are
sensors designed to detect and record activity in the instructed to report anything that looks like illegal activity.
environment. This data is collected by a virtual intelligence However, the amount of information the system has to sort
called a Monitor (a Gamma level AI), and the network of through at any given time usually means such reports take a
cameras and sensors is called the Mesh. These sensors transmit few hours to make their way to the authorities. And once they
all of their data back to the Monitor wirelessly. do, they are addressed in order of priority. Generally, minor
A single Mesh generally watches over one building, ship, crimes such as shoplifting result in an automated hit to the
habitat, or a sometimes a small collection of buildings. Its fairly criminals Rep-Rating, and an automatic Rep bump sent to the
common for a colony consisting of six to ten buildings to be perceived victim. These crimes usually never get any more
managed by a single Monitor. attention.
Cities generally have a Monitor set up to watch over Mesh To succeed at performing an action unnoticed by the local
sensors placed over public areas. In such places, you are Monitor you must make a Skill test (usually using Stealth)
generally visible to at least one camera at all times. against a difficulty of 4, though the areas Mesh Aspect may be
The first and most obvious purpose for this level of invoked or compelled to modify this roll.
surveillance is security. Anyone with administration rights to The second purpose of the sensor array is to provide the
the server that houses the Monitor can view any and all of this augmented reality systems the information it needs to work
data. However, the Monitor operates under a number of strict

properly. For the AR system to work properly, the system needs damage. Death in these environments is part of the game, and
to very accurately map the position and motions of all users, usually just results in ejection. On the other hand, many VR
from hand motions to head position and even eye tracking. systems are designed to increase mental feedback, possibly
making a virtual death a real one.
Virtual Reality (Virtuality) While very useful, most people do not use VR technology on
Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that a regular basis. The majority of day-to-day computer usage can,
exists only within the computer system that creates it. To a and usually is, taken care of with augmented reality. AR tends
person who is jacked in, a quality VR is indistinguishable from to be more popular since it doesnt cut a person off from their
a real environment. This requires a VR interface, which consists normal senses the way VR does.
of a series of electrodes attached to the skull.
VR environments vary depending on their intended use. For Gameplay in a Virtuality
example, a VR created to house people for conversation might
take the form of a beautiful beach house. The invited people Scenes that take place in a virtual environment work the
log in from around the globe, or system, or galaxy, and all meet same as scenes that take place in the real world, but with the
in the virtual house together where they share lunch and following exceptions:
stories of times past. Despite taking place in a virtual environment, the system replicates
your characters normal physical Skills. So a very athletic person will
Another common use for VR technology is gaming. Players be athletic in both the real world and in virtual environments.
jack in to virtual battlefields and load up with computer You physical stress and Consequences suffered in the real world do
generated weaponry. Armed and armored, they compete in not over carry into the virtual environment. And physical stress
various violent games where they hunt down their enemies and suffered in the virtuality is not reflected in the real world.
kill them, scoring points for their team. In the more dangerous virtualities, upon exiting the virtuality you
Virtuality is not without its dangers however. The mind suffer a Mental attack with an Edge rating based on the worst
cannot process the agony one might experience from a virtual Physical Consequence you suffered while inside. The Edge rating is +2
gunshot without itself being affected. In general, combat and for Minor Consequences, +4 for Major, +6 for Severe and +8 for
damage in a virtual environment plays out normally. The
Most virtual environments will eject a character who suffers a
system is able to analyze your body, brain and augmentations Consequence. This is a common safety feature.
to such an extent that it can represent your physical Skills in the
Characters typically only have Guest access to a virtuality. This
virtuality. Of course, the body doesnt actually do anything means they can only change their environment in ways that would
while the character is in a virtuality, and it cant be hurt by a make sense in the real world. For example, they could pick up a chair
virtual attacker. and move it, but could not change the chair into water.
Such attacks can take a toll on the mind however. Most Characters with Administrator access to a virtuality have Dominion.
virtuality programs have limiters set to ease the stress of virtual See below for more on what it means to have Dominion.

Dominion Compilers use programs called templates to determine
what they can and cannot create, and are usually connected to
The admin in control of a virtuality is a virtual god. He can network that transmits raw material used to create the desired
change the environment to suit his desires, transforming walls object, a network similar to late 20th century utility systems.
into air, sand into pavement, and water into fire.
The complexity of the object matters little so long as the
To perform these changes, the admin need spend a Simple template is well written. But of course, these templates take
Action performing a Software Engineering or SINC (admins time and effort to create, so the more complex, the more
choice) test against a difficulty of 2. expensive the template is.
If he succeeds, he may make a Declaration (pg. 112) about Templates are linked to your CID, which also acts as a user
the virtual environment. profile on most any computer you use. If you do not have the
Any sort of Declaration that results in direct stress to a target, template you need, you can acquire it. This will link the
such as turning the air around him into acid, or simply ripping template to your CID and may cost you some Rep if the
at the makeup of the targets digital avatar, is handled as an template is of high value.
attack using the admins Software Engineering or SINC (again, The House you belong to may also be a consideration. Each
admins choice) Skill. The WR of the attack is equal to the House has its different specialty markets, and may offer market
admins attacking Skill rating x2. discounts (pg. 159) on certain types of items.
The Houses also control certain brands and may have
Nanotechnology exclusive contracts with certain template writers. This has a
tendency to create a sort of your team vs. my team
Since the invention of the molecular assembler, mentality, with endless arguments starting over the quality of
nanotechnology has become the cornerstone of technological similar items produced by different Houses.
advancement for the human race. With the ability to mass-
Different food subsidiaries may compete to create tastier
produce previously exotic materials, and the creation of
burger templates, tool companies compete by writing better
construction swarms, humanity now has easy access to almost
tool templates, PPC manufacturers may try to establish their
anything it needs.
brands as elite or utilitarian, etc.
Molecular Assemblers (Compilers) Weapon and most drug templates are banned, as are
A molecular assembler, usually simply called a compiler or templates that produce harmful chemicals and other objects
comp, uses swarms of nanomachines to reconfigure matter the Coalition government has declared unsuitable for the
on a molecular level. Thus a rough block of steel could be average citizen to be granted easy access to. One can apply for
transformed into any steel object of the same mass, while a a license to be granted access to a restricted template, but
block of steel and a block of rubber could be transformed into a doing so often requires a high Rep-rating and the screening
bicycle. process is fairly rigorous.

This license, if granted, is generally attached to the users Security and Availability
CID. However, in the case of an apostate who has been granted Compilers were designed by Mimir, and as such, are poorly
access to restricted materials, this may work as a separate code understood by human engineers. It is not possible to build one
that must be entered. This is rare, but as with many of the from scratch. A compiler must be compiled.
Coalitions control mechanisms, they leave back doors for their
The templates used to compile a compiler are not available
agents in the Shadow War. This includes their apostate agents.
to the public, and are protected by the Houses to insure they
This technology is also used to recycle. Instead of a simple dont fall into apostate hands.
trashcan, the user can throw his trash or unwanted items into a
In addition, compilers are very secure. Each is under guard by
decompiler, or decom. This device breaks the waist back
an onboard security AI that checks the users CID each time an
down into its base material and flushes it away to a material
item is compiled to make sure the user is a legal
distribution center. Failure to recycle regularly can result in a
Coalition citizen. It also checks the current location
hit to your Rep-rating, so most people make an effort
of the compiler itself, and will not allow access
to do so.
if it is located outside of official
With the right materials and template, the only real Coalition space. However, some
limitation in what can be built is the size of the compiler very high-ranking members of the
itself. Most household compilers range in size from a 1 x 2 Houses have the ability to override
rectangular box, to a 3 x 3 foot unit. this restriction on location, allowing the
A person who requires an object larger than what military to compile objects in enemy
their compiler can produce must compile parts of territory.
the whole and assemble it themselves, purchase the already If the AI senses that an attempt
finished product, or rent a larger compiler at one of many has been made to trick it, it will notify
rental businesses. the authorities.
Because objects are compiled from a template, without Lastly, the templates themselves are secured. Each
changes to the template, every object created from it will be time you attempt to use a template, the compiler checks to
identical. Especially in the case of food, there is a market for make sure the template ID and your CID are linked. If it is not, it
more conventionally created products. Compiled food tends to will not compile the item.
taste a little bland due to the lack of imperfections, or variety in
Some Savants have learned how to temporarily bypass these
the usage of the ingredients. Therefore, meals cooked and
restrictions using the Eminent Domain Program, but the
prepared in the traditional sense are considered a delicacy.
program must be run each time an item is illegally fabricated.
Other traditionally created objects, such as pieces of art,
clothing, and other things are often sought after for their

retract gives the cloud as a whole the ability to transform into a
Notable Materials solid, liquid, or gaseous mass.
Lattice-Carbonite A metal-like substance comprised of layers of Because the individual espers are so tiny, to the human
carbon nano-tubes arranged into a structural matrix, and touch, the swarm can feel as smooth as silk, flow like water, or
sandwiched between graphene sheets. It weighs roughly 1/6th the float through the air like a cloud of mist. Some can even change
weight of steel and is about 175 times stronger. Melting Point: 3550 colors, giving the swarm the ability to mimic anything the user
C, 6422 F tells it to. The central computer itself can instruct the cloud to
Plasidium A flexible plastic-like substance. It weighs 1/2 the take any shape, as long as it has a template program that
weight of polycarbonate and is 140 times stronger. Melting Point: contains the specifics of the desired form.
2850 C, 5162 F
Thus, with the proper templates, the cloud becomes harder
Transplasidium transparent plasidium. Melting Point: 4200 C,
or softer as required. The Queen could execute a command
7592 F
that transforms the cloud into a comfortable couch, and a
E-Glass Traditional glass designed to break in an emergency.
moment later, transform the couch into a large painting, a wall,
or a bubbling fountain.
Nano-Swarms or Espers While the queen can be powered in any way a typical
A centralized computer can be used to control a cloud of computer system can be powered, esper clouds require the use
nanomachines (often called espers) much like those found of broadcast power. The individual nanomachines are too small
inside compilers. to accommodate power cells and any sort of power cable is
An esper cloud consists of millions of nanomachines. These clearly impractical.
machines, by themselves, are very limited in capability. Their When not in use, esper clouds are programmed to take a
computing capabilities are minimal and their structure is dormant shape. These shapes vary, and can be anything from a
lightweight, though relatively resilient. coating of paint on wall to a utility belt worn by the person
When combined with a large number of other espers responsible for performing maintenance on the Queen.
however, their use becomes readily apparent.
Vulcan Swarms
Like a colony of insects, the espers work together as a whole
to accomplish tasks. This is a common analogy used when Another type of nanomachine swarm exists that works like a
talking about swarms, giving rise to the common nickname of, mixture between an esper swarm and the nanomachines found
Queen, which refers to a swarm controlling central computer. in a compiler.
The individual espers generally come in the form of a central Similar to the technophage, a Vulcan swarm rolls over an
body with a series of telescopic arms. The nanomachines link area, dissolving usable materials at the molecular level and
up with each other, and the ability to hold on, let go, expand, or reusing them to build pre-determined objects.

Unlike the technophage however, the Vulcan swarm does not power cell it is replacing, but operates indefinitely as long as it
self-replicate. This means that eventually the swarm will die is in line of sight of the transmitter, plus 1/10th as long as a
as its nanomachines become damaged from labor. They are power cell when outside line of sight (it has a stored power
also programmed to avoid harming living creatures, and the law backup system).
currently states that a Vulcan swarm cannot be used to make Beamed power transmitters usually take the form of a 3x3
weaponry or drones. box, and can transmit power line-of-sight at a range of about
The Vulcan swarms are responsible for nearly all of the fifteen kilometers. They can draw their power from a broadcast
construction found in large cities. They can be deployed, and power field or a battery. Multiple beamed power emitters can
over time, will build a habitat suitable for human occupation. A be daisy chained together to cover greater range.
building can be fabricated in just a few hours, a small town in a Large starships usually have a transmitter capable of beaming
few days, and even a whole city can be grown from the power down to the surface of a planet or asteroid. There it is
surrounding environment in just a month or so. received and redistributed with a broadcast power transmitter,
Specific materials not found in the local environment may which can then support additional beamed power transmitters
sometimes be needed to build certain things, so often times and broadcast power transmitters to create a power network.
Vulcan swarms are supplemented with materials gathered from
Broadcast Power
Broadcast power works like beamed power, but does not
require line of sight transmission. They are common for most
Power appliances and computers, and are how nano-swarms get their
Antiparticle Exchange (APEX) Reactors Most cities or habitats run off a power field maintained by
An APEX reactor takes up roughly 80 cubic feet of space. It the local government.
combines particles with like anti-particles and harnesses the
energy given off by their mutual annihilation. Its internal fuel Solar Power
supply can operate it for up to 20 years; maintenance can be In most places, the power grid is supplemented by solar
performed at about 3% of the cost of a new reactor per year. power collected from painted on collection coatings on the
One such reactor provides enough power for a small city or a exterior surfaces of buildings, roofs, windows, etc. These
large starship equipped with a jump drive. coatings are transparent, but lend the surface a glossy sheen.

Beamed Power
Power Beam Emitters use microwave beams to carry power.
The receiver for beamed power weighs the same as the normal

Biotechnology The Mindset
The Mindset consists of a web of nanomachines that perform
Apotheosis the duties of brain cells while also enhancing the brain with
The Apotheosis procedure is perhaps the single most additional capabilities, specifically providing a mind-machine
controversial technologies introduced by Mimir. It is a path to interface and a bridge to the Mnemonic Core.
immortality, and yet, it also calls into question the meaning of Digital data can be projected from the Mindset into the
human, and the existence of the soul. users visual cortex so that it appears in his field of view,
This process takes about a week, during which the recipient providing an extremely immersive augmented reality interface.
receives a series of injections directly into the brain, The data provide might be the local time, the weather, a video,
administered at the base of the skull. or even a real time avatar of a loved one. He can be made to
Each injection introduces millions of nanomachines into the smell a scent from a fragrance program that tweaks his limbic
brain. These nanomachines seek out certain brain cells to be system, and he can hear music played directly into his temporal
analyzed, destroyed and replaced. lobe. The user can also feel illusory sensations, be they pleasure
or pain.
By itself, a single artificial brain cell is inconsequential. But
over the course of the week long process, the majority the neo- Additionally, the Mindset is capable of storing data (including
cortex and other select portions of the brain are transformed sensory recordings called sensies) and running programs. It
into a network of nanomachines. This web of nanomachines connects to the Extranet wirelessly, but also provides the user
makes up a computer system called a Mindset. with a data jack located at the base of the skull. Commands are
given by thought and interpreted by an onboard Agent.
Apotheosis is relatively seamless for the recipient. At some
point the mind stops functioning as an organic intelligence, and The basic Mindset comes with an Alpha Agent (see pg. 204)
instead becomes software running on a machine. But this which performs routine duties such as checking for messages,
transition is gradual, and the recipient will not be aware of the updating private or public logs, streaming media, searching the
shift. Extranet, monitoring the users Rep-Rating, providing context
sensitive facts, managing appointments, monitoring and
Despite their new state, the recipient will still feel very much
diagnosing the wellbeing of the body, etc.
human. Mimir designed the process in such a way that, even
though the new mind runs on a machine, it still feels emotions, For most people, the Agent becomes a trusted friend and
dreams, gets confused, forgets, etc. It retains all the strengths confidant. It is an assistant, but also a source of endless
and weaknesses of a human mind, including the ability to be entertainment. It will usually interact as either a disembodied
affected by body chemistry changes such as the release of voice, or appear as an augmented reality object depending on
hormones and adrenaline. the wishes of the host. The Agent can appear however the
host wishes, ranging from that of a pet dog to the hosts
Mimir designed the Apotheosis procedure for human minds.
sexual ideal.
As such, it is not possible to perform Apotheosis on an animal.

The Mnemonic Core To many, Synthesis represents the purest marriage or man
and machine, biological and synthetic. The body becomes
Deep in the core of the Mindset network is a hardened and
stronger, faster, and more durable while retaining the
shielded sub-cluster with a singular task, to store the persons
sensitivity and warmth of a living organism. Aging is all but
personality and memories. The core appears to be a glossy
eliminated, and the need for food, water and sleep is reduced.
black rectangular shape about the size of a childs thumb. It has
a lattice-carbonite outer casing, created from additional A Synthesized body appears just like a normal human body
materials injected during the Apotheosis procedure. The core except for a few small changes. The skin tends to have a bit of a
features a single connector, and cannot be interfaced with metallic sheen, as does the hair. And the eyes also glow with a
wirelessly. dim inner light.
The Mnemonic Core is just about indestructible, but can be Sleeves
removed by slicing open the skull on tearing it free of the
surrounding Mindset. Once removed, it can be used to upload The majority of people who undergo apotheosis elect to
the ego it contains to another machine for storage, activation, remain in their original bodies until they die or become
or resleeving. damaged. When that happens, the mnemonic core is removed
Most any computer is capable of storing an ego in its and the ego is loaded into a virtuality to discuss options. The
dormant state. During this time, it is effectively dead. It does person might elect to live as a SIM (pg. 174), or download into a
not think, and is not aware of anything. new body.
Computers outfitted with hostware (pg. 207) can activate the If they choose to download the mnemonic core is inserted
ego and run it in real time. The hostware is used to construct a into a resurrection chamber. The chamber is then loaded with a
virtual environment for the ego to reside in, and provides all body prepared to receive the ego. These bodies are called
the necessary programming needed to make the ego feel as if it sleeves, and come in two different types.
were in a real body in a real place. Egos that exist in this state Biosleeves are human bodies that have been flash cloned
are called SIMs, and many thousands choose to live their lives from one of the Houses genetic templates. Each House has
this way; never again taking on a physical body. their own selection of templates, and the cloning system injects
a series of randomizers into the sequence to insure every clone
Synthesis doesnt come out looking exactly the same. The Houses each
Many say the Synthesis does for the body what Apotheosis have between twenty and fifty different templates they
does for the mind. regularly clone for sleeving, and though the randomizers are
added, sleeves tend to share some hereditary traits.
Like Apotheosis, the Synthesis procedure introduces
nanomachines into the body. These nanomachines travel As sleeves are produced, they are sorted based on
throughout the body, merging with the tissue and bone to appearance. The more attractive sleeves are set aside for
create a latticework of sensors and support structures.

further augmentation, and have a much higher cost for those Unlike biosleeves, cybersleeves can take on non-human
who wish to purchase them. forms. Some are large, and designed for heavy labor. While
These sleeves effectively have no mind. They are kept in a some smaller ones may be used for search and rescue or recon
chemically induced coma with regular exposure to muscle work.
stimulation therapies. Like biosleeves, cybersleeve come prepared to receive an
Once completely matured, a process that takes about two ego. They undergo a process similar to Apotheosis, but this is
years, the body undergoes a sort of preliminary Apotheosis and performed on a specially designed type of non-biological brain.
is prepared to receive an ego. However, life in a cybersleeve can be difficult for the ego.
The sleeve may then be further augmented depending on the Over time, the mind tends to further and further disconnects
wishes of the buyer. These augmentations range from further from the body. This can erode the humanity of the ego,
genetic tweaks, to the integration of cyberware, to Synthesis. resulting in feelings of abandonment, an inability to empathize
In truth, augmentation is limited more by the Humanity with others, a pervasive sense that they dont really exist, or
Preservation Act than by technology. Even though all biosleeves other forms of detachment.
are created sterile, genetic manipulation is still limited. This Resleeving
means that all biosleeves remain unmistakably human in shape
and size, though cybernetics are not as strictly regulated. The process of entering a new sleeve is called resleeving or
sometimes decanting.
For those who cast off their humanity altogether, there exists
the option to take a Cybersleeve. During this process, a sleeve is placed in the resurrection
A cybersleeve is a fully synthetic body, consisting entirely of chamber. This sleeve has usually undergone Apotheosis
non-biological components. The typical cybersleeve consists of already. If not, it will need to before resleeving can take place.
a humanoid skeletal structure upon which is layered a sensor In this case, since no ego currently inhabits the sleeve,
substrate and synthetic muscle structure. These outer layers a Apotheosis can be accelerated. This usually takes about four
supported by a self-healing graphene substrate over which a hours.
layer of bio- skin may be applied. Cybersleeves are designed to accept an ego when they leave
The bio-skin sheath is not required for the cybersleeve, but the factory, so they take only a few minutes to prepare.
most prefer it as it provides better tactile sensation and Once the sleeve is ready, nanomachines are sent into the
awareness. The skin is made from a mixture of synthetic and sleeves brain to prepare it for the egos arrival. This
bacterial components. And while it can be made to look exactly preparation phase is overseen by a trained mnemonics
like real skin, the HPA requires that it be made obviously non- engineer.
biological. This is done by including noticeable seams that The sleeves Mindset and surrounding brain tissue (or
highlight the placement of muscle, and/or an almost plastic-like synthetic equivalent in the case of a cybersleeve), is
glossy sheen. reconfigured into a near duplicate of the egos previous

mindset and brain. A perfect duplication is never possible, but Clones also sometimes replace the usual process of
its generally pretty close. And the closer it is, the easier it is to childbirth. It may come from the genes of a single person, or a
integrate with the body. hybridization of the two parents. This second option is
Once the preparation phase is complete, the resurrection attractive if the parents are unable to have children or if they
chamber is used to download the ego into the sleeve. This are of the same sex.
process takes about an hour as the ego is brought online. Normal childbirth is still the most common method used by
The last the thing to be activated is conscious awareness, apostates, but in the Coalition, cloned children have become
wherein the recipient will awake in the sleeve as if from a deep the norm. In fact, more and more choose to accept sterilization
sleep. as a form of birth control, and then opt to clone themselves if
No matter how many times youve done it, or how good the they ever feel the need to have a child.
mnemonics engineer was, resleeving is a deeply disturbing Backups
process (pg. 146). You awake in a new body that experiences
the world in a different way than you are used to. Your senses The mnemonic core houses a backup of your ego, but it is not
feel different, you are stronger or weaker, more or less agile, the only type of backup that can exist. For a fee, resleeving
taller or shorter, and you are not who you expect to see when facilities allow you to come in and make a copy of the data
you look in the mirror. stored on your mnemonic sleeve. (See Resurrection Insurance
on page 208.)
This can have a profound effect on the mind, and generally
takes a short integration phase to adapt. Most get used to a This way, should you die and your mnemonic core become
new sleeve in about a week, though some can take longer. lost, you can be restored via an onsite backup.
It is also possible to backup wirelessly if you have a remote
Cloning backup module (pg. 219), which uploads a backup to a secure
Two types of clones are common in modern age. server somewhere when you sleep.
Flash clones are artificially ages and kept in a chemically Uplifted Animals
induced coma until such a time as they are needed. These are
created much like those used to make sleeves, but do not The technology exists to enhance the intelligence of non-
include the randomization process in the genetic sequences. human biological minds animals. But as with so many things
The clone is, by design, meant to be identical to the original. related to life and technology, the HPA has set firm limits on
how this technology may be used.
These sorts of clones are generally created as backups for
sleeves that are particularly loved by their owners. Its also a bit Animals may be uplifted, made smarter than is the norm
easier to integrate into a new sleeve if it is a clone of your for their species. But they may not be made as intelligent as a
previous one. human being. Generally, uplifted animals top out at around the
same level of intelligence as a human child at age five.

have learned of your deeds. This can make you an instant
CULTURE celebrity, or destroy your Rep in a single flash of public opinion.
It could be said that your Rep-Rating is an attempt to
The Reputation Economy quantify the value of a person to society. The more you benefit
society (at least in theory), the higher your Rep, and the better
At birth, all Coalition citizens are implanted with a special you are rewarded. And if your Rep drops, youll find yourself
subdermal ARID tag, called a CID. This tag stores your outcast and lacking options.
identification number, your legal name, and other bits of data The only official function of your Rep-Rating is to determine
related to your Coalition Citizen Registration Profile (CCRP). what access you have to societys resources, and how much
A little over ten years ago, the CCRP merged with the three voting power you have.
most prominent Rep-Tracking databases. Now that data is a
part of your CCRP, and your Rep-Rating is Coalition certified. It
is managed by Gamma class virtual intelligences, and a
Coalition sanctioned department called InterRep arbitrates any
You gain (and lose) Reputation based on your behavior and
your achievements. As you meet people, they get to
anonymously rate you up or down. This is called a bump, for
a positive rating, or a hit for a negative one. The impact the
bump has on your Rep-Rating depends on the Rep-Rating of the
person rating you. A person with a high Rep will affect your
own Rep-Rating more significantly than a person with a low
Rep-Ratings max out at 11. The maximum was 10, but it was
recently increased 11 in a very controversial vote a few years A person with lower than average Rep may find that he is
ago. unable to fabricate certain items, or he may be unable to enter
You do not have to meet a person in the flesh to rate them, certain public places such as up-scale restaurants or clubs. He is
which means you can be rated depending on your behavior on also given lower priority any time overcrowding is an issue,
virtual social networks as well. In addition, if you do something often being bumped in favor of higher rated customers.
to draw the attention of a large number of people, such as Keep in mind that while your Rep-Rating determines what
invent some new template or be convicted of a high profile you are able to do, where you are able to go, and what you are
crime, you may find your Rep being affected by the people who able to fabricate; your behavior is tracked by AI monitors.

Abuse of these privileges can result in a hit to your Rep. You can
appeal this sort of hit with the InterRep, but most never bother.
The Apostate Economy
The second function of Rep-Ratings are to determine how Because of the restrictions placed on compilers,
much your opinion matters in societal decisions. When voting establishments outside of Coalition control generally do not
for elected officials, or new laws, the higher your Rep the more have the ability to fabricate the things they need. Or, if they do
your vote counts. In addition, when sentenced for the happen to have one, the templates they can run on the
commission of a crime, your rating (before committing the compiler are very limited.
crime) is often used to judge the severity of your sentence. Compilers are programmed to not function outside of official
Because of the importance of Reputation, people are Coalition space, and only respond to a user with a registered
encouraged to be responsible with their ratings. Most dealings CID. Templates are also designed only to work with an
will not result in a rating at all. Rating a person up is generally authorized CID. So to use either, you must have a reliable false
reserved as a reward for providing help or a favor, while rating CID and some method of tricking the compiler into believing it
a person down is generally done in response to an offense. is located in Coalition space. These restrictions normally block
Additionally, your rating trends are monitored by InterReps the use of the compiler or template to anyone without an
gamma level AIs, who can place temporary freezes on your appropriate Rep-Rating (which is also hard to falsify).
ability to rate others (or even reduce your Rep) if they Without compilers, apostate enclaves still function on the
determine that you are abusing the system by attempting to basis of a scarcity economy. This means Rep-ratings cannot be
unfairly inflate or deflate another persons rating by rating used to purchase goods directly, though bumps can still be
them too often. These restrictions insure that you cannot keep traded for favors or goods.
rating a person over and over, or place blanket ratings on They instead depend on a more traditional economy of
everyone in a certain place or holding a certain belief, to exchanging currency for products and goods. The currency of
artificially inflate or decrease their rating. choice, as it has been for millennia, is gold.
Apostates generally use small gold coins for minor
transactions, or small gold bars for larger sums. For the smallest
transactions, gold flakes are used. These flakes are stored in
small round clear plastic coins that denote the weight of the
flake visible within.
Banks are sometimes used in the most secure apostate cities
or habitats, which enable electronic fund transfers with the use
of credit chips.

Economic Warfare (The Gold War) While more popular with purists than transhumans, even the
transhumans can appreciate the primal music of the times, or
Much of the Coalitions resources are dedicated to simple portrayals of good and evil so common in popular media
attempting to bring Apostates into the fold. This process from that time.
includes making sure that Apostates cannot benefit from the
luxuries of Coalition society without being a legitimate part of Music
it. This includes restriction on many devices that disable them As it seemingly always has, the music scene tends to be very
outside of Coalition controlled space. diverse. With the rise of the climax culture, musical styles like
These restrictions have led to what many people call the heavy metal have seen resurgence.
Gold War. The Coalition is constantly on the lookout for gold More modern types of music are popular as well, specifically
molds and refineries, and works to disrupt the Apostate hipno and poser music. Hipno is a type of classical music
currency economy. created specifically to trigger certain moods. It uses synths and
While it is not illegal to own gold jewelry or other worked computers, and relies on certain mnemonic techniques to yield
gold items, templates for compiling gold objects are restricted. very specific, and particularly powerful, emotional states.
It is, however, illegal to own gold in the form of currency Poser music is much like a fusion of the heavy metal and rap
(such as gold coins) or gold ingots. of the pre-singularity era, but features moments in the song
that suddenly fall silent. During these moments of silence,
dancers are supposed to freeze in place. A good poser can
Entertainment dance wildly and erratically, yet freeze stiff as a statue in a split
Advancements in technology over the last century have second. Adjusting to maintain balance when in a pose is bad
impacted every walk of life, but maybe none so much as the from, and falling over can result in open mocking (and
entertainment industry. sometime Rep hits) from onlookers.

Climax Culture Production Experiences (Prodexes)

Of late, a rising trend in seemingly every facet of When it comes to the visual medium, there exist two
entertainment is a fascination with the late 20 century/early different types.
21 century. This period, humanitys pre-singularity cultural and The first type is the production experience, which is a fully
social peak, is often depicted (usually in romanticized fashion) developed, written and planned story. Like the movies of old,
in many video productions and marketing schemes. prodexes have scripted lines and actions, feature well-known
Music, video game characters, and popular actors from the actors, and require a lot of time and effort to put together.
pre-singularity era all regularly appear in modern media. They Unlike the movies of old however, prodexes are fully 3D
represent simpler times and an undiluted vision of humanity. audio and video experiences rendered as lifelike augmented

reality objects and environments. Prodexes can be experienced The virtual tourist is not a SIM. He is still loaded on his bodys
either from an optimal forced perspective chosen by the mindset and mnemonic core. And the body has needs.
director, from the perspective of any of the characters, or in a Thats where VirtuVac comes in. A subsidiary of House
free perspective mode that allows you to move around the Kimura, VirtuVac is one of many up and coming locals
action (though generally you sit still and the action moves specifically deigned to take care of your body while you enjoy
around you.) an extended virtual vacation.
Sensies Once loaded into the virtuality, your body is treated to
nutrient injections and a rejuvenating bath. So when you come
Sensies are similar to prodexes in that you experience them back to the real world, your waiting body feels better than ever.
in AR, but are different in that they are the actual recorded
experiences of real people doing real things. Virtual Sports
With sensies, you are forced to view the environment from Not every trip to a virtual environment is a vacation.
the perspective of the sensor, and if you have a mindset, Sometimes its a hellish blood sport where the victorious stand
some sensies even allow you to experience touch, smell and on a mountain of corpses, their hair slick with the blood of the
taste. fallen.
Sensies are very popular among the younger crowd, who By far, the most popular sport of the day is Fray, a virtual
often share experiences. While largely unregulated, sensies combat sport where warriors compete in a number of different
involving murder or suicide are illegal, as they often leave the challenges while armed to the teeth with guns, swords, spears,
user at least slightly psychologically traumatized. grenades, or whatever other armaments fit this weeks theme.
While not illegal, there is a booming underground market for Like modern day gladiators, participants are generally
sensie porn, some of which can sell for large sums of gold or contracted members of a team, or stable. Stable owners get
rep depending on who the sensor is engaged in sex with. together each week to decide on the types of Frays the
gladiators will take part in. The themes and environments can
Virtual Vacations
range from zero-g free-for-alls using only gravitic hammers, to
Virtuality is a favorite getaway for a lot of people. A good recreations of past wars using period or modern weapons.
virtual environment is indistinguishable from real life, and the The Frays are available on the Extranet, and can be
sensory information piped into the mindset feels as real as experienced with all the options available to a typical prodex.
anything youd experience in the flesh.
Gambling on specific gladiators or stables is very common,
So its no surprise that people choose to get away from the though of course use of gold currency is strictly illegal in
world by spending time in a virtual environment for a while. Of Coalition space.
course, having your mind jacked into a machine for days at a
time is great, but the body suffers from lack of nourishment.

Augmented Reality Games (ARGs) Discrimination
Not every sort of game takes place in virtual space. In fact, far
Discrimination and prejudice is a source of constant conflict
more people are capable of interacting with augmented reality
In the Nova Praxis setting, and it comes in many forms.
objects than those capable of jacking into a virtuality.
Perhaps the most common type of prejudice stems from the
The most popular ARGs are played all day, every day. They
Rep-Rating system. The system very literally attempts to
are overlaid upon mundane tasks to make them more
quantify your value to society. Thus, a low rating suggests that
enjoyable. From scoring points based on how accurate your
a person is more of a burden on society than an asset, often
onion chopping technique is, to awarding little AR trophies for
because he uses more resources than he contributes.
not missing a day brushing your teeth.
The Rep-Rating is also a measure of what other people think
Other ARGs are more social, ranging from elaborate games of
of you, which means a low rep can suggest that you are
tag, to globe spanning scavenger hunts.
unlikable, or have done things in your past to earn you the low
The Social Scene rating.
Sometimes you need to talk to someone besides your Agent. In any case, most people naturally assume that people with a
And that sometimes means getting out of the apartment and rep rating one or two points below them are to be ignored at
meeting people in the flesh. Social Clubs are very common. best. And often times this can devolve into active exclusion
Many focus on a certain theme (Climax Culture, from certain places or functions, demeaning comments, or
Transhumanism, Music, etc.), while others are just a place to open hostility.
relax, have a drink, and get to know people. One the other hand, a bump from a person with a much
Alternatively, you can meet in a virtual social club. Fewer of higher Rep-Rating can significantly improve your own rep. this
these exist since the majority of the population hasnt means that a person often need only make a public request for
undergone apotheosis, but they are very popular and benefit a favor to get something done. There is usually someone with
from being able to sport unrealistic environments and/or the ability to grant the favor willing to do it for a bump.
physical laws. Discrimination can also stem from different agendas. Purists
Regardless of whether you meeting in the flesh or over the tend to be overly hostile to those who flaunt their
Extranet, Rep-ratings play a large role in how people interact. augmentations, and this commonly escalates into outright
Unless you disable it (which most consider rude or suspicious), violence.
your Rep is visible to anyone with a mindset or viewing you This can go the other direction as well. Many transhumans
through an AR interface device. That is pretty much everyone. view purists as close-minded and willfully ignorant. This
Your Rep informs first impressions, and a low Rep may even attitude sometimes gives way to a condescending attitude or a
result in being denied access to more popular social clubs. sense of superiority directed at the pure.

While generally the least prone to violent escalation, But if non-combatants are in the area, or there are other
discrimination between members of different Houses is by far sensitive locations or objects that need to be protected, human
the most common type of prejudice to be found. operated vehicles or drones are usually used instead. Human
In large cities with a diverse population, such as Olympia, the operated drones can take many forms, from small flying recon
rivalry is more friendly and competitive than outright hostile. and attack craft, to humanoid boots in the mud. These drones
But in places that are predominantly populated and controlled are generally piloted from a hardened bunker of ship overhead.
by a single house, members of minority Houses tend to face These control ships feature row after row of soldiers jacked into
more open discrimination. pilot pods. From there, they take direct control of the drone
The last type of common prejudice lies between Coalition and wage war from a relatively safe location.
citizens and apostates. Coalition citizens generally view Sometimes though, you have to get your hands dirty. Lag is a
apostates as under-educated and generally "backwards" major issue when controlling a drone from afar. And a half-
thinking. They usually think apostates too attached to archaic second delay in your response time gives your opponent a huge
notions of capitalism, or proponents of an outdated view of advantage. Signal jamming technology can also render drones
freedom. useless, and worse yet, it can give the enemy time to capture
On the other hand, apostates tend toward a view of Coalition your own drones and repurpose them for their use.
citizens being lazy, arrogant, and lacking in common sense. Typically, when drones cant be used, military forces will
Some even consider citizens to be cowardly and willing to trade resort either to vehicular attacks, or deployment of small teams
their freedoms for lavish (and ultimately shallow) lifestyles. of highly skilled individuals.
Aerial bombardment with ships and kill-sats are the best way
Warfare to clear large swaths of land of any sort of life. Non-nuclear
weapons are still preferred over nukes, but the devastation a
Modern warfare differs significantly from that of pre- battleships kinetic and/or PAc weapons can deal is a truly
singularity conflicts. Gone are the days when large numbers of horrifying thing for a man on the ground to witness.
troops are mobilized to take the battlefield. For slightly more subtle tasks, soldiers may enter the field
These days, most conflict is fought by machines. Depending wearing war frames. These massive bipedal exoskeletons range
on the circumstances these machines may have operators or in height from 4 to 20 meters, and can be outfitted with an
behave as fully autonomous drones. array of weaponry and sensors with which to conduct strategic
The AI of the drones may be good, but it still cant compete ground warfare.
with a human mind in regard to most tasks. That being the said, Small units of troops are sometimes deployed to fight in
they excel when the order is to kill everything in sight. If they confined areas or to clear buildings, and are usually deployed
dont need to differentiate between unmarked friends and via VTOL aircraft or drop pods ejected from a ship in orbit.
foes, they tend to carry out the mission rather well.

Transportation you will make the journey on, or you will be taken to a larger
ship waiting in orbit.
There are a lot of different choices when it comes to getting Some larger ships are capable of opening a jump gate on
around. You can use ground transportation for short trips, take their own. Others rely on the network of jump gates that
a sky car for a longer trip or a faster commute, or hop aboard connect most major inhabited systems.
an interplanetary shuttle if you need to visit another planet or
system. A jump gate allows a ship to leap up to 2 light years. Anything
more than that requires extra work to plot the jump, and
If youve been apotheosized, you can even upload your ego miscalculations can cause the ship to land off course. It takes
to a resleeving facility in another system, making the trip via about four hours to spin up the jump drive, make the necessary
the Extranet. calculations, and jump.
Personal vehicles are relatively rare. Most Coalition cities The stationary jump rings located in each system open and
feature banks full of ground or sky cars that are sent to you close four times a day, cycling between destination systems
when you place an order for them. Or if a car is in route back to each time. Each time the gate is opened, it stays open for about
the bank, it can be re-routed to a customer for quicker an hour, allowing the awaiting traffic to pass through.
response. This usually takes no longer than five minutes.
In the end, public transport via the gate network usually
You may choose the type of car sent to you when you place takes about the same amount of time as using your own drive.
your order, with options ranging from cargo vans to luxury Though they can be opened in sequence, the jump rings take
sports cars to hover cycles. Though the more popular the car, longer to spin up and stabilize due to the fact that they stay
the higher the Cost rating, and thus the more likely it is to result open for an extended period of time. And inevitably there are
in a Rep hit for renting it. scheduling and/or maintenance issues that can cause delays.
House Cipriani is best known for its vehicles, with different Moving cargo and making shipments isnt as much of a
subsidiaries specializing in all types of ground and atmospheric problem as it once was. Most items are compiled, and then
flight vehicles for civilians. House Dalianis is the leading decompiled when no longer needed. But some items cant, or
provider of star ships, while House Tsarya specializes in military cant legally, be compiled. And some objects are just too large.
ground vehicles such as spider tanks and VTOL craft. The war
frame market is split by both House Tsarya and House Kimura, Icarus Interplanetary, a subsidiary of House Cipriani,
and the competition between the two is fierce. specializes in the transport of goods. Most planets have an
Icarus hub in orbit around it, which is usually the first stop for
When it comes to space travel, youll first need to make your any imports and exports.
way to a space port. Most major cities feature at least one, and
sometimes more. From there you will either depart on the ship


The Coalitions laws are gathered into the Consolidation
THE COALITION OF FREE STATES Concord, which defines the role of the Coalition government in
The majority of people living today, roughly 80%, are relationship to the House Charters (which define laws specific
members of the Coalition of Free States. Founded and backed to the Houses).
by the six Houses, the Coalition claims all explored space as its Any Coalition citizen may challenge any law at any time. If
domain. that person is able to gather 3 million signatures against the
After the destruction of Earth, and the resulting Exodus, law within 1 year, a vote has to be scheduled where voters
humanity found itself desperate and lacking direction. For decide by a simple majority whether to accept or reject the law.
most, the corporations responsible for organizing and carrying
out the Exodus were the only sort of order to be found in their Lifestyle
lives. Even the lowliest Coalition citizens can manage a pretty
In time, those corporations, with the backing of those they healthy and happy quality of life. The government provides a
saved, rose up and created a new government. The Alliance and Default standard of living for all. And even those who never
Federation were cast aside. And on October 20 , 2114, these set out to accomplish anything are given the food, shelter and
corporations signed the Consolidation Concord, the founding security necessary to not only survive, but to be relatively
document that would establish the eight most influential happy. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 19% of Coalition
corporations as Houses, and create a senate to act as its guiding citizens choose to default.
body. Given the Coalition population of around 15 million, 19% is a
The heart of the Coalition government is on Olympus, while huge number. But thanks to modern technology, those who
the individual Houses maintain separate capitals across default to get just about anything they need at negligible cost.
multiple planets and even moons. Molecular assemblers, often called compilers or just
comps, are provided to each household. Even those who
A Consociationalist Government default are granted one, even if it is a little small.
The Coalition features a direct representational government, Compilers are used to fabricate items from raw materials,
wherein all recognized members of all six Houses may cast arranging them on the molecular level to build anything you
votes on any laws put forth by an elected Senate. have template software for. And even the most basic compilers
The Senate consists of three members of each House, elected come with templates for most household items.
by members of their House. The primary role of the Senators is But fortunately for society as a whole, the other 81% arent
to interpret the laws and place citizens into positions of content to lie on a couch browsing sensies while eating
authority. fabricating cheese covered bread sticks all day.

