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Meldryck Parraga

Homework #1


When the term special education is said there are a couple reactions that come quickly to

the mind. Not only is the term special education stigmatized it carries a very powerful

connotation for better or for worse. Within the school environment as the children become older

and more aware, labels become of great importance. These labels believe it or not define the

children in their own social environment that is the school building. However, there is a bigger

problem with special education aside from labels and that is the population of young black males

that are placed into it.

Numbers show that within special education African-American males are placed more

often into special education and for longer periods of times. One reason this trend may be

occurring is the lack of classroom management some educators may possess. The usage of

intimidation within the classroom for respect and management is a practice that goes as far back

as to when corporal punishment was allowed within the school system. Educators used the

students fear to create an environment of learning but times have changed. The usage of

intimidation tactics are not as reliable as they were in the years when the ruler snapped on the

hands of misbehaving students. When students become 9, 11, 13 hes viewed as being rough,

rugged, and aggressive (Chapter 2, 31). Some truth may be found within that statement. As

black male students grow older teachers and other adults begin to view them as menaces and

believe that special education and isolating the students there will fix all the issues the student
may have. A practice that is damaging and detrimental the students more than actually

benefitting them.

A possible solution to this issue is the inclusion of all students within a classrooms

population and creating a diverse learning environment. However, this would of course be

confronted by many parents and even academics who believe that inclusive environments arent

useful but these populations have the ability of creating something a homogenous classroom can

not. These diverse learning environments create a sense of unity and of course that would take

time to create but a classroom is a like a team. Everyone is a member of the team, some may be

faster and stronger but alone those students can not do it all. It is only as a team unit is that the

classroom achieving in the most important way possible. The labels and the stigmas leave

because on paper every student will be equal and have the same chance to succeed.

Black males are placed much more often into special education for various reasons, some

that shouldnt even exist but there is a solution. Train teachers in successful methods that will

create a diverse teaching population and provide the teacher and the students with the proper

support and everyone will succeed and flourish in their own individual manner and aligned to

their own individual goals while accomplishing the goals of the team.