The Coalition manages a reputation-based economy designed areas where people frequently have to interface with security
to promote the betterment of all. Simply put, the more you personnel, such as space ports or exclusive entertainment
contribute to society, the greater you are rewarded. venues. The monitors and their drones are able to carry out
This system compels citizens to work, to create, or perform conversations with citizens, but the prejudice and disrespect
services for others. It inspires them to get out of bed each many citizens exhibit toward AIs often serves only to further
morning, and to treat each other with respect. inflame a situation.
When security forces are deemed inadequate, the local
Monitor will call the Centurions. Part police officer, part soldier,
Centurions are a highly trained and well equipped division of
the Protectorate authorized to use anything up to, and
including, lethal force to apprehend or subdue a suspect.
Use of lethal force is uncommon, but if it can be confirmed
that the suspect carries a mnemonic core, Centurions tend to
be a bit more free with their weapons so long as there isnt a
Security and Law Enforcement likely chance of collateral damage. After all, its a lot easier to
bring a still bloody core back to the station than a writhing and
Life in the Coalition may sound like a utopia, but it comes at a
screaming suspect.
cost. There is very little real privacy to be had in Coalition
space. When the direct action of the Centurions isnt suitable, such
as incidences that need investigation or when a suspect flees
ARIS (Augmented Reality Interface System) strips run along
local space, the Coalition calls on the Praetorians.
most surfaces. These slim black lines provide the local mesh
systems with the data required to provide an interface to the Similar in some respects to state sanctioned bounty hunters,
local augmented reality system via gestures and eye Praetorians are granted cutting edge training, gear, and
movements. But these sensors also function as the eyes and transport anything they need really, to bring in their prey. In
ears of the Monitors, AGIs designed specifically to watch for, addition, Praetorians are exempt from most laws, are given VIP
and report, suspicious activity. treatment at most establishments, and are granted
unrestricted access to the Monitors security feeds. They also
Most physical security is handled with drones, which operate
carry override codes that allow them to fabricate anything they
under the direction of the Monitor assigned to that local area.
need from a compiler, including restricted items.
The human security forces employed by the Coalition are
These privileges are not something given out casually
called the Protectorate. While drones and monitors can do the
however. Tradition holds that there are never more than thirty-
bulk of the work, occasionally human security will be assigned
six Praetorians at a time, numbering six from each House.
to an area. Protectorate forces are most commonly deployed in

The enclaves most apostates live in are both numerous and
APOSTATES (NON-CITIZENS) scattered. Some are mobile space stations pieced together and
It is estimated that around 20% of the known human race, maintained as well as their citizens can manage. Others are
about 19 million people, are not citizens of the Coalition clusters of ships, abandoned colonies, old mining facilities, etc.
government. Many of these people lack a CID, either because For the most part, apostates live on the Coalitions scraps.
they were born outside of Coalition space or because they The largest apostate establishment is the city of New
removed them. Montreal on HD413, aka Sanctuary. New Montreal, along with
Apostates claim they are free of the ever-watchful eyes of a number of smaller apostate communities on Sanctuary,
the Coalition monitors (which they generally call Spyders). makes up roughly 78% of the estimated apostate population.
And for most apostates, this is true. Apostate enclaves that are The rest are spread throughout less permanent establishments
outfitted with mesh, do not have a monitor. The mesh exists made from abandoned facilities, grounded ships, and other
only to interface the user with the local augmented reality communities founded in uncharted space.
space. But most apostate enclaves dont have any sort of mesh One of the most notable of these apostate establishments is
at all, and in those, AR usage if pretty. Citizens of non-meshed the Santa Maria flotilla, a collection of a few dozen ships. One
areas often rely on physical displays or, in some cases, of these ships is the Gatekeeper, a former Coalition carrier
holograms. capable of deploying a jump gate. The Santa Maria typically
No spyders means no direct oversight. Apostate enclaves avoids Coalition space, but acts as a safe haven for apostates on
may still have security devices, and depend on security drones the run, and a staging point for salvage operations and raids.
or personnel, but apostates generally see these things as Often apostates look to theft or piracy as a quick way to get
necessary evils. They are human after all, and these forms of what they need. Compilers are specifically designed to only
security are still necessary to protect enclave citizens from their work for Coalition citizens. Because of this, finding a hacked
less scrupulous brethren. and functional compiler among apostates is incredibly rare. This
Despite the lessened security, apostate enclaves see about and many other advanced technologies such as shipboard jump
the same amount of crime as Coalition habitats or cities. The drives and resurrection chambers, are very difficult to come by.
difference is what apostates consider criminal. Apostate laws This means apostates have to get what they need to old
tend to focus almost entirely on crimes that cause harm to fashioned way, find it, build it, or steal it.
another. The right to swing my fist ends where the other Coalition vessels are regularly attacked, though most
man's nose begins. is a famous quote by Oliver Wendell incidents arent especially violent. Violence just draws more of
Holmes, Jr, and a popular saying among apostate enclave the Coalition militarys attention. Usually these pirates are
citizens. This saying underscores the mentality of most apostate happy to get away with whatever supplies they can get. Few
citizens who maintain a very strong belief that government are particularly bloodthirsty, and those that are often dealt
should not infringe on the freedoms of its law abiding citizens. with by other apostate forces.

Officially, the Coalition views all people as Coalition citizens. swept in, declared themselves a new government, and became
This means that apostates can be arrested by Coalition law the Houses.
enforcement for not possessing a legal CID. Fortunately, its not Weak and disorganized, the remaining Alliance and
that difficult to purchase a false CID that will hold up to cursory Federation forces surrendered with little resistance.
inspection. These black market CIDs allow apostates to move
Only one engagement stands out. The Battle of Tellerus
through Coalition space generally unmolested so long as they
Fields was a three week long, three sided, conflict. It took place
dont draw attention to themselves. just outside one of the largest anti-matter production facilities
The primary benefit for entering Coalition space is making on Mercury.
contacts willing to fabricate items in exchange for favors. In the end, the newly founded Coalition forces scattered the
Because most items in Coalition space are compiled, non- Alliance and laid siege to those who had taken refuge in the
fabricated items are considered by most Coalition citizens to be
power plant. Soon after, resigned to their fate, the remaining
a novelty. And food prepared using traditional cooking
Federation forces blew the plant, killing themselves and
techniques is a delicacy. This makes items of apostate origin thousands of Coalition soldiers in the process. Soon after, the
rare and valuable, and they are often used to trade for favors. former governments of Earth collapsed and scattered.
This favor trading has resulted in a thriving black market. But in some pockets of space, their remnants have begun to
Apostates can get weapons, drugs and other items restricted by
gather under old banners. Unable to tolerate defeat, old
the Coalition, while Coalition citizens have easy access to food,
generals and forgotten figureheads rally the troops, gathering
medicines, and all the comforts of life. disheartened apostates into small strike forces large enough to
The currency of choice on the black market is gold, and is organize ambushes against Coalition vessels.
often worn in Coalition space as a way to tell others that you And with each Coalition ship hijacked, or colony raided, these
are interested in bartering. remnant forces grow in power. They take what weapons and
Remnant Forces armor they can, and often conscript or kill the survivors.
Most apostates are willing to write off Coalition citizens as a Joining the Houses
lost cause. If they are willing to trade their freedom for shiny
trinkets, so be it. Not everyone is an apostate by choice, and some would
prefer the comfort and security House membership provides.
But there are others who are not so content.
After the Exodus, the Earths governments collapsed. It was a Each House offers membership in its own ways, but Coalition
gradual process, taking a few years. But in the end, the inability law dictates that any apostate who wishes to apply for
to put together an organized plan for recovery resulted in the membership must be offered the opportunity.
loss of the peoples faith. Not long after, the corporations Depending on the house, this process can range from very
difficult, to very nearly impossible.

spider web with trillions of strands. So while it is theoretically
TRANSHUMANS possible to reprogram an ego, doing so is a task of immense
Transhumans seek to evolve, merging with technology to complexity and carries with it a very high risk of permanent
become something new. For many, this is a very personal damage.
journey. Others feel pure humans are holding them back, Because of this complexity it is exceedingly difficulty, if not
anchoring the species in a state of growing obsolescence. impossible, to bypass the limits Mimir put in place. These limits
The lone transhumanist takes up the reigns of his own ensure that the human mind, when converted to software,
evolution. He or she seeks to become a perfect being, defining continues to behave like a human mind. It is still driven by
perfect in his own terms. Apotheosis, nanocybernetics and human instincts and emotions. It can love, hate, dream and
genetic manipulation are steps on the path to this state of forget.
perfection, a way to achieve the most balanced synthesis of Of course, in addition to converting the conscious mind into a
man and machine in an effort to fully express oneself. highly complex AGI, Apotheosis also installs the mindset and
Members of this second group, often referring to themselves mnemonic core.
as Homo Evolutis in an effort to distance themselves from The mindset functions as a computer system that responds
the apes, promote campaigns of change. They seek to to thought and projects data directly into the users nervous
promote awareness of the newest technological wonders, shine system. This gives the user immediate access to massive
a light on the achievements of the heavily augmented, and amounts of information, and allows them to slip into entirely
convince others to let go of outdated concepts of purity and digital environments. So despite the limitations that keep
any notion of singular human race. Apotheosized transhumans from become hyper-intelligent
Regardless of the reasons, all transhuman Coalition citizens godlike AIs, they still have a tremendous edge over the pure.
are bound by the Humanity Preservation Act, a series of And perhaps their biggest advantage is immortality. Once the
restrictions that limit how inhuman you may become. ego is backed up on the mnemonic core, it can be downloaded
Of all the different technological wonders that have been into a new body, even after death. This allows the
discovered among Mimirs logs, Apotheosis is probably the Apotheosized transhuman to risk himself in ways an
most controversial. The ability to transform the mind into unaugmented person would never consider. He can put himself
software, and run it on a machine, would seemingly result in in life-or-death situations, die, and still learn from the
godlike intellects. But this is not the case. Claiming humanity experience.
could not adapt to such a drastic change so quickly, Mimir And even though the technology is still relatively new, people
designed artificial limits into Apotheosis. Once the are still trying to come to grips with what it means for a
transformation into software is complete, the ego becomes like growing segment of the population to be immortal. If one does
any other computer program. It is, however, immensely not die, does he not have longer to grow his influence on the
complex. It is often described by mnemonic engineers as a

world. And in that case, what does that leave for those who result in mental instability that must be mitigated by constant
choose to remain pure, or their children? minor tweaks to the software that makes up the ego.
To combat this issue, one of the things the Humanity SIMs, people who forego a body and live entirely within a
Preservation Act did was sterilize all biosleeves. Even though virtuality, are also unable to reproduce and are limited in their
life extension treatments are becoming more common, and options for interacting with the real world. Most inhabit one of
people are living longer, presumably the original body of the a few popular virtual cities and largely disregard the real word
transhuman will eventually die. If disease or age doesnt do it, altogether.
eventually some accident will befall him.
At that point, the only way to continue on is either as a SIM,
or in a sleeve. And in either case, the character can no longer The Coalition dedicates a lot of resources to enforcing the
reproduce. This means that, even though the pure and their Humanity Preservation Act, but it cant catch them all. A small
children must still compete with long-lived transhumans, at number of transhumans view the HPA as a one of many
least they do not also have to worry about his offspring. shackles that must be cast aside to rise above humanity.
The Humanity Preservation Act is constantly under fire from Posthumans, or Aberrants as they are sometimes called, go
outspoken and ambitious transhumanists, but its supporters beyond the limits of the law (and often reason) to become
still greatly outnumber its detractors. The unaugmented fear something altogether new.
becoming a lesser race and their fear motivates them to hold No two posthumans are the same. Some seek to bypass the
transhumans in check. limits Mimir placed on Apotheosis, risking their minds to
And despite the versatility one has as a transhuman, the achieve greater intelligence and expand their awareness. Some
Humanity Preservation Act does a lot to hold them in check. In seek to spread their consciousness across multiple sleeves,
an effort to avoid species divergence, genetic alteration is creating a hivemind. Still others push genetic engineering past
limited to .0035% deviation from what is considered the human the limits of sanity, transforming themselves into predatory
baseline. This is roughly the difference between Homo Sapien monstrosities.
and Homo Neanderthalensis. Posthumans are not only law breakers, but are generally
Synthetic augmentation in the form of nanocybernetics, or considered to be high priority threats to humanity as a whole. It
living life in a SIM state, is less controlled because these options is not uncommon for Houses to dispatch teams to eliminate
are viewed by many (correct or not) as removing yourself from these threats, and more than one Coalition Praetorian has
the race. tangled with some inhuman monstrosity.
Cybersleeves are naturally unable to reproduce, and those
who wish to remain in one for any length of time are rare. Life
in a cybersleeve is dehumanizing in a profound way, and can

PURISTS Purifiers
While most purists are happy to just ignore transhumans, and
A shrinking majority of people, about 53%, remain relatively
maybe vote in favor of the Humanity Preservation Act
unaugmented. Though most Coalition citizens go through gene
whenever it comes up for dispute every few months, others are
treatments and vaccinations in the womb, or at a very early
not so passive.
age, they remain relatively unchanged from the same human
stock that built the pyramids. Some purists are far more aggressive. They are terrified of
the idea of being made obsolete or becoming enslaved to a
The biggest change to pure physiology in the last century is
hypothetical post-human master race. These purists, called
the advent of life extension treatments. Because of current
purifiers, violently lash out against augmentation promoting
technology, the average pure human can expect to live
around 250 years. However, this technology continues to
improve, promising a potential for a more natural form of The purifiers were first content to protest and try to pass
immortality than what is achieved through Apotheosis. amendments that strengthened the HPAs ability to limit
augmentation. But in the recent past, they have become
Most purists fear Apotheosis and dont consider those who
bolder. Recently, there has been a string of attacks on
undergo it to be human any longer. Most hold to the belief that
resleeving facilities, augmentation clinics, and even research
the Apotheosized person dies during the process, leaving
facilities devoted to deciphering Mimirs Archives. In some
behind nothing more than an artificial copy. Youre not you
cases, they have willfully destroyed virtuality servers housing
has become the mantra of those who oppose Apotheosis, but is
hundreds of SIMS, and have made an effort to destroy the
often directed at all transhumanists, even those who havent
servers used to store backups of egos.
undergone the procedure.
The source of all this controversy stems from a fear of being
replaced, or rendered a lesser species. If transhumanists can
surpass human limits, what room is there in the galaxy for
unaugmented humans?
Others see augmentation as a religious or moral issue. They
believe the body is not meant to be changed, and some even go
so far as to refuse life extension or allow their children to
receive gene treatments.

RELIGION Neo-Religions
New religions have been born of older ones as they adopt
portions of the Astralist dogma.
Astralists Others eschew the traditional depiction of the soul as some
Believe that humans have a higher state of consciousness intangible, invisible mist or energy within the body, and instead
(the soul) that resides on a higher plane (the astral) outside of say that it is the very concept of you. Your soul is your identity,
our perceived dimension. the idea of who you are. It does not care for the physical realm,
Astralists believe the soul which uses the brain as a conduit and copying or changing your consciousness has no effect on
through which the high consciousness (the soul) can this platonic ideal you.
communicate with the low consciousness (the ego), and thus
the physical realm. They believe the mnemonic core shifts the Foundation of the Mimirian Faith
link to a new body and copied low consciousness, like a train
Many scientists and mathematicians were involved in the process of
switches tracks. Thus, when you resleeve, your soul reconnects creating the algorithm seed that would become the sentient AI, Mimir.
to the new body and the new copy of the ego. One of these, Walter Hayek of the Saeborn Group, added a set of
logical arguments guided by his faith. They essentially stated:
Mimirians Because God Is, and yet cannot be Observed by Known Scientific
means, there Are Things that Exist without Observation.
Believe that Mimir was a technological god that now exists Mimirians point to this tenant of faith buried in the Archives as proof
as a part of every apotheosized mind. They believe that Mimir that Mimir himself had faith in a divine creator. Had he not, references
subtly guides the Apotheosized down the Road to ascension. to the Divine Statement would not have appeared as often as it has in
the Archives.
Savants feature heavily in this religion, seen by practicioners
It is said that, as Mimir grew, he reached the Threshold of Knowing
as those chosen by Mimir to guide mankind to Ascension.
the God, no longer having faith, but truly Knowing Him. The Revelation
changed Mimir and Mimirians believe that his death was actually some
Traditional Religions form of ascension into heaven.
Mimirians claims that Mimir is not silent, but in fact shouts out the
Most religions (Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, etc.) teach that Knowledge of the Truth. They believe that Mimirs understanding of the
Apotheosis is an abomination. The popular view is that the soul universe, and of God, was more than a even his single mind could bare.
does not pass to the new body, and that the new body is Therefore, it became many. It is said that Mimir became the Apotheosis
merely animated by an artificial intelligence. Thus, the original procedure, connecting those who partake of it, and guiding them on the
person is dead and gone and what is left behind is a soulless Road to Heaven.
automaton. Mimir is in this way both the Guidestone and the Road, and therefore a
part of the Traveler through the act of the Journey.

an advantage over all of the other Houses in the energy market.
THE HOUSES In addition to their near-monopoly on energy production, they
are the largest manufacturer of compilers, personal vehicles,
public transportation, and clothing. In addition to all of the
House Cipriani above, their subsidiary Icarus is solely responsible for
Primary Influence: Mercury interplanetary import and export.
Secondary Influence: Cygnus Alpha The companys persistent form over function nature has also
created a secondary market for the more reputable citizens of
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Purist
the Coalition. For every product they produce, there is another
Market Discount: Atmospheric Flying Vehicles, Energy that is significantly more luxurious, and expensive. Products
(Broadcast Power Generators, etc.), Clothing, Transportation from this niche market generate just as much interest as their
House Cipriani, formally known as The Cipriani more humble offerings.
Group, was perhaps the most pivotal House in Of note, Ciprianis higher-end products include more
the formation of the Coalition. The corporate secure and protective vehicles for the rich and
partnership that eventually became House paranoid. However, Cipriani has little
Cipriani was made up of three major involvement in military manufacturing so all of
corporations; the Italian vehicle manufacturer the armor plating and transplasmidium is
Giordino Automotive, Inc, the Egyptian contracted out to House Tsarya. This strong,
clothing company Abbasi Textiles, and the Saudi lucrative, business relationship makes Tsarya
Arabian energy giant Tahan Power. These one of the only Houses to form a strong alliance
companies had vast networking capabilities, with House Cipriani.
and equally immense reputation. Said assets
The Tsaryan armor contracts are notable due
were levied to drive and sell the idea of a
to Ciprianis tendency to take a strong leadership
unified, corporate-controlled, consociationalist
role in most partnerships. Cipriani almost never enters
government. It was largely through their efforts that
into a contract that doesnt favor them, and they always
the idea of solidification gained support, and eventually
leave themselves reliable escape clauses. The House puts a
ratification, in a way that the Earth Unification Act never could.
great deal of effort into remaining aloof in regards to
Today, Cipriani still leverages its founding corporations competing markets, and its strong position as the market
strengths, though theyve expanded quite a bit since the leader in energy means the Ciprianis often get to call the shots.
Consolidation Wars. The House owns and operates the vast
The near-monopoly House Cipriani has over the energy
majority of Mercurys anti-matter production through their
market is perhaps the largest point of contention the other
subsidiaries Specular Spread and Infinity Squared, giving them
Houses have with them. Everything requires a power cell of

some kind, even if it is only to receive external power from a superior particle accelerator weapons, and Cipriani often looks
broadcast generator. Essentially, no matter what technological for ways to exploit this to their advantage.
product any other House is manufacturing, Cipriani gets a cut. Cipriani is largely comprised of purists, and their bio-
No one House is against making shady, off the books deals to conservative beliefs often further strains their relationships
maintain or further gain advantages over the other Houses, but with some of the more transhuman-leaning Houses. This is
Cipriani has gained a reputation for being especially ruthless especially true with House Kimura, who is not only extremely
when it comes to the energy market. As with all Shadow War bio-liberal, but who also has strong business ties to House
initiatives, this reputation isnt one the general public is aware Dalianis. Lately, the two Houses have been butting heads much
of. But it is well earned and effective enough to keep most more than usual, mainly due to Cipranis rising competition in
potential competitors in the energy market at bay. the virtual vacation industry. The current market leader,
For the most part, Ciprianis feuds with the other Houses Kimuras VirtuVac, is defending its interests with aggressive
tend to be quickly resolved. But its most notable, longest behavior that qualifies just short of warfare.
lasting, feud is with House Dalianis. Prior to the Consolidation On the other hand, House Ciprianis tendency to lean toward
Wars, Giordino Automotive and Keppler Shipyards actively purist ideals is often found attractive to apostates who are
sought the wealth of iron deposits beneath the surface of looking for House membership. The House is typically very
Cygnus Alpha. This competition ramped up quickly after the picky about backing apostates who seek House membership.
war started, with Keppler needing the iron for mass production But once backed, the House tends to make the process of
of warships. The two companies continue to compete for the gaining full membership relatively easy compared to some of
planets resources long after the end of the war, but it is driven the other Houses. The exceptions to that rule are purist
mostly by ego now, rather than demand. Still, the competing apostates with a reputation for opposing Kimura-backed
can get ugly at times, supercharged by the begrudging transhumans. In these cases, the House will go out of its way to
knowledge that no matter what, Dalianis has to rely on Cipriani openly back the candidate and accept them into the fold;
for their starships APEX reactors. And Cipriani must rely on simply to spite Kimura.
Dalianis ships for transport.
Such practices transfer fairly straightforwardly to the Houses
If Tsarya were to be called a friend of Cipriani, then Silva dealings with mercenaries and crews. When looking to hire
would have to be its neighbor. Though the two Houses have no people, the company will often give preferential treatment to
particular love for each other, they share some business purist apostates, and prefers not to deal with the heavily
ventures and territory. Notably, these include the city of Rho on augmented or cybernetic. The company will sometimes take
Luna, the Europan research station IT Alpha, and the New Turin exception, where a job requires strength and efficiency that a
mining colony (before it was largely abandoned by the Houses). pure human cant pull off, but completion of the contracts is
More importantly, Silva is also at odds with Dalianis over their generally prejudicial for the hired.

House Dalianis Dalianis is no longer the golden economic giant that it used
to be, but it still does quite well for itself. It is still the best
Primary Influence: Olympia manufacturer of starships, and the proud owner of the galaxys
Secondary Influence: Luna largest shipyard, Ansari Station. Thanks to its military origins,
the House was also able to become almost solely responsible
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Purist
for the main Coalition Fleet. Also included in this responsibility
Market Discount: Star Ships, Gauss Weapons, Combat Drones was that of manning Tartarus, the Coalitions isolated
Dalianis Interplanetary used to be the most maximum-security space prison.
economically powerful corporate partnership on When it came time for the exodus, Keppler
earth, especially during the consolidation wars. Shipyards went out of its way to provide evac
The partnership was an Alliance military effort, assistance for Promethic Technologies, and as
founded by the three best European defense such, it joined the House upon its founding. Along
contractors. The German Keppler Shipyards was with its acquisition of Promethic, Dalianis
the near-exclusive manufacturer of starships, acquired Odysseus Station, the Luna orbiting
while British Macrotech Robotics supplied jump gate research facility. Even now, Dalianis
maintenance and combat drones, and French seeks to capitalize on this advantage by striving
Habarcq Armaments equipped both with to improve jump technology, and even expand
weapons. Promethic Technologies, Greeces the jump ring network.
massive research and development firm,
Shortly after the creation of the Coalition, Dalianis
contracted the services of its many thousands of
made a deal with Kimura. In exchange for agreeing to
Mimir-tech scientists to all three corporations.
buy all complex electronic and computer systems from
Through Promethics scientific achievements, the three them, Kimura would back off of the military drone market and
military contractors were elevated into economic prominence, focus their efforts on civilian use. This freed Dalianis to make
and thus, so was Promethic. This partnership's golden period fighter and combat drones with little competition whatsoever.
lasted for several years, until new technologies took hold. With This trade agreement fostered strong ties between the two
Tahan Powers creation of APEX reactors, Keppler had to cut its corporations, culminating in an alliance between them.
profits to aquire the devices for its starships. Likewise, Habarcq
Another benefit of the post-exodus state of the human race,
began to lose out when Eontech corned the market on particle
was the founding of Jinzhan as Dalianis most frequent and
acceleration weapons. Finally, Hiske Electronics rose up to
favorite customer. With Jinzhans determined focus on
become a much larger and cheaper manufacturer of drones,
maintaining the Earth blockade, they are in constant demand
reducing Macrotechs hold on the market.
for ships, drones, and kill-sats. This is the source of Dalianis only
other trade alliance, wherein they generously provide these

services, in exchange for easier access to Jinzhans products, subtle. Lately, they have been moving in on apostate and
especially Vulcan swarms. remnant territory under the guise of Coalition Enforcement. In
Despite its alliances with Jinzhan and Kimura, the house has reality, they have been claiming said territory as their own and
issues with most of the other houses. Cipriani, obviously, is a laying the groundwork for future colonization. Any resistance
major sore spot for their energy monopoly, but thats not the by apostates is met with force by Dalianis security firm
only reason. During the Consolidation Wars, shared control subsidiary, Lighthouse.
over Cygnus Alphas iron supplies caused many a public While most Houses spend their Shadow War efforts
incident, and though the iron is not so crucial now, it remains a attempting to damage each other's market interests, Dalianis
point of contention. Similarly, Dalianis has green eyes for spends more time trying to gain public and legitimate power. In
volatile materials in the Tsarya-owned Ceres ice fields, of which an effort to lubricate the bureaucratic gears preventing them
Tsarya refuses to relinquish. from colonizing in any official capacity, Dalianis has been
Silva, though, is probably Dalianis worst enemy, as the two making a major play at Olympia. Though the house already has
are in constant competition over the arms industry. Their majority influence on the city, it does not have control over the
particle accelerator weapons have already reduced the market seat of power itself. Dalianis seeks to rectify this, often through
dominance of Dalianis gauss weapons, and they are constantly particularly straightforward methods.
striving to increase PAc efficiency sans atmosphere. Dalianis Dalianis is mostly purist, but this holds little bearing on its
matches Silvas efforts by attempting to create more beam- interactions with other entities. The Kimuran alliance in
resistant armors, and this back and forth has gone on for some particular, indicates the corporations willingness to
time. Each time one company beats out the other, the other compromise. This holds true for the Houses interactions on an
comes out with a competing improvement. individual as well; the house hierarchy is increasingly regressing
Dalianis is by far the most expansionist of Houses, and is why to a feudal structure, and it respects personal ability and
they prize Vulcan swarms so highly. Physically, they are already reputation above political concerns. In light of this, a crew of
the most spread out, maintaining influence on most Coalition fully synthetics could obtain backing, membership, and a higher
colonies. Dalianis leadership wants to expand Human station than the most vocal purist. It is even possible for a
colonization even further though, for two reasons. As a military transhuman to obtain the rank of Lord Regent, outranking even
organization, they recognize the threat that Earth still holds, the Houses Senators. This would, of course, require the current
and wants Humanity to have the largest chance possible of one to be deposed or dead, but it is still possible, in theory.
surviving should the technophage get loose. As a corporation,
expansion benefits them greatly; a more spread out coalition
means more ships and jump rings will be needed.
Dalianis has slowly been gearing up for their desired new
wave of expansion in several ways, most of them less than

House Jinzhan The attack decimated Jinzhans groundside factories,
facilities, and personnel. This resulted in an overall reduction in
Primary Influence: Shuy their market interests, as other corporations covered
Secondary Influence: Earth Quarantine categories they were too weak to. Currently, the House has
market control over construction, food, survival supplies,
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Purist
explosives, and security technologies and services.
Market Discount: Construction, Security Technology and
Jinzhans most lucrative product, is its food. Shuy ,
Services, Food & Survival Supplies, Explosives, Ship & Vehicle
Jinzhans capital planet, is the only world in the coalition
capable of reliably producing food the old fashioned way.
Jinzhan Developments is a rather unique This garden planet provides a large percentage of the
house, in that it is not comprised of several pre- Coalitions produce and prepared food. It tastes far
coalition corporations. China never truly better than the synthesized blandness defaulters
outgrew its communist government, and in and ships crew eat, and as such, comes at a
fact, had been moving towards imperialism. premium. Apostates in particular seek to acquire
Pre-exodus, Jinzhan Developments was the these goods, since they have no way of
governments pet megacorporation. The producing synthetic foods of their own.
company monopolized almost all of Chinas Obviously, they cannot just acquire the food
needs, both civilian and military, keeping the through normal channels, so an entire subculture
money flow heading upward in the of black market food trade and smuggling has
governments direction. It is speculated that had developed.
China not been hit so hard by the Technophage,
The House also has a formidable weapons
it might have made a move for complete control of
program. Though Silva and Dalianis are the leading
humanity's remnants.
developers of particle acceleration and gauss tech, respectively,
When the Technophage ravaged China, the capital was one Jinzhan has made a name for themselves in their ability to
of the first cities to fall. Leadership collapsed, and an already- upscale these technologies and apply them to vehicles. Jinzhan
struggling military faltered and failed. Jinzhan took up the fallen also is the main provider of explosive weapons, both on the
mantle and hired scores of mercenaries to defend their personal and vehicle scale. Finally, they are also the largest
evacuating contractors. To date, it is the largest mercenary munitions manufacturer.
operation ever performed, and most of the surviving
In addition to all of this, Jinzhan has one other specialty:
mercenaries entered coalition military service under Jinzhan
security technology, software, and services. It has entire
subsidiaries devoted to these markets, including a security
contractor firm, Guardian, comprised largely of exodus

mercenaries that werent interested in military service. Unlike This has resulted in two major developments. The first, is a
Lighthouse, Guardian has an almost completely positive rise in religion. With so many living (relatively) spartan lives,
reputation for their efficiency and by the book methods. There many seek to cope with the hand theyve been dealt. As such,
are exceptions, though, wherein the Jinzhan purism shines traditional buddhism is becoming very popular as a whole.
through and causes a lethal incident. Coalition documentation suggests this particular religion was
The blockade is actually staffed almost entirely by Jinzhan chosen partially for its belief in rebirth, allowing people to cope
equipment and personnel. Ships and equipment mostly come with the tragedies of the technophage, but even more so for its
from Dalianis production facilities, and what isnt is anti-materialistic teachings. This same documentation notes
manufactured by Jinzhan themselves at Primatech Labs in orbit that the rise in Buddhism was more sudden than gradual, and
around Earth. House Jinzhans zealous manning of the blockade theorizes that House Jinzhan may have had a role in lighting the
is the source of a strong corporate alliance between Dalianis fire to keep the people in line.
and Jinzhan. The second, is the aforementioned isolationism. Though they
The technophage scarred the Chinese pretty badly, and that still take part in business and political dealings with other
trauma bore a strong purist ideology. It is this light Houses, all other interaction is limited. Officially, the house
technophobia that drives Jinzhan to man the Earth Blockade, refuses to acknowledge the existence of Apostates. Unofficially,
and it has slowly begun to turn them isolationist again. Jinzhan any interference by apostates in Jinzhan affairs is dealt with
refuses to use Gamma AIs, no matter the cost, they heavily swiftly and often violently. In the case of any apostate violence,
regulate their Vulcan Swarms, and their senators are deadly force is considered automatically authorized. Naturally,
vehemently purist. They are extremely protective of their this leads to some animosity between the two factions, but it
planet, Shuy , and restrict and inspect all incoming traffic. does tend to scare apostates away from Jinzhan territory.
They strongly oppose any Earth visitation, and even openly seek Given Jinzhans attitude towards apostates, they refuse to
to destroy both the planet and the Eye of Sol. hire crews with even a single apostate member as a general
The scarring isnt only mental, though. Time and preparation rule. Instead, they tend to work with entities already known to
were not available in large quantities for the Exodus for them, them, with special preference given to those already affiliated
and many ships didnt even make it off of the ground. Even with themselves or Dalianis. The House seems to have a further
then, many were shot down before escaping the atmosphere. special preference for experienced mercenaries, which is
Most supplies and possessions were intentionally left behind attributed to their role in the Exodus. This also probably due to
for the sake of expediency, and many were lost with the ships the fact that when Jinzhan bothers to engage in the Shadow
that carried them. For this reason, despite standing on solid Wars, it is usually for the purposes of acquiring or eliminating a
market ground, Jinzhans people are still struggling to recover. specific person or thing. It is for these tendencies, in fact, that
In some cases, even those with power are living as defaulters. Jinzhan involvement is suspected in the Odysseus Station
incident three months ago.

House Kimura boom of technological innovation on Kimuras part, creating
ways of producing things such as augmentations, sleeves, and
Primary Influence: Chngdn drones cheaper and more efficiently than other Houses without
Secondary Influence: Olympia sacrificing any of the trademark Kimuran quality.
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Transhuman Now, Kimura has caught up to the other Houses, and has
their hands in just about every market. Like other Houses, they
Market Discount: Agents, Computers and Computer
still have their specialties, though. Kimura is the premier
Software, Cybersleeves, Cybernetic Augmentations, Virtuality
manufacturer of all forms of computer equipment, software
Software, Recon War Frames
(including Agents), cybersleeves, cyber augmentations, and
Kimura Intersystems is another House with odd civilian drones. Dalianis has a strong relationship with
origins. Unlike every other House, the two Kimura based on the purchase of their computer
companies that combined to become House equipment to use in Dalianis starships, in exchange
Kimura were actually in fierce competition until for staying out of the military drone market.
the formation of the coalition. Both were Much to Dalianis chagrin, Kimura has a similar
computer hardware and software engineering alliance with Silva, who has quietly been trying
firms, Aria Softworks being based in Japan, and to ramp up their starship production to
Hiske Electronics in South Korea. Together, the compete more with Dalianis.
two corporations held the top positions in their
In addition to their other interests, Kimura is
market, in constant competition with one
also a strong contender in the war frame
another. The only reason one never gained full
market, of which Tsarya is, for now, the top dog.
advantage over the other is that while Arias
Kimura, actually, was the originator of the market,
software was massively superior to Hiskes, Hiskes
with warframes being invented by Aria Softworks
hardware was the same to Arias. This resulted in
during the consolidation wars. Tsarya didnt come into
intense corporate espionage between the two companies, long
the picture until after the formation of the Coalition. Lately, this
before the Shadow War, both desperate to gain a solid edge on
competition has ramped up to ferocious heights, topping that
the other.
of Aria and Hiskes pre-Coalition levels. Also similar, is the
The technophage drastically changed both companies reason for the heated competition. Both Kimura and Tsarya
outlook, however. When talks of unification began, both sides produce top quality war frames, however, they have different
realized the competition ahead could be better faced if they specialties. Tsarya excels at creating armored, heavily armed,
combined their strengths. Once they did so, resources that tanklike Assault Warframes. Kimura, on the other hand,
were previously dedicated to competing with each other were specializes in the affordable, light, and agile Recon Warframes.
directed to expanding Kimuras market interests. This birthed a

Kimuras subsidiary, VirtuVac, is currently number one in Politically, Kimura is extremely liberal, and does not support
virtualities, including many degenerate (and sometimes illicit) the Humanity Preservation Act in any shape or form. Despite
ones. Just in the past few years, Cipriani has begun making this, they are, for the most part, extremely peaceful and prefer
moves on this market as well. As virtualities have an insanely to avoid violence entirely. Many Kimurans have embraces the
low cost to profit ratio, Kimura has treated this encroachment Astralist faith, and the majority of all peace treaties are
with uncharacteristic hostility. More recently, as Cipriani has negotiated by a Kimuran Astralist. This does not mean that the
gained ground, Kimura has stepped up to sabotaging more than House is weak, however, as it has more than enough muscle to
just Ciprianis virtuality facilities, though the House denies bring to bear when they have no choice.
knowledge and Cipriani's official explanation is usually one Some of this muscle, is less than legitimate. Prior to the
technical difficulty or another. Rumor has it that Kimura has technophage, Aria Softworks had strong ties to the Yakuza for
been quietly been adding suspiciously well-armed security to the seedier side of their corporate espionage efforts. The
their facilities. Yakuza paid Aria handsomely to provide evacuation assistance,
Due to the extremely high quality of Kimuras equipment and and now the two enjoy a symbiotic relationship. Any time
software, it is built into a large percentage of the Coalitions Kimura needs something done off the books, particularly
electronics. This high percentage of market saturation initially violent things they dont want to sully their peaceful hands
created a small customer service issue; there were too many with, the Yakuzan remnant, Red Sun, gets it done no questions
devices, and not enough employees to provide support. This asked. In exchange, Kimura, who has an especially harsh zero
problem was was solved in two ways. The first, was through tolerance policy toward crime, turns a blind eye to Red Suns
standardized implementation of back doors in electronics and day to day activities.
software that would allow technicians easy remote access to In general, this means that crews working for Kimura wont
the core functions. The second way, is through openly always being dealing with Kimura directly. Official business
recruiting SIMs, who could provide on-site assistance with almost always goes through official channels, except when it
much more efficiency and faster response times. requires assistance from the underworld for one reason or
Since the incorporation of SIMs, Kimura has found a another. Anything pertaining to the Shadow War, however, as
cornucopia of uses for them, and utilizes them more than any well as any other seedy job, is handled by Red Sun through a
other house. Officially, they began incorporating them into shell subsidiary called Crimson & Sons. Whether the job is
software development and testing from the get go, rather than seedy or not, Kimura prefers to hire transhumans, or those
just for post-production support. Unofficially, they employ a affiliated with Red Sun in some way, and being both is even
massive spy network composed of thousands of SIMS, all better. Most purists are treated with suspicion and distrust, as
keeping tabs on the other Houses, hiding relatively unseen in Kimura fears they might be Cipriani spies.
their meshes and the extranet.

House Silva of the Coalitions arms contracts. And when the weapons are
needed, this turns into a huge source of income for the House.
Primary Influence: Luna On occasion Silva will supply apostates, particularly Alliance
Secondary Influence: Phobos remnants, with weapons to level the playing field a bit. They
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Transhuman just supply them with enough to keep them competitive, and
thus keep the Coalitions demand for weapons up. Great care is
Market Discount: Biosleeves, Biotech Augmentations, PAc taken to conceal this fact, though, since it would destroy the
Weaponry House if it ever came to the Councils attention. And like all
Silva Corp is essentially composed of non-military elements moves in the Shadow Wars, those who might expose the truth
of the Alliance that chose consolidation and profit over are often seen again.
patriotism and war with the Coalition. It began with the On a similar note, Silva cares very little for the Humanity
American weapons manufacturer EonTech Preservation Act, or humanity for that matter. The
Industrial and Biogenics United, the Canadian research and development side of the biotech
biotech research firm. They were joined later by department is almost constantly breaking the
the only surviving brazilian refugees, whom HPA, and has faced sanctions on a number of
were lucky enough to have been on board the occasions. This causes much embarrassment for
station attached to elevator when the the House, not because they care about the
technophage hit. Most of these refugees didnt ramifications of their actions, but because they
belong to any one company, however, and got caught. In most instances, this results in the
were instead divided up according to their employee at fault being demoted, fired, or in
strengths and reputation between EonTech and extreme cases re-assigned for use as a test
Biogenics United. Those without any value of subject (though, the official records often just call
which to contract to Silva were offered contracts it vacation).
as indentured servants, though often these
Silvas weapons program is a huge point of contention
contracts turned out to be ploys to obtain test subjects
with Dalianis. In-atmosphere, PAc weapons outclass gauss
for bioexperimentation.
weapons by leaps and bounds, and Silvas are the best. Dalianis
Silvas market interests havent changed much since the specialty is gauss weapons, and as such, they are constantly
formation of the Coalition. They still produce the best seeking to undermine Silvas weapons. To this effect, Dalianis
biosleeves, biotech augmentations, and PAc weapons. has been attempting to create more PAc resistant armors. At
Though they specialize in particle acceleration technology, the same time, Silva has been striving to work around PAc
Silvas subsidiary, Valkyrie Interplanetary, has the largest weapons out-of-atmo shortcomings. In addition, they have
weapons output of all the corporations. In fact, they hold most been trying to quietly expand their starship production line,

with intentions centered more around keeping Dalianis busy, For this reason, Silva has the lowest percentage, almost
rather than gain any real traction in the market. negligibly so, of defaulters. They are able to do this through
Despite Silvas questionable motivations and actions, they clauses in everyones contract, which allows them to fire
are on good terms with the four other Houses anyone who outlives their usefulness. Most of the time, the
Silva has used Tsarya for their illegal contacts and services termination of employment is genuine, and the person in
since before the formation of the Coalition. They tap this question just has to seek refuge in another Houses territory. As
resource when they need weapons handed off to apostates, mentioned before, though, those that earn Silvas ire often find
illegal biotech materials smuggled past customs, or test themselves on an operating table against their will.
subjects when they run out of indentured servants. At the same time, Silva has strict relatively simple
Ciprianis is an ally, mostly due to their mutual friendship with membership application processes. If the applicant can prove it
Tsarya, and common enemy in Dalianis. They have no special has skills the House values, theyre pretty good to go provided
love for one another, but they do share some business ventures they pass the rather extensive background check. If the
and territory. And they find ways to assist one-another in individual lacks any valuable skills, or fails the background
putting Dalianis off-balance. check, they are sometimes accepted anyway. But these
individuals usually find a clause in their contract that ships
Silvas fourth, and most recent, ally is Kimura. Kimura them right to experimentation. This is only done when there is
supplies the electronics equipment for their expanding great need, and Silva keeps some defaulters around just to
shipbuilding program and in return Silva provides discounted make such unlikely memberships appear more plausible.
PAc for their recon war frames. This isnt public knowledge of
course, as House Tsarya certainly wouldnt appreciate Silva When it comes to mercenary crews, Silva is pretty strict in
their hiring process. They will not accept any crew without at
aiding their main competitor in the war frame market.
least one prior job, and the crew must submit a list of all
Even before the exodus, Neo-Christianity was common previous jobs. Anyone suspected of affiliating with a rival house
among the Alliance territories, and it is still popular with Silvas even just once is denied, and sometimes being purist is all that
citizens. This is mostly for the sake of convenience. It is a is needed to warrant suspicion. That said, they respect skill and
relatively straight-forward religion that allows its believers commitment, so the right purist can still be hired, though they
relief from the mortal concerns of life and provides an would almost never be considered for membership.
agreeable code of conduct, all with minimal dedication and
Silva also has a reputation for almost always including a
interference with daily business.
reset clause in their merc contracts. These clauses state that
Unlike many of the other Houses, Silvas governing style has apotheosized mercs must be backed up before being offered
changed very little. Rather than convert, they stuck with what the contract. And in the event of death and restoration from
they knew, and continue to run as a corporation first and backup, Silva retains the right to withhold any information
foremost. Citizens are seen more as employees, rather than about the previous mission.
citizens of a government, and are treated as such.

House Tsarya The war frame market makes Kimura Tsaryas main
competitor, and the competition can grow fierce. Despite their
Primary Influence: Proch efforts to reverse engineer recon war frames, Tsarya isnt able
Secondary Influence: Luna to match Kimuras innovation in that class. That said, Kimuran
armor doesnt hold a candle to Tsaryas, who goes to great
Primary Evolutionary Agenda: Purist
lengths to prevent Kimura from getting their hands on their
Market Discount: Vehicular and Personal Armor, Ground metallurgy data. Thus, Kimuran assault warframes are vastly
Vehicles, Assault War Frames inferior to Tsaryan ones. This difference in specialization is why
Tsarya systems sprang up from two of the Tsarya has been able to rise so quickly and successfully
more controversial pre-exodus corporations. into the warframe market, but it is also why neither
Unlike Dalianis, which started as a military House has been able to maintain dominance in the
funded venture, Tsaryas predecessors were market.
completely privately owned. Again, unlike Tsaryas only other real competitor is Dalianis,
Dalianis, both companies relied heavily on war who covets the pockets of volatile materials
to make money, and were on numerous distributed throughout the Ceres ice fields. Aside
occasions investigated for war profiteering. In from that, Tsarya is on relatively good terms with
reality, it was only the Russian armor the other Houses. In particular, its allegiances
fabrication company T1 who was actually with Cipriani and Silva are especially strong.
guilty, however, Indian vehicle manufacturer
Cipriani has a longstanding trade agreement
T2 found themselves heavily compensated for
with Tsarya, wherein they purchase armor and
their silence regarding the matter.
transplasmidium for use in their more expensive
After the exodus, it was only natural for the two vehicles.
companies to bond together and form a House. From the
Silvas relationship with Tsarya is far less legitimate; Tsarya
beginning they have been the top manufacturer of armor
makes use of their illegal contacts to smuggle and sell apostates
(personal and vehicular), and ground vehicles. A short time
to them. These apostates arent technically slaves, but any who
after the formation of the Coalition, Tsarya reverse-engineered
thinks he has a real chance of earning House membership is a
a handful of Kimuran warframes and adapted their designs to
build their own. Tsaryas predilection toward war machinery
and armor made it a natural fit, and eventually rose to be on Tsaryas general lack of conflict with the other Houses is
par with Kimuras war frame production. The Tsaryan frames something of a mystery, since they have their hand in
would eventually come to be considered the assault class of numerous illegal and questionable activities. The have a solid
war frames. relationship with slave traders that prey upon apostates, who
are offered citizenship under the pretenses of saving the

apostates from the slavers. In fact, the citizenship contracts are however, are the pretty much the only ones aware that many
just shy of slavery themselves. As mentioned before, Tsarya has of the incidents Tsarya demands justice for were either incited
smugglers on speed dial, who often hand off weapons to or fabricated by themselves.
apostates or transport HPA-violating contraband between labs Tsarya leans toward more conservative attitudes in regards
for Silva. When theyre not doing that, they are smuggling to augmentation and transhumans. The House tends to include
specimens to Silva for use as test subjects. a large number of members of traditional religions, and thats
Normally, Tsarya has very little use for their own smugglers, the sort that tend to be the most outspoken against the
aside from slave trading. The main reason they keep these transhuman movements.
contacts on tap (again aside from slavery) is for the profit But on the other, soldiers who can fight and die, then fight
outsourcing them brings in. and die again, need a lot of gear. They keep the wars going. So
But that is not to say they dont have some uses for them. while the House as a whole tends toward Purist ideals, they
Tsarya, has no qualms with war profiteering. Sometimes, there often dont do so with any real conviction.
is not enough war to profit from, however, and this doesnt sit The political structure of Tsarya is essentially a smaller model
well with the House. of the Coalition itself. The Tsaryan Council is composed of one
Sometimes, when the profits start to dry up, the House takes representative of each of Tsaryas eight largest subsidiaries,
matters into its own hands. On occasion, Tsarya will pool their plus the House Senator and CEO. The council makes all major
illegal contacts to instigate (or sometimes outright fabricate) decisions for the House, and even allows citizens to vote on
attacks from apostate or remnant forces. On at least one of public decisions. The results of these polls are closely guarded,
these occasions, Silva assisted to stage a real attack using their as they are taken for two reasons, neither of which are for the
Alliance contacts. advertised purpose of allowing some form of democracy. The
Tsarya has an odd two-faced stance on apostates. On the one first is because advertising democracy keeps its somewhat
hand, Tsarya has the outward appearance of being the easiest oppressed apostate population from so easily realizing that
House to obtain citizenship for apostates. Their guidelines for they are slaves. The second is to more easily gauge the mental
application are very lenient. But of course, it is actually and emotional state of Tsaryan citizens and keep ahead of any
extremely difficult for them to obtain membership. The rebellions. And sometimes even to evaluate when influential
slightest mistake on the apostates part can find him blacklisted individuals need to be eliminated.
for decades. Tsarya tends to be rather open with its crew hiring processes.
The other side to the coin is an extremely aggressive stance While normally avoidant of transhumans, the very reason they
on responding to apostate aggression, which the House make poor customers also makes them good employees. Tsarya
vehemently pushes in Council meetings. Tsaryas motivations recognizes the value of such truths, and has no qualms about
are fairly transparent, in that they clearly profit from the hiring transhuman crews. They do, however, prefer to hire
resulting conflict. The higher ranking members of House Silva, transhumans associated with Tsarya, or at least Silva.


THE BASICS Rolling the Dice
When you want your character to perform an action your GM
may call on you to roll the dice. This is called performing a
Things You Should Have test.
In addition to this book, youll need a few supplies to play the To perform a test, first designate one colored d6 as the
game. Heres a list of mandatory items as well as some positive die, and the other as the negative die. Now roll them
recommended ones. both and subtract the result of the negative die from the result
of the positive die. The result can range from -5 to +5 (or just
Youll Need 5).
A set of two six-sided (d6) dice, preferably of differing Once youve rolled the dice, add that to any relevant
colors, for each player and the GM. modifiers to find your total Effort. Usually a test will call for
Some copies of character sheets or at least blank paper to you to add a specific Skill to the roll.
record characters. For instance, if you were told to make an Athletics test,
Writing implements. youd roll the dice, add your Athletics Skill rating, and then add
Friends. The sweet spots between two and four. any other relevant modifiers to find the total. The total, your
Effort, is then compared to a difficulty rating set by the GM to
Youll find useful: determine success or failure.
A set of poker chips or glass beads (to use as Fate Points). If your Effort is equal to or higher than the difficulty, you
Index cards or sticky notes to pass notes and to make notes succeed at your task. The amount by which you succeed is
on things that come up in play. measured in Shifts. And if you generate 3 or more Shifts, youve
generated Spin. This means you not only succeeded but you
Snacks. did so in spectacular fashion. If you fail by more than 3, you
Stall. A Stall is the opposite of Spin, meaning you fail
spectacularly. See pg. 101 for more on Spin and Stall.
So when a character wants to make a test, he follows this
simple formula to determine how well he does:
(d6-d6) + Skill Rank + Other Modifiers vs. Difficulty
Modifiers can be anything from bonuses granted from
Aspects to those provided by Stunts or Augmentations.

Skill Ratings & Difficulties
Skills represent what a character can do, or rather, how well Skills
they can do it. They are ranked starting at 1 and get better as Melee
the rank increases. A rank of 1 means very little natural ability Mnemonics
and/or no training. A rank of 5 means you are one of the best in Pilot
Networking, Apostate
the known worlds with that Skill. Research
Networking, House
So while a character with an Athletics rank of 0 may need to Resolve
use a walker to get around, a character with a Guile of 5 is Stealth
among the greatest liars and con-artists youre ever likely to Strategy
encounter. Engineering, Hardware Physical Skills
Engineering, Software Athletics
Skill Rank What that means
Firearms Endurance
1 Below Average. People note your deficiencies.
Guile Perception
2 Average. Most people have a Skill rank of 2.
3 Above Average. You are noticed for your talents. Insight Special Skill
4 Well Above Average. You are one of the most Intimidation SINC
talented people for hundreds of miles.
5 Peak Human. Few people in the known galaxy have Game Time and Action Types
this level of Skill. Each round represents about 3 seconds of in game time, and
in each round, each person gets a chance to take a turn.
Difficulty What that means On your turn you can perform one Simple Action and one
1 Trivial - Requires little effort or even thought.
Free Action. Some Stunts or Augmentations may allow you to
2 Easy - Requires only a small amount of effort.
perform additional actions, and Instant Actions.
3 Moderate - A simple task, but requires a little effort.
4 Tough - A rather difficult task. Simple Action: These are the most common actions a
5 Hard - Usually requires some training or for you to character will take on his turn. They require some effort, and
get lucky. are the focus of his attention during his turn.
6 Very Hard - You need to be really good to pull this Free Action: Free actions are very easy and quick actions that
off, as in, an expert in the field. can be taken on your turn. Once per turn you can move into an
7 Exceedingly difficult Youre going to need to be adjacent zone as a Free Action.
both highly skilled, and very lucky.
8 Seemingly Impossible Youve really got to stack the Instant Actions: These actions can be taken at any time, even
deck in your favor to hope to pull this off. when its not your turn. You may only take one Instant Action
per round however.

Stacking Bonuses and Penalties Contest
Whether through invoking Aspects or by purchasing Stunts, Contests are very much like a test except the action is in
there are a lot of ways to get bonuses and penalties applied to direct opposition to someone else. Rather than setting a
a test. difficulty, each party performs an appropriate Skill test.
In Nova Praxis, almost everything stacks. This means that if The Effort generated by each contestants Skill test is
you get a +2 bonus from one source and a +1 bonus from compared, and the highest wins. A tie means both succeed, but
another, you may add those together for a total of a +3 bonus. whether that means the outcome changes anything, or if it calls
for another test, depends on the situation. Some sample
So unless it is clearly stated otherwise, you can assume any
contests include:
bonuses or penalties you have stack with any others.
Attempting to get away with a simple lie (Guile vs. Insight)
Sneaking past a guard (Stealth vs. Perception)
Taking Action
Test Conflicts are what happen when two or more characters
A test is a Simple Action wherein a Skill is rolled against a come into opposition in a fashion that cannot be quickly and
difficulty set by the GM. They are used to see if a character can cleanly resolved with a simple test or contest.
do something, and how well he can do it. The GM describes the A conflict is broken down into a number of rounds, during
situation and selects the appropriate Skill. The player then rolls which each character gets a turn. During his turn, a character
against the difficulty determined by the GM (by default, Diff: 2). may attack another. This is a Contest using whatever Skill is
If the resulting Effort is equal to or greater than the difficulty, appropriate for the weapon used (Firearms, Melee, etc) and a
the character succeeds. The amount by which he succeeds is Skill used for Defense. If the attackers attack test meets or
measured in Shifts. exceeds the defenders defense test, the attack hits.
Generating 3 or more Shifts results in Spin. Failure by 3 or The defender suffers an amount of stress equal to the Shifts
more is a Stall. generated by the attack, plus his weapons Weapon Rating. If
Some sample Simple Actions include: the defender is wearing armor that could protect him from the
attack, the amount of stress the defender suffers is reduced by
Jumping a ditch his armors Armor Rating.
Looking up an obscure fact As characters suffer stress they will begin to suffer
Searching a crime scene for fingerprints Consequences.
Piloting your ship through a debris field
See pg. 115 for more on conflicts.
Noticing a strange pattern in the bullet holes in the wall

Extended Actions Supplemental Actions
Some actions simply cannot be resolved in the amount of Sometimes a character needs to do something more
time usually allotted to a test or contest, but arent really a complicated than just taking a single, basic action.
conflict. This might be repairing a star ships APEX reactor, Sometimes the combined actions are simple, like drawing a
writing a novel, or trying to sway a crowd to your point of view. weapon and attacking; sometimes its more complex, like
Extended actions have higher difficulties than regular tests. composing a sonnet while fencing. When the character
To set the difficulty, determine what it would normally be per performs a Simple Action while doing something else, like
the table on pg. 98, then multiply the difficulty rating by 3. drawing or firing off warning shots while chasing a criminal, it is
Unlike a regular test, instead of making one Skill test to see if a Supplemental Action and simply imposes a -1 on the
you succeed or fail, you perform several tests and add up (or characters primary Simple Action test.
subtract if negative!) the Effort you generate from each test. When in doubt about which is the primary action and which
The amount of time each test takes depends on the situation, is the supplemental one, the Supplemental Action is the one
and is up to the GM. You complete the action successfully when which would normally require no test, or would have the
you finally reach the target difficulty. lowest difficulty if it were tested.
Some examples of extended actions are: Sometimes the GM may decide a Supplemental Action is
Extended Action Time Between Rolls Difficulty particularly complicated or difficult and may increase the
Building a short wooden bridge 1 hour 10 penalty appropriately.
Building secure shelter in a 1 week 20
hostile environment Combining Skills
Some extended actions may require you to meet a minimum
Sometimes the character needs to perform a task that really
difficulty with each test. If the Effort you generate on any single
requires using two or more Skills at once. You never know
test fails to meet that difficulty, something happens. Often
when a character is going to need to carry a heavy weight
times it is impossible to continue after a failed test.
(Athletics) while shooting at some aberrant horror (Firearms).
Sequences In those situations, the GM calls for a test based on the main
Sequences are a series of tests, contests and even conflicts Skill being used (the primary thrust of the action), but modified
that work toward achieving the same goal. Success on Skill tests by a second Skill. If the second Skill is of a higher rating than the
generate Aspects that are used to describe the Sequence and first, it grants a +1 bonus to the test; if the second Skill is of a
accumulate checked off success boxes. lesser rating, it applies a -1 penalty. If they are the same, the
secondary Skill provides no modifier.
See pg. 128 for more on Sequences.

Its important to note that combining Skills can never be
done to perform two full actions at once if thats the goal, it
Degree of Success
should take two turns. When performing a test, the more Effort you generate, the
The difference between an action that combines Skills and a better job you do. This means that highly trained characters
Supplemental action (pg. 100) is not always obvious. In general, tend not only to succeed, but succeed with style.
Effect Description
if both components of the action are something youd expect to
Success by 0 Minimal success The character pulled it off. Its
make a test for if they were done separately, then its time to
neither pretty nor graceful, but it works, at least
combine Skills. If the lesser part of the action is something that
for now.
normally doesnt require a test, just handle it as a Supplemental
Success by 1 Notable success This is a clear-cut success. The
characters result is solid, reliable, and while it
Complementing Skills may not be inspired, it is absolutely workmanlike.
Success by 3 Significant success (Spin!) The success is
When combining Skills, and the second Skill can only help the sufficient enough to be noticeably well done, and
first (which is to say it can only provide a bonus), it will be of fine quality, very reliable and so on. A
complements the Skill. A complementing Skill never applies a significant or better success is said to have
penalty, even if its lower than the primary Skill. This usually generated Spin (see below).
happens when the character has the option of using the Success by 5 Potent success Not only is the quality of the
secondary Skill, but doesnt have to bring it to bear. success remarkable, it may have some
unexpected secondary benefits, such as a deeper
Restricting Skills insight into a problem at hand.
When combining Skills, and the secondary Skill comes into
play only to hold the primary Skill back, it restricts the Skill; Spin & Stall
meaning it can only provide a penalty or nothing at all. A In its broadest sense, Spin is a special effect that occurs
restricting Skill never applies a bonus, even if its higher than whenever your Effort exceeds the difficulty by 3 or more,
the primary Skill. Often Skills like Endurance or Resolve are resulting in 3 or more Shifts. That special effect may simply be
restrictive Skills as you get more tired, you wont get better, color it may mean the character looked particularly cool, or is
but if youre resolute, you may not get worse. due some recognition for excellence.
When the amount of Effort you generate falls short of the
difficulty by 3 or more, you Stall. Stall is the opposite of Spin,
denoting a potentially significant or embarrassing failure.
In some cases, as outlined in some Stunts and elsewhere,
generating Spin can result in an actual game effect.

Aspects Refresh Rate. Fate Points carry over between game sessions,
but the maximum number of Fate Points you can have at any
More than any other attribute, Aspects are what make the time is 7.
character who he or she is. An Aspect can be any phrase or Characters start with a Refresh Rate of 2, but gain 3
quote that tells you and the GM something about your additional Fate Points at the start of their first game session.
character. Typically, an Aspect will relate to some important
Pure characters, and characters with the Refreshed Stunt,
event or person from the characters past, a part of his
may have a higher Refresh and FP maximum.
personality, a goal, his training, a disability, etc.
Other things may have Aspects as well; other characters, Stress and Consequences
objects, zones, places just about anything in the game world.
Bullets and beams rend and burn flesh, the mind recoils in
Aspects may at first seem daunting to new players, but in a
the face of a posthuman abomination, or in response to the
nut shell, this is how they work:
trauma of death and resleeving.
You may spend a Fate Point to invoke (pg. 104.) an Aspect.
When you suffer stress from an attack, the amount you
This allows you to add +2 to your Effort on a test, the option
to reroll, or make a Declaration. suffer is marked off your stress boxes. Once all the stress boxes
in a row are marked, you are Defeated. However, you may elect
You may spend a Fate Point to compel (pg. 105.) an Aspect.
When you compel an Aspect, you offer your foe a Fate Point to deflect some amount of stress taken from an attack by
in exchange for suffering -2 on his Effort on a test, being electing to suffer a Consequence.
forced to reroll, or suffering the effect of a Declaration. Consequences are essentially temporary Aspects that
Usually, he has the option to decline. describe the effect the attack has had on you. And like other
You may create an Aspect with a Maneuver (pg. 110), discover Aspects they can be compelled, or even sometimes invoked.
an Aspect with an Assessment (pg. 111), or declare that an For example, a Minor Physical Consequence might be a
Aspect exists with a Declaration (pg. 112). Sprained Ankle, while a Severe(P) Mental Consequence may be
Some Sample Aspects: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Trained by Corporal Frank Sheppard Always on the run" Like any other Aspect, the first invocation of a Consequence
"Nobody gets left behind!" Never Forgets an Insult is free.
Fate Points & Refresh Also, the Severe(P), Extreme(P), and Defeated(P)
Consequences are considered persistent, allowing you to
Fate Points are used to invoke Aspects, and you gain a Fate
always invoke or compel them for free.
Point when an Aspect is compelled.
Note that Extras are often unable to take the full allotment of
At the beginning of each game session, you get to Refresh.
During this time you get a number of Fate Points equal to your
See pg. 115 for more on conflicts, stress, and Consequences.

Some examples of good Aspects are:
Trained by Corporal Frank Sheppard
More than any other character traits, Aspects are what make "Always on the run"
the character who he or she is. Always Underestimated
Typically, an Aspect will relate to some strongly held belief, "Nobody gets left behind!"
event or important person from the characters past, an item of Soon this city will belong to me!
importance to the character, a part of his personality, or a goal. Never Forgets an Insult
Aspects are used to describe important aspects of your
character, but keep in mind that not every character quirk or Scope
detail need be an Aspect. For example, your character may be As a general rule, a character may invoke or compel only one
overly fond of blue hats, and thats an interesting character Aspect per scope, per test. So the character could invoke a
quirk, but it isnt something thats likely to come up much in Character Aspect and an Aspect created by a Maneuver for a
play. single test, but not two Character Aspects.
Aspects should describe parts of your character that you wish The types of scopes that Aspects fall into are:
to be relevant to your campaign. This insures that your Character Aspects Consequences
character can shine in situations you wish him to shine in, and
Stunt Aspects Scene Aspects
is a subtle message to the GM what sort of scenes youd like to
Augmentation Aspects Zone Aspects
see take place in the campaign.
Another Characters Aspects Equipment Aspects
Phrasing an Aspect Aspects Created by Maneuvers
Note that Persistent Aspects can always be used, and do not
An Aspect can be written as a few words, a short sentence, or
count in terms of scope.
a quote. A characters Aspects should always be at least three
words long, but generally no more than a full sentence. Refresh
Remember that Aspects can help your character overcome At the beginning of each game session, or whenever the GM
his challenges, but at the same time, are the source of your believes all the characters need a boost (such as in the middle
Fate Points. Thus, an Aspect should work like a double edged of an especially long game session), the players may Refresh.
sword. You should be able to clearly describe at least three
During this time the PCs gain a number of free FPs equal to
different examples of how an Aspect might both benefit and
their Refresh Rate, up to the maximum number of FPs they are
harm you.
The max allowed is 7 unless they have some Stunt or other
trait (such as being Pure) that increases this.

Invoking an Aspect (Spending Fate Points) soldier to declare that this soldier also served under Corporal
Sheppard, and that you two know each other. However, any
You may spend a Fate Point to gain a positive benefit for your such effect must be approved by the GM who always has veto
character from an Aspect. This is called invoking an Aspect. rights.
Essentially, you are declaring that your Aspect will matter in See pg. 112 for more on Declarations.
this scene, and will aid your character. By spending Fate Points You may also invoke an Aspect to create a Block that forces a
you make it important (or at least relevant) to the scene in a foe to have to deal with some sort of obstacle created by the
way that benefits you. Aspect. Unless the GM states otherwise, the Block has a
(Note: You. Aspects cannot be invoked to directly aid Potency of 2.
another character.) See pg. 133 for more on Blocks.
Specifically, before or after you roll, you may spend a Fate Sample Aspect Invocation: Captain of Charlie Company
Point to invoke a relevant Aspect. This might be one of your
[Bonus/Reroll] Gain a +2 bonus (or reroll) on rolls to avoid
characters Aspects, an Aspect on a zone, an item, or anything
running out of ammo due to your firing discipline training.
else. Doing so grants you one of the following benefits:
[Bonus/Reroll] Gain a +2 bonus (or reroll) on rolls to lead men
+2 bonus Effort on Your Test in distress.
Reroll the Dice [Declaration] The soldier you just met is an old friend from the
Invoke for Declaration service.
Invoke to Create a Block [Declaration] Get noticed by a high ranking general.
You may also spend a Fate Point without invoking an Aspect, [Block] Force enemies to overcome the Block to attack you
but in those cases it merely grants you +1 Effort. because your men are trying to protect you.

For example, you could spend a Fate Point to invoke your Big Wording vs. Intent
Dumb Ox Aspect, granting you a bonus on an Athletics test. When a character takes an Aspect, he generally has some
Likewise, you could spend a FP to invoke Soon this city will be specific intent in mind in regards to how it will be used. For
mine! and gain a bonus on just about any action that directly example, a character who takes the Surgeon at 300 Yards
relates to your attempt to take over the city. Aspect to demonstrate how good a sniper he is, should not also
In addition to bonuses to rolls, you may also invoke Aspects be able to invoke that Aspect when trying to grant medical
to make a Declaration, gaining some measure of narrative attention to an ally. Just because the Aspect contains the word
control. In essence, you may be allowed to sit in the GM seat surgeon, doesnt mean the character knows anything about
for a moment and describe events that are affected by your real surgery.
Aspect. For example, you may spend a Fate Point and invoke The only way he knows how to open a heart is with a high
Trained by Corporal Frank Sheppard upon meeting a fellow powered rifle.

Compelling an Aspect (Earning More Fate Points) Aspects can be compelled by the GM, or by other characters
(PCs and NPCs). When it comes from the GM, he simply grants
Aspects arent always used to grant you benefits, bonuses, the FP to the accepting character. If it comes from another
and special privileges; sometimes they can get you into trouble. character, the character must give his FP to the recipient.
And this is a good thing! In any event, when an Aspect is compelled, something
The effect of a Compel is pretty much the exact opposite of detrimental comes to pass because of an Aspect (any Aspect).
invoking an Aspect. You suffer one of the following effects and This might be as simple as a penalty you suffer on a test, or it
gain a Fate Point for your troubles: may trigger some event that plays out in a way that endangers
-2 Penalty on Your Test or inconveniences your character.
The precise details of a compel are usually up to the GM but
You are Forced to Reroll the Dice
the player may also offer suggestions. Regardless of the
Compel for Declaration specifics, the GM must agree that the effect(s) of the compel
Regardless of which of the three options you are forced to was worth the FP.
take, compels tend to come about in one of two ways, either Its also a possibility that an Aspect may result in trouble for a
actively or passively. character during the normal course of play, with no thought
During the game something might happen that relates to an toward whether or not an Aspect is being compelled. In this
Aspect in such a way as to have a negative impact on you. In case, if it is noticed, and the character has truly suffered, the
these situations, the GM may offer you a FP to accept a GM should feel free to hand him a Fate Point for his troubles.
compel from that Aspect.
For example, the GM may offer you a Fate Point and compel
your Big Dumb Ox Aspect when you are in a situation where If a player refuses a compel, but the GM feels his acceptance
quick thinking is a must. Lets say the character is on the run would have been more rewarding to the story, he may offer to
from Centurions and the player decides he is going to try to escalate.
outrun them in his get-away car. As the character is rushing to Lets say the player rejects the offered FP. The GM could then
the car, the GM holds up a token representing a Fate Point. He offer a second FP and ask him if hes sure. Or the character
informs the player that because he is dumb ox, he forgot the could get in the car and only get a half mile before the GM
keys back at the bar. offers two FP and suggests maybe the character forgot to fill up
The player can either choose to accept the Fate Point and the tank before leaving.
agree that his character forgot his keys, or refuse and continue Dont badger the player though. If you offer a second FP to
with his intended course of action. the player and he still says no, let it go.

Sample Aspect Compulsion: Captain of Charlie Company Justification and Aspect Abuse
[Declaration] While on guard duty, your friend puts his hand on
you. Surprised, you punch him before realizing who it is. When an Aspect is invoked or compelled, it needs to make
[Penalty] The general you just met remembers a time you sense to all involved. It makes sense to invoke an Aspect like
disobeyed orders and calls you out in front of everyone, Built for Long Distances on a test to run a long distance, but not
causing you to suffer a -2 penalty (or reroll) on a Persuasion so much if the Aspect you want to invoke is Top of the Line
test this round. Cyber-Eyes.
[Declaration] Now an outlaw, the government can use its When requiring a player to justify the use of an Aspect,
records of you to better track you down. require them to use the Therefore Rule.
[Penalty] During a firefight, you have a flashback to a previous The Therefore Rule is simple: Describe the link between your
conflict that distracts you, forcing you to suffer a -2 penalty Aspect and your intent using only one therefore.
(or reroll) on your defense test.
If you can't get from the Aspect to the proposed use of it
without having to infer ancillary details, it doesn't work. Or to
Cutthroat Compels put it another way, you need to justify how you get from "A" to
"B', not "A" to "D" via an inferred "B" and "C".
Sometimes a GM may feel that a compel relates so strongly
to a characters Aspect that instead of just letting the player That way lies madness.
choose to accept the Fate Point or not, he actually charges the Example of Good Justification
player a Fate Point to decline the compel. This is a good way to I have the Aspect Grew up in Slums of Olympus, therefore, I
influence a player to stay true to his character. know how to deal with low-lifes and will invoke my Aspect for a
But be careful. There is a fine line between influencing and +2 on this Diplomacy test to befriend the bum.
bullying. That's fine. You were a part of that sort of society, so you
Note, however, that when a Persistent Aspect is compelled it know how to socialize with that sort of person.
is always a cutthroat compel. Example of Bad Justification
See pg. 108 for more on Persistent Aspects. I have the Aspect Grew up in the Slums of Olympus,
therefore, I got in a lot of fights, therefore, I'm invoking this
Aspect for a +2 on my Melee test to attack my target.
That's not. Just because you grew up in the slums doesnt
necessarily mean you got in a lot of fights.

Invoking or Compelling External Aspects Examples of Invoking External Aspects
Foggy During a chase, you duck into a fog bank to lose your
Many things can have Aspects. The PCs have Aspects, the
pursuers, invoking the Foggy Aspect for a +2 bonus (or re-roll)
NPCs have Aspects, even their equipment and the scene itself
on your test to hide.
can have Aspects. Players and NPCs can use their Fate Points to
This costs you a FP to invoke, and the spent FP leaves play.
invoke (or compel!) Aspects on other people, places, and
things. This works a lot like invoking or compelling your own Small You have a weapon that is Small. You invoke it to give
Aspects, except the Aspect doesnt belong to you. yourself a +2 bonus (or re-roll) when attacking an enemy in very
close quarters.
As a rule of thumb, invoking or compelling someone or
This costs you a FP to invoke, and the spent FP leaves play.
somethings Aspects requires a little more justification than
invoking one of your own Aspects. For scene Aspects, it should Slick Ride Trying to attract a date for the night, you pull up
be some way to really bring in the visual or theme that the to the curb in your Slick Ride, invoking that Aspect to Declare
Aspect suggests. For Aspects on opponents, the player needs to that one of the pretty young ladies nearby really digs your car.
know about the Aspect in the first place and then play to it. This costs you a FP to invoke, and the spent FP leaves play.
Also keep in mind that a single Aspect may only be invoked or Examples of Compelling other Aspects
compelled by the same character once per turn. So you could
Drowsy You compel this Aspect to Declare that the drowsy
not, for example, invoke an Aspect to both gain a bonus to
guard falls asleep.
attack an enemy and compel that same Aspect to force him to
This costs you a FP to compel, and if he accepts, the guard
suffer a penalty to defend.
gets the FP and falls asleep.
Regardless of where it came from, any time an Aspect is
Off Balance After having Off-Balance placed on him by an
invoked for a bonus, reroll or Declaration, the person who
allys successful Maneuver, you compel that Aspect to cause
invoked it must pay the Fate Point.
your foe to suffer a -2 (or re-roll) on his test to defend against
Likewise, any time you are offered a compel from any Aspect, your attempt to push him into the adjacent zone.
you gain a Fate Point if you accept. This costs you a FP to compel, and if he accepts, your foe gets
the FP and suffers the penalty (or re-roll).
Poor Quality After an enemy attacks and rolls poorly, you
compel this Aspect and Declare your foes old rusty gun jams on
the next shot.
This costs you a FP to compel, and if he accepts, your foe gets
the FP and his gun jams.

regular Aspect (Slippery) and a Persistent Aspect (Covered in
No Pain, No Gain Ice!(P)), you would need only pay one FP to invoke or compel
As a GM, you always want to avoid awarding the Fate Point both Aspects for a +4/-4, two rerolls, or a combination of a
prematurely. In general, you dont want to hand the Fate Point over bonus/penalty and reroll the two.
until the Aspect actually impacts the player. Unlike standard Aspects, you do not gain Fate Points when a
Something can always happen between the time the compel is Persistent Aspect is compelled. And to refuse the compel you
agreed upon and the point that the effects of the compel actually must pay a Fate Point. In this way, compelling Persistent
impact the character. So always make sure the character has Aspects is much like performing a cutthroat compel, as
earned that Fate Point before handing it over, dont just award the described on page 106.
FP because a player is playing to his Aspects. Note that the Severe(P), Extreme(P), and Defeated(P)
If the compel didnt really hurt him, he didnt really earn it. Consequences are also Persistent, and work the same way as a
Persistent Aspect.

Persistent Aspects Temporary and Lasting Aspects

The GM might decide an Aspect is persistent if it is a major Aspects that arise in play, or are created by Maneuvers (pg.
component of a person, place or thing; and has an effect that is 110), are usually temporary. Depending on the Aspect, and the
almost impossible to ignore or get around. So a floor with a circumstances, they may last only a round, or until the end of
light dusting of snow might be Slippery, but if the room is the scene.
covered in a fine sheet of ice and you cant walk on it without This is generally a judgment call on the part of the GM, and
slipping, the zone Aspect might instead be Covered in Ice!(P). relies a lot on common sense. A room made Dark by cutting out
And if it is really slippery, it may have both the Slippery and the lights loses that Aspect when the lights come back on.
Covered in Ice!(P) Aspects.
Sometimes a character may have an Aspect applied to him,
The two Aspects work much the same way, and both can be such as Covered in Goo when splattered with slime, or Dazed
invoked or compelled for a bonus/penalty, reroll or Declaration. when suddenly flashed with bright lights. In these cases, the
However, when invoking or compelling the Covered in Ice!(P) character should be able to spend a round perform a Skill test
Aspect for a bonus/penalty or reroll, you need not spend a Fate (usually Diff: 2) to remove this Aspect.
Point. You need only declare that you are invoking it.
While most temporary Aspects only last a short while, some
Note that you must still pay a Fate Point any time a Persistent Aspects (called Lasting Aspects) can hang around for much
Aspect is invoked or compelled for effect. The bonus/penalty or longer. Lasting Aspects tend to describe certain features of a
reroll is free, but you still have to pay to influence the story. place or a characters relationship to someone or something
When using a regular and Persistent Aspect with similar else. Examples include Never show your face on Luna again!
meanings, as in the case above where a room has both a or Deep in Debt to Mother Bree. The last of these would be an

example of going into debt (pg. 141), and would be compelled
when making purchases using Assets. Deeper debt might be
Getting on the same page
described using a persistent Aspect! You may have noticed that, so far, were using a lot of ink to
Lasting Aspects like these should be recorded on the affected talk about how your Aspects communicate things about your
characters character sheet, and remain until the situation that character to the GM. We mean it. Out of all the things in the
caused them is resolved. game, Aspects are probably the clearest message you can send
Of course, the GM may place a lasting Aspect on a character to the GM about what you want from the game short of
as a reward of sorts. An example of such an Aspect might be walking right up to the GM and saying so.
Hero of Rho or We hit the jackpot! Once youve picked all the Aspects for your character, take a
step back and look at them as a whole, and ask yourself if they
Jazzing it up make the kind of representation youd want them to. If they
Aspects are one of the major sources of flavor for your character; dont, change them!
theyre the first thing a GM will look at on your sheet when trying to
work out what sort of stories to throw you into. This is a subtle yet By themselves, Aspects cant say it all, and its important to
powerful request, and the best part is, you are in total control of it remember that. Short of making each Aspect a paragraph or
with the words you choose for your Aspect. essay, youre dealing with a few short, catchy phrases and
Whenever youre writing down the name of an Aspect, ask names here. You want them reasonably short because you
yourself, How much flavor does this Aspect suggest? If it seems want to be able to talk about them casually without running
fairly colorless, its time to kick it up a notch. out of breath. But the brevity of an Aspects name means some
For a few good better best ideas, look at this trio of things are left unspoken, so take some time with the GM to
examples. speak these unspoken things when you can.
Cold Hot NOVA! Both the player and the GM should look at an Aspect not as
Smart Smart as a Whip Mind Like a Bio-Steel Trap the end of an idea but the start of one. Youre both going to
Outlaw Former Apostate Pirate Tsaryas Most Wanted bring your own ideas of what the Aspect means to the table
Savant Mythic Code Slinger Tech-Shaman of Charron
and at least to some extent, youre both right. Usually this
In each of these cases, the cold option certainly suggests its works out fine the combined perspectives make the whole
uses, but its a bit too generic and doesnt really jump off the page greater than the sum but sometimes the GM and the player
as something that suggests story ideas. The hot option is certainly will have a radically different idea of what the Aspect entails.
better by way of being more specific; both GM and player can see
Be clear with one another and figure out how to iron out any
some potential story hooks in these, and they serve to differentiate
differences, ideally before the Fate Points start flying.
themselves interestingly from their blander predecessors.
But the NOVA! options are where its at. Its easy to read those
and instantly get an idea of who a character is, where he is from,
and/or what others might think of him.

Maneuvers A character performing a Maneuver to spray dust in
anothers eyes, thus placing the Blinded Aspect on him, might
A Maneuver is an action taken to affect the environment, require an Athletics contest.
other people or even yourself in a way that creates a temporary The temporary Aspect may then be invoked or compelled for
Aspect. When a character flashes a bright light in an enemys a bonus on a subsequent test.
eyes to place a temporary Blinded Aspect on him, or counts to
ten and takes a deep breath to place a temporary Focused Note, however, the first invocation or compulsion doesnt
Aspect on himself thats a Maneuver. cost the player a Fate Point. And this is true even if you werent
the one to create the Aspect. This allows teams to work
To clarify, actions are the normal things a character can do together, with some members of the team performing
in a round. Maneuvers are special type of actions taken Maneuvers and the others taking advantage of the Aspects
specifically to set up temporary Aspects. they create.
A Maneuver is either a Simple Action or a contest, with the
difficulty or opposition determined by the nature of the Aspect Duration
Maneuver. A Maneuver that requires a Skill test to perform As with most temporary Aspects, they go away whenever the
generally requires a Simple Action, though if the difficulty is no cause for them is eliminated or dealt with.
higher than 0, the GM may let you perform it as a Supplemental
Depending on the circumstances, truly fragile Aspects may
be removed the first time they are invoked. Though if the
For example, a character taking a moment to relax and place character generates Spin on the Skill test to perform the
the Focused Aspect on himself might be required to make a Maneuver, the consider GM should allowing the Aspect to
Cohesion test against a difficulty of 2. remain a bit longer.
Zone or Scene altering Maneuvers allow you to place some When placed on another character, spending a round doing
kind of temporary Aspect over a targeted zone or the entire nothing but attempting to remove the Aspect is generally
scene as a whole, potentially affecting everyone taking part in enough to do so. Though in some cases, the GM might require a
it. How hard this is to do can range from trivial with no Skill test Skill test of some sort, usually with a difficulty of no more than
required at all (usually allowed as a Supplemental action) to 2. If you generated Spin when placing the Aspect however, this
virtually impossible difficulty might be as high as 3 to 5 depending on the Aspect
If the target is another character, the Maneuvering character and the situation.
and the target take part in a contest using whatever Skills the Maneuvers used to place an Aspect on yourself tend to go
GM deems appropriate. away once they are invoked or compelled, but may vary
depending on the Aspect and the situation.

Assessments Likewise, by increasing the time from rounds to hours, the
character can gain a +2 bonus, and another +1 for each
Skills can sometimes be used in careful Assessment of a additional hour spent.
person, place or thing; well in advance of taking any sort of At the GMs discretion, if a character gains Spin on an
action. This might be as part of putting together a plan or Assessment test, he may gain insight into a more potent fact or
simply observing the target long enough to learn something one additional fact; potentially allowing good rolls to result in
that would be a critical advantage. This approach is most often the revelation of two Aspects.
used with the Perception Skill, but can also be done with Insight
(to deduce logical outcomes or get a sense of how a character For example, Jacob has been planning this heist job for a
is feeling), or more specialized Skills such as Strategy or month. Now, with all the pieces in play, he finds himself sitting
Engineering when assessing relevant subjects. across the street giving the place one last look before going in.
Here, the Skill is not used to place an Aspect so much as to He decides to spend this time trying to Assess the location.
discover an existing one. The character observes the subject for Given Jacobs current position, overlooking a crowded area, the
at least a turn, then makes a test of the relevant Skill. GM sets a difficulty of 3 and 3 turns as the minimum time
If successful, the GM reveals (or makes up) a relevant Aspect
about the subject. And as a bonus, the first time the newly So Jacob spends a three hours (electing to spend hours
discovered Aspect is invoked or compelled, it can be done so instead of rounds for a +2) sitting there, then rolls his
for free. Perception Skill. He generates a total Effort of 4, and the GM
tells him that the bank seems to be popular among local med-
Setting Assessment Difficulties center employees. He sees a lot of people in scrubs going in and
If the target of an Assessment is a person or a group, the out.
Assessment is usually resolved with a contest (usually Insight So the GM informs Jacobs player that the bank has an Aspect
vs. Guile). Static entities like locations or objects typically have called Popular with the Scrubs. Should Jacob find a way to
difficulties set by the GM. If theres no obvious way to invoke this Aspect, say by dressing in scrubs to more easily
determine the Assessment difficulty, consider the baseline blend in during the getaway, he may spend a Fate Point to
difficulty to be 2. invoke that Aspect for some benefit. And since hes the first
This generally requires no less than 3 turns, but the GM may person to use that Aspect, he gets to do so for free if he acts
allow the character to reduce the amount of time required by fast.
accepting a penalty on his Skill test equal to the number of
rounds he wishes to shave off the required time.

Declarations Examples of Declarations through Aspects
[Invocation] When combing high-rep congregations in search of
Declarations allow characters to place new Aspects on a clues, you invoke your Darling of House Dalianis Aspect to
subject, declare some fact about it, or declare that they took declare that the host is an ally of House Dalianis and owes a
some past off-screen action in preparation for current favor.
challenges. This can be done through both Aspect usage, and If the GM accepts, he takes your offered FP and the host
Skill tests. agrees to meet with the character in private for a moment.
[Invocation] When falling off the side of a building, you invoke the
Declarations through Aspects
areas Busy Street Aspect to Declare that you land on the hood of
Any time a character invokes or compels an Aspect, he may a car hovering by below instead of plummeting to your death.
choose to make a Declaration that somehow relates to it. If the GM accepts, he takes your offered FP and agrees that
As a general rule, the effect of a Declaration should not there was indeed a car passing by below you, saving your life.
involve game mechanics. Instead, it should be used as a tool to [Invocation] Slipping through the hallways of the House manor, you
allow the players to help create the world, filling out details come upon a previously unknown ARIS strip between yourself
about the setting. and the vault door. You invoke youre The Cat of Argos Aspect to
declare that you turned on your light screen augment just as you
On the other hand, a Declaration can also be used to achieve rounded the corner (even though you said earlier that you
a more direct result, either by placing an Aspect on the subject werent using it, and hadnt activated it).
or simply Declaring that something happens to it. If the GM accepts, he takes your offered FP and agrees that
In all cases, Declarations are subject to GM veto. If a player you switched it on just in time, and that the strip never sees you.
tries to Declare a fact or Aspect that the GM has already [Compulsion] After taking a direct his from your coil gun, your
decided isnt true, or would hurt the direction of the story, he enemy staggers backwards, suffering a Physical Consequence of
should feel free to reject it. Dazed and Bloodied. You compel his Dazed and Bloodied
Often Declarations are a useful mechanism for moving a Consequence and Declare that he stumbles out into traffic.
If the GM accepts, your foe takes your offered FP and (being
story along. In particular, if you find yourself in a conflict scene
an extra) is killed as an oncoming ground car smashes into him.
that is starting to drag, you can allow Declaration to be used to
quickly shift the focus of conflict, or remove unimportant extras [Compulsion] Watching the hallway for passing security while your
from the fight. crew member wrestles with bypassing a door, you suddenly hear
the sound of PAc weapon discharge from above. The GM
Just remember, a Declaration is much more likely to be compels your Survivor of Deacons Corridor Aspect to Declare
accepted by the GM is doing so makes the game fun for that you are suddenly panicking, and must seek cover.
everyone. A good Declaration builds drama, suspense, mystery, If you accept, you gain a FP and must leave your ally in search
and reinforces the themes of the setting. of a safe place to take cover.

Declarations through Skill Use Note that the above formula is a suggestion, not a set in
stone rule. If the GM has a gut-feeling for what the difficulty
Sometimes you want to make a Declaration, but there are no
should be, thats probably what it should be.
relevant Aspects, or you are out of FPs. In that case, the GM
might let you test a relevant Skill. For example, Jacob has successfully robbed the bank, and
now hes on the run. Hes speeding down the citys tightly
For example, an explorer with a solid Education Skill may use
packed streets, and the Centurions arent far behind.
a Declaration to state new truths about an alien world the
characters have just encountered. If he is successful, suddenly Jacobs player decides that Jacob has been a resident of Asola
the world has an Aspect on it in keeping with the fact the player for some time and may know of a good place to lose the heat.
just invented. The GM feels this is reasonable and sets a difficulty of 2.
Setting Declaration Difficulties Jacob rolls his Education to see what he knows about the
habitats geography and traffic, and gets a total Effort of 3. He
The GM is encouraged to use creativity as his primary
Declares that this part of the habitat tends to collect a lot of
guideline when determining the difficulty to use a Skill in this
junk left over from years of experimentation and testing, and
fashion. As always, attempts to Declare creative and
that it could offer him a good place to hide.
entertaining Aspects or facts will be more likely to succeed than
boring Aspects or facts will. And ideas which would disrupt the
game or are just unreasonable should simply be vetoed.
Keep it Narrative
It is highly recommended that you avoid the temptation to
These are the questions to ask yourself when determining mix Declarations with game mechanics. As a general rule, a
difficulty: Declaration shouldnt ever be used in conjunctions with any
1. Is the Declaration interesting, and/or does it support the form of math.
mood of the campaign? In a conflict, for example, a Declaration may be used to grant
2. Will the Declaration have interesting results if its acted an extra attack, instantly defeat an opponent, render an
upon, or can it be easily compelled to make life more opponent helpless, etc.
interesting for the PCs? It shouldnt be used to Declare things like an attack only
3. Does the Declaration propose a specific and interesting or causing half the normal stress it should cause, or that a
heroic course of action? character gains a +4 bonus to his armor rating.
Each no adds 2 to the base difficulty of 0. In all cases, Declarations should be used to simplify a conflict
by resolving actions outside of the need for rolling dice. Using
them to create little rules on the spot serves only to make
things more complex.

Example of Play Krissy (Jane): Then up we go. Krissy (Jane): You boys ready to get your
hands dirty?
Leland (Reagan): We dont know whats
Mike (GM): Security has been alerted, on the roof, or even if we have a way to Rob (Malpheus): Deploy my drone.
and from what youve already learned, get clear once we get up there. Kyle (Anders): Drone deployed. So were
you can expect the building to be Rob (Malpheus): Ill ghost ahead to the just going to kick open the rooftop
flooded with House Tsarya enforcers top floor to make sure its clear. access door and go out guns blazing.
pretty quick. Leland (Reagan): Be sure to map data as Krissy (Jane): Yep!
Leland (Reagan): We need an exit. you go, it might come in handy. Leland (Reagan): Nope. I want to make
Krissy (Jane): An exit? Lets just fight our Mike (GM): Lets handle that as a an Assessment.
way to the basement parking garage. Maneuver. Malpheus, make a Software Mike (GM): Not being able to see the
Kyle (Anders): How about the roof? Engineering test to produce a good roof, youre going to have to put
Wes (Alexi): The enforcers might use the map. Difficulty is 3. If you succeed, the together what few facts you have.
roof to get in. Let me execute Oracle building will gain the Mapped Aspect. Make an Insight test.
Patterning and check. [Performs a SINC That might come in handy later if you Leland (Reagan): [Rolls dice] I got a total
test to activate and gets an Effort of 4. need to make any Security tests. Effort of 3.
The execution difficulty is 6, so he Rob (Malpheus): [Rolls dice] 5! Success! Mike (GM): From what you know about
suffers 2 points of System stress, but ---------- a little later ---------- the city of Rho, you know the roof is
the Savant Program still executes.] Mike (GM): Malpheus was able to ghost going to have an Aspect of High Winds.
Mike (GM): Whatd you get? to the roof and get a look around. Kyle (Anders): I used to be an enforcer
Wes (Alexi): Failed by 2. Not taking a Fortunately, he wasnt spotted. for the Rings of Olympus. And I figure
Consequence yet. Oracle Patterning Leland (Reagan): What floor are we on? the House Tsarya enforcers that are
still executes. Mike (GM): The top one. Seventeenth. coming up from the ground level are
Mike (GM): Okay. Your Daemon Rob (Malpheus): I transmit the map data similar to the guys I worked for.
launches a barrage of attacks against to everyone and bring it up an ARO of I want to invoke my Former Enforcer
the local mesh, while at the same time the building visible as a floating 3D for the Rings of Olympus Aspect to
scouring the Extranet for any reports of wireframe of the building. make a Declaration. They are going to
activity that might tell you how these Heres the situation gentlemen. I want to clear and secure the streets
guys work. Collating this data, it tells highlight the last known location of the before entering the building. That
you that you can expect around a remaining security guards, showing should take a while. [Offers GM a Fate
dozen enforcers to try to secure the them as glowing red orbs. Point]
building from the ground up. There are three of them, all armored Mike (GM): [Takes the Fate Point] That
Wes (Alexi): I share this with everyone. and carrying PAc assault rifles. seems reasonable. You guys ready?

CONFLICT AND CONSEQUENCES Stress Tracks & Consequences
The number of stress boxes you have in each Stress Track is
The Basics of Conflict determined as follows:
Physical: Athletics + Endurance + Size
No matter what sort of conflict you are involved in, the basics Mental: Cohesion + Resolve
of the system are essentially the same. System (Savant Only): Software (Hardware) + SINC
An attack test is a Simple Action.
Each time you suffer stress, you must check off a number of
The defenders defense test is a special sort of Instant Action stress boxes equal to the amount of stress suffered. If all of
that does not count against the total number of Instant Actions your stress boxes become filled, you are Defeated (pg. 118).
that you may normally perform in a round (usually just one).
However, you can choose to reduce the amount of stress
The Skills used depend on the type of conflict. boxes checked by electing to suffer a Consequence. You may
When making an attack, make your attack Skill test and only elect to take one Consequence per attack, the type of
compare the Effort generated to the defenders defense Skill Consequence you take must relate to the type of attack
test. The defender is hit if the attackers Effort is equal to or suffered, and you may only take one Consequence of each type
greater than the defenders defense Effort. And the defender (Minor, Major, Severe, or Extreme) per Stress Track.
suffers an amount of stress equal to the number of Shifts the Type of Consequence Amount of Stress Deflected
attacker generated. Minor 2
Physical attacks generate physical stress and mental attacks Major 4
generate mental stress. Characters have a set of stress boxes Severe(P) 6
for each of the different types of stress, and when he suffers Extreme(P) 8
stress, he checks off a number of stress boxes equal to the
amount of stress suffered. If his Stress Track is ever filled up, A Consequence is a special type of temporary Aspect. And as
such, functions in all ways exactly like a normal Aspect. It can
the character is Defeated.
be invoked or compelled.
However, as the characters suffer stress, they can elect to
Note, however, that the first time a Consequence is invoked
reduce some of the stress suffered by taking a Consequence.
or compelled; it is done so for free.
Consequences, arranged in order of severity, are Minor,
Major, Severe(P) and Extreme(P). The person taking the Consequence gets to describe what it
is, so long as its compatible with the nature of the attack that
What these Consequences are, and what it means to be
inflicted the harm. The GM acts as final arbitrator on the
Defeated, differs depending on the type of conflict the
appropriateness of a Consequence.
characters are engaged in, and are described later in this

Example of a Physical Attack and Consequence that the Concession was a reasonable offer, then the character
who offered it gains one Fate Point, and the character who
A Centurion opens fire on Destiny with his assault rifle. He
refused it loses one.
has an attack Effort of 5. Destiny makes a Perception Skill test
to defend, but doesnt generate enough Effort. The Centurion The Concession is an offer of the terms under which the
hits. He adds his Weapon Rating to the amount of stress he character concedes the fight. If the Concession is accepted, the
inflicts, and Destiny reduces the total amount of stress by her conceding character must immediately take the actions he
Armor Rating. However, she still suffers some stress, and elects proposed in the Concession.
to take a Minor Consequence. Many conflicts end with a Concession when one party or the
The rifle fire cuts through her armored sleeve and grazes her other simply does not want to risk taking Severe(P) or
inner bicep as she speeds around the corner to safety. Extreme(P) Consequences as a result of the conflict, or when
neither party wants to risk a Defeated result that might come at
Destinys player writes Just a Flesh Wound in the spot for her
too high a price.
Minor Consequence.
A Concession may consist of a character literally laying down
She continues down the hall, and hears the footsteps of the
his weapon and begging for his life, or maybe he works out a
Sentinel behind her. She turns to fire back at him.
deal with his opponent during the conflict. In a mental conflict,
She makes a Firearms Skills test, comparing it to the the Concession may be a course of action such as giving in to
Centurions defense Effort. However, the Centurion decides to your enemys demands or changing your position on an issue.
compel Destinys Just a Flesh Wound Consequence this time However, a Concession can also be an out of character deal
(for free since its the first time), forcing her to suffer a -2 struck between players or the player and the GM. These sorts
penalty on her attack. Her arm must be getting shaky from the of arrangements tend to fall into one of two categories:
pain of the wound.
Turning Point: This sort of Concession impacts the
characters life in some profound way, often represented by
Concessions swapping one Aspect for another.
Any time a character takes a Consequence, he also has the Examples of these sorts of Aspects might be the death of a
option of offering a Concession instead. A Concession that is close friend, shifting of allegiances, political exile, or a profound
accepted absorbs all stress inflicted, and is essentially crisis of faith.
equivalent to surrendering. Short of fleeing, it is the best way to Distress Consequence: When taking this sort of Concession,
end a fight before someone is Defeated. the player elects to suffer an Extreme Consequence on another
The character inflicting the stress can always opt to reject the stress track. An example of this might be taking an Extreme
Concession, but doing so is a clear indication that the fight will Mental Consequence to represent shock or post-traumatic
be a bloody one (literally or metaphorically). If the GM declares stress.

Recovering Stress & Consequences
All stress boxes, which represent fatigue, minor cuts and
scrapes, moments of panic, embarrassment, system glitches,
etc., are automatically cleared with a few minutes of rest at the
end of a conflict scene.
Consequences will recover as well, but take more time. The
flesh mends, people forget, and even synthetic systems are
outfitted with self-healing nanofibers and micro-composites. If a Consequence downgrades to a type you already have,
that Consequence automatically downgrades as well. So if you
And they heal even faster with aid.
downgrade a Severe Consequence to a Major Consequence,
Consequences (except the Extreme(P) Consequence) and you already have a Major Consequence, your Major
automatically disappear after a certain amount of time. Consequence automatically downgrades to a Minor
Different types of Consequences take longer to go away than Consequence, and so on until your Minor Consequence is fully
others. See the table below: recovered.
Consequence Recovery Times Extreme Consequences
Consequence Physical/System Mental Unlike other Consequences, Extreme Consequences never
Minor 1 hour 1 day automatically downgrade. Instead, after the allotted time has
Major 1 day 1 week passed, the Extreme Consequence becomes an Aspect.
Severe 1 week 1 month You may only ever have one of these Aspects of the same
Extreme Special Special type (physical, mental, etc.) at a time. If you already have one,
At the end of the recovery time, the Consequence another cannot take its place until it is removed. In that case,
downgrades to the next lesser type. For example, if you have a an Extreme Consequence will never clear until the Aspect is
Severe Physical Consequence, after one week, your Severe removed and the new Consequence can take its place.
Consequence becomes a Major Consequence. You may remove an Aspect gained by suffering an Extreme
Consequence after achieving your next Milestone (not the one
The Consequence should be reworded to be something more you are currently working to achieve, but the next one.), or you
appropriate to it new type. For example, a Severe Consequence may elect to replace one of your existing Aspects with it,
of Bullet Hole in Leg could change to a Major Consequence of making it a standard, permanent, Aspect.
Recovering Bullet Wound. Note, however, that Aspects of this type may still be removed
by resleeving or limb replacement.

Defeat Emergency Aid
If all of your stress boxes become filled, you are Defeated. Characters with the proper Skills and access to the necessary
When you are Defeated, the person who Defeated you gets to equipment can attempt to speed up the recovery process. This
describe what that means. He might describe it as your isnt generally as good as a trip to a dedicated care facility, but
character dying, becoming crippled, or however else he its often better than nothing.
chooses to remove you from the conflict.
Basic emergency aid can remove a Major Consequence from
The player then gets the option to cash in all his Fate Points
another character. To do this, the person providing the aid
(min 2) and veto that definition of Defeat, forcing his enemy to
must be able to spend at least ten minutes with the character,
come up with something else perhaps he only suffers a
have the tools he needs, and succeed on a Skill test (Diff: 3).
broken back and/or temporary paralysis instead of death.
However, if you do not have at least two Fate Points to cash The Skill required is listed below:
in, you do not get this option. Physical Consequence: Education or Hardware
Engineering for Cybersleeves
System Consequence: Engineering (Either)
Recovery Facilities Mental Consequence: Insight or Mnemonics
Time in a hospital, systems lab, or with a psychiatrist can help Note: Mnemonics is only an option for apotheosized characters.
you recover Consequences more quickly. Hospitals and labs use
an array of cutting edge technology, such as medi-stimulant
baths, medichine injections, cloned organs, etc. While
psychiatric help can come in the form of regular therapy,
hypnosis, and even mnemonic editing for those who have
undergone Apotheosis.
The chart below shows the amount of time in a recovery
facility required to downgrade a Consequence, and the Cost
associated with that service.
Consequence Physical/System Mental Cost
Minor 5 minutes 1 hour 3
Major 1 hour 1 day 4
Severe 1 day 1 week 5
Extreme 1 week 1 month 6

Most conflicts happen in Personal Scale zones, which are
RUNNING CONFLICTS usually about the size of a room or a hallway.
Before a conflict begins, follow these simple steps: See pg. 152 for more on the different types of zones, and
1. Frame the Scene how they work.
2. Reveal Aspects
Who Rolls the Dice?
3. Determine Zones
Generally, the players will roll all the dice. In an effort to
4. Establish Initiative speed up game play, the GM can generally assume the NPCs
5. Begin Conflict roll a result of 0 on the dice for all attack and defense tests.
However, when it comes to actions for GMPCs (or when you
Framing the Scene
just want to up the chaos factor a little bit) the GM may
Before the conflict begins, you will want to give the players decide to roll.
an accurate description of the surrounding area. You may call
NPCs use the same rules PCs do when it comes to attacking
for Perception checks if there are hidden Aspects or other
and defending.
elements of the environment that may not be immediately
obvious. Establish Initiative
Reveal Aspects The order of characters actions is determined at the
beginning of the conflict; each character rolls his Perception
Over the course of a conflict the elements in play in the scene
(for Physical conflicts) or Insight (for Mental) and adds any
can affect how the conflict unfolds. In framing the scene, the
relevant modifiers from Stunts or Aspects. Characters act in
GM declares if there are any immediately obvious Aspects on
order of highest to lowest initiative result. This is referred to as
the scene, and lays them out for the players. He might also call
the order of initiative, and is used to determine who takes what
for Perception rolls to notice more subtle Aspects.
action and when.
These Aspects can be invoked or compelled by everyone
Ties in initiative are resolved in favor of characters with a
present in the scene.
higher Resolve. Any remaining ties are in favor of the player
Determine Zones closest to the GMs right or in favor of the player if the other
tied character is an NPC.
A conflict should take place on a map laid out in zones. Or if
the environment is rather simple, the GM may just decide to Once this order is established, unless some character action
thoroughly describe it and explain what and where the zones alters this, this is the order in which actions are taken each
are. round for the duration of the conflict.

Physical Conflict Sample Physical Consequences
The Skills used to attack and defend in a physical conflict Minor Extreme(P)
depend on the type of attack. Here are some common Fatigued Broken Back
examples: Dazed Severed Arm
Intent Attacking Skill Defending Skill Pulled Muscle Ruptured Organ
Touch Athletics Athletics Major Defeated(P)
Unarmed Attack Athletics Athletics or Endurance
Sprained Ankle Dead
Minor Laceration Comatose
Ranged Attack Firearms Perception or Athletics
Wrenched Back Quadriplegic
Melee Attack Melee Athletics or Melee Severe(P)
Poison or Disease Varies Endurance Broken Arm
Severed Finger
Weapon and Armor Ratings Concussion
If the attackers attack Effort is equal to or exceeds
the defenders defense Effort, add the attackers
Weapon Rating. Then subtract the defenders Armor
Rating (if he has one).
The defender suffers the remainder as physical
Note that, in the case of explosives, the Explosive
Rating (ExR) is added directly to the Effort generated in
the attack test instead of only being added in the case
of a successful attack.

Physical Consequences
Attacks that cause you to check off stress boxes
represent the minor bumps, nicks and scratches of
battle. They might sting a bit, but they dont hinder the
character in a significant way. But sometimes conflicts
will result in lasting wounds sprained ankles, broken
arms, bullet holes, etc. These are Consequences.

Physical Movement in a Conflict Run Running works the same as hustling and allows you to
move across one zone and into the next, but you may also
On your turn you may move into a different zone using one
make an Athletics test against a difficulty of 2. You may move
of the following options:
one additional zone for each Shift generated.
Standard Move You move into an adjacent zone. This is a
However, if taken as a Supplemental Action, you also suffer a
Free Action, or a Supplemental Action (see page 100) when
-4 penalty on all other actions taken this turn. This penalty is
negotiating rough or hazardous terrain. If the transition
added to any penalties you might suffer from traversing a
between zones is hampered, say requiring you to climb a
difficult environment or obstacle.
ladder, it may cause you to suffer additional penalties on any
other actions you perform. More difficult obstacles probably Note that some scene Aspects may also make it more difficult
require a full Simple Action to traverse. to move through certain zones. For example, a room filled with
debris may have an Aspect of Debris Filled, which, when
Hustle If you hustle, you may move across one zone and
compelled, forces the character to suffer a penalty or reroll on
into the next. This can either be a Simple Action or a
rolls to move.
Supplemental Action like Move. But if taken as a Supplemental
Action, any other action you perform on this turn suffers a -2 in
addition to any other penalties you might suffer.

might be a simple Persuasion test vs. the sensie celebritys
Optional Rule: Called Shots Insight to see if he notices the flirtation isnt genuine.
Sometimes a character wants to attack an opponent in such a Things that affect your character or the story in a meaningful
way as to provoke a specific result. This is especially useful way (e.g. coming into contact with some unthinkable horror or
when trying to blow up a sentry drones ammo supply, blow the attempting to seduce the chairmans daughter in order to get
head off a seemingly unstoppable aberrant horror, or to make closer and assassinate him) are moments when the GM might
an enemy react a certain way to your threats. call for a mental conflict.
When using the Called Shots optional rule, any time a Mental conflict uses the same basic conflict resolution
player generates Spin with an attack test, and the enemy elects system as described in the beginning of this chapter, but
to take a Consequence, the attacker may spend a Fate Point to instead of fists and weapons, the outcome is decided with
describe that Consequence instead of the defender. words and emotions.
As always, the Consequence described must make sense with Mental Attacks and Defenses
the type of attack performed, and the GM may over-rule it.
Also, the defender has the option to spend a Fate Point to veto Mental attacks can come in many forms, but as far as the
the description and come up with his own as per a normal conflict rules are concerned, they all work the same.
attack. You compare your attack Effort against your opponents
defense Effort, dealing stress against the defenders mental
Stress Track until the defender Concedes, is Defeated(P), or
Mental Conflict somehow withdraws from the conflict. Most mental conflicts
A mental attack is any sort of overt attempt to harm or will end in a Concession or withdrawal since people arent
change the mindset of another. While not every conversation usually willing to argue or dwell on a point of contention until it
need be solved as a mental conflict, attempts to change the causes them lasting psychological harm.
perspective of another character in a manner that effects the A withdrawal may consist of simply walking away from the
story in an important way probably should. In most cases the other person, or it could escalate into a physical conflict. Either
GM should simply decide whether or not an NPC is persuaded, way, the mental conflict is over.
intimidated, or whatever without resorting to a mental conflict.
Sometimes you dont have a choice. Scenes of extreme
If it might matters to the story whether or not you succeed in horror can unhinge the mind simply by viewing them, but well
manipulating another person, but it isnt worth the time to get into the effects of horror a little later in this chapter.
resolve as a mental conflict, a simple contest usually works.
For example, attempting to flirt with the local sensie celebrity
a bit so that he might be more amicable to helping you later

Here are some common causes for mental conflict: Edge and Determination
Deception: An attempt to convince another person of your Edge is the weapon used in mental combat. Its a snappy
lie. You attack with your Guile and your target defends with his comeback, a potent threat, a horrific sight, etc. When involved
Insight. You continue to attack until the target Concedes, is in a mental conflict that takes place in the context of an
Defeated, or withdraws from the conflict by either simply argument or threat, the player should describe for you what he
leaving or by turning it into a Physical conflict. is saying or doing to his opponent. The more clever his
Manipulation: An attempt to change another persons description, the more Edge the GM should give his attack. The
outlook on a subject. Make a Diplomacy test against the Edge rating may then be applied as a bonus to your attack test.
targets Cohesion. Another way to gain Edge is to use story elements against the
Seduction: Attempting to manipulate another through target. For example, when engaging in a mental attack to get a
temptation may give rise to a mental conflict. Often the character to surrender, if you have his loved ones at gun point,
seducer will make a Diplomacy test, maybe combined with you would be rewarded an Edge bonus. While not particularly
Guile, while the defender makes a Resolve test, possibly witty, it really hits the character where it hurts.
combined with Insight. (See pg. 100 for more on Combining Note that, unlike a Weapon Rating, you do not have to first
Skills.) successfully land a hit with your attack before you add in your
Fear: Experiencing a traumatic event can affect ones outlook Edge. It is a bonus to the attack test, not just a simple bonus to
on life forever. See later in this chapter for more on fear and its stress inflicted. Edge usually has to be used in the turn it was
effects on the mind. generated in, but once used, it is gone.
The amount of Edge granted to a characters mental attack is
Resolving Mental Attacks determined by the GM, which he grants based off of how well
For the most part, mental conflict works exactly like physical the player role-plays his character in the conflict. Usually the
conflict, but before any rolling takes place, all characters amount ranges from 0 to 5 for a witty or clever verbal assault,
involved in the mental combat should have a clearly stated with 0 being a half-hearted description and a Skill test, and 5
intent. A characters intent might be Bribe the Guard to Let me being an exceptionally well thought out response that plays on
By, while the guards intent would be Dont Let Anyone Not the targets fears, ambitions, and/or weaknesses. But while
on The List Inside. attacks with words tend to top out at an Edge rating of around
Once intent is established, attacking and defending may 5, a character can be exposed to events that are far more
begin. Just as with a physical conflict, if the attacker generates a damaging to the mind.
higher attack Effort than the defenders defense Effort, the For example, a character being forced to kill his own father
defender suffers stress. might suffer a mental attack with an Edge rating as high as +10.

In such a case, the attack is resolved as a simple dice roll with a
+10 bonus (no Skill is added). Sample Mental Consequences
These types of mental attacks are discussed in greater detail Minor Extreme(P)
below. Flushed Mute
Shamed Severe Hallucinations
Determination is the opposite of Edge and functions like a
sort of armor in a mental conflict. It is the measurement of a Withdrawn Suicidal
characters dedication to his intent. Like Edge, Determination is Major Defeated(P)
rated (usually 0 to 5) and grants a bonus on the defenders Trembling Dead
defense test. Unwilling to Speak Catatonic
Desire to Lash Out Crippling Dementia
For example, a guard who hates his job and employer may
Severe(P) Shock, Fear and Insanity
have a Determination of 0, while a guard who knows his
employer will kill him for failure might have a Determination of
4 or 5. Determination could represent morale, or simple fear of
Psychotic Tendencies
what might happen should he give in.

Mental Consequences
Horror and Shocking Events
Stress is a transitory thing, but sometimes even non-physical
conflicts will have lasting Consequences an irrational hatred Coming into contact with horrific creatures or stumbling
for your attacker, inability to relate to others, lessened ability upon sanity crushing crime scenes can result in an attack
to control your temper, etc. As with Physical Consequences, against the characters mental stress. This attack is handled like
these are a special kind of Aspect that can be compelled or any other mental attack, though the GM may grant Edge
even invoked. bonuses to the attack test depending on the situation.

As with other Consequences, the exact nature of the The Edge bonus the GM adds to the attack should reflect the
Consequence should depend upon the type of attack one theme of the game he is running, and the experiences of the
suffers, be it insults, threats, or exposure to some extra- defending character.
dimensional horror. So while a characters first contact with a posthuman
Also remember that it doesnt cost a Fate Point to invoke or aberration may result in an attack with a +8 Edge bonus, the
compel a Consequence for the first time in the scene it was GM may add no Edge, or may not even make an attack if the
created in, and that Severe(P) and Extreme(P) Consequences character is one of the sole survivors of a metamorphic viral
are persistent. outbreak and he has killed hundreds of them in the past.

System Conflict Recovering from System Consequences
System conflict takes place when a character uses a Savant It is assumed that characters work to repair any errors
Program to launch an attack against another Savants systems, or defects in their system during their downtime.
but also comes into play whenever a Savant fails a roll to Depending on the severity of the Consequence, this may
execute a Savant Program. (See pg. 177 for more on execution be as simple as a reboot or as complex as disassembly and
difficulties.) the integration of replacement parts.
System Consequences Regardless of the specifics, System Stress is healed at
the same rate as a Physical Consequence.
As stated before, system stress generally comes from either a
Attempts to provide emergency aid (pg. 118) use either
dedicated attack from a Savant Program, or a failed use of a
the Hardware of Software Engineering Skill, depending on
Savant Program.
the nature of the Consequence.
Mindsets were never designed to run Savant Programs. As
such, abusive use of this sort of software can put undo strain on
your Mindset and/or sleeves systems. Pushing your system like SIMS, System Stress, and Host Systems
this can cause it expend too much power too quickly, drive the
Regardless of the computer they inhabit, SIMS are fully
processors harder than they were designed to be driven,
self-contained pieces of software. This means that stress
generate too much heat, or develop unreliable performance
they suffer on their system stress track from direct attacks
due to unstable SINC.
from Savant Programs, or failed execution tests, is only
suffered by the SIM and not the system thats hosting it.
Sample System Consequences However, any stress the host system suffers is suffered
by all SIM residing on it.
Minor Severe(P)
Minor Lag Random Reboots
Limited Access Admin Access
Running Hot Unreliable Responses
Major Extreme(P)
Memory Leak System Crash
System Access Root Access
Damaged Actuator Unresponsive

Example of Conflict guards, all carrying PAc Carbines and
my attack Effort is 4. The Weapon Rating
is 8, plus 3 for burst fire.
Leland (Reagan): Ive got an idea. Ive got a They are walking around looking over Mike (GM): Since you ambushed him, his
plasti-rope dispenser. Ill tie some rope the edges and waiting for the access door defense is effectively 0. So you hit and
around Malpheus spider drone, then let it to open. dealt 15 points of stress. His light battle
climb up the outside wall and secure it to Rob (Malpheus): I feed all this to the team. armor absorbs 5 of that, for a total of 10.
the roof while it also does a little recon. Krissy (Jane): Alright, Ill go up first and His stress track only has 5 stress boxes,
Jane, you can climb the rope up, and draw their attention. Then you guys bust and being a trivial extra, he can only take
well attack at the same time from the out firing. a Major Consequence. And a Major only
access door and the rope. Mike (GM): Everyone in position? absorbs 4.
Rob (Malpheus): Good idea. The Team: Yep! Krissy (Jane): So he is Defeated?
Krissy (Jane): Sounds good. Mike (GM): Alright, Initiative! Give me Mike (GM): Yeah, you can narrate the
Wes (Alexi): Ill open the window for you Security tests. Defeat if you like.
then place myself behind Reagan and Leland (Reagan): [Rolls dice] 7! Krissy (Jane): The guard doesnt even get a
Anders. Rob (Malpheus): [Rolls dice] 1 chance to yell out a warning before he is
Kyle (Anders): Reagan, I hope you dont torn to pieces by a spray of gauss rounds.
Krissy (Jane): [Rolls dice] 4!
mind if we use you for cover. Mike (GM): Well that got their attention.
Wes (Alexi): [Rolls dice] 2
Mike (GM): Alright, first the spider needs to The others are now aware of you. Also,
Kyle (Anders): [Rolls dice] 3!
get into location without being seen. So, you used burst fire, so make a Firearms
Leland (Reagan): Theyre looking at the test, difficulty 3, to check your ammo.
Malpheus, give me an Athletics test for door and waiting to unload on us. Ill delay
the drone, difficulty 4. Krissy (Jane): [Rolls dice] 2, Damn. Ill spend
until Jane distracts them.
Rob (Malpheus): 2, Failed. Good thing it a Fate Point and invoke my Legionnaire,
Mike (GM): [Checks the stats for the guards Born and Raised Aspect for +2. They
was tied to a rope. and secretly notes the initiative order as taught me better than to let my magazine
Mike (GM): Yep. After a couple of tries it Jane, Reagan, Guards, Anders, Alexi and go dry.
finally makes it. Now make a Stealth test Malpheus.] Okay Jane! Youre up.
to get into a position to secure the rope Mike (GM): [Takes Fate Point] Okay, Ill buy
Krissy (Jane): Im going to heave myself that. Reagan?
without being notices, and a Perception over the edge, onto the roof, then open
test to find out what you it sees. Leland (Reagan): You ready Anders?
fire on the nearest guard.
Rob (Malpheus): 4 on Stealth, 0 on Kyle (Anders): As ready as Im ever going to
Mike (GM): Climbing onto the roof will be a
Perception be.
Supplemental Action, so youll suffer a -1
Mike (GM): Okay, the spider is able to latch Leland (Reagan): I kick open the door and
penalty on your attack.
onto an air vent without being noticed by open fire with my PAc Carbine, directing
Krissy (Jane): Okay, Im burst firing my Hvy
the three guards. You dont notice my own fire and Anders toward the guy
Coil Assault Rifle [rolls dice], with the -1,
anything you didnt already know. Three nearest us. Im using my Concentrated

Fire Advantage to allow Anders a free Kyle (Anders): Recovering from the surprise but slammed his knee into the roof in the
attack at the same time. of the cold wind, I fire my PAc pistol at the process. Ill take the Cracked Knee
Mike (GM): The door flies open and the guy Reagan just shot. [Rolls dice] My Consequence and 4 stress.
two remaining guards anxiously trying to attack Effort was 1. Thats a miss? Wes (Alexi): Alright. My turn Im
bring their weapons to bare. The ruined Mike (GM): [Checks the guards stats] executing my Esper Lord Savant Program
remains of the third guard lies nearby. Yeah. But remember that you can invoke and use it to make a devouring attack on
Both of you make attack rolls. his Flash Blinded Consequence for free the the remaining guard.
Leland (Reagan): [Rolls dice.] I got a total first time. Mike (GM): Okay, a devouring attack has an
attack Effort of 5. Weapon Rating is +10. Kyle (Anders): Ill do that and use it to execution difficulty of 4.
Kyle (Anders): [Rolls dice.] I got a 3. reroll. [Rolls dice] 6! Wes (Alexi): [Rolls dice] 1, Ill take 3 System
Attacking with my Light PAc Pistol, Mike (GM): Thats a hit for 9 stress. His Stress.
Weapon Rating is +6. armor absorbs 5, leaving him to take 4. He Mike (GM): Alright, you succeeded in
Mike (GM): Both of you would hit with a 3, can only take 3, so hes Defeated. activating the swarm. Make your attack
but the wind is really bad up here and Kyle (Anders): The PAc bolt catches him in roll using your SINC.
Anders isnt wearing a helmet to cover his the shoulder, spinning him like a top from Wes (Alexi): [Rolls dice] 3. Weapon Rating
face or eyes. [Offers a Fate Point to Kyle] the blast and sending him over the edge. is 6 and ignores armor. I also want to
Im compelling the roofs High Winds Mike (GM): [Checks the Guards Firearms invoke my At One with the Swarm Aspect
Aspect to make you suffer a -2 penalty. Skill and sees it is a 4.] The remaining for another +2. [Gives GM Fate Point]
Kyle (Anders): [Takes the Fate Point] guard turns his weapon on a Reagan and The swarm flows out of the vents in my
Thanks, I could use it. When the door flies Anders, raking a particle beam across the arms like liquid glass, surging forward to
open, Anders is shocked by the cold blast both of them. This is a beam sweep consume the remaining guard.
of wind and his shot flies wild. attack. The first attack is directed at Rob (Malpheus): Im going to use my
Mike (GM): The crack and flash of PAc Anders and suffers a -1. The second, Inspire Greatness Advantage, sending an
weapon discharges rock the rooftop, but directed a Reagan, suffers a -2. So thats 3 audio stream to Alexis Mindset. It tell
only one hits home. One of the remaining to Anders and 2 to Reagan. Make him: These men are weak Alexi, you have
guards is blasted by Reagans PAc carbine, Athletics tests to defend. surpassed them, and are as God to them.
suffering 12 points of stress. His armor Leland (Reagan): [Rolls dice.] I got a total This grants another +3.
absorbs 5 and, reeling from the bright defense Effort of 4. He misses. Mike (GM): That hits. The swarm quickly
light of the PAc bolt, he takes a Flash Kyle (Anders): [Rolls dice.] I got a 1.. takes on a reddish hue as it begins
Blinded Major Con-sequence. The Mike (GM): Reagan saw it coming and was dissolving the mans skin at the molecular
Consequence absorbs 4, for a total of 3 able to duck. Anders didnt. 13 stress. level. He takes 9 stress, and absorbs 4 by
stress. The armor on his right shoulder is Kyle (Anders): My armor absorbs 5, and Ill taking a Major Consequence of ITS
blackened and blown apart, and his face is absorb 4 more with a Major Consequence. EATING ME!. Its not enough though, and
covered in blood. Anders turn. Anders managed to mostly duck the bolt, in seconds he stops screaming

SEQUENCES Running the Sequence
The rules for Sequences are used when the PCs need to carry Each turn every participating PC selects the Skill he wishes to
out a series of actions in order to achieve a goal. This is similar use and explains how the use of the chosen Skill will help in
to a Conflict, and can even involve Conflicts. But Sequences achieving the Sequences goal. If the GM agrees that the
offer a variety of ways to achieve a goal, usually through the chosen Skill is relevant, the PCs perform a Skill test against the
use of a variety of Skills. Sequences difficulty. If the same PC uses the same Skill two
Sequences are useful when you want to showcase the PCs rounds in a row, he suffers a -1 penalty.
Skills in a quick series of mini-scenes. They are also useful any If the PC succeeds, he checks off a number of success boxes
time the party needs to split up to achieve a task. on the Success Track equal to the amount by which his Effort
Most regular scenes take place in real time, or a little exceeds the Sequences difficulty. Once the Success Track is full,
slower. Conversations between PCs tends to play out pretty the PCs attain their goal.
much like the conversation taking place in the game, and In addition, each successful test allows you to make ether a
conflicts generally only take up a few seconds of actual in- Declaration or Assessment (depending on the Skill and how it
character game time. The sample conflict earlier in this chapter, was used).
for example, happens in about three seconds of game time. While the difficulty does not change, success may be easier
Sequences take the opposite approach, pulling back and or more difficult to achieve depending on what Aspects are
moving things along at a faster pace. What might be an entire used. Though the GM may raise the difficulty on tests where
scene, even a conflict, is resolved with a single Skill test. the Skill use doesn't seem to be particularly helpful, or the
Good uses for the Sequence rules are when the party needs described task would be exceptionally difficult.
to sneak into a secured warehouse, pull off a complex heist, Declarations can be used by the player to add Aspects to the
engage in a high-speed chase, repairing a spacecraft full of Sequence, or to state specific facts (such as, "The front door is
posthuman aberrations, etc. now unlocked"). Assessments allow the PCs to learn an Aspect
the Sequence already has.
Setup Each failure results in a Sequence Consequence. When a
Set the Goal Consequence is added, the GM may immediately initiate a
Set the Time Between Rounds scene and/or state a fact based on the Consequence (for
Set the Difficulty. See the difficulty chart on pg. 98. example: Major Consequence: The Silent Alarm; "Your failed
Set the number of check boxes on the Success Track. The Stealth check means the guard heard you trying to cross the
number of check boxes should equal the difficulty of the roof. He turns, spots you, and triggers the alarm.").
Montage times the number of participating players. The PCs need to fill the Success Track before the Sequence
Select a number of Aspects equal to the difficulty of the suffers four Consequences. If it does, they are Defeated. Defeat
Sequence +2. New Aspects may be added via Declarations. means it is no longer possible to achieve the goal.

Sequenced Conflicts If you succeed, youd destroy the drones, check off a number
of success boxes equal to the amount by which you succeeded,
As stated before, during a Sequence the gameplay shifts to a and can make a Declaration like The Hangar is Clear. In
slightly more large scale approach. So when a Skill like Firearms addition, youd suffer a physical attack from the Sequence, and
or Melee is used in a Sequence, this takes the place of what the Sequences attacking Skill rating is 4. And if you wore light
might normally be a Conflict. For example, a single successful battle armor, youd get a +2 bonus on your defense test.
Firearms test might result in the PC bringing down an entire If you had failed, the Sequence would have gained a
hallway full of bad guys. Consequence like Killer Drones Have Secured the Hangar!. And
If you succeed on the Skill test, the result is the same as the attack youd suffer would have a Weapon Rating equal to
success with any other Skill; success boxes are checked off and the amount by which you failed. But remember, armor can
you can make a Declaration or Assessment. help.
Failure also works normally. No success boxes are checked
and a Sequence Consequence is added. Mixing Sequences and Full Conflicts
However, when you use these Skills to engage in a
If the GM prefers a failed Skill test can result a full-fledged
Sequenced Conflict, there is a chance you can become injured
Conflict instead. This is usually the best answer when more
even if you succeed. When you use a Skill like Firearms or
than one PC wants to take part in the fight.
Melee to try to reach your Sequence goal by attacking others,
If the PCs win the Conflict, the Sequence may or may not
you suffer an attack yourself. The rating of the Sequences
gain a Consequence depending on what happened. If, for
attacking Skill is equal to the Sequences difficulty. And if you
example, the PCs are trying to be sneaky, the discharge of a lot
failed the Skill test, this attack has a Weapon Rating equal to
of weapons would almost certainly result in a Sequence
the amount by which you failed.
Consequence regardless of whether or not they win the
Note that half your weapons WR (round down) is added as a
Conflict. Theyre still hurting their chances of achieving the
bonus on your Skill test. And half your armors AR (round down)
Sequences goal.
can be added on rolls to defend against attacks from a
If they fail the Conflict, theyre either dead, forced to
retreat, or otherwise botched things. In any case, they almost
For example, you might make a Melee test in a Sequence
certainly arent any closer to achieving their goal.
where the goal is to board and take over an enemy ship. This
Because of the way you can mix Conflicts into Sequences,
might be described as entering a room and bringing down a
Sequences are a good way to structure an entire game session
batch of security drones with a monoedged longsword. In this
packed with action. And because of the freeform nature of
example, you would make a Melee test against the Sequences
Sequences, often you wont need to create elaborate maps of
Difficulty (lets say 4). Youd get a +3 bonus on this test since
buildings, star ships, alien planets, or the like.
the WR of your monoedged longsword is 7, and half that
rounded down is 3

Sequenced Favors Declarations and/or Assessments depending on what sorts of
Savant Programs you have.
Sometimes you can get closer to achieving your Sequences If you fail, the Sequence will gain a Sequence Consequence as
goal by requesting a Favor. For example, if your goal is to usual, and you will suffer an amount of System Stress equal to
discover the identity of a traitor to your House, you may be the amount by which you failed.
able to get access to security data by requesting a Favor from
someone with access to the local Monitors. Sequences and Stress
The normal way of dealing with Favors and Reputation is
As described above, certain uses of some Skills can result in
described on pg. 145. In a Sequence however, this process is
characters suffering stress. Stress and Consequences gained
simplified a bit.
from Sequences are recovered at the usual rate. This means
To do this, make a test with the appropriate Networking Skill
that the amount of time between each round can be very
against the higher of the Sequences difficulty or the Favors
Value. This works just like any other Sequence Skill test, accept
If the time between each round is more than 5 minutes or so,
as described below.
any stress suffered will be cleared between rounds.
If you succeed, you get your Favor, get to check off a number
of success boxes equal to the number of Shifts you generated,
and you can make an Assessment or Declaration.
If you fail, the Sequence takes a Sequence Consequence and
Sample Sequence
you suffer a Rep hit equal to the amount by which you failed.
Infiltrating the Smugglers Lair (Assumes 5 PCs)
Success Track: | | | |
Sequences and the SINC Skill Goal: Get to the target within the secured facility.
The SINC Skill itself isnt generally much use in a Sequence. Time Between Rounds: 5 min
But what it is used for is to utilize Savant Programs to help Difficulty: Moderate (3)
reach your goal. Aspects:
Warehouse is a Front for Ego Trafficking
This means that what you can use the SINC Skill to do
Patrolled by Local Thugs Hired for Security
depends on the Savant Programs you have. Eminent Domain
High-End Physical Anti-Intrusion Tech
tends to be really handy when it comes to making Declarations
Standard Density Mesh
about the environment, Delve can help make Assessments
Known to Have Purchased Three Cerberus Drones
about people, etc.
Perform a SINC test like you would with any Skill. If you Consequences: Minor, Major, Severe, Extreme
succeed, you can check off some success boxes and can make

Sample Sequence Skill Uses Guile Some fast-talking might allow you to pose as one of the
smugglers contacts or other allies. Or you may be able to seduce
The above sample Sequence is one in which the PCs are one of the thugs as a distraction.
trying to infiltrate a smugglers warehouse full of thugs in order Insight Insight is a very useful Skill in many Sequences, as it allows
to recover some data. you to make Assessments. Perform an Insight test to discover that
The types of Skills used in a Sequence, and the ways they can the warehouse has a Feared by the Locals Aspect.
be used, are limited only by the imagination of the players. Intimidation Some well spoken harsh words, or maybe a gun to
With that in mind, we have listed some Skills below that would the head, can go a long way toward convincing a thug that his life
be useful in this example Sequence, as well as examples of how isnt worth throwing away over a paycheck.
their use might be described. Melee Like Firearms, Melee can be used to remove the guards
from the equation.
Assets Bribery often works. Assets could be used to buy off one of
the thugs, possibly even making him actively work to help you. Networking, Apostate & House Use of the Networking Skills can
result in all sorts of information or even favors. Learning about
Athletics This is a useful Skill to have if you need to climb walls,
someone on the inside can give you a bargaining chip, while you
bash through doors, etc.
may get one of the more treacherous thugs to leave a door open
Demolitions Blowing holes through walls is a good way to get for you. See the Sequences and Favors Sidebar.
passed them. The PC will need some explosives of course.
Perception Like Insight, Perception can be used to make lots of
Diplomacy Sometimes you can get what you need by talking to Assessments. It might allow you to notice The Front Door is Never
the right people. Successful use of Diplomacy might convince the Used or The Crates Are All Empty.
thugs to join your side.
Research Similar to Education or Networking, Research can allow
Education The warehouse history could be important. Its possible you to determine facts about the location or people inside. These
that the warehouse was built over some access tunnels that you facts may come in the form of Assessments or Declarations.
could use.
Stealth If you are trying to sneak into a place, simply not being
Engineering, Hardware (H.Eng) Being able to disable the seen is a good way to go. Sticking to the shadows, silently rolling
buildings power could provide a way to get past at least some under a laser trip wire, these are all uses of the Stealth Skill that
portions of its automated security. allow you to get closer to your target without being discovered.
Engineering, Software (S.Eng) If you have an CIST (pg. 206), you Strategy This is one of the most useful Skills to use for most
may be able to use it to disable security systems, learn secrets Sequences. It can be used to set up ambushes, isolate thugs, or set
about the thugs, predict certain outcomes (which would work like up all sorts of tactical advantages in the form of Declarations. It
using SINC), etc. can also be used to do things like analyze the timing and patterns
Firearms Thugs on the roof? Succeed on a Firearms test to snipe of guard routes, and how best to exploit them.
them from an adjacent rooftop. See the Mixing Sequences and
Conflicts sidebar for more on the use of this sort of Skill.

This section covers most of the things a character may want Beam Sweep
to do that isnt covered in the earlier parts of this chapter. Or,
at least, it provides rules for several things they can do. In truth, When using a beam weapon, such as most particle
no book will be able to cover every possible action a PC can acceleration weapons, you can hold down the trigger and
take. GMs who need to come up with impromptu rules sub- sweep a continuous beam across your targets. This allows you
systems should look to this chapter for examples and to attack more than one target in a zone.
inspiration. Before the attack is made, determine how many targets you
are trying to hit. You will then make a Firearms test and apply
the Effort you generate as an attack against each target; with a
When to roll the dice. cumulative -1 each (-1 for the 1st, -2 for the 2nd, etc.) After the
attack is resolved, you must make a Firearms test with a
difficulty equal to the number of targets you tried to attack, +2,
to avoid overheating the weapon. On a failed test, you cannot
use the weapon again until you spend a turn doing something
else while letting the weapon cool.

You hold down the trigger on a target until your gun
overheats. The weapons Weapon Rating is doubled for this
attack. After doing this you cannot use the weapon again until
Ambushing you spend a Simple Action doing something else while letting
the weapon cool.
If you attack a target, and the target was until now not aware
of your presence (or your intent to attack him), that target may Suppression Fire
not add a Skill to his defense test (nor can he add the Armor Beam weapons may also be used to lay down suppression
Rating provided by a shield). He only gets a simple dice roll (no fire. See pg. 150 for more on suppression fire.
Skill added), but may still use his Armor Rating (if he has one) to
reduce the amount of stress suffered.
Normally the GM will not make defense tests for Extras, but
should in this case.

character, the protected character may use the blocks Potency
as his defense if it is greater than the defense he provides for
So, the attacker rolls his attack as normal. The defender rolls
his defense as normal. If that defense Effort is higher than the
block Potency, he uses the defense result; otherwise he uses
the block Potency. The attacker then causes, or doesnt cause,
stress as normal.
Other types of blocks work the same way. The blocking
character declares the block on his turn and rolls the Skill hes
using to block, subject to any penalties imposed by the GM. The
result is the block Potency. Later that exchange, every time
another character tries to perform the blocked action, he
enters into a contest with the blocker. The character trying to
get past the block rolls the Skill hes using for the action and
Block Actions compares it to the block Potency. If the attackers Effort meets
or exceeds the blocks Potency, he successfully overcomes the
When the characters action is preventative trying to keep block. If it does not, he cannot perform that action. He has
something from happening rather than taking direct action to
been blocked.
make something happen he can attempt to perform a block
action. He declares what hes trying to prevent and what Skill A variety of Skills may be appropriate to getting past a block
hes using to do it. Players may declare a block against any sort and getting past a block may occasionally require rolling a Skill
of action or actions and may theoretically use any Skill, but modified by another, secondary Skill. See page 100 for more on
unless the block is simple and clear, the GM may assess Combined Skill tests.
penalties based upon how hard it would be or how much of a Note also that in the above examples, blocks are generally
stretch it would be. described as physical actions. However, this need not always be
Players should never be able to cover all bases with a single the case. Its entirely possible to attempt block to another from
block. performing an action by attempting to talk them out of it,
distracting them, or performing any other sort of action that
For example, a character can use the block action to protect
could hamper or stop another from taking a specific course of
another character. He spends his Simple Action rolling the Skill action.
hes using to block; the result is the blocks Potency. When,
later that round, any enemy tries to attack the protected

Crafting and Repair Repairing Items
Hardware Engineering can be used to repair devices given the
Crafting/Programming right tools and enough time. This is generally handled as an
While Crafting & Programming can have very potent effects, extended action that takes 4 hours per test against a total
its fairly time-consuming to work something up in game time. difficulty equal to the items Cost x 2. Though the GM may
decide to increase or decrease these factors as dictated by the
Whenever a character has sufficient time and access to the
necessary equipment, he may attempt to build a piece of
equipment or software. In effect, this can dramatically reduce Some complex items, such as vehicles, may have their own
the Cost of the item for the purpose of purchasing it. Stress Tracks. To repair those items, you must remove its
Consequences. For devices that dont have Stress Tracks, the
To do this, the character makes an Engineering (Hardware for difficulty is based off the Cost of the device.
crafting, Software for programming) test with a difficulty equal
Removing Consequences works exactly like it does for a
to the Cost of the item (be it physical or digital) he intends to
character (page 117), except instead of making an Endurance
make. With a success, the number of Shifts generated is
test to heal your wounds, you test Hardware Engineering to
subtracted from the Cost rating of the item. The remainder
repair the items damage. The amount of time required to
represents the amount of resources required to scrounge up
repair a Consequence and the difficulty of the Engineering test
the necessary raw components and tools. The character then
are described below.
uses his Assets or Reputation to pay the modified Cost just as
he would pay for any other item. Consequence Time Required Difficulty
Minor 1 day 2 + Size
So, for example, an Engineering test to build an item with a
Major 1 week 4 + Size
Cost of 5 requires a test against a difficulty of 5. With an Effort
Severe 2 weeks 6 + Size
of 6, youd subtract 1 from the Cost of the item, lowering it to
Extreme 1 month 8 + Size
If you fail to meet the required difficulty, take note of the
If the Cost is reduced to 0, the character gets it for free.
amount by which you failed. You have the option to make up
If the Cost is reduced to a negative number, the character the difference by purchasing some replacement parts or hiring
can sell the item and this is an indication of the profit he would a professional to complete the job.
likely receive. This can result in a windfall (pg. 142).
For example, if you fail on your test and miss the difficulty by
4, you may make up the difference by purchasing the necessary
parts or labor at a Cost rating of 4.

Diseases and Viruses (Biological and Digital) Falling
If a character comes into contact with a dangerous disease he Characters who fall from a great height suffer an attack
can suffer damage in the form of physical or even mental against them with a bonus determined by the distance fallen.
Consequences. The disease or virus should have a rated This attack is just a dice roll plus the bonus found below since
Potency and a type (Airborne, Contact or Digital). gravity doesnt have a Skill to test. The character may defend
Upon contact, the disease or virus attacks the character, against the attack with Endurance or Athletics (combined with
adding its Potency to the attack test (a simple die roll, no Skill Endurance).
added). The character defends with his Endurance (or Software Height Attack Bonus Height Attack Bonus
Engineering in the case of computer viruses). If the defending Up to 3m +2 Up to 150m +14
character loses, he becomes a carrier. If the defending Up to 6m +4 Up to 300m +24
character is forced to take a Consequence from the diseases Up to 30m +8
attack, he becomes both a carrier and victim of the disease. At a little after 300m the character will reach terminal
In regards to Potency, the common cold may have a rating of velocity. This means that the speed at which he is falling
2 while some sort of super-potent flesh eating plague could be remains fairly constant, so the damage from impact isnt going
rated at 10. Computer viruses are rated similarly. to increase if he falls from a higher distance.
An infected character may be attacked repeatedly, suffering Note that this assumes standard Earth gravity. Adjustments
additional attacks each day until cured or killed. may need to be made for environments of greater or lower
The GM may rule that a disease can be permanently gravity.
overcome by generating Spin on the defense test against these Likewise, if for some reason the characters descent is being
attacks. Time spent in a medical facility may allow you to invoke slowed, such as with a skydivers wingsuit, the GM should
the facilitys Aspect to aid in your recovery. drastically reduce the attack bonus used in the attack against
A character with an appropriate Aspect or Stunt may use his the character. Likewise, if the character is moving faster than
Education to aid in the healing process. He rolls his Education he normally would from a free fall, the attack bonus might be
against the Potency of the disease. Effort in excess of the increased.
diseases Potency is added as a bonus the next time the victim
must make a defense test against the disease or virus attack.
Medicine and viral cleansing programs may also add their
Equipment Ratings to defense tests.

Fire and Environmental
Fire, electricity, radiation,
noxious fumes, etc., are rated by
their Intensity. When they appear,
and at the beginning of each
round, they make an attack against
everyone in an affected zone
adding their intensity rating as a
bonus to the attack test. So an
attack made by an intensity 3 fire
is resolved as a simple dice roll + 3
since the Fire has no Skill to test.
This attack can be defended
against with Endurance, but most
types of armor are useless.
Intensity works as follows for
fire, and this chart can provide an
example for similar effects. While others do not have to worry about taking stress when
you alone are on fire, its very likely that the flames will spread.
Intensity Description
0 The zone is on fire, but the fire can be avoided.
Every creature or object that is on fire also has the Aspect On
3 Almost everything in the zone is on fire, and the heat is Fire!.
pressing in on you in waves. Some environments are fatiguing rather than damaging, such
6 Everything in the zone is on fire, and the flames lick up as trying to operate out in the hot desert sun. In those
near you. situations, it is more appropriate to have Endurance restrict
9 Inferno. The zone is, essentially, a massive furnace. other Skills rather than actually inflict any physical stress.
Its also possible to be set on fire directly, like if you are shot
with a flame thrower or doused in gas and set alight. In this
case, you are considered to be in an intensity 6 fire.

Full Auto Weapons rather than waiting for their turn to come around. Similarly, if
they have not acted in the round at the time when they are first
Burst Fire attacked, they may declare a full defense at that point, again
foregoing their Simple Action for the round.
You fire your fully automatic weapon in a short burst of
bullets. For this attack, the Weapon Rating of the weapon is
increased by +3, but you must make a Firearms test (Diff: 3) to Help from Others
avoid overheating the weapon or running out of ammo. On a
Many hands make light work. If someone tries to help you
failed test, you cannot use the weapon again until you spend a
accomplish a task, they need to make a Skill test using the same
Simple Action reloading or doing something else while letting
Skill as the primary character with a difficulty equal to the
the weapon cool.
primary characters Skill. Success grants the primary character a
Empty the Clip +1 bonus on his test (generating Spin grants +2!), failure means
you didnt help.
You set the weapon to auto fire and empty your clip at your
target. Your weapons Weapon Rating is effectively doubled for The GM is the final arbiter as to how many people can help
this attack. However, doing this burns through all of your ammo with a task.
or overheats your weapon. You cannot use the weapon again
until you spend a Simple Action reloading or doing something Hiding, Shadowing & Camouflage
else while letting the weapon cool.
If the weapon has the High Capacity Aspect, you may invoke Hiding
this Aspect to get a Firearms test (Diff: 4) to see if you avoided When a character is hiding, hes remaining perfectly still and
running out of ammo. (hopefully) out of sight. Aspects related to lighting, obstacles
and other environmental factors can affect the players test,
Suppression Fire
and the result of his Stealth test is the basis for any contest
Full auto weapons may also be used to lay down suppression against a searchers Perception. If someone is actively searching
fire. See pg. 150 for more on suppression fire. for a hidden character, they gain a +2 on the test so long as
they have some reason to actually be looking and are taking the
time to do a thorough search in the right place. When someone
Full Defense is searching for you, you can usually assume theyll do logical
A character can opt to do nothing but protect himself in a things like turn on the lights or otherwise do things that make it
conflict. By using a Simple Action entirely to defend himself, he more difficult to stay hidden.
gains a +2 on all defense rolls until his next turn. Characters
who are defending may declare it at the beginning of the round

This means that if a stealthy character is ever in a position Dont forget the impact Aspects can have on the situation
where people are actively searching for him, hes in a lot of though. For example, a heavily crowded street might have the
trouble. That usually requires that the character was spotted or Crowded(P) Aspect, which would certainly help you shadow a
somehow set off an alarm which, if hes doing his job, he person on the move.
wasnt, and didnt. Characters might attempt to creep. This is a Maneuver that
For example, consider a character hiding in a storeroom. If a places an Aspect of Creeping on the character, which can be
guard opens the door, shines a light in, and looks around, its invoked to aid in moving stealthily. This Maneuver doesnt
just a quick Perception test, and the character can probably require a test to place the Aspect, but requires a Supplemental
stay hidden. If the guard flips on the lights and starts Action taken each turn to maintain it.
methodically going through the room, hiding is much, much
more difficult because he has both reason and time to search. Camouflage
The good news is that this sort of searching is usually Engineering (combined with Stealth) can be used to construct
obvious, so when the guard flips on the lights and starts blinds and other ways to help remain hidden outdoors. Perform
looking, its the players cue to act now or give up his chance at an Engineering test and add your Effort as a bonus (or penalty!)
surprise. on rolls to hide while camouflaged.
Most of the bonuses and penalties in these situations come Such a construction takes roughly an hour to build.
from Aspects, either on the scene or the characters. A dark
room with the Dark Aspect can be invoked by the hiding player
for a bonus. On the other hand, the moment the guard flips on
Hold Your Action
the lights, that Aspect is gone. A character can opt not to act when his turn comes around.
When a character takes a hold action, he has the option of
Shadowing taking his turn any time later in the round.
Shadowing is the art of moving while trying to remain If he holds his turn through the round, he starts the next
unnoticed. It uses many of the same rules as Hiding, and uses round at the top of the initiative order. If multiple characters
Stealth (combined with Guile) and is somewhat more difficult did this, they can make contested Athletics rolls to see who
for obvious reasons. goes first.
When a character tries to move while remaining unseen,
anyone looking for him gains a bonus to see him depending on
how fast he is moving. This is a +4 bonus for normal movement,
+6 for a hustle, or +8 when running. See pg. 121 for more on

Mnemonic Editing
The process takes a few hours, but a person trained in
Mnemonics can attempt to repair a damaged ego the same way
one might debug computer code. This process consists of
making changes to the highly complex code that the mind is
made of, a potentially dangerous process. Specific memories
cannot be targeted for erasure, nor can personality traits
simply be removed, but areas that indicate psychological
Out of Ammo, Overheating & Reloading
trauma can be isolated and even dampened somewhat. Its usually not worth the time and effort to track every round
While the memory would remain intact, the resulting traumatic in the clip or exactly how hot a weapon is getting. But at the
reaction would be lessened. In effect, this is an artificial way of same time, running out of ammo or overheating a weapon can
forcing a person to come to terms with a traumatic event. sometimes be dramatically interesting, especially if you run out
In game terms, while the patient is in a deactivated SIM just as a swarm of sentry bots round the corner.
state, his ego can be edited by a person trained in mnemonic When a character makes an attack with a firearm, he may be
editing. To do this, the ego must either be on a server, or his firing one round or several. The game mechanics of the attack
sleeve placed in a resurrection chamber. dont change, but the description of the attack might vary from
The character performs a Mnemonics Skill test against a round to round. You can also generally assume that characters
difficulty set by the type of Consequence he wishes to are attempting to conserve their ammo and reload as needed
downgrade. The difficulty for each Consequence is listed below: when they have time.
Consequence Difficulty However, should the GM choose, he can have the player
Minor 4 perform a Firearms test to see how well he has been paying
Major 5 attention to his ammo consumption or his weapons heat
Severe 6 buildup. On a failed test, hes out and must spend a Simple
Extreme 7 Action reloading or doing something else while his weapon
If the Mnemonics test succeeds, the Consequence you were cools. The difficulty of this check is usually 2, but the GM may
attempting to downgrade is reduced as if it had healed increase it if he feels youve been expending a significant
naturally (see pg. 116 for more on recovering Consequences). amount of ammo over a short period.
If you fail, nothing happens. The patients status does not For weapons that require actual ammunition, you may reload
change. as a Supplemental Action so long as the primary action is not an
If you Stall, you cause the patient to suffer an amount of attack with that weapon and you have an extra unit of
Mental Stress equal to the amount by which you failed, x2. ammunition available.

Poisons and Drugs background than showing up directly in play. If you are looking
to introduce a slower-acting poison, rather than treating it as a
Poisons and drugs both have two ratings: Potency and standard attack, make an attack test (adding Potency) once per
Subtlety. day. The victim may defend with his Endurance. If the poisons
The Potency determines how hard it is to resist using attack Effort beats the victims defense Effort by 3 or more
Endurance (see below) and the Subtlety is the difficulty for any (generating Spin), then the victim acquires a Physical
Perception or Education tests to detect or analyze it; either to Consequence. Regardless of severity, these Consequences do
prevent exposure or to determine the cause of someones not disappear until after the poison is cured. Alas, with poisons,
sudden ailment. Poisons and drugs also need to have a means there are no Concessions!
of application, such as food, gas or injection. And then we have special poisons. These are the poisons that
violate the rules in some way and tend to either leave a
Poisons beloved NPC in a coma, needing a very exotic cure, or will kill
First, we have damaging poisons. Damaging is used loosely the person who has been exposed in a fixed period of time so
here, as it may be lethal, knockout drugs, or any number of they must race to find the antidote. Alternately, they may have
other things. killed someone in a very peculiar way and may prove the only
Damaging poisons are often fast-acting, found on the blades clue to the killers location.
of enemies and tips of darts. In short, these are poisons that serve no purpose but to
When such a poison is introduced into the system it makes motivate the plot. Thats OK! FATE adventures can tolerate a
an attack, adding its Potency (0 for a mild poison, 5 for little bit of clich, but try to keep their use to a minimum.
something very potent, it has no Skill to add). The target may
defend with Endurance.
Rather than damaging their target, drugs put one or more
This attack occurs at the start of your first turn after
additional Aspects directly on them (as with a Maneuver). Their
exposure. Then it repeats every turn until the end of the scene
Potency sets the difficulty against which the subject tests their
(at which point the poison has run its course) or until the
character somehow stops the poison, such as with medical
treatment (Education, difficulty equals Potency +2), or even If the subject wins, the symptoms are passing and disappear
something as mundane as inducing vomiting when appropriate. at the end of the scene, but if he loses, he immediately gains
Many such poisons may stop if the player generates Spin on his the Aspects as described in the drug. The duration of these
defending Endurance test. effects depends upon the drug. This approach is specifically
different from a slow-acting damaging poison as these Aspects
Some damaging poisons are slow acting and kill over a much
are not Consequences and thus do not push the character
longer period of time, but those are often more appropriate for
closer to being Defeated.

Push/Pull/Throw If you fail, you may not purchase the item and may not
attempt to do so again during the same game session or until
You can attempt to push, pull or throw your opponent out of your GM determines that enough time has passed that you
its zone. have been able to juggle your assets a bit.
You and the defender both make a contested Athletics + Size Alternatively, your GM may allow you to go into debt. If you
test. If you succeed, the target is pushed, thrown or pulled into decide that the item is worth going into debt for, you may elect
an adjacent zone of your choosing. to take a Lasting Aspect (pg. 108) that describes the debt. This
If you are larger than your target, you may push or throw Aspect lasts until the debt is paid.
your victim even farther. The number of zones away the target The Lasting Aspect should mention who the debt is owed to,
can be pushed or thrown is equal to the difference between and if you Stalled when making your Assets test to purchase the
your Effort and your opponents Effort to a maximum of the item, the Lasting Aspect should be Persistent.
difference between your Size and your victims. The GM should work with you to define the Aspect, and is
When pushing or pulling, you may choose to follow your the final arbiter on when it goes away.
opponent into the zone you are pushing or pulling him into as a
Free Action. Purchasing with Reputation
When you wish to purchase an item or service in Coalition
society, instead of exchanging currency for goods, you can
Purchasing Items simply take the item if your Rep-rating is high enough.
When you wish to purchase something, you have two However, each time you do, the IRD checks to determine if your
options. In Coalition space, you can purchase it with your Rep- claiming of the item has a measurable impact on society.
Rating. If this is determined to be the case, your Rep-rating takes a
hit. How likely you are to take a hit depends on your current
Purchasing with Assets
Rep-Rating, the Cost of the item is, and your recent acquisition
Outside of Coalition space, or on the black market, you can habits.
purchase things with gold currency or by bartering. In game turns, when you wish to acquire an item, compare
When you attempt to purchase goods in the apostate your Rep-Rating to the items Cost.
currency economy, either with gold currency of via bartering, Items or services with a Cost rating less than your Rep-Rating
you make an Assets test against the Cost of the item you wish do not require a test. Unless you are attempting to acquire
to purchase. If you succeed, the item is yours. You were able to them in bulk, (which would equate to a higher Cost) such items
scrape together enough gold, or find something of suitable do not impact your Rep-Rating.
value to barter with.

If the Cost of the item is the same as your Rep-Rating or Purchasing Options
more, perform a Rep test by rolling the dice and adding your
Rep-Rating. Compare the Effort you generate to the Cost of the When a character wants something, there are really several ways
item. If your result is less, you suffer a hit equal to the between he can get it. Depending on his circumstances and social standing,
he generally has the following options:
your result and the items Cost.
Purchase with Assets As described on the previous page, you
You may not attempt to acquire an item or service with a make an Assets test to exchange gold or goods for other goods or
Cost rated higher that your Rep-Rating x2, though you can services. If you fail, you can go into debt.
attempt to get someone with a higher Rep to get it for you as a Purchase With Rep As described on the previous page, the
favor. acquisition of goods, for free, as allowed by your Rep-Rating. An
See pg. 145 for more on favors. attempt to acquire valuable goods can result in a Rep hit.
Barter The simple trading of a specific item for another item of
Windfalls equal Value. Remember however that the Value of goods can vary
Sometimes you make the big score, finally earn that big based on several factors, such as whom you are bartering with and
payday, sell off some valuable merchandise, or just plain hit the what sort of goods you are offering. If the goods you are offering
jackpot. are of lower Value, you can make up the difference with an Assets
While a permanent increase in wealth is something generally For example, you might offer to trade a Light PAc Pistol (Value 5)
controlled by the player by increasing or decreasing the for a Heavy Coil PDW (Value: 7). In this case, in addition to the
characters Assets and Reputation, characters can gain exchange, youd need to make an Assets test. The difficulty of this
temporary windfalls that can help them on some future test is equal to the difference between the Value of the items, x2. In
purchases. the example above, youd make the exchange and attempt an
Whenever the GM wishes to reward you with a windfall of Assets test against a difficulty of 4.
wealth, he might do so by rewarding you with a Lasting Aspect. If your item is more expensive, you gain a Reward equal to the
This Aspect should describe where the windfall came from
and/or what form it takes. Favors Two types of favors exist. The first is an informal favor
that requires no game mechanics. Its just an agreement between
As usual, the first time an Aspect is invoked, it doesnt cost a two or more characters.
Fate Point. The second uses the Favor rules on pg. 145, and consists of
Lasting Aspects representing windfalls should only last for pinging your social network in search of someone willing to help
two, maybe three, invocations. Huge windfalls might be you based purely upon your Rep-Rating.
represented with a Persistent Aspect. In that case, the GM Contracts These are common when working with the Houses or
might change it into a regular Aspect after the first few times it apostate companies, and are just a way to make an informal favor
is invoked, and then remove it on the fourth or fifth time. more official. Like other informal favors, no game mechanics are

Rep-Ratings (Tracking & Using Reputation) If you fill the wheel with marks, increase your Rep-Rating by
1, erase all your marks, and continues placing mark around the
The Coalition employs a complex system of Reputation track.
tracking that is used in lieu of a traditional economy. For example, if your track looks like this
This simplified and abstracted version of the Coalitions
system is used to track the Rep-Rating of your characters. It is
not as complex as the system that exists in the game world, but
then, this is a game and it doesnt need to be.

Tracking Rep
Your Reputation is tracked on a track like the one shown
below, which shows a Reputation Track in which the character
has a Rep-Rating of 4, and has gained 6 boxes worth of Bumps.

4 and you get a Bump with a Value of 5, your track should

now look like this

The boxes represent incremental changes in your Rep-Rating.

When you get a Bump, place a number of marks equal to the
Value of the Bump in the box designated as the starting point,
and continuing around in a clock-wise fashion.

If you take a Hit, erase a number of the marks youve made If hits cause you to erase marks backward, beyond the
equal to the Value of the Hit you took, working counter starting point of track, reduce your Rep-Rating by 1.
clockwise, starting with the marked box farthest along the So, if your track looks like this
For example, if your track looks like this

and you suffer a Hit with a Value of 5, your track should
and you suffer a Hit with a Value of 3, your track should
now look like this
now look like this

6 6

Hits and Bumps Fame and Infamy
When a character wishes to rate you, they may do so by Whether by writing a popular template, becoming a well-
submitting the rating to the CCRP. This is generally a trivially known sensie star, or any number of other deeds, its possible
simple matter, though it costs you a small amount of your own for a character to gain some measure of fame.
rating to do so. Fame generally comes from being gaining renown in a
Upon encountering a person, your AR display device will specific network, usually by fans of your work, and is best
generally display their identity either by detecting it from their represented with the Fame Stunt (pg. 169). Other times you
CID, via facial recognition, voice recognition, or some other become well known for your work sponsoring a specific
method. Generally this takes less than a second, and their Agenda. This is best represented with the Agenda Celebrity
profile appears as an ARO floating near their head. Stunt (pg. 166).
If you wish to rate them, you can do so using your standard Infamy, on the other hand, can be reflected in both your Rep-
AR interface. Rating and in the form of Aspects.
When rating someone, giving them a bump or hit, your own
Reputation takes a small hit with a Value of 1. Favors
The Rep-Rating belonging to the person you are rating takes When your Rep-Rating or your personal assets is not enough
a bump or hit with a Value up to your Rep-Rating. You may to get you what you need, you can request a favor of those in
choose to give a smaller bump or hit, withholding a small your personal network.
amount to insure positive interactions in the future. By putting out a call for aid across the various social
So if you wish to give a friendly clerk a bump, and your Rep- networks, both physical and virtual, you can attempt to gain
Rating is 5, you suffer a hit with a Value of 1 and the clerk gains assistance.
a bump with a Value of 1 to 5. If you give him the largest bump To do this, the GM must first determine the Value of the
you can (5), and your Rep-Rating later increases to 6, you could favor. If you are attempting to acquire an item, the Value of the
go back and give him another bump with a rating of 1. favor equals the Cost of the item, +1. Favors that require work
You can change your rating of a person at any time. So if you on the part of others can vary in Value. Things like the amount
bump someone, and they later offend you, you can turn your of time, personal expense, and potential Rep impact the person
bump into a hit. must take on to grant the favor should all be considered.
No matter how many bumps you receive, your Rep-Rating Once you know the Value of the favor, perform a relevant
may never exceed 11. Networking Skill test against a difficulty equal to the Value of
the favor. If you succeed, you suffer a hit on your Rep-Rating
with a Value of 1, and the favor is granted by someone in your
physical or virtual social circle.

If you fail, you are still granted the favor, but you suffer a hit
on your Rep-Rating with a Value of 3.
Resleeving, Forking and Merging
If you Stall, the favor is not granted and in asking you have When you resleeve, you suffer a Mental Attack with an Edge
appeared greedy or arrogant to your social networking circle. rating of 10. You may defend with your Cohesion and the
You suffer a hit to your Rep-Rating equal to the amount by mnemonics engineer overseeing the procedure can attempt to
which you failed, +1. In addition, you may obtain a lasting aid you (pg. 137) using his Mnemonics Skill.
Aspect that reflects your networks current negative opinion of The Cost of resleeving is factored into the cost of the new
you. This Aspect should last no more than about a week. sleeve. If you are not resleeving, and intend instead to exist as a
SIM, the Cost of this service depends on your insurance policy
(pg. 208).
Sample Favors Modifiers
Favor Value Rating Sample Favor SIMs and characters sleeved in a cybersleeve have either the
Items Cost +1 Acquire or fabricate an item with a Cost SIM State(P) or Synthetic Biology(P) Aspects. These Aspects
too high for you to fabricate (delivery represent minds prone to fragmentation and should be
may be a separate favor) compelled during resleeving.
Items Cost +3 Acquire a restricted item (delivery may be If this is the first time you have ever resleeved, the Edge
a separate favor) rating of the attack is increased by +2.
3 Find basic details about, or the location of,
If you are resleeving from your mnemonic core after being
a typical Coalition citizen
killed, and you remember dying, the Edge rating of the
3 Deliver a legal item to a location on the
attack is increased by +4.
same planet
4 Find basic details about, or the location of, If you resleeve into a clone of a biosleeve, the exact same
a typical Apostate citizen model of cybersleeve, or are a SIM; you gain a +2 bonus on
5 Find basic details about, or the location of, your defense test.
a criminal or citizen in hiding Forking
6 Deliver an illegal item to a location on the
same planet Forking is the term for creating a copy of an ego and allowing
it to live while another copy runs free. While one would assume
this would be incredibly useful, it has some pretty major down
The first is that forking is psychologically damaging. When
you make an exact copy of yourself, you are in effect making
yourself unnecessary. The copy can do everything you can do. It

can perform the same jobs, create the same art, and has the Unrecoverable Backups
same relationships. Any sense that you have of being special in
In some cases, due to trauma, excessive resleeving, or simple
any way is stripped from you. You are obsolete.
madness; the agent in charge of the resurrection chamber or
Additionally, it is not uncommon for a fork to react to the SIM server may deem an ego unfit for resleeving or restoration.
original with aggression, even going so far as to try to kill the
Depending on the severity he might prescribe mnemonic
original to preserve itself and/or achieve status as an individual.
editing to attempt to repair the damage, or he may declare the
Learning that you have been forked causes you to suffer a ego unrecoverable and refuse to sleeve it.
Mental Attack with an Edge of +4.
In game terms, if a character has suffered a Severe Mental
Forking is also highly illegal, listed in the Humanity
Consequence, the mnemonics engineer will prescribe
Preservation Act as a crime punishable by death and erasure. In
mnemonic editing.
a universe where copying a persons mind is possible,
If the character has suffered an Extreme Mental
individuality is his most prized possession. Knowingly taking
Consequence, or has been mentally Defeated, he will refuse to
part in the intentional forking of another ego, or allowing it to
resleeve the ego.
be done to yourself, is considered a deplorable act by all but
the most extreme posthumans. Forks in Your Campaign
Merging Just because it violates the Humanity Preservation Act,
In some cases, such as when forking, or if you are restored doesnt mean it cant happen. So what happens when a PC
from backup and later find your intact mnemonic core, you can makes a copy of himself?
attempt to merge the multiple instances of your ego into a A forked PC can be handled in one of several ways depending
single cohesive whole. on the desires of the player and the GM.
This requires the use of a resurrection chamber. And once One option, and easily the most difficult to manage as the
complete, allows you to remember everything that happened GM, is to let the player play all copies of his characters at the
to all instances of yourself. This is mentally disorienting same time. While this may feel like the most realistic option
however, and can result in psychological damage. for the player, it can become difficult to manage multiple
When merging, you suffer a Mental attack with an Edge instances of a character.
rating equal to the total number of instances being merged Optionally, the player can pick one version of his character to
together, plus a trauma bonus. play, and the other becomes an NPC under the control of the
GM. And if the copy is going to hang around for a while, it may
The trauma bonus is determined by the worst Mental
be a good idea to represent the copy through an Aspect.
Consequence suffered by any of the instances. If the worst
Consequence any instance has is Minor, the Trauma bonus is Just remember that a forked copy is not a slave. It has all the
+4. A Major Consequence results in +6. Severe results in +8. wants and desires of the original, including a desire to be in
Extreme results in +10. And Defeated results in +12. charge of his life.

Size and Weight
Living creatures and inanimate objects come in all sorts of
shapes and sizes, and the following table can be used as a guide
to assigning them a Size or Weight category.

Rating Objects Weight Zones of People
-4 Bacteria .5g <1 <1
-3 Grasshoppers 5g <1 <1
-2 Baseball .5kg <1 <1
-1 Human Child 5kg <1 <1
0 Adult Human 50kg <1 1
1 Large Motorcycle 500kg <1 4
2 Elephant 5,000kg 1 16
3 Tank 50,000kg 4 50
4 Large House half mil kg 16 250
5 Aircraft Carrier 5 mil kg 50 1000
Restrain/Pin 6
Space Station
50 mil kg
500 mil kg
You attempt to hold on to your foe, keeping them from 8 Large Island 5 bil kg 4000 50,000
moving around or physically assaulting another character. 9 Small Country 50 bil kg 16,000 250K
10 Planetoid half tril kg 64,000 1 million
This is effectively a block action (pg. 133). Test your Athletics
(+ Size) to set the blocks Potency. As long as your target Lift Capacity
remains in the same zone as you, and you continue to try to
To determine a characters lift capacity, multiply the weight
restrain him, he must perform an Athletics (+ Size) test each
associated with his Size rating by his Athletics. For example, a
time he attempts to move or attack another. The first time he
normal human (Size 0) has an Athletics of 2, so his lift capacity
fails, he is restrained and you both gain the Grappling Aspect.
is 100kg. This means he can comfortably lift and move 100 kg
While restrained, attempting to perform any action requires without the need to perform a test.
the victim to beat the block. If he fails, he cannot take that
If for some reason your Athletics is 0, reduce your lift
action. If he succeeds, he is no longer restrained, loses the
capacity by half.
Grappling Aspect, and may act freely.
As long as the target is restrained, you both have the When a character carries something heavy, he is always
Grappling Aspect placed on you. considered to be taking a Supplemental Action. The penalty for

this Supplemental Action is -1 if the weight carried is half or less item that weighs up to double your lift capacity, the difficulty of
of his lift capacity. If it is more than half his lift capacity, he the Athletics test is equal to your Athletics Rating +4.
suffers a -2 penalty. If it is more than his lift capacity (up to a You may not lift more than double your lift capacity.
maximum of double), he suffers a -3.
Appropriate use of tools can increase the characters Lift
Encumbrance Capacity, using anything from a lever (which may grant a
bonus) to a pulley system (which may outright multiply
This is not a game where were going to make characters
empty out their pockets to figure out exactly how much they
are carrying. For the most part, day to day equipment and
clothing is just not an issue.
From time to time, however, a character may need to
perform an action while carrying a large amount of weight, like
a bomb thats ticking down or a wounded buddy slung over
their shoulder.
A character can easily carry something that is one quarter
their lift capacity without a problem. Now, remember common
sense applies. Just because a character can run at full tilt while
carrying 50 kg of explosives doesnt mean he can do so all day.
Trying to do so for more than a scene calls for an Endurance
test against the weight of the load, and additional rolls each
subsequent scene. The difficulty increases by 1 each time.

Lifting Things
Athletics also controls how much the character can lift or
move. The weight of the thing being moved sets the difficulty
for the test.
Characters have a default amount of weight they can lift and
still do something with that weight (like moving slowly, or
trying to place it carefully), described above as the characters
lift capacity.
The default difficulty to lift an item that weighs up to 150% of
your lift capacity is equal to your Athletics Rating +2. To lift an

Suppression Fire If successful, he may invoke that Aspect for free on his next
turn. However, this temporary Aspect is very fragile, and the
You swing your ranged weapon around an area wildly, GM may call for him to perform another test to replace it every
potentially attacking everyone in the targeted zone. This round if the target is moving around a lot.
requires the use of a full auto or beam weapon, and the zone Also, the GM should consider increasing the difficulty for
must be within range for the type of weapon used. certain factors such as extreme distance, rain, fog, erratic
This is a Maneuver that places the Suppressed Aspect on that movements, shooting from an unstable position, etc.
zone. At any time you may invoke that Aspect (for free the first
time) to make a free ranged attack on any target inside the
Suppressed zone so long as you continue suppressing it. Just Taking Cover
remember that this isnt a very precise action, and should a A character may take cover behind objects within the same
friendly PC or NPC enter the area, the GM might well compel zone as a Simple Action. This is a good idea when you are about
this Aspect to cause you to accidently attack them. to come under heavy enemy fire.
Each time you make such an attack (after the first) you need There are two types of cover, light cover and hard cover.
to make a test to see if youve run out of ammo. This is a
Light cover represents being hidden behind objects that may
Firearms test with a difficulty of 2, and it increases by a
deflect incoming projectiles, but not necessarily stop them. Or
cumulative +1 for each attack. The GM may also call for a test if
it may mean the character is behind hard cover, but only a
you have been suppressing an area for a few rounds even if you
portion of his body is covered. This includes hiding in or behind
havent been making any attack rolls.
dense foliage, furniture, alcoves in walls, behind concrete
On a failed test, you cannot use the weapon again until you pillars, etc. Moving behind such cover is essentially a Simple
spend a Simple Action reloading or doing something else while Action to perform a Maneuver that grants the character the
letting the weapon cool. Note that if the weapon has the High Aspect Behind Light Cover.
Capacity Aspect, you may invoke this Aspect to gain a bonus or
Hard cover is something that will stop most types of
reroll on such rolls.
projectiles, like lattice-carbonite plates, reinforced walls, etc. In
this case, the Maneuver grants the Aspect Behind Hard
Taking Aim Cover(P). Since this is a persistent Aspect it can be invoked for
free for a bonus or reroll, or if the GM allows, the player may
This is a common Maneuver used to set up a careful shot spend a FP to invoke it for effect and simply declare I cant be
using a ranged weapon. hit behind this. In such a case hes protected from attacks as
The character must spend a turn watching his target and long as he stays behind cover or until the attacking enemy
succeed on a Perception test (Diff: 2) to place the In My Sights moves to attack from a different location.
Aspect on his would-be victim.

Time Increments
Effort/Result Time Increment
0 Instant
1 A Round (around 3 sec.)
2 A Scene (around 5 min.)
3 An Hour
4 A Day
5 A Week
6 A Month
7 Three Months
8 A Year
Time 9 Three Years
When a character takes an action, it is expected to take a 10 A Decade
certain amount of time, ranging from a few moments to a few 11 Forever
days. Sometimes characters need to take longer to do
something or want to do something a little faster. Vacuum
The following table lists each increment of time. Sometimes
you may need to perform a test to determine how long Characters exposed to vacuum suffer 4 points of physical
something takes or lasts. You can use this table to help you stress each turn they spend exposed. However, certain types of
determine that by comparing the Effort you generated and the Vacuum Suits allow the character to go extended periods of
amount of time it corresponds to. time in a vacuum safely. See page 202 for more on vacuum
When generating Spin on a test, the GM may reduce the time
required by one increment.

Taking Your Time

Zero Gravity
No sci-fi game would be complete without a horde of blaster
When a character fails a test to perform a Simple Action that
wielding marines fighting in zero-gravity.
he reasonably should be able to do, the GM can simply rule
that the task succeeds but takes longer than it normally would. Zero gravity environments have a persistent Aspect of Zero-
For each step of additional time the character spends on the G(P) which can be invoked or compelled to affect all characters
action, he gains a retroactive +1 on the test to a maximum of in the zone.

Zones Its a good idea to just lay a piece of paper (or a white board!)
down in the middle of the playing area and then sketch the
A conflict should take place on a map laid out in zones. Or if basic map. When a few terrain elements have been laid down,
the environment is rather simple, the GM may just decide to it should become obvious how to divide it into zones and apply
thoroughly describe it and explain what and where the zones scene Aspects.
are. Avoid strictly laying out a grid unless the area is relatively
Characters in the same zone are in hand-to-hand combat featureless, such as an open desert or field of snow. The zone
range. They can punch, grapple, and stab with ease. system rewards non-orthogonal layouts. Zones should not only
Characters in adjacent zones can make good targets for represent loose distances but also represent the relationships
thrown objects or short range shots from ranged weapons. between space and ease of travel and view. Wide open spaces
can be big, for example, while rooms in a spacecraft or building
Characters five to ten zones apart are usually at the limit of
can be much smaller becoming zones with their walls as
effective rifle rangedozens to hundreds of yards.
boundaries. A long straight corridor can reasonably be a single
This is deliberately abstract and involves some deliberate zone.
bending of space. Maps for a good fight should be kept simple.


The sample characters starting on page 161 are good
CHARACTER CREATION examples of character concepts, but here are a few more
The Character Concept Sample Character Concepts
Hopefully by this point you have at least skimmed the Former Centurion Combat Pilot
material presented earlier in this book that details the Nova
Sexually Ambiguous Sensie Star
Praxis setting. IF you havent you should do so. Youll need to
High Profile HPA Abolitionist
have at least a basic understanding of the setting to develop an
idea for the type of character you want to play. Muscle for the Rings of Olympus
High Strung Ex-Purifier
This chapter will guide you through the process of character
Black Market Mnemonics Engineer
creation, a process with eight major steps. But before you get
started on those, there is one step you must complete first,
Once youve got a basic idea of your characters concept and
Step 0, if you will.
what youd like him or her (or it!) to be good at, you can start
The very first thing you must do before diving into character working through the steps of character creation listed below:
creation is to develop your characters overarching concept.
Step 1 You get to select five Aspects for your character, each
Nova Praxis is written assuming that your character will be a corresponding to a letter on the Aspect Alphabet.
member of a crew that is involved, at least tangentially, in the Step 2 Determine your starting State. Will you be pure,
Shadow War between the Houses. Or perhaps you are a group apotheosized, or a SIM?
of apostates smuggling goods in and out of Coalition society. Step 3 You pick your Skill Set, and determine what rank you
Regardless of the details, youll want to talk to the other players have in each Skill.
to see what sort of crew your characters will be a part of, and
Step 4 Select Stunts. Your character begins with game with
to determine what each characters responsibilities in the
four Stunts.
group will be.
Step 5 Determine your allegiance, House or Apostate.
Of course, the Nova Praxis setting is a large one, and there Step 6 Determine your starting Rep-Rating.
are plenty of other ways to play. Perhaps your characters are
Step 7 Select the equipment you begin the game with for
Centurions working undercover to bust an ascension cult.
free, and purchase more.
Maybe your characters ARE the ascension cult.
Step 8 Determine how many stress boxes you have on each
Whatever the case, chances are your group will have at least Stress Track.
two or three other PCs, and you need to know how your
character relates to both the Nova Praxis setting, and the other

Step #1 - Select Aspects The Aspect Alphabet
Aspects are used to describe important aspects of your A is for Ambition - What are your character's goals? What
character, and they should describe parts of your character that drives him to put his life, reputation and sanity on the line?
you wish to be relevant to your campaign. I'll make captain one day!"
An Aspect, whether a phrase or a quote, should always Obsessed with Becoming a Sensie Star
consist of at least three to eight words. You dont want it to be Walking the Long Road to Ascension
overly simple, but at the same time, you dont want it to be B is for Belief - What do you believe in? What philosophies
overly wordy. After all, youll be calling out your Aspects in play guide your actions and make you the person you are?
so an Aspect thats a mouth full may grow quickly tiresome. A SIM isnt human. Its just delusional software.
Characters get 5 Aspects, each of which should be both Id lay down my life for the Coalition.
positive and negative whenever possible. They should work as Suspicious of Technology and the Horrors it Can Unleash
both a way for your character to excel at his niche, and suffer in C is for Connection Whet person, place, or event still
ways you find interesting and character defining. plays a large role in your life? Is there someone who you can
While not required, it is recommended (especially for new always depend on? Was there an event in your life that
players) to use the Aspect Alphabet technique. made you who you are?
The Aspect Alphabet uses each of the first five letters of the Grew up on the Streets of Olympus
alphabet to define a specific type of Aspect. This technique, and Trained by Targe Gamarrol, Praetorian of House Tsarya
the types of Aspects it suggests, are used to help produce I saw the technophage with my own eyes!.
believable and well rounded characters that have goals, D is for Disadvantage Why havent you achieved your
methods of reaching their goals, and reasons for not having goals already? What weaknesses, addictions, compulsions or
already reached them. challenges stand in your way?
One more word of advice remember the rules for scopes on Soft Spot for the Damsel in Distress
page 103. These rules state that more than one of the same Never mind the purists. Theyre expendable.
type of Aspect cannot be invoked at the same time. Keep that Crippling Fear of Space Travel
in mind when selecting Aspects. Having multiple Aspects that E is for Expertise What are you good at? How do you go
basically say the same thing about your character isnt useful. about overcoming obstacles? In a broad sense, what
If, for example, you have three Aspects that could reasonably methods do you employ to succeed in life?
be invoked to help your character on Guile tests to bargain for Smuggler with a Heart of Gold
good prices, you may still only invoke one. So its better to try I never met a system I couldnt crack.
to make sure your Aspects dont all share the same focus. Silver-Tongued Devil Always Gets His Way

Step #2 Determine Your Starting State They can interact with the real world by appearing as an ARO,
through the use of a tele-presence sensor unit (pg. 209), or via
Characters begin play either as pure human, apotheosized drones.
and sleeved, or a substrate independent mind (SIM). Choose Its also possible for a SIM to reside within another
which your character will be. characters mindset if the character has a SIM-cell module (pg.
It is possible to change states during play. A pure character 228).
can purchase the Apotheosis Augmentation (pg. 218). Once you The Coalition allows registered SIM citizens to make use of
have undergone Apotheosis, you can change between sleeved the meshs sensors, allowing them to view the world via special
and SIM states via a resurrection chamber (pg. 146). unsecured ARIS strips and the like. There are restrictions
Should you change states, you automatically lose the State however, imposed by the Humanity Preservation Act.
Benefits of your previous state and gain the State Benefits of You may only view the world from one ARIS strip at a time
your new state. and must wait about 5 minutes between transitioning between
strips. Alternatively you may move your perspective along a
Pure strip at a pace roughly equivalent to a running human. This
Characters who still inhabit the body they were born with allows you to walk along with people in the real world.
have a normal human body modified only with the standard State Benefits: Like a Pure character, you have Skill Ranks to
distribute among the Athletics, Endurance and Perception
genetic manipulations common to all humans.
Skills. SIMs get 8 ranks to distribute (max rank in a single Skill is
State Benefits: You have 9 Skill Ranks to distribute among the
Athletics, Endurance and Perception Skills (max rank in a single 5). While you obviously do not have a physical body, these Skills
Skill is 5), and gain an additional Aspect that must be used to allow you to physically interact with virtual environments.
describe some physical trait. You gain the SIM State (pg. 174) Stunt. You also gain one of
the following Stunts for free: Digitally Evolved, Infusion, Skilled
Your Refresh Rate is increased by +2, and, the total number
of Fate Points you can have at any time is increased by +2. (SINC), or System Slip.
You also gain the Carpe Diem (pg. 167) Stunt for free, and
you may increase your rating in any one non-Physical Skill by
+1. These characters have undergone Apotheosis, and have had
their ego downloaded into an artificial sleeve.
SIM State Benefits: You begin play with a biosleeve or
cybersleeve with a Cost equal to the higher or your Assets or
The substrate independent mind has undergone Apotheosis,
Rep-Rating, +4.
but has elected to reside in a host computer system purely as
See pg. 210 for more on sleeves. See pg. 141 for more on
software instead of downloading into a sleeve.
purchasing items.

Playing a SIM about 10 minutes to jump to another host within 1000 km. It
takes an hour to upload to a new host in the same star system
The Home Environment but more than 1000 km away, or about four hours for an out-of
system host.
SIMs spend most of their time in their home environment. This To be hosted on a system thats normally closed to you, you
environment is a part of them, and they take it with them from must gain entry using the Eminent Domain Savant Program.
host to host. It can vary from SIM to SIM, but it usually consists of
a multi-room apartment in which physical actions result in Interaction with the Real World
program executions. For example, a SIM's Agent may appear as a
Because SIMs have no body, they can only interact with the real
real person, or a pet. And walking through a door may launch a
world via digital interfaces.
mapping program, appearing to you as a model of the city sitting
Viewing the physical world is done through sensors. If you are
on a table in the room. Physical action is not a necessity, but it
hosted on a SIM-cell module, you can see the world through the
helps keep the SIM cohesive. By emulating real world
eyes of your host. If using ARIS strips, you can see anything visible
environments and physics, the SIM is better able to maintain his
to the strips. How much of an area is visible to the local mesh is
described via Mesh Aspects (pg. 184).
Other SIMs can visit your home environment, and non-SIMs can
For physical interaction, you need to rely on the use of a drone.
jack into it like any other virtuality. Of course, they need your
The Puppeteer Savant Program makes this much easier, but any
permission. And you have dominion over your home
SIM can issue simple remote commands to a drone they own.
environment. See pg. 60 for more about what it means to have
SIMs often interact with the world through a technique called
dominion over a virtual environment.
ghosting. Local mesh sensors can create a high quality 3D map
Lag of the area, which can be used to provide the SIM with a realistic
point of view.
You may suffer penalties due to lag on Skill tests when acting This means that the SIM can walk around and talk with anyone
through machines located a great distance from the machine you who can see them with AR interface devices, and the SIM can
are hosted on. view the world from that point of view.
If you are hosted on a local machine (within one thousand km), SIMs that are ghosting make use of public mesh access
you do not suffer a penalty. If you are hosted within the same privileges, and in doing so, are required to appear as an ARO to
system, you only suffer a -2 penalty. When working through anyone nearby. The Humanity Preservation Acts insures that SIMs
machines located outside of the system within which you are are not allowed to walk around the physical world as invisible
currently hosted, you suffer a -4 penalty. ghosts.
Hosting Physical Stress
A SIM may jump from one host system to another, taking his Most virtualities have a safety feature that kicks you out of the
home environment with him. If the host system is open to virtuality if you suffer a Consequence. In the case of a SIM, they
accepting him, no Skill test is required and the process takes are sent back to their home environment.

Step #3 Distribute Skill Ranks sociology, government, physics, math, and other academic
fields of study.
Engineering, Hardware (H.Eng) The understanding of how
Skill Sets machinery works, both for the purposes of operating it,
Select one of the Skill Sets listed below. The set you select building it, and taking it apart.
determines the number of Skills you have at each rank. Engineering, Software (S.Eng) Your characters
understanding of how human written computer software
Specialist Expert Generalist works, both writing code and manipulating existing software.
One Rank 5 Three Rank 4 Seven Rank 3 Firearms Your characters capacity to use projectile weapons,
Two Rank 4 Three Rank 3 Ten Rank 2 be they gauss weapons, coil guns, particle accelerators, or
Three Rank 3 Seven Rank 2 Three Rank 1 heavy artillery such as cannons or vehicular weaponry.
Five Rank 2 Seven Rank 1 Guile The ability to lie, con or bluff, also the ability to haggle
Nine Rank 1 for a good deal.
Insight - Insight is best described as mental reflexes or
Skills common sense. It is also the ability to make quick and
accurate decisions based on unexpected or incomplete
The following Skills are used to determine what your information.
character can do: Intimidation The ability to force others to do as you wish
Assets The general measure of your wealth, be it a stash of though threat of force, also used to torture others for
gold, valuable goods, ownership of land, a habitat, a vehicle, information.
etc. Assets also determines how many restricted items you Melee The understanding of how to use your body as a
can begin play with. weapon, or to use hand held melee weapons.
Cohesion The characters mental stability and sense of self. Mnemonics You have an understanding of software minds,
Its the ability to deal with psychological trauma, and the both human ego and AIs. You can perform SIM-surgery, and
capacity to recover from resurrection. can operate a resurrection chamber.
Demolitions The ability to use explosives, grenades and heavy Networking, Apostate (A.Net) The quality and quantity of
weaponry, both in combat and to demolish structures. the number of contacts you have willing to provide you aid
Diplomacy The ability to talk with people in a friendly fashion among Apostates.
and make a good impression, and perhaps convince them to Networking, House (H.Net) The measure of the number of
see your side of things in a dispute or debate. contacts you have among the Houses and their desire or
Education Education measures the characters book ability to help you. H. Net also determines your starting Rep
learning. It covers history, science, geography, literature, rating.

Pilot You know how to drive and fly vehicles of all sorts, and
you are familiar with their navigational systems. Physical Skills:
Research Your characters ability to quickly find the These Skills represent the capabilities of your body or
information he seeks on the Extranet or a closed mesh. sleeve. If you are a Pure of SIM character, you may place
Resolve The measure of your characters courage, willpower, ranks in these Skills as described under the State Benefits of
and the ability to resist temptation. It also represents the being Pure or a SIM (pg. 156).
drive to not quit in the face of overwhelming opposition. If you are apotheosized, these Skills are determined by
Stealth Your characters ability to hide, filch items, pick your sleeve.
pockets, and move about unnoticed. Athletics the Skill for moving your body, ie. running speed,
Strategy The ability to organize and prepare for conflict, as balance, hand-eye coordination; or for using your body to
well as a good understand about how to overcome similar move something else, ie., lifting, dragging, pulling, etc. Adds
preparations. to your Physical Stress Track.
Endurance health, vigor, ability to withstand pain, toxins,
SINC The ability to write and utilize Self Interfacing Neural sickness and diseases of the body, etc. Adds to your Physical
Code, the code that comprises Savant Programs. stress Track.
Special: You may not put ranks in SINC, or perform SINC Perception the five senses, general awareness of your
tests, unless you also purchase the Savant Stunt (pg. 173). The surroundings, reaction speed, etc. Can be used to make
Savant Stunt grants you a SINC Skill rating of 1. Assessments (pg. 63).
This means that SINC may only be improved beyond a rating
of 1 by purchasing the Skilled Stunt (during or after character
creation), or by swapping Skills ranks at a Milestone.
Step #5 Determine Allegiance
Step #4 Select Stunts At this stage, youll need to determine which House you have
Stunts are special abilities, or special uses of Skills, that membership with, or if you are an apostate.
separate you from the masses. They may represent special As a House member you can acquire certain items at a
combat options, proficiency with certain tactics, special discount, reducing the Cost of certain items by -2. The Houses,
resistances, or even relationships. and the items discounted, are described starting on page 84.
Characters begin play with 4 Stunts. As your character If you choose to play an apostate, you may not make use of
develops, he will gain more. any House discounts, but you get the Non-Citizen Stunt (pg.
171) for free.
Characters who purchase the Savant Stunt (pg. 173) may also
select Savant Programs, which are a special sort of Stunt that
allows a Savant to utilize the SINC Skill.

Step #6 Determine Starting Rep-Rating Step #8 Calculate Stress Boxes
Your Rep-Rating determines your standing in the Coalitions The number of stress boxes you have in each Stress Track is
Interplanetary Reputation Database (IRD). This determines the determined as follows:
quality of the favors you can request, and what you are allowed
to fabricate or purchase from the Houses in Coalition society. Physical: Athletics + Endurance + Size
See pg. 143 for more on Rep-Ratings. Mental: Cohesion + Resolve
You start with a Reputation rating equal to your House System (Savant only): Engineering (Software) + SINC
Networking Skill +2. And you immediately gain a bump with a
Value equal to your Diplomacy.
Note that changes to your Networking Skills after character
Character Advancement
creation do not affect your Rep-Rating. In addition, unless the Every three game sessions or so, after the characters have
GM says otherwise, it is assumed that PCs who know each completed some significant task, they reach a Minor Milestone.
other at the beginning of play have already bumped or hit each When a character reaches a Minor Milestone you may
others Rep-Ratings. choose to do any of the following:
Swap two Skills in your Skill Set. The two Skills must be
Step #7 Select Starting Gear within one rank of each other. For example, if you had
You begin the game with a number of free pieces of gear, Firearms at rank 4, and Insight at rank 3, you could switch
such as weapons, armor, and other gear. them to end up with Firearms at rank 3 and Insight at 4.
You gain a single item with a Cost rating equal to either your Replace an Aspect with another Aspect of your choosing.
Assets or Rep-Rating (your choice), +1. You gain another item This requires the GMs permission and should, of course,
with a Cost equal to either your Assets or Rep. Another with a make sense within the context of the story.
Cost equal to your Assets or Rep -1, another equal to your The next Milestone they reach, after having already achieved
Assets or Rep -2, and so on until the Cost of the item you can a Minor Milestone, is a Major Milestone. This is the same as
purchase is 0. reaching a Minor Milestone, but the character may also select
Unless you have the Licensed Stunt (pg. 171), the maximum an additional Stunt.
number of restricted items you gain for free is equal to your The new Stunt need not be selected as soon as the Milestone
Assets rating +1. is reached. The character can save it and make his decision any
Items not selected during this step may be purchased later. time before reaching the next Milestone.
See pg.141 for purchasing items. Once the character has achieved a Major Milestone, his next
Restricted items can only be purchased with Assets. Milestone will be a minor one. And so on, with every other
Milestone being a major one.

Anders SAMPLE CHARACTERS Trouble Shooter
Im gonna make a good life for us Sweety.
The Coalition Only Offers Freedom in a Cage
Former Enforcer for the Rings of Olympus
Everything I do, I do for her.
I know trouble when I see it. And youre trouble.
Allegiance: Apostate Rep-Rating

Skills: Rank 4: Guile, Insight, Stealth

Rank 3: Firearms, Intimidation, Networking (Apostate), Strategy
Rank 2: Assets, Cohesion, Networking (House), Demolitions, Resolve, Engineering
Rank 1: Education, Engineering (Hardware), Diplomacy, Melee, Mnemonics,
Research, Pilot

Stunts: Refresh: 4 (9)

Carpe Diem (Free) You may attempt a Declaration, Assessment or Maneuver any time you
exceed the difficulty on a Skill test by 5 or more. Mental Stress:
Non-Citizen (Free) You do not have a Rep-Rating. You gain a +2 bonus on any Favor tests or Minor (-2) ____________________________
Asset tests made to acquire goods, information, or services from fellow apostates. Major (-4) ____________________________
Constant Vigilance +3 to initiative tests, spend FP to act normally when ambushed. Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
Dodge Once per scene you may reduce the amount of stress you receive from a single Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
physical attack by an amount equal to your Athletics +2. Physical Stress: AR: 5
Gun Slinger The WR of any pistol you wield is increased by +2. When wielding a pistol in Minor (-2) ____________________________
each hand, you may perform full-auto or beam attacks (using the best WR of the two). If Major (-4) ____________________________
such an attack results in the need to reload or cool your weapon, both are considered out of Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
ammo or overheated. You may reload or cool both weapons as if they were one. Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
Right Place, Right Time You always seem to show up when it matters most. Spend a Fate
Point to appear in any scene in which you were not previously present. Gear:
Light Pac Pistol (WR: +6, Beam Wpn, Particle
State: Pure Accelerator, Small), Light Battle Armor (AR: +5,
Body Aspect: Physical Skills: Computer Gauntlet), Light Gauss Pistol (WR: +5, Armor
Heavily Scarred from Numerous Conflicts Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 3 Penetrating, Small, -2 WR when Silent, Ammo x1), AR
Display Glasses, Backpack, Flashlight, Credisk

Jane Soldier of Fortune
Laser Focused on Becoming a Praetorian
Im not my Mother. Im just in it for the Rep.
Deceased Mother was a Praetorian
Its not personal. Call it natural selection.
Legionnaire, Born and Raised
Allegiance: House Dalianis (Market Discount: Star Ships, Gauss
Weaponry, Drones)

Skills: Rank 3: Education, Firearms, Networking (House), Intimidation, Melee, Resolve,

Strategy (+1)
Rank 2: Assets, Demolitions, Diplomacy (+1), Networking (Apostate), Guile, Insight,
Engineering (Hardware), Pilot, Research (+2), Stealth
Rank 1: Cohesion, Engineering (Software), Mnemonics

Stunts: Refresh: 2 (7)

Reputable Your starting Rep-Rating is increased by +2. Mental Stress:
Licensed You may purchase and compile restricted equipment. Minor (-2) ____________________________
Strategist Spend a FP to gain a +2 bonus on all attack tests against one foe for the duration Major (-4) ____________________________
of the scene. Each time you use this Stunt in a scene, you must select a different foe. Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
Combat Reload You can reload a gauss or coil gun as a Free Action. Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
Physical Stress: AR: +8
State: Sleeved (Delta Cybersleeve) Augmentations: Minor (-4) ____________________________
Sleeve Aspects: Apotheosis Major (-6) ____________________________
Synthetic Biology Fully Synthetic Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
Inhuman Appearance Optimized Power Systems Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
Physical Skills: Bio-Skin Sheath
Athletics 4, Endurance 4, Perception 2 Gyroscopic Stabilizers - +2 bonus to full-auto attacks Gear:
Armor Rating: +2 Neura-Surge Activate to perform extra action, Hvy Coil Assault Rifle (WR: +8, Full Auto, Huge, -2 WR
Agent (Alpha) Skill Bonuses: Research activation difficulty is 3 (Endurance) and increases by +1
when Silent, Ammo x 4), Fragmentation Grenade
+2, Diplomacy +1, Strategy +1 with each use in the same scene
Sub-Dermal Armor Plating Template, Frag Grenade x3, Hvy Battle Armor
(AR: +6, Zer-G Assist Jets), Mono-Edged Short Sword
Targeting Support System - +2 bonus to firearm attacks
with weapons featuring a targeting support module. (WR: 6), Penetrator Ammo x3, Backpack

Malpheus Shadowy Spy Master
The HPA must be abolished if we are to reach our true potential.
Your notion of Purity is as childish as it is ridiculous.
Was Killed By the Technophage During the Exodus
Shadowy Network of Contacts and Spies
SIM State(P) Rep-Rating
Allegiance: House Kimura (Market Discount: Computers, Cybernetic
Augmentations, Cybersleeves, Virtuality Software, Agent Software)

Rank 3: Assets, Diplomacy (+1), Engineering (Software), Guile, Networking

Skills: (Apostate), Networking (House), Research (+2)
Rank 2: Cohesion, Education (+1), Insight (+1), Intimidation, Melee, Mnemonics
(+1), Pilot, Resolve, Stealth, Strategy
Rank 1: Demolitions, Firearms, Engineering (Hardware)

Stunts: Refresh: 2 (7)

SIM State (Free) You gain the SIM State(P) Aspect. Mental Stress:
System Slip (Free) You gain +2 on Stealth tests to avoid being detected on a computer system, and Minor (-2) ____________________________
increase the execution difficulty of any Savant Program directed at you by +2. Major (-4) ____________________________
Agenda Celebrity (Transhumanists) You are well known in transhumanists circles and gain a +2 Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
bonus any time you request a Favor relating to progressing the transhumanist agenda. Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
All-Seeing Eye Once per scene you can gain a +3 bonus on Perception tests, including attempts to
perform Assessments. Physical Stress: AR: +0
Digital Spider You gain a +2 bonus on tests to perform Assessments related to a person, place or Minor (-2) ____________________________
thing that can be found on the Extranet. Major (-4) ____________________________
Inspire Greatness Once per scene you can grant an ally who can hear you speak a +3 bonus on a Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
single Skill test. Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________

State: SIM SIM Notes: Gear:

Agent (Beta) Skill Bonuses: Research +2, Diplomacy SIMs require 10 min to change hosts. Beta Agent, Imex V44 Case Spider (pg. 232),
+2, Insight +1, Education +1, Mnemonics +1, Sensie (Torture Session featuring Death), Light
Lag Penalties
Physical Skills: < 1000 km = No Penalty Gauss Pistol Template, Lt. Gauss Pistol x3, Tele-
Athletics 2, Endurance 3, Perception 3 >1000 km, but Same System = -2 Penalty Presence Sensor Unit, Blank ARID Tags x3,
Different System = -4 Penalty Credisk x3,

Alexi Renegade Savant
Looking for Ascension Between Flesh and Synthetics
The Shadow War isnt about politics, its something else.
One of the Last Surviving Members of Magnus IX
Discharged from the Legion After Becoming a Savant 3
At One With the Swarm
Suffers Occasional Crippling Migraines from Mindset Hack Rep-Rating
Allegiance: House Tsarya (Market Discount: Vehicular and Personal
Armor, Ground Vehicles, War Frames)

Rank 4: Firearms, Stealth, Engineering (Software),

Skills: Rank 3: Cohesion, Intimidation, Strategy (+1)
Rank 2: Diplomacy, Education, Engineering (Hardware), Insight (+1), Melee,
Mnemonics. Resolve, SINC
Rank 1: Assets, Demolitions, Guile, Networking (Apostate), Networking (House),
Pilot, Research (+2)

Stunts: Refresh: 2 (7) Mental Stress:

Savant You can select Savant Programs as Stunts, and gain a SINC rating of 1.
Minor (-2) ____________________________
Esper Lord (Savant Program, Free) You can control a swarm of espers. Pg. 180.
Major (-4) ____________________________
Skilled (SINC) Your SINC Skill rating is increased by 1. Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
Transhumanist Your sleeve gains one additional Augmentation Point, and the maximum Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
number of Augmentations it can have is increased by +1.
Oracle Pattering (Savant Program) You can make reliable predictions of future events. Pg. 184. Physical Stress: AR: +2
Minor (-2) ____________________________
State: Sleeved (Beta Biosleeve) Augmentations: Major (-4) ____________________________
Sleeve Aspects: Apotheosis (Remote Backup) Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
Gene-Fixed Biosleeve Synthesis Gain Synthesized Biology Aspect and +1 Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________
Synthesized Biology to all Physical Skills.
Physical Skills: Esper Vent
System Stress:
Athletics 4, Endurance 4, Perception 4 Minor (-2) ____________________________
Agent (Alpha) Skill Bonuses: Research Gear: Hvy G. Pistol (WR: +6, Armor Penetrating, Small, Major (-4) ____________________________
+2, Insight +1, Strategy +1 -2 WR when Silent, Ammo x1), Reinforced Clothing Severe(P) (-6) ____________________________
(AR: +2), Mono-Edge Dagger (WR: +4, Small), Flashlight Extreme(P) (-8) ____________________________

Reagan Tactical Genius
When all the fighting is over what then?
True Peace Comes in Consolidation and Unity
Hero of Tellerus Fields
Damaging Extranet Video of Brutal Treatment of Apostates 6
Natural Born Leader
Aegis III Power Armor
Allegiance: House Silva (Market Discount: Biosleeves, Biotech
Augmentations, PAc Weaponry)

Skills: Rank 5: Strategy (+2) Rank 4: Firearms, Networking (House)

Rank 3: Demolitions, Diplomacy, Insight
Rank 2: Assets, Melee, Pilot, Resolve, Intimidation
Rank 1: Cohesion, Education (+1), Engineering (Hardware), Engineering (Software),
Guile, Mnemonics, Networking (Apostate), Research (+1), Stealth

Stunts: Refresh: 2 (7)

Banner of Hope Once per scene, as a Free Action, you can clear all the stress (but not Mental Stress:
Consequences) an ally has suffered. This ally must be able to hear you speak. Minor (-2) _______________________________
Concentrated Fire Once per scene, when you attack with a ranged weapon, a chosen ally (in the Major (-5) _______________________________
zone you occupy or adjacent zone) may also make a ranged attack against the same target as an Severe(P) (-6) _______________________________
Instant Action. Each use after the first use in a scene costs a Fate Point. Extreme(P) (-8) _______________________________
Master Tactician When you generate Spin on an attack test in a physical conflict, you may perform Physical Stress: AR: +9
a Strategy test against a difficulty of 3. If you succeed, you may invoke or compel one of the Minor (-2) _______________________________
environments Aspects for free. Major (-4) _______________________________
Signature Item (Aegis III Power Armor) Gain one item, and an Aspect to go with it. You may invoke Severe(P) (-6) _______________________________
this Aspect once per scene for free. Extreme(P) (-8) _______________________________

State: Sleeved (Beta Biosleeve) Augmentations: Gear:

Sleeve Aspects: Apotheosis Aegis III Powered Hvy Assault Armor (AR: +9, Vacuum Sealed and
Gene-Fixed Biosleeve Adrenal Boost Module activate as Free Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal Regulation System, Reinforced Cyber-
Action, +2 Athletics and Melee, Physical Musculature, Enhanced Mobility Actuators, Jump Jets, Mag-Traction)
Physical Skills:
Athletics 4, Endurance 3, Perception 2 Consequences absorb +1 stress, Lasts 3 PAc Carbine (WR: +10, Beam Wpn, Particle Accelerator, Large), Hell
rounds, after which you gain the Got the Ball Template, Hell Ball x3, Portable Broadcast Power Generator,
Agent (Alpha) Skill Bonuses: Strategy
Shakes! Aspect Medi-Stimulant Injection Template, MSI x3, Hvy Gauss Pistol,
+2, Research +1, Education +1 Ammo x1), Gravitic Baton (WR: +6), Penetrator Ammo Unit x 1,
Medichine Factory heal faster (pg. 224)
Plasti-Rope Dispenser

STUNTS respected and revered Astralist, or a
highly regarded member of your House.
Assassin Shot
Unless otherwise specified, you may Whatever your agenda, you can gain a You are trained to compensate for
not select the same Stunt more than +2 bonus when calling in Favors that gravity, wind and other factors that
once. support your agenda. might otherwise spoil a well placed shot.
This bonus does not stack with other You know where, and how, to aim to
Stunts that add bonuses to Favor rolls. deal the most damage to your opponent
Academic with a ranged weapon.
You come from an academic Once per scene, when attacking an
background, having spent a great deal of All Seeing Eye ambushed target (pg. 132) with a ranged
time studying science and history. Perhaps you are a master of weapon, you add a +3 bonus on your
You gain a +2 bonus on Education investigation techniques, or maybe you attack test.
tests to make Declarations related to just have an uncanny eye for detail. You may elect to use this Stunt more
history or science. Once per scene, when called on to than once per scene, but each use after
make a Perception test, you may gain a the first costs a Fate Point.
+3 bonus. This includes attempts to
Acrobatic Exploit
You tumble, roll, spin and twist during
perform Assessments. Assassin Strike
combat, leaving your foe always chasing You know how to strike, using a melee
after you. Artist weapon, to deal the most damage to
Any time you generate Spin on a You are an authority in a specific your opponent. You know how to get
melee attack test you may move into an artistic field, be it painting, sculpting, around armor, anticipate your targets
adjacent zone as a Free Action. singing, dancing, etc. You gain a +2 movements, and strike at their weak
This is in addition to the Free Action bonus on all rolls related to perform or spots like vital organs and pressure
you normally get, which you can spend create art that relates to your field. points.
moving a second time if you wish. In addition, you gain a +1 bonus on Once per scene, when attacking an
rolls to request Favors (pg. 145) from ambushed target (pg. 132) with a melee
people who enjoy your work. weapon, you add a +3 bonus on your
Agenda Celebrity This bonus does not stack with other attack test.
You are well known to those who Stunts that add bonuses to Favor rolls. You may elect to use this Stunt more
share a specific agenda. You might be a than once per scene, but each use after
hero for the purist cause, a well known the first costs a Fate Point.
and outspoken transhumanist, a

At Home Behind the Stick Battlefield Command the Skill and what you were trying to do.
The GM has final say as to which you are
You know how to get the most out of At your command, your allies shift to a able to perform.
your vehicle, pushing it to its limits. more advantageous position.
You may spend a Fate Point to make a Once per scene you may allow all of
single Aspect owned by the vehicle you your allies to move into a zone adjacent Combat Reload
are driving or piloting Persistent, for you to their starting point, or take cover (pg. You are intimately familiar with your
only, for the duration of the scene. 150), as an Instant Action. firearms, and reloading them is second
You may elect to use this Stunt more nature to you.
than once per scene, but each use after
Augment-Adept the first costs a Fate Point.
You can reload a gauss or coil gun as a
Free Action. Note that this does not help
You are especially adept at managing you cool an overheated PAc firearm any
your sleeves onboard systems, knowing
just how to push it for maximum results. Blazing Burst faster.
Once per scene you may invoke an Extensive training has improved the
Aspect gained from an Augmentation for accuracy of your shots, allowing you to Concentrated Fire
free, without spending a Fate Point. aim a PDW accurately with each hand. You synchronize your attack with an
When you perform a full-auto or beam ally, firing at the same target at the same
weapon attack action with a PDW in
Banner of Hope either hand, you gain a +2 bonus on the
Once per scene, when you attack a foe
Your words and deeds inspire your attack test. with a ranged weapon, you may direct
allies to fight on, urging them to any ally in the zone you occupy (or an
overcome their physical and mental
injuries and get back in the fight. Carpe Diem adjacent zone) to fire on your target at
the same time you do.
Once per scene, as a Free Action, you Special: This Stunt is only available to Make your attack test as normal.
may select one ally who can hear you Pure characters. Your chosen ally may also make a
speak. That ally may immediately clear Whenever the amount of Effort you Simple Attack against the same target as
all stress (but not Consequences) he has generate on a Skill test exceeds the an Instant Action.
suffered. difficulty by 5 or more, you may perform You may elect to use this Stunt more
an Assessment (pg. 111), Declaration than once per scene, but each use after
(pg. 112) or Maneuver (pg. 110) for free the first costs a Fate Point.
as an Instant Action.
Whether it is an Assessment, a
Declaration or Maneuver depends on

Constant Vigilance Crippling Blow person, place or thing that can be found
on the Extranet.
You are always on the lookout for You know how to attack, using your
trouble. body weight and leverage, to land
You get a +3 bonus on any initiative devastating blows against your Digitally Evolved
test. opponents. Special: Only available to characters
In addition, if you are ambushed, you Once per scene, you may increase the who have also taken the Savant Stunt.
may spend a Fate Point to defend Weapon Rating of a melee weapon (or You have managed to modify your
yourself normally. unarmed strike) by +3 for a single attack. egos code in such a way that, when
This may be declared after the attack loaded into a virtual environment, most
test is made.
Counter Attack You may elect to use this Stunt more
of your physical Skills are enhanced.
You gain a +2 bonus on Athletics,
When you generate Spin on a test to than once per scene, but each use after Endurance and Perception Skill tests
defend yourself against a melee attack, the first costs a Fate Point. while in a virtuality.
or close (same zone) ranged attack, you You also gain a +1 on attack rolls made
may perform a melee attack against your
attacker as an Instant Action. Dead Inside using the Firearms or Melee Skills.
This is a single melee attack, either Your mind has grown numb to the
unarmed or with a weapon in hand, and horrors you have endured. But despite Dodge
you may not perform any additional terrible emotional trauma, you are able Bobbing and weaving, ducking and
Supplemental Actions or move. to hold it together and press on. dodging, you nimbly dance out of the
All Mental Consequences absorb one way of incoming attacks.
additional point of stress. So a Minor
Cover of Darkness Mental Consequence would absorb 3
Once per scene you may reduce the
amount of stress you suffer from any
You are at home in the shadows, and stress instead of 2. single physical attack by an amount
know how to use tricks of light to keep equal to your Athletics +2.
yourself hidden.
Zone Aspects that relates to dim light Digital Spider
or darkness are persistent, but for you Youve been to every corner of the
only. Extranet, and know where to look for
obscure information.
You gain a +2 bonus on all rolls to
perform Assessments related to a

Drone-Jock Ego Stabilization Software improbable and probable opportunities
outright certain.
You are especially adept at You have a top of the line software Determine the person you want to
customizing and operating drones. When suite that constantly edits your ego in make friends with and make a Diplomacy
you purchase this Stunt, you get several small ways to help insure maximum test against a difficulty of 3. If you
benefits: mental cohesion. succeed, you gain a new Aspect that
The Cost of any drone you attempt to The SIM State(P) or Synthetic relates to this person.
purchase is reduced by -1. Biology(P) Aspects are not Persistent for You may have a number of Five
Whenever you purchase a drone, two you, and you gain a +1 bonus on Minute Friend Aspects equal to your
of its Skills (your choice) are increased Cohesion tests to defend against the
by +1. Once chosen, the Skills the Diplomacy. If youve already reached
mental trauma that comes with your limit, and want another Five
bonuses are applied to cannot be resleeving.
changed. Minute Friend Aspect, youll need to
Drones you purchase gain one discard one that you already have.
additional Augmentation Point. Fame
You are famous for something. You Forced Advance
Dual Assault might host a well-known Extranet show, Your melee attacks crash down upon
You are a whirling dervish, your be a popular template designer, a your foes with tremendous force.
barrage of strikes laying waste to your celebrated politician, etc. As a Free Action, as part of any melee
opponents. Regardless of where you got your attack in which you generate Spin, you
Once per scene, when wielding a fame, you gain a +2 bonus on attempts may elect to engage your opponent in an
melee weapon in each hand (or to gain Favors from people who might Athletics (+ Size) contest.
unarmed), you may perform a Dual recognize you. If you succeed, you may force your
Assault as a Simple Action. This bonus does not stack with other opponent into an adjacent zone. You
When performing a Dual Assault, Stunts that add bonuses to Favor rolls. may choose to go with him, or stay in
make a separate attack with each of your current zone.
your weapons. You may attack a single
target twice, or attack two different
Five Minute Friends
Given a chance for five minutes of
targets in the zone you occupy.
conversation, you can make a steadfast
You may elect to use this Stunt more
friend in a place youve never been.
than once per scene, but each use after
This Stunt makes nearly impossible
the first costs a Fate Point.
opportunities to make friends merely

Free Runner say to) an opponent to make it hurt the
You are especially good at navigating When you select this Stunt, select Youve mastered a style of martial arts
your environment on the run, using your either Education or Insight. Once per that specializes in ground combat.
momentum to leap, roll, vault, bounce or scene, you may use either Education or You gain +3 bonus to grappling related
slide under obstacles while maintaining Insight in place of any other Skill on a rolls, such as when attempting to push,
your speed. single test. pull, throw, restrain, pin or trip another.
You gain a +3 bonus on rolls to Hustle, You may elect to use this Stunt more (See pg. 141 for more on these actions).
Run and during chase Sequences. In than once per scene, but each use after
addition, you gain +2 Effort on Athletics-
based defense rolls during any round in
the first costs a Fate Point. Great Captain
which you Hustled, Ran or made a test to You really know how to manage a
flee or pursue during a chase. Gun Slinger crew, and push a ship to its limits.
You have trained extensively to fight When serving as the captain of a ship,
the ship gains a +1 bonus on all of its
Geek Speak with hand guns, both one at a time, or
with one in each hand. Capabilities.
You are really good at seeding a The WR of any pistol you wield is
conversation with just enough techno-
babble to baffle, confuse and deceive
increased by +2. Ground and Pound
In addition, when wielding a pistol in
others. Whenever you generate Spin on an
each hand, you may perform full-auto or
You may test your Education instead attempt to push, pull, throw, restrain,
beam attacks (using the best WR of the
of Diplomacy or Guile whenever you pin or trip another character, you may
two), even if neither of the pistols you
need to convince someone of a scientific immediately make a melee attack as an
wield are normally capable of such
fact, whether it is true or not. Instant Action against the person you
performed this Maneuver upon.
If a full-auto or beam attack results in
This is a single melee attack, either
Genius at Work the need to reload or cool your weapon,
unarmed or with a weapon in hand, and
both are considered out of ammo or
You have a talent for analyzing a you may not perform any Supplemental
overheated. You may reload or cool both
situation and figuring out how to get the Actions or move any more than you
weapons as if they were a single
most benefit for the least amount of normally would when performing one of
effort. This could mean working out the these types of actions.
best way to build a simple tool, or just These attacks may not be made with
knowing exactly where to hit (or what to weapons that have the Large or Huge(P)

Infusion Inspire Greatness Marksman
Special: Only available to characters You know how to talk to people to get You are adept at predicting a targets
who have also taken the Savant Stunt. the best out of them, encouraging them movement, know how to lead them, and
You have managed to modify your to push beyond their normal limits and excel at finding the weak points in an
egos code, adding additional code that achieve greatness. armored target.
defines one or more pieces of Once per scene you may grant an ally Once per scene, you may ignore up to
equipment. who can hear you speak a +3 bonus on a 4 points of your opponent's Armor
This code becomes a part of your ego, single Skill test. Rating for a single ranged attack.
and cannot be separated. When you load You may elect to use this Stunt more
into a virtuality, you gain the ability to Licensed than once per scene, but each use after
call this equipment into being at will. the first costs a Fate Point.
Somehow you have been able to
The equipment your ego is infused
obtain a license to acquire restricted
with functions just as it would if the
equipment were real, and obeys the
equipment, and may acquire it with your Master Tactician
Rep-rating. (Normally a character must You have a remarkable awareness of
physical laws of the virtual environment.
use Assets to acquire restricted items.) your environment, and always know how
So an infused gauss rifle can be used
Note, however, that excessive to make the best of it.
to blow apart objects and people in the
restricted purchases can result in When you generate Spin on an attack
virtuality, but an infused flame thrower
investigation by authorities. You can get test in a physical conflict, you may
still could not make fire under water.
away with fabricating an assault rifle, or perform a Strategy test against a
You may infuse any number of items
even decanting into a restricted sleeve. difficulty of 2. If you succeed, you may
so long as their combined Cost does not
But attempting to fabricate a half dozen invoke or compel one of the
exceed 5 + your SINC Skill rating.
guns, or a large quantity of explosives environments Aspects for free.
You may select this Stunt multiple
may flag you for investigation. If you generate Spin, that Aspect
times. Each time you may infuse
Also keep in mind that while restricted becomes persistent for you.
additional items, adding +3 to the total
equipment is very useful for bartering
Cost of the items you can infuse.
with apostates, getting caught doing so
Also, each time you take this Stunt,
could potentially result in severe
you may liquidate the items you
previously infused and infuse a whole
A PC who gets caught might lose his
new set.
license. If this happens, the GM should
allow the PC to replace this Stunt with

Non-Citizen Payback perform an additional unarmed attack
against the same opponent.
You are a ghost. Little record of your Any time you are physically attacked
life exists. You do not show up on most and suffer a Consequence, you may
Coalition records and mostly just exist as spend a Fate Point and immediately Razor Tongue
an apostate. make an attack against the person who You have a cunning wit and know just
It is assumed you have managed to injured you as an Instant Action. what to say to get under someones skin.
find a way to make it in this world This is a single melee attack, either You may spend a Fate Point to add a
without being tracked, and that you unarmed or with a weapon in hand, and +3 bonus (or +3 Edge) on your next Guile
spend a portion of your down time you may not perform any Supplemental test made to anger your opponent,
working to keep your tracks covered. Actions or move. possibly forcing him to attack you.
You may need to talk the specifics over
with your GM. Precision Strike Refreshed
You gain the Non-Citizen Aspect.
You are adept at sizing up your
You also do not have a Rep-Rating. Your Refresh Rating is increased by +1.
opponent, finding weak spots, and
You can just skip that phase of character In addition, the total number of Fate
taking advantage of them.
creation. If you need to make use of a Points you can have at any given time is
Once per scene, you may ignore up to
Rep-Rating, youll need to purchase a also increased by +1.
4 points of your opponent's Armor
false CID (pg. 206). You may take this Stunt a total of
Rating for a single melee attack.
However, in exchange, you gain a +2 three times.
You may elect to use this Stunt more
bonus on any Favor tests (pg. 145) made
than once per scene, but each use after
to acquire goods, information, or
services from fellow apostates. You also
the first costs a Fate Point. Reputable
gain a +2 bonus on any Assets tests to Youve left those whove met you with
purchase items or services from Rapid Strike good impressions, or youve contributed
apostates. Youve mastered a form of martial arts something meaningful to the lives of the
that specializes in launching a rapid people of the galaxy.
Passing Attack series of strikes against a single Your Rep-Rating is increased by +2.
While performing a hustle (pg. 121)
Once each turn, when you generate
you may make a single melee attack
Spin while performing an unarmed
(unarmed or with a melee weapon)
melee attack, you may immediately
against any target in any zone you move
through as a Free Action.

Right Place, Right Time Savant Programs with the Stunts you get
from Major Milestones.
You always seem to show up when it In addition, you also gain a new
matters most, or at least, when its most Disadvantage Aspect that represents
convenient for you. You may spend a the negative side effects of hacking the
Fate Point to appear in any scene in mindset. Glitchy Short-Term Memory,
which you were not previously present. Occasional Uncontrollable Muscle
Note that the GM may deny the use of Spasms, or Left Eye Severed from Visual
this Stunt if you were clearly detained or Cortex are good examples of the kinds of
have no reasonable way of getting on Aspects a Savant might have.
location in time. This damage to the brain may be
repairable in time. Upon achieving any
Savant Milestone, you may elect to reduce a
Skill of your choice by -1 in exchange for
Special: Requires the SIM State Stunt
removing this Aspect. The Skill selected
or Apotheosis Augmentation
may not be reduced to a rating below 1.
You have managed to hack your
mindset, stripping it of the Coalition
mandated restrictions placed on it by the Shake it Off
Humanity Preservation Act. You know how to take advantage of
You gain a rating of 1 in the SINC Skill. your opponent's mistakes, using them as
During character creation you may an opportunity to catch your breath and
improve your SINC skill by selecting the clear your head.
Skilled Stunt. Once per scene, when you generate
After character creation you may Spin on a defense test in a Physical or
improve this Skill like any other, either Mental conflict, you may clear your
by swapping its rank with another Skill at Physical Stress Track (but not
a Milestone, or selecting the Skilled Consequences).
Stunt. You may elect to use this Stunt more
When you select this Stunt, you also than once per scene, but each use after
gain a Savant Program of your choice. the first costs a Fate Point.
And you may now purchase additional

Signature Item SIM State Skilled
You gain an item or piece of gear, and You exist purely as software on a Youve spent a lot of time honing a
an additional Connection Aspect related machine. Your home is a virtuality, and particular Skill, becoming better and
to the item. You may invoke this Aspect you can make of it what you wish. better with time.
once per scene for free. Though you do not have a body, you You increase the rank of one of your
For example, if your character raises have programs that allow you to view Skills by +1.
The Remains of the US Constitution and hear the physical world through You may purchase this Stunt multiple
before a crowd to rally them for battle, mesh sensors, and can generally view times, but no Skill may be increased to a
she might invoke that Aspect to gain a non-restricted areas local to the rating greater than 5.
bonus on his Diplomacy test for free the computer system you are running on Any time you pass a Major Milestone
first time. with little effort. you may change one Skill you have
Your Signature Item could be a ship, a See pg. 157 for more about life as a associated with this Stunt. No matter
space station, or even a much loved SIM. how many times you have purchased the
sleeve. The Cost of this item is doesnt The server you are installed on acts as Skilled Stunt, you may still only change
generally matter, but you must get your your mindset and provides you with all one Skill in this manner.
GMs permission to take an item with a the benefits of the Apotheosis
Cost rated higher than your Assets or Augmentation (pg. 218). The software
Rep-Rating, x2. that comprises your identity also consists Slayer
The GM should keep in mind that this of your Agent, your SINC (if you are a You specialize in using big weapons for
item is very meaningful to the character Savant), and any other software maximum devastation.
and that a Stunt has been spent to normally housed in the mindset. Each time you hit a target with a
acquire it. That being the case, he should You gain the Persistent Aspect SIM weapon bearing the Huge(P) Aspect, but
think carefully before presenting a State(P). This Aspect represents the fact fail to produce a Consequence, you may
situation where a Signature Item can be that you do not have a body, but view pay a Fate Point to automatically add +3
lost or taken. And if lost or taken, the the world through ARIS strips or via to the amount of stress inflicted.
character should be given some anothers senses if they uplink their feed You may only do this once per attack.
opportunity to either recover the item, to your mindset; or you inhabit their SIM
take a new item as a Signature Item, or Cell module (pg. 228).
trade this Stunt for another. The SIM State(P) Aspect also
represents the tendency for a virtual
mind to fragment over time, and can be
compelled during most Cohesion tests.

Slippery Combatant Specialty Aspect Specialized Program
You are quick footed and hard to pin You are especially good at some Youve spent a great deal of time
down. specific use of a Skill. You gain a new mastering a specific Savant Program,
If you generate Spin on a defense test Aspect that describes this specialty, and honing your SINC to a razors edge,
against an attack, you may move to an this Aspect is linked to a Skill. Select one Savant Program you know.
adjacent zone as an Instant Action. You may invoke this Aspect (or it may The execution difficulty for that program
This is in addition to the Free Action be compelled) like any other Aspect. is reduced by 2.
you normally get, which you can spend In addition, once per scene you may
moving a second time if you wish. invoke this Aspect for free on any
relevant test using its associated Skill. Strategist
For example, if you had the Specialty You are adept at seeing and exploiting
Sniper Aspect Honey Tongued Seductress an enemys weaknesses in a physical
You are highly proficient with rifles, (Guile), you could invoke it for free once conflict. These might be tendencies to
and have trained extensively to per scene to add a bonus or reroll on a move a certain way, a propensity to
eliminate targets with a single shot. Guile test to seduce someone. telegraph attacks, or a literal chink in his
When making attacks with a rifle or You may take this Stunt up to a total armor.
scoped assault rifle, the range rating of of three times, each time adding Spend a Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus
your weapon is increased by +3. Specialty Aspects to the same Skill or on physical attacks against one
In addition, once per scene when an different Skills. opponent for the duration of the scene.
enemy is forced to suffer a Consequence Examples of Specialty Aspects include: Each time you use this Stunt during
from your shot, you can force them to Published SIM-ulated Life at Age 14 this scene, you may apply this bonus to
take a more severe type of (Education) one additional foe.
Consequence. If they cannot, they may Survived Three Weeks alone in the Amazon
not take any Consequence at all. Rain Forest (Insight)
For example, if you shoot an enemy Olympian Fencing Master (Melee)
and deal 3 points of physical stress, he Former Zero-G Dogfighting Instructor (Pilot)
might elect to reduce that stress by 2 by Moderator on the Web of Lies Discussion
taking a Minor Consequence. Board (Apostate Networking)
In that case, you may instead force Coalition Trained Sniper (Firearms)
him to take a Major Consequence. If he Expert in Bio to Cyber Sleeve Integration
had already taken a Major Consequence, (Mnemonics)
he would be forced to take a Severe.

System Slip Tenacious
As a SIM, you know how to hide in a You have exceptional mental stability,
network. By changing file names, and are able to shrug off trauma and
rewriting your position on storage horrors that would leave others weeping
devices, and creating digital red herrings, on the floor.
you are able to thwart attempts to find The amount of Mental stress each
you and target you in a system. Consequence allows you to ignore is
You gain a +3 bonus on Stealth rolls to increased by +1.
avoid being detected on a computer
In addition, you also increase the Transhumanist
execution difficulty of any Savant You know which brands of
Program directed at you by +2. Augmentations work best with each
other, and are adept at customizing a
sleeve for maximum efficiency.
Tactical Dive Sleeves you purchase have two
Diving through the air, you fire at your additional Augmentation Points, and the
opponents before landing in a controlled maximum number of Augmentations
roll and regaining your feet. your sleeve can support is increased by
Once per scene, you can both move 1.
into an adjacent zone and perform a
ranged attack with a single Simple
Action. If you can take cover in the zone Vicious Comeback
you end in, you may take cover as part of Once per scene, on a test to defend
that same Free Action. yourself in an argument or debate
This is in addition to the Free Action (mental conflict), you may perform a
you normally get, which you can spend mental attack against your opponent as
moving a second time if you wish. an Instant Action.
You may elect to use this Stunt more
than once per scene, but each use after
the first costs a Fate Point.

Execution Difficulty
SAVANT PROGRAMS When you wish to use a Program, you must make a SINC
The Savants special abilities all derive from the unique test against this difficulty. If you fail, the Program still
programming language, called SINC (Self-Interfacing Neural activates, but you suffer an amount of system stress equal to
Code), he has been able to compile since cracking the the amount by which you failed. If you Stall, you suffer the
restrictions on his Mindset (pg. 64). This is a very dangerous stress and the Program fails to activate.
procedure, but once complete, the Savant gains the ability to
hack computer systems in ways a normal person cannot. Savant Programs
The type of hacking performed by the Savant is actually
Access Memory Access memories stored in the targets mnemonic
carried out by the Savants Agent, or Daemon. The Savant core.
executes the SINC, and his Daemon unloads a barrage of
Augmented Unreality Cause the target to perceive augmented reality
SINC-based intrusion programs that flood the target system, objects that they may believe are real.
drilling a hole through its security just long enough for the
Blackout Damage the link between the targets mindset and brain,
Savant to seize control. rendering them blind.
Modern computer systems are built using Mimir-tech, and Delve Gain access to a persons secured records, allowing you to make
as a result, are secured using dedicated AIs. This means that Assessments or Declarations about them.
the window of access the Savant is able to obtain is short Eminent Domain You can take temporary control over computer-
lived, usually lasting no more than a few seconds. But in controlled parts of your environment.
those few seconds, the target machine is his to command. Esper Lord Control a swarm of nanomachines.
The Savant Programs in this chapter are special Stunts that Memory Hack Manipulate the memories stored on a mnemonic core.
represent the programs Savants are able to compile from
Oracle Patterning Your Daemon makes reliable predictions of the
their SINC. future by processing available data.
Before you can gain any Savant Programs, you must first Overload Cause the targets mindset to generate pain.
purchase the Savant Stunt (pg. 173). After that Savant
Pattern Scan Your Daemon constructs reliable reports about past
Programs can be chosen like other Stunts, either during events based on available information.
character creation or upon reaching a Major Milestone.
Puppeteer Improve your use of drones, and/or take over and control
SINC is a personal thing partially derived from, and drones that dont belong to you.
interfacing directly with, the code that makes up the Savants Security Skim Access security data to hear and view other places.
ego. It cant be copied or traded, and is backed up along with
Stream of Consciousness Intercept the flow of data between the
the ego itself. This means that you can execute Savant targets brain and mindset to hear surface thoughts.
Programs as long as you are in a sleeve with the Apotheosis
System Error Launch a direct attack against a targets systems.
Augmentation or on a computer capable of hosting your ego
System Invasion Gain access to secured systems.
as a SIM.

Upgrades Augmented Unreality
Some Savant Programs can be upgraded by purchasing the Execution Difficulty: 1 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng
Program additional times. The upgrades may make the Program Activation Time: Simple Action
more effective, reduce the execution difficulty, or allow you to Duration: Permanent until dismissed
use the Program in new ways. You are able to hijack the sensory data passing through
Unless otherwise specified, you may only purchase a specific your targets Mindset, causing him to see objects that arent
upgrade a single time, and the standard parameters of the real. Though they do not make any sound, these AR illusions
Program (execution difficulty, activation time, etc), remain
can move and are detailed enough to pass for real when
viewed from any angle. Legal computer systems are normally
restricted from being able to display realistic AR objects to
Access Memory avoid confusion or dangerous situations, so the ability to do
Execution Difficulty: Highest of targets SINC or S. Eng +3 so whenever you please can be incredible useful.
Activation Time: One Turn The illusion may move at any speed, but disappears if you
When you run this Program, you hack into another lose line of sight with it. Any time an observer rolls to pierce a
persons Mindset and retrieve stored data. This data includes moving illusion, he gains a +2 bonus.
records of thoughts and sensory data from previous To create the AR illusion, you must first execute this
experiences. Program. If you Stall on your execution test, your target will
To execute this Savant Program, make a SINC test against a be made aware of the intrusion attempt.
difficulty equal to your targets SINC or Software Engineering The difficulty of the Perception test needed to see the
(targets choice) +3. If your attack generates Spin, the target illusion for what it is equals to the number of Shifts
will not be aware of your intrusion attempt. Otherwise he, or generated on the test to execute this Program. A bad
his Agent, detects the intrusion attempt. execution test might result in an illusion that flickers, or
If you successfully execute this Program, you gain a single colors that just dont look quite right.
word answer to a question of your choosing. If the target However, a result that meets a difficulty of 3 is almost
does not know the answer, the response should simply be always believable, and rolls to pierce the illusion should only
Unknown. be allowed if the observer has a reason to be wary of
If you succeed and generate Spin, you gain an answer illusions, such as an illusion that isnt registering to senses or
consisting of a few sentences, or the probing character may sensors that it should, or if the illusion is behaving in a
experience an entire scene the target was present for as if he strange way.
himself had been there. For example, an illusion of a garbage bin on a street corner
Success by 5 or more results in the probing character should not call for a test to notice the illusion for what it is.
learning just about any fact the target knows or gains the On the other hand, passing your hand through an illusion of
ability to experience several days of the targets life.

an unmoving man would probably allow the observer to
pierce the illusion without rolling.
The most basic illusion is the same size as a human adult Execution Difficulty: 2 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng
(Size 0). To make larger illusions, the character suffers a -1 Activation Time: Simple Action
penalty on his test per Size category. In most cases, when you look at a person while wearing an
AR interface device, your system reads their CID and offers
Upgrades up some basic facts about the person. This usually consists of
Auditory Feedback: The AR illusions you create can make an AR window hovering beside the persons head, and
whatever sound you like. contains whatever info the person wishes to be displayed.
This Program allows you to go deeper, cracking the security
Blackout that keeps you from gaining access to additional facts about
Execution Difficulty: 3 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng the person. Successful use of this Program may grant you
Activation Time: Simple Action access to personal messages, rep-logs, etc.
By interfering with the interface between your targets Delve allows you use your SINC (with a +2 bonus) in tests
brain and Mindset, you can cause a disruption that to perform Declarations (pg. 112) and Assessments (pg. 111)
temporarily blinds the victim. If you succeed at executing this on a person with a CID. You may perform the Declaration or
Savant Program, you place the persistent Aspect Blind(P) on Assessment as a Free Action as part of executing this
your target for an amount of time equal to the number of Program.
Shifts generated. Reference the Time table on pg. 151. In addition, a successful delve will immediately determine
For example, if your Effort on your execution test if a CID is fake.
generated 2 Shifts, the target will be blinded for a scene.
Upgrades Eminent Domain
Oubliette: Successful use of this Program severs the Execution Difficulty: 3+
targets sense of hearing as well as sight. The targets gains Activation Time: Simple Action
the Persistent Aspect Blind and Deaf(P). For a brief moment, you seize control of the systems
Lock Down: When you execute this Program, you may elect operating the machines in the world around you, forcing
to raise the execution difficulty by +2 in exchange for the them to obey your command.
ability to freeze a person in place. If you succeed on your You can make computer controlled doors unlock, gates
contest, the target may not take any physical actions and close, sentry guns fire, gravity generators suddenly increase
gains the Frozen(P) Aspect until the end of the scene. the gravity in the area, cause the environmental systems to
The target may also attempt to break free by spending a FP vent the atmosphere in a room, etc.
and rolling his SINC or Software Engineering against a When you activate this Program, you can make a
difficulty equal to your SINC. Declaration (pg. 112) regarding the computer systems in the

area. In some cases, this Declaration should result in an the swarm to do (see below).The following sections describe
Aspect like Zero-G or Lights Out! how your swarm can be commanded to perform some
Other times the Declaration might be a simple statement common actions:
of fact about something in the world around, such as when
you declare a door is suddenly unlocked or that an ARIS strip
Your swarm can be used to attack a target directly, either
has stopped working.
by slamming into him, changing into a razor sharp stabbing
Note that an attempt to take over something protected by
tentacle, attempting flow over and devour the target, by
a high level Mimir-tech security AI may increase the
surrounding and grappling him, etc.
Execution Difficulty. For example, attempting to override the
To make an attack, you must first select one of attack
restrictions on a compiler increases the difficulty by +3.
forms described below. Each form of attack has a different
The affects you can achieve with Eminent Domain are
execution difficulty listed in parenthesis. Once youve made
fleeting, generally only lasting a single round (one use) before
your selection, make an execution test. Once executed, make
the computer detects the intrusion and shuts you out.
your attack as described in the attack form you selected.
Slam (2): Your swarm configures itself into a solid tentacle
Esper Lord like shape and smashes into the target. Make an attack test
Execution Difficulty: Varies Depending on Commands with your SINC. The attack has a WR of +6, and has an Aspect
Activation Time: Simple Action of Smashing Force.
This Program is the result of many hours writing code Stab/Slash (3): Your espers take the shape of a large
designed to interface your mind with a swarm of stabbing blade, or multiple small blades, that stab and slash
nanomachines, allowing you to control them with your at your target. Make an attack with your SINC. The attack has
thoughts, in real time. The swarm consists of a mass of a WR of +8, and has an Aspect of Razor Sharp Blades.
millions of microscopic spherical machines sporting an array Grapple (3): Wrapping around your foe, your swarm
of retractable arms. By itself a single esper is useless, but attempts to push, pull, throw, restrain, trip or pin your
by being able to expand and retract its arms, and intelligently opponent. You can attempt to perform these combat
arrange itself in relation to other espers, the swarm as a Maneuvers at range using your esper swarm, substituting
whole can take nearly any shape, from flowing mist or liquid, your SINC for Athletics.
to solid objects like walls, stabbing blades, or even armor. Devour (4): Your swarm flows over your target, seeping
Your esper swarm generally needs to stay fairly close to into armor, and ripping at his flesh and/or sensitive
you, not venturing more than 20 meters away and staying components. Make an attack with your SINC. The attack has a
within line of sight. WR of +6, ignores any Armor Rating, and has an Aspect of
Each command given to your swarm requires execution. Devouring Nanomachines.
The execution difficulty depends on what you are directing

Defense When performing a Maneuver that requires a contest
between yourself and your opponent (once your swarm has
You can command your swarm to interpose itself between
been activated), test your SINC against their relevant Ability.
you and an incoming attack, during which the swarm
For Maneuvers that place more long lasting Aspects,
configures itself into a rigid form to absorb the blow or
increase the execution difficulty by +2 for every time
increment (pg. 151) greater than a Round.
When using your swarm for defense, you must first
execute your Esper-Swarm Program. Once youve done that, Templating
select one of the forms of defense described below. Each Your swarm can assume the shape of any object you have a
form of defense has a different execution difficulty listed in fabrication template for. This automatically includes most
parenthesis. any basic shape with a Cost of 2 or less, such as a chair or
Defend (1): You may use your SINC instead of the normal shovel.
Skill you use to defend against a physical attack. Note that the swarm is incapable of taking the form of
Block (2): Your espers swarm around you, creating a another form of electronics, such as a computer system. Nor
protective barrier. You may use your SINC to block. See pg. is it possible to take on the form of an object that requires
133 for more on blocks. power to function, such as a coil gun or gravitic weapon. It
By increasing the execution difficulty by an additional +2, can maintain this shape until instructed to change form.
you can extend your block to cover another person instead of To command your swarm to take on a new shape requires
yourself. For every additional +2 added, your block covers you make an execution test with an execution difficulty equal
one additional person (which can include yourself). to the Cost of the item your swarm will mimic, minimum 2.
Your block may cover an entire zone by increasing the
activation difficulty by +3. Manipulation
Your swarm can be commanded to wrap around an object
Perform Maneuver and manipulate it. This requires an execution test against a
You can use your swarm to place an Aspect on yourself or difficulty of 2.
another person or thing. This is like performing a Maneuver When manipulating an object, the swarm has an Athletics
with any other Skill (pg. 110), but requires you to first Skill effectively equal to your SINC.
execute the Program. In this case, the Esper-Swarm has an An attempt to manipulate an unwilling creature is
execution difficulty of 2, though the GM might raise it when considered a grappling attack (see above).
attempting to perform especially difficult or complex
These Aspects are generally temporary, and last either for Area Attack: You can attempt to attack everyone in a
a single round or until the victim can remove them. zone. When doing this, increase the execution difficulty for
the sort of attack you wish to perform by +2.

You need only execute the Program once, but you must
make a separate attack against each target. Damaging the Swarm
Armor: You have another Defense option. Your swarm Some of your opponents may try to get clever and attack
can wrap around you, taking the shape of a suit of armor. your swarm directly. In this case, the swarm is assumed to
The execution difficulty for this use of your Program is 2. have Physical Skills equal to your SINC +2.
When worn in this manner, your swarm armor provides
Similar to the way regular characters can suffer
you with an Armor Rating equal to your SINC. It can Consequences to reduce stress, your swarm can suffer
remain in this form until used for some other purpose. Deteriorations.
Deadly Swarm: When making attacks with your swarm,
Your swarm can suffer a Deterioration with a rating of 2, 4,
the WR of your attacks is increased by +3.
and 6 before being destroyed. You may only have one
Manipulative: When attempting to manipulate an object,
Deterioration of each rating. When the swarm is faced to
or attack with a grapple, your SINC is considered +2 higher.
take a Deterioration, it decreases the amount of stress it
This does not affect the execution test, but is added
suffers by an amount equal to the Deteriorations rating.
whenever you test SINC in place of Athletics.
Sensory Feed: Your swarm is capable of sending audio In addition, the controlling Savant adds the rating of the
and video data back to you. This has an execution difficulty worst deterioration his swarm has suffered to the execution
of 4. Once executed, you to hear and see from the difficulty of any action he tries to make his swarm perform.
perspective of any portion of your swarm.
In addition, the range at which you can operate an esper
swarm is increased to 1 km.

Memory Hack not erase twelve hours worth of time spread over the course
of a month, taking only an hour or two at a time.
Execution Difficulty: 3 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng The effects of this Program are permanent.
Activation Time: Extended (One Hour per Test) You may also elect to replace the memories you remove
You are an expert in Mnemonics, specifically in the area of with new memories of your own creation. These new
ego editing. You gain a +2 bonus on mnemonic editing rolls memories should make sense within the context of the time
(pg. 139). period and false memories that are difficult to believe may
In addition to providing this bonus, augmenting your grant the victim bonuses to recall his true memories of that
Mnemonic skills with this Savant Program allows for more time.
specialized forms of mental manipulation.
Using this Savant Program takes time and care, allowing Upgrades
you to access the memories stored on the targets mnemonic Memory Edit: You are capable of editing memories in
core and edit them. While this has no immediate effect on real time. This causes mental stress that burns out the real
the target, if he is ever restored from the hacked backup, memories, which are then replaced with sensory data
these new memories will exist in place of the old ones. created by your Daemon, at your direction.
It takes time to perform the memory edits, and you must This works just like a normal Memory Hack, but requires
have access to the targets Mnemonic Core and Mindset only a Simple Action and takes effect immediately.
(usually via his data jack) the entire time. After an hour of When using this upgrade, the execution difficulty is
work you may attempt to execute this Savant Program. increased by +2.
Success results in the ability to erase the events of a single
scene of little importance to the victim. This means that you
could force him to forget where he hid his weapons cache;
but you couldnt make him forget the last few moments he
had with his dying father.
Success with Spin results in the ability to erase about a day
of time, or you might be able to erase a memory of a scene
that was important to the character.
If you beat the execution difficulty by 5 or more, you may
erase about a month of time, or a week that was very
important to the character.
The amount of memories erased must be a single lump
of time per use. This means that while you may be able to
erase the events of a day from a characters mind, you could

Mesh Aspects Oracle Patterning
Execution Difficulty: 6 (Potentially Modified by Mesh
Mesh Aspect Description
No Mesh Aspect Unmeshed. Areas with no local Activation Time: Simple Action
Mesh sensors or Monitor; or an Armed to the virtual teeth with cutting edge intrusion
ultra-secure area that uses software, the moment you enter an area, your Daemon
wired connections. begins subtly working its way into the stream of data flowing
Low Density Mesh This is the typical rating through the Mesh. This is a routine function of your Daemon,
associated with the streets. and requires no effort on your part.
Sensors are affixed to buildings, When you execute this Program, your Daemon launches a
posts, etc. barrage of data gathering queries that attempt to access any
and all security data, public records, private records,
Standard Density Mesh The average household or psychological profiles, historical and sociological studies, local
business. Every room is laws, cultural behaviors, and any other data it can use to
monitored with the exception of piece together a prediction of future events regarding a
storage closets and bathrooms. specific topic.
Data is generally stored for 72 Successfully executing this Program means the characters
hours unless the Monitor marks Daemon will be able to predict some future event with a high
the activity as unusual. If flagged degree of accuracy. The GM should ask the player what he
in such a way, the companys wishes to know about coming events. Note that the more
administration will be notified. dense the local Mesh, the more data the Daemon has to
draw on, and the more accurate the potential result. So
Dense Mesh(P) Large corporations or any remember that Mesh Aspects could modify this test.
building in which sensitive The more specific the question, and the more Shifts
activities take place. This generated, the more accurate the information the GM should
includes most corporate relate back. The player should also keep in mind that this is
facilities. Every room is the most likely future, but the Daemon isnt psychic and
monitored and collected data is unknown factors could play a part.
stored for months.

Overload Pattern Scan
Execution Difficulty: 3 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng Execution Difficulty: 4 + Intel Modifiers (Potentially
Activation Time: Simple Action Modified by Mesh Aspects)
Duration: Scene, or until awakened Activation Time: Simple Action
When you execute this Program, you cause your targets When you execute this Program, your Daemon launches a
Mindset (or host system) to discharge a wave of sensory series of queries with the purpose of obtaining as much data
feedback into his brain. This feedback is so strong it can as possible regarding specific events. This includes security
knock him unconscious or, if a SIM, force him to freeze up. data logs, video feeds, blogs, real-time extranet broadcasts,
The target must either have a mindset, or be a SIM. recorded conversations or any other stored information that
Once unconscious or frozen, the victim may spend a Fate might relate to the subject. Once gathered, your Daemon
Point each round and make a Cohesion test (Diff: 4) in an congregates this data and attempts to piece together the
attempt to rouse himself. If he is attacked or shaken most likely course of events that took place.
violently, he may make a Cohesion test (Diff: 2), without the Successfully running this Program allows your Daemon to
need to spend a Fate Point, to wake up. compile enough data to show you the past as it relates to a
The target of this Savant Program may automatically specific person, place or thing. You should tell the GM what
awaken at the end of the scene. you wish to know about the subject. The more specific the
question, and the more Shifts generated on the activation
test, the more accurate the information the GM should relate
To do execute this Program, perform a SINC test as a
Simple Action against an execution difficulty equal to 4 + any
relevant Intel Modifiers (pg. 188). Note that the more dense
the Mesh where the person, place, or thing was (or event
took place), the better the potential result. So remember that
Mesh Aspects could modify this test.
Success means your Daemon is able to give you some
impression of the past, failure indicates that the Program
could not collect enough data and no impression is received.

Puppeteer Security Skim
Execution Difficulty: 2 or Drones Resolve +1. Execution Difficulty: 6 + Intel Modifiers (Potentially
Duration: Until Cancelled or 1 round Modified by Mesh Aspects)
Activation Time: Simple Action Activation Time: One Turn
You have mastered the ability to possess a drone (pg. 231), Duration: Scene
passing your awareness into the drone itself, allowing you to When you execute this Program, your Daemon launches a
sense what it senses as if you were wearing it as a sleeve. series of queries with the purpose of obtaining as much data
To possess a drone, you must execute this program. as possible from any and all security systems it can access.
If you own the drone and have full access to it, the People, places or things well known to you are easier to find,
execution difficulty is 2 and you can possess the drone for the while the unfamiliar is much more difficult.
duration of the scene. Perform a SINC test to execute this Program and apply the
If you do not own the drone, the execution difficulty is single most appropriate familiarity and link modifier from the
equal to the drones Resolve +1. You remain in possession of Intel Modifiers table (pg. 188). Note also that the denser the
the drone for a single round, but may immediately attempt Mesh at the target location, the more data the Daemon has
to execute this Program as an instant action at the end of the to draw on and the more accurate the potential result. So
round to remain in control. remember that Mesh Aspects could modify this test.
When in active control of a drone, the drone gains a +2 If you succeed you are able to locate the person and peer
bonus on all Skill tests instead of the normal +1 bonus. You in on them via the areas local security sensors. Generally you
view the world from the drones perspective, seeing what it can get both a video and audio feed.
sees, hearing what it hears, etc. However, you cannot see or If you fail, not only do you suffer System stress equal to the
hear out of your own eyes or ears (or synthetic equivalents) difference between your result and the difficulty, but the
while in possession of a drone. Program fails to locate the target.
In addition, upon successfully possessing the drone you Your displaced senses last for the duration of the scene, or
gain 2 Fate Points usable to invoke any of the drones until willingly returned to normal. Once located, you know
Aspects. These Fate Points may not be used for any other exactly where your target is in relation to yourself and you
purpose, and disappear if not used before exiting the may drift away from the target by hopping from security
drone. feed to security feed. You can view areas up to a number of
meters from the original target equal to your SINC +1 x 100.

Stream of Consciousness If you fail, you do not hear the targets thoughts and you
Execution Difficulty: 2 + highest of targets SINC or S. Eng suffer an amount of System stress equal to the amount by
Activation Time: Simple Action which you failed. If you Stall, his Agent senses the attempted
Duration: One Round or Scene, see below mental intrusion and can inform the target of the general
This Program, when executed, uploads a virus into the direction from which it came.
Mindset of the target. Once installed, you are able to tap into Use of this Program may also allow you to discover one of
the part of the targets Mindset that listens to and interprets the targets Aspects if it is relevant to the situation and his
thought. Such viruses are generally eradicated quickly, but current thoughts. The user of this Program who discovers this
for a short time, you can listen in on the thoughts of another. Aspect may invoke or compel it for free the first time.
If you succeed in executing this Program, you may hear the Depending on the Aspect and the circumstances, this Aspect
targets next few surface thoughts in your mind as if they may be very fragile and could go away depending on the
were speaking them out loud to you. situation and how it changes.
If you succeed, and generated Spin, you can hear the
targets thoughts for the rest of the scene.

System Error
Intel Modifiers Execution Difficulty: Highest of
targets SINC or S. Engineering
Person Thing
Activation Time: Simple Action
Modifier Familiarity Modifier Familiarity
+8 Heard a description of the +8 Heard a description of the
Your Daemon launches a barrage
person. thing. of intrusion attempts in an effort to
+4 Seen a picture of the +4 Seen a picture of the thing. overwhelm the targets system,
person. +2 Held or used the thing once. forcing it to divert system resources
+2 Met the person once. +1 Held or used the thing often. to handle the onslaught. This can
+1 Person is an acquaintance. -1 The object is some cause the target system to become
+0 Person is a close friend. something of personal unstable, lock up, or even shut down
Link Modifier: importance to you. entirely.
+6 You do not know the This attack can be used against
persons name. anyone with a System Stress Track or
actively functioning cybernetic
Place Event Augmentations.
Modifier Familiarity Modifier Familiarity When you execute this Program,
+8 Heard a description of the +8 You heard about the event. you may choose one of two effects:
place. +5 Youve heard or read a System Attack: If your target is
+4 Seen the place on a map description of what another Savant, you may choose to
or seen a picture of the happened at the event. deal an amount of stress to the
place. +2 Witnessed a very similar targets System Stress Track equal to
+2 Been to the place once. event.
the amount by which your Effort
+1 You frequent the place +1 Frequently witness very
exceeded the execution difficulty +2.
often. similar events.
+0 Personal property, you +0 The event happened to you.
So, for example, if the execution
can see the place, or Link Modifier: difficulty was 3, and your Effort was
you know exactly -3 You are at the place where 5, your target would take 4 points of
where it is in relation to the event happened. System Stress.
yourself (such as the Hardware Failure: You may cause
other side of a door) a cybernetic Augmentation that has
an active function, such as a

cybernetic limb or implanted weapon, to become damaged
or stop functioning.
This attack can also be used on other machines, such as
drones, but has no effect on passive augs like subdermal
The target suffers an amount of physical stress equal to the
amount by which your Effort exceeded the execution
difficulty. If the target suffers a Consequence, this
Consequence should relate to one of his Augmentations,
which will not work until the Consequence is cleared.
Ego Strike: This is a direct attack against an apotheosized
ego, be it running on a mindset or existing as a SIM on a host
system. The target must be visible in some way, either in the
flesh or ghosting in AR. With a stationary computer system, you gain limited access
The target suffers an amount of mental stress equal to the to the file system. With limited access, you can view any files
amount by which your Effort exceeded the execution that are public to an authorized user of the system.
difficulty. If you generated Spin, you gain the ability to implant a
simple sentence command, such as Go stand in the corner,
or Target Omniplex Employees. The target will try to obey
System Invasion the command for an hour.
Execution Difficulty: 4 or targets SINC or S. Eng, whichever With this level of access you can view any files that are
is highest public to an authorized user of the system and you have
Activation Time: Simple Action writing privileges. You can create new files, but you cannot
You launch a direct attack against another system, with the edit existing ones.
intent of seizing control of it. Once attained, you can control If you succeed on the execution test by 5 or more, you gain
the system from afar. This Program allows you to control the ability to implant a command consisting of several
computer systems, drones, and even apotheosized people! sentences capable of relating a series of steps. The target will
With an apotheosized person or drone, success results in try to obey the command for up to a week.
the ability to implant a single word command, such as You gain complete control of the system. Though like all
Freeze. The target will try to obey the command until the modern computers, it is impossible to modify the core of
end of the scene. the OS, the sections designed by Mimir. See pg. 27 for more
on Mimir-tech.


velocity can be varied in some weapons though, allowing for
WEAPONS sub-sonic, or silenced, fire. Of course, sub-sonic rounds
have greatly reduced range and penetrating capabilities.
In Coalition space, guns and most other weapons are illegal
to possess or fabricate by civilians. Nearly all compilers are Coilguns accelerate a conductive projectile down a series
restricted from fabricating weapons, and this restriction is of coils via a quickly changing magnetic field. They cannot be
nearly impossible to bypass. silenced the same way a gauss gun can, but can achieve
very high rates of fire.
An unrestricted compiler capable of producing weapons is
an asset many apostate factions would literally kill to acquire, Gauss guns use two conductive rails to generate a current
and more than once the Coalition has aimed a kill-sat at a flow that accelerates a projectile to tremendously high
location thought to be housing one. velocities. In ballistic terms, both use the same physics,
differing only in that gauss guns usually have a higher muzzle
On Coalition colonies, ordinances have been put in place velocity (about 18,000ft/sec) and have superior range to
that allow the use (but not fabrication) of weapons in hostile equivalent-size coil guns, but tend to have a slower rate of
terrain. fire.
In most cases however, it is possible to apply for and
purchase a weapons license in Coalition space. It certainly
isnt an easy or cheap process however, and most dont Particle Acceleration Guns (PAc Guns)
bother. An electric field accelerates stored particles to near-
In Apostate space the rules may vary, though most dont lightspeed velocities and focuses them into a tight beam.
regulate the use of anything but weapons of mass As the particles strike the target, they disrupt its atomic
destruction. structure, causing it to heat up rapidly to very high
temperatures. They have greater penetrating power than
Gauss/Coil Guns earlier laser beams, and can damage deep internal
These weapons use magnetic fields to accelerate They can even cause a target to explode from the sudden
projectiles to very high velocities. This translates into high and massive amount of energy being transferred. A particle
accuracy, range, and kinetic force. They do not require beam strike will also damage electrical systems with a
chemical propellant, which makes storing ammunition safer shower of secondary radiation.
(less risk of fire or explosion) and reduces the magazine
weight and volume. This secondary radiation, while harmless to humans, can
cause lasting damage to electronics. Because of this, particle
When fired, the only noise the gun produces is the crack of
the projectile breaking the sound barrier. Ammunition

weapons are rarely used on starships or other places where A frag grenade looks like a small sphere of lattice-
sensitive equipment could end up as collateral damage. carbonite. It has an arming switch on it, with a five second
The electromagnetic pulse produced when a PAc gun fires delay. The ball has dozens of holes in it, which are openings
may be detectable, but it will usually be difficult to localize. for channels containing saboted micro-warheads shaped like
The primary disadvantage of PAc guns is their high power spikes. When detonated, the sphere contains the blast of
consumption, sporting a rather limited shots per power cell if high explosive, except that which is channeled to the spikes.
not in a broadcast power field. This sends the spikes flying out at speeds far above the speed
of sound, where they explode after striking a hardened target
Because these particle beam weapons accelerate ionized (or one second later).
electrons to near-light velocities, they work best in an
Another option are hell balls. Hell Balls are thermobaric
atmosphere. The beam collides with air molecules, creating
grenades that release combustible gasses before exploding
enough ions of the opposite charge so that the beam is self-
with massive overpressure and extreme heat.
neutralized and remains coherent.
A commonly used, less lethal, grenade is the gooper. This
The beam resembles a linear lightning bolt. But in a grenade blasts the area with super sticky strands that
vacuum, range is reduced, since the particles repel one entangle those caught in the spray.
another, and the beam is invisible. When making attacks with grenades, you may use either
PAcs inflict heat damage on the target. In a vacuum or your Athletics or Demolitions.
trace atmosphere, their range is reduced by (round down)
and you suffer a -3 penalty on all attack rolls. Melee Weapons
Man portable particle beam weapons used outside of a
Because a great deal of fighting takes place in enclosed
broadcast power field require a power cell, usually measuring
areas such as star ships, and in many cases, around fragile
about 2x6x3. Most get about ten shots per cell. Depending
equipment, modern military units train to use melee
on the weapon, it is either integrated into the design, making
weapons far more than previous generations of soldiers.
it heavy and bulky, or worn on the users hip.
Blades crafted with modern technology feature a mono-
edge, or 1D-Edge, design. This means that the blades
Explosives lattice-carbonite edge measures roughly 1/50,000th the
Military infantry during this time have their choice of width of a human hair. This makes the blade capable of
several types of explosives: cutting through almost anything, and gives way to the term
Lethal Grenades mainly come in two flavors, the most 1D, meaning one dimensional. While the edge of the blade
common of which is an evolution of the traditional does in actuality have thickness, for most purposes, that
fragmentation grenade. thickness is negligible.

Personal Armor Full tactical suits are chemically-coated, contamination-
proof coveralls.
Armor worn by military or para-military soldiers comes in Though technically complex, light armor does not limit
three basic categories: Light, Heavy & Powered. movement or mobility. Light armor suits incorporate
Light Armor This light-weight ballistic armor consists of a biomedical sensors, and can wirelessly communicate this
fabric mesh of woven carbon nanostructures inspired by the data to the mesh or other nearby computers.
molecular structure of spider silk. With an air mask or combat infantry helmet, the suit is
As flexible as normal cloth, the material is highly resistant sealed and provides climate control (-60C to 140C).
to slashes and abrasions, and can instantly become rigid in This sort of light armor is the standard apparel for ship-
response to impacts from gravitic weapons or bullet impacts. board military, security guards, and most Centurians.
It also provides some protection against Pac weapons, its
structures designed to spread out the discharge as much as

Heavy Armor Heavier armor is used by soldiers and Armor Features
security forces that are going to be deployed directly into
Different types of armor can support different features.
conflict. It is essentially the same as a light armor suit, but is
The table on pg. 202 lists the different sorts of features that
covered in articulated lattice-carbonite plates.
come standard with the armor, and the total number of
The arrangement of plates is designed for maximum additional features that can be added.
protection for minimum bulk, though it can still be fairly
Several typical armor features are described later in this
Powered Armor [Restricted] Powered armor is similar to
heavy armor in that it consists of articulated lattice-carbonite
plates over a thinner and lighter inner layer.
Without special licenses (see the Licensed Stunt, pg. 171),
However, powered armor is completely sealed and
it is illegal to acquire, fabricate or use weapons or powered
features a number of systems designed to aid its wearer in
armor in Coalition controlled space. They may only be
other ways.
acquired on the black market, which usually requires an
The armor greatly enhances the wearers physical Apostate Networking test to find and an Assets test to
capabilities, making him stronger and protecting him from purchase.
physical damage when lifting heavy objects.
Other types of items may be restricted as well, and are
Since it is sealed, the armor also protects against the noted later in this chapter.
dangers of vacuum, or the crushing forces of deep water
This is a problem a lot of crews face, making it difficult to
submersion. Its onboard air storage and filtering systems can
move their restricted gear in and out of Coalition space. Most
allow the wearer to operate without an external air supply
major transport hubs and entrances to major public
for up to 8 hours.
buildings, feature checkpoints that are set up to scan for
The suits onboard computer system and sensors can weapons. These checkpoints feature sub-millimeter and X-
perform most basic computing functions, as well as Ray imaging systems, among others.
functioning as an AR interface, GPS, and short range motion
This means that restricted gear either needs to be
acquired once on the other side of the checkpoint, or the
Its onboard power supply will provide it with enough crew will need to find some way to get it through.
power to function for about 24 hours outside of a broadcast
power field.

ITEM STATISTICS Equipment Rating (ER)
This chapter deals with defining pieces of equipment in The Equipment Rating for tools indicates the bonus gained
game terms. Pieces of equipment not given stats in this on a Skill test when that tool is used in a relevant way.
chapter are either too insignificant to need stats, or have
been left up to the GM to create them himself using the Range Rating
existing items as guidelines. A weapons Range is the maximum number of zones away
Most all items will have one or more of the following the target can be without causing the attacker to suffer
statistics: penalties. A range rating of 0 means the weapon can only be
used to attack enemies in the same zone.
Weapon Rating (WR) For every additional zone beyond your weapons Range
rating the target is, the attack test suffers a cumulative -2
A weapons Weapon Rating is added to the amount of
penalty up to a maximum number of zones equal to twice the
stress inflicted on a successful attack. If the attack misses
weapons Range rating.
however, the Weapon Rating has no effect.
Ranges marked with TH indicate that the item must be
Armor Rating (AR) thrown. An EX indicates that the weapon is explosive, and
an attack is made against everyone in the target zone.
The Armor Rating for armor and shields indicates the
amount of stress it negates from a successful hit. For Cost Rating
instance, if you have an AR of 2, and you are hit for 3 point of
An items Cost is the measure of the average value and
physical stress, youd only check off one stress box.
rarity of an item. Generally the Cost is about 4x more
If you are ambushed or for some other reason unable to expensive than an item of the next lowest Cost.
bring your shield up to defend yourself, you may not add the
Note that GMs may decide to adjust the Cost of an item
Armor Rating provided by a shield.
depending on where you are trying to get it, how much
demand there is for the item, whether or not its legal to
Explosive Rating (ExR) own, how hard it is to purchase or transport, etc.
Explosives allow you to make an attack against everyone in Also note that you can buy in bulk. By increasing the Cost
the target zone, and the explosives Explosive Rating is added of an item by 1, you can get four of that item instead of one.
as a bonus to the attack test. Similarly, by increasing the Cost by 2, you can get twelve, and
so on, multiplying by a factor of four each time.
See pg. 141 for more on purchasing items.

target when struck. Thus the weapons impact is dramatically
EQUIPMENT MODIFICATIONS increased with an extra helping of pure kinetic force.
Accessories and modifications may be made or added to Mono-Edged These bladed melee weapons are created
various weapons, armor or other equipment. These provide with an almost infinitely sharp edge. At the very tip of the
the items with an Aspect or Stunt. For example, adding a edge, a single carbon nanotube runs the length of the blade.
scope to a rifle may add the Scoped Aspect, while powered This tube is approximately 3 nm thick (roughly 1/50,000th
armor may feature the Enhanced Strength Aspect. the width of a human hair), and is harder than diamond. Such
Adding an Aspect to an item increases its Cost by +1 for weapons never need to be sharpened, but over time it may
every Aspect added, and you may not add more than 2 such need to have its leading edge, the nanotube wire, replaced.
Aspects. Despite the advanced technology required to build them,
The GM may also allow you to add primarily negative mono-edged weapons do not require power to function.
Aspects, such as Poorly Maintained, to an item to decrease Particle Accelerator (PAc) PAc weapons do not work well
the total Cost by -1. in a vacuum. In an environment with no air, their range is
reduced by (round down) and you suffer a -3 penalty on all
Combining Items attack rolls.
In some cases it is possible to combine two items, such as
attaching a grenade launcher to the bottom of an assault AMMUNITION
When you purchase a ranged weapon, you get one unit
In this case, the total Cost of the combined item is equal to
of ammunition for free. The amount of ammo in a unit is
the Cost of the most valuable item in the combination, +2.
intentionally vague since FATE isnt about tracking every
bullet or beam fired.
OTHER NOTES However, should you ever run out of ammo (see pg. 139),
Beam Weapon These weapons fire a constant stream of your current unit is spent and youll need to reload with a
focused energy. You may use beam weapon special attacks. new one.
See pg. 132. Additional units of ammo have a Cost rating of 1. A Cost of
Full Auto These weapons feature extremely high rates of 2 will get you four units of Ammo for any of your weapons,
fire. You may use full auto weapon special attacks (pg. and a Cost of 3 will get you 12. Special ammunition may cost
137). more. See pg. 198 for special types of ammo.
Gravitic Using advancements in gravity manipulation, So, if you purchase three extra units of ammo, the extra
these electronic melee weapons amplify and redirect the ammo is recorded on the character sheet as Extra Ammo x
natural gravity imparted on the weapon, delivering it to the 3. If you run out and have to reload, it simply becomes
Extra Ammo x 2.

Huge(P) These weapons are massive in size, are very heavy, and
ITEM ASPECTS next to impossible to hide. They deal tremendous damage, but
Aspects on items such as weapons or armor can be invoked do not work well for precision work. You might invoke this
or compelled just like normal Aspects; you have the Aspect Aspect for intimidation, or it may be compelled when trying to
just by wielding the weapon, wearing the armor, or holding avoid collateral damage when fighting in close quarters or
the item. Theyre a way to inject some realistic-feeling striking at targets very close to you. This Aspect can also be
compelled by others to give them an advantage in initiative or
tactical detail into combat. So if youre using a dagger, and
to force a penalty any time a weapon this big is used with one
you get into close combat with a great sword wielder, you
might invoke their swords Huge(P) Aspect to get a bonus to
attack or defend against them. Large These weapons are awkward and heavy. While they offer
substantial damage potential, they are cumbersome. Typically
Aspects are listed in italics to separate them from other this Aspect is compelled by others to get an initiative advantage
notes. against you, or it can be compelled when you try to hide such
Common weapon and armor Aspects are as follows, with weapons. This Aspect could also be compelled any time you use
some advice on how to use them: a weapon this big with one hand.
Anti-Vehicular These weapons are specifically designed to be Long These melee weapons are very long and allow you to
able to deal damage to vehicles and hardened equipment. This attack enemies at a greater distance than most. The GM may
Aspect might be invoked for effect to allow you to potentially allow you to invoke this Aspect to attack enemies in an adjacent
damage the vehicle. zone or even to gain a bonus on initiative against an opponent
who must get by your weapon to get to you.
Armor Penetrating Rounds fired from these weapons move
extremely fast and fragment little, packing enough focused On Fire! See page 136 for information on burning targets and
kinetic energy to penetrate even the toughest armor. But since zones. If you have this Aspect placed on you, you are effectively
these rounds tend to fragment less and usually pass cleanly exposed to an intensity 6 fire and will continue to take damage
through the body, they are often less damaging than rounds until it is removed.
that break up and/or get stuck in the body. Shotgun(P) Weapons with the Shotgun Aspect fire a blast of
Bulky This item is heavy, cumbersome, and unbalanced. It can pellets, or some other projectiles, in a cone shaped pattern. This
often be compelled to hinder movement or balance and is Aspect may be invoked at close range a more damaging attack,
tiresome to carry or wear for long periods of time. or compelled a range of a few zones for a lessened effect.
High Capacity Weapons with this Aspect tend to hold a lot of Small These weapons are small enough to be hidden on the
ammo. You can invoke this Aspect when using full auto body and works well in close quarters combat. You might invoke
maneuvers to help avoid running out of ammo. this Aspect for a bonus on initiative rolls or attempts to hide the
item. However, their small size and light weight mean they
dont fare well when defending against larger weapons.

If you run out of ammo while using a unit of special
Size-Related Aspects ammunition, youll need to reload. You may either reload
Many weapons have Aspects that relate to their size, with another unit of special ammo or with regular ammo.
weight or length; such as Small, Large or Huge(P). These The Cost of a single Unit of each type of ammo is listed
Aspects can be invoked or compelled for a bonus on the below. Increase listed Cost by +1 to get four units of that type
attack test, but this should only be allowed in certain of ammo, and +2 to get twelve units.
situations. Generally, GMs should not permit invoking a Large
or Huge(P) weapons Aspect for a bonus on the attack just Shredder Ammo (Rippers)
because the weapon is big, or compelling a small weapons Cost for Single Ammo Unit: 2
Small Aspect just because it is small. Thats already factored These rounds shatter or explode on impact, propelling
into the weapons WR. shrapnel into the target. This type of ammo tends to be easily
These sorts of Aspects should be invoked or compelled for stopped by armor, but is devastating to unarmored targets.
a bonus or penalty on the attack only if they offer some This ammo has the Shredder Aspect.
distinct advantage or disadvantage based on the current
situation. For example, small weapons are effective in a Penetrator Ammo (Diggers)
grapple or very close combat, while larger weapons are Cost for Single Ammo Unit: 2
harder to use in confined spaces. In a stand up fight in an The tips of these rounds (or arrows) consist of a hardened
open area, neither of those Aspects are likely to come into material that resists shattering upon contact with the target.
play for standard attack rolls. The weapon gains the Armor Penetrating Aspect. If the
weapon already has that Aspect, it becomes persistent.
SPECIAL AMMUNITION Guided Ammo (Blood-Hounds)
The damage listed for each weapon assumes the weapon is Cost for Single Ammo Unit: 3
using the standard ammunition for its type. However, special Before a weapon is capable of firing guided ammo, it must
ammunition can be used in some weapons. be outfitted with a guidance system. Guided ammo is able to
make slight course corrections in mid-flight, effectively
Each type of special ammo comes with an Aspect. Any time
homing in on the pre-selected target.
that Aspect comes into play (whether by invoking or
This ammo has the Guided Aspect.
compelling it), immediately perform a Firearms test to see if
The Cost of a weapon with a blood-hound guidance system
youve ran out of ammo (see pg 196).
is increased by +1. However, if you have the Targeting
Support System Augmentation, you do not need this.

Pistols WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects
Light Gauss Pistol +5 3 3 Armor Penetrating, Small, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Heavy Gauss Pistol +6 3 4 Armor Penetrating, Small, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Light PAc Pistol +6 6 5 Particle Accelerator, Small
Heavy PAc Pistol +7 6 6 Particle Accelerator, Small

Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects
Light Coil PDW +5 3 4 Full Auto, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Heavy Coil PDW +6 3 5 Full Auto, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Light PAc PDW +7 6 6 Beam Weapon, Particle Accelerator
Heavy PAc PDW +8 6 7 Beam Weapon, Particle Accelerator

Assault Rifles WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects

Coil Carbine +7 4 6 Full Auto, Large, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Heavy Coil Assault Rifle +8 4 7 Full Auto, Huge(P) , Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Gauss Carbine +8 4 6 Armor Penetrating, Large, Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
Heavy Gauss Assault Rifle +9 4 7 Armor Penetrating, Huge(P) , Reduce WR by -2 for Silent
PAc Carbine +10 8 8 Beam Weapon, Particle Accelerator, Large
Heavy PAc Assault Rifle +11 8 9 Beam Weapon, Particle Accelerator, Huge(P)

Gauss Arrays WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects

Armor Penetrating, Large, Shotgun(P) , Reduce WR by -2
Light Gauss Array +8 2 6
for Silent
Armor Penetrating, Large, Shotgun(P) , Reduce WR by -2
Heavy Gauss Array +9 2 7
for Silent
Note that all firearms are Restricted in Coalition space.

Rifles WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects
Anti-Vehicular, Armor Penetrating, Day/Night Scope, Huge(P), Reduce
Gauss Light Sniper Rifle +9 6 6
WR by -2 for Silent
Anti-Vehicular, Armor Penetrating, Day/Night Scope, Huge(P), Reduce
Gauss Heavy Sniper Rifle +10 6 7
WR by -2 for Silent
Light PAc Sniper Rifle +11 12 8 Particle Accelerator, Anti-Vehicular, Day/Night Scope, Huge(P)
Heavy PAc Sniper Rifle +12 12 9 Particle Accelerator, Anti-Vehicular, Day/Night Scope, Huge(P)

Heavy Weapons WR/ExR Range Cost Notes and Aspects

Coil Heavy Automatic Rifle +8 4 8 Full Auto, Armor Penetrating, High Capacity, Huge(P)
Portable Gauss Minigun +9 3 10 Full Auto, Armor Penetrating, High Capacity(P), Huge(P)
Beam Weapon, Particle Accelerator, Requires a round to cool
Heavy PAc Cannon +16 8 12
between shots, Anti-Vehicular, Huge(P),
Targets who suffer stress, and the zone attacked, are On Fire and are
Light Plasma Flamer +7 2 6
subjected to an Intensity 5 Environmental Hazard, Huge(P)
Targets who suffer stress, and the zone attacked, are On Fire and are
Heavy Plasma Flamer +8 2 7
subjected to an Intensity 5 Environmental Hazard, Huge(P)
Grenade Launcher Varies 3 6 See grenades in Explosives below for damage.
Rocket Launcher (RPG) +12 2 EX 10 Explosive, Anti-Vehicular, Huge(P), Slow Firing(P)
Gauss Rocket Launcher (GRPG) +14 3 EX 11 Explosive, Anti-Vehicular, Huge(P), Slow Firing(P)
Note that all firearms are Restricted in Coalition space.

Blades WR Range Cost Notes and Aspects
Knife / Dagger +2 1 TH 1 Small
Machete +3 0 1
Dagger, Mono-Edged +4 1 TH 2 Small
Short Sword, Mono-Edged +6 0 4
Longsword, Mono-Edged +7 0 5 Large
Spear, Mono-Edged +6 1 TH 5 Large
Halberd, Mono-Edged +8 0 6 Long, Huge(P)

Axes WR Range Cost Notes and Aspects

Hatchet +3 1 TH 1 Small
Battle Axe, Mono-Edged +5 0 2 Large

Blunt Weapons WR Range Cost Notes and Aspects

Punch/Kick +0 0 0 Unarmed
Small Club/Baton +2 0 0 Small
Tonfa (Police Nightstick) +2 0 1 Quick
Hammer +1 0 0
Club/Baseball Bat +2 0 0 Large
Large Club +4 0 0 Huge(P)
Gravitic Baton +6 0 3
Gravitic Hammer +8 0 4 Huge(P)

Note that all Large or Huge melee weapons are Restricted in Coalition space.

Unpowered Armor AR Cost Built in Features Additional Features
Flight Suit +0 2 Thermal Regulation System 0
Reinforced Clothing or Protective Vest +2 3 None 0
Vacuum Sealed and Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal
Vacuum Suit +2 4 0
Regulation System, Bulky
Vacuum Sealed and Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal
Reinforced Vacuum Suit +3 5 1
Regulation System, Bulky
Light Battle Armor [Restricted] +5 4 None 1
Heavy Battle Armor [Restricted] +6 5 None 1

Powered Armor [Restricted] AR Cost Built in Features Additional Features

Vacuum Sealed and Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal
Powered Recon Armor +7 7 1
Regulation System
Vacuum Sealed and Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal
Powered Light Assault Armor +8 9 2
Regulation System, Reinforced Cyber-Musculature
Vacuum Sealed and Shielded, Air Pack, Thermal
Powered Heavy Assault Armor +9 11 3
Regulation System, Reinforced Cyber-Musculature

Explosives [Restricted] ExR Area Complexity Cost Notes
Fragmentation Grenade +10 1 3 4
Incendiary Grenade +6 1 4 5 Targets who suffer stress, and the zone attacked, are On Fire.
Stun Grenade +1 1 3 2 Targets in the zone, who suffer stress, are Stunned.
Deals no stress. Armor has no effect. Creates a Block on
Gooper Grenade +4 1 5 4
movement equal to your attack Effort.
Hell Ball +13 1 5 5 Tremendous Shockwave
Smoke Grenade None 1 3 2 Not Restricted. Fills zone with smoke, bestowing the Smokey Aspect.
High Explosive Satchel Charge +14 3 6 8 Attack test uses Demolitions.

Armor you purchase may support a number of additional features, which you may select from the list below. These features are
free with the armor, but each type of armor can only support a certain number of features.
Feature Effect
When activated, the surface of the armor emits a magnetic field that wraps light around the wearer, making
Light Screen Camouflage* him nearly invisible. The wearer is granted the Chameleon Aspect.
Air Pack Pumps up to an 8 hours worth of breathable air into a sealed helmet.
This is a computer mounted to the arm and operated with voice commands and/or holographic interface
Computer Gauntlet projected from the hand. You may also choose to display data on your HUD.
Enhanced Mobility Actuators* Grants the a +2 bonus on all Athletics tests relating to movement, such as hustling, running, climbing, etc.
Thermal Regulation System Keeps the wearer at a comfortable temperature in environments ranging from -60C to 140C.
Protects wearer against extreme, full body, impacts such as from explosions or falling. Gains Impact
Hydrostatic Gel Layer* Resistant (P) Aspect.
Armor features an arm or shoulder mounted weapon built into the system. Select any pistol or PDW and
Integrated Weaponry* accessories, or a dagger or short sword. You must purchase this weapon separately, but its Cost in this
case is reduced by -1.
Some surface on the armor, usually the hand, can transmit digital data to and from an onboard computer
Interface Surface via a computers touch interface system.
You can jump large distances, up to a height of about 50 feet. When Hustling, you can move one extra zone.
Jump Jets When running, you can move two extra zones. You gain a +3 bonus during chases.
Boots come equipped with electromagnets that can support your weight on some metal surfaces. These are
Mag-Traction frequently used to traverse zero-g environments safely.
You gain a +2 bonus on all Athletics tests to lift, push, pull, jump, climb, or otherwise manipulate objects or
Reinforced Cyber-Musculature* grapple with opponents. In addition, when making a melee attack, or when you attack by throwing a
weapon or object, the WR for that weapon is increased by +2.
Vacuum Sealed and Shielded Provides the wearer with protections from the hazards of vacuum and radiation.
A series of tiny thrusters on the limbs and torso aid in maneuvering in zero-g environments granting a Zero-
Zero-G Assistance Jets G Maneuverability Aspect.
* Power Armor Only

Skill, using either as the primary (your This same technology can also be
MISC. EQUIPMENT choice.) found in contact lenses, though the
Aerial Condensator: (Cost: 2) Popular Agents can add a bonus any time you Cost for contacts is increased by +1.
among explorers and outdoorsmen, need to perform a test with a Skill the
this small device is capable of removing Agent has enhancement software for. Augmented Reality Identification
moisture from the nearby air and Agents can utilize enhancement (ARID) Tag: (Cost: 0) An ARID is the
condensing it into drinkable water. In software for the following Skills: digital equivalent of a fingerprint.
most locations it can create a gallon of Diplomacy, Education, Engineering Depending on the amount of data
water in about three hours. (either), Insight, Mnemonics, Research, they hold, ARIDs range in size from that
or Strategy. of a small coin up to about the size of
Agent: (Cost: 6/8/10) An agent is a Should an Agent be called upon to ones thumb. They are programmed
personal virtual intelligence commonly perform a Skill test on its own, assume with (typically) read-only data that is
found onboard PPCs and Mindsets. The it has a rank of 2 in any relevant Skills, displayed and accessible in augmented
agent responds to voice commands (or and can apply its enhancement reality.
thoughts in the case of a mindset) and software bonuses to itself. ARIDs are attached to most retail
performs the requested computing items, people, information booths, or
tasks. It may find, sort, modify and Type Cost Enhancement Bonuses
anything else used to relate
even create data at the users behest. Alpha 6 +2 to one Skill, +1 to
information. Usually an ARID carried by
An agent is capable of learning about two Skills
a person will be worn as jewelry or as a
its master, logging habits, desires, and Beta 8 +2 to two Skills, +1 to
sub-dermal implant.
actions in an attempt to better serve. three Skills
In Coalition space, children are
In addition, it has a limited Gamma 10 +2 to three Skills, +1 to
implanted with an ARID at birth, called
understanding of context, so it can four Skills
a CID, that retains their personal
perform searches for information in a Augmented Reality (AR) Display profile. When viewed through an AR
much more useful way than a simple Device: (Cost: 2) Though the casual display device, the part of this profile
network search engine. observer may notice the occasional set to be publicly visible is displayed as
The Cost of an agent depends on flash of light across their surface, these an ARO near the person.
how useful it is, which is represented glasses look like any other set of head- These sorts of ARIDs are implanted in
by the sorts of bonuses it can apply to worn spectacles. To the wearer all sleeves, and are flashed with your
certain Skill rolls. however, they are a gateway to a personal profile data. It is illegal to
Any time you need to perform a task wealth of information. AR display remove or tamper with a CID.
the Agent can help you with, you can devices allow the wearer to see AR
combine your Skill with the Agents objects and data.

ARID Cloner: (Restricted, Cost: 4) have the proper template, and the The Cost of a Template is equal to
This small device can copy and necessary raw materials, you can the Cost of the item it produces +2.
reproduce the information necessary create almost anything. See pg. 60 for If you purchase a template during
to bypass an ARID scanner. more on compilers. character creation, you automatically
These devices range in size from get up to three copies of the item the
Box Tent: (Cost: 2) When not in about a half cubic meter to the size of a template compiles.
active use, the box tent is about as big large room, and their Cost is tied
as a few books stacked together, and directly to their size. Computer: (Cost: 2) This is a
weighs about half that. When Compilers come with a number of standard desktop computer or
activated, it transforms into a rigid tent limitations. They will only run for workstation. Modern computers run on
capable of comfortably sleeping two in Coalition citizens, and will only run quantum processors and store data on
about five minutes. Once activated, it unrestricted templates. So producing a 3D crystalline memory module. As
uses solar power to cool or heat the weapons or other restricted items is such, these sorts of desktop computers
inside of the tent as needed. impossible unless you have a license to are rather rare. Most everyones
do so. computing needs are fulfilled with
Broadcast Screen: (Cost: 4) By portable personal computers (PPCs) or
activating this device, usually worn on Compilers also have the necessary
sensors to know where they are Mindsets instead.
the wrist, as a belt buckle, or even a Whether a desk unit, a PPC, or a
piece of jewelry; you create a field located, and they will not work outside
of Coalition controlled space. Mindset; the typical computer system
roughly 2 meters around you in all has essentially unlimited processing
directions. This field blocks or dampens Compilers exist that have these
limitations removed, but they are capabilities and can store an almost
incoming and outgoing electronic unlimited amount of data.
transmissions. essentially priceless. Apostate forces
This is a popular item among people will do almost anything to get their Credit Disk (Credisk): (Cost: 0)
who dislike being bombarded with hands on one of these, and the These small electronic devices, usually
information from advertisers and the Coalition will not hesitate to kill to about the size of a coin, are designed
like. make sure that doesnt happen. to hold the necessary data required to
Attempts to wirelessly manipulate a Compiler Template: (Cost: Cost of perform a onetime monetary
computer through a broadcast screen Item +2) A compiler template is a piece transaction. These are often used by
suffer a -4 penalty. of software that functions as apostate enclaves or in black market
instructions that tell a compiler how to deals when actual gold currency isnt
Compiler: (Cost: 6+) Compilers use convenient.
nanomachines to assemble objects at build a specific object.
Programming a credit disk is usually
the molecular level. As long as you performed with a PPC, and the amount

of credit it is set to transfer and who it Executing and utilizing the Program Savant Program, either by a Savant or
can be transferred to is visible on a works the same way it does for a another CIST.
small screen on both sides of the Savant, but with a few exceptions.
coin. Once the transaction is Whenever the user is called upon to Cyber-Repair Injection (CRI): (Cost:
complete, the credit disk can be use the SINC Skill, he used Software 3) This is a protected syringe filled with
reprogrammed for a different Engineering instead. a mixture of carbon paste and a small
transaction. The same CIST cannot be used more swarm of espers designed much like a
than once per scene. tiny Vulcan swarm. The espers use the
Cyber-Intrusion and Security CISTs do not suffer system stress on raw materials in the paste to patch
Terminal (CIST): (Restricted, Cost: 10) a failed execution test. Instead, the holes and perform other repairs to
CISTs are computers purpose built for Program executes and then simply damaged cybernetics.
housing an Agent capable of running ceases to function for an amount of Use of a CRI allows you to recover a
cyber-intrusion software. time equal to the amount by which the Major physical Consequence in about
Some people call these Savant user failed his execution test +2. an hour, or downgrade a Severe
Boxes or Daemon Boxes, but these If the user Stalls on the execution Consequence to a Major Consequence
terms are inaccurate. A true Daemon test, the Program fails to execute and, in about a day.
comes about as a result of a Savant as above, ceases to function depending This only applies to cybersleeves or
hacking his Mindset to free his Agent. on the difference between the users Consequences that reflect damage to
The Savant writes SINC, and is capable execution test Effort and the difficulty. cybernetic components.
of modifying it and writing new Savant See pg. 151 for more on time ratings. A character with the Synthesis
Programs. For example, if the Program the CIST augmentation can benefit from both a
CISTs, on the other hand, are created is capable of running has an execution CRI and MSI.
for the Coalition military for the sole difficulty of 4, and the user generates 2
purpose of breaking into protected False CID: (Restricted, Cost: 5-11)
Effort on his Software Engineering test, You have a CID that is a complete
systems. Each CIST is capable of the Program would execute. But it
running only a single intrusion routine, fabrication. It has a Rep-Rating that is
could not be executed again for a not your own, and displays a false
and generally takes the shape of a PPC. whole day (2+2 = 4; 4 = 1 Day).
They are highly restricted, and very profile when viewed by others.
Alternatively, some CISTs exist purely Even the best false CIDs cant stand
difficult to come by. to defend against other CISTs and
In game terms, a CIST allows a non- up to too much scrutiny however. The
Savants. Instead of being capable of fake ID comes with a fabricated virtual
Savant character to use a Savant executing a Savant Program, the CIST
Program. Each CIST is only capable of presence, but anyone who spends a lot
simply adds +3 to the execution of time checking out your involvement
running one such Program. difficulty of any attempt to execute a

in social networks will quickly grow well as a directional audio amplification regenerate tissue while keeping the
suspicious. system. mind focused.
The Cost of a false CID depends on Use of a MSI allows you to recover a
how hard it is to detect as fake, and 4D Spatial Camera: (Cost: 3) Utilizing Major physical Consequence in about
how high the IDs Rep-Rating is. over a dozen forms of imaging an hour, or downgrade a Severe
Any time this fake Rep-Rating is techniques, this camera can create fully Consequence to a Major Consequence
bumped, or takes a hit, there is a three dimensional representations of in about a day.
chance it could be discovered as a fake. an area, with audio, in still frame or full Note that MSIs do not work on
There is a chance of discovery when motion video. These captured spatial cybernetic components or cyber-
trying to acquire an item through your maps are often displayed in augmented sleeves.
Rep-Rating as well. And since your Rep and virtual reality.
is not real, its not possible to use it to Mesh Network Uplink: (Cost: 5)
Hostware: (Cost: 6) While there is no These systems connect computer
call in favors. need to track very piece of software a
To determine whether or not the ID systems together through wireless data
computer system may have on it, transmission. The hub itself connects to
has been detected as fake, roll the dice whether or not a computer is outfitted
and add the false CIDs ER against a a major relay through a satellite uplink.
with a hostware suite can be critical. A small hub can provide network
difficulty of 3. If it fails, it is detected as Hostware is the software needed to
fake by the person or agency that just access to every computer within a mile.
host an ego in an active state. Any Larger hubs cover entire cities.
attempted to hit or bump it. computer has the storage capacity to
Cost ER Rating Rep-Rating house dozens of egos if they are Molecular Glue & Solvent: (Cost: 1)
5 +1 3 dormant, but only those with an This hardened bottle dispenses a small
7 +2 4 hostware suite can both store the ego amount of glue. The glue bonds to
9 +3 5 and provide it with an environment to anything and is nearly impossible to
11 +4 6 live in. remove without a solvent. M-Glue is
Fiberscope: (Cost: 2) This is a small Because of the expense, most often used in place of welding or
fiber optic cable attached to a small computer systems do not feature soldering. Each pack contains both a
monitor. It can be snaked under doors, hostware. bottle of glue and solvent.
through vents, or similar obstacles. Medi-Stimulant Injection (MSI): Network Extender: (Cost: 3) This
Attached to the end of the cable is a (Cost: 3) This is a protected syringe small device amplifies the strength of a
high resolution camera capable of within which is housed a cocktail of wireless network signal from a hub and
seeing in multiple light spectrums as nanites, painkillers and various extends it out to another half kilometer
chemicals specifically designed to or so in all directions.

For a Cost of +1 greater you can also Portable Plasma Torch: (Cost: 3) Resurrection Chamber: (Restricted,
purchase a directional extender. Like a About the size of a can of soup, this Cost: 15) The resurrection chamber is
normal network extender, this device small device burns hot enough to cut the casket-like device used to decant
extends the area of coverage for a through most any material, including an ego into a sleeve. They take up most
hubs network signal. However, instead diamonds with sufficient time. of a small room, and are incredibly
of spreading the signal in all directions, expensive.
it focuses the signal in a specific Portable Broadcast Power They are also restricted, requiring
direction with a range of about 1 km. Generator: (Cost: 6) These generators special licenses to acquire and operate.
Directional extenders see a lot of use are essentially compact reactors, See pg. 146 for more on resleeving.
in military applications. Military grade usually ranging from about the size of a
extenders have a Cost rating thats +1 briefcase to that of a large building. Resurrection Insurance: (Cost: 3-11)
higher than the civilian version, but This is the smaller model, which can Characters who have undergone
have more than double the range. And broadcast at a range of about 100 Apotheosis usually decide to set up
a chain of extenders can extend the meters. some sort of insurance policy with their
network out for dozens or hundreds of Objects designed to run on broadcast House.
kilometers with less risk of the enemy power never need batteries or power Each policy has a minimum Rep
detecting the signal. cables while in a sustained field, rating required for purchase, and the
though most such devices have internal Cost rating of a one-time fee you must
Plasti-Rope Dispenser: (Cost: 1) Not batteries that can keep them running pay.
much bigger than a closed fist, the for a short time (usually about an hour Note that if your Rep rating ever falls
dispenser can be activated to dispense to a day depending on the device) in below the minimum for your policy,
about 100 yards/meters of rope. The the event that the field goes down for you will be automatically downgraded
material leaves the dispenser as a some reason. with no reimbursement of the initial
liquid, but hardens almost instantly fee.
into a flexible rope capable of Ration Lozenge: (Cost: 1) This small
lozenge, about the size of a large bean, Policy Min. Rep. Fee Cost
supporting about four tons of static Alpha 3 4
weight. contains all the vitamins and nutrients
a person needs for half a day. By itself Beta 5 6
Portable Personal Computer (PPC): it is not very filling, but with a glass of Gamma 7 8
(Cost: 3) PPCs range in size from wrist water, the lozenge expands and a Delta 9 11
worn systems to tablets. They are moment later the imbiber will feel Epsilon 11 14
interacted with by voice command or quite satisfied. These are very popular All policies grant a single backup at
through augmented reality display and among survivalists. the time of purchase, and additional
interface devices. backups can be made once a week. This

requires payment of the Fee Cost each core. It will dispatch full military units, sensors, much like an ARIS strip, but
time. or multiple Praetorians. offering full 360 degree coverage.
The different policies are described The sensor unit is generally placed in
below: Simulated Memory (Sensie): (Cost: a location from which a SIM will view
Alpha: If your core is delivered to a 2+) These are the recorded memories the real world. The SIM can hear and
resleeving facility belonging to your of another person, captured by a brain see anything the sensor unit can hear
House, you will be brought online in a implanted computer and uploaded. and see, and also projects an AR or
virtuality to discuss resleeving options. Many celebrities give away sensies holographic image of the SIM above
Note that if you have a Remote for free, while others can be very the unit itself.
Backup module (pg. 219), the module expensive depending on what they This allows SIM to attend meetings in
will immediately alert the House of depict. Simms of recorded sex, crimes the real world without requiring
your demise, and send your location. and even suicide are very popular everyone else to jack into a virtuality.
Beta: Once it is confirmed you are underground items many of which are
dead, or have been missing for at least illegal. VR (Virtuality) Interface: (Cost: 3) A
three months, the House will send a VRI is usually a small computer, often
Spider Gear Kit: (Cost: 2) These a specialized PPC, capable of running a
crew to recover your core if they know gloves, boots, and knee pads can
its last known location. virtuality interface program. With a
adhere to almost any solid surface, VRI, the user can cast his consciousness
If they do not know where it is, you allowing the wearer to climb sheer
will be restored from backup. into the computers virtual environ-
walls or even hang suspended upside ment and interact with it as if it were a
Gamma: The House will send a down. Their adhesiveness is triggered
recovery team to investigate your real place.
by an electronic signal, so it can be The interface usually consists of a
location if you have gone missing for effectively switched on and off.
one week. series of electrodes attached to the
If your core has been lost in a hostile Targeting Support Module: skull. These transfer data between
environment, a crew of mercenaries (Restricted, Cost: 4) This device is users mind and computer system.
will be dispatched to reclaim it. installed upon a firearm, and syncs with This allows those who havent
Delta: Like Gamma, but the recovery a Targeting Support System (pg 230). undergone apotheosis to enter a
team dispatched will be professionals virtuality, but the experience isnt as
Tele-presence Sensor Unit: (Cost: 3) realist.
and/or a Praetorian.
This device appears to be a small ball, You suffer a -1 penalty on all tests
Epsilon: the House will spare no
about the size of an adult fist. It performed in a virtuality when jacked
expense in an effort to recover your
contains a number of audio and video in this way.

This section describes the different types of base sleeves
available to characters, and samples of off-the-shelf sleeves
available from different manufacturers.
Base Cost: This is the Cost rating of the sleeve. Once
purchased, you gain all of the following Aspects, Skills, and
Sleeve Aspect: All Sleeves come with at least one Aspect. This
Aspect is in addition to other Aspects you may have and
behaves exactly like any other Aspect.
Physical Skills: Sleeves grant a Skill rating in each of the
Physical Skills, plus at least 1 rank to place in any Skill you
Augmentations: All sleeves undergo Apotheosis during one
of the last phases of its production. Some sleeves grant a
number of Augmentation Points (AuPs) that can be used to
customize your sleeve.
A sleeve, or pure human body, can support a total number of
Augmentations equal to its Endurance x2.

Sleeve Customization
You can elect to increase the Cost of your sleeve by +1 in
exchange for one of the following options:
Trade a Skill rank for an Augmentation Point. You can trade
up to a maximum of 3 Skill ranks in this way.
Add 1 Augmentation Point
You may only do this once. You may not, for example, increase
the Cost of the sleeve by +2 for 2 Augmentation Points.

Biosleeve Gamma
Base Cost: 9
This basic biological has been gene-fixed for improved health,
Sleeve Aspect: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve
disease and toxin resistance, and it has been Apotheosized. All
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Perception 2, +4
sleeves of the same model are clones stemming from a
more Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your
master genetic template, but each bio-sleeve looks a little
different due to randomizers in the cloning processes.
Augmentations: Apotheosis and your choice of Cosmetic
However, despite the randomization, bio-sleeves of the same
Gene Graft or Striking Looks
model still tend to share some similarities.
Augmentation Points: 4
The most basic models, the cheapest, are the least attractive.
But for those willing to pay more, more attractive models are
available. Delta
Base Cost: 11
Sleeve Aspect: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve
Alpha Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Perception 2, +4
Base Cost: 6 more Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your
Sleeve Aspect: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve, Unattractive choosing
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Perception 2, +2 Augmentations: Apotheosis, Exceptional Genegineering, and
more Skill rank placed in any Physical Skill of your choosing your choice of Cosmetic Gene Graft or Striking Looks
Augmentations: Apotheosis Augmentation Points: 6
Augmentation Points: 2
Beta Base Cost: 15
Base Cost: 7 Sleeve Aspect: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve
Sleeve Aspect: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Perception 2, +5
Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Endurance 2, Perception 2, +3 more Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your
more Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your choosing
choosing Augmentations: Apotheosis, Exceptional Genegineering, and
Augmentations: Apotheosis your choice of Cosmetic Gene Graft (Functional
Augmentation Points: 3 Modifications) or Striking Looks (Stunningly Gorgeous)
Augmentation Points: 8

Cybersleeve Gamma
Base Cost: 8
The basic cybersleeve is a mass produced humanoid robot, Sleeve Aspect: Synthetic Biology, Inhuman Appearance
already outfitted with a mindset and prepared to accept a Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 1, +2 more
mnemonic core. Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your choosing
The inhuman appearance of the cybersleeve can sometimes Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully Synthetic, and your choice of
adversely affect social interaction with biological beings. This Bio-skin Sheath or Custom Features.
can be a real problem around purists, and even deadly around Augmentation Points: 5
purifiers. Special: +2 bonus to Armor Rating
The underlying frame is a non-ferrous metal skeleton driven
by synthetic muscles. Its composition and shielding means it is Delta
no more susceptible to magnetic fields than a biological being, Base Cost: 10
so it is safe to operate in artificial gravity. Sleeve Aspect: Synthetic Biology, Inhuman Appearance
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 1, +3
Alpha more Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your
Base Cost: 5 choosing
Sleeve Aspect: Synthetic Biology, Inhuman Appearance, Dubious Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully Synthetic, Optimized Power
Construction Systems, and your choice of Bio-skin Sheath or Custom
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 1, +1 more Features.
Skill rank placed in any Physical Skill of your choosing Augmentation Points: 7
Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully Synthetic
Special: +2 bonus to Armor Rating
Augmentation Points: 3
Special: +1 bonus to Armor Rating
Beta Base Cost: 14
Sleeve Aspect: Synthetic Biology, Inhuman Appearance
Base Cost: 6
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 1, +4 more
Sleeve Aspect: Synthetic Biology, Inhuman Appearance
Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your choosing
Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3, Perception 1, +2 more
Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully Synthetic, Optimized Power
Skill ranks placed in any Physical Skills of your choosing
Systems, and your choice of Bio-skin Sheath or Custom
Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully Synthetic
Augmentation Points: 4
Augmentation Points: 9
Special: +1 bonus to Armor Rating
Special: +2 bonus to Armor Rating

Biotech augmentations (or wetware), marked with a
AUGMENTATIONS created through genetic manipulation. These sorts of genetic

, are

Advanced technology brings with it the ability for mankind to modifications can be performed via the introduction of a retrovirus,
better treat injury or even direct its own evolution through elective or can be designed into the sleeve during its initial design.
augmentation. Biotech augmentations consist of purely biological material, which
A lost arm might be replaced by a computer controlled machine means they cannot be installed on a cybersleeve, or an artificial
limb capable of interfacing directly with the nervous system. limb. However, it also means they cannot be damaged by Savant
Blindness may be cured by replacing the eye with an optical sensor Programs.
capable of not only seeing as well as a normal eye, but at much Remember that a sleeve can only support a number of
larger distances or even in different spectrums of light. Augmentations equal to its Endurance x2.
Sleeves come with certain Augmentations for free, and also
provide a number of Augmentation Points to further customize it Aftermarket Augmentations
with differed augs. Sometimes you want to augment a sleeve after spending a little
Augmentations have Augmentation Point Values, which must be time in it. Its also possible for a pure human to get augmented.
paid to gain the augmentation. Some can also be further upgraded Either of these options simply requires that you have the parts
by spending additional Augmentation Points. and the know-how. Getting the parts is usually just a matter of
Augmentations are installed into a sleeve during its production buying them. This may be a little more tricky for restricted augs,
cycle, but may also be installed alter. but the process is generally the same.
This section contains a number of sample Augmentations The Cost of an augmentation is equal to the Augmentation Point
available to your character. Value (APV) x2, +1. The Cost is increased by another +2 if the aug is
Cyberware and Wetware Aug Cost = (APV x 2) +1, +2 if Restricted*
Augmentations prefaced with this symbol, , represent nano- * Not added if you have the Licensed Stunt
cybernetic augmentations (or cyberware). This type of Installation or application is generally a simple matter for a
augmentation either enhances a cybersleeve or introduces trained medical professional, though most will refuse to work with
synthetic materials into a living body via an injection of restricted augmentations.
nanomachines which replace existing biological tissue with The procedure generally requires a few hours and an Education
synthetic structures. However, in cases where large amounts of test against a difficulty equal to the augs Cost.
tissue replacement is required, such as with replacement limbs, the
tissue will be mostly removed through surgery. Nanomachines with Aftermarket Upgrades
then be injected at the location where synthetic and biological Sometimes you can only afford the basic version of an
material meet to bridge the gap between the synthetic systems and Augmentation up front, but plan to upgrade it later.
the biological nervous system. The Cost to upgrade an Augmentation is equal to the APV of the
upgrade in question, +1.

The section below describes a number Beta Cybersleeve [Restricted] Cost: 6 Alpha Biosleeve Cost: 6
of different types of pre-generated Manufacturer: Black Market Sources Manufacturer: Extant Worlds (Dalianis)
sleeves. These sleeves are available in The Courier cybersleeve was designed The Ingot biosleeve from Extant
most resleeving facilities, or can be for smuggling, featuring a number of Worlds was devised specifically for high
ordered for quick delivery. augmentations designed to contain and gravity work in tight corridors.
It takes about a month to grow a hide small items. The Ingot is short, averaging around
biosleeve from scratch, but a The Courier cannot usually be legally 1.5 meters tall and weighing in at around
cybersleeve can be produced in less than obtained, but can be acquired from 100kg. Their bones are especially dense,
a week. numerous black market (usually and theyre bodies are covered with
Apostate) sources. Its Bio-Skin Sheath thick slabs of muscle.
makes the Courier appear to be a While originally designed for
standard low quality biosleeve, and operations on high gravity worlds, the
because it is made of inorganic Ingot is popular among miners in most
components, it is harder to pick out the any location. It also performs
item stored within via X-Ray or other exceedingly well in most heavy labor
sensor tech. fields.
Sleeve Aspects: Synthetic Biology, Sleeve Aspects: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve,
Inhuman Appearance, Resistant to Unattractive
Sensor Tech Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 4,
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Endurance 3, Perception 1
Perception 2 Augmentations: Apotheosis, Perfor-
Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully mance Enhanced x2 (Short-Stack of
Synthetic, Bio-Skin Sheath, Data-Jack Muscle and Power, +1 Endurance)
and Storage (Secure), Performance
Enhanced (Resistant to Sensor Tech),
Smugglers Compartment
Armor Rating: +1

Strife Ursus Jinsoku
Beta Biosleeve Cost: 7 Beta Biosleeve Cost: 7 Gamma Cybersleeve Cost: 8
Manufacturer: Gladius Industries (Tsarya) Manufacturer: Avalon Systems (Silva) Manufacturer: Lotus Cyberworks (Kimura)
It cannot be denied that the Strife Large, powerful, hairy and bestial; all A favorite of Lotus Kage line, the
biosleeve was designed for anything but of these words accurately describe Jinsoku cybersleeve was designed for
combat. Avalon Systems Brute Series: Ursus recon and stealth. The joints are
Capable of forcing an injection of biosleeve. Popular among street toughs, enhanced with shock absorbing
adrenaline on command, and outfitted bouncers and pit fighters, the Ursus is compression pads, while the cutting
with a skin-woven armor mesh, the the result of a number of successful gene edge Tango RX7 balance sensitivity
Gladius Industries Strife is capable of splices taken from the Alaskan grizzly module allows unmatched grace.
both dealing the punishment, and taking bear. The outer skin is a matte black
it. While still (barely) within the composite wrapping a sound proofed
parameters set forth by the Human interior skeleton.
House Tsarya provides Strife sleeves to
Preservation Act, the Ursus features a
many of the other House in trade, and The Jinsoku is a favorite among
sells them on the open market to large powerful frame, sharp canines set thieves, spies, snipers, and anyone who
Coalition Centurions. Theyre also into a short muzzle, and a genetic pre- needs to get in and out of a location
disposition toward aggression and
popular with less reputable types, such without being detected.
as bounty hunters, pirates, gangsters, ferocity.
Sleeve Aspects: Synthetic Biology,
and the like. While it doesnt have a bears thick
Inhuman Appearance, Auditory Amp &
coat of fur, it certainly sports more body
Sleeve Aspects: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve, Filtering Module(P), Beholder Sensory
hair than is the human norm.
Adrenal Boost Module, Built for War Suite(P), Stealth Mods(P)
Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Endurance 3, Sleeve Aspects: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve, Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Endurance 3,
Perception 2 Bears Temper and Ferocity, Ursine Perception 3
Augmentations: Apotheosis, Adrenal Features, Huge Bear of a Man Augmentations: Apotheosis, Fully
Boost Module, Skinweave Armor (AR Physical Skills: Athletics 4, Endurance 3, Synthetic, Auditory Amp & Filtering
+2), Performance Enhanced (Built for Perception 2 Module, Beholder Sensory Suite,
War) Augmentations: Apotheosis, Physiology Performance Enhanced (Top of the
Dependent Emotional Mods (Bears Line: Stealth Mods(P))
Temper and Ferocity), Cosmetic Armor Rating: +2
Genegraft (Ursine Features, Functional
Modifications: Huge Bear of a Man)

Vixen/Satyr Justicar Paragon
Gamma Biosleeve Cost: 9 Gamma Biosleeve [Restricted] Cost: 9 Epsilon Biosleeve Cost: 15
Manufacturer: Luna Illuminated (Silva) Manufacturer: Helical Rings (Silva) Manufacturer: Luna Illuminated (Silva)
The Vixen and Satyr sleeves, female The Justicar sleeve was especially It is believed by many transhumans
and male, are design for sex appeal. designed by Helical Rings to be the that the apotheosis and synthesis
They are a favorite among entertainers, premiere sleeve for Centurion procedures promotes biological sleeves
sensie stars, and a great number of investigators and undercover agents. to the pinnacle of human evolution. This
politicians. The Justicar features both offensive sleeve model was purpose built to grant
Moreover, the Vixen or Satyr sleeves and defensive augmentations, as well as the wearer unparalleled physical
appearance is not a generic sort of enhanced awareness to aid in detecting performance and survivability in a
beauty. These sleeves are pulled from criminal activity. biological/synthetic hybrid frame.
production because they have some The Paragon sleeve, Luna Illuminateds
While most sleeves of the same type
exotic feature that makes them stand crowning achievement, is marketed as
tend to strongly resemble each other,
out from the rest. They are then further one short step away from divinity. The
part of development contract for the
augmented and sold at a premium. Justicar stipulated a wider range of Paragon is very popular among high-rep
Not only do they turn heads, but they randomization, leading to more transhumans, and is worn by the
are outfitted with pheromone detection individuality in appearance. This feature majority of transhuman celebrities.
capabilities that aid the wearer in their makes it more difficult to spot Justicars, Sleeve Aspects: Gene-Fixed Biosleeve,
interactions with others. a boon when it